Mr. Peabody Visits Japan

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Frosbite Falls Daily Rant-5/3/2011

Posted originally on TBP  on 3rd May 2011 by Reverse Engineer  in Politics |Social Issues

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Japan’s epic crash in the aftermath of the Collapse Trifecta of Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuke Meltdown has led me to pondering lately on Japan’s role on the World Stage though the Industrial Revolution.  So rather than write on late breaking collapse topics tonight, I thought I might take another trip back in Mr. Peabody’s WAYBAC machine to look a bit closer at Japanese History and give it the RE Spin.

Back in the Colonial Period, unlike most countries on Earth, the Japanese insulated themselves and cut themselves off from most World Trade during the Shogun era.  They were for the most part a self-sufficient country with a highly structured and fairly brutal Feudal Model in place.  The folks running that show did not wish to be “contaminated” by Western ideas, including Religion which was the primary means used to bring countries into the whole western system at the time.  Rightly so, these feudal leaders realized that this would diminish their power and control over their population.

So for a while there while the American and French Revolutions were being fought, the Japanese more or less were not involved in Global battles for control anywhere.  However, around 1858 or so it was determined by our policy makers here in the FSofA that Japan simply HAD to be opened up for Trade.  Now, do you think J6P here in the FSofA who was just about ready to get going on a Civil War really gave a shit about whether Japan was open for trade or not?  They didn’t make Mitsubishis and Toyotas back then, about the only thing Japan directly had for Trade was some Silver in their own mines.  Japan however wasn’t the REAL prize, China was, and it wasn’t J6P who was making these decisions.  The FSofA Navy was being built up on EXACTLY the same lines as the British Navy was, primarily geared toward projecting Force to enable Trade. In the years leading up to the Civil War, most of the people in the country were in a period of extreme hardship, you don’t GET something like a Civil War without that occurring.  Nevertheless, our Federal Goobermint had enough Money to build some State of the Art Steam Powered Frigates with the best Guns available at the time to send to Japan under the command of Commodore Matthew Perry.  Where do you suppose they GOT the money to do that?  It wasn’t from Taxation, the IRS didn’t even exist at the time.  No, that shit was financed by our good old friends, the Illuminati.  It’s a continuation of the very same paradigm run from the beginning of the British and Dutch East India companies, the foundation of what Eisenhower called the “Military-Industrial Complex”.  Just as Commodore Matthew Perry was part of this in the mid 1800s, so also was General Smedley Butler a part of it at the turn of the century.  It is the Raison d’Etre of the FSofA Military, always has been.

Now I am going to do a little Speculation not in the History books.  China was too large and too well organized a country to try to control from half a world away, even with the invention of the Steam Engine and Frigates driven by steam.  Along the British Model of controlling world economy from a small island by virtue of a powerful Navy, what the Illuminati needed over in Asia was a small island to Industrialize and run their fleets out of.  Japan was PERFECT for this by virtue of its geographical position and its pretty large population for that time of well organized people under a consolidated Feudal system the Illuminati were very familiar with in Europe.  All the Anglo-Amerikan Illuminati had to do to was to get the damn Feudal Lords of Japan to buy into their system for Global domination.  Sadly, said Feudal Lords wouldn’t even TALK to them, and they kept whatever trade they needed limited to a couple of small ports.  Japan was Isolationist to the EXTREME from the period between 1600 and 1850.

So to break this Isolationism, in 1858 we sent Commodore Matthew Perry with  few steam powered Frigates with our very biggest Guns on them in a show of FORCE to convince the Nipponese Leaders that they better open up for Trade or we would shell them back to the Stone Age.  Sound familiar?  We had Big Guns, they still had Samurai fighting with Bow and Arrow and Swords (albeit with some very good Steel they were making themselves).

Now, faced with the two choices here of fighting against an enemy with FAR superior weaponry or getting into bed with him, those smart Nip Feudal Lords chose the latter of the two options.  As a result, in the 50 or so years between Perry’s visits and WWI, the little island of Japan Industrialized just about as quickly as England, Germany and the FSofA did.  You think Japan magically developed all the machines and factories to become an industrial powerhouse all by their lonesome?  Not.  They were LOANED these things with the idea that the payoff would come when they had enough power to access the Chinese market.  Once strapped up with all this POWER, the Japanese now go on their own adventures of Conquest, taking on China in the Post WWI period.  This is not exactly the plan the Anglo-Illuminati envisioned when they Industrialized Japan, although in WWI Japan was an “Ally” while they went on their campaign brutalizing the Chinese.  The Anglo-American branch of the Illuminati figured they would be running the show, but the Nips weren’t staying in their place as a Vassal State.

Post WWI though as the Credit system began to further fall apart, it is likely the Anglo-Illuminati started to call in their Markers on all the equipment they fronted to the Japanese enabling them to build their own Steam Ships and Guns and Ammo to Rape Chinese girls.  The Nips can’t pay up, but instead of just forking over control of the country to the Banksters who loaned them the money to build this infrastructure, they Nationalize it all under the Empire of Japan and say FUCK YOU to the Banksters.

So now the Banksters in England and Amerika are REALLY pissed, so they send out a fleet of ships to EMBARGO Japan, preventing any Oil from reaching the island.  Tojo and friends KNOW if they don’t keep the Oil flowing their way, they are TOAST.  Same as when they first opened up to the Western Traders, they can’t operate on an equal footing with them unless they have just as much Military Power, and that power has become increasingly dependent on Oil.  Steam Ships aren’t cutting the mustard anymore by the 1930’s, you need the faster better ships driven by screws and bunker fuel powered turbine engines.

So this time instead of folding to the Western Illuminat and getting in bed with them as the Bottom Partner, the Nips who now have Industrial capability which nearly matches England and the FSofA decide to TAKE THEM ON!  It helps here that the German branch of the Illuminati have ALSO taken them on, so the Nips and the Krauts form the AXIS alliance  to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  Of course, the Ruskies aren’t pleased with that either, so a big fight ensues and sadly for the Nips, they LOSE.  We Glaze Over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Japs accept their role once again as Serfs who will use their industrial apparatus to make Toys for the West.

With a decimated population willing to work for Peanuts, the Japs become competitive in the market place, but of course this whole commerce system starts expanding into other places as well, and gradually the Japs build up their own internal debt once again.  Come the late 1970-80s or so, the fucking Chinese are willing to work even CHEAPER than the Japs will!  Debt overhang weighs on the Japanese, their RE Bubble pops, and they go into a 20 year long malaise with a declining and aging population, an utterly BEATEN people, who as a Coup de Grace poison their own environment with endlessly leaking radioactive spent fuel from reactors they used to provide years of Happy Motoring in Toyotas to dimwitted Amerikan J6P.

So we see here in Japan just HOW it was they got coopted into this system overall, and how they really never had a CHOICE at all once presented with the Gunboats Matthew Perry arrived at their Islands with.  Similarly, there has been through the Age of Oil NO country that could stop the encroachment of the Illuminati controlled trade system, backed up as it has been by the most powerful military weapons ever created on the planet, including the Nuclear ones.  You either bought into this system, you Kowtowed to those in control of it or you were TOAST.

The thing to remember here as all this winds itself down is that the very POWER that was harnessed here to attempt all this World Domination is rapidly depleting. We simply cannot keep accessing more and more Oil to dominate more and more places by offering them the “benefits” of being a Client state of the Industrial Model.  For so long as the Oil came cheap and bubbling out from the ground with very little energy invested to get it, those who controlled that oil had unstoppable POWER to control the earth and its people.  It’s a HUGE force multiplier. It allows you to smelt the metal to run the machines to build the tanks and the jets and then to power their operation so they can deliver the bullets, shells and missiles all themselves deriving their energy from Oil.

This whole bizness reached its ZENITH with the Mechanized Military built in the post WWII years by the FSofA.  We have now built up a MASSIVE amount of Military Hardware all completely dependent on Oil to run.  Even if you could build enough Nuke Plants to power electrical needs in the coming years, there just is no way we are going to keep powering the mechanized military that we have built up here.  Its all bound for the Scrap Heap or Davey Jones Locker, and when it is gone, the world will be on a much more level playing field.

Sure, there will still be Warlords and large armies will form up for as long as the Ag Paradigm holds up at some level, but on Horseback with the Sword and the Atlatl and the Bow and Arrow, such armies really do not do all that much damage to anyone but each other.  During their Isolationist period of the Shogun Era, the Japs were fighting amongst themselves ALL THE TIME.  They had plenty of Tsunamis and Earthquakes.  However, overall they were abe to keep a self-sustaining system going as long as they could keep everyone else OFF their islands.

Now, I am no big Fan of the Feudal Model, its got many of the same problems the Corporate Fascist model has.  However, it is a much SMALLER model that cannot work on a Globalist level for control of the population.  In locations with relatively high current populations, it’s the likely model they will have to pass through again as we REVERSE ENGINEER our way back to a lower energy footprint society.  To achieve FREEDOM again, we have to throw off the Yokes of Bondage in stages here, and the First and Greatest stage to throw off is the Globalist domination empowered by the Monetary system of Industrial Capitalism and the Military power generated through the thermodynamic energy of Oil.  The next stage AFTER that is the rebellions against the Feudal Lords who will take power once the Globalist power has been CASTRATED.  Not just metaphorically castrated either. LOL.

We will sacrifice much in terms of Modernity and “Standard of Living” as the Age of Oil comes to a close here, but we will get in return for that something much more valuable.  We will get back a measure of the FREEDOM we have lost here as a few people and then nations took control over the world by accessing and controlling the thermodynamic energy of fossil fuels first.  The world will be a far better place when Homo Industrialis goes the way of the Dinosaur.  There will be a great leveling in the power structure of the planet.  It will not come immediately of course, but in many stages, with many levels of rebellion necessary before real FREEDOM can be achieved again.

Of course for some people like the Japanese and after them the Chinese, they are ending up here at the close of the Age of Oil with a thoroughly polluted environment resulting from coming in a Day Late and a Yuan short into the great game of Industrialization.  These cultures are the ultimate LOSERS of the history of Industrialization.  Both will experience a Die Off in EXTREME numbers, and how that plays itself out remains to be seen, but you can be sure it will not be pretty when the time comes.  Neither will it be very pretty here either, but the numbers probably will not be so extreme.

Inventive creatures that we are, it was inevitable that this result would come to pass, there was no stopping it from the beginning of the Age of Agriculture.  As a Species, we took the Bite out of the Apple and left the Garden of Eden when we began the process of taming the earth and domesticating crops and animals to serve our own needs.  One great Invention after the next since has led us to this Final Point of Collapse of the entire structure.  A few people and families got extraordinarily wealthy taking Ownership of the resources of the Earth; a few more people born in the right place at the right time got to tag along and be beneficiaries of the wealth that was being sucked from the planet and its people.  MOST people on Earth never saw any of these benefits though, they just saw endless years of grinding poverty and watched as the environment around them was progressively degraded.  Now we will ALL see this as the Collapse comes ever closer to a Theatre Near You.

Not much you can do to fight this right now, the Illuminati Globalists are still in control of the Monetary system and the Military Industrial Complex.  Any real rebellion against this right now would just end in your Death.  For right now, your best bet is to run and hide, run away as far as you can as fast as you can and wait for the systems to collapse in earnest, which they will.  Only then will the playing field be level enough to make a fight of it and hope to win that fight.  That fight is for the next generation, not the ones writing on this website.  Our fight is simply one of figuring out how to SURVIVE the conflagrations to come and stay out of the way of it best we can.

The  struggle most people have is with the idea that we will not in perpetuity keep inventing new things and leading ever cooler lifestyles.  The Star Trek meme is a very powerful one, that we were destined as a species to someday “Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”.  The Infinite Energy necessary to go exploring Infinite Space does not exist here on the Planet Earth however, and IMHO it never will.  In fact the energy just to send a few people and a lot of heavy equipment up into low Earth orbit is rapidly disappearing from our grasp.  We’ll never be mining Jupiter for the vast quantities of hydrocarbons present in its atmosphere because of the Gravity issues.  This sort of stuff is simply an Apple it is too big for Homo Industrialis to take a bite out of, so we will never become Homo Trekkis.

This does not mean we cannot scale back our lofty ambitions to Conquer the Stars and just use our inventive capabilities to make Spaceship Earth a little nicer place for people to live, but in order to do that we must do it on a Pay as you Go basis with a far lower energy footprint than was required to briefly maintain the lifestyle of Homo Industrialis.  The BIGGEST problem we have of course is the Overshoot in population that accessing the limited supply of fossil fuels enabled.  The next Century will be one of extreme pain because there is simply no painless way to reduce a population as big as this one even spread out over 100 years, and it may not be spread out that evenly.  Think about it, to reduce a population of 6B to 1B spread over 100 years requires that each and every year FAR MORE than 7M have to die, or not be born.  50M people have to go to the Great Beyond every year for such a population reduction to occur. Its not likely to spread itself out that way though, we are more likely looking at a St Matthews Island Deer Population Crash here, where at some point inside a decade of time the population drops to near ZERO, relatively speaking.  We will almost certainly undershoot the actual carrying capacity of the planet by quite a bit when that Crash does come.  Will we be able through this time to retain ANY of the technological knowledge we acquired over the last 5000 years?  That is an impossible question to answer right now.

In any event, RIGHT NOW we have a tremendous problem of poorly distributed resources, where even inside the FSofA the vast majority of the Wealth of the country is held by the top 10% of the population, and then Worldwide even a relatively average J6P here consumes many multiples of energy as his counterparts in other countries do.  This is clearly not a sustainable situation even in the short term, so the monetary system which distributes out these resources is coming apart at the seams.  What will replace it to do a better job of resource distribution remains to be seen, but it isn’t going to be Capitalism, that is for sure.  Highest Probability here in the FSofA is more explicit Fascism coming down the pipe.  There is still quite a bit of worldwide wealth out there, and well run a Fascist Machine may keep the material aspects of our society functional a while longer. The next Decade will see major upheavals politically here, along with the foreign Wars for the Oil Resource.  When what is left of the high EROEI Oil is well and truly GONE for GOOD, then we will really see some Changes.  Wait for it, because until that day the Illuminati will be in control.  When that day comes, it is time for PAYBACK.  Get MAD, and then get EVEN.  Think Spanish Inquisition, think the Auto da Fe.  Send the Pigmen to HELL with EXTREME PREJUDICE.  Nothing short of that can expunge the Evil and serve Eternal Justice. No Perp Walks will do it, no tweaks to Banking regulations will either.  The French got it right, the only solution to Pigmen is to Guillotine them.  Robespierre’s problem was mainly that he could not reach beyond the borders of France to Exterminate the Vermin.  We have a lot more Vermin now, so we will need a Production Line Guillotine to do the job this time, and leave no stone unturned.  When the time comes, Pigman Heads will Roll like Bowling Balls in every corner of the Globe.  Wait for it, or rather prepare your Children for it, because it may not come in this generation.  Come it will though, to a Theatre Near You.


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