Happy Mayan TEOTWAWKI Collapse Day!

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In about an hour from now Alaska Standard Time, the 24 Hour Clock starts on the BIG DAY Kollapsniks havebeen waiting for, 12/21/2012. The next 24 hours will see if we make it through without a big game changing Black Swan, and I suspect we will.

I started using the 2012 prophesies back in 2008 on Peak Oil, and basically at the time my main goal was to make it through to this date still walking the Earth, as my own health issues made it dicey as to whether I would last so long.  I did, and now everything that comes afterward is BONUS TIME for RE!

I’ve never really been convinced of this prophesy, but the graphics for it that came out of Roland “Master of Disaster” Emmerich’s 2012 film have long been a staple metaphor for me to use on the graphical end here.  It doesn’t look likely though right now that Los Angeles will go sliding into the Pacific Ocean or Yellowstone will go Ballistic today.

Of course, I can still use these graphics, and I still will, because even if the date wasn’t precisely nailed down here correctly, a major quake WILL hit LA here eventually, and Yellowstone WILL eventually blow its Supervolcanic top.  Inevitabilities, just the real timeline isn’t known on them.

AsteroidImpactAlso still avoided as of yet is a Super Carrington Event of a major Solar Flare hitting the Magnetosphere, an Asteroid Collision with a Planet Killer size Rock or the Man Made TEOTWAWKI Event, a Nuclear Winter resultant from Global Thermonuclear War.  “Shall we play a GAME?””

What we do have instead here is a succession of smaller collapses on varying levels of our social structure, from the “Fiscal Cliff” in CONgress to the Postal of Adam Lanza.  The ever upward creep of FSofA citizens being issued SNAP Cards for their Daily Bread.  The ever widening War in MENA and the ever creeping collapse of Nation-States into Failed States.

As of right now, the Pundits who prophesy a Long Emergency and gradual decay of our Civilization have been correct. so for the moment Mr. Wizard Arch Druid John Michael Greer and Effete Nascar Napalm Artist Jimmy Kunstler can pat themselves on the back for painting an accurate scenario.  No amazing Tipping Point has yet hit, and despite all the weak links in the chain that David Korowicz identified which could lead to a Fast Collapse, so far none of those links has so irretreivably  failed that we are plunged instantly into anarchy or “Mad Max”.

I still tend to gravitate toward the idea that at some point one of the main Conduits will fail, and there will be an identifiable rapid collapse of systems resultant from that.  If it doesn’t hit today on 12/21/2012, perhaps it was just that one of the Mayan Astronomers was a tad dyslexic, and the REAL Date here to look for is 12/21/2021?  LOL.

In the meantime, I am suggesting a new National Holiday, 12/21 to be Celebrated Each Year we haven’t had a complete collapse of systems as Mayan TEOTWAWKI Day!  Everybody who still has a Job gets the day off from work, and everybody who does NOT  have a Job gets to go to Work for a Day!

Although the world at large does not appear at this moment to be on the verge of complete Collapse, for many INDIVIDUALS, 12/21/2012 will be Collapse Day.  It’s the day they get their Pink Slip from the Job, or the day they get the Visit from the Sherriff Evicting them from their McMansion or the day their Significant Other or one of their Children commits Suicide.  We won’t hear about most of these stories of course, they aren’t Tabloid Enough to make the Grand MSM like Adam Lanza, but there are of course many more of them.  In aggregate, they devastate the lives of many more than Adam Lanza did, but nobody really notices it.  Well, at least the general public doesn’t notice, but I think the Diners do.

That is why we are here on the Diner of course, to chronicle what really IS occurring now, not the Hopium Spin of “Recovery” pitched out by the MSM and our Faux Leaders.  Facing REALITY is Step 1 in dealing with the collapse as it unfolds, and preparing yourself for the eventualities bound to come, even if they do not arrive on your Doorstep TODAY, on 12/21/2012.  For Come THEY WILL, there is no stopping this one now, the End of Industrial Civilization is Written on the Subway Walls, and Tenement Halls.  It is OVAH.

I was there at that Concert in Central Park in 1981.  I won’t ever forget it. Please, “Hear My Words that I might REACH YOU”


You can do no more now.


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