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Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 15, 2014


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In the final article of examining the nature of the Money Valve of Central Banking, we will look at the end stages of the Waste Based Economy, along with a few of the parameters not included on what are quite simplified diagrams to make the total flow of downhill energy consumption apparent.  It is quite possible to dissect many of these areas further, which I may do at a future date, but the global implications are obvious just from this level of analysis.

In Part I, we just looked at gross energy flow mediated by the Money Valve with this diagram:


The basic flowchart turning resources into waste through the Money Valve of Central Banks is straightforward and easy to understand.  However, it does not look at all the various Feedback Loops that are engineered into the system in order to keep it operating.  Most notably what is not included in the diagram is how Goobermint and the Military are involved, or how taxation and interest serve to capture wealth out of the system for the Elite class of society.

This diagram is basic, but it doesn’t show how the various parts of the Machine of Industrial Capitalism work in synergy.  To elucidate that, I set up a Web Connections diagram to look at the most important connections and relationships in this sort of economy.  This diagram itself is simplified, there are many further levels you could go to dissecting up the whole economy, but IMHO at a certain point this becomes a waste of time, because the conclusions are obvious just from this set of parameters.  Here is the basic Web we are working with here:


Now we can take a look at the last waypoints in the system before the Energy which once was underground for a few million years ends up as Landfill where it will rot for the next few million years, until the Sun goes Red Giant.

12- Factories

I put Factories separate from Industry because they are not precisely synonymous, Industry is everything that surround the production and sales of goods and services, whereas Factories are just the physical infrastructure used  to produce the goods.  Factories are only a part of an Industry.

Factories are important separately though because they are what require the maintenance, and they are what produce the most pollutants in the waste from production, and of course their placement around the world determines who gets a Job in some 3rd World country now and who does not.  Few people here in Amerika work in Factories anymore, our Industry is Credit production, and generally speaking we continue to survive by living off debt issued to ever more countries around the world, which of course is irredeemable debt they will never be able to pay off, but who cares?  We’ll just keep rolling it over and issuing out MOAR debt.  As mentioned before, this keeps working until it doesn’t.

13- Products

The End of the Line on the “productive” end of this sort of economy, which brings to your doorstep via order on via Fed-Ex truck everything from Iphones to Netflix Movies. Condoms to Viagra and beyond.  Every last one of these products though ends up as Waste in some Landfill somewhere.  Gotta love that Newzspeak.  call it what it is, a DUMP!  Nothing is really “built to last” because if it was, the company making the thing couldn’t stay in biz and sell more of them!  Everything has a Planned Obsolesence built in, from Carz to Iphones.  Some things have slightly longer lifespans then others, for instance the original Verrazano Narrows Bridge lasted about 60 years, but now that one is destined for the Dump as so much Scrap Metal and Concrete.  All the McMansions you live in are Ticky Tacky stuff that won’t last more than a year or two once the lights go out.  All the Skyscrapers are useless Phallic Symbols once the Elevators no longer function and you can’t pump water up more than 6 stories to flush the toilets.  There isn’t a single thing produced by Industrial Culture besides perhaps some Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware that might have a lifespan of more than a Century here in it before it is also Waste.  Once it is in the Dump and the energy is not there to replace it, it is gone for good.

14- Waste

I could have shoved a Waste Bubble along every connection in the Network, there is Waste every step of the way here in the downhill flow of energy.  This is the case with every machine that operates, it is basic thermodynamics.  However, this would have made an already pretty cluttered network diagram even more cluttered, and is unnecessary.  So I just sprinkled 3 Waste Bubbles around the periphery to demonstrate that in the end, this is where everything ends up.  People are sold here that we have a perpetual Motion Machine, a Virtuous Cycle, yadda yadda, but this is complete bullshit.  Energy gradient runs down below the ability of the whole machine to overcome the Friction involved, it seizes up.  Period.  There is no Free Lunch.

 Missing Stuff?

Once again, you can go on endlessly making these sort of things more complex, trying to chart everything going on in the economy.  Even trying to KISS it here, I end up with a freaking 6000 word dissertation.  A few Notables here to mention though not in the Diagram.


Nowhere do I really show all the Jobs that accrue in the economy, and this is the way the Debt gets sprinkled out for people to buy the products, besides the Social Welfare System and Credit Cards.  There are some types of Jobz available for almost every Bubble in the Network.  Even the Waste Bubbles have a lot of Jobz, Sanitation (Garbage) men, Homeless Bottle Collectors for Recycling, you name it.  Generally a low paid profession of course.

Thing is, as the economy begins to grind to a halt, the jobz disappear, initiating a positive feedback loop through the whole system.  Less Taxes get collected, less products are bought, etc.  Issuing gobs more debt slows the process some, but it does not stop it.  Eventually at some node you will get Critical Mass here, and this locks up the whole machine.  Suffice it to say that Jobz are an outcome of the whole economy, and they only exist as long as the energy is there to run such a large economy.  Globally speaking, it is not there, which is why there is so much unemployment through places like Spain and Greece already.  Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You also.

B- Assets

All along the way as this economy developed, certain things were deemed as “assets”, like say your McMansion or a Skyscraper in NYC.  Your Car also viewed as an “Asset”. During the Heady Daze when the economy was functioning, such assets could be traded back and forth regularly, House Flippers made money as Real Estate values inflated and Car Buyers could trade in the old model for a new one easily.

As we progress along here in collapse of the Industrial Economy, these all become what I call “Asset Class Sinkholes”. You can’t sell them because there are no buyers for them.  A nice example of this on the grand scale are our friends Sears & Roebuck, now basically a Zombie REIT.  Most of whatever is left of the Net Worth of that company is in terms of all the Real Estate it owns for all the stores in all the Malls sprinkled around the country.  On the Balance Sheet, all those stores and their marked to make believe value are listed as Assets.  This is ridiculous, they are all Liabilities requiring tons of maintenance, in many respects it is cheaper to keep them running as Zombie Retailers just because it is cheaper than Decommissioning them.  Can they sell these stores to anybody? Nope.  WTF is gonna buy them at the price they list on the balance sheet?  Nobody.  If they could get 10 cents on the dollar they would be lucky.  The Banks don’t want to realize the loss though, so debt gets rolled over and you the last Sears Customer gets to park in an empty parking lot and shop in a store devoid of customers.  For a while more here anyhow, but not in perpetuity.

C- Markets

Sometimes referred to as Bourses, aka the NYSE, COMEX,  Nikkei, DAX yadda yadda.

If I had included this, I then would have had to include also Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, etc etc etc.  The diagram wasn’t complicated enough?  The text wasn’t long enough?  What?  LOL.

Seriously, the so called “Free Market” is just a Casino run by the TBTF Banks and a subsidiary Bubble encapsulated in the #4 Money Valve Bubble.  If you bust it out as separate, then you have to dissect the whole FIRE economy, which maybe I will do at a future date but this article was way too overloaded with information for the typical reader already.  Long as you grasp it is a complete sham and totally manipulated, that is sufficient.

In fact over on Global Economic Intersection, I was taken to task by Per Kurowski, a former Executive Director at the World Bank for not detailing enough all the various ways in which the flow of money is sprinkled out into the economy through various asset classes.  From Per:

Per Kurowski

You talk and you illustrate your “money valve” as a traditional single flow valve. It is not.

By means of the risk-weighted capital requirements for banks, the regulators have construed an irrigation system in which there are ample channels for bank credit to flow to whatever is perceived as “absolutely safe” like housing, the infallible sovereign and the AAAristocracy and very narrow channels for bank credit to flow to “the risky” like medium and small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

If you do not redraw and rethink taking in consideration these hidden capital controls you will not get a real understanding of what is happening.

Thing here is, while there are in fact many channels for the money (and the energy it proxies for) to flow through, there is only one end result to the channels, which is Waste, and only one source of Capital, Resources, most critically the Energy Resource in this design.  My response to Per was as follows:

Yes, of course the system is more complex than I drew it out, but adding the complexity isn’t really necessary to understand the nature of the problem.  Like tributaries of a major river, all those various channels controlled by the Global Banking system all lead to the same place, liquidity traps and asset class sinkholes, as I have referred to them in past articles.

Housing isn’t an “absolutely safe” investment, not when it was designed and built on a completely unsustainable suburban sprawl model,  This is all malinvestment and in fact more waste, worthless flotsam of the industrial economy.  “Infallible Sovereigns” are anything but that, countries built up on the industrial model are all themselves loaded with debt and destined for failure, and the infrastructure they built holds no more value than the McMansions the Consumers live in.

The folks who ran this system and built this machine either never really had a good grasp of the nature of capital and thermodynamic flows, or they were criminally insane.  You can’t prop it up by issuing more debt on it, because per capita the resources aren’t there to extract at cheap enough price.  The system either shrinks or it collapses, there is no way to “grow” it anymore, and anyone selling the idea of growth is using fictitious math to do it.

The shrinkage is absolutely apparent now just about everywhere, the only question is how rapidly this moves from the periphery to the core, and then what occurs when it hits the core.  It could be modeled now quite well, there is enough data to do it, but nobody is doing this because it would generate a result nobody wants to hear, which is that the Industrial Civilization cannot continue onward.


Are there any solutions to the problems we face here now, even just on the economic level, forgetting for a moment about the climate issues and Nuke Puke issues?  Well, 40 years ago there were quite a few solutions which might have worked, but overall the Will to Power prevented such things from happening.  Nowadays, the choices are much more restricted.  At this point, once the general economy fails, probably the only thing that functions for a while will be a Command Economy along with Enforced Rationing, but that will be hard to maintain for all sorts of logistical reasons.  After that, it may be possible to get some local economies up and running on a vastly reduced scale, depending on local resources and so forth.  You still always need a surplus of energy relative to populaton size for a monetary system to work.  The better solution here once it shrinks enough is probably return to a Potlatch or Gift economy and dispense with Money.  I don’t see any way for a Monetary system to function in a contracting economy.


4 Responses to The Money Valve IV

  • WHD says:

    Grow stuff, build stuff, sing dance share. Get high, get drunk. Fall in love.


  • “The folks who ran this system and built this machine either never really had a good grasp of the nature of capital and thermodynamic flows, or they were criminally insane.”

    I would answer that they had a criminally insane understanding of thermodynamics. Theoretically, we should have developed a more self-conscious imitation of the natural ecologies, with more self-aware human ecology, in which serious attempts were made to engineer as much of a deliberately designed industrial ecology as possible, all of which were done in light of the lessons from evolutionary ecologies in the natural world, which had over and over again learned to live sustainably within the flows of energy available. HOWEVER, while “40 years ago there were quite a few solutions which might have worked, but overall the Will to Power prevented such things from happening. Nowadays, the choices are much more restricted.”

    I REPEAT one of the crucial quotes that I have found explains the overview:

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

    “Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

    … In this structure, credit, presented as a pure element called “currency,” has the appearance of capital, but is in effect negative capital. Hence, it has the appearance of service, but is in fact, indebtedness or debt. … if balanced in no other way, will be balanced by the negation of population (war, genocide)… They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor … War is therefore the balancing of the system by killing the true creditors (the public …)”

    The slogans that I tend to repeat are that money is measurement backed by murder, because the debt controls depend upon the death controls. Fixing the death controls, by developing better overall systems of artificial selection, is the central problem that we have to face when the strip-mining of the planet runs into diminishing returns that prevents exponential growth from continuing. HOWEVER, the realities of human history have selected for the actual death controls to be done through the maximum possible deceits, because success in warfare was based on deceits. Upon that history, of the crucial realities in human ecologies, were built the political economies, in which finance became based on the maximum possible frauds. The social pyramid systems were amplified many orders of magnitude by the industrial revolution, with the social debt engines financing the physical steam engines, until those became the systems that exist now, which are globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of the force of atomic bombs.

    THAT is the context in which I harp on the theme that we need intellectual scientific revolutions, to radically change the ways that we understand general energy systems, so that we can then apply that understanding to politics, and especially to militarism and the monetary systems. The biggest bullies’ bullshit social stories have dominated the philosophy of science, in similar ways that they have dominated everything else. Therefore, almost everything is BACKWARDS. One can not better understand things like the various wars, or civil wars, happening at the present time, unless one appreciates the degree to which one is looking into a Bizarro Mirror World Fun House, where everything appears to be backwards and distorted.

    Philosophically, some of the most important ways that we think trace back to the beginnings of the Neolithic style of civilization, that began in the area of Iraq, and then spread out to conquer the whole world, with its systems of organized lies, operating robberies, which have spiraled around through the grand Ouroboros of Incorporated Robberies, to return to Iraq in the forms it has now. Our fundamental concepts of time and space can be metaphorically traced back to “Babylon.” Most crucially, regarding the fights over oil resources, and the accounting for the use of those resources, inside of the human civilization energy systems, the ways we think about time and space are BACKWARDS. That took the form of inserting an arbitrary minus sign into the entropy equations, so that power and information would end up having positive values, rather than negative values, which is what the mathematical physics itself reveals is the way things are.

    The on-going wars in Iraq are the manifestation of almost infinite tunnels of deceits, becoming more and more entangled in themselves, in hyper-complicated and crazy ways. Overarching all of that is the emerging problems of APES WITH ATOMIC BOMBS. The special theory of relativity that made atomic bombs possible reveals that they ways that we thought about time and space were wrong, and utterly backwards. Furthermore, those philosophical mistakes continued to flow through our basic understandings of energy systems in ways which are profoundly mistaken, and backwards, because the history of science reversed the meaning of entropy. Everything happening in the increasingly insane wars in Iraq displays the fundamental problems with Neolithic Civilization. Human civilizations are manifestations of general energy systems, which are understood by almost everyone BACKWARDS, due to the history of successful warfare having been based on deceits. Thus, the events on 9/11/2001 were an inside job, false flag attack, which were bolstered by more lies to start a war against Iraq, which war was initially “won” on the superficial military level, while the covert civilian control of that military activity had an ulterior evil agenda to deliberately lose the peace. That is all getting worse, faster, with the current tragic trajectory towards more genocidal wars abroad, as well as imposing democidal martial law at home, because the government of the USA, and correspondingly in other NATO countries, have become the biggest forms of organized crime and terrorism, which are controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals and terrorists, in competition with other gangs, none of which can negotiate better with each other, since they were all historically selected to be controlled by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites within those respective systems of organized crime. However, almost everyone who partially becomes more aware of those social facts then tends to still stay inside of the same frame of reference of false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals, when proposing their “solutions.” Meanwhile, the REAL PROBLEMS are much more profound, because those have become that the basic ways that we think are BACKWARDS. That is how and why apes with atomic bombs is on such a terribly tragic trajectory, manifesting technologies which are trillions of times more powerful, being used to promote the same old-fashioned money/murder systems, which enforce frauds, that can never be made to become true, no matter how much violence is used to try to back up those lies.

    Theoretically, we should go through intellectual scientific revolutions, in order to cope with the EXISTENCE of phenomena like globalized electronic frauds, backed by the force of atomic bombs, and all the other rapidly developing weapons of mass surveillance and mass destruction. Human beings are now mired in the situation of partially understanding energy systems better, such as from the industrial revolution onwards, whereby the most important fights over the control of the money/murder systems have become the fights over the control of the profit from the oil resources. However, from the industrial revolution onwards, the social debt engines, and the physical steam engines, have been understood in basically backwards ways, on the most profound philosophical levels, because the ways that Neolithic Civilization understood time and space were basically backwards. Therefore, we are still measuring time in the old Babylonian ways, and, although most of the world now uses the metric system to measure space, the coordinate system is still the cube, rather than the tetrahedron, as also goes back to the beginnings of Neolithic Civilization.

    Those are the most basic reasons how and why the Middle East is so totally screwed up, as the place where the globalized Neolithic style of civilization began, whose Ouroboros of Incorporated Robberies has now returned there, as manifesting in the current state of Iraq. On level after level, we tend to be understanding things backwards, and therefore, constantly respond to problems in backwards ways, which always make those problems become even worse, faster. The current paths we are on are for the collapses into chaos to be deliberately driven to become worse, faster, until the conditions are sufficiently deteriorated in order to cause weapons of mass destruction to be used, to enable genocidal wars to be pumped up orders of magnitude greater than they have been so far. Simultaneously, the effects back in the USA, and NATO countries in general, are headed towards causing democidal martial law to attempted to be imposed, which too will backfire badly, since that too will be understood and done in basically backwards ways.

    I WISH that I could come to some better conclusions, however, I can not find any reasonable way to do that. Any apparent optimism is due to irrational hopes, merely because that feels better. However, all the rational evidence and logical arguments indicate that the apes with atomic bombs are eventually going to blow the shit out of themselves, while anything else would require a series of political miracles, such as enough people going through enough scientific revolutions in the ways that they think and perceive their political problems, in order to decrease the degrees to which they believed in lies, and so, see everything backwards, and therefore, keep on proposing “solutions” which are backwards, and thus, always backfire badly.

    The history of warfare selected for the development of War Kings, that made sovereign states, whose powers were captured by the Fraud Kings, the banksters. All the way along, the central controls were the death controls, that backed up the debt controls, in the combined murder/money systems. (As I said in my comment on the Part I of “The Money Valve,” the money valve depends upon the murder valve.) There is no other way to develop any better human and industrial ecologies, which could be integrated to operate consistently within the natural ecologies, than to fix the death controls, or develop a better overall system of artificial selection. However, I am NOT proposing that as another sort of false fundamental dichotomy, with its related impossible ideals. Rather, I am suggesting that the only plans that the ruling classes appear to have made for the problem of exponential growth overshooting into crazy collapses into chaos are that they have been starting more genocidal wars based on deceits, while simultaneously preparing to impose democidal martial law. In that context, the realistic solutions revolve around attempts to catalyze those developments. The runaway debt slavery system has generated numbers which are debt insanities. Those debt insanities are going to provoke death insanities. … IF there is sufficient survival through those events, then those events MIGHT be the selection pressures that change the human and industrial ecologies in ways which put then through some processes of succession of their evolution of systems which become adapted to living within the flows which are still available … through the (un)foreseeable roller coaster ride of ups and downs in the size of the total human population, and human activities.

    What I tend to conclude is that militarism is the supreme ideology, because the ideology of the murder systems deserve to be the supreme ideology, as well as self-select for themselves to be supreme. To fix the future requires nothing less than to fix the death controls. Of course, nothing could be more difficult or dangerous. However, as the exponential growth goes through its overshooting into collapsing into chaos, death insanities will surely manifest more and more. In that context, the social pyramid systems should more self-consciously comprehend themselves are social toroidal vortices, nested in other similar structures, because those correspond more to how the general energy systems actually operate. Although they are, by definition, very improbable, we can not rule out some series of technological and political miracles in the future.

    In my view, Part III of The Money Valve understated the crucial point when it stated: “It’s often said that Money gets it’s Value
    from its acceptance as a means to pay taxes.” There is a combined money/murder system, in which there are enforced frauds. Governments are the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, which currently happen to be the banksters. However, in stating that, again, I do not suggest that genuine solutions are to be found in the same old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies, and their related impossible ideals. Rather, my recommendations are that the realistic paths towards to the future should be based on the axioms that human realities are always organized lies, operating robberies, which means that any genuinely better resolutions to the chronic political problems inherent in the nature of human life require better government, which is better organized crime, operating better death controls, to back up better debt controls, because those are the essential realities which would be crucial to the developments of better evolutionary ecologies for men and their machines, in ways whereby they more fully understood natural selection, and thus, we better able to operate artificial selection.

    Obviously, we are going to getting the bum’s rush towards those phenomena, as exponential growth of strip-mining the planet reaches crucial points of diminishing returns. There probably ARE going to be more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law, because there MUST necessarily develop different death controls. As the money valves have more and more serious problems, the murder valves will too. As soon as one has life, then one also has death. In the longer term, the true birth controls are more important, however, in each shorter term increment, the real death controls direct the developments, since energy can direct its own transformations. As the environmental conditions are changed, by natural resources having been turned into waste, there will necessarily be driven both natural selection, and the human forms of that, manifesting as artificial selection.

    The most important factors which will government the doomsday scenarios in the future are the emerging systems of death controls. At the present time, those are being driven by debt insanities towards manifesting death insanities. However, it remains theoretically possible that a greater use of information, enabling a higher consciousness, could develop better death controls, which then could back up better debt controls, which could combine to make and maintain better human and industrial ecologies, which were more consistent with the natural ecologies, and how those previously were able to adapt, over and over again in the past, to live within their limits. The human experiment of being able to build brains that can build models of their world, including models of themselves within their models of their world, are paradoxically both the best and the worst thing going for us in the foreseeable future. Right now, we are witnessing the growing Grand Canyon Paradoxes of technologies which are trillions of times more powerful and capable being still channeled through social pyramid systems that became based on systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence.

    Overall, BOTH the ruling classes, AND those they rule over, have become criminally insane in their backwards understanding of thermodynamic flows. That deeply entrenched criminal insanity was what made it practically impossible to respond to the awareness of the real limits to growth 40 years ago, when there were still more options. Instead, we continued to rush on the exponential growth curves, with attitudes of evil deliberate ignorance towards the limits to growth, which now means we have overshot very badly. The debt slavery systems, within the context of industrialized human farming, HAVE generated numbers which ARE debt insanities. Therefore, we are rushing towards death insanities, in the sense that we are crashing into the wall of limits, after which we will bounce off a cliff, whose bottom we cannot yet see, since we cannot now be sure about issues such as climate change, nor how much more insane human beings may react, since they became apes with atomic bombs.
    But nevertheless, the theoretical solutions continue to be intellectual scientific revolutions, which MIGHT enable a greater use of information, and higher consciousness, to develop better death and debt controls, to make and maintain better human and industrial ecologies.

  • RE says:

    Hey Blair, you want me to give you a Byline? Your comments are blog length.


  • No RE, I merely write what I am provoked to think when I read something else.

    I regard writing as a tool to help thinking. However, overall, there does not appear to be any practical political point to attempting to understand the established social systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, since nothing significant is going to be changed inside those entrenched systems, merely because one attempts to find more rational evidence and logical arguments. Therefore, my thoughts are more like performance art, done for their own sake, to pass the time, since attempting to better understand the way the world works mostly has no effect upon those processes.

    I am not able to believe there is any practical purpose to bother to try to understanding things better, especially since I always find that the more one learns, the worse it gets. Given that the establish social pyramid systems based on enforced frauds are going to continue to deliberately ignore everything that they want to deliberately ignore, as much as possible, for as long as possible, I tend to use my own Web site Forum to record my thoughts about observing that happening. I do not bother with notions like having a “Byline,” because I have nothing good enough to bother to articulate, other than for the abstract sense of some intellectual integrity when endeavouring to decide what to say, as my own personal best modeling how the real world may actually be working. HOWEVER, since my main conclusion is that the real world is controlled by lies backed by violence, which do not care about any relative more objective “truth,” I never feel enough coherent motivation to bother to present my material any better, and so, never bother with notions such a “Byline.”

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In reply to Harry McGibbs. Turkey is one of many countries that will likely default of its debt (eve [...]

In reply to Kim. " Maybe someone should inform the medical community." LOL! Also the folks [...]

In reply to Ed. sorry Ed but I have to offer a different point of view on the necessary Earth popula [...]

In reply to ElbowWilham. I haven't had a chance to look at the video, but I think it has to do [...]

Reante learns at the overripe age of 44 that he doesn't have a working crystal ball, just a dea [...]

Nothing to see here. Move along! Lol. [...]

Steve seeing as how this is reante's fourth in a row, lemme know if I'm posting up too muc [...]

Hey Steve what do you think if the idea that the 1K/mo digital UBI for US citizens 18 and older (plu [...]

Who was it who used to argue here years ago about how much fat could be cut from the system? Was it [...]

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Going Cashless

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Simplifying the Final Countdown

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Bond Market Collapse and the Banning of Cash

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Do Central Bankers Recognize there is NO GROWTH?

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Singularity of the Dollar

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Kurrency Kollapse: To Print or Not To Print?

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Of Heat Sinks & Debt Sinks: A Thermodynamic View of Money

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Merry Doomy Christmas

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Peak Customers: The Final Liquidation Sale

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It is imperative to know the spatial distribution of vegetation trends in India and its responses to [...]

Air pollution continues to be a serious issue for plant health and terrestrial ecosystems. In this i [...]

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) burnt area products are widely used to assess [...]

This study was designed to identify trends in maximum, minimum, and average air temperatures in the [...]

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