Privatization: ACROPOLIS FOR SALE!

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on June 24, 2014


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Snippet:…Even though there is a lot of Hot Breaking Lunacy in the world of Collapse on the Geopolitical level going down now, I wanna take a break from looking at Iraq-no-Phobia Hashtag Diplomacy on Twitshit by Michelle Obama-sama and the latest Jawboning from the Minions of Vlad the Impaler threatening De-Dollarization to a more fundamental topic, the Privatization of Public Assets meme that is underway in more than a few locations now.

Not sure if the Greeks have sold the Parthenon or the Acropolis to Private Investors yet, but just about everything else the Greeks “own” through their Goobermint is on the Auction Block these days. Over in Frogland, I don’t think they sold the Louvre quite yet to some Chinese Art Aficionado Pigmen, but you can buy the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower for the Low, Low Price of $10B on Craig’s List now…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

Also, don’t miss the recent Collapse Cafe with Gail Tverberg of Our Finite World and Ugo Bardi of Resource Limits.


5 Responses to Privatization: ACROPOLIS FOR SALE!

  • Gerald Spezio says:

    RE, I don’t know precisely what your relationship with Guy McPherson is, but mine has deteriorated into complete defensiveness & possibly hatred from him.

    Some historical reflection on a large part of the intellectual development of the privitization colossus.

    Remember Garrett Hardin & his monumental “Tragedy of the Commons?”

    It became one of the most cited articles ever printed, & it had the imprimiteur of science.

    Although Hardin eventually recanted, he knew that he had been had big time.

    He died a broken man.

  • RE says:

    Guy doesn’t brook any deviation from the NTHE scenario. He also has an odd definition of “hope”. So if you either think it is possible that some HS will survive past mid century and/or you have some hope for the future left, if you have a long conversation with Guy it eventually gets testy. I have a podcast I did with him in the can, we’ll air it as soon as we finish the upgrades here, we go at it a bit there. Anyhow, Guy doesn’t bug me near as much as some of the clowns in his commentariat. 🙄

    Interesting about Hardin. I’ll have to read up on that.


  • Gerald Spezio says:

    I respect Guy & I am on completely board with him as to NTE.
    I openly attacked him for his profligate international flying & using the sorcery of the Jevons Paradox & the Khazzoom-Brookes Postulate as justification.
    Especially egregious for a scientist, & similar to Hardin’s error.

    More on genuine scientist Garrett Hardin’s personal “tragedy” – his pseudo scientific calls for across the board privatization;

    “Over the past few decades we have come to learn the fatal flaw in Hardin’s hypothesis that “under a system of private property, the men who own property recognize their responsibility to care for it.”� As we know from our global economic system, ownership no longer assumes geographic limitations. Once a privatized commons is exhausted and the costs passed onto the local and increasingly global communities, new commons to exploit are sought elsewhere ad infinitum. The crisis only ensued once the privateers began to run out of commons to be exhausted.”

  • Gerald Spezio says:

    If you go to Geoffrey Chia’s apology at NBL today, you will see me identified as “the culprit.”
    In Oct. 2013 a credentialed psychiatrist wrote a gushing piece about her trip to the Auschwitz Holocaust shrine.
    I responded in a very restrained & scholarly fashion, & my words are still there;

    Guy will not publish this response.

    Since I am the nefarious “culprit” who questioned the gas chambers/burning in ovens standard Holocaust narrative, including my name in print; do I get to respond, Guy?

    “Holocaust Denial” is standard peeyar & framing technique.

    What I wrote is still in these pages, & I stand with what I wrote w/o qualification or apology.

    If such a massive genocide of innocent Jewish people by gassing & burning of six million bodies – there must be equally massive empirical proof.

    It is impossible that such physical events could occur w/o material & physical proof.

    There is absolutely no empirical evidence, meaning material or physical proof, for such a massive genocide.

    The War for the Spirit by Paul Eisen, a proud Jew.

    “We are entitled to search for the truth. The real crime committed by the National Socialists – the exclusion, disempowerment, deportation, enslavement, death by omission and by commission and expulsion of a people simply because they were that people – was a terrible one. One does not need gas chambers to make the targeting of Jews, just because they are Jews, extraordinary and unacceptable. Nonetheless, if this targeting did not extend to extermination, if there were no gas chambers and if six million Jews did not die, then we should know it and, if necessary, address the implications. If there is some reason why we should not investigate this matter, then the onus is on those who would deny us that right, to say why. Those who would deny us that right have tried to say why, but in my view they have failed miserably.”

    How can it be a crime to ask such a rudimentary question?

    If such evidence exists, by all means present it & end the controversy.

    Dr Chia’s essay, “Achieving Wisdom – How to seek out the truth,” was printed in these pages in January, 2014.

    How can it be a crime to apply his scientific method to the Holocaust dogma that 6 million people were gassed & burned w/o leaving any empirical evidence?

    I have done just that.

    What are we afraid of?

  • RE says:

    Basically GS, you are attacking Guy from the other side here, basically accusing him of Hypocrisy for flying around on planes to talk about the problems you get from flying around on planes. This argument is very commonly applied to all Greenies, who usually still drive an SUV to get to work. It applies also to anyone using a computer on the Internet. It takes gigawatts of power to keep this system operating, and you are using it as I am right now. In fact it takes more power to run the Internet than all the planes flying around put together.

    Far as arguments about the Holocaust, how many Jews were killed/died, how many Germans died in post WWII reconstruction (see the recent article by Stucky), or in fact my contention that huge numbers of people died during the Great Depression here in the FSoA are numbers that will never really be known. Who generates those statistics, where do they get their data? It is pointless to argue what the absolute numbers were in any of these events. It IS clear that many Jews DID die in places like Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Also clear many Germans died in Refugee Camps around Germany after WWII.

    The important thing to consider is where we go from here, how to manage a Die Off that will make the Holocaust look like a Sunday Picnic. Not manage on the Grand Scale, that is impossible. Just manage far as your own community goes. What are the best means to avoid being among the first to die here?


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