Ebola: I See Dead People

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on August 3, 2014


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While it certainly was an Action Packed Week in the World of Collapse, what with the $51B Fine being dropped down on Vlad the Impaler over in Mother Russia and local Stock Markets finally appearing to capitulate to reality and stop Magically Levitating courtesy of the F4 Print Button on Dammit Janet Smellin’ Yellin’s laptop, the real BIG NEWZ in the Collapse World is the upward spiraling Epidemic of Ebola Virus over in Africa.

Ebola has been around for quite some time, identified first in the 1980s I think, but it languished and did not move around much.  Difficult to transmit with a high Mortality Rate, anybody who actually got it died before they had much chance to pass it on.  It did not disappear though, and all of a sudden, like a BAT OUT OF HELL,  the virus does not just reappear, it starts infecting people in 4 major African Cities, killing over 700 people in a few months, INCLUDING Good Samaritan Doctors who went over to Africa to try to help the victims and contain the problem.

Now, Ebola isn’t the only virus that Doomers have worried about over recent years, Avian Flu  has had a lot more play than this one.  Breaks out fairly regularly in China where you have large populations of both Chickens and People in not the most sanitary of conditions, but at least so far even that one hasn’t mutated in such a way that it spread other than by direct contact between the infected birds and the people, nor has it moved much into the Wild Bird population, at least not that I know of.  Nor does Avian Flu have the kind of symptoms and Mortality Rate that Ebola is claimed to have, over 50% definitely, and some claims are for 90% Mortality.

It’s not JUST us Doomers concerned about Ebola either, both the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the WHO (World health Organization are pretty worried. From Zero Hedge:

Things just went to 11 on the Spinal-Tap amplifier of massive infectious disease outbreaks. As AP reports, the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 700 people in West Africa is moving faster than the efforts to control the disease, the head of the World Health Organization warned. Dr. Margaret Chan pulled no punches in her direct statement, “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socio-economic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries.” Time to panic?

As AP reports,

Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization, said the meeting in Conakry “must be a turning point” in the battle against Ebola, which is now sickening people in three African capitals for the first time in history.

At least 729 people in four countries — Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria — have died since cases first emerged back in March. Two American health workers in Liberia have been infected, and an American man of Liberian descent died in Nigeria from the disease, health authorities there say.

While health officials say the virus is transmitted only through direct contact with bodily fluids, many sick patients have refused to go to isolation centers and have infected family members and other caregivers.

The fatality rate has been about 60 percent, and the scenes of patients bleeding from the eyes, mouth and ears has led many relatives to keep their sick family members at home instead.

“Constant mutation and adaptation are the survival mechanisms of viruses and other microbes,” she said. “We must not give this virus opportunities to deliver more surprises.”

“I believe we’re only seeing a small portion of the cases out there … The virus is getting to large, dense, city areas. We’re now getting samples (to test) from all over,” he said Friday.

Meanwhile, other countries are taking precautions to prevent the spread of Ebola.

*  *  *
Interestingly, worries are spreading quickly as one Commonwealth Games competitor found

a cyclist from Sierra Leone competed in the Commonwealth Games after being tested for Ebola. Moses Sesay, 32, was admitted to a Glasgow hospital last week after feeling unwell, and doctors tested him for various conditions including Ebola. Sesay was passed fit, and released from hospital in time to compete in the individual time trial on Thursday.

Yahoo has kindly provided this ‘panic sheet’ for where the nearest CDC quarantine stations are in the US…

If the director of the WHO says a disease is spreading faster than the ability to contain it, then this is something you have to take notice of.

As of today, only approximately 729 people are Confirmed Dead from Ebola.  Given the entire population of Africa, this is a miniscule number today. In fact, it is a miniscule numer inside the Big Shity of Lagos in Nigeria, where some 20M or so people reside at the moment.  The question is, how fast will the disease spread, and can it be contained if it does spread bigger than this?

I wrote a while back about one of the more successful Games issued out for your Smart Phone, PLAGUE!

In the game of Plague!, the goal is to wipe out all of humanity with a disease.  You get to control all sorts of parameters regarding  how it spreads, how virulent it is, how resistant to drugs etc.  Viruses are particularly easy to win the game with.

If all the information about the current Ebola Virus is accurate, this would be an excellent vector to win Plague! with.  Howevwer, it is not clear that the info is 100% accurate, at least one writer Jon Rappaport thinks it may be a Hoax to disguise other problems present in Africa at the moment.

Ebola: covert op in a hypnotized world

By Jon Rappoport
August 2, 2014

You show people a germ and you tell them what it is and what it does, and people salute. They give in. They believe. They actually know nothing. But they believe.

The massive campaign to make people believe the Ebola virus can attack at any moment, after the slightest contact, is quite a success.

People are falling all over themselves to raise the level of hysteria.

This is what is preventing a hard look at Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Republic Guinea, three African nations where poverty and illness are staples of everyday life for the overwhelming number of people.

The command structure in those areas has a single dictum: don’t solve the human problem.

Don’t clean up the contaminated water supplies, don’t return stolen land to the people so they can grow food and finally achieve nutritional health, don’t solve overcrowding, don’t install basic sanitation, don’t strengthen their immune systems so they can ward off germs, don’t let the people have power—because then they would throw off the local and global corporate juggernauts that are sucking the land of all its resources.

In order not to solve the problems of the people, a cover story is necessary. A cover story that exonerates the power structure.

A cover story like a germ.

It’s all about the germ. The demon. The strange attacker.

Forget everything else. The germ is the single enemy.

Forget the fact, for example, that a recent study of 15 pharmacies and 5 hospital drug dispensaries in Sierra Leone discovered the widespread and unconscionable use of beta-lactam antibiotics.

These drugs are highly toxic. One of their effects? Excessive bleeding.

Which just happens to be the scary “Ebola effect” that’s being trumpeted in the world press.

(J Clin Microbiol, July 2013, 51(7), 2435-2438), and Annals of Internal Medicine Dec. 1986, “Potential for bleeding with the new beta-lactam antibiotics”)

Forget the fact that pesticide companies are notorious for shipping banned toxic pesticides to Africa. One effect of the chemicals? Bleeding.

Forget that. It’s all about the germ and nothing but the germ.

Forget the fact that, for decades, one of the leading causes of death in the Third World has been uncontrolled diarrhea. Electrolytes are drained from the body, and the adult or the baby dies.

Any sane doctor would make it his first order of business to replace electrolytes with simple supplementation—but no, the standard medical line goes this way:

The diarrhea is caused by germs in the intestinal tract, so we must pile on massive amounts of antibiotics to kill the germs.

The drugs kill off all bacteria in the gut, including the necessary and beneficial ones, and the patient can’t absorb what little food he has access to, and he dies.

Along the way, he can also bleed.

But no, all the bleeding comes from Ebola. It’s the germ. Don’t think about anything else.

Forget the fact that adenovirus vaccines, which have been used in Liberia, Guinea, and Liberia (the epicenter of Ebola), have, according to vaccines.gov, the following adverse effects: blood in the urine or stool, and diarrhea.

No, all the bleeding comes from the Ebola germ. Of course. Don’t think about anything else.

Reporter Charles Yates uncovered a scandal in Liberia centering around the Firestone Rubber Plantation—chemical dumping, poisoned water.

And skin disease.

“Rash” is listed as one of the Ebola symptoms.

So is diarrhea.

Liberia Coca Cola bottling plant: foul black liquid seeping into the environment—animals dying.

Chronic malnutrition and starvation—conditions that are endemic in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea—are the number-one cause of T-cells depletion in the world.

T-cells are a vital component of the immune system. When that system is compromised, any germ coming down the pipeline will cause epidemics and death.

Getting the picture?

Blame it all on the germ.

Allow the corporate-government domination to continue.

What is the TRUTH here?

The only way we will know the truth is after some time passes here.

If the virus is as virulent and contagious as the WHO says it is, it should roll over Africa in no time.  Rapidly increasing numbers of victims would indicate that the viral threat is very real.  You can’t hide 10s of 1000s people dying, which would be the case with even a relatively moderate doubling rate of infections.

On the other hand, if Ebola disappears in a month or two from the Newz, then the whole schtick is just more Fear Mongering and a means to soften up the population to accept Martial Law, detention, quarantine etc. in the future as the economic system further spins down.

Whether this particular outbreak is real or not, it should be fairly obvious to anyone that with ever greater numbers of people packed into Big Shities with ever worsening sanitation issues, eventually a Killer Virus of some type will emerge.  Likelihood also is it will not be just one, but many different ones.  Also you will see the good old fashioned bacterial diseases like Cholera and Pneumonic & Bubonic Plague re-emerge, this time resistant to modern anti-biotics, much as MRSA is resistant to such antibiotics.

Plagues & Pestilence of one sort or another are a guarantee under the crowded and unsanitary conditions of many major Big Shities around the world.  They all require copious amounts of Energy and Water to keep them clean enough to live every day.  Both Energy & Water are becoming increasingly more difficult to come by in Mega-Shities like Lagos in Nigeria, currently the Home of around 20M potential Incubators for a Killer Virus.

Such places like Lagos, Calcutta and Mexico Shity are likely to be the first hit, and the main Incubators for the Plagues to come, but by no means will they stop there.  Anywhere there are large numbers of people in close proximity they will migrate to, and pretty quick too once a real good one gets going.

Can you avoid these Plagues?  Maybe, maybe not, but you stand the BEST chance of avoiding them if you live remote in low population density areas.  The major Big Shities of the world are all DEATH TRAPS waiting to happen.

GTFO of Dodge NOW, while you still can.


4 Responses to Ebola: I See Dead People

  • SomeoneInAsia says:

    I’ve actually read for a few years now about a special kind of medical treatment for infectious diseases, known by the name PHOTOLUMINESCENCE THERAPY. (There are still some other names for it, but let this one do for now.) It basically just involves extracting a small quantity of blood from the patient, irradiating the blood with ultraviolet light and then re-introducing the blood back into the patient’s body. (A modern variant of this treatment dispenses with the extraction of blood altogether by using a handheld device which shines UV light under the tongue.) This form of treatment is said to have cured all sorts of otherwise difficult and even lethal medical conditions, including AIDS, cancer and botulism. And it’s SUPER CHEAP, costing basically only a few cents of electricity per treatment. Here’s a website that provides more information:


    Such a thing seems too good to be true, yet from all the literature I’ve come across, it seems difficult to put the whole thing down as quackery. If it’s not quackery, then for all we know it may well be one of our greatest weapons against diseases like EBOLA in the difficult times ahead.

    It’s extremely frustrating in this respect that ‘orthodox’ medicine should appear so SILENT with respect to this form of medical treatment. WHY?? Such a thing (if for real) could save and benefit countless lives. (The least you could do is test it to see if it really works, then publish your findings in medical journals.) Wouldn’t surprise me if the reason lies in vested interests here: if photoluminescence therapy really works and everyone goes for it, the pharmaceutical industry will lose money. If this is indeed the reason why PT is ignored today, it only goes to show what a tragically twisted, evil and depraved species Homo Sapiens is. Or has become. 😥

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