Greek Debt Chicken Game

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on February 6. 2015


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…Once again, the Greeks have taken the Center Stage in the Collapse Kabuki theater, with the newly elected Syriza Goobermint under the leadership of Alex Tspiras attempting to follow through on their many promises to throw off the Debt Choke Hold held on them by the Brussel Sprouts.

The new “Rock Star” player in the game here is the new Greek FinMin, Yanis “Souvlakis” Varoufakis. Yanis is making a lot of headlines in the Econ blogosphere since Syriza took power, first with the threat to outright default and lately with some more creative phrasing of concotions like “perpetual bonds” in some kind of new game of debt musical chairs.

On the other side of this nonsense is Yanis’ Evil Twin, the Kraut FinMin Wolfgang “Strudle” Schauble. Wolfy won’t take any shit from Yanis, and has made it clear he thinks the Greeks are responsible for every penny of the debt that the ECB and by extension the Kraut population extended to the Greeks, despite of course the reality that the Krauts never had the money before the last Greek Goobermint of Bankster Sock Puppets signed for it…

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3 Responses to Greek Debt Chicken Game

  • Since RE said he got banned from Zero Hedge for plugging the Doomstead Diner too much, I occasionally add a link to his Rant, when there is an appropriate place to do that, as recently here:

    Greece: Are You Finally Ready To Do The Right Thing And Leave The Euro?

    Of course, I basically agree with RE’s bold rants, which present the ugly truths in an amusing way, (for those who still have enough macabre sense of humour left to be able to enjoy that.)

    I expressed that in this reply, to “NotApplicable,” who expressed the view that the phrase “political solution” was an oxymoron:


    Human beings ARE “political animals.” However, real politics is actually based on the principles and methods of organized crime. The more successful those systems of organized crime become, the more totally those system control their apparent opposition. Hence, if, but only if, one accepts that “politics” is the farce presented in the mass media, then there are no “political solutions” possible within the context of that farce.

    There WILL be “political solutions,” but those will take place in the real world, which is controlled by organized crime. The established systems of enforced frauds have BASIC PROBLEMS inherent to their structure, and the limits of the planet. The established systems of debt slavery have generated numbers which have become debt insanities. There are not enough natural resources left to strip-mine at an exponentially accelerating rate, and so, the systems have to adapt to that … However, the only ways that the established social pyramid systems could adapt to runaway debt insanities, which can NOT be resolved by more exponential growth by strip-mining the planet, are to change gears to provoke death insanities.

    The only genuine “political solutions” are drastic changes in the death controls. There is nothing else which is either theoretically sufficient nor practically possible. However, since the established systems most successfully operated their death controls through the maximum possible deceits and treacheries, while their controlled opposition stayed within the same bogus frame of reference, developing genuinely better systems of death controls is extremely improbable, while provoking death insanities is the automatic default setting of social pyramid systems.

    “Political solution” is NOT an oxymoron, anymore than “military intelligence” is an oxymoron, AFTER one recognizes that military success was based on deceits, and thus, the most successful politicians are the best available professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, which politicians tend to be the banksters’ puppets, performing for the muppets on the stage set by the mass media.

    NotApplicable, although I found your comment witty, and therefore voted it up, I have replied to point out that your statement is ONLY “correct” as long as one accepts the biggest bullies’ bullshit definnition of “politics.” HOWEVER, real politics necessarily operates according the the principles and methods of organized crime. Real “political solutions” are changes in the dynamic equilibria of the defferent systems of organized lies and robberies, and those real “political solutions” depend upon the actual envirnomental situation.

    The article above by Hugh-Smith is typical of those republished on Zero Hedge, in that it is grossly underestimates the nature of the problems, and therefore, grossly overestimates the ability to resolve those problems. That kind of article typically presents the standard of relatively good analysis of the issues, on the superficial level that is done, followed by collapse to bullshit “solutions,” because the original analysis never went deep enough, and thus, the proposed “solutions” end up being silly. The suggested “solutions” outlined by Hugh-Smith are an idealized list which manifest a sublime “rule of law,” which does not realistically deal with the basic paradox of enforcement, that NOBODY GUARDS THE GUARDIANS. Plato pointed that out in his Republic long, long ago. That political problem has never since been solved, because, in principle, there is NO solution.

    Stating that “the era of living off borrowed money is over” is WRONG, because that “borrowed money” was an enforced fraud, due to the ways that the biggest gangsters, the banksters, controlled governments, which are the biggest form of organized crime. Hugh-Smith suggests the typical miraculous bootstrap “solutions” which promote the same old false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals, such as an ideal manifestation of the “rule of law,” which deliberately ignores that the established mechanisms were due to the development of the methods of organized crime. The only way to actually replace the old systems of organized crime is with some new systems of organized crime.

    Here is a link to a recent 10 minute audio recording which discusses these issues: “Greek Debt Chicken Game”

    The Greek situation is merely one of the leading edges of the ways that human societies’ real politics are based on organized crime, while the majority of people who discuss those issues do so as forms of controlled opposition, who deliberately ignore and deny those basic facts, in the manner illustrated by guys like Hugh-Smith.

    THERE ARE REAL “POLITICAL SOLUTIONS,” BUT THOSE TAKE PLACE IN THE CONTEXT OF REAL “POLITICS,” WHICH ACTUALLY OPERATES ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF ORGANIZED CRIME. Any other “political solutions” which are based upon deliberately ignoring or denying that are necessarily bullshit, which is either ignorant, or deceitful, or both, because political economy is inside human ecology; the debt controls are backed by the death controls, and so, private property is based on backing up claims with coercions, while money is measurement backed by murder. SINCE THOSE ARE THE REALITIES, ANY REAL POLITICAL SOLUTIONS MUST RECOGNIZE AND ADDRESS THOSE REALITIES.

    The problems that Greece has are the same as the rest of the world has. The real political solutions to those problems are necessarily going to have to be changes in the death controls, which are most probably going to continue to directed in the most deceitful ways, because the established systems have so totally controlled their opposition that guys like Hugh-Smith can propose such as list of impossible to implement “solutions” in ways which deliberate ignore the mechanisms that made those problems, while such a list of “solutions” based on impossible ideals does not concern itself with the paradoxes inherently present in its kind of presentation.

    The problems that Greece and the rest of the human world have ARE that the debt controls were based on the maximum possible frauds, while the death controls were based on the maximum possible deceits. In that context, the controlled opposition groups continue to operate within the same bullshit frame of reference about all of that, so that the new government of Greece, as well as Hugh-Smith, are typical reactionary revolutionaries, who present relatively accurate analysis of the problems, on their superficial level (albeit, which are an improvement over the absurd lies that the established systems continue to promote). HOWEVER, the contradictions inherent in human civilizations based on backing up legalized lies with legalized lies, being pumped up by advances in science and technology, which NEVER are allowed to happen in political science, is the reason why it appears that the phrase “political solution” is an oxymoron.

  • RE says:

    Thanks for the Plugs BTL!

    Maybe this will soften up the Tyler Durdens and they’ll pick up a rant one of these days. Not holding my breath though.

    BTW, excellent post you made there otherwise, which was exactly my opinion of CHS article. He seems to believe if the Greeks return to the Drachma, they can somehow get a fair monetary system running there, which simply will not happen. He never even addresses the fact that if they do issue Drachma, the Drachma itself will be more debt money, just debt nobody will buy.


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