Demand Destruction

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on February 26, 2015


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Snippet:…Given it is an Epic Fail to try to blame the Saudis for the price crash, the next place the economistas go is to our own Home Grown Frackers, and the idiots on Wall Street and at Da Fed who funded that White Elephant with gobs of cheap credit thrown at Junk Bonds any dimwit with a drilling rig was issuing out. Problem with that idea is that even with drilling rigs being shut in here and production plateauing, the fucking oil price is still dropping and the storage tanks for the stuff are filling up to overflow level. They aren’t producing much more of the stuff, they keep dropping the price, nevertheless the storage tanks keep filling up. This is some kind of big fucking MYSTERY to the economistas and prop desk traders.

The obvious answer here is that if there isn’t too much supply being dropped on here, then the problem has to be on the DEMAND end. As in, J6P simply is not BUYING the Oil in the same quantity at the same rate he was just 1 year ago. Steady Supply, Price Going Down, Inventory Going Up, you are left with only one variable in this bathtub problem, which is that the fucking DRAIN is STOPPED UP!

Now, why oh why would J6P all of a sudden STOP buying gas, even at the new Low Low prices every day of $2/Gallon?  Actually, it’s gone even below $2 in quite a few places. According to Da Goobermint, our Economy is recovering, the UE rate is like 7%, so WTF don’t these assholes start BUYING MORE GAS?

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

4 Responses to Demand Destruction

  • Demand is desire plus money.

    Money is measurement backed by murder.

    Demand destruction is not due to decreasing desire, but rather, decreasing “money,” in the form of credit, as a claim on resources, which claims are backed by coercions. One of the SOURCES of the sense of DOOM is that desire backed by murder has driven the economic systems to turn natural resources into garbage and pollution as fast as possible, on a one-way express trip to hell. While the Earth’s resources were always finite, that problem has been extremely aggravated by the ways that human behaviors were based upon desire backed by murder, which drove exploitation of natural resources to high-grade ourselves to hell, because political economy based on desire backed by murder has strip-mined the planet in ways which encouraged the longer term considerations to matter to the minimized degree possible, compared to the much more maximized short-term concerns of being able to satisfy desires with murder as the backing to that ability.

    Another SOURCE of DOOM is that analysis then indicates what the real main obstacles to developing any better integrated human, industrial, and natural ecologies, are how to develop better death controls, so that there could actually be more of what would be ideally needed for the longer term sustainability, like recycling, especially using the available cosmic flow of energy to maximize recycling of material, through an industrial ecology which was not so totally based on strip-mining, with reckless disregard for general pollution and garbage disposal.

    The wild oscillations of demand destruction had as one of their SOURCES that the financial accounting systems were based upon ENFORCED FRAUDS, which enabled human desires to be backed by murder. Therefore, the production of destruction controlled production, while that was done in the most socially successful ways through being done in ways that were based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds. Since the production of destruction controlled production, or since desire was backed by murder, the political economy has fundamentally psychotic aspects, which are being driven towards spirals of worsening psychotic breakdowns, such as how the destruction of demand for petroleum (in that there is not enough credit available to enough people to “pay” for that oil, etc.), drives wilder and wilder oscillations, which will have worsening effects upon the future supply. The ability to extract and produce petroleum products will surely continue to go through wilder oscillations, with more and more serious time lags, and resulting distortions, which will drive even wilder oscillations, in a vicious spiral.

    The basic supply of those natural resources has been relatively constant during the massive swings of the price of oil during the last few years. Hence, as that Rant correctly pointed out, that supply side issue can NOT explain the wilder oscillations of the price of oil. What explains those wild oscillations of the price of oil is that all “prices” are being established through a fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting system, which boils down to desire backed by murder. The path we appear to be on is that the next level of “demand destruction” is to literally destroy the lives of those people who do not have the “money” to pay for realizing their desires. The established systems which “paid” for strip-mining the planet, with “money” made out of nothing, were always debt slavery systems (where such slavery was basically: “Do what I say, or I will kill you.”)

    As is well-known to those who think about it, as has been explained in many previous Rants, as long as there was enough natural resources available to continue to strip-mine at an exponentially accelerating rate, then the fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems (basically: “Desire backed by murder.”) could also continue to grow … However, as we reach the relatively objective limits to strip-mining a finite planet’s natural resources, those limits manifest first and foremost through the financial systems based on ENFORCED FRAUDS. The tragic trajectory of “demand destruction” is probably going to be that after the debt slavery systems generate numbers which become debt insanities (and hence, there is no longer enough credit available), the follow through on that destruction of demand, due to the destruction of the credits to pay for satisfying those demands, is going to manifest as death insanities, as far more serious and severe forms of “demand destruction,” namely the utter destruction of people.

    The sense of DOOM follows from appreciating the deeper nature of the problems are due to the death control systems, which developed through the history of warfare to be done in the most socially successful ways through the maximum possible deceits, upon which basis was constructed a political economy based on ENFORCING FRAUDS. That kind of fundamentally fraudulent accounting has driven irreconcilable social polarization, which is trumped by irreparable destruction of the natural world. The most intense sense of DOOM follows from appreciating the ways that the existing civilization is based on backing up its desires with murder, and therefore, no possible better evolutionary ecologies could actually manifest that did not work through that problem with respect to the existing murder systems.

    The wilder and wilder oscillations of apparently paradoxical demand destruction also driving the destruction of supply, in ways whose time lags will get crazier and more counter-productive, are all based on the basic facts that the production of destruction controlled production. While I believe that there may eventually emerge some sort of new evolutionary ecologies, which come to terms with the longer term consequences of having strip-mined the planet in extremely toxic ways, the actual paths through to that are going to be the demand destruction due to debt insanities provoking much more demand destruction through death insanities.

    From a biological point of view, sex and death came as a package deal. From a sociological point of view, money and murder came as a package deal. To cut out all of the intermediate variables results in the summary that there is desire backed by murder. Previously, those were done most successfully through the maximum possible deceits and frauds, which are the deeper problems why there is a well-founded sense of DOOM. It does not appear probable that human beings are going to be able to face more radical truths about themselves, due to the thousands of years of psychological and political habits based on social pyramid systems being able to back up lies with violence, in order to engage in strip-mining the planet at an exponentially accelerating rate, while every aspect of culture accommodated to that. Theoretically, the only genuinely better resolutions of the problems which emerge when we run into relatively objective limits to being able to continue to strip-mine the planet are emerging evolutionary ecologies, which necessarily have their death controls systems as the central core to the controls and regulations of everything else. By and large, human beings have always been engaged in satisfying desires by murder, in the sense of killing and eating other organisms. Within that context that human beings acted as robbers in their environment, the most important limits on some human beings were other human beings, i.e., some human beings robbing and killing other human beings.

    By and large, most of the people who begin to think about the DOOM on the horizon of history due to running into the limits of being able to strip-mine the planet (which will show up as debt insanities, provoking death insanities, or worse and worse oscillations of demand destruction) like to focus upon a range of more pleasant alternatives to attempt to become prepared for that. However, in fact, the centrally necessary alternatives are whatever might be the alternative death controls, or murder systems. In my opinion, few people recognize that the taboos regarding money are far greater than the social taboos that revolved around sex. The Rant above breaches some of those taboos, when it more forthrightly addresses the real issues related to demand destruction. In the spirit of that Rant, I have posted the comment above, which does that even more so …

  • RE says:

    Questioning Money and how it works is the Taboo. Its the System of the World. BELIEVING in Money is what keeps people enslaved, while they THINK they are free.

    Money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL.


  • LA says:

    Actually, the quote is “For the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Money is simply a medium of exchange and is useful in that regard.

    My favorite quote of yours is still “country after country’s consumers will be triaged off the credit bandwagon.” It’s happening all around us as we speak! Greece, Venezuela, Ukraine, Belarus, Argentina, Libya, etc.

    Any predictions on which countries will be thrown under the bus in the next few rounds, and when will the dominoes will finally reach the top players ? i.e. U.S., China, and their key resource suppliers (Canada, Australia, Saudia Arabia)? It seems to be progressing fairly slowly from the standpoint of us participants, even though it’s the blink of an eye on a geologic time scale…

  • RE says:

    I know the wording in the Bible. It’s a distinction without a difference.

    Money is much more than a medium of exchange, it’s a means of consolidating Power & Control over others.

    Far as who goes under first for the near future, rest of the PIIGS would be a good bet. When it hits players the size of France, that will probably bring down the whole house of cards from contagion effects.


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