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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on March 7, 2015


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This man runs your Economy


…Entertaining revelation of the week was that a “World Class” Economista Douglas McWilliams, 63, head of the well-known Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) think tank and one of the most prominent modern economists was caught on camera wasted to beat the band smoking Crack in some London Crack House. This has of course made it all over the pages of the Brit Tabloids, and Douglas is now joining Lindsay Lohan at the Rehab Center while the Brit Pols do the best they can to distance themselves from him. LOL.

Of course, here on the Econ Blogosphere, many of us Econ Bloggers have long suggested that the Economistas In Charge have been Smoking Crack, but until NOW there was no definitive proof of this.

WHY has it been obvious that the current Economistas in charge are Crack Addicts? Simple, you just have to look at some of the incredibly STUPID policies and ideas these folks have foisted on everyone. The concepts are so outrageously NUTS that you are either clinically insane to begin with, or you have damaged your brain on too many drugs, or both…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

10 Responses to Smokin’ Economista Crack

  • K Dog says:

    Tom Lewis starts a new rant with this:

    It’s on account of accountants that we can’t count anymore, and someone should hold them accountable. We call them bean counters not to disparage them — honestly, I mean no disrespect — but to remind us and them of their purpose: to tell us how many beans are in the jar. When instead they tell us how many beans were in the jar last year; or how many beans would be in the jar if we had only put more in; or exactly how many beans are in a jar we don’t have and can’t get, they are not just failing to do their job, they are doing a great deal of harm to the people and companies and system they serve.

    Everyone wants beans. Without beans you can’t buy crack!

  • Tim E. says:

    Thanks for the Rant – RE. 😆 😆

    The level of surrealism is approaching beyond belief. 😯 😯

    Stay warm! 😀 😀

  • RE says:

    YW TE!

    This was an EZ one to script up. I could have gone on forever with the surreal and beyond belief ongoing here, but I like to keep the Rants to 10 minutes or less, more Doom than that at one sitting is overkill. lol. I may make it into a series though. 😆


  • Ken Barrows says:

    Smoking crack does a number on one’s complexion. As for population, say Country A has 20 million people and its annual net increase before a war was 2% per annum. To get that down to zero, the war would have to kill off almost 1,100 people each day. The world increases by about 200,000; you’d need a lot of war or pestilence to get that to zero.

  • RE says:

    Not really, because the outright casualties of war are only part of the equation. You also have many people (mostly children and elderly) who die from malnutrition and disease that attacks the weakest first. They are not counted as war casualties, but they are indirectly because the social infrastucture in a war zone collapses.

    There is plenty of war and pestilence ongoing here to compensate for the current birth rate. The statistic that global population increases by 200K each day is a statistic based on old data. It is unlikely to be a valid statistic if the total food production decreases relative to population size. Less food available means less people, that is patently obvious.


  • K Dog says:

    I’m on a history rhymes kick lately. I think I am because people generally are not smart enough to learn from it. You were ranting about economic failure. CRACKER JUNK BONDS ON CRACK. Everything is going to crack. Any day now!

    Constantine visited the city of Autun, and generously remitted the arrears of tribute, reducing at the same time the proportion of their assessment from twenty-five to eighteen thousand heads, subject to the real and personal capitation. 40 Yet even this indulgence affords the most unquestionable proof of the public misery. This tax was so extremely oppressive, either in itself or in the mode of collecting it, that whilst the revenue was increased by extortion, it was diminished by despair: a considerable part of the territory of Autun was left uncultivated; and great numbers of the provincials rather chose to live as exiles and outlaws, than to support the weight of civil society.

  • Musashi says:

    Agreed, another entertaining rant to enjoy by lengthening evening light. Spring’s in the air down in southern BC. Almost enough to make a man optimistic. 😆 How’s ur weather up north?

  • RE says:

    Appears Spring has Arrived here, last week or so all above freezing. 😀


  • Ken Barrows says:


    Less food does equal fewer people, but my point is that it hasn’t happened yet. You’d think South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Syria would have a decreasing population by now, but unless official estimates are way off, it is not the case. “Third world” people have a much finer survival instinct than Westerners. In the end, it comes down to arithmetic.

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