Kurrency Kollapse: To Print or Not To Print?

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on March 14, 2015


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http://www.angelfire.com/art/masks/images/mask01.jpg…So to try to resolve this mess, one choice for Da Federal Reserve would be to issue out multiples of the $Trillions$ it has already issued out and take every last indebted country onto its own balance sheet as the collateral, effectively essentially putting say France under the Ownership of the Federal Reserve! Then the Frogs get the same treatment that Greece gets now taking it up the ass from the Troika. The population gets squeezed dried, but this STILL does not stop the implosion from progressing onward.

The other choice, which in the words of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is to “take their medicine” is that Da Federal Reserve STOPS pitching Worthless Money after more Worthless Money out, and TBTF Banks and entire nation States go Bankrupt in a huge Daisy Chain, or as I once wrote on the Peak Oil Forum, “The Greatest Bonfire of Paper Wealth in All of Recorded History”.

There is no Third Option as yet identified here, it’s a Shakespearian Comedy/Tragedy, “To Print or not to Print, that is the question? Whether ’tis nobler to die by the slings and arrows of Hyperinflationary misfortune,, or to dry up liquidity and die slowly in a Deflationary Spiral, and by collapsing this stupid shit end this utter nonsense? To sleep, perchance to die…”

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!

3 Responses to Kurrency Kollapse: To Print or Not To Print?

  • Mister Roboto says:

    I think it’s probably more accurate to say that the euro lost 25% of it value recently, which is still pretty substantial. The fact that the ECB is giving a eurotrash version of QE a whirl has more than a little to do with this.

  • Clearly, “just shit out of luck” is the only plausible outcome.

    “Stepping away from this oligarchy,” or the pyramidion people at the top of the established social pyramid systems, in any favourable ways (beyond them getting rid of themselves through collective globalized suicide) would require a series of prodigious political miracles, whereby enough people would be able to agree upon developing better death control systems than the ones that currently exist, which were based upon thousands of years of social successes through being able to back up deceits with destruction, devolving into being able to enforce frauds.

    From a sublime point of view, human being are ALREADY operating as energy systems, which are PERFECTLY conserving the energy that flows through them. The more non-linear functions that enabled those energy systems’ outputs to return as inputs, then the more life and consciousness there is. However, energy systems can not have any structure which does not continue to actually operate through the conservation of energy, which manifests as those systems following their own path of least action, or least resistance.

    Hence, human energy systems NECESSARILY follow their own paths of least morality. There is nothing which can be done more than that, unless their are existing mechanisms which evolve to create enough resistance to be able to change the path of least resistance. While that is sublimely possible to contemplate, from an idealized, abstract point of view, the realization of those potentials only manifest to the degree that actual selection pressures actually worked to select for those systems to be the ones that survived, by manifesting those mechanisms, in the nicely sublime perfect paradoxes regarding the ways that the perception of all energy systems asymptotically approaches the ways that energy is conserved.

    Clearly, human beings and human civilizations have actually developed in the ways that they did, to maximize the short-term benefits to be obtained from strip-mining the planet’s natural resources, through an economic system that turned those resources into garbage and pollution as fast as possible, in order to keep the debt slavery treadmills going faster and faster … regardless of the relative abilities of some people to imagine the longer-term consequences from having done that too much, for too long, until the GREAT BOOM based on strip-mining the planet resulted in the GREAT BUST when the exponential growth based on having been able to do that reached the limits of diminishing returns, like rushing into walls while accelerating as fast as possible, and bouncing off those walls of real limits to the environment, to bounce off of cliffs whose bottoms can not know be seen.

    From the sublime point of view, energy is still being conserved, despite human civilization collapsing into chaos, and most of the energy which was entangled in non-linear functions in the forms of life and consciousness returns to radiate out at a lower frequency than it originally impinged upon the planet. Human beings, as soon as one perceives them or defines them as separated from their environment, necessarily operate as entropic pumps of energy flows, which can be boiled down to them acting as robbers in their environment. In that way, one begins with SUBTRACTION, by being able to perceive and define human beings as somewhat separated from their environment, after which, then they must obtain energy from their environment to continue living, and those processes of taking energy from their environment are then basically ROBBERY.

    That has all become more and more sophisticated through the history of civilization, such that the Privatization of the God transformed into the Privatization of the Environment. Along the way, SUBTRACTION & ROBBERY became private property which could not exist outside of some system of public violence, because private property was based on staking claims, and backing those up with coercions. The most abstract form of that became the monetary and taxation systems, whereby money is measurement backed by murder. During those developments, human energy systems were controlled by their most labile components, which were the most dishonest and violent people, and they directed civilization to develop along the path of least morality, because those were the PERFECT ways that human energy systems NECESSARILY behaved, since they were ALWAYS general energy systems, manifesting the conservation of energy. Overall, that was the history of warfare, in which the social successes of those who survived through those selection pressures promoted the maximum possible deceits and treacheries, which then continued to develop from that kind of human ecology, as social pyramid system, to become the ENFORCED FRAUDS that dominate the existing political economy, whereby “money” is made out of nothing as debts, in order to “pay” for strip-mining the planet’s natural resources, which debt slavery treadmill has been growing at an exponential rate, to generate numbers which have become debt insanities. The magical “mathematics” of the money-as-debt systems were always fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting, because “money” which can be made out of nothing, as debts, and disappear back to nothing, when those debts disappear, was actually ENFORCED FRAUDS.





    Of course, that has been deliberately misunderstood in the most backward ways possible, since social successes were based on being able to get away with deceits and treacheries, and enforcing frauds. Thus, the biggest bullies’ bullshit language and world view dominated everything through natural languages to the philosophy of science. One of the most abstract ways that manifested was through the ways that an arbitrary minus sign was inserted into the entropy equations of thermodynamics and information theory, so that would become consistent with the biggest bullies’ world view. Actually, the mathematical physics itself says that every thing that is relatively subtracted from the whole environment has some relatively negative value. That is, all measurements of power and information actually have relative negative values. However, the bullies’ bullshit reversed that, which was akin to SUBTRACTING THE SUBTRACTION. As progress in physical sciences more and more demonstrated how general energy systems manifested the principle of the conservation of energy, it became clear that time and space were NOT independent absolutes, but rather, interconnected relativities. While that insight resulted in being able to make atomic bombs, that insight otherwise did almost nothing to change the ways that the biggest bullies’ bullshit world view continued to dominate how the vast majority of people thought and behaved.

    http://www.finestquotes.com/author_quotes-author-Albert Einstein-page-0.htm

    As Albert Einstein said:

    “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.”

    However, before that, at first, Einstein (and almost everyone else) did not expect that, since Albert Einstein also said:

    “There is not the slightest indication that energy will ever be obtainable from the atom.”



    As Albert Bartlett said:

    “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

    Overall, human civilization has been on an exponential growth curve of SUBTRACTIONS & ROBBERIES. The current manifestations of that have become globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs. The debt slavery systems have been picking up speed, going faster and faster, as systems of ENFORCED FRAUDS, which were “paying” to strip-mine the planet’s natural resources at an exponentially accelerating rate, which processes have only QUITE RECENTLY been running into the real limits of a finite planet, in the form of various diminishing returns … which is provoking “Krazy Kurrency Kollapses,” whose wilder and wilder oscillations have probably only barely begun …

    Theoretically, the established human systems must adapt to those changing circumstances. One presumes that eventually they will … However, it is NOT USEFUL in that context to conclude with DUALITIES, that depend upon false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, such as stated in the last few seconds, starting at the 10:45 mark of the Rant above:

    “… we either step away from this oligarchy, and this type of solution, or we are just shit out of luck …”

    I promote the view that the most realistic view is obviously that “we are just shit out of luck.” However, I would place that in the context of attempting to understand human beings and human civilizations as entropic pumps of energy flows, which includes a radical critique of the concept of entropy, as outlined above. From that point of view, the ONLY possible solutions are to change the death control systems. That IS what is going to happen, because, after life exists, then the death controls direct the evolutionary ecology of that life. The degree to which there has ALREADY been extreme exponential growth, based on strip-mining the planet, which has done such spectacular overshooting, means that there is no doubt that some kind of “die-off” is already unavoidable. The crucial questions are going to revolve around what kinds of mass murders actually occur, and whether or not those could be survived through, and what kinds of groups that do survive through that might become the seeds for some new systems to emerge from those drastic bottleneck events.

    If one attempts to take the principle of the conservation as seriously as possible, one develops an understanding based on UNITARY MECHANISMS, rather than on DUALITIES. Furthermore, one rediscovers a re-convergence of post-modernizing science with ancient mysticism, in the sense that ENERGY IS SPIRIT. As I already wrote above, from that sublime point of view, the universe is already perfect, and will continue to be, and we will continue to perfectly participate in that perfection, even if that means that civilization psychotically commits collective suicide (which currently appears as the most probable scenario.)

    What I would suggest is that the biggest bullies’ bullshit world view has created a kind of social Bizarro Mirror World, or Wonderland Matrix, where everything appears to be backward and absurd. For instance, as I outlined above, we misunderstand time and space, which includes that we misunderstand the concept of entropy backwards, which means that we understand almost everything else backward too. For instance, the meaning of the word “money” has gradually been inverted and perverted by the development of the MAD Money As Debt systems, backed up by the MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems. Those kinds of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, manifested through the ENFORCED FRAUDS, which are the current foundation of our entire political economy, always are presenting things which actually have relatively negative values as if those had relative positive values. Hence, OF COURSE, we are like people looking in the mirror who do not understand that everything appears backward in the mirror, and therefore, we are constantly steering in the opposite ways to the ways that we should be steering, because of our absurd misunderstandings of the elementary principles of philosophy and genuine spirituality. In a sense, because we have Subtracted the Subtraction, without being aware or admitting that, we could Subtract the Subtraction of the Subtraction, to return to what always actually was there! We have gotten so used to looking at the biggest bullies’ bullshit Bizarro Mirror World, where everything appears backwards, that we have an extremely difficult time appreciating the degree to which we were taking for granted the backward ways that we believed everything was, and thus, the backward ways that we continued to respond to what we perceived backwards.

    However, to emphasize the heart of that, it is important to recognize that applies throughout the established systems of organized, surrounded by controlled opposition. That is, the mainstream morons and reactionary revolutionaries in the controlled opposition groups ALSO PROMOTE BACKWARD “SOLUTIONS.” On the contrary, militarism is the supreme ideology, and it deserves to be. Militarism, as the ideology of the murder system, has always made development of weapons be one of its priorities, which area has therefore been another of the astonishing manifestations of exponential growth, so that, during the life time of those still alive today, weapons of mass destruction have become millions, then billions, then trillions of times more powerful and capable than ever before in human history, and IF a technological civilization could survive its contradictions, then it would be headed towards quadrillions of times … In that context, the conclusions should NOT be “either/or” but “both/and” with respect to developing better death control systems, to back up better debt controls systems, which would enable the development of better integrated human, industrial and natural ecologies. At the present time, it is IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile our fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, (where “money is made out of nothing, and disappears back to nothing) with anything else in the real world, where it is NOT POSSIBLE to create anything out of nothing, nor send anything to nothing.

    OF COURSE, THE ESTABLISHED SYSTEMS OF ENFORCED FINANCIAL FRAUDS ARE NOT VIOLATING THE LAWS OF NATURE. The established systems are due to the social successes of the biggest bullies’ bullshit social stories, which are currently the banksters’ bullshit, which are systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which emerged through the long history of social pyramid systems always been based upon being able to back up lies with violence. The DOUBLE WHAMMY PARADOXES that we face are that there must necessarily be some death controls, as soon as we perceive any life that is subtracted from its environment, which is precisely how human beings live by telling stories, or by being able to build mental models of their world, within which are models of themselves, within their models of the world. The flows of energy are the modelling processes themselves. However, being able to name anything, and assign it properties, and then assemble into stories, necessarily then results in SUBTRACTION creating ROBBERY … which then developed through human cultural history to become the currently established systems of organized crime, surrounded by controlled opposition, of ENFORCED FRAUDS, which deliberately ignore and deny that those ARE ENFORCED FRAUDS.

    In my view, there are an abundance of creative alternatives. However, none of those could be assembled into coherent systems of alternatives without some alternative death control systems to be the keystone of that arch. The death controls are necessarily the central core controls, which are crucial to all other controls. Whatever the components of the systems of alternatives that may well be possible, in some sort of alternative emerging evolutionary ecologies, the lynch pin that holds those components together into some overall entrained systems must be the death controls. Therefore, the genuine solutions to the kinds of problems manifesting when the ENFORCED FRAUDS run into real limits, and so, degrade into “Kurrency Kollapses,” are necessarily better death controls, which may emerge out of the conditions of death insanities, which are going to be provoked by the psychotic breakdowns of the debt insanities, as crazy collapses into chaos … “Better” would be operationally defined as more non-linear feedback loops, whereby more outputs returned as inputs, so that there was more life and consciousness, and thus, an overall greater use of information. That would initially be organizing better systems of resistance to change the path of least resistance. It could also be regarded as engaging in more effective social psychiatry to try to cope with the psychotic breakdowns of the established systems of Enforced Frauds going through “Krazy Kurrency Kollapses.”

    The main theme of my response to the Rant above is my typical one, that more than 90% of it was a correct analysis of the problems, but then, followed at the very end by its own kind of collapse back into bullshit “solutions” based on the same old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies, and related impossible ideals. The ruling classes only developed expedient sets of solutions to the chronic political problems inherent in the nature of life that benefited them. They did NOT make those chronic political problems exist, and no magical disappearance of the ruling classes resolves those chronic problems. There are NO solutions which can exist that do not provide other sets of solutions to resolve those chronic political problems which are necessarily inherent in the nature of life.

    What our times are presently presenting us with are that we are running into the limits of strip-mining a fresh planet at an exponentially accelerating rate. While many intellectuals have been imagining that for a long time, and warning about doing that, we are finally entering the times when the realities of that are finally impinging upon us, in the form of unavoidable issues regarding diminishing returns. That is showing up first and foremost in the financial systems, which were based on the maximum possible ENFORCED FRAUDS, which were the most vulnerable to the ways that their ability to ENFORCE FRAUDS never stopped those frauds from still being false. The entire political economy system set up so that governments became the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangsters, the banksters, and that has become over-leveraged to the degree that was only possible because those were able to develop as electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, so that the orders of magnitude associated with electronics and atomic power were sustaining the orders of magnitude of ENFORCED FRAUDS, where the virtual world of “financialization” became 10 times bigger than the physical economy, then 100 times, and is now headed towards becoming 1,000 times … and more, IF that kind of civilization could survive those contradictions …

    Meanwhile, surrounding those established systems of ENFORCED FRAUDS, there was almost nothing else which was publicly significant than CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, which continued to operate within the biggest bullies’ bullshit world view frame of reference. Therefore, reactionary revolutionaries continue to promote bogus “solutions” based on false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, which continue to actually cause the opposite to happen in the real world. The vast majority of people continue to take common sense DUALITIES for granted. However, the prodigious progress in physical sciences can be traced back to developing paradigm shifts, which enabled using UNITARY MECHANISM, the first and foremost of which was better understanding of the conservation of energy through energy systems. (Which, of course, is NOT finished, and never could be, since the subtraction is never absolute, and therefore, the robbery is never finished.)

    Going through paradigm shifts to develop more UNITARY MECHANISMS is what we should do through political science. Of course, I recognize that appears to be practically impossible at the present time, and therefore, I do not wish to undermine my own argument above by also collapsing back to bullshit “solutions” based on what “we should do” that are not consistent with what will ACTUALLY HAPPEN, which is that energy will continue to be conserved. Rather, what I am pointing towards is that the most important kinds of paradigm shifts which we need are those which would change how we perceive the death control systems, which would then enable paradigm shifts in militarism, and all of its related priorities, such as the development of weapons. In my view, to attempt to be as consistent as possible in presenting genuine solutions that follow from the correct analysis, then the problems are that governments are necessarily the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, and therefore, the only real solutions are to develop better government, as better organized crime, which operates better death controls, to back up better debt controls, which directs the emerging evolutionary ecologies which could and would survive through those processes.

    The entrenched systems of organized crime, surrounded by controlled opposition, have already baked into their cake the situation of runaway debt insanities provoking death insanities. Most of the Rant above was devoted to developing that argument, which I must agree with. However, the last few seconds of that Rant, in my repeating view, collapsed back to bullshit “solutions.” To be more realistic, we are ALREADY “shit out of luck” regarding effectively being able to prevent or prepare for the established systems of exponential growth of the strip-mining the planet not overshooting and causing collapses. The oligarchs are already criminally insane, while the people they rule over tend to be matching bookends, the same ways as that there is almost nothing but organized crime, surrounded by controlled opposition.

    The BIG PROBLEM is the existence of weapons of mass destruction. In my view, better understanding of the science that made those technologies is the way to go through intellectual scientific revolutions, which could be applied to political science, and thus, through the combined money/murder systems. Of course, at the present time, that appears to be practically impossible, since we are rushing at an exponential rate through to greater and greater levels of ENFORCED FRAUDS, driving more and more astronomically amplified sizes of debt insanities, which did have the historical patterns of then provoking death insanities, since the basic systems were ALWAYS DEBT SLAVERY BACKED BY WARS BASED ON DECEITS.

    However, the main point of my reply above is that “we should” develop a real, radical, revolution, that changes the death control systems, and that IS going to be made imperatively possible and necessary by the on-coming times of erupting death insanities. I am promoting what I consider to be relatively obvious, (although almost nobody else seems to understand and agree with that, so far) that profound paradigm shifts in physical sciences WILL drive even more profound paradigm shifts in political science, which WILL manifest through militarism, as the supreme ideology of the murder systems, in one way or another, sooner or later … Such paradigm shifts do not initially change what exists, but only change the ways that we perceive what exists, which then can eventually change the ways that we behave, which in turn can somewhat change what actually exists, to the degree that our behaviour could do that.

    Metaphorically speaking, what I am suggesting is that we need to go THROUGH the looking glass of our Bizarro Mirror World, by appreciating how profoundly backwards the biggest bullies’ bullshit world view is, including, of course, the degree to which the banksters’ bullshit is all based on ENFORCING FRAUDS. At the present time, almost all of the standard controlled opposition groups continue to stay within the banksters’ bullshit frame of reference, by continuing to suggest bogus “solutions” based on false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals. That is to say, like the Rant above did in the last few seconds, there was presented the typical DUALITY between overcoming the oligarchs’ social pyramid systems, or else being shit out of luck. I regard that kind of presentation as STILL looking in the mirror, and seeing everything there appearing backwards, without fully appreciating that.

    I have outlined about some of the concepts which follow from attempting to take the conservation of energy more seriously, so that one proposes more realistic solutions, that are as consistent as possible with the way energy systems really work. Such solutions are NOT based on the impossible ideals of there no longer being any death controls systems, or none that human beings are aware of operating. Rather, such solutions are based on making greater use of information, enabling higher consciousness, regarding how those death controls may be perceived and done. Radical paradigm shifts in the ways that one perceives the death control systems then enables real, radical revolutions in how those death controls are accomplished.

    That follows through to NOT being some impossible goal to have political miracles overthrow the oligarchs’ social pyramid systems. Rather, one changes one’s perceptions to see that social pyramids were always actually toroidal vortices. Therefore, it becomes more possible and necessary to connect the tops and bottoms better, because those were always already connected (while the biggest bullies’ bullshit world view was attempting to present the views that those were disconnected.) To focus again on the monetary and taxation systems, money is NECESSARILY measurement backed by murder. That is what enables the established systems to be ENFORCED FRAUDS, while those established systems, and their controlled opposition, do their best to try to disconnect and divorce those two integrated facets of those systems.

    We are headed towards “KRAZY KURRENCY KOLLAPSES” because those were always ENFORCED FRAUDS, which never were able to make those frauds stop being false, no matter how much force backed them up. However, the only genuine solutions are to make greater use of information, enabling higher consciousness, about how those facets were NECESSARILY CONNECTED, i.e., operate better debt controls, backed by better death controls … Of course, at the present time, we are quite “shit out of luck,” because we appear to have run out of time to adapt any better, since, for a long, long time, those who had the information, intelligence and imagination to foresee these problems developing, in the ways that they have, were deliberately ignored, while that which was being imagined became more and more real, as the limits of strip-mining a fresh planet’s natural resources impinged. However, despite being “shit out of luck” in that sense, we should continue to expect that energy will be conserved, and IF there are going to be any better resolutions of these problems, then those should be based on better understanding of human beings and civilizations as entropic pumps of energy flows. Doing that enables one to best understand how and why the established oligarchs were able to make and maintain the social pyramid systems that now exist, and surround themselves by the kinds of controlled opposition groups that now exist. Such a better understanding of the realities regarding the oligarchs’ systems is what should be done in order to transform those systems better.

  • Davebee says:

    Gee, lotta words to say: “We are phucked”

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Of Heat Sinks & Debt Sinks: A Thermodynamic View of Money

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Merry Doomy Christmas

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Peak Customers: The Final Liquidation Sale

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Anticipating seasonal climate anomalies is essential for defining short-term adaptation measures. To [...]

The population that lives in cities has surpassed the one that lives in the countryside. Cities are [...]

Concerns exists regarding natural disasters, but what about the resulting power outages? This study [...]

A large population relies on water input to the Indus basin, yet basinwide precipitation amounts and [...]

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