Rant Double Feature: Refugee Soup & Fed Waffles

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on September 24, 2015


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Boat-Refugeeshttp://mischlerfinancial.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Federal-Reserve-Bank-of-New-York-logo.jpgThe Refugee crisis has continued to escalate in the 2 weeks since the last "Daily" rant, so in this episode I updated on the latest insanity going on with that clusterfuck.

Second half of this rant covers the latest in waffling by Da Fed WRT raising interest rates, which supposedly they were going to do but didn't.

Raise your hands if you think these folks know what they are doing.

I didn't think so.


…Further talk elsewhere around the financial blogosphere is about “Helicopter Money”, Brit Prep School Butt Boy Ambrose Evans Pritchard is a big fan of this idea. The idea in this case is that of instead of handing out free money to the TBTF banks, instead they will hand out free money to J6P, to “stmulate demand” from the bottom up. Instead of “trickle down” economics, in this topsy turvy world of finance “trickle up” is the latest rage!

Precisely how they will manage such a helicopter distribution is as of yet unclear. Since they also seem to be in favor of banning Cash, they're probably not really going to drop FRNs from Helicopters, although that certainly would be cinematic if nothing else…


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4 Responses to Rant Double Feature: Refugee Soup & Fed Waffles

  • tagio says:


    Regarding "helicopter money," as you know from reading Steve's work, CBs cannot actually "print" money – if they do that they become, and are announcing that they are, insolvent.  They buy assets, adding them to the asset ledger on their balance sheets, and thereby provide "liquidity," i.e., fresh digital cash, to the seller who can then take that fresh digital cash and go spend it.  Within this contraint, there aren't a lot of mechanisms for disbursing helicopter money to the masses.  The one that occurs (since they already bought and own billions in Fannie and Freddie mortgages) is, why not buy people's houses?  Pay top dollar because, of course, that is what they are really worth, you know, say 2005 prices (which I believe was the peak), and then rent the houses back to the sellers (if they want to keep living there), at reasonable (read "below market") rental rates (thereby creating more available cash flow for the erstwhile homeowners), creating an income stream on the new assets for Da Fed and further goosing GDP by creating a new, very large rental management business to manage the rentals for Da Fed .  Potential double good-time whammy for the investors in mortgage pools and banks, because Da Fed can elect to either assume the mortgages as part of the purchase and pay them off out of the rental stream over time (I assume that contract clauses that prohibit sale without paying off the mortgage and/or bank or investor objections to restructuring it to provide for a longer payout will simply be overruled by new rules in the national interest) OR Da Fed could pay the mortgage off as part of the purchase, thus giving fresh digital cash to the REMICs and banks, making all those mark-to-fantasy loans – True!  Who'd a thunk it?? . The mortgage holders might not know what to do with all that fresh digital cash since there is a dearth of income-producing assets out there, but they'll probably dump a bunch of it into Stox and drive Stox to some major new high (Yay! the Recovery lives!) but maybe they'll use part of it to party like it's 1999 and buy a few more vacation homes, some more art, Rolexes, luxury cars, $500 shoes, etc. etc.. 

    Unfortunately, this leaves the nation's renters out in the cold.  Maybe Da Fed should also buy the cars, and lease them back, in the process helping out the struggling auto industry. 

    Clearly, now, in our moment of need, we need someone with Vision.  Yellen should be replaced pronto with Buzz Lightyear. To Infinity, and Beyond!  

  • At the 8:16 mark:

    "There is a complete denial, up at the top, that there even is a resource problem."

    That is certainly correct, as far as the public presentations of those kinds of "political" problems.

    However, my view is that the pyramidion people are well aware of that, and therefore, their covert actions to start more genocidal wars, as well as preparations to impose democidal martial law. The ONLY solutions to the problems that arise AFTER there has been allowed to develop gross overshooting, due to exponential growth, which was based upon strip-mining the planet's natural resources are some sort of "Die Off." Given how UNBALANCED things have already become, the reasonable debates are not about stopping that, but of the limits of that, due to the directing of that.

    Human artificial selection systems were driven to develop in the ways that they have by natural selection pressures. Indeed, human intelligence itself can be perceived as the internalization of natural selection. However, the intraspecies competitions between different groups of human beings were the most important natural selection pressure, that human intelligence applied itself to, through the history of warfare, whose successes were based upon deceits. That then became the current systems where governments ENFORCE FRAUDS by privately controlled banks, which were fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, debt engine treadmills, that drove the runaway strip-mining of the planet, through the ways that civilization was controlled by integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence. Those sorts of socially successful ENFORCED FRAUDS were the result of triumphant applications of the methods of organized crime, applied through the political processes, whose excessive successfulness resulted in civilization manifesting runaway criminal insanities, with overall tendencies towards committing collective suicide.

    The relationships between human artificial selection systems, within natural selection systems, are quite the hyper-complicated feedback loops. Those are especially complicated due to the paradoxical ways that the existing death control systems become based upon the maximum possible frauds, which also includes that the layers of controlled opposition around that core of organized crime stay within the same deceitful frame of reference. Those deceitful death control continued to back up the debt controls, so that the civilization was controlled by governments ENFORCING FRAUDS by privately controlled banks, while everyone who enjoyed relative social success WITHIN those financial frauds were relatively the best available professional liars, and immaculate hypocrites.

    Overall, civilization has developed artificial selection systems which were necessarily based upon their death control systems being done through the maximum possible deceits, while the various controlled opposition groups developed to also promote the same sets of profoundly deceitful attitudes towards the issues of the human death control systems. That can be understood as sets of "consistent contradictions," since that developed due to natural selection pressures driving human artificial selection systems to become what they are today, which is primarily globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs.

    Social successfulness based upon governments ENFORCING FRAUDS by privately controlled banks, around which grew up the various corporations that depended upon that kind of public "money" supply, drove everyone who was socially successful within those systems to develop attitudes of deliberate ignorance towards the principle of the conservation of energy, while simultaneously deliberately misunderstanding the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backward ways.

    The social pyramid systems were always based upon relatively small groups of people who specialized in being dishonest and violent, which controlled much larger groups that therefore adapted to become ignorant and afraid. The pyramidion people in those systems, I believe, are well-aware of the impending problems of diminishing returns from being able to continue to strip-mine the planet at an exponential rate. Of course, they do not publicly admit that. However, their actions indicate that they are preparing to respond to those problems in their ways, which are through much more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law. Indeed, those are the only things that they appear to have actually prepared to do!

    Meanwhile, it continues to be politically impossible to do anything better than that. While there are an abundance of creative alternatives which are theoretically possible, such alternatives can not be integrated without alternative death control systems becoming their central core, as the keystone of any such arch of alternatives being built, or the lynch pin that holds together those alternatives into an overall functional system. At the present time, the layers of controlled opposition groups are just as much part of those problems as are the core organized crime groups.

    While I seen no reasonable hopes for the finite futures that are most probably foreseeable, I can continue to hope on to transcendental hopes, supporting irrational hopes, because of the ways that human artificial selection systems were actually driven to develop in the ways that they did by the infinitely greater natural selection pressures that surrounded them, and indeed, made and maintained those human systems. The principle of the conservation of energy will not stop working, despite human beings tending to deliberately ignore that, and deliberately misunderstand that as much as humanly possible, due to the ways that the actual murder systems were based upon deceits, that then upheld the actual financial systems which were based upon frauds.

    The back-up systems continue to natural selection. However, I find that too many people tend to indulge in regarding the relationships between natural selection and artificial selection as being DUALITIES, so that they perceive there to be some false fundamental dichotomies in those respects, which then enable them to promote bogus "solutions" based upon impossible ideals, through mechanisms which are absurdly backwards. On the contrary, I promote the view that we should start to use more UNITARY MECHANISMS to perceive our problems, which then generates sets of more realistic resolutions to the real problems, which tend to almost always end up being the opposite to those promoted by the core groups of organized crime, and their surrounding layers of controlled opposition.

    We are headed towards the debt slavery systems having generated numbers which have become debt insanities, which are going to provoke death insanities. The fundamentally fraudulent accounting systems based on private banks making the public "money" supplies out of nothing as debts has "paid" to strip-mine the planet, in ways that relentlessly, ruthlessly and recklessly privatized the profits, while socializing the losses. The vicious spirals of the POLITICAL FUNDING respected the privatized profits, while disregarded the socialized losses. The accumulating consequences are that the overall socialized losses are becoming far greater than the previously privatized profits. I.e., overshoot in a nutshell.

    Although the ruling classes have no way to public discuss those problems in any intelligible ways, since that would require admitting and addressing how and why they had made and maintained fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, personally, I do NOT believe that those pyramidion people do NOT know that, or are privately "in complete denial."  Rather, I believe that they are covertly working towards their kinds of "solutions" to those problems, which are their efforts to wage much more genocidal wars, as well as impose democidal martial law. Furthermore, I do not agree with the controlled opposition groups, that tend to somewhat reveal that, but to never promote their ideas for what could be better death control systems, instead of those which the ruling classes are operating.

    In my view, the universe is already perfect, in the sense that energy is already being conserved. Indeed, the conservation of energy is what makes all general energy systems be intelligible, to the degree that those can be understood by human minds. Human artificial selection systems can be understood as the development of artificial selection systems, driven by natural selection pressures. However, those human systems are INTENSELY PARADOXICAL, and full of consistent contradictions, because they were necessarily based upon the principles and methods of organized crime, because their death control systems were necessarily central to everything else, including those death controls backed up the debt controls. Human artificial selection systems were driven by natural selection pressures, through the history of warfare, within which was political economy, that became based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds.

    In my view, the biggest political problems we face are due to the ways that there is almost nothing but core groups of organized crime, surrounded by controlled opposition groups, both of which stay within the same frame of reference regarding the actual existing systems operating through governments ENFORCING FRAUDS by privately controlled banks. Since there is almost no publicly significant opposition that was not also being controlled, by having adapted to survive within those established systems based upon ENFORCING FRAUDS, there is practically no publicly significant opposition which presents better death controls, to back up better debt controls, which is what it would actually take for human artificial selection systems to develop in ways that continued to adapt to natural selection pressures (i.e., the diminishing returns from being able to continue to strip-mine the resources of a finite planet.)

    After we face that our problems have become globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs, there are no other realistic resolutions to those real problems than to continue to go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions, which apply to political science in general, and to the combined money/murder systems in particular. The ruling classes ARE preparing for the future when the consequences of OVERSHOOTING become more and more obvious. Their preparations are to provoke death insanities. However, the only realistic alternatives would be to develop better death controls systems. Of course, at the present time, that appears to be politicallyy impossible, due to there being almost nothing which is publicly significant than controlled opposition groups, who continue to rely upon DUALITIES, expressed as false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, which cause them to promote bogus "solutions" which have their mechanisms BACKWARDS.

    I am asserting that natural selection is the back-up system, and that natural selection pressures drove our artificial selection systems to become based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds. However, that includes the ways that almost all of the apparent public opposition to the pyramidion people stay within the same bullshit frame of reference that the ruling classes originally developed in order to enable them to operate as professional liars and immaculate hypocrites. In that context, a realistic assessment of the most probable real futures are for there to eventuate various waves of death insanities, while the best we could do then is to perhaps direct those towards developing better death control systems.

    What we should be doing is better understanding the relationships between human artificial selection systems, within natural selection systems. However, doing that requires we perceive human beings and civilization as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, which necessarily matched the principles and methods of organized crime, because the death control systems were always necessarily central to everything else. In my view, enough people must go through the steps of not only recognizing that governments are the biggest forms of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals, but also, that must necessarily be the case.

  • MrNoItAll says:

    I seriously doubt that the helicoptor drop will ever occur in any form whatsoever.  They can't put consumerism on steroids when the oil/energy and other resources required aren't available to support a major burst of consumption.  To the extent that America boosts consumption, other parts of the world will have to lower their's because consumption needs oil/energy, and these days there is only so much of that available.  The entire oil industry is pumping flat out as it is, with a large portion of the producers losing money on every barrel produced.  They are maxed out.  And what gets produced costs too much energy, leaving very little and less and less every day to support mindless consumption — the driving force behind capitalism as we have known it.  Nope.  Sorry to say, there will be no huge cash give-away to the Americans.  The good ol' days of wanton waste and consumption are behind us.  What lies ahead is ever increasing austerity, shrinkage, learning to do with less and less, and ultimately bare survival of the fittest and best prepared. 

  • rob de laet says:

    Thank you. People like to choose to listen to information and opinions that reinforce their own view of things. Well, on doomstead diner, I am at home. Kind regards, Rob.

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