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Published on The Doomstead Diner on June 1, 2016

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Unplug front cover With this podcast, the Diner welcomes Deb Ozarko to the pantheon of Diner Cross Posting Bloggers.  Deb has her own blog debozarko.com and is author of the book Unplug.  She works as a graphic designer and lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

I ran into Deb's most recent blog Letting go in a World of Collapse: A conversation we're too afraid to have a couple of weeks ago in a link on the Reddit Sub r/collapse, and themes in that blog are similar to ones that have been explored for quite some time on Guy McPherson's blog Nature Bats Last.  As regular Diners know, I take issue with both Guy's timeline to extinction as well as his philosophy on how to deal with ongoing collapse psychologically.  I also did not find it true that "this is a conversation we are too afraid to have", since we discuss this topic all the time on the Diner. lol.  So I invited Deb in for a podcast to further discuss these issues in depth, to get a better handle on her current thought process.  She is relatively new to the world of Collapse and these concepts, so it appeared to me a great opportunity to explore how a recently awakening mind is processing the information.  Also valuable was the opportunity to get a female perspective on these issues, since they tend to be few and far between across the blogosphere, particularly in the commentariat.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and below you will find the blog which inspired the conversation that we're NOT too afraid to have on the Doomstead Diner. 🙂  -RE

Letting Go of a World in Collapse: The Conversation We’re Too Afraid to Have

  • May 10, 2016
  • by Deb Ozarko

“Courage is an inner resolution to go forward despite obstacles; Cowardice is submissive surrender to circumstances. Courage breeds creativity; Cowardice represses fear and is mastered by it. Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency ask the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience ask the question, is it right? And there comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.” —Martin Luther King Jr.

NOTE: This post/essay is filled with considerable depth. As such, it is my most important post to date. The content is raw and lengthy. It is the voice of my heart … my stark naked soul. This is part one of a 3-part series. For those who courageously venture through it all, I honor and thank you from the depth of my soul. For those who prefer reading in pdf format, I’ve created a downloadable pdf file of the essay in its entirety that can be read in multi-page format.


A few weeks ago an email from a podcast listener arrived in my in box. It read as follows:


I’ve recently discovered you and your work. Your work is amazing, however it’s filled with too much hope in today’s world (Hopium). We are already in the 6th mass extinction with tipping points long passed. There is NO saving the ocean, saving endangered species, saving the forests, saving humans. It’s too late. THIS is the message that needs to be shared…how we live and die at the end of human civilization.

Love, AV

My initial read through triggered a wave of irritation peppered with self-righteous indignation. How dare anyone tell me that my message is filled with “too much Hopium”.

When the wave passed however, what remained was a feeling of deep sadness. I realized that the initial irritation emerged from a part of me that didn’t want to be called out on my denial. In my heart and in every cell of my being, I knew that she was right.

In recent monthly posts, I’ve alluded to the rapidly imploding, pressurized global energies I’ve been feeling with heightened intensity. For the record, I don’t profess to be psychic. I don’t channel non-physical entities, swing pendulums, or commune with guides, angels, ET’s, or fairies. I have no crystal ball, magic wand, tarot cards, or ouija board. I’m fully embodied and plugged into my heart and the energies of the Earth—deeply grounded in my profound love for Gaia.

After numerous conversations with others who are intuitively connected, including local indigenous wisdom, I know that I’m far from alone in feeling the alarming Earth energies that are playing out. Although my heart knows how dire the planetary situation is, I’ve sidestepped the deep inner truth that I carry. With receipt of AV’s recent email however, I know that I’ve been called out. I feel that it’s incumbent upon me to now step in to where I’ve been too fearful to go.

I confess that I’ve mastered the art of procrastination with the paralytic inertia I’ve been feeling while writing this post. I’ve been grieving, feeling, and processing my own denial as I navigate the collapsing energies that have descended on my heart. This is why an April post wasn’t written. I’ve been struggling for the proper words for this month’s blog post/essay, figuring out a way to give voice to a tough conversation that scares me. But the thing about tough conversations is that, well, they’re tough conversations. The only way to say what needs to be said is to just tell it like it is. I’ve finally reached a place of acceptance where I’m able to write this post from a place of transparent authenticity.

It’s Over

Over the past few months I’ve been feeling a greater sense of grief over the state of the world with the accelerating breakdown that is playing out in every aspect of life on Earth. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to navigate this Gaia Grief as I call it, knowing that everything I love so dearly—animals and nature—are being mindlessly consumed, commoditized and destroyed with reckless abandon. Joanna Macy calls this breakdown The Great Unraveling. The word that resonates most with me is collapse.

I’m blessed to live in a stunning location that is energetically charged by rainforests, mountains and ocean. I live in a state of perpetual awe for the beauty that still remains in this part of the world. As such, I’m aware of the “thinness” of this magnificent place, where the veil between the physical and non-physical world is virtually non-existent. Unlike a city with its denuded, unnatural landscape and the incessant noise from honking cars, blaring music, car alarms, machines, construction, techno-distraction, and the mental static of worry, busyness, fatigue, anxiety, and irritation, Earth energy is much easier to feel here—especially for the energetically sensitive like myself. I feel what is unseen and unheard by the collective, and which is subsequently ignored and denied by our culture. The Sunshine Coast is a true barometer for what’s really occurring in the world on a non-physical level. For me, this is truth.

The internal guidance I’ve been receiving is arriving with a clarity that is beyond what I’m used to. The message is clear: get out of the system. Collapse is upon us. It’s no longer some distant event. It’s happening now and it’s happening faster than anyone can predict.

Along with the clear message to extricate myself from the system, I’ve been having repetitive premonitions that won’t let up.

These premonitions have a persistent ocean theme that come with two words, “It’s over.”

My intellect is grasping, trying to understand what the “it” is that’s over. Is it literal: the collapse of our oceans? Is it our dominant patriarchal worldview of separation? Is it our consumptive culture of infinite growth, ignorance, distraction, and relentless destruction? Is it our biosphere? Is it humanity? Is it life on Earth? There’s no doubt that we’re collectively committing ecocide, is it more?

As my mind struggles for answers, my heart doesn’t care. Content is irrelevant. To my heart it makes no difference if the “it” is cultural, economic, ecological, or human collapse. Rather than allow my mind to exhaust me with possible future scenarios, my heart has chosen to be fully present with what is. In this acceptance, I’ve unleashed a force from within that knows that no matter how it all plays out, it’s ok, because the love in my heart remains steadfast through it all.

In Praise of Mortality

Despite our widespread willful ignorance, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that a consumptive way of living that devours non-renewable “resources” with reckless abandon cannot last.

If “it’s over” means the end of life on Earth, there are worse things than the end of Earth’s surface humanity—such as continuing in a way that systemic tyranny and desecrating consumption reigns, while free-will, freedom and awakening to inclusive consciousness is forsaken.

As Peter Russell says, “There’s no blame for the crisis we are in. Any intelligent technological species has the potential to become a magnificent flowering of consciousness, but the side effects of its rapid evolution mean that it only has a short window of time to complete it’s evolutionary journey. Facing the end of our species could in itself be the wake-up call we need.”

One manifestation of our collective insanity is that we’ll do anything to deny our own mortality. We’ve all known since early on that we’re going to die and that our mortality is ensured, but ironically, we have a death-phobic mindset in a culture that is driven by a death urge to compulsively destroy life.

This is insanity.

Most people exist as if they’re never going to die—invincible … immortal. Yet they don’t really live either. The level of anxiety and depression is profound. The world is filled with hopeless, unhappy, self-loathing people. By avoiding all conversations about pain and death, slavery is ensured and the masses never break free from their own misery.

Facing our own mortality can be, in many cases, a radical awakening into a more sacred connection with all life. In my own life, the most liberating, expansive and transformative experience was the untimely death of my mother. As painful as it was, it altered my perception of reality and connected me to a deeper love for life.

I believe that if we faced the fact that we may be coming to the end of our incredible evolutionary journey as a species, we can live with more love in our hearts than we’ve ever known. To me, this is a beautiful thing.

As Joanna Macy says, “There is absolutely no excuse for making our passionate love for the world dependent on what we believe the outcome will be: whether life continues on or not. In this uncertainty, we come alive.”


I realize that warnings of ‘collapse’ and the end of civilization are often viewed as fringe or controversial, but I believe that on some level, we’re all feeling it. To the naked eye, things may look “ok”, but lurking below the surface, we know something quite different.

Collapse is not a new concept. Civilizations have risen and fallen repeatedly throughout history. The difference this time however, is that collapse is not isolated to a particular civilization, it extends to all life on earth. It is the sixth mass extinction event that gets little airtime in our truth suppressed world.

We’ve had endless opportunities to wake up and alter our course throughout history. Instead, we’ve chosen a deeper coma of separation by remaining slaves to our cultural conditioning. We now have more babies, more consumption, more violence, more ignorance, more denial, more entitlement, more arrogance, more selfishness, more depression, more anxiety, more addiction, and more distracting and destructive technology to drive us farther from our souls. The increase in human population is directly related to the escalating violence and destruction in our world.

As Derrick Jenson writes in his book, Endgame, “The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life. From birth on, we are individually and collectively enculturated to hate life, hate the natural world, hate the wild, hate and fear animals, hate women, hate children, hate our bodies, hate and fear our emotions, hate ourselves. If we did not hate the world, we could not allow it to be destroyed before our eyes. If we did not hate ourselves, we would not allow our homes—and our bodies—to be poisoned.”

If we could only stop the war on our souls, we would stop the war on the Earth and everything else.

Our dominant culture is built on the foundation of separation and violence. Rape of the Earth is rewarded, peace on Earth is punished. Lies are honored, truth is vilified. Ignorance is coveted, wisdom is ridiculed. Even the so called ‘awakened’ remain trapped in the conditioned entitlement that perpetuates the slavery, oppression and slaughter of animals for their flesh (meat), ovulations (eggs), and maternal secretions (dairy). Everything that represents the feminine/life—particularly animals and nature—is fair game for obliteration in our anthropocentric patriarchal culture. Sadly, with women influencing more than 85% of household purchasing decisions, and unconscious decisions as the norm, the destructive forces of patriarchy infect us all.

With a rapidly growing critical mass in a coma, our ecocide is rendering planet Earth uninhabitable. The planet cannot regenerate itself as quickly as industrial culture is destroying it. Even the antiquated notion of linear Newtonian science brings with it alarming predictions. What Newtonian science fails to recognize however, is the organic, non-linear nature of Gaia. Gaia is a living organism and linear scientific predictions just don’t work for the rapid acceleration we’re now experiencing. We’ve set off so many positive feedback loops that we’re officially on a runaway train to a greater hell than we’ve already created. When the web of life breaks down, collapse accelerates and there is no certainty … no predictability.

Newtonian science speaks from a linear cause and effect worldview. If “x” continues to happen, then “y” will happen in 10 years they tell us. It always seems like a distant event that may or may not happen should we decide to curb our consumptive ways. We tend to face problems with facts, figures, statistics, extrapolations and rationale. We think that we can master the world with a three pound hunk of watery flab—our almighty brains—but this only serves to distance us from the source of our greatest potential and the place where we most need to go: our hearts.

We’re not only living through startling ecological, economic, system and cultural collapse, but most frightening of all, we’re living in a state of collapsed consciousness, where fear, denial and ignorance reign supreme. Our cultural story of separation/patriarchy has been fundamentally contradicting truth, love and life for several thousand years. It is therefore, contrary to the essence of who we are. As such, we’re confused about who and what we are as a species, especially within our modern, narcissistic technological civilization. Because we’re so unsure of our identity as a species, we’ve lost our sense of belonging in Nature. This disconnect from the web of life has sadly brought us to where we now stand today.

Lately, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what the purpose of homo sapien is—and always has been for that matter. I keep coming up empty. Biologist Jonas Salk said, “If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” Such a tragic statement about how far we’ve strayed from the web of life.

While every other form of life on this planet intimately knows its place in the web of life, what the hell happened to us? Surely we were not created with the sole purpose of forgetting who we are so we could gobble up everything in our path leaving a trail of toxic trash in our wake while destroying the biosphere in the process. Despite everything pointing in that direction, I have a hard time believing this could be so. Despite my own imperfections, I know that it’s not so for me, but do I confess that I’m confused. According to Eknath Easwaran’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita, “Since the Self is the core of every personality, no one needs to acquire goodness or compassion; they are already there. All that is necessary is to remove the selfish habits that hide them.”

So the problem is not a lack of goodness and compassion, the problem is a lack of interest in expressing goodness and compassion—especially in ways that are not conditional or fragmented.

For most of my life, I’ve felt like I’ve been shouting love and compassion for animals, the Earth, and the human soul into a hurricane hoping for someone … anyone to hear me. But sadly, love and compassion are not big sellers in the paradigm of separation. Six pack abs? For sure! Sixth mass extinction event? Meh. Scarf down another bacon cheeseburger, chase it with a beer and Prozac and all is well.

On a deep visceral level, I know that the world I now live in is nothing like the world I grew up in. The degradation of human consciousness that has accompanied the population explosion is significant. Despite my lifelong work for a kinder, more compassionate world, I now wonder if it’s worth the effort anymore. I feel the bittersweet pain when I sit by the ocean with my partner and dogs admiring a beautiful sunset knowing that the oceans are plasticized beyond repair and are now nearly devoid of life. Spring comes earlier every year, flooding is more intense every year, heatwaves last longer every year, larger algae blooms choke the ocean every year, drought descends earlier every year, fire burns more aggressively every year. And yet we still do nothing to change our ways.

As comedian Jimmy Kimmel says, “2014 was the warmest year on record. Until 2015 was the warmest year ever. Now 2016 is already turning out to be warmer than either of the previous two years. You know how you can determine if climate change is real? When the hottest year on record is whatever year it currently is. That’s how you know. We’ve had 15 of the 16 hottest years ever since 2001.”

If we’re really honest with ourselves, as was written in the email from AV, tipping points are well behind us and there’s no hope for salvaging our broken world anymore. Quite frankly, why would we want to continue on with what is so blatantly cruel and destructive toward life anyways? Because it’s familiar? I don’t think so.

We’ve had ample opportunities for transformation. So many wide open doors to walk through, and each time we’ve chosen to slam the doors shut, throw on the deadbolts, toss the keys, and relocate every piece of furniture to ensure our containment. With our refusal to walk through however, we’re now locked from the outside as well. In his book Endgame, Derrick Jensen asks, “Do you believe that this culture is going to undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living?” Most of us know that the answer is a resounding NO. With our collective indifference and denial, we’ve thrown away all opportunities for a global transformation in consciousness.

We’ve had all of the knowledge, technology, creativity, ancient wisdom, and inspiration to create a beautiful new world for several decades, if not much longer. Instead, we’ve chosen the familiar coma of our antiquated separation-based worldview. The only changes we’ve experienced are those that clearly show how far we’ve strayed. The explosion of humans on the planet—all indoctrinated into the paradigm of separation—is the perfect recipe for biosphere collapse.

We’re rigid in our worldview and refuse to look outside of our mechanistic conditioning. We persist in having having the same old conversations that we did hundreds of years ago. Sexism, speciesism, racism, and many other ‘isms are as prolific as ever. Climate change deny-osaurs abound. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were many who still believed the world was flat.

As I write this post, Fort McMurray Alberta, the infamous oil and tar sand hell, is burning up. How tragically ironic. And while desperate conversations about anthropogenic climate change spring to life, the denial-infected masses angrily pounce on the harbingers of truth, denouncing their message as “preying on tragedy to further their climate change ‘agenda’”. WTF?

While this armageddon unfolds in my neighbouring province, red tides are choking out life in the ocean, coral reefs are dying, and the ever so eloquent Sarah Palin (sarcasm intended), in the full-on glory of her ignorant arrogance, bloviates about the great climate change hoax. Yes folks, 97% of scientists are wrong because Lady Palin said so. If that’s not enough, her bloviating partner in ignorant arrogance, Donald J. Trump is a few steps away from accepting the keys to the white house.

Methinks we ain’t seen nothing yet.

14 Responses to A Conversation with Deb Ozarko

  • SomeoneInAsia says:

    With all due respect, I think accepting that we may all be about to face the Grim Reaper isn't going to make us more loving and spiritual. If the final destination of all life is a big, fat zero, accepting this may instead prompt (many of) us to say, "Since we're all screwed, let's enjoy what the industrial way of life can offer us and wallow in an orgy of material pleasures while we can."

    On the other hand, if you want to speak of some Higher Self (as the Bhagavad Gita does) that unites all of life, then how can you speak of our mortality, and what is there to grieve about since the destruction we now all face is merely one of outward forms?

    This article also fails to examine the cultural and historical causes for the mindset that has led to the current malaise facing our world. We can't just simplistically blame Newtonian science. What aspects of Christianity and ancient Greek thought have contributed to the whole mess, and how? (People like David Ray Griffin have seriously explored this issue.) 

    All in all, sorry, but I have to confess I find this article unsatisfactory. It seems just a sentimental rambling that intellectually leaves many loose ends dangling. Unguided by our feelings, our intellect may be cold and inhuman, but feelings unguided by the intellect just lead to confusion.

  • Ken Barrows says:

    D Trump may say climate change is a hoax, but he's okay with building a wall around his golf course in Ireland to keep out the rising sea.

  • lracine says:

    Lost count to the number of times she said "I feel….",  It was annoying and seriously damaged her creditablity… I am not interested in what she "feels" but I would be interested in what she THINKs and the reasoning that supports those thoughts…. unfortunately that got lost in the interview.

    Way to much "woo -woo"…..



    • Iracine, it was what you criticize that I thought was most worthwhile.

      I like attempting to appreciate different ways of "knowing," and especially attempting to appreciate ways of "knowing" which are radically different then my own … As RE also asserted, at about the 44 minute mark, I too tend to lean towards what I regard as rational evidence and logical arguments. I pretty well never get any premonitions, or other such alternative states of consciousness that some others do. However, that does NOT mean that diminishes my appreciation of the possibilities that such alternative ways of "knowing" are worthwhile.

      I would also point out the stereotypical point of views that, IF one thinks more women should participate, as RE started off saying he thought should be encouraging, THEN one would would expect more thoughts based upon "feeling" than the alleged "rationality" that men arrogate for themselves.

      The concerns expressed by Deb Ozarko that I most resonated with were the degree to which the oceans' ecologies are being destroyed. In particular, the Pacific North West, off the coast of British Columbia, during the last 200 years, has had at least 90%, approaching 99%, of the life in those oceans disappearing … As far of the emergency philosophical debates that one may engage in after facing those facts … I will not comment any further in this post …

  • AntiTroll says:


    Another great interview by RE with a newby to doomerism. What troubles me is the toxic role Guy McSerpent has played. McSerpent must be exposed for the intellectual fraud he is. Lucky thing Deb Ozarko is mentally strong enough not to swallow everything McSerpent says.

    Just a slight correction for RE: the worst extinction event was at the end of the Permian around 250 million years ago when most of land species and 95% of ocean species died. The PETM was the paleocene-eocene thermal maximum around 55 million years ago which was a "minor" extinction event, not a major one. The Pliocene was around 4 million years ago, warm but not really an extinction event.

    McSerpent admirers like the Troll EtyerePetyere alias EmptyPempty alias Apneaman are either mentally ill or are weak minded shitheads and here is why:

    McSerpent is a clever liar. McSerpent quotes lots of information from scientific papers, much of it correct, but much also highly speculative. He then manipulates and twists things to support his uberdoomerism. If you listen to his last interview with RE and Monsta https://soundcloud.com/doomstead-diner/collapse-cafe-guy-mcpherson-near-term-human-extinction when RE mentioned that most life survived OK when temperatures were much higher (than now) during the PETM, McSerpent replied that life was able to adapt to the PETM because it took 80,000 years for the global temperature to rise that high then. On the other hand, at another point in the interview (around 28min:10sec) in response to Monsta, McSerpent said that humans face extinction soon because we face very rapid temperature rise and quoted one paper which "proved" global temperature rose by 5 deg C over a short 13 year interval, around 55 million years ago. However what clued up listeners will know is that 55 million years ago WAS the PETM!!! So which is true, that temps rose to high levels over 80,000 years, or over just 13 years, back in the PETM 55million years ago? The fact is, that scientists don't know for sure how fast global temperature took to rise that long ago, and the estimates ranged from as short as 13 years (only in one paper) to tens of thousands of years in most papers and McSerpent used a "factoid" at one extreme to support his doomerism in one argument and another "factoid" at the other extreme to support his doomerism in another argument, even though both factoids cannot be true!!! (most scientists think the PETM global temperature rise took 22,000 years, although localised heating of 5 deg over 13 years can definitely occur, and in fact has already happened to us NOW in the arctic – and we aren't dead yet, not by a long shot). McSerpent uses dishonest cherry picking in the most devious ways. There are many other examples of his devious tactics but not enough space to get into them.

    In that same interview McSerpent accused RE, (who has been promoting self sufficient homesteads as a means of helping survival) of promoting top down patriarchy, which was the root cause of all our problems (hence arguing that everybody should thus give up on self sufficient homesteads). That was a totally bullshit and bogus comment, because permaculture homesteads are bottom up intitiatives and are gender neutral and can easily be run along matriarchal lines if the members choose.

    On the Seemorerocks webpage commemorating 2 years since the death of Mike Ruppert, one blogger wrote that Ruppert killed himself because he drank McSerpent's poisonous KoolAid. I checked out one of Ruppert's last podcasts "3 guarantors of near term human extinction" and it was totally true!!! Mike was parroting McSerpent's NTE ideology word for word, including the bogus meme that humanity will be extinct by 2030. McSerpent's uberdoomer crap amplified Mike's natural pessimism, to the point of Mike's suicide. Scientists know human extinction by 2030 is complete bullshit, because it will take much more than a hundred years for all the ice in the world to melt and places near the ice will remain comfortable, so complete extinction by 2030 is bullshit and McSerpent knows it, but keeps quoting one particular idiotic paper to "prove" his case.

    McSerpent says things like "I can't imagine how humans can survive an X degree rise in temperature" (X may be 4 or 6 or 8 or whatever). Well so what? That is a non-scientific stupid argument which just proves that McSerpent has no imagination!!

    Ugo Bardi described the scenario of humans settling on antarctica. Chia also described how it is feasible, WITHOUT using any fancy high tech, for humans to live in southern Chile or even move to antarctica and survive even if global temperature goes up by 8 or 10 deg reesC. Also large animals have lived on a tropical antarctica when the planet was ice free in the past.

    Even if NTE does occur eventually, so what? Until then there are many things people can do to ease their hardships if they plan ahead, but McSerpent keeps repeating the message to do nothing and give up "hopium", which is downright malicious.

    I can go on and on about the devious ways McSerpent argues his case but don't have the time and space. Nuff said that McSerpent is an attention seeking primadonna, addicted to his increasing celebrity/nortoriety, who loves the sound of his own voice and loves basking in the adulation of mentally vulnerable people (like Ruppert) or malicious cunt disciples with shit for brains like EmptyPempty. He supports and/or tolerates stupid comments from lunatics like EmptyPempty on NBL (so long as they support his ideology), but he condemns or bans sane comments from people like RE.

    McSerpent's offsider Carolyn Baker is a nutcase who blabbers incessantly about touchyfeely airyfairy crap and is obsessed with UFOs and astrology. She is an idiot.

    The other reason why McSerpent is a prick is because he badmouths good people like Nicole Foss and Bill McKibben and James Hansen and boasts how much smarter or more qualified he is than them. For example McSerpent said he had an "honorary" degree in economics, hence knows finance and economics better than Nicole Foss. Well everybody knows that honorary degrees are not worth the toilet paper they are printed on and everybody knows that Nicole Foss is a genuine proven expert on financial matters. McSerpent has accused Nicole of being money grubbing, but he himself shamelessly plugs for donations on his website. I have benefited HUGELY from Nicole's wisdom, from her free articles and interviews on the web without needing to pay a single cent because she has GIVEN AWAY so much information for free. Nobody is perfect but the fact is that people like Foss and McKibben and Hansen have done a great deal to raise awareness of important issues in the world and have done their best to do good in the world and have shown a huge amount of courage fighting the establishment. However McSerpent's extinction ideology is not only a lazy way out and is  fucking useless, it can drive vulnerable people to suicide.

    McSerpent wrote a book about NTE targeting children. That is truly fucked up. It is one thing to write about NTE for adults and if those adults choose they can try to explain things to their children, but McSerpent has no business spreading misery among children about things they are too young to understand.

    EmptyPempty's Troll attempts to spread McSerpent's KoolAid misery proves he is a poisonous piece of human garbage, worse than toxic sludge. EmptyPempty previously wrote in response to one of the Diner articles that people should not bother with composting toilets but should shit on the ground. He never has anything useful to say and previously claimed I quoted him out of context. The FACT is there is NO other way to interpret EmptyPempty's fucked up comments except to conclude he is a malicious cunt and a TROLL (and a public health hazard).

    EmptyPempty needs to piss off back to the NBL fanclub where McSerpent can keep penetrating him in the ass for their mutual relief and they can both die from AIDS and syphilis, because you know what? It is pointless for them to take any medications for any illness. They must abandon all hopium. Same for all the rest of McSerpent's weak minded disciples.


    • RE says:

      Nice Rant AT!


    • EtyerePetyere says:

      Kind of a problem for mr "Ant" for a Guy Mcpearson fan  to be interviewed here on Ray`s channel . Nothing spoils the excitment of him getting of on his dugs fucking each other than an intereview like this … Well deal with it 

  • K-Dog says:

    "If we’re really honest with ourselves, as was written in the email from AV, tipping points are well behind us and there’s no hope for salvaging our broken world anymore."

    We all collapse, regarding humanity as a whole the end may be near or far but it is there for sure.  Collapse is only hard to accept because we are all of generations that were told that flying cars were right around the corner and growth did not have to ever end.  The fantasy of infinite energy consumption without pollution or consequences was forced upon us as an unquestionable truth when we were children.  Now this same fantasy has been rewritten as self-driving cars.  As thinking adults we may transcend our childish indoctrination or we can die as adult children.  Your choice. 

    It helps to understand the difference between things we can control in our lives and those things over which we have no control.  Do not spend your precious emotions on things which you have no measure of control over.  You have a choice.

    Many newbies, and I was one once, spend far to much time trying to 'figure collapse out' when the answer is deceptively simple.  In general people are selfish and think only of themselves and their 'tribe' exclusively.  The exception is a small percentage of people, never more than 15%, who spend lots and lots of time thinking.  In other words, nurds. 

    Nurds come in many flavors and some embrace the self-driving car fantasy since technology is a source of infinite distraction.  You can think about technology forever without running out of things to think about.  It is a good fit to a nurd personality.  Other nurds, a minority focus on collapse and the consequences of human actions. Consequences to actions are not something most people really care to think about except to avoid unpleasant personal experiences.  There are reasons having to do with survival that explain why for the majority of people this is so.  Nurds with a social conscience go against this grain and for it they may be hated.

    Chicken Little syndrome, the inferring catastrophic conclusions regardless of truth value can result in a paralysis of action.  Society loves men of action.  I could say women as well but since I am writing about authentic social reactions and not desirable ones, I won't.  Society, like women, love men of action and hate those who do not act decisively.  Thinking over-much can produce lack of action in all but an experienced thinker and most people are absolutly not experienced thinkers.  It takes years to become one.  The taboo of thinking about social consequences to actions is alive and well and will not change unless humans fundamentally change.  This will not happen in the required time frame.  Collapse is a function of the way humans understand their world and is a consequence of our social cognition not keeping up with our technical abilities.  A strange but true contradiction.

    Everything is a remix and our fate might be different if more people recognized this fact.  Recognizing the fact that everything is a remix can give pause to contemplate what you are doing and why.  What your true motivations are and where they may have come from.  This is something most people have great aversion to, be different.

    Try and be different and don't get stuck thinking "tipping points are well behind us and there’s no hope for salvaging our broken world anymore."  You really don't know this for sure and as a thinking person you will know that virtue can have its own reward.  Think outside the box of collapse depression and remember you have control over what you do and what you think.  Try and make the future better if you can and do not be defeated by despair.  You can accept collapse and choose a different reaction than despair.  It can be done.

    Despair is a natural starting point given our social indocrination but it certainly does not have to be the end of collapse contemplations.  As RE knows:

    "I invited Deb in for a podcast to further discuss these issues in depth, to get a better handle on her current thought process.  She is relatively new to the world of Collapse and these concepts, so it appeared to me a great opportunity to explore how a recently awakening mind is processing the information."

    Don't become defeated, become empowered and strong.  That is the way to fight the good fight!



  • Mister Roboto says:

    I have noticed that anybody with any psychic receptivity at all just feels very weird and fucked up lately. An old friend of mine and I are both having the worst time getting restful sleep lately since about the Vernal Equinox, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of mundane explanation for this.

  • AntiTroll says:

    Yet more meaningless blabber from EtyerePetyere alias EmptyPempty. When he cannot think of any retort he just blabbers on about dogs fucking. We now know his secret fantasy… EtyerePetyere would like to be fucked by a dog.

  • AntiTroll says:

    Bad news. Diners will live much longer and better than EmptyPempty, the frustrated Troll who cannot even find a mongrel to fuck him.

    • EtyerePetyere says:

      In truth The Story ended with . The Grashopper died singing a song and the "Ant`i" just died just being  miserable  Seeing all his work and plans and worries being in vain .    The grashoppers songs kept echoing thru the eons and time and space for eternity . 

  • AntiTroll says:

    In Truth the Troll EmptyPempty is so frustrated he cannot even find a diseased mongrel willing to fuck him in the ass, so he keeps posting endless blabber.

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