Syria through Multiple Lenses

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on October 8, 2016


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Many commentators have sought explanations and solutions for the Syrian debacle. Only by accurately identifying the underlying cause(s) of a situation can we begin to craft workable solutions, if any solutions are possible at all.

To me, this is akin to making an accurate diagnosis when faced with a complex pathological condition, then trying to shape a management plan to achieve a cure (or at least to aim for symptomatic relief and palliation, if the situation is irredeemable). As I have stated before in my essay "How to cure Terrorism" 1 it is essential to identify not only the underlying cause(s) of a situation and any predisposing factors, but should also (in the case of sudden collapse), identify any proximate triggers.

How do we know a diagnosis is accurate? Because the correct paradigm bears all the hallmarks of Truth, viz:

  1. It is supported by the best evidence

  2. It is coherent (internally and externally consistent), with plausible underlying mechanisms operating within its framework

  3. It offers the best explanation for the situation

  4. It may have useful predictive value for future outcome(s) ie it can offer a prognosis

  5. The elimination/resolution of properly identified underlying cause(s), predisposing factors(s) and proximate trigger(s) will offer the best prospect of a cure.

Again, I have used these principles in past essays when outlining the epidemiological truth that smoking causes lung cancer (even though it is impossible to demonstrate a one-to-one cause and effect relationship in any individual lung cancer case). I also used these principles to prove that the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 had nothing to do with WMDs or the pursuit of "freedom" or "democracy" nor was it about deposing a tyrant "for the sake of the Iraqi people". The truth was that the invasion of Iraq was about OIL: specifically about the US pursuit of oil related economic, political and military global power. The ideology of US neoconartist global dominance mediated by the control over the flow of oil and the enforced continuity of the petrodollar scheme.

I cannot delve into the Syrian situation in detail here, which would require a lengthy Phd type thesis. Instead I will simply outline various useful lenses through which the Syrian situation may be viewed. Lenses are meant to help us see better. They may help us see clearly various portions of a jigsaw puzzle which make up our "big picture" of Truth. However some lenses may be fabricated for political purposes and cause complete distortion. They are contrived propaganda, crafted to serve the agenda of the angloeurozionist "GIMME" (Government, Industrial, Military, Media & Economic) establishment. Intellectual Kool Aid to keep the masses brain dead (to mix several metaphors).


Let us first cast aside a couple of blatantly bogus paradigms:

The Syrian situation is a revolution against tyranny by the common Syrians who are clamouring for democracy and freedom, which was what the "Arab Spring" was all about.

This utterly bullshit paradigm was best demolished by Tom Lewis with his inimitable wry manner in a podcast I have referenced in the past. 2

The Syrian situation is a religious civil war, mainly a domestic Sunni versus Alawite/Shi'ite conflict. As I mentioned in a previous essay, Bashar Al-Assad, nominally an Alawite, was a member of the Baathist secular party and he himself married a Sunni lady. There are NO clearcut religious lines here. Nor is it a particularly domestic dispute. The so-called Syrian Sunni rebel groups include among their numbers many foreign intruders. ISIS is a foreign invasion force. The most effective fighters against ISIS are the Kurds and most of those in Syria are indeed Syrian. Kurds are nominally Sunni and may be genuinely religious, but their outlook is fairly progressive and they take pride in their courageous female soldiers who do not wear headscarves. ISIS claim to be pious Sunni Muslims, which is a complete lie. ISIS are fake Muslims, they are primarily terrorists, rapists and gangsters who hide behind the bogus banner of a religion to legitimise their anti-human activities in pursuit of their unrestrained lust for power. This is identical to how the US corporate owned politicians hide behind the bogus banner of "freedom" or "democracy" to legitimise their anti-human agenda of global ecocide, in pursuit of their unrestrained lust for power. ISIS was in fact the creation of the US GIMME establishment. The "religious civil war in Syria" paradigm ignores the numerous external operators who are major players. The so-called "moderate" Sunni rebels in Syria are deeply intertwined with many Salafist extremists including the notorious Jabhat Al Nusra (who are Al Qaeda in Syria). US State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau admitted this fact at a press conference on 3 October, which was held to announce the breakdown of discussions between Russia and the US over Syria. Trudeau said the US had been unable to "demarble" (her word) the "moderate" Sunni rebels from entities such as Al Nusra, who she admits are Al Qaeda terrorists. Hence by their own admission, ongoing US support for these rebels represents support for terrorist criminals. I have provided other references for these facts in previous essays.


Evidence-based "lenses" with good explanatory power, which confer better understanding of the Syrian situation:

The events leading up to the collapse of Syria were manifestations of the Limits to Growth. In a previous essay I outlined the problem of declining Syrian petroleum production which intersected with their increased domestic oil consumption (Peak Oil combined with the ELM) which resulted in zero oil income and hence contributed to their economic demise. 3 A smaller Syrian population of the past could have been sustained by fewer resources, but the large population of 23 million by 2011 faced severe per capita shortfalls of everything. The worst drought in living memory from 2006 to 2010, which was aggravated by climate change, led to agricultural collapse, the mass migration of impoverished farmers to the cities, food shortages, conflicts and the breakdown of society.

The LtG re-ignited old tribal and sectarian conflicts which were greatly magnified by the post colonial legacy of egregious gerrymandering (Sykes-Picot "treaty") 3. Each sect is largely motivated by their own self interest, irrespective of whatever religious banner they may claim live under, whether they be the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood (who have a long history of striving to gain power in Syria), the Kurds (who are struggling for an independent homeland), the Alawites (who initially hoped to maintain control over Syria but are now engaged in an existential struggle for survival) and so forth.


Syria is a proxy war in the new Great Game. The US has more than 800 overseas military bases 4 around the world. In contrast, Syria is the last remaining foreign outpost of Russian military influence in the world, with the port of Tartus and the airfield at Latakia hosting Russian warships and planes. Since the end of the Cold War, the unbridled US hegemonic agenda of complete global dominance has been characterised by their mindless and destructive policy of foreign regime change to install puppet leaders under US control. This agenda was exemplified by the US / NATO covert regime change imposed on Ukraine with resultant civil war and the ongoing encirclement of Russia by US nuclear missles. Ukraine, formerly the bread basket of Europe, has now become the basket case of Europe. Let is not even delve into Iraq or Libya. In the case of Syria, the US have been trying to get rid of Russian ally Bashar Al-Assad and replace him with a US puppet. Why did Russia begin their foray into Syria by dramatically launching low flying, contour hugging "under the radar" cruise missiles from ships far, far away in the Caspian sea? Why not just use their bombers based in Latakia? ISIS may have copped the cruise missiles, but the Russians were primarily sending a message to Uncle Sam: your super expensive high tech US aircraft carrier fleets are now completely obsolete. Russia these days is able to deploy unstoppable massive conventional force from a distance which the US cannot possibly counter (the same capability is certainly true for China, who spend far more on their military than Russia). The USA is now railroading the entire world into a possible Hot War which can easily turn into a global thermonuclear war, for no reason other than their crazed hunger for power.

Apart from Russia and the US, there are other "lesser puppet masters" who have their own reasons for meddling in Syria. In the "Russian" camp there are Iran, Shi'ites from Iraq and Hezbollah. In the "US" camp there are Saudi Arabia and Qatar (and to a lesser extent other Gulf players such as Kuwait), who have also employed foreign mercenaries such as Chechens.

The schizophrenic involvement of a particular proxy player, Turkey: Turkey, as a NATO member, nominally claims to be on the US side and against ISIS. However under the wily maneuvering of the duplicitous Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the reality is much more complex. What Erdogan says and does are often contradictory and discordant. One fact is crystal clear however: Erdogan's actions are always in the service of his own self interest and in that sense he cannot be regarded as a true US puppet. Recent events in Turkey have been thoroughly fascinating and warrant detailed analysis far beyond the scope of this short essay. Some examples:

    1. Erdogan had been buying cheap oil illegally from ISIS, oil which had been stolen from Iraq. This oil entered Turkey via road trains through the (intentionally) porous Turkish-Syrian border. Erdogan was therefore in fact financing ISIS, his nominal enemy. This fact was patently obvious to the USA from satellite images, which America chose to ignore, which adds credence to the view that the US actually supports ISIS while pretending to oppose it. This illegal oil trade was abruptly terminated by Russian bombing, in response to which Erdogan petulantly shot down a Russian plane, a reckless act of despicable bastardry which could have triggered wider scale war if not for Russian restraint.

    2. Last year, Turkish media exposed the fact that the Erdogan government had been illegally supplying weapons to extremist insurgents across the (intentionally) porous Turkish-Syrian border. Such a domestic media expose will not happen again, not because Erdogan has changed his ways, but because he has now muzzled the Turkish media.

    3. Erdogan regards his primary enemy as the Kurds because the Turkish Kurds threaten to secede from his neo-Ottoman aspirational empire to form an independent Kurdistan in conjuction with the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds. Therefore he does not hesitate to use a secondary enemy, ISIS, as a tool against his primary enemy. This explains his partial support for ISIS, even as he fights against ISIS at other times and in other places that suit him. Note that the Turks, Kurds and ISIS are all supposedly Sunni, hence none of this has anything to do with religion.

    4. We do not know for sure who masterminded the recent "failed coup" in Turkey, but we do know who has benefited the most from it. Erdogan has since been able to cast aside any pretence of due process and has summarily purged more than a hundred thousand potential dissidents and opponents from all positions of influence in Turkey. He has thoroughly entrenched his power and is essentially now a totalitarian dictator. He embarrassed the US with the accusation that America was harbouring and supporting the purported coup organiser Fetullah Gulen. It is true that America will stand to gain by installing a more US compliant puppet leader in Turkey, hence this accusation is not one which can be easily dismissed by US propaganda, given America's well known repetitive policy of foreign regime change.

    5. Being irate (or pretending to be irate) with the US, Erdogan then decided to kiss and make up with Putin, who then allowed the resumption of Russian tourism into Turkey, an extremely valuable source of income for Ankara. That, as well as the future possibility of a Russian gas pipeline through Turkey to Europe, another money spinner.

    6. It is true that Turkey has taken on more than its fair share of Iraqi and Syrian refugees, now harbouring more than three million 5. On the other hand, Erdogan has cynically used the Syrian refugees as human bargaining chips to get what he wants from the EU. He has shown he is willing and able to open and close the floodgates of refugees from Turkey into Europe and thereby has been able to extort money from the EU and prise out freedom of movement privileges for Turks into the EU.

    7. By offering Turkish citizenship to more than 2 million Syrian Sunni Muslims, Erdogan will be able to increase his support and power base in Turkey, as he is aligned with the Sunni fundamentalists. Erdogan opposes and is opposed by secular Turks (especially those in the military who had traditionally been faithful to the secular principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk).

    8. The Machiavellian Erdogan has repeatedly demonstrated a nimble ability to have his cake and eat it (that is, until such future time when an jackal can find a way to penetrate his security detail and assassinate him). Any serious coup organiser worth their salt would have commenced their operation by assassinating the incumbent. The fact that Erdogan escaped such a fate indicates that either the coup planners were utterly incompetent or that it may indeed have been a false flag event engineered by Erdogan himself.

Syria is a proxy war over natural gas pipelines: In order to understand the geopolitical considerations about this proxy pipeline war, it is essential to understand the physical properties of natural gas, which render it a far inferior source of energy (and source of money) compared with petroleum. Nevertheless if sold in vast quantities to a vast market, the money to be made can be mind boggling. Key considerations:

  1. If a natural gas field straddles a political border and is "shared" by two parties, the party which extracts the gas first and fastest will be able to harvest most, if not all the wealth from that field, because the gas will rapidly move through the field towards the extraction point. Contrast that characteristic with viscous crude oil, which can only sluggishly migrate at a maximum rate of 6% per year through porous rock.

  2. Early gas extraction is of no value unless you have an immediate market to offload the gas. Natural gas is just too energy sparse to economically store above ground in significant quantities for any length of time.

  3. The optimal market for the gas is one close to the gas field. The further away the market, the more expensive it is to transport the gas and hence the lower the profit margin. Even if the market is thousands of kilometers away however, profit margins can still be good, so long as the gas can be transported by pipeline in gaseous form. Export to far distant locations (eg another continent) is only feasible by liquefaction to render it far more energy dense. Making energy dense liquid natural gas requires refrigeration down to about minus 163 degrees Celsius, cryogenic storage and transportation in highly insulated, massive, purpose built LNG tankers which require continuous refrigeration. Refrigeration energy requirements are particularly high when the tankers sail through the tropics. Any power failure will be catastrophic. The LNG trade requires special facilities at the importing port which can accept and process this tricky commodity. All those factors amount to huge energy expenditure, huge capex, custom construction of port facilities and tankers and also requires a cashed up customer with advanced infrastructure. If the market price for natural gas falls, the whole system collapses financially, hence LNG schemes can be likened to unconventional oil scams. LNG export in lifecycle analysis has very poor EROEI compared with piped gas export.

The above considerations form the foundation for an understanding of the Syrian pipeline proxy war. The South Pars / North Dome gas field is the largest conventional natural gas field in the world. It is mostly located under the seabed of the Persian Gulf and straddles the borders of Iran to the NorthEast and Qatar to the SouthWest who are bitter enemies. Even though it has been in production for more than a decade, the party who accelerates their extraction will effectively steal most of that remaining resource away from the other party. However that gas cannot be quickly harvested without first ensuring there is a big market for it. A big market cannot be assured unless there are pipelines in place to supply that market. Qatar does export LNG (mainly to East Asia), but this is subject to the substantial constraints outlined above, with limited profit margins. The most prized gas market from the view of both Qatar and Iran, is Western Europe. The party that can establish a pipeline to Europe first will win that prize. The critical territory the pipeline must cross, determined by geography, is Syria. In 2009 Qatar, a Sunni client state of the US, approached Bashar Al Assad proposing such a pipeline through Aleppo province. Not surprisingly, Assad knocked back Qatar's proposal because it ran counter to his political alliances. A Qatari pipeline would undermine the price of Russian gas exported to Western Europe and would scuttle Iran's chance of benefiting from South Pars. When Iran subsequently approached Assad about such a pipeline, economic circumstances in Syria had by then greatly deteriorated. This new pipeline proposal from Iran, a Shi'ite state and ally of both Syria and Russia, came with the promise they would turn Syria into an energy processing, money making hub. Assad was therefore ready to proceed with Iran's deal. Shortly thereafter, the "civil war" in Syria broke out, instigated by so-called "Syrian" rebel groups which actually consisted of many foreign mercenaries funded largely by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

At the time of writing of this essay in early October, Aleppo city is on the verge of being recaptured from ISIS by Syrian government forces with the help of Russia. That did not stop Turkey from moving troops into Aleppo province last month under operation "Euphrates shield", Turkey's proposal being to create and occupy a "neutral" buffer zone. Of course, it is nonsensical to regard such a zone in Northern Syria as neutral: if defacto occupied by Turkey, it is defacto neo-Ottoman empire annexed territory. Perhaps we should rename Erdogan's country "Vulture" rather than "Turkey", or perhaps Turkey Vulture. Of course such an occupation will also mean that Turkey Vulture may benefit financially in future by renting a gas pipeline corridor in Aleppo province to the highest bidder. No mention about that lucrative prospect from Turkey Vulture though, whose motives, so we are told, are purely altruistic, as is true for all Vultures.

Enter another player, Israel, into this sorry saga of greed. In December 2010 a gas field off the Levantine coast was discovered so massive that Israel called it "Leviathan". Whereas there is little risk of another country tapping into that field, there is a risk that either Qatari or Iranian gas piped through Syria to Europe will seriously undermine the price of gas exported to Western Europe. And what will be the natural market for gas from the Leviathan field? Why Western Europe of course. It is obvious that Israel will stand to benefit from ongoing chaos in Syria, chaos which will ensure that both Qatar and Iran cannot establish a pipeline to Europe, thus allowing Israel to develop its own Leviathan field for export to Europe at a premium price (expected start of production is 2017). America's failed agenda of "regime change" in Syria has resulted in nothing but chaos, however Israel is more than happy to support and maintain that chaos. Let us recall Netanyahu's squealing insistence that the US should bomb the crap out of Syria during his rabid rant to an insane Republican audience at the US congress in March last year. Who gives a shit about 23 million Syrian lives anyway if there is gas money to be made.

The gas story does not quite end there however. Get ready for an anticlimax. Only last year, an even larger offshore gas field, much bigger than Leviathan, possibly even larger than South Pars, was discovered off the coast of Egypt, the Zohr field 6. Due to Egypt's greater experience with the fossil fuel and gas industries, they have good prospects of fast tracking the gas production which will offer stiff competition with Israel's fledgling gas industry and severely blunt Israel's expected economic windfall. Oy vey, enough already!



Any astronomer will tell you that to properly study the true nature of a star, it is necessary to examine it using all the different electromagnetic spectra available to us, whether radiowave, microwave, infrared, visible light, UV, Xrays or gamma rays. That is the best way for us to build up a comprehensive and accurate overall picture of that star. Furthermore it is necessary to eliminate or compensate for other factors which may distort or falsify our interpretation, such as atmospheric interference or doppler shifts or gravity distortions by dense bodies (eg black holes) which may bend the incoming electromagnetic beams.

Similarly in order to properly understand Syria, we must view the situation through all evidenced based lenses available to us, while simultaneously discarding bent and bogus paradigms fabricated by the Murdoch/mainstream media and their fee-for-opinion prostitute talking heads, even though they may hold "impeccable" ivy league "qualifications".

US and Australian rightwing nuts will undoubtedly accuse me of being a greenie commie freedom hating eco-terrorist. Anyone who has read my articles will know I strongly support open, liberal democratic processes which must be guided by evidence, reason and fairness with particular emphasis on transparency and accountability. I strongly support responsible free speech based on facts and reason. I strongly oppose irresponsible deceitful speech based on blatant lies such as Holocaust denial or global warming denial. Opposing and suppressing such deceitful Neonazi or Orwellian speech does NOT contradict the principle of free speech, it removes noise and promotes the process of constructive dialogue and the transmission of useful information. I strongly support the original stated ideals of America; the ideals of Abraham Lincoln, of Franklin Roosevelt and of Martin Luther King. I view Americans (or Australians or any other nationality) with similar values as my natural allies, my friends. The America of Lincoln, FDR and MLK that I admired, with all the promise it held, no longer exists. It has been replaced by a perverse mockery of what might have been. The beacon on the hill has been extinguished, not from without, but from within.

The voices of ordinary Syrian people have been drowned out in all these proceedings. We can only imagine what they must want, be they Sunni, Alawite, Christian, Druze, Yazidi or any other group. Is it so difficult to imagine that they simply want peace, security, shelter, food, clean water, education for their children, health care? That they simply want what we, in more stable societies take for granted? Simple human requirements that the so-called "leaders of the free world", through their despicable foreign policy, have deprived them of? The best thing the USA can do, to allow any prospect of any beneficial outcome for the Syrian people, is for the USA and its client states to fuck off.

G. Chia, October 2016








4 Responses to Syria through Multiple Lenses

  • Peak oil production in Syria, plus prolonged drought.

    & more background:

    Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria In the Cross-hairs

    By Ellen Brown, September 5, 2013.


    It is surely NOT any "co-incidence" that the only figurehead of a national central bank that has been making statements which make some sense is at the Russian Central Bank, which has been under effective political pressure by the Russian government to not be as much as of an obsequious and obedient puppet of the international bankers as are the vast majority of the rest of the central banks, under the Bank of International Settlements.

    EVERYTHING SIGNIFICANT which has been happening in geopolitics for a few Centuries has been due to the background influence of the international bankers. Those international bankers were able to kick the shit out of Russia during the 20th Century (like they were also able to kick the shit out of China, and almost everywhere else.) However, the Russians (as well as the Chinese, et alia), have learned from those experiences, since they were forced to become assimilated and adopt the methods imposed upon them to respond to the emerging international situations, which were being covertly directed by the international bankers.

    On the surface, what is at stake is control over access to and exploitation of the Russian natural resources, since Russia is one of the few countries left in the world which has enough natural resources to continue to make their strip-mining at an exponential rate possible. Since access to natural resources is controlled through the mediation of the monetary systems, what is at stake is the attempt being made by the international bankers to consolidate their global hegemony over the globalized monetary systems, whereby public governments enforce frauds by private banks.

    Although countries like Russia were already assimilated into the globalized systems which were made and maintained by the international bankers, the current Russian government is acting too much on the basis of its national interests, rather than totally subservient to the dictates of the international bankers. That is the SOURCE of all of the significant geopolitical events at the present time, as well as the SOURCE of events for the past several decades, as well as during the more recent Centuries.

    Ironically, countries like Russia (and China, etc.,) ALREADY have central banks, which make their public money supplies out of nothing as debts, and therefore, are already mostly integrated into the globalized systems which are doing those things. Therefore, one should not over-emphasize the differences, nor exaggerate the degree to which countries like Russia (and China, etc.,) are NOT actually integrated into the emerging "New World Order," based upon Globalized Neolithic Civilization operating through public governments enforcing frauds by private banks.

    However, since Russia tends to put some of its own national interests above the interests of the international bankers, Russia is being demonized. For several decades, the CIA, etc., as effectively the secret police working for the international bankers, have been destroying any national governments, all over the world, which attempted to advance their own national interests, above the interests of the international bankers.

    Clearly, at the present time, those countries which are already almost totally dominated by the international bankers, such as pretty well all NATO countries, and especially those countries within the core of the most globally dominate Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, are doing whatever they can to demonize Russia, in order to continue to apply pressures to make Russia submit to relegating its own national interests behind the interests of the international bankers.

    Russia has a relatively small population, and therefore, a relatively small overall level of economic activity, within which context Russia has nevertheless developed an abundance of advanced weapons of mass destruction. However, whether or not that will actually deter the international bankers, and the puppet politicians that they control, from continuing to act like increasingly psychotic psychopaths remains to be seen …

    My opinion is that the majority of the people living in NATO countries, and especially those living inside those countries which are towards the core of the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire, have been reduced too thoroughly to act like impotent political idiots, and therefore, I see no good grounds to doubt that the international bankers, as the best organized gangsters, or the banksters, will continue to be able to control the actions of NATO and the USA, etc. …

    Rather, what I continue to believe will actually happen is that the MAD Money As Debt systems, backed up by the MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems, will continue to spin out of any human control, since the international bankers have made and maintained sociopolitical systems which are manifesting runaway criminal insanities, in the form of more and more seriously risking the uses of weapons of mass destruction starting, (perhaps even originally by "accident") and then rapidly spinning out of control.

    My basic opinion is that Globalized Neolithic Civilization has become too sick and insane to be able to recover from how serious that has become. Certainly, at the present time, it is politically impossible for enough of the people living within NATO countries, and especially not enough of the people living inside the USA, to sufficiently understand the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization has become almost totally based on enforced frauds, which are becoming exponentially more fraudulent.

    The tragic trajectory we are on is that Russia (and China, etc.,) are already also manifesting within the overall Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which has become almost completely crazy and corrupt to the core. There are really only slight differences between the degrees to which countries like Russia are reasserting their national interests, in ways which are not totally in line with the interests of the international bankers, but which are still enough to be driving all of the current geopolitical events, towards civilization committing collective suicide.


    That has become GLOBALIZED, as electronic frauds, backed by the threat of force from weapons of mass destruction. Within that context, the international bankers are working towards totally consolidating their global dominance, such that no countries will be able to advance their national interests outside of that which is permitted to happen because it also advances the interests of the international bankers. Within that context, in my view, it is not possible to exaggerate the degree to which the best organized gangsters, that have worked long and hard to develop and dominate Globalized Neolithic Civilization, are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths, (while most of the people they rule over match that by becoming increasingly impotent political idiots.)

    Given those basic social FACTS, which are becoming worse, faster, most people continue to want to believe that civilization is not manifesting runaway criminal insanities, due to the long history of being made and maintained by the excessive successfulness of the applications of organized crime through the political processes. In my opinion, most people mistakenly want to believe that the world is still being dominated by relatively realistic materialists, who are too rational to commit collective suicide. However, those people, who like to believe that the world will not spin out of control, resulting in escalating uses of weapons of mass destruction, tend to grossly underestimate the degree to which the majority of people in NATO countries, and especially in the USA, ARE acting like increasingly impotent political idiots, who have NO effective ways to prevent "their" governments from being dominated by increasingly psychotic psychopaths.

    Moreover, another of the expressions of the misplaced faith in the "rationality" of the human species, manifesting through Globalized Neolithic Civilization, is the degree to which many people still believe that they can become effectively "prepared" for insane wars, which they could not "prevent." In my view, while the more mainstream mass media participates in promoting the insane demonization of Russia, and those who only know what the mass media tell them therefore are utterly clueless about what is really going on, the alternative news Web site, like Zero Hedge, continue to indulge in the irrational hopes that human beings and civilization are NOT manifesting runaway criminal insanities, to degrees which have become trillions of times worse than ever before in human history.

    Fundamentally, Russia (and China, etc.,) are ALSO operating through fraudulent financial accounting systems, and therefore, everyday, in every way, those countries ALSO make "economic" decisions which are INSANE, except to the degree to which those decisions are made within adapting to them operating in the GLOBALIZED NEOLITHIC CIVILIZATION CONTEXT, where everything gets done as directed by the abilities to back up huge lies with lots of violence, such that the series of short-term expedients, driven by those imperatives of the death control systems, causes civilization to develop in ways which tend to deliberately ignore the longer term consequences of doing so, since there are NO effective sociopolitical mechanisms to stop that from being what actually happens.

    Those systems based on being able to back up lies with violence have become globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs. While those underlying factors are automatically getting worse, faster, and therefore, practically nothing is being done, nor is politically possible to actually be done, to prevent those becoming exponentially increasing collective insanities, it may be amusing, to those with a sufficiently macabre sense of humour, to examine the manifestations of the various ranges of irrational hopes that some people express regarding how they are getting "prepared" for that which they could not prevent.

    At the present time, it continues to be politically impossible for enough people to sufficiently understand how and why MONEY IS MEASUREMENT BACKED BY MURDER, and therefore, nothing is effectively being done to either prevent, or prepare for, the ways THAT MANIFESTS AS EXPONENTIALLY INCREASING COLLECTIVE CRIMINAL INSANITIES.

    Overall, Russia is attempting to rationally deter the agenda of the international bankers, while those people, and the political puppets that they dominate, are actually becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths. Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to rationally fight insanity. It is NOT possible to rationally deter systems which are manifesting runaway criminal insanities from continuing to manifest those in ways which become worse, faster …

    For several decades I have been worrying about those issues. Once upon a time, I used to try to prevent those events. Once upon a time, I also used to attempt to prepare for those events. However, since about 2008, I no longer am able to maintain the slightest shred of rational hopes that it is either possible to prevent, nor prepare for, the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization is manifesting runaway criminal insanities. Rather, I have found that the more I learned, the worse it got, because the more I learned, the more convinced I became that the majority of people living inside NATO countries are becoming increasingly impotent political idiots, while the people who dominate NATO countries are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths.

    Globalized Neolithic Civilization is heading towards


    Since the whole world is almost totally "controlled" by being able to back up lies with violence, while that violence never stops those lies from still being false, and while doing so has been amplified trillions of times by advancing technologies to become globalized electronic frauds, backed by the force of the threat of weapons of mass destruction, the deeper issues are that Russia can NOT rationally deter the international bankers, and the NATO countries which they almost totally dominate, from continuing on their tragic trajectory, which will continue to attempt to force every country to submit.

    In my opinion, it is literally NOT possible to exaggerate the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization has become stark raving MAD, as demonstrated by the ways that the MAD Money As Debt systems are able and willing to cause the breakdown of the delicate equilibria of the MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems, which are the only policies that currently contain the development of weapons of mass destruction, which have collectively become trillions of times more destructive than anything which previously existed in human history.

    Instead, Globalized Neolithic Civilization is dominated by increasingly psychotic psychopaths, who are able and willing to risk world war, wherein the uses of weapons of mass destruction could, and probably would, spin out of control … Overall, the vast majority of people have adapted, for generation after generation, to living inside systems based upon enforcing frauds. Despite those becoming exponentially more fraudulent, the vast majority of people continue to think in those ways which gradually adapted to taking for granted those systems based upon how frauds could be enforced, despite that never stopping those frauds from still being false.

    The ruling classes within that Globalized Neolithic Civilization have become the most personally successful within those systems by becoming the most criminally insane. There is no publicly significant opposition within NATO countries that they do not already effectively control, because of the degree to which almost everyone continues to take for granted thinking about everything in ways which use the biggest bullies' natural languages, and their presumptions built into the dominate philosophy of science.

    It is certainly CORRECT to assert that Russia needs nuclear weapons for "protection" against the US (as the leading country which is being dominated by the international bankers, who insist upon controlling Russia, as well as everyone else.) However, it is NOT CORRECT to presume that Russia's possession of nuclear weapons is going to rationally deter the US (as dominated by the international bankers.)

    Rather, in general, it is IMPOSSIBLE to exaggerate the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization (and within which countries like Russia, as well as China, etc., are already mostly integrated), is manifesting runaway criminal insanities, in ways which are headed towards committing collective suicide, which can neither be prevented, nor effectively prepared for.

    Without some series of technological miracles, surpassed by even greater political miracles, then the MADNESS of globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of the force of nuclear weapons, is necessarily headed towards such technologically advancing civilization annihilating itself.

    While I believe that it may be possible to achieve some sufficient series of technological miracles in the foreseeable future, I do NOT believe in any sufficient series of greater political miracles, without which even technological miracles would NOT be enough. For several decades, I have attempted to advance what I regard as the backbone of the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in the perception of political science, which would be theoretically necessary for Globalized Neolithic Civilization to to change enough to adapt to the development of weapons of mass destruction.

    However, more and more, I have been forced to conclude that such series of political miracles are becoming more and more UNLIKELY, rather than even remotely possible. As far as I can now tell, there are no good grounds to expect that enough people living inside NATO countries are going to stop acting like increasingly impotent political idiots, and therefore, no good grounds exist to expect that the ruling classes that dominate NATO countries are going to stop acting like increasingly psychotic psychopaths.

    In my view, countries like Russia (and China, etc.,) are making belated, limited, attempts to advance their national interests, rather than acting strictly according to the interests of the international bankers. Even marginally doing so has generated the increasing demonization of Russia, and the resulting escalating risks of world war spinning out of control, where weapons of mass destruction would have be used, before they were lost …

    It was always that case that MONEY IS MEASUREMENT BACKED BY MURDER. However, it was never before that case that electronic money was backed by weapons of mass destruction. At the present time, the only ways that the MAD Money As Debt systems can keep going is being baked up by the precarious MAD Mutual Assured Destruction systems. Obviously, those MAD systems are becoming more and more unstable, such that it no longer can be counted upon that rational deterrence is actually going to work to stop runaway criminal insanities.

    Rather, my current conclusions have become that there are NO ways to either prevent, nor effectively prepare for, the MADNESS of Mutual Assured Destruction from actually doing what is was supposed to stop happening, namely ASSURE THAT THERE IS MUTUAL DESTRUCTION.

    Personally, I cope with those conclusions by holding on to transcendental hopes, which sustain irrational hopes for some series of political miracles. However, I no longer am able to maintain any rational hopes with respect to any of that, since I am more and more forced to face the actual social FACTS: the world is dominated by ruling classes who are increasingly psychotic psychopaths, while most of the people they rule over are becoming increasingly impotent political idiots. Since there are no rational evidence and logical arguments, which I am currently aware of, which can disprove that those are the actual FACTS, I find no reasonable ways to either expect that Globalized Neolithic Civilization's runaway criminal insanities can either be prevented, or effectively prepared for.

    (As far as I can tell, within that overall context, nothing makes much sense to do, other than to indulge in personal amusements, such as I do when I write my comments above.)

  • Disaffected says:

    We should be thankful for these flashpoints – even as we're respectfully mindful of their victims – for fleshing out the true evil afoot within western capitalist "democracies" these days. 

    By the same token, those of us living in the west and enjoying it's privileges, either de facto or de jure, should be midful of our part in this ongoing crime, whether we approve of it or not. In the end, human criminality really is marked much less by the evil that simple minded bad men conspire to do everyday; but rather, by the incremental evil that men of great intellect and morals simply choose to ignore and thus tacitly approve all along the way.    

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