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Published on The Doomstead Diner on January 29, 2017

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Fast Collapse vs Slow Collapse is always a topic for discussion Inside the Diner.  Which one you believe will occur affects many things in how you prep yourself up to try and survive the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.

I myself am in the Fast Collapse Camp, I think at some point we will hit an Inflexion where the problems with the monetary system cannot be papered over, and the TBTF Banks WILL actually FAIL!  I remain amazed how really SMART the smartest guys in the room are here to have kept this system operational from 2008 to this day with such Kludges as Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest (ZIRP), Negative Interest (NIRP) and so forth.  Truly AMAZING smoke & mirrors going on here!  Backed up with a ton of Accounting Fraud, it has served to keep BAU ongoing in at least the central countries such as the FSoA, Germany and China.  Places like Greece and Italy and Spain, not doing so good, but still sorta treading water.  Places like Venezuela and Egypt, already in the Deep Doo-Doo of Collapse.

Unfortunately I can't make a good prediction of when the "Oh Shit!" moment will come for the FSoA, or even more specifically my neighborhood in Alaska.  I'm not even sure if the moment will come before I kick the bucket for more pedestrian reasons of bad health.  But, if I AM still alive the day the ATMs Go Dark or the day a Nuke lights up New York Shity, I decided I should plan for my Last Supper.

I am in no shape to survive in a Post-Collapse world.  While I have plenty of preps to survive for quite some time, once the shit goes down I'll end up giving them away, lest they be taken from me by force.  There will be kids right in my own little complex without food, and I would rather see them eating the preps than eat them myself.  I don't have much of an appetite these days anyhow.

Still, even with an ultra-rapid collapse scenario other than something like an earthquake or eruption of the Mt. Redoubt Volcano taking me out nearly instantaneously, I figure I'll have at least a day or two before everyone is going berzerk and running out of food in their own pantries.  So I am planning for this, with gourmet meals to eat those last couple of days worthy of a Michelin Guide 5 Star restaraunt.  Whether I can actually eat the meals more than a few bites is another question entirely, but I'll enjoy cooking them up anyhow. This TEOTWAWKI planning idea is actually pretty old for me, going back to 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed I bought a bottle of 50 Year Old Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which I still have so it is almost 60 years old now!  Cost a fucking fortune. So I have Quality Booze for after dinner, but I never actually drink hard liquor while eating dinner.  So I need to pick up some quality wine for the Last Supper, which I haven't done yet.  One of the Diners recently recommended some wines, I'll have to go look and see if they are available at the local Brown Jug. I'm generally partial to a Pinot Noir or a Cabernet if I drink wine with Dinner, which I don't generally do unless out at a really expensive restaurant like the Crow's Nest which sits atop the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage.  It's about the only really quality restaraunt I've found in Alaska since I moved here a decade ago.  In New York Shity when I lived there, there were many, including the one I was a Sous Chef at for a couple of years, Capsuto Freres.  Capsuto bit the dust after Sandy rolled into town and shut down that neighborhood for several months, close to a full year actually.  Some Asian style restaraunt opened up in the location after the cleanup.  Really top shelf restaraunts are always super expensive, you can't get out of there without spending Triple Digits, especially when you order a bottle of wine with dinner.

I'll also want some real good Clean Spring Water to wash down the food with, so I need to pick up a few bottles of expensive water, not the cheap filtered stuff at $1/Gallon from Walmart. In addition to your Wine, it's always good to have some pure spring water on ice to cleanse the palate for the next bite of some different part of the meal, so the taste sensation is not confused.  I'll have to remember to freeze some ice cubes up from the expensive water as soon as TFHTF so that they'll freeze up within a day and be ready to drop in a fine Glass Tumbler for cooling the Spring Water for the Last Supper.

What got me started thinking about this meal was that about a week ago I was on a Prep Run to 3 Bears, the local Food Warehouse/Grocery store which is less than a half mile from my front door.  They have the best Meat selection of all the large groceries around here at the best prices.  The rest of their stuff is not such good prices, you do much better on canned and frozen foods at Safeway or Kroger, or even Walmart if you wish to sink that low on the food chain. Walking along the fridge cabinet for Beef, I spied ON SALE Fillet Mignon PRIME beef, beautifully marbled at the astoundingly low price of $6.99/lb!  I don't think I even can REMEMBER the last time I spent less than $10/lb for a Fillet, and usually not Prime but Choice by the USDA rating for this stuff.  I never buy Select meats, its like chewing leather and not enough fat embeded to give a real good flavor.  So I bought a full almost 3 lb package of these fillets for around $18.  Fact of the matter is these days my appetite is so depressed if I can get through even 1/4 lb of meat at a single sitting that is doing good, so this package is probably good for me for at least a full week of eating Fillet Mignon every night the week after TSHTF.

At first I thought I would cook at least one of them immediately, but then I changed my mind and came up with the plan for the Last Supper and vacuum sealed them and wedged them into my already overstuffed and packed freezer to wait for the Judgement Day.  Assuming I have time for more than just one or two Last Suppers, there are also numerous Rib Eye steaks and T-Bones in there to consume as well, but I figure to give most of those away to the kids in the neighborhood now.  If I can even make it through eating the Fillets I'll be doing good.

So I got the Meat part of the Last Supper in the bag here, which is Prime Fillet Mignon.  To go with it, I plan to make a Cabernet Sauce and encrust the steak with peppercorns, and then have fresh sauteed mushrooms in garlic butter with that.  However, I can't buy the fresh mushrooms in advance here not knowing precisely when TS will HTF.  So as with getting the Spring Water Ice into the Freezer on SHTF Day, I'm going to have to go on a Final Prep Run to pick up the fresh ingredients for the Last Supper. One thing I can pick up in advance though is some Shellfish to go with the Fillet for a Surf & Turf.  I had my first Surf & Turf meal at the Palm restaraunt in NY Shity, shortly after returning from Brazil and also shortly after my parents got divorced.  It was I think the one grand fancy meal my Pigman dad treated me to after the divorce, after that he just took me to Tad's Steakhouse for a cheap grilled sirloin.  Besides the Filet the platter had on it a massive Maine Lobster Tail as well, with of course the requisite drawn butter and fresh sliced lemon.  I'm not sure right now if I want to go with Lobster Tails in the freezer or instead Alaska King Crab.  In both cases lately, I haven't been impressed with either the texture or flavor of either of these expensive Shellfish, which are coming in around $20/lb around here these days.  But I have great memories of both Lobster meals and King Crab Meals, many of which came not at real classy restaraunts, but budget places like Red Lobster and also cooking them myself, sometimes at Clambakes by burying them, sometimes at home throwing a LIVE Maine Lobster into the pot and listening to it squeal, which was not actually the lobster making the noise but air escaping from under the shell as it heated up and the lobster turned bright red.  No live Maine lobsters available around here now though, if I go with lobster for the shellfish part of the Surf & Turf it will need to be a Frozen Tail, likely as tasteless as the King Crab legs seem to be these days also.  Tasteless or not though, I will close my eyes and remember back to all those wonderful Surf & Turf meals I had over the years and it will taste just fine.  The main problem at the moment is finding room in my freezer to fit either Lobster Tails OR King Crab Legs.  It's currently stuffed to the MAX!  So they may need to be a last minute purchase on SHTF Day.

With the Fillet and the Shellfish, Wine and Spring Water now in place for the Last Supper, I start to need to think about Side Dishes.  Definitely a last minute item is the Veggie dish to go with the meal, and for this I will go with Fresh Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce.  I may keep some frozen asaparagus in the freezer as a backup, if I can find room for that too.  Asparagus was my favorite veggie when I was a kid, and unlike many kids I actually LIKED most veggies.  Out of a can though, most veggies are total crap, including Asparagus.  Too soggy, no real good texture left once canned.  Pees are OK out of a can and Beans also, and corn kernels.  Not too much else though.  

For my carbos, I am torn between doing a twiced baked potato with bacon bits & cheddar cheese and sour cream topper, or Feijon, Rice & Black Beans that was the staple of all meals while I was a kid in Brazil.  If I have two nights of Last Suppers, I'll do one of each.

The Main course should look something like this:

Prior to the main meal though, I'm going to need some other courses to really fill this thing out as a grand Last Supper.  I'll need a Salad of course to begin the meal, for this I will go with my favorite Greek Salad with Tomatoes and Olives and lots of Feta Cheese crumbles over it.  I'll need an Antipasto also, with good Italian Hard Salami, Provolone Cheese, Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella balls marinated with Sun Dried Tomatoes.  Then also a Head of fresh garlic roasted in Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well.  I'll also need a bowl of soup, for this I will go with Jewish Penicillin, a nice bowl of Chicken Soup with two big fluffy Matzoh Balls in it, as well as plenty of celery and diced carrots.

For Desert, I'll brew up some fresh Arabica Coffee beans, and add to that some Bailey's Irish Cream, and a slice of NY style Cheesecake, perhaps with some fresh Strawberries.  I'll have to get that at the Bakery though as I am not a terrific Baker, and my cheescake never comes out quite how I like it.  I've never figured out the secret to getting a nice fluffy cheesecake, it always comes out too dense no matter what recipe I use.

Of course to get all these ingredients for the Last Supper on SHTF Day, I'm going to need to get out to the grocery store early with my CASH FRNs from inside the mattress Bank of Sealy, then back to the digs to bolt the front door while I do my cooking to keep the Zombies out until I can at least have a few bites before I buy my ticket to the Great Beyond.

Could I possibly eat such a meal these days, with all those courses and mass quantity of food?  Hell no, I'd be stuffed before I even finished the soup & salad, much less getting to the main course!  But I can fantasize about it, and remember all those great meals I both ate and cooked up in the past.  I can also cook it still, even if I can't manage to eat all of it, and I can put the Leftovers in my fridge for the Zombies to consume the day AFTER TSHTF!

After Dinner and consuming the bottle of Pinot Noir, I'll crack open the 50 year old bottle of Glenlivet and pour it straight over the rocks of the frozen expensive bottled spring water and open up a fresh pack of Cancerettes to go with it. Then I will sit down at my new Dell All-in-One Computer with the Big Screen Monitor, and keyboard out my last post on the Diner.

What is on your SHTF Day, Last Supper, Bucket List Menu?

11 Responses to The Last Supper

  • Pintada says:

    My last meal will probably be some beans and rice, or maybe just beans, or just rice.  I am old, but healthy, and can't imagine getting much older before the end.  We will fight, and struggle until some black swan makes it impossible, and then the food will all go to the grandkids.

    Given your location, I would think that for your water source you would be way ahead finding a pristine creek or spring out away from your town a few miles.  Anything purchased in a bottle strikes me as being corrupted in some way from the get-go.  Even here in the lower 48 I know of a couple pristine (or at least clean) springs that are accessible without too much hassle.

    • RE says:

      Actually, I live right next store to a creek, which probably is fairly decent drinking water straight out of the creek but I would still at least boil it before drinking.  To get to a really pristine creek, I’d have to drive a ways uphill some.

      I am not too worried about water in this in this neighborhood.  I will run out of good Single Malt Scotch Whisky before I run out of water.


      • Pintada says:

        Having read you for a time, I think your interest in water is more related to quality rather than quantity.  So, yes, you will likely have plenty quantity.

        As to quality, if you were to get a good water filter like this one (  ), or even the cheap ones available, you could keep the flavor of the stream, and not worry about killing yourself in the process.  I always use a filter, and have drunk from waters a polluted as the Salt River in Arizona (Salt River Wilderness) to pristine springs locally.  Every stream has a different flavor.

        • RE says:

          I have a water filter.

          For SHTF Day, the bottled water I have is just fine tasting.  My complex also has its own miniature 10 stage water purification plant they installed last summer.  I’m not a big fan of that water, too chlorine tasting.

          Anyhow, as I said I am no longer concerned with long term survival, merely staying alive long to make it to SHTF Day.  No way I survive very long once the shit goes down in earnest.  I have one foot in the grave even before TSHTF.


  • Disaffected says:

    The inevitable currency collapse, which I epect will be very soon now, will almost certainly be engineered, most likely to preceed a new, all digital currency dispensation meant only for a select, corporate few. Everyone else will be back on barter or whatever local means springs up organically.

    I'm making my way back to Vegan now. Simpler, cheaper, and healthier by far. Wish I'd never strayed in the first place.

    • Davebee says:

      Sadly, I must agree on the currency collapse just-around-the-corner timing. I suspect the India high value notes ban and the Cypress bank bail-in exercise were the heats before the main finals and elites crowd pleaser later this year.

      Just as an aside, it never fails to amaze me how the preppers out there are so utterly assured as to the respect that will be afforded to private property and stored possessions once the collapse balloon goes up.

      Yeah right, nobody would ever dream of bringing a ten foot prybar to my front gate and then run me through with a sharpened bicycle spoke to get at those 6 Kruger sovereigns I so craftily hid in my garage tool box hey? Nevah!

      • Disaffected says:

        Much like my spell checking capabilities (always notoriously bad, even in my "glory days"), I think we're all very much conditioned to see what we want to see over time. Just had this end of life discussion with my aging mom of 80+ tonight who has already outlived her very modest means and who still expects that I will somehow be there to extend her life even further, in spite of the fact that "I'm a man of means by no means" myself. She's yet another symptom of the impending collpse: clueless to the n'th degree about what's going on around her and her place in it. Is it all a tragedy? I dunno, but I don't really think so. Wishful/delusional thinking describes it better I think.

        • Davebee says:

          Glad you mentioned delusional thinking in a post concerning the unravelling of, ultimately, The Industrial Revolution. Here's some delusional thinking:

          My wife is a real estate agent and I take her to her office most week days to save on our fuel bill, anyway, each Monday her sales manager and the company owner hold a sales meeting with the agents and are non-plussed as to why Biz is so terrible. The penny has still to drop with these two that we have hit the Techno-Industrial Civilization wall and that growth has slowed or ceased, yet still they go on endlessly holding these voodoo type Cargo Cult sales meetings hoping to somehow reignite the glory days of the 1990's and early 2000's. Young wanna be agents roll up every 2 months or so, waste thousands in cell phone calls, transport and dud clients/sales and depart MORE broke than when they arrived and STILL the obvious the-growth-has-stopped-folks elephant in the board room doesn't register. These are educated adults, can they not see the obvious??

          • RE says:

            How do you waste thousands in cell phone calls?  Just get an unlimited calls and text plan.

            Normalcy Bias is prevalent amongst Homo Sap, and even for people aware there are economic problems, they figure it is a cyclical downturn and things will rebound to “normal” at some point.  Most people can’t conceive of the idea that Industrial Civilization is collapsing and we are now on a one way trip downhill.  For now, if they are still employed and not off the economic cliff themselves, things still seem pretty “normal” to them.  They believe the unemployment stats put out by the BLS, and they still buy coffee at Starbucks.  There’s nothing hitting them in the face to wake them up.

            To update an old cliche, it’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job, it’s a depression when you lose your job and it’s COLLAPSE when everyone you know loses their job including you.


  • Davebee says:

    The waste in cell phone calls is easy: This is South Africa, we are a third world country and telecomms do not come CHEAP, especially when the ANC government is up to their crony-capitalist necks in corruption via any and all forms of industry. The cheapest I can get Fibre to my place is at R800-00 per month, that is a pretty penny for myself a pensioner, the Rand is currently about R14-00 to the $1-00 on Jan 31 2017.


    Just for the record RE so far this country has a grand total of ONE Starbucks, that's how third world we are.

    As to telecomms, this country has totally MISSED the INTERNATIONAL agreement to switch to full digital by 2015 and not a single minister or senior manager has been disciplined for this international embarrassment, much less dismisssed.

    Our terrestrial TV is still analogue, mainly as a result of those same corrupt ministers squabbling over whether the required set-top-box decoders for digital signals will be encrypted or not. Two angles to this: SIM cards mean PAYMENT, unencrypted means MORE dotgov propaganda can be broadcast freely to the great unwashed and gullible out there, hence the analogue keeps beaming on. I think our Olduvai moment will be here sooner than yours in Alaska…I wonder why I would think that?

    • RE says:

      Well, I tend to forget you live in South Africa and the telecom contracts are written differently there.

      I agree with you that the SHTF Day will come to South Africa before Alaska.

      I DEFINITELY would not want to be a RE Agent in South Africa today!


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