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Published on The Doomstead Diner September 19, 2017

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"It's not just a career, it's a lifestyle change, you are going to become nomads."

–Trucking School Trainer Gary Indiana, located a couple of miles outside of Chicago, has many signs declaring a collapsed landscape and economy.  There are weeds growing in almost every commercial lot, and boards in windows, and people who seem to be poisoned by the water, or the atmosphere, or maybe it's just that they were abandoned by the American Dream.  Whatever the case, there are a lot of people, and a lot of cars, and a lot of stupidity.  Of course, there is stupidity falling like rain in every state in this Idiocracy we're inhabiting.  Fukitol, alcohol, fried fast genetically modified gas station foods, corn sugar, CAFO meats…all in a consumer paradise.  Amidst the weeds growing in the concrete and asphalt of what used to be, there's still "opportunity."  You can get your commercial drivers license, and you can get paid to do so.  In fact, there are more jobs in the trucking industry than there are people willing to work. Everything in this country relies on the Just In Time Trucking Paradigm (or JITTPA as I now like to call it).  Nothing happens without it first being transported on the trailer of a semi truck.  Everyone in the collapse blogosphere knows this, but a lot of them like to not think about it.  Especially the green minded among us.  Do you drive a car, do you buy groceries, do you amazon, do you google, do you have a computer, do you do anything short of living in somebodies else's woods while rewilding?  If you do any of those things then you rely on truckers and petroleum for your livelihood and your lifestyle.  Nothing happens in this country without first happening on the trailer of a semi truck. 

What has brought me to this point?  How does one go from a bamboo internship focused on permaculture ethics to driving a tractor trailer for a living?  Why does a Druid ride a lawn mower?  Why would a Druid be a Trucker?  Fake News?  Denial?  Fukitol (currently I'm fukitol free).  Technically I'm an Agnostic Druid Buddhist Trucker at this point.  What do any of these labels accomplish…and what choice do I have?  I've got a wife and two children to support in a world that's been collapsing for my entire life.  Our way of life has been on notice since before I was born and yet here we are, 37 years later with our world of BAU still functioning like a well oiled machine (I mean minus the supper storms, fires, droughts, flooding, melting glaciers, rising seas, unbreathable air, undrinkable water, radioactive rain water, and starving people).  I've been waiting for collapse since 2007, and ten years later I've still got bills to pay and a credit score to keep up (in spite of the Equifax clusterfuck). Again, why would an Agnostic Druid Buddhist be a trucker?  It's a valid question, and it's happening, and I'm proof.  BAU just keeps on truckin', and the trucks just keep on truckin', and our way of life slowly dissipates with no hope of changing less Gaia shaking us off like flees.  Why would one willingly atrophy before it's necessary?  To appease one's conscience?  So that one can sleep better at night?  Is having Medicaid, food stamps, and living with an elder relative better then succumbing to the Matrix that has us all imprisoned?  There is no escape from the inertia of our way of life.  Even the rewilders have to deal with radioactive rain, polluted land, water, and biocide drift.  There is no escaping the great American Dream, or nightmare, depending on your perspective. 

Idealism is not realistic, we have to afford to make any change in this world, and there is not one person or entity that has the authority to decide what is best for each individual adult person in this world.  There is no shortage of advice out there to subscribe to in the attempt to figure out what is best.  As the saying goes about opinions, so goes advice, everybody has got one and the end result is mostly shit.  That's not to say that wisdom is not real, or worth following.  But it is to say that everything is relative and opinions depend on perspective.   

At the end of the day, when the tirades and opinions expire, and reality is left standing, we must all answer the call.  If I were a lone soul on this Earth, I'd be in the woods rewilding, or perhaps in a ditch with a needle sticking out of my stiff blue arm.  Those are luxuries I can't afford.  I have two sons and a wife to part the waters for.  In this world that means making money, and in this world those options are withering away like a worm on the sidewalk after a deluge on a sunny day.  Trucking is the literal heart of our society…of our slowly collapsing civilization.  The day the trucks stop is the day our way of life stops.  I'm getting paid to get the license that will allow me to make a good living while BAU persists, and that BAU is only possible because of what I'm currently training to do.  I don't have to go into debt to get this opportunity to slave away for a good living wage of digibits.  I'm getting paid while I make this opportunity a reality.  I'm getting paid in a place that has more weeds growing in the concrete and asphalt of a failed, boarded up,  suburban sprawl arrangement than it has dumb ass people driving around in cars. 
Somehow the WASP (white anglo-saxson protestant) took over a continent of indigenous nomadic people.  The WASP took over and massacred the indigenous peoples and the natural resources that sustained them.   They committed genocide of both the people and the environment.  Indigenous nomads had no need of petroleum and civilization.  The Wasp replaced the buffalo with bitumen, and the horses with semi trucks.  They replaced the teepeecs with ticky tacky. They replaced true self reliance and independence with mechanical horses ridden by obese zombie nomads high on fukitol and corn syrup.  It's a god damned tragedy of American proportions, and there ain't one corner left on this blue-green orb that's immune.  I'm no martyr and I've got mouths to feed…mouths that reside in this nightmare that we call the land of freedom.  Reality is a cold hard bitch, and she does not care about the change we'd like to see in this world. 

That is why an Agnostic Druid Buddhist is becoming a truck driver. 

10 Responses to Mechanical Zombie Nomads

  • Hugh Culliton says:

    You have to GTFO of the States, man – it's killing you.

  • Bobtail says:

    To me this could be summarized in 5 words: why drive semi? Need money.


    Why? Because the moral questions are not worth wrestling with. I think the 'someone is going to do it (burn thousands of gallons of diesel), so it may as well be me' in this case is not the same as 'somebody is going to do it (work for the MIC) so it may as well be me. Many many jobs require a man to sell his soul and crush his creativity. Men working in offices live in fear of a sexual harrassment charge for pissing off the wrong woman, no evidence needed. For a free thinker, nodding along with every company/department policy is a humiliation. Working with your hands or driving a truck mostly avoids all that. 


    What I WOULD be concerned about is effects on health and fitness. Diet and exercise.  Eating greasy take away at lunch bars with cakes and coffees or cokes etc is a lot of calories that you dont burn sitting still for 8 hours or even 12, but is still tiring for many people unlike resting all those hours eg reading or watching TV. So after all that feel to drained to exercise, probably stressed from avoiding an accident all day and a 6 pack or 2 meaning a shit ton more calories is very tempting. And now probably an hour or two of your days pay has gone on eating crap and drinking piss. Can you commit to 50 pushups and 50 situps before work if u need to roll at about 6.30 am? I think so, uf youre disciplined. Can u commit to a half hour walk before u plonk yourself down every evening? I think so, if you make it a habit. Can u pack your own healthy food in the truck or do 12 and 18 hour fasts then eat at a truckstop, drink black coffee? Yes again if you are disciplined to make it a habit. Can you resist the call of a cold beer? Well… write down the reasons not to and look at them often, because the reasons for, like nearly rolling over a car who pulled in front of you will probably be persuasive. Forming good instead of bad habits from the start. 


    Being on the right of the bell curve needs mental stimulation and staring at the road endlessly isnt it. You can practice mindfulness, listen to podcasts and audiobooks as well as favourite tunes for that. 


    • EtyerePetyere says:

      Been there done that . I have cossed the continent  1000 !!!!  times (no kidding ) i have been to that hellhole gary indiana at least 100 times . big truckstup flying j  Pushups or walking  whatnot will not keep you in shape only food discipline will  i.e. you have to pack  your own food for your whole trip and that means zero processed food zero corn syrup of sugar laced food absolutely no grain products (no rice no cereals no oatflakes  bread none of these bs foods ) . My best advise is a fat based diet (need to do some sort study on that one  look up ketogenetic diet ) with cruciferous vegetables little fruit .  You can cook these inside your cabin. Eggs and bacons for breakfast (i am eating that for a decade you never get bored with that ) drink coffee only with heawy cream better tea and buy an electric pressure cooker run it of your inverter and batteries . You also  also need a small  freezer fits under your bunk bed easily to keep food intact  and than you are good otherwise you are fucked .

      • Casamurphy says:

        Follow Etyere's advice, Lucid, or you will definitely be fucked. Keto can be constipating, though, so supplement with magnesium supplement in the evenings to keep the morning constitution pleasant. The folding version of a squatty potty will be a good investment as well.

  • Nancy landis says:

    INRE to the well oiled machine that just keeps humming along 10 years after it should have blown its gasket; we can see the faults and the inevitable crash coming. We can even see quite plainly the people holding up the blanket to try and block our view. However, the scale and momentum of the system are both so huge, so much grander than human imagination can encompass, that we cannot get a decent read on the "when" of it all.  In the meantime, the world is refilling with another whole generation, has changed tactics on how we can access reality, and reassigned the key roles. The core reality hasn't changed, but the perspective on it is hard to maintain on such vast and shifting ground. Hold fast. That may be the best a person can do for stretches of time. 

  • Lucid Dreams says:

    Well I have this reality to deal with.  My defense against getting fat is to count calories.  I don't imagine I will exercise much because i will be tired from the road.  Counting calories is realistic and will take discipline, but I can do that.  I also have the discipline to eat only food I bring with me from the grocery store. 

    The fact remains that at this point my options are very limited.  This is an option…it's the best I can come up with.  I'm doing it to provide money for my family.  I no longer have room for idealism.  The Matrix and BAU have completely invaded every corner of our reality.  Eventually we will reach a piont where the JITTPA is no longer viable due to petroleum constraints.  Diesel is a byproduct of gasoline production.  The cars and trucks will stop together, and then BAU will end. 

    • EtyerePetyere says:
    • EtyerePetyere says:

      Counting calories will not help . There are studies after studies showing that the quality and the nutritional value determins it all . that doesnt mean you have to fall for  organic and superfood Bs it means that you have to restrict the diet to foodstuff to which the  human body was evolved to . that means absolutely ZERO  processed foods no grains no sugars . Wery simple . Basically is you cook yourself from unaltered natural ingredients observing these rules you are fine . you dont you are fucked as the rest of the world 

  • Jason says:

    Lucid – if I lived in the US I'd also consider being a trucker (no way, over here). A bit of self discipline, as mentioned above, and I reckon you'll be playing that game on your own terms. I'm sure that 99% of the time it will be boring, but you'll get to go places you wouldn't otherwise see. I don't know how it works, but maybe get a form of portable transport too, like a foldup bike or escooter (if there is room for it). 

    I've had to make a similar decision. Preparing for the collapse of civilisation doesn't feed the kids in this BAU setup, so I work in a hotel bar now most nights. I get the days off, and work until about 11pm. Hard cash does wonders – plus, I'm able to spend some of it on tools and doing up my place in the woods. I'd say it was a practical life choice at this stage. At work, I simply turn into a robot when there are customers/guests around. But on occasion I have managed to continue writing my next novel on the backs of menus – and everyone thinks I'm working. I imagine as a trucker you'd have limitless opportunities for expanding your knowledge via podcasts and courses (check out 'The Great Courses' on CD – I have done several of them) – and you could maybe even write stuff using trascription software.


    And, yeah, ketogenic (fat based) is the way to go. Bacon, eggs, cheese, chicken – all that stuff – easy to pack and you'll rarely get hungry as your appetite changes.


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