I Spy Doom: Hospital Edition 1

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Published on the Doomstead Diner You Tube Channel on May 27, 2018

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As regular Diners know, I'm back for my 2nd trip to Hospital in as many weeks, this time due to an infection acquired here the first time round.  My lower legs became inflamed ind swollen and over the coure of about a week it became impossible to walk at all and the pain level was incredible.  Finally, on last Thurday I took myself to the ER and got admitted for nother go round as an in-patient.

Just GETTING to the ER on myo own without calling 911 and riding in an ambulance was a challenge.  I wanted to bring along my Cripple Cart, and an ambulance wouldn't do that nor would most regular cab drivers.  After much searching at the last minute I found the one small company in the Valley that does this, and they charge less than a regular cab does!  So I got here and got admitted and they put me on IV antibiotics, and gave me another nice room to enjoy another Medical Vacation to the tune of something like $10,000/day.  That is just the room and basics, it doen't iclude any doctor's fees those are separate.

I got dropped on the ward for Cripples, where I have been since and had various drugs and minerals and vitamins either pumped into my body via IV or handed to me every 4 hours or so by the nure in charge of the Cripple Ward.  Meanwile I am stuck in the electric bed which I wish I had one of them at home, but is not something you want to be stuck in 24/7 either. I have bizzied myself improving my workspace, which I took a Selfie of as best I could without seeing the composing screen which you see at right.  It now sports a lighted keyboard a well a a side dek for my food and other stuff.  Enough room now to the right for my wireles mouse.  The computer is my newly refurbished Dual Boot Windows/Linux with 8 Gigs of RAM and a 500 Gig SSD Hard drive.  It is BLAZINGLY fast.  So far also it has accumulated no malware.  Can't say the same for my 5 year old phone, which has to get to the experts for cleanup, it's totally infected.  My first project when I get released is to either get it fixed or get a new one.  It's nearly unusable at the moment.

In any event, for the next couple of days at least this will be the World Wide Headquarters for DOOM, focusing in the next few Sunday Brunch videos on the medical industry.  In the video above I outline some of the topics we will discuss.  Join us Inside the Diner for other video available only to Registered Diners.

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