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Published on The Doomstead Diner May 12, 2019

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It's been another Banner Week in the Trumpovetsky Soap Opera, in the ongoing battle over the Mueller Report, Collusion with the Ruskies to fix the POTUS election in 2016, his Tax Records, getting his syncophant marionette Fat Willie Barr to testify before CONgress, CONgress & the Demodopes in the House issuing Contempt citations which are ignored as often as the Subpoenas are (which is always), his $BILLION$ 🤑 losses as a NY Bizman over a decade of time, and his incompetence and fuck-ups on the international level in the escalating Trade War with China, piling more sanctions on Iran to stop them from selling Oil, and ongoing regime change efforts in Venezuela which so far have failed so a military escalation becomes more likely there all the time too.  Did I forget his desire to cancel elections and become Dictator for Life like the Chinese President?  Or at least make his term 6 years so he doesn't have to face an election in 2020, sure to be "stolen" from him by those nasty Demodopes!

In today's Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call we examine many of these issues, not all of them though because really, in a 20 minute rant you can't possibly fit in all the shit that El Trumpo whacks out in a whole week on the thumboard of his smartphone and disemminates to the masses via Twitshit.  We cover the major ones though, and it's about certain there will be followups to these various clusterfucks, since they're not going away anytime too soon.  Like not until November of 2020 and not even after that either I suspect.  I mean, Donalditry is STILL rehashing old golf scores with Obama-sama and Killary 2 years into his Presidency!

Besides running Trumpofsky over the Diner Coals in this Cooking Zone Political BBQ, we also take a look at the current field of Demodopes who hope to unseat his fat ass from the office chair in the Oval Office come November of 2020, but currently have the task of bashing each other to see who comes out on top as the nominee for the Dem Party and the White Knight who will take on and defeat the Black Knight of Sir Asshole of Racketville, the sitting POTUS Trumpty-Dumpty.  No matter how many limbs you hack off this guy, somehow he still keeps on truckin'.

Opinion varies Inside the Diner on the question of Trumpovetsky's beatability,  some do think the Demodopes are in such disarray and out of touch with the core electorate that no matter who they run they'll lose to Donalditry.  My opinion is he is beatable, but they have to put together a winning ticket that will bring factions of the party together.  The Top Contenders at the moment appear to be Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, Beto O'Rourke and Kamala Harris, with Uncle Joe showing what appears to be a commanding lead after just recently throwing his jockstrap into the ring.  Of all the candidates, Uncle Joe is the most palatable to the Demodope establishment and corporate interests, so the polling here is somewhat suspicious.  These numbers will inevitably bounce around quite a bit depending who is doing the polling and who the media focuses on at any given time.  We're not really going to know much here until the primaries get under way in early 2020.

As mentioned at the beginning, there's a whole lot more going on these days in the world of Collapse, not the least of which is the escalating threat of a hot war with Iran as more and more military hardware is moved into the neighborhood and the further deteriorating trade situation with China.  We'll get to those topics in a future Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call for sure.  Until then, break out the popcorn and check out the latest Tweetstorm from the Clown-in-Chief each morning if you want a good laugh.

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