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Published on The Doomstead Diner May 19, 2019

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It's been quite a while since I had an on-air chat with Monsta, who was my co-host and in the beginning our audio producer (before I buckled down to teach myself audio and then video editing) for the Collapse Cafe, a discussion and interview show we did on both Soundcloud (Audio Only) and YouTube (video) via Google Hangouts on Air.  The majority of Collapse Cafe broadcasts came between 2013 & 2017, and many are still relevant and still up in the archives on Diner Soundcloud and Diner YouTube.

When Google changed their software arrangement for Google Hangouts, we stopped doing this show.  It wasn't the only reason, regular Diners know about my pretty nasty health problems.  I returned to just blogging and chatting with other Diner on the Diner Forum for most of 2017-2019, doing just a few audio rants during this time.  Blogs & Forums however are now "ancient history" in the ever changing world of cyberspace, the current meme and wave of the forseeable future is in Video and Social Media.  My health has improved (some), and so I am back once again doing video production, morphing myself once again, this time from Blogger to Vlogger.  My past metamorphoses were from Forum Moderator beginning in the Jurrasic Period of  IRC chat on the Arpanet (which predates the Internet and World Wide Web) and then the Wild West of AOL in the beginning of the internet to Commenter on various Blogs & Forums and then transforming again into a Blogger myself when we opened the Diner for bizness in February of 2012.

Image result for sudan protests In this reunion with Monsta, who is half my age from another generation and lives across the pond in Jolly Old England as well as obviously being Black while I am White, we share our observations of a variey of HOT TOPICS currently hitting the MSM and impacting on the Collapse Dynamic.  We begin with an issue just now hitting the MSM newz, the ongoing protests and political turmoil occuring in Sudan.  As the child of immigrants from Sudan to the UK (back when people could actually DO this sort of migration), Monsta has first hand knowledge of the situation there and insights only a person with such a close connection to the turmoil can have.

Sudan also for those of you who are geographically challenged is right across the Red Sea and in between the Gulf of Suez to the north and the Straights of Hormuz to the south, neighboring Egypt to its north.This is the major body of water where most of the Oil flows out from, both to europe to the north and then to Asia and the FSoA via the Straights of Hormuz. Right on the other side of the Red Sea though is IRAN, and while Sudan doesn't have any OIL itself, it's geogrphically extremely important if/when a Hot War and Naaval Battles begin over there.  Given how hard the Shadow Goobermint of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) is trying to provoke such a war, it may not be too far off.

Image result for oil transport out of the red sea map

Besides the situation in Sudan, we also discuss the Brexit situation since along with Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves, Monsta is another Boots-on-the-Ground Brit Correspondent for the Diner Newz Service.  Britain's role also as an intermediary in the now crumbling relationship of the FSoA with other European nations is also discussed, along with the relationship with Brussels and NATO.

Image result for student debt ball and chain Finally, we discuss the escalating Student Loan issue plaguing mostly the FSoA, but also having some analogs and a different treatment of the debtors in Jolly Old England.  Among the many things currently threatening to blow up the economy here in the FSoA (and by extension the Global Economy) is the vast ocean of Irredeemable Debt currently hanging like a Ball & Chain around the necks of the Millenial Generation, and not treating retired Boomers too well either!

We hope you enjoy this reunion and discussion here on the Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call of the Doomstead Diner, if so make sure you give us a 👍 on our YouTube channel and/or Soundcloud Channel, and we'll do some more!  Be sure also to check out the prior videos we have done here if you missed them, all the archives of our past shows are avaialbe to watch or listen to, and hopefully will be until the Internet Goes Dark.

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