Wingsuiting the Seneca Cliff – A Collapse Conversation with Ugo Bardi

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Published on The Doomstead Diner June 16, 2019


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A great conversation with my old friend in Collapse analysis this week, Ugo Bardi.  For those of you newbies unfamiliar with Ugo, he's a professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Firenza in Italy and one of the authors of the original Limits to Growth study done in the 1970s.  Ugo is a fountain of knowledge on all areas of Collapse, who some in the field see as "overly optimistic" since he is very much a proponent of renewable energy, specifically in the area of solar photovoltaics.  I'm not entirely on the same page as Ugo on this one, but in most areas we are in general agreement on what is ongoing an what outcomes are most likely.

In today's chat, we looked at many of the issues currently impacting on Collapse, with a central focus on Italy, where Ugo resides.  It's a very good example of many of the problems we see expanding now through all the Western Industrialized natipns besides the energy issues, also the population and economic issues.

Probably the most important aspect of this chat is on the overall progress of Collapse, its rate of speed and how it is imacting all countries, not just Italy and not just the FSoA.  Too many pundits out there focus on an individual country, (the FSoA for instance) and look at how the politics are collapsing in that country, or the cultural aspect of the collapse, or the socioeconomics for that country, etc, etc, etc.  Morris Berman is particularly guilty of this kind of analysis, focusing on the FSoA collapse independent of the global collapse it is a part of.  Sorry Mo, you can't move to Old Mejico and be insulated from collapse, Mejico is collapsing too!  So is Japan, where maybe people are still real polite on the subway while they tap away on their smart phones, but those folks got almost as many problems ongoing in collapse as China does!  I doubt Mo wil do much better re-ex-patriating to Japan thaan to Mejico.  Assuming his Spanish is good, he's probably better of down there.  At least so far there the sushi isn't radioactive.

Then for those of you China Bulls out there like Pepe Escobar, Andre Vlitchek, Dmitry Orlov, Saker and a few others are concerned, China is so deep in the collapse toilet swirl it's time for the Tidy Bowl man to come in and scrub the shit stains off the porcelain. lol.  The Population Overshoot problem, Pollution problem and funny money credit problems over there DWARF those of the FSoA, in no small part because they also dwarf the FSoA in population and also showed up to the Industrialization Crap Table a Day Late and a Yuan Short.  When the Chinese get flushed here, it's going to be something to behold indeed.  However, it's really not all that important in the grand scheme, because realy, WTF CARES who is on top of the garbage heap of history?

In the interim before now and total fucking geopolitical collapse we could see a period where the controlling nations change and exchange cards, and Ugo is ready to pay his taxes to his new Chinese Overlords and Oligarchs.. For myself, if Vlad the Impaler decides to re-annex Alaska into the collapsing Ruskie Empire for one last gasp, I'll work on sprucing up my Russian vocabulary, which at the moment is pretty rudimentary.  I mean really, could Vlad be any worse than the Donald?  That's hard to imagine.

Werner von Braun had it right.

Knarf plays the Doomer Blues

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