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Published on The Doomstead Diner on June 23, 2019

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A cornucopia of threats is on the horizon. Nobody is prepared. Constructive leadership is vacant in the face of multiple global existential emergencies. To say the limits to growth have been reached does not go far enough to say what is now happening on our planet.

Limits to growth have been exceeded by unrestrained global population growth. The world is being rapidly terraformed into a caricature of the emerald and blue jewel the earth has been for people throughout all human history.

The earth needs to keep being a verdant green jewel for human survival but the earth is beginning to run a fever and may get very sick. It has an infection. The fever will cure the infection; population numbers will be reduced to a fraction of current numbers. Or people will become extinct. The earths' fever will rise to a temperature needed to do the job of eliminating the infection before it begins to go down.

If population impact is reduced by changes in human ways of living actual numbers need not be reduced by the laws of the universe and by human cruelty and ignorance. If so the fever need not rise far. The earth being infected by people is not a problem in itself; but the earth being infected by too many people is a huge growing and compounding problem.

Should families stop having children? No to that. I don't believe in human extinction. Families should simply not have more than two children. This ethic needs to be the way of the world for decent lives on this planet in the future. Population has to be checked to sustainable numbers and the ways people live needs to change to reduce the earths' fever to the lowest temperature it can be made to be. The lower the earths' fever the less pain people will have to endure in coming years. At this point a great deal of pain cannot be avoided.

This week Julian Cribb states the problem better than I so I'll let you hear him talk in today's interview with Sam Mitchell


There Will Come a Point When There Are More Migrants Than There Are Bullets

Sam Mitchell: What is the solution for the methane bomb?

Julian Cribb: The only solution is to cool the earth and that means to stop using fossil fuels immediately.

Sam Mitchell: But you and I both know that is not going to happen Julian.

Julian Cribb: We do.

Sam Mitchell: We do?! Is that the end of your comment on that one?

Julian Cribb: Well it is going to get bloody tough….

I'll add if we don't start taking positive steps. Julian's interview paints a dark portrait of our future. The showbusiness of convention politics needs to be replaced by enlightenment. It can be done and if it is not done tragedy will be our future. Collapse will compound with nuclear pollution possibly being the demise of any organism on earth with a typical lifespan of more than seven years..

An outrageous statement do you think? If so this next video is not for you. Only a serious connoisseur of doom or those with an enlightened mind should watch this next video.





Why Everything Will Collapse









It should be remembered that predicting the future can be difficult and error prone. Don't try it at home or perhaps better advice is don't try it anywhere else. Maintain the positive perspective of trying to make everyone you meet better for having known you. Try and be happy. You have some choice in the happiness matter and living in denial does not have to be part of your choice.

Keep the big picture where it should be and nowhere it should not be. While collapse may quicken; investments in love can grow. A cursory sojourn into real news will show the American perspective of the same beltway story repeated a dozen times in a dozen ways through the day to be a pernicious lie. We live in a world of change. Existential change which ignored now means not being able to exist anymore. A state otherwise known as death. A situation that only madness would ignore.

I hope everybody has a great week and no more nuclear energy without solving the nuclear waste disposal problem first.



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