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Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 11 2020


You go through life immersed in a common culture and you gain a common understanding of things. Russia kicked Germany's ass in WWII. Germany would have lost the war even without American Help. Yet the land I grew up in was an America which took full credit for the entire operation.

Later in life if you are a certain kind of person you learn the truth that what everybody thinks to be true of some things are often myths. Sometimes outright lies but if you are able to maintain balance and accept uncomfortable truths; reality can reveal its truths to you.

If you are another kind of person you cultivate a wall of ignorance which keeps you safe. Truths which challenge the comfortable environment you are familiar with you reject. Sometime with the same kind of skill which put man on the moon.

As I type this Trump is playing in another screen window on my computer. Trump is in Texas and has crashed a law and order conference or something. Don't know and I don't care. Instead I concentrate on Trumps insults and his technique. I am figuring out what Trump is up to; how he sells his snake oil and I'm doing well at figuring it all out.

Lots of generic feel good talk which everybody can agree with and anybody with a brain or speechwriter can say. Making the brain part somewhat optional.

Take credit for things that can pass as progress and improvements wherever you can. Pepper it into into your rational generic salad talk. Personal involvement in any instance taken credit for not necessary under Trump rules. I have spotted a tell. Whenever Trump tells a really big I'm taking credit for this wopper he get both excited and nervous. Both at the same time and it shows. It is incongruous excitement. Trump gets a little spine quiver. Pulling off a big deception is a coup for Trump. Trump knows how hard human vanity will defend false beliefs should they be unmasked. Knowing this brings Trump comfort. The more blatant a deception can at times make it the most secure deception of all. Hence the Trump rush. Look for it.

Alternate false taking of credit with enemy attack. Trump has the rhythm down. To the left and to the right. Then box it together with your hands. In a Trump enemy attack truth matters even less than blatantly taking credit for things that Trump had nothing to do with. Trump enjoys it more because it is competitive and all Trump self-eteem comes from competion. It is all Trump knows or understands.

Trump has insulted Seattle and our Washington States Governor several times in his ramble. A highly competent and good man named Jay Inslee who has been a leader in the responsible fight against Covid-19 is our Washington State Governor. Trump calls Inslee's strong leadership weak. Trump is now showing himself to be a fascist rascist pig. I can't believe what I am hearing now.

Trump is claiming that education is the key to the black mans future. That's right boys, wait another twenty years while your asses learns something. Hearing this is making me ill. The man's lack of compassion and understanding is unbelievable in a President. Perhaps you will get a break in tuition at the new Trump U?

Now Trump wants a new inner city investment initiative or something and is claiming great progress for getting it off the ground. Something which glitters with gold no doubt! Giving rich people tax breaks is the cure to all social ills to this strange orange man. To me the idea has a certain alien flavor; like something out of this world and something not good. But Americans accept such talk as rational and normal.

Trump has made up false facts about Seattle to engender a race war to guarantee his re-election now. I first heard of this from early morning tweets which had reached the news. Now the same nonsense is repeated. National instability has obviously become the key to Trumps continued plan for success. It is the only thing that hides Trump incompetence which has now killed thousands and the theft of our national treasury by his minions.

For this reason the fascist technique of manufacturing scapegoat enemies perfected by Trump through his involvement in professional wrestling (kayfabe), real estate promotion, and reality television is on full display.

It is Trumps basic technique, create an enemy that does not exist or exaggerate an enemy which does exist. Or rant about an enemy that sort of exists under the right circumstances. But rant loud and proud because that is more important than being right in the Trump world. Use inappropriate and unfair caricature if necessary (otherwise known as racism) but if it comes from Trump it is a holy truth and a cornerstone of civilization. Like when Trump sneers and says CHINA. It takes talent to say it in all caps and Trump can do it with a panache of disgust. That Trump uses lowbrow techniques is not a surprise. Trumps only move is to manipulate through emotion. He has no other technique. Without actual substance Trump can do nothing else. But Trump had a good teacher; Adolph Hitler. Thankfully for us Trump is not dedicated to hard work like Hitler was, thankfully not even close.

Seattle is not burning to the ground. Seattle's leadership is exploring ways to deescalate conflict and that has pissed Trump off. Trump promotes racism as a new national identity and seeks to engender conflict. It is the only thing which keeps Trump from facing the consequences of who he is and what he has done. Brazil is having similar problems.

Of American cities which have experienced recent troubles Seattle is far from being on the top of the list. Please keep Your President on the East Coast and tell him only trolls tweet after midnight.


SEATTLE (KOMO) — Protesters spent a second night into a third day occupying several blocks around Capitol Hill in what's become known as the "CHAZ" — Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The demonstrations remained peaceful — Wednesday's protests featured people playing music and dancing. A movie was played on a projector at night. All while keeping a message of police reform in mind.

Make of this what you will, we do not need Federal Troops.

I am not going to the CHAZ. I respect but do not agree with it. Appropriate behavior in a pandemic requires discipline. Some Americans think in the name of personal hedonist desires they have a right to endanger their fellow Americans. They do not.

I knew the American ignorant worship of ‘Law and Order” would lead to this. I knew it would lead to this years ago. American policing was preempted by power and a Luis Mumford megamachine resulted. Devoid of life-enhancing values which the best of policing serves, the good guys lost.

The machine became the master in service to power and people its slaves. Now good guys I hope can kick some ass and take policing away from the prison industrial megamachine which has siezed it from the people and give the machine over to the service of the public good where it belongs. The machine must be repurposed.

Resistance accepts that even in failure the inner freedom of defiance waters a thirsty soul. It is perhaps the only real freedom and true happiness we can know. Fascism is fought because it is the right thing to do. No other reason is needed.


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