The Rehab Nightmare


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Published on The Doomstead Diner  on October 18, 2020

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I'm on the cusp of leaving the succor and care of our medical industry for further adventures in Home Care, to see how "independent" I can actually remain before I need to be dumped full time into Assisted Care Living prior to buying my ticket to the great beyond.   Unfortunately there is no assisted suicide parlors around here, so my meat package has to go somewhere in this limbo-land between life and death.

I get released from the rehab facility Monday.  Not because I am healed, but because I have used up the 20 days Medicare pays for.  I am still in terrific pain and have no idea really how I will manage to continue to live on my own as we move along here.  I'll be getting some home health care, Physical Therapy and Wound Care amd I'll employ one of my UE neighbors for household tasks, but I'll still be on my own most of the time.  This is a good time to have a family to fall back on, but at the same time you don't want to leave this world remembered by your family as a dying burden either.  After a couple of years, family stop even coming to visit in the nursing homes.

I think the last 2 months have been a complete waste of time, money and subjection to pain I could have done without if they had simply amputated the leg at the beginning.  I am going to try to last another month with the Wound Care treatment plan, but I think before the month is up I will be looking at amputation as my Christmas Present.  I am quite sure I can get around much better on a prosthesis and it should get rid of the pain.

The Main Right Leg Wound

In most respects nowadays, I am already dead.  I don't have anything left to say I .haven't said already, and nothing I do say matters a whit as far as how the future will progress anyhow.   I did everything I am ever going to do in my life already, there are no new adventures to take for me anymore.  Everyone gets to this point eventually, I just made it here a little quicker than some of my peers,

In some respects though I am very much alive, I still consume food and produce waste and I still feel pain.  My entire life such as it is now just consists of eating, excreting, sleeping and living in pain.  Every day is worse than the day before, and I know the outcome, just not the actual end date.  Much like Collapse of course.  Collapse is an abstract thing happening at the social level though, whereas dying is a personal thing happening to YOU.  This makes it much harder to deal with.

The Diner of course is also dying a slow death here, and I no longer have the energy or the will to prop it up on my own.  I will still publish periodic blogs and vlogs as hopefully we get the pain under control, and I'll drop the occasional newz story here on the forum just in case anyone is around reading and wants to chew the collapse fat.

We all know what's coming now, it's all a done deal and everyone is pretty much concerned with their own personal problems in negotiating the end game here of industrial Civilization and the Empire of the Age of Oil.  As bad as Trumpovetsky was, there will be far worse in the future.  I am not interested in endlessly discussing the politics involved here, but this is the direction many people are taking as their focus during the end stages we are now immersed in.  So the Diner is basically obsolete now as a discussion platform for alternative living paradigms and living in a low per capita energy world of the future we are due for.

I hope all the remaining Diners periodically drop in to let us know how things are going for you and your loved ones.  It has been a great run here with this blog, I couldn't have lasted without it.  Thank you all.

Knarf plays the Doomer Blues

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