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When I first heard of the Mayan calendar, I was still plumbing on St. John. Maybe five years ago. My introduction to the subject went something like this:

Friend: You hear about the Mayan calendar and 2012?

Me: No. What about it?

F: It’s suppose to end in 2012.

Me: Well all calendars gotta end. I take it that this one lasts over a year or no one would would be talking about it ending.

F: Yeah, something like ten thousand years.

Me: I hope the Mexican economy doesn’t depend on the calendar printing business. Jeez, maybe I should hang up the new one in the tool shed. But if it’s gotta last 10,000 years, I better pick one with a really good looking siliconized woman who will stand the test of time. I think I saw a picture of that Mayan job once. It was a big round stone with really ugly people and animals with big teeth. No buxom women at all as far as I can recall.

F: There might not be a new calendar.

Me: That’s OK. My watch fell into a septic tank the other day anyway.

F: Some people are saying that the reason that it ends is that the world ends the same day. Thus no need for a new one.

Me: That’s a pretty drastic way to avoid printing up a new calendar. When exactly is it suppose to end anyway.

F: I think it’s Dec 22, 2012. Didn’t get the hour.

I didn’t take this news too seriously at the time. I mean even though I was a lowly plumber, I had been trained at an Ivy League institution as a chemist and had a modicum of self-respect. Though research earlier in life had convinced me that UFO’s were real visitors and involved in a huge government cover-up, and I had been interested since my early 20’s hippy days in Eastern metaphysics (but never hung out at airports), I was not ready for the end of the world. Particularly from some stone age primitives who had spent most of their time wrestling anacondas in their living rooms.

Well, times have changed. As I plunged down the rabbit hole this year, trying to separate the wheat gluten from the disinformation, I have gradually started to take this Dec 22 event a lot more seriously. Mainly because I have learned that human history is not what they teach in the universities and that the ancient Mayans were a lot smarter and more knowledgable than I had supposed in my Western pseudoCiv arrogance. But the main reason I started taking it seriously is that, of the seven heaviest hitters in my batting order of the penultimate truth team, six of them say that the period of Dec 22 to April 1, 2013 will be one of conventionally unimaginable earth changes and astronomical events, which will involve massive tsunami’s, volcanism, earthquakes, super hurricanes, very large meteor strikes, and changes in solar radiation including a hyper Carrington event (if you don’t know what this is, check it out in Wiki), all of which are going to rattle a lot of teeth. Interestingly enough, of my seven great truthsayers, numero uno and batting clean-up, David Icke, says that it is all a lot of hype put out by the Consortium to scare the shit out of everyone. Well Icke is my number one man, but he is still outnumbered 6 to 1, so I figure the odds at well over 50%. Which is not to say that there aren’t a lot of Illuminati flaks flapping their buttcheeks about this purported event as well. One of the stupider and more repulsive, goes by the unlikely name of Drunvalo Melchizedek. He is currently hanging out in Vale CO. Speaks for itself. And I coulda been a contenda.

Along with these cataclysmic earth changes, there are predictions that a lot of really wonderful things are going to happen with the human race in what one might describe as a metaphysical revolution. Many of us will be allowed to graduate from our prison planet. Others may receive a get out of jail free card in the mail. If anyone is interested in this part, research it for yourself.

Then there is the strange anomalies of Illuminati behavior.

1) They have accelerated their global police state agenda as if they are ready to implement a total crackdown before the end of the year.

2) The nations of the world and the central banks are spending money like there is no tomorrow (or at least no next year), as if they are just trying to get to Christmas before the SHTF. Are they really so stupid that they wouldn’t foresee that what they have done since 2008 has increased the eventual problems by an order of magnitude or two. Unless they knew in advance that the global reset was going to be much bigger than anyone outside their select top circle could imagine.

3) All the major powers have been building “secret” underground cities for decades. Actually China and Russia have also been building deep shelters and “subways going nowhere” for many millions of citizens. The USA and Europe has been building plusher cities, as Dr. Strangelove had suggested, much, much deeper and strictly for the political, corporate, and military elite. We don’t seem to be facing an immediate threat of nuclear war beyond Israel and Iran having a get go. It is rumored that some congresspeople have become such whores because they were threatened to get their tickets cancelled. Maybe that is what Obama said to Denis Kucinich on their famous Air Force One mating flight. “Gonna pull your ticket if you don’t tow the line on this vote and that of your lovely redheaded new bride too.” Even if I were 40 years younger, I would rather die on my feet than be locked up forever with these creeps. Even Sartre couldn’t convey “the horror” with a 300 pound Brando playing lead. Interestingly, both the Chinese and Russian construction contracts are considered ultra urgent and have a mandatory completion date of 2012. Apparently there will be an underground spot for every citizen of Moscow.

4) The end of USA manned flight. After 54 years and tens (hundreds?) of billions of dollars, the USA has no way of putting a man into space without buying a business class ticket from the Ruskies. And Putin has been so uppity and ornery since his recent re-election. I guess they just plum forgot to replace the shuttle. Shit like this happens. The director of NASA gave a decommissioning speech for the remaining shuttles and mentioned the great things that USA astronauts were going to do in space. The assistant director whispered in his ear, “You know, we never built a replacement for the shuttle.” After the speech, the Director asked how it came to pass that a replacement was never planned. He was told that nobody ever thought of it. These things happen. It’s like paying your mortgage late and getting a penalty.

5) Fuckyoushima is poisoning the entire northern hemisphere and nobody in any government is even scratching their collective groins about it. When the spent rod pools on the roofs collapse, particularly the one with plutonium in it, and it’s just a matter of time, it’s game over.

So how did the elites learn about our upcoming main event? I heard that they have friends in high places. I recommend that everyone load up on beer and popcorn in early December before the rush. But with a hyper Carrington event in the offing, I guess we’ll just have to pull out the lounge chairs and look up. Don’t forget your sunglasses.

Down the Rabbit Hole

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No matter how paranoid I get, I just can’t keep up with reality.
Paraphrase of Lily Tomlin

In my short time here on the DD, I have already come out with some pretty outrageous statements. Not only am I a traditional anti-Illuminati conspiracy theorist, which is rather old hat on DD, but I fall more along the David Icke camp, which adds to the Illuminati theorist syndrome UFO’s and ETI’s (defined as non-human intelligences), the secret space program and breakaway civilization, free energy, and that Icke is right and there is a race of extra-dimensional beings (I would actually refer to them as extra-density beings) that have preyed on the human race for millennia and are really calling the shots. When they tell David Rockefeller or the Rothschilds to jump, they ask how high.

So how did a nice boy from New Jersey come to this sad end? Was I born that way, and not only avoided the Men in Black but also the Men in White all these years? Did I take a red pill I found on the street or did I find one of those nifty sunglasses as featured on They Live!? The truth is that I became disaffected with the establishment at a pretty early age. In the fifth grade, an uncle told me that he thought flying saucers were real and I should read this book by Major Donald Keyhoe to check it out. I was a very scientifically oriented kid and knew how far each planet was from earth. So I found a copy in the library, checked it out and read it. Shortly thereafter I learned that Keyhoe was about to have a debate on national TV with the Air Farce. I was quite excited about it. It was before everything was videotaped in advance. We have this from the Wiki piece on Keyhoe:

On 22 January 1958 Keyhoe appeared on a CBS live television show the Armstrong Circle Theatre to speak on the topic of UFOs. Keyhoe charged that a U.S. Congressional committee was evaluating evidence that “will absolutely prove that the UFOs are machines under intelligent control”. However CBS stopped the audio portion of the live broadcast. Herbert A. Carlborg, CBS Director of Editing stated “this program had been carefully cleared for security reasons.”

Well, I wouldn’t describe myself as a kid with a lot of street smarts, but that little incident sort of put it in the bag for me. Off and on for the next 50 years I would update the UFO scene. It was obvious that there was a multigenerational conspiracy by the shadow government to keep the ET/UFO thing covered up though I was not sure of their true motivations.

About 5 years ago I started to study macro-economics and became active on TAE. After four years of this, I started to connect the dots and realized that the Illuminati cabal was real and running the show, and the people at TAE were really in the dark. This triggered a whole lot of research and things just snowballed.

But when you are sitting in that electrolyte bath, all plugged in, and Morpheus isn’t coming along to offer some Day-Glo pills not to mention (again) those nifty sunglasses, how do you peek past the Matrix. I only know of two ways. One way is through very advanced meditation where you leave your 3D body for little trips elsewhere, or go down to the tropics, hook up with some shamans, and take some DMT botanicals involving lots of vomiting and diarrhea. Haven’t done the shaman route and never got very far in mediation. The other way is to look for anomalies. The false reality bullshit that we are being fed is full of glitches and anomalies, and its fun to find one, and pull on it like a thread hanging off of an arrogant woman’s skirt made of a poorly woven fabric. There is no telling where that might lead in this age of the internet.

And here is a tale of a curious man who did just that – Martyn Stubbs, former director of a community cable station in Vancouver, BC. The following link is the first of a youtube 8 part series. It gets curiouser and curiouser as you go along. Stubbs recently came down with a malignant brain tumor, and it was reported as fact in the conspiracy media that he had died of it. But recently it has come out that he has, in fact survived the cancer (so far), and is keeping his head well below the ridge line now and will not divulge his location or give more interviews.

Stubbs was a professional video man who saw a flicker in the public NASA shuttle download footage (1/30th of a second to be exact) and just pulled on the thread. OTOH, this stuff was hiding in plain sight. NASA could have encrypted it in addition to just hiding it, and Stubbs would never have unraveled that skirt. Go figure.

Happy viewing

Which also gets to why I rarely get into ridiculous, long winded debates. Most people just don’t want their apple cart of reality scattered all over the road, particularly when it turns out that Hannibal Lecter is your next door neighbor. The only way people will believe that they live in a thought controlled Matrix reality is for them to become curious and fearless enough to take a shovel and start digging out the truth themselves. No thinking munchkin believes without putting in a lot of personal sweat. Shouting at one’s fellow muppets to Wake Up! just makes them more determined to keep on dreaming. And trying to uncover the Truth is worse than being one of John La Carre’s spymasters. Disinformation and bullshit are everywhere. The last thing that the Consortium (I use that term to reflect the alliance of the Illuminati and their non-human associates) want is for us muppets to wake up. It would be very, very inconvenient for them. And they have all the money in the world, the non-humans have a much higher IQ than us, are usually invisible, and can travel in time to some extent. We stand as much chance as a herd of cattle, which is just how the Predators regard us. Except a typical rancher or shepherd is a lot more empathetic to his herd or flock than the Predators are to us. But the one thing that these peoplepokes don’t want is a stampede. That can get really messy.

So what is the point of watching Stubbs’ investigation? Just pointing out that , hey, there’s is a hanging thread if you want to come pull on it. They are everywhere but this one’s a beaut.


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The Illuminati has this wonderful attitude toward morality. They teach us by the age of 5 that violence against others is wrong. That stealing is wrong. By the age of 15 – killing and counterfeiting is wrong. And they are correct ………. except for the little exception that they reserve the right to do all of these things themselves. Violence is called the police and law. Stealing is called taxes. Killing is called capital punishment and war, and counterfeiting is the fractional reserve system and central banking. When we do it, it is a crime. When they do it, it is God’s work and societies redemption. Nice scam if you can pull it off. They’ve been doing well for at least 6000 years in some locales. Our world is a psychopath’s oyster.

You get all these alternative media spokesmen such as Max Keiser and the mythical Tyler Durden touting precious metals as currency, stating that fiat currency is the root of all evil. Well, the USA for one was on the gold standard from Hamilton’s first Bank of the United States until FDR pulled his little racket in 1933 when he outlawed gold for Joe and Jane Bagodonuts. But a history of this period indicates that it was no monetary Eden, because the snake in Eden is not fiat paper but the fractional reserve banking system. But do you hear Durden decrying the near infinite expansion and rehypothecation of credit? Well, not when it inconveniences him. When the CME raises the margin requirement on the gold contracts by one percent, he reacts like his novel’s namesake character when he was about to be castrated. And outlawing naked CDS’s? Well forget it. Worse than child abuse. Zero Hedge is not about to lead us into the Promised Land.

But the true reptile in the Garden seems to be fractional reserve banking. This is where certain crony capitalists are permitted to counterfeit money they don’t have. It purportedly began as overt fraud by the goldsmiths in 16th century Italy. At least in those days justice was swift and brutal when a bank run exposed the deceit. An occupational hazard that Jon Corzine believes himself, with good reason, to be immune to. I am sure we all know here that when you go to your local bank to get a loan to buy that hot new red sports car, the bank just makes up the money out of thin air and puts some electrons in your account. In theory, there was a time when they were suppose to have at least 10% of the counterfeited money either in stock equity or deposits, but this has been watered down to zero in the last 15 years. So the ratio to counterfeit becomes infinite.

Back in the mid 1700’s the colonies were issuing their own interest free scrip money and their economies were going great guns with hardly any inflation. The English Crown and the Bank of England were pissed at this because they were not getting their bankster cut of every transaction, so they outlawed colonial scrip at the point of a gun. The colonies went into an instant and severe depression. As Nicole Foss likes to say, money and credit is the SAE 10-40 of the economy’s engine. No money and the engine seizes up in a couple of blocks. Ben Franklin, an undisputed genius, stated bluntly on several occasions that by far the greatest reason behind the American revolution was the outlawing of colonial scrip. The truth was that the direct taxation on items such as tea was small potatoes. The Boston Tea Party was just a price fixing scam by some local jokesters. Of course they can’t teach this in the high schools as it might raise some embarrassing questions from students who haven’t had their brains shut down with fluoride, Ritalin, aspartame, MSG, or SSRI soma, assuming there are any left.

But even if you outlawed the banks from doing fractional reserve, would this end the problem? Well, as a plumber I use to buy a lot of stuff at the supply company. I always paid my tab on the first of the month, but they gave you an option to let it ride for a 2% monthly fee. This is de facto fractional reserve banking by a hardware store. Upon a little thought, the serpent is actually the concept of interest itself, otherwise known in previous centuries as usury. My Mac OS dictionary has the following definition.

usury |ˈyoō zh (ə)rē|
the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.
• archaic interest at such rates.

Well excuse me, Mac dictionary, but the archaic definition of usury was interest at any fucking rate. Winston must have dropped that down the memory hole.

Strangely enough, both the Vatican (in previous centuries) and Mohammed got this little fact about basic economics 100% right. Interest, i.e. usury, is the dark side of the force.

Idiots, Geniuses and Psychopaths

One thing all the media have in common is to refer constantly to how frigging stupid the technocrats and politicians such as Bernanke and Obama are.  The NY Times (hypothetically – I haven’t read the (toilet) paper of record in years) does it subtly and demurely.  The polite “alternative media” such as Chris Martenson may do it politely but less subtly.  The blunt alternative media (TAE) says it bluntly.  The snarky alternative media (Zero Hedge) says it with continuous sarcasm.  But, in their own individual styles, they all say the same damn thing – that the Status Quo technocrats and pols are de facto idiots steering the global economy through sheer cowardice, lack of imagination, and stupidity into the jagged rocks.

Exactly.  But unfortunately the de facto idiots are not the central bankers or their bossman shareholders, quasi human or otherwise, but rather the vast majority of the alternative financial media.  (We all know that the MSM are not only idiots but presstitutes.  Why beat a dead horse?)  And there is a good reasons for this.  Most of the alternative media, despite their individual foibles, even the ones who yell at their dogs after a hard day at the office, are essentially decent human beings and cannot imagine the minds of the true psychopaths who run our planet.  They simply cannot envision, for example, intentionally destroying the beautiful Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, or causing millions of Japanese children to experience slow and painful deaths as they melt from radiation sickness and cancers.  Yeah, it is a lack of imagination.  But I cannot condemn humanity because this lack of imagination shows its basic decency.  Perhaps the fact that I can imagine it shows a glaring, infested abscess in my personal spiritual make-up.
David Icke is a genius in many respects, but perhaps the greatest is his ability to translate the complex into simplicity for the Everyman without losing its substance.  So Icke takes the abstruse Hegelian dialectic and translates it into Problem>Reaction>Solution.  The Illuminati need a constant problem as the locomotive force for their agenda.  The problem itself may vary depending on the arena.  It may be 9/11 or it might be a currency that was born to fail.  The one thing that the problem must do is generate great fear and panic among the muppets who then demand a solution.  So like a true Aikido master, the Elites supply the solution, which always translates into a consolidation of its regional or global power.  If it does not, that means that the Illuminati lost that hand at the poker table.  But so far, they haven’t lost many.  Of course, the solution is never The Solution.  Which then forms the basis of the next iteration in their consolidation of power into a global, feudalistic police state.
So instead of ragging on with just how stupid Benjamin Shalom Bernanke is, let’s assume that he is totally brilliant and that things are proceeding exactly as he and his bosses planned.  Let’s assume that not only are they brilliant, but that they have access to supercomputers that are damn close to Kurtzweil’s self-aware singularity.  Then let us extrapolate the current solution and see how that leads to their consolidation of power, and of course, the development of the next huge problem.  Even a mediocre chess player can run this at least six moves ahead, but I will leave that up to our accomplished readership since I was beaten at chess by a first generation Atari 2600 at level one 🙁
So as a challenge, I suggest that the DD readership reverse engineer the financial Illuminati’s “mistakes,” assume that they are not mistakes at all, and thereby reconstruct their actual agenda.

Generalisimo Bloomberg and the Big Gulp Flap

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This is a comment I sent into Zero Hedge:

This will sound psychotic to many of you, but the NWO is not your friend 🙂 Their intention is to kill off, one way or another, at least 90% of what war criminal Henry Kissinger (who got the pent house suite of honor at Bilderberg this week) refers to as “useless eaters.” And to put most in a stupor in the meantime. They just don’t need that many slaves and serfs now with the new technology and cybernetics. Some of this may be difficult to believe simply because it is very difficult for normal human beings with a basic sense of empathy and decency to get into the head and (empty) heart space of our global leaders. They are psychopaths and have been self-bred for psychopathy for centuries (at least). In addition, they are covertly conditioned as children to reinforce their genetic tendencies. As the late, great George Carlin put it shortly before he died, “It’s a club and you ain’t in it.”

Most of their actions have more than one reason. They are very clever and efficient in that respect. One major reason that Bloomberg is suggesting this new regulation is to force the muppets to switch to aspartame (NutraSweet) soft drinks. While HFCS is bad for your health and brain, aspartame is 20 times worse. Those well hooked up inside the Matrix will argue that aspartame must be all right because it was thoroughly tested before it was allowed to enter the food system by the FDA. Really?

Aspartame was owned by Searle in 1980, which was a failing company. The newly appointed CEO of Searle at the time was arch-demon, war criminal, and SEC DEF under Ford (and once again in the future under W) Donald Rumsfeld. He had to take a break from “public service” when the Democrats under Carter had a four year stretch. There was no way that the FDA was going to approve Aspartame under normal circumstances because it was so injurious. But Reagan owed Rumsfeld. An executive order was signed by Reagan his second day in office that the acting Commissioner of the FDA was not to take any regulatory decisions regarding aspartame until a new, Reagan administration one was approved by the Senate and took office. The new one, of course, was vetted by Rumsfeld, and pushed aspartame through against any opposition by career scientists. If you think I am making this shit up, research it. The dots are pretty much in the public record. You just have to connect them.

Off the Reservation

First off.  While I may drop in occasionally as a lurker to TAE, I do not intend to comment or attempt to post articles there in the future.  As many people who have my direct email have contacted me about this, I have decided to post on an alternate site regarding my reasons.  This is a personal odyssey, so if there are more “i’s” in it than the latest gadgets from the Book of Jobs, forgive me.  This is hopefully my final reference to TAE.  

It is said that dogs have no real sense of time, and it seems that I have entered a period of mental deterioration where I have joined my canine compadres in this regard.  And what makes it sadder is that I cannot have a complete news download from the local hydrant nor derive great satisfaction from sniffing butts. But so be it.  In that amorphous zone of time which I have now entered, I think I became a regular reader, and then commenter on TAE sometime in early 2007, first as el Pollo prior to my species upgrade.

Prior to then I have always hated economics.  When I was 20 I took a course in economics 101 and never signed up for 102.  It made me appreciate my chemistry major all the more.  I remember telling a friend that I would rather study God’s rules than some little skinny bald guy with bad breath and a green eyeshade.  I must have been having a flash forward of the Maestro.  But once I hit 60 and I could see the end of the line in terms of the manual work from which I earned my living, like it or not, I decided I better learn something about the dismal science, which, though far from a science, is certainly dismal.  And living on an island where the annual coast-to-coast racing event is titled 8 Tuff Miles, I turned to the Internet to reignite my education.

As an aside, because my island was a tourist haven and a  villa retreat for the 0.1%, I saw little chance of being able to retire there without  (what the IRS refers to as) an earned income, despite the fact that almost all my close friends lived there.  And sadly, though it is usually not included in that great inverted pyramid running from gold to derivatives, good friends underlie gold in that pantheon of value.  Starting about that time I decided to take at least six weeks off during the heart of hurricane season to visit Latin America in the hopes of finding my retirement paradise.  I had originally considered Costa Rica as my first stop (primarily because of all the holistic groupie hype about it).  But  I mistakenly thought that it was also a seasonal target of hurricanes, so chose Peru as my first adventure.  (As I later learned while residing there, Costa Rica is too close to the equator to take a direct hit from a hurricane).  As I love the sea and high mountains Peru seemed a natural, and I wasn’t disappointed, returning there several years afterward for my “hurricane break vacation.”

Prior to my foray in 2005 into the dismal science, I had occupied my synapses with the 9/11 “question.”  By happenstance I had seen the second jet crash live on TV, and for a period of many months I drank the kool-aid like the rest of the American sheeple.  But certain things about it didn’t add up, and I starting digging into it deeper using the Internet and my background in the physical sciences.  The deeper I dug, the more ridiculous the government conspiracy theory became.  This is not the place to go into why the Potemkin Village of 9/11 is such a crudely crafted farce other than to say that the men who designed it though immensely arrogant, had accurately gauged the degree to which the typical American sheep was plugged into the matrix.  Crafting it more convincingly would simply be a waste of black resources.  But the mass murder of 3000 odd “citizens” of various ethnic backgrounds and financial status (none of the true elites however) was a small price to pay for this second, self-manufactured Pearl Harbor and the paving of The New American Century.

But I was forbidden to discuss it in TAE in the comment section and this became, over the years, an infected burr under my saddle.  To this day I feel more than a tinge of red anger when I think about it.  I was discussing this with RE of the Doomstead Diner a few weeks ago, and his comment, to the best of my recollection was something like,  we don’t discuss the 9/11 that much on Doomstead Diner as anyone with any brains knows that it was an inside job, and those that don’t are too stupid to bother with or have an agenda which is not in accord with what we regard as the best interests of our readers.  

But one cannot underestimate the importance of 9/11 as it formed the basis of the transformation of American jurisprudence leading to its final coup d’grace or however the bullfighters refer to their ritualistic final slaughter at the end of the “match.”  That occurred this past New Year’s Eve for the many who may have been too drunk to notice with the presidential signing of the NDAA.  It also formed the basis of the paramilitary Stasi state that the USA had become with TSA thugs groping the genitals of children, removing artificial limbs from the handicapped, and ogling the naked pictures of the young and better endowed.  And now they have moved from the airports to Interstate road blocks.  One step at a time to boil us frogs.  Vaterland Insecurity recently ordered 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point bullets, known as “man shredders”. This calibre is used exclusively in semiautomatic pistols, which are rarely used in true military combat.  Further, the Geneva Conventions forbid the use of hollow points in combat, requiring a full metal jacket.  So it is the American “citizen” who will be the proud recipient of an exit wound the size of a cantaloupe.  But my calculations indicate the DHS under ordered.  A proper gangland murder is a “double tap” – two shots to the back of the skull, and there are an estimated 320 million residents in the USA at the moment.  So to kill us all off with a double tap, they should have ordered 640 million rounds.  But perhaps they have other surprises in store for us.

9/11 also ushered in the “long resource war” which so far has included Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and Syria (in its overture , a crass plagiarism of Libya), with a thrilling climax eventually when the time is deemed proper, for Iran.  But, of course, all these events and manifestations are economically extremely unimportant and would only sully the pristine comment section and feature articles of TAE.

In 2005 I took time out from my 9/11 investigations, which by then had reached the point of redundancy since the conclusions were inescapable, and I started to investigate economics in relationship to my upcoming retirement.  And I soon got past the MSM, Judith Miller type New York Times parrot drivel.  I suddenly felt a tinge of fear that my retirement was not to be as I planned.  I must admit that in the earliest period, I actually purchased a book by Paul Krugman,  but I take solace that I bought it used through Amazon for 99 cents and never read it.  Soon I saw that there was this huge financial wave heading at us, a veritable tsunami, that practically everyone was ignoring. In my attempt to learn more about this tsunami I happened onto TAE blog site and the rest is history 🙂

So let me at this point offer a certain thanks to the two original editors of TAE.  I got a very good training in basic macroeconomics over the years and it gave me a forum to sharpen my rather inept writing skills.  It also put me in contact with scores of very fine people.  But now we have a parting of the ways.   I have chosen to leave on three grounds but in summary, they all add up to the fact that I, personally,  am finding the site increasingly irrelevant.

Just as Ilargi and Nicole moved on from the Oil Drum Canada because it chose to ignore the most immediate threat, that of global financial collapse, I have moved on from TAE because it has, for the most part, chosen to ignore the new, most immediate threat, even superseding financial collapse, namely the fascist, federalized police state both in the USA and the EU.  The staff of TAE chooses to believe that the coming collapse is just a mindless Hegelian unfolding of the age old boom-bust cycle, but for reasons which were never really clearly spelled out, this time it’s different, in that the boom is an order of magnitude bigger than any that preceded it, and so will be the bust.

Mindless my ass.  Just like the nanothermite that imploded WTC7 on 9/11 (without the obfuscations of a structurally insignificant airliner collision), what is going on with the finance of this planet is a planned demolition structured by a tiny minority of the world’s population.  They are referred to by different names.  Historically they were the Illuminati.  George the Elder, himself a significant  player, referred to them as the New World Order or NWO.  Some just refer to them as The Powers That Be, or more accurately, The Powers That Shouldn’t Be.  Some are too frightened, as the peasants in the Harry Potter series in regard to Voldemort, to even acknowledge their existence or affix a name.

Sometimes I imagine two German colonels with high peaked hats, large field glasses, and facial saber scars, high over the beaches of Normandy and looking out to sea.  It is the early morning of June 6, 1944.

Fritz:  Wolfie, you see all those warships and troop transporter out there on the horizon?  You think they are up to something?

Wolfie:  Yes, I see them but the enemy is incapable of organizing themselves into a coherent plan.  They are too busy bickering among themselves and jousting for power advantage among their leaders.

Fritz:  Yes, I am sure you are right.  That’s what the planners at high command tell us.  Yet they seem to have method to their movements.  Everything seems so well synchronized.

Wolfie:  I am quite sure that a storm on the English side broke those ships free from their moorings and some are simply drifting over here, propelled by the forces of tide and wind.

Fritz:  Yes.  And who am I, a lowly colonel, to argue with the opinions of the high command.  Let’s put down these heavy field glasses and go have a shot or three of schnapps.

I am now pretty bored by the economic analysis of TAE.  It’s sort of like watching the stewards moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic without a clue as to why they are doing it.  TAE is not a blog for traders and investors, unlike say Zero Hedge.  So what exactly is the point?  It’s started to feel like reading the bridge column in the daily paper, which in truth I enjoyed for many years.  But their picture, which Nicole lauds as a BIG PICTURE, is simply too damn small for me.  Once I understood that this is a titanic struggle for a tiny, mainly heritable banking elite going back hundreds of years or more to finally enslave the entire global population in a totalitarian neofeudalism (not to mention to cull it drastically) any analysis of financial movements has to tie it into an overall strategy.  Otherwise it is of little interest to me.  And the analysis of TAE just doesn’t cut that mustard.  But everyone’s milage may vary.

One area where I still feel that TAE has substantial value is in the comment section.  Over the years it has been  a small but vibrant community, traded valuable information, and the members gave each other support for their conclusions when friends and family regarded us as whack jobs.  Though many of the long time contributors to the old blogspot comments have informed me that they dropped off since the new format, I feel it still has much value.  However, with so many options to choose from in the blogosphere, I no longer wish to contribute my time and energy there.
This does not mean that I negate all of TAE predictions.  I do think that we are headed for the mother of all economic collapses and that one might improve one’s odds by considering Nicole’s 9 point life boat primer.  But this primer might be better suited to a collapse like that of the Great Depression where a certain rule of law and property rights did maintain itself.  For the pauperized driven off their farms or thrown out of work, or the children and grandchildren of slaves, there was no rule of law.  But for those of you who might manage to hold onto their farms and stay out of debt, as for example Joe Bageant’s parents and grandparents in the mountains of western Virginia, there were no swat teams coming in with bullet proof vest and automatic assault rifles to kill their livestock and and burn their crops.  We are in different times.  So perhaps that 9 point lifeboat might need a few more points to help people deal with coping with the Stasi state in addition to collapse?  I do not have the answers to it, but answers must be considered.  Is it too late even to try to resist the NWO?  Have they won, at least until they run out of gas?  Will they run out of gas eventually?  Should we permit them to impoverish us and kill us off with hunger as well as with guns and biological/chemical weapons?  Should we resort to the lessons of 1776 or should we always resist passively, even if they drag us into refurbished Krupp ovens?  I really don’t know but these things should be considered while we still have the Internet to communicate. One last point.  I do not debate to win.  I only debate to increase my knowledge and understanding.  If someone can convince me that I might increase my understanding by adopting points from their analysis, I accept it gracefully.  Despite this old dog losing his sense of time, he can still learn a new trick.  Ten years ago I was on the left wing of the progressive movement.  I thought that the UN was the savior of our future.  Today I am a peace loving, wingless anarchist who would love to live without any government at all and just take my chances with people, who are for the most part, quite decent.  While I think many, even most,  grass roots progressives are very well intentioned, they have been suckered by a nanny state which will soon turn around and eat them, one Obamabot at a time.  A typical case in point, a Bill last week passed the Senate, introduce by that paragon of progressivism, Senator Barbara Boxer of CA.  Though the Bill is mainly about highway construction, stuck in the middle is an article that gives the IRS the power to command the State Department to revoke one’s passport solely on their suspicion that you might owe the IRS back taxes.   So much for our appointed progressive leaders.  As to the Neocon contingent, most are not so much deluded as simply contaminated human spirits.  

Here I eliminated several long paragraphs from my draft where I dealt with the recent “debate” between Ash and me regarding the Constitution.   The paragraphs I black lined could be described as highly acerbic humor.  This “debate” was in truth the final straw vis-a-vis TAE on this camel’s back.  To put several long paragraphs into a single word, I found Ash’s method of dealing with my concerns duplicitous.  I  do attempt to keep my ego out of it, though that is always difficult, and to approach problems as a seeker of truth, corny as that sounds.  Drawing from this experience, dealing with Ash in the future is not my royal road to enlightenment, though as previously mentioned, everyone’s milage may vary.  For me, that  closes my book on TAE.

I may attempt to comment and write pieces on the Doomstead Diner.  Despite its header graphic, as a site it is like a fine house, barely occupied.  I am moving in here with reservations and may even wait awhile before unpacking my suitcase and putting my underwear in the drawers.  My primary concern in this regard is that some of the players here may be overly desirous of dismembering the opinions of others on the gladiatorial field of ideas.  When one runs into a person ensconced in the matrix, you are not about to liberate him by humiliating him.  He will just dig himself in deeper.  Doing that is always just an ego trip.  Of course exceptions may be made for highly probable paid government shills and Butthead like trolls.   

I hold the late Douglas Adams in high regard and affection, though to paraphrase John the Baptist or Larry Holmes, I can’t quite remember which one, I am not worthy to carry his jockstrap. So I would like to close this commentary with the title of one of his Hitchhiker series, an utterance of departure  from the second most intelligent species on our planet (the first not being humans), So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.

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Capitalism will evolve when all profits are distributed according to need and ownership is abolished.  Few boards of directors are going to be voting for that.

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Capitalism will evolve when all profits are distri [...]

The author appears to be a utopian who thinks inte [...]

Post-Capitalism sounds a lot like Neo-Tribalism.Ho [...]

Without us noticing, we ... [...]

 The Palestinian Authority banned members of the P [...]

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Capitalism will evolve when all profits are distri [...]

The author appears to be a utopian who thinks inte [...]

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