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The Cow Hat Revolution

This is from a Journal/Essay entry on my own blog.  I did not intend it to evolve into a stand alone entry but it did so I brought it here and gave it a title.

Events are working out that shows my democracy topic is a timely choice to write about.

A man in a cow hat representing a rebel without a cause mob shut down congress while congress certified our President elect. A mob of rabble roused by Donald Trump who refused to leave office and foolishly attempted a coup. His childish ill thought out tantrum has embarrassed America. Five people died. It can't be argued that our political system is not broken. We need to fix it. America is a mess.

Jake Angeli

A known Q Anon provocateur. I suspect well paid by someone.

To fix our broken democracy we have to understand what democracy is and how in America it is broken. There is a solution. I was going to start with an example of the solution but the Washington DC events this week make me realize, if I jump right to an example people will freak out and stop reading. The solution is contrary to American indoctrination. Context has to be set before the solution can be understood and given the consideration it deserves.

Democracy is when people choose their own legislators. This simple definition means a small group does not make social decisions without representation from everyone. This simple bland definition does not make you think. Saying something is a certain way does not mean it is that way. If you are troubled because democracy is not working in America you know everyone is not being represented despite machinery for picking legislators by the people allegedly being in place. But thinking that we might not live in a system that is democratic is unpleasant. In America money corrupted elections and took control away from people. Thinking we might have less control of our destinies than we believe is a scary thought.

Democracy in Athens, the birthplace of democracy, was different from American democracy. The difference is typically explained by saying we have a representative democracy instead of a direct democratic system. The practical reason given that America is not a city state like Athens was. America is a huge nation. But this is a thoughtstopper of a reason. Sausage is assumed but how it is made is ignored. Voting is our sausage.

The human love of technology imagines voting, the patch that makes representative democracy resemble real direct democracy in an obtuse way, to be an improvement. But our pure unquestioning love of technology makes you not ponder beyond if an election was honest and fair or a fraud. Necessity forces a fairness evaluation on you because voting depends on honesty. But an honest election is always considered good in America with untarnished perfection. A dishonest election is simply bad unless your side wins. But the process of voting can be a perversion of democracy even when honest. How this can be I will explore in my next entry.

Voting is aristocratic. In America voting was crafted to preserve the power of politicians and political donors. The established order of things. Rules and traditions in American voting are set to serve the needs of money not people. As things are, we get nothing from government that people need unless money is also served.

Climate change is a human need that money will ignore. We will not get climate change legislation in our broken democracy. Money never favors equality or human need without pressure. Money defers to profit for owners in all decisions. Until we fix our democracy to serve people, lack of health care will continue to kill most of us. Student debt, regular employment at a living wage, pick your issue, if you want any of what you want then American democracy needs to be fixed. It needs to be fixed before anything else can get fixed. Fixing democracy is not more important than other problems, but to have any chance of solving any critical issue, democracy has to be fixed.

Equality in general is a good thing and something society should move to. People in more equal societies are happier and live longer. That is a measured fact. Equality in representation is something American Democracy needs or only power is served. Power unchecked will ruin the world and may cause our extinction. People, not the few, need the power. In American Democracy we do not have equality of representation. The needs of people, real human need, won't be provided for until we change how we elect. Democracy has much to offer. Americans have not explored all it can offer.

I will get into what sortition is in detail eventually. I intended to learn more about it and make the exploration of the topic into a project here as a way to organize my effort. If I do a good job (and I will) it will be worth reading. That is good enough, but I intend this effort to be more than good enough.

On my right sidebar you can see a Zardos cube with Biden's face on it. Biden won the election. The cube spins. The cube used to switch between Biden, Trump or Myself when you could make a straw vote for POTUS here. One vote for each IP address was allowed. I added myself as a choice because I think I am a better choice than Biden or Trump was. After the election I left the cube to show Biden since we are stuck with him now.

Adding myself as a choice was not arrogant. I have at least average capabilities and the American leadership bar is very low. Neither Biden nor Trump glows with competence IMHO, and both are career politicians. Trump pretends to be something else, but Trump is a Politician even if he is something else. Politicians are factotums of money and power who do not represent the will of the people. The will of the people being equal representation to address common problems as I will explain.

Had I been elected I would have surrounded myself with very smart people and had them run the country. Rule by experts with me making sure their decisions serve the people, basic morality, and their decisions moved us in the right direction. Sometimes experts have trouble with the right direction. It would be a job I would have taken for a while hoping to do a good enough job to enjoy an unsupervised road trip across the country when my term was up.

My method would not have been exactly like sortition. I fantasized my method before I knew what sortition was. On the surface my method looks ordinary, but my imagination saw sortition. I have figured a few things out. Localize if possible, so people own their actions. Government is an exercise of public trust. Everything short of raw military movement must always be transparent. Julian Assange with Wikileaks tried to bring transparency into the world. Julian Assange is a soldier in the battle for truth who is trying to give democracy a missing ingredient, transparency. Transparency is needed because there are good men and women but there are also broken people who do evil things. Full transparency of public service helps. Like local control where appropriate, it makes make people responsible. I came to realize that people become lost in their own realities and understand sortition is a way to stop that from happening.

My straw poll/election in my sidebar was neither serious nor was it a joke. The Secret Service certainly did not consider it a joke. Of that I know. More evidence of a broken system but that is a topic for another day. I will stay focused on democracy and avoid personal segue. That said, this is a work in progress.

My next entry will examine flaws in American Voting. Sortition involves random numbers, so I will have to give more background than I have about the problems with our existing system before anyone will see randomness as part of a reasonable solution.

If you want to see the spinning cube you have to go here. https://chasingthesquirrel.com/

The War at Home

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on December 12, 2020


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The War at Home – Rebellion from Scott Noble on Vimeo

This is K-Dog.  With RE having health issues I'm stepping up to help keep the Diner going.  On my own website yesterday I posted a movie.  I'm bringing the video here for you to see.

Many of you know the history of our country is not exactly what we were taught in school.  Howard Zinn's 'A Peoples History of The United States' is a book that describes some of our hidden national history.  Oliver Stone's book with Peter Kuznick 'The Untold History of the United States' is another such book.  'A Renegade History of the United States' by Thaddeus Russell is a third.  The above film carries the tradition of these books forward.  Unless you are a professional historian with an interest in the U.S. labor movement, there will be things in this move you don't know about.  

I have long been a fan of Scott Noble. The film was only released yesterday.  I am on Scott Nobel's mailing list so I found out about his new movie right away.

America is divided, but not like 'never before'. Class struggle in recent decades has been invisible. The riches of progress blurred the dividing line between those who have and those who have not. Yet the structure of American Society has not changed. A small minority continues to control our economy and continues to make all important decisions.

It is common for dissidents to entirely blame our upper class for the oppression of the lower. At the time of the early footage in this film, I agree that was the situation.

I see things differently in our present circumstances. Without making excuses for the tyranny of corporate America people do have power to change things. Voting can bring change. Which is why like the old Soviet Union, America has a one party system. A system owned by our plutocracy. Over time the American Democratic Party became no more than Republican Lite.

Nothing prevents the rise of a new political party. A party that could create a just and fair nation based on principles of equity. A nation capable of dealing with the existential threat of climate change and resource depletion. Problems which no longer loom on the horizon. Problems which have arrived.

Far too many average people imagine themselves as impoverished members of the upper class. Such people dream of the day they will take a place in our plutocracy and exploit their neighbors. Evil is always with us. Unfortunately if justice does not gain serious traction now, if Americans do not re-discover values of truth and trust, misery will ruin America. Poverty and pestilence will dominate our lives with a totality never seen before. I say that with confidence because a species only goes extinct once.

A nation of haves and have-nots will not address existential threat. There is no common interest. That is the reason. If enough money will buy luxury while billions starve, we are in serious trouble.

Single payer health care would be a start. So would a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Carbon credits are essential (Fee and Dividend with all proceeds distributed as a UBI). Denial of climate change must end.

Close the Skoolz

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on March 9, 2020


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Because dead people can't teach students to spell. If the point is to teach students to spell, dead people can't do it. The same goes for teaching anything at all. Dead people can't teach. What is hard to figure out about this?

The summer could have been spent figuring out how to pair educated and unemployed Americans with students furloughed by COVID-19. Doing this would eliminate problems caused by remote learning and keep lives moving ahead. Like lives matter.

The knee-jerk solution, remote learning, by itself has serious problems. The biggest problem is the mere suggestion of remote learning causes a person to think the problem is solved. Techno-narcissism creeps in and stops thought. Today we have remote learning and tomorrow we will have Mars. It takes a strong mind not to go fantastical. Particularly if you are an educated person who has used the internet to acquire a skill or two or three. You think everyone can do it and you don't see that you are unique, special and hooked up. You are also likely to think that there is no problem technology can't solve.

Remote learning is part of a solution for doing education in a pandemic but it is not a one size fits all solution. Distance learning panders to a connected elite in the same way mail-in voting does but more so. Part of a solution under the circumstances but far from ideal. A minimum computer literacy, which many students do not have, is required for remote learning to work. Those most in need are the least capable.

Schools as a COVID-19 Petri dish is a true fact even to those who deny that COVID-19 even exists. A rational person can be perhaps slightly forgiven for the current situation since the idea that the COVID-19 pandemic would not have been contained by September seemed crazy in May. Sadly we live in crazy times, and we are now in crisis. Paring educated and unemployed Americans with students furloughed by COVID-19 leads to small classes which by their size, contain COVID-19 infection.

Thinking about what to do about schools in September was put on hold. According to President Trump America will panic if they find out that we are in a COVID-19 pandemic. Trump's solution thus has been to pretend COVID-19 does not exist and that it will just go away someday. Obeying the impulse to follow the herd, America continued to assume it had a leader all summer long. Easily seduced America trusted in the miracle of remote learning. In both cases trust has been misplaced. Everything goes away and soon enough we are all dirt. Knowing this and knowing that it is the POTHUS job to protect the nation, I find the Trump reassurance disgusting.

Small class sizes so outbreaks can be contained. An obvious answer and one which in a time of no leadership is ignored. A national program using the forcibly retired and unemployed. Homeschooling at the local instead of the family level of implementation. This is and continues to be, a valid solution. Perhaps the only solution. A solution which could be deployed now as early as January.

Elite leadership made the mistake of pretending that the COVID-19 problem does not exist. Getting classes up and running in the fall because of the choice made in the spring is nonsense now. Countries which took appropriate action can recover somewhat. It may be safe to have coffee in a Rome Café now because Italy locked down. Not so in America which made no progress in eliminating their COVID-19 problem with any national lockdown. In America money has been far more important than lives and this continues to be true. COVID-19 remains someone else's problem in America. It is an exceptional point of view which on the scales of cosmic justice does not balance.

I realize an effort to create a New Deal style program of citizen teachers has no chance of being adopted by the major US political parties. It would empower people far beyond any mainstream Democrat or Republican level of comfort. I write this knowing that America will continue to choose ignorance because this is a 'write' thing to do.

Moving On

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 30 2020

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There are days when rolling your own blog is worth doing and today is a day like that. Last week also had a day like that when I hosted my own video (extracted from a tweet I was shown) and sidestepped You Tube censors. That felt good, very good. If I did not have my own blog as a place to post my heart would have felt chilled. I'd be unable to express myself. No options. I would have been silenced and I know what being silenced feels like. The humiliation of being silenced without options is hard to take. I have been silenced before which is how I became aware of special attention for the first time.

s K-Dog Experienced?   If it involves needles, no. But If I ever meet Edward Snowden I'd ask him

how many of us were getting the kind of special attention I was getting when he absquatulated. He would know.


Since then, I've posted an original Standing Rock video because I know someone who was there. My K-Dog for president KDFP escapade is not going unnoticed I'm sure. So I was not surprised that Homeland Security You Tube censors eliminated the video in my sidebar before I could even link to it. Less than two minutes. Thankfully HTML 5 makes embedding your own videos very easy. If you have access to a place where you can post some HTML that is. As I do.

I am aware I have personal attention. Everything I do is closely watched, but I am not writing to grind that ax. Things are happening that are a lot bigger than I am. The nation is being ripped apart and the ripple effects of executive mismanagement by Donald Trump are everywhere. People are turning on each other. Anger at the leader of the American Empire can't be meaningfully expressed and this is leading to that anger being 'acted out' in different ways. The anger is feeding on itself and growing.

I don't like gore and the video I have posted in my sidebar is hard to watch. (direct link here) A sanitized version was played by major main-stream media and my video is the part at the end which was cut from the publicly shown version. The American government would like people to think less-lethal munitions are less lethal and the video I show gives perspective which suggests otherwise. I wish the violence had never happened and the video did not need to be shown, but it happened and it does. The video needs to be shown.

Americans spend most of their waking hours lost in one fantasy or another. They have trouble appreciating reality and their fantasies tend to become more real than reality itself. The video in my sidebar helps to provide a lacking perspective. It is a frightening to know that Americans believe themselves to be well-informed, educated, and immune from propaganda. That belief is a lot easier to deal with than reality and we all like easy. Dealing with the truth would be a lot of work. America lives in a soup of propaganda and most people don't, I am sad to say, know propaganda for what it is.

For years, I have been active on the internet posting comments under articles and engaging in dialog with all sorts of people. This began with my interest in 'peak oil' which I became interested in on my own at an early age and long before the birth of the internet. An author widely read years ago among peak-oil people was James Howard Kunstler who wrote the 'Long Emergency' which describes that the end of oil will bring a storm of converging catastrophes into America's future. Jims' ability to write made him one of the minor gurus in the Peak Oil Movement and Jim has a blog called Clusterfuck Nation. I became a frequent commenter at Jims' blog and was for over ten years. Yesterday I decided I would not be commenting there in the future. Too long have I ignored James Howard Kunstlers' right wing conservatism and his insensitivity to other people.

Whenever you cease an activity you are able to make observations which you had been previously suppressing. I am a better man than most of the filth Jim allows to inhabit his blog. That is a truth and I need to own it. I can admit this now because a serious and well-thought-out comment which I wrote was censored by Jim yesterday. I don't take it as a personal affront. Someone who has their own blog does not have to explain what they do with their own property. They can do what they want. All they need to do is live with the consequences.

So through the years it comes down to the guttural expressions of right wing tyranny allowed at Clusterfuck Nation is what James Howard Kunstler is really all about. He is not interested in contrary points of view or the notion that the world could be a better place even on the way down. So I am gone. JHK is now a full-metal Trump supporter who wants the protest in America shut down. He considers the protest, unlike I, to have no rational basis at all. He considers no middle ground. Donald Trump is going Qasem Soleimani on Americans and we can't abide this. Fortunately the readership of Clusterfuck Nation is small and its role to the American government is primarily one of a Honey Trap (caught me it did) and it is not an organ of influence.

I did not like Mayor Ted Wheeler who had been tear-gassed by Trump troops being disparaged by JHK. I don't like a duly-elected mayor being tear-gassed by federal troops without there being profuse apologies no matter who they are. So I'm done with the curmudgeon. I don't want to be one.

* The above was posted at chasingthesquirrel.com yesterday before I had to go to Seattle to pick up my car which had spent last night at a dealership for service.  On the way home…

More agent provocateur violence. A Large peaceful protest today in Seattle induced by Trump troop presence. I was in Seattle, the dog-mobile had a recall inspection because the sun roof on my car could de-bond resulting in the sunroof possibly flying off the car at speed or something. Turns out my car is safe, not all cars have the problem.

As I returned to my side of Lake Washington I drove through a thick plume of black smoke which was blowing over I-90. A group of agent provocateurs had lit dumpsters on fire at the Seattle Youth Shelter. The same group then raged along the street smashing car windshields. This is a neighborhood where a lot of minorities live. I hope their insurance is paid up.

Nearby a Starbucks was trashed. I hope the employees were not hurt. The Subway shop next door was untouched showing the vandalism is targeted. I remember the trouble in the news a couple of years ago and why Starbucks would be a target of Boogaloo instigation. But a nearby minority owned hair salon which also had customers inside was also attacked. That one is going to be hard to blame on BLM or Antifa. Hate may have made a mistake there and succumbed to temptation. I hope the hair salon has insurance.

It seems to me the American Führer is playing both sides to make himself look good in an American Kristallnacht. As Americans do not consider themselves propagandized, Trumps' ploy could work. I'm not sure it will because Trump incompetence and racism is so egregious. But I'm afraid if I look at history I may find myself wrong.

I knew a dog named Boogaloo once. She was a Cockapoo.


Note from RE:  I did not spend near the time on Jimmy's Blog that K-Dog did.  I think he booted me off after about 5-6 posts in the commentariat.  lol.  I did however have several long correspondences with him via email, partcularly when we ran the Human Extinction Survey here on the Diner.  Other notables like Dr. McStinksion and Dmitry Orlov also part of that email stream.  I do not know if JHK is connected to the NSA or any other "Honey Trap" out there.  I can tell you however he is a first class asshole, much the same as Dimitry and Mr. Wizard John Michael Greer.  JHK is a good writer and can turn a phrase quite well, but he is a jerk, and he hasn't had a decent new insight in at least a decade.


Only Trolls Tweet After Midnight

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on June 11 2020


You go through life immersed in a common culture and you gain a common understanding of things. Russia kicked Germany's ass in WWII. Germany would have lost the war even without American Help. Yet the land I grew up in was an America which took full credit for the entire operation.

Later in life if you are a certain kind of person you learn the truth that what everybody thinks to be true of some things are often myths. Sometimes outright lies but if you are able to maintain balance and accept uncomfortable truths; reality can reveal its truths to you.

If you are another kind of person you cultivate a wall of ignorance which keeps you safe. Truths which challenge the comfortable environment you are familiar with you reject. Sometime with the same kind of skill which put man on the moon.

As I type this Trump is playing in another screen window on my computer. Trump is in Texas and has crashed a law and order conference or something. Don't know and I don't care. Instead I concentrate on Trumps insults and his technique. I am figuring out what Trump is up to; how he sells his snake oil and I'm doing well at figuring it all out.

Lots of generic feel good talk which everybody can agree with and anybody with a brain or speechwriter can say. Making the brain part somewhat optional.

Take credit for things that can pass as progress and improvements wherever you can. Pepper it into into your rational generic salad talk. Personal involvement in any instance taken credit for not necessary under Trump rules. I have spotted a tell. Whenever Trump tells a really big I'm taking credit for this wopper he get both excited and nervous. Both at the same time and it shows. It is incongruous excitement. Trump gets a little spine quiver. Pulling off a big deception is a coup for Trump. Trump knows how hard human vanity will defend false beliefs should they be unmasked. Knowing this brings Trump comfort. The more blatant a deception can at times make it the most secure deception of all. Hence the Trump rush. Look for it.

Alternate false taking of credit with enemy attack. Trump has the rhythm down. To the left and to the right. Then box it together with your hands. In a Trump enemy attack truth matters even less than blatantly taking credit for things that Trump had nothing to do with. Trump enjoys it more because it is competitive and all Trump self-eteem comes from competion. It is all Trump knows or understands.

Trump has insulted Seattle and our Washington States Governor several times in his ramble. A highly competent and good man named Jay Inslee who has been a leader in the responsible fight against Covid-19 is our Washington State Governor. Trump calls Inslee's strong leadership weak. Trump is now showing himself to be a fascist rascist pig. I can't believe what I am hearing now.

Trump is claiming that education is the key to the black mans future. That's right boys, wait another twenty years while your asses learns something. Hearing this is making me ill. The man's lack of compassion and understanding is unbelievable in a President. Perhaps you will get a break in tuition at the new Trump U?

Now Trump wants a new inner city investment initiative or something and is claiming great progress for getting it off the ground. Something which glitters with gold no doubt! Giving rich people tax breaks is the cure to all social ills to this strange orange man. To me the idea has a certain alien flavor; like something out of this world and something not good. But Americans accept such talk as rational and normal.

Trump has made up false facts about Seattle to engender a race war to guarantee his re-election now. I first heard of this from early morning tweets which had reached the news. Now the same nonsense is repeated. National instability has obviously become the key to Trumps continued plan for success. It is the only thing that hides Trump incompetence which has now killed thousands and the theft of our national treasury by his minions.

For this reason the fascist technique of manufacturing scapegoat enemies perfected by Trump through his involvement in professional wrestling (kayfabe), real estate promotion, and reality television is on full display.

It is Trumps basic technique, create an enemy that does not exist or exaggerate an enemy which does exist. Or rant about an enemy that sort of exists under the right circumstances. But rant loud and proud because that is more important than being right in the Trump world. Use inappropriate and unfair caricature if necessary (otherwise known as racism) but if it comes from Trump it is a holy truth and a cornerstone of civilization. Like when Trump sneers and says CHINA. It takes talent to say it in all caps and Trump can do it with a panache of disgust. That Trump uses lowbrow techniques is not a surprise. Trumps only move is to manipulate through emotion. He has no other technique. Without actual substance Trump can do nothing else. But Trump had a good teacher; Adolph Hitler. Thankfully for us Trump is not dedicated to hard work like Hitler was, thankfully not even close.

Seattle is not burning to the ground. Seattle's leadership is exploring ways to deescalate conflict and that has pissed Trump off. Trump promotes racism as a new national identity and seeks to engender conflict. It is the only thing which keeps Trump from facing the consequences of who he is and what he has done. Brazil is having similar problems.

Of American cities which have experienced recent troubles Seattle is far from being on the top of the list. Please keep Your President on the East Coast and tell him only trolls tweet after midnight.


SEATTLE (KOMO) — Protesters spent a second night into a third day occupying several blocks around Capitol Hill in what's become known as the "CHAZ" — Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The demonstrations remained peaceful — Wednesday's protests featured people playing music and dancing. A movie was played on a projector at night. All while keeping a message of police reform in mind.

Make of this what you will, we do not need Federal Troops.

I am not going to the CHAZ. I respect but do not agree with it. Appropriate behavior in a pandemic requires discipline. Some Americans think in the name of personal hedonist desires they have a right to endanger their fellow Americans. They do not.

I knew the American ignorant worship of ‘Law and Order” would lead to this. I knew it would lead to this years ago. American policing was preempted by power and a Luis Mumford megamachine resulted. Devoid of life-enhancing values which the best of policing serves, the good guys lost.

The machine became the master in service to power and people its slaves. Now good guys I hope can kick some ass and take policing away from the prison industrial megamachine which has siezed it from the people and give the machine over to the service of the public good where it belongs. The machine must be repurposed.

Resistance accepts that even in failure the inner freedom of defiance waters a thirsty soul. It is perhaps the only real freedom and true happiness we can know. Fascism is fought because it is the right thing to do. No other reason is needed.


Life After Oil

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on March 9, 2020

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Life After Oil

France has collapsologues and Pablo Servigne is one. Pablo is an agricultural engineer with a Doctorate in Science. For the past decade Pablo has worked with Barricade in Liège Belgium. Leaving academics to do what he can Pablo is facilitating the transition away from oil. Barricade is about a new way forward. Pablo knows academics by itself can’t make the new world. Nothing by itself can.

In this video Pablo talks about the end of oil and European agriculture.  I discovered Pablo by exploring what is happening with collapse in France.  The video is in French which I don't understand  but I do have enough familiarity with the language so that with the help of Google Translate I was able to summarize Pablo's talk for you.  It is a very good talk much like a TED talk or a good interview by Sam Mitchell.  I wanted to know if there were any perspectives I was not aware of in the French collapse tribe.  I'm glad I watched it for I did learn a thing or two.  The visuals in Pablo's talk are very good and I enjoyed watching them.











I viewed the barricade website through Google Translate to read it. Without translate all I’d get are pings of understanding with big gaps in between. Looking at the webpage I forget for a minute the translation step and I ponder the twisted grammar thinking I’m reading bad writing. Then I remember in French the writing is likely pretty good. I fix the English.

"Developing as a place of collective emancipation and alternatives since 1976 in the Pierreuse district of Liège Belgium. Barricade is a synthesis of a variety of social cultural and economic experiments. Lying at an intersection of social economy and education Barricade demands self management which values cultural and social purpose over profit."

I made it better but the automatic translation is not so horrible. I encourage you to visit barricade. Open both links, Google Translate and Barricade. Select the French to English translation in Google.  After you make your selection. cut and paste the url from the address bar of Barricade into the (from) side of Google Translate. Then click the url shown in the right panel, the (to) side. You should then see barricade translated to English.

Now that you can explore barricade on your own I’ll return to Pablo and his hour long video. I watched the whole thing and after I was done I put the French transcript through google translate. The resulting English transcript unlike the clean barricade translation was not bad writing. It was horrible writing. But a good student of collapse I am and I was able to make sense of things.

I could with hours of effort make a good accurate translation. Already two hours into the effort I know I don’t want to do it. I might if it were paid work but I don’t have a feeding bowl in my sidebar that people can send me dog biscuits in.  A days work making an accurate translation I can't do.

Instead I will describe the video and encourage you to watch it.  It may be the same effort, but for me , more enjoyable.

The video starts out with Pablo explaining he was an ethnologist studying ants but that he has become instead an advocate for the transition movement.

Pablo is on a mission to explain the fast dance of science to everybody and Pablo wants the public to prepare for a future without oil. Fast dance was probably a Google translation artifact but I’ll keep the cybernetic contribution. I like it. Pablo is the name and education is his game.

Pablo became interested in what agriculture would be like post peroleum compared to what agriculture is like now. Just the sort of thing an agricultural engineer would think of, and a valuable perspective as we will soon be expecting the earth to feed ten billion people.

Knowing that crop yields depended on oil based pesticides and modern agricultural machinery uses copious amounts of oil with which to operate, Pablo became aware of of Wes Jackson at the Land Institute about 2008 and in 2013 Yves Cochet introduced a important report to the European Parliament concerning catastrophe and resilience.

Resilience is related to sustainability but it is not the same thing. Sustainability is resistance to change. Asking how well a society can respond to change is a different question than asking how well a society can resist change. Resilience is a refinement of the sustainability concept.

Establishing himself as knowledgeable, Pablo shows us pictures of families. Mali or Chad, Bolivia, Mexico Germany and the US. In front of these families a weeks worth of food is shown. The difference between the photos is striking. The industrialized countries have food which is produced industrially and the less industrialized countries all have food that is locally sourced. Americans at the apex of the industrial food pyramid use huge amounts of petroleum to grow, process package and transport food over large distances. American food cannot exist without large quantities of plastic used for single use packaging.  With a loss of fossil fuels industrial countries have little food security and Americans have none.  The point of the photo montage is to show that less industrialized countries produce food without using oil.

A series of slides then shows industrial agriculture and the energy intensive distribution system need to move industrial products. To make industrial distribution work huge amount of petroleum natural gas and electricity must be used. Petroleum is a very dense way to store energy and Pablo asserts that a human would have to work four years to produce the same energy provided by one tank of gas in a car. A barrel of oil has the equivalent of 12 and one half years of human work. 500 slaves would be needed to produce the energy equivalent that a single person uses in an industrial society every day.

The 500 slave analogy goes back to the Post Carbon Institute and Richard Heinberg. It is a common comparison and it makes a valid and important point. Oil was allowed to create and fill an irreplaceable human environmental niche and nothing can substitute for oil when oil is gone. Oil has become a part of every aspect of modern life. Plastics medicine textiles, every aspect of modern life uses oil.  As the price of oil changes the price of food in an industrial society changes with it.

Pablo shows a set of graphs that have curves which show oil discoveries, projected discoveries anticipated demand, and anticipated oil production. The graphs clearly show production of oil will not meet demand in a few years and also that if oil could be supplied to meet demand an environmental catastrophe is certain. Oil reserves are enough to provide ten degrees worth of global warming. The energy needed to acquire and process oil always increases because easy to get at oil is pumped out first. As time goes by oil becomes more and more of a geologic challenge to acquire and becomes scarce. The amount of energy used to get the same amount of oil increases along with the geologic challenge. The Energy Returned On Energy Invested or EROEI goes down as time passes and oil is used up.

When oil was first pumped the EROEI was about 100 to one. As easy to get at oil was used up EROI dropped and a EROEI of thirty to one became common. Falling EROEI becomes important when EROEI falls below twenty as fracked oil will do. The ratio becomes important when a significant part of acquired energy must be used up just to get the energy.

Substitutes for oil where it can be replaced by by electricity means windmills or solar panels.  Hydro power by itself can’t provide enough energy. Both solar panels and windmills require raw materials which are difficult to find in needed quantities. Current windmill technology uses rare earth metals to make magnets strong enough for electric generators. Without rare earth metals the cost and complexity of windmills would increase. The supply of rare earth elements is not big enough to make as many windmills as the world needs to replace petroleum.

To keep global warming below two degrees we need 15 times the concrete that we have for windmills and 90 times the aluminum that we have. Finding the right kind of sand to make concrete with is already a problem. To keep the probability of a 2 degree C temperature rise below 50%, forty times the number of windmills we now have should be built before 2028. One decade to produce forty times the windmills we have now is difficult.

Renewable energy can’t scale up to replace oil and the industrial food system of Europe could begin to fail in ten or 15 years when there won't be enough cheap oil to maintain food production. Not paying attention to this issue is crazy stupid because it takes time and effort to transition food production from oil to a resilient system.  It is not an easy thing to do.

The 2013 report and trans-disciplinary discussions with experts resulted in Pablo writing a book about transitioning European food production away from oil. The European food system depends on oil and there will be an end to it. This will result in the end of the European food system unless it is changed.

For 10 or 12 thousand years the earth had an unusually stable climate. Temperature varied not so much allowing sedentary agriculture to develop. Analysis of previous climates in the fossil record shows temperature stability for so long a period has been very unusual.

The anthropocene moving temperature out of a stable range is like Europe driving to the supermarket in a car that has an an empty gas tank and then crashing into the wall of the supermarket when brakes fail.  Brakes failing because atmospheric CO2 and methane are on a fast rise. All the air in the atmosphere put together in a sphere would make a ball only about 800 miles wide. All the oceans put together in a ball would make an even smaller ball only a little more than half as wide as what the atmosphere ball is. There is not a lot of air and water to pollute and billions of people share the work of polluting the air and water.  The job is getting done.

Extending a car analogy the steering wheel can’t turn. The decision was made to adapt the internal combustion engine to provide all of societies needs. Everything was set up to support that decision. Manufacturing and finance evolved to support internal combustion and now changing manufacturing and finance systems to support new ways of food production is difficult. People who benefit from the existing system as it is resist it being changed at all. Politics resist the change.

Pablo shows a slide of his book ‘Comment Tout Peut S'effondrer’ (How everything can fall apart).











Collapse will happen when basic needs can’t be provided to a majority of people at reasonable cost. In the French media and intellectual space collapse is not seriously considered. Pablo’s book shows everything is connected. It is a multidisciplinary study of collapse.


Everything is connected and a shortage of just about everything will soon be our reality. A slide with 36 graphs which show that the extraction rate of all kinds of raw materials has resulted in ‘La grande acceleration’. Oil facilitated extraction and use of just about everything  causing exponential rates of extraction that can’t be sustained. Everything is connected and being depleted. Modern life consist of complex interconnected systems and study of these systems shows the more interconnected systems are the more catastrophic are their failures. Initially interconnected systems stand up to external disturbance well but the same interconnections which make them initially stable accelerate collapse when tipping points are crossed. (The Seneca cliff failure mode described by Ugo Bardi) Less interconnected systems resist initial disturbance less well but as they fail, they fail more gracefully. Our systems are highly interconnected becoming more interconnected all the time. When our systems fail they will fail with a domino effect.  One failure leading to another. A cascade of system failure.

The Meadows report to the club of Rome in 1972 was a first attempt at predicting our future using numerical analysis computers and systems theory. It predicted system collapse in the first part of the 21st century. Since the report was released history has bore out the model predictions. Agreement on how well is moot.  The model predicts a collapse at about 2030. Once that collapse starts how well data tracked getting up to the collapse won’t matter. Feedbacks will dictate the particular ways collapse manifests once it starts.

Meadows and the club of Rome considered alternate scenarios. Birth control, energy efficient technologies, increases in food production, etc. Many possible future were tested and in only one case was a resilient scenario realized.

By employing all possible know solutions to the exponential growth problem; collapse is avoided if changes begin soon enough. In the model changes had to have already been started by now. The Meadows model that succeeded had changes which began in the 1970’s and 80’s.

When existing arrangements fail and collapse happens new stability with a lower quality of life may result. Arrangements made to prevent collapse could help return to a higher quality of life but unless some such arrangements are made now a rise to a higher basin of stability can’t happen.There is a strong mathematical basis for this conclusion. BAU or business as usual will not allow a possibility of recovery.

Pollution, deforestation and the elimination of the biosphere is an accelerating process. A point approaches where thresholds could be crossed resulting in rapid system collapse. If trends continue the biosphere will lose its ability to feed humans and the Earth will enter a new phase of mass extinction. All life on Earth will effectively die. People as well, in a complete or near complete extinction event. Feedbacks like methane release in the arctic will accelerate global warming acceleration if tipping points are crossed.

The earth oscillated between inter-glacial and glacial periods during the Holocene. Under those conditions humans evolved. Emissions from fossil fuels are now making a hothouse earth on which humans can’t live. If emissions from fossil fuels are not curtailed there will be areas of the earth that will become fatal for people to live on. Areas where hot humid tropical air will actually kill you. A planetary threshold could be crossed and the whole earth becomes too hot for people for thousands of years. If melting permafrost leads to a feedback loop of ever released methane, a methane bomb of feedback could explode.

Besides the methane bomb 15 other positive feedbacks have been identified that cause the earth to warm faster as the earth warms because they feed on themselves. Two or three of these feedbacks are easily triggered. Our situation is like a person in a canoe heading for the edge of a waterfall and we only have so much time to start paddling to the shore and safety or we go over the edge falling to ruin. 2 degrees C of temperature rise has been identified as a critical temperature. Crossing it may cause global warming to spike in uncontrollable intensity.

Collapse can come in two forms. Collapse of the biosphere where all life on earth dies is a more serious collapse than the collapse of hyper-complex industrial economy by itself. We are not in a situation we can ask engineers to fix. Solutions must be all encompassing.  Our existence is threatened. We don’t have a problem to solve, we have an existential threat to deal with. Positive outcomes are possible.  Mitigation of bad outcomes is better than thinking nothing can be done and doing nothing at all.

Actions can be taken. Stopping eating of meat has a huge impact in mitigating our predicament. There is a history of people concerned with existential threats like those we now face. We can use their knowledge.  In the 60’s and 70’s concern about nuclear war caused some people to find ways to become self sufficient.  Leaving the industrial agricultural system to feed themselves. The gas crisis of 1973 caused people to explore ways to live without oil.

At the end of the cold war Cuba lost the oil that had been provided by the Soviet Union. The United States prevented easy oil imports so Cuba experienced a collapse similar to what the world is about to face collectively. Cubans responded and found creative ways to survive by using small amounts of oil. Special buses that could be pulled by diesel trucks filled a mass transit need. Urban farming allowed food to be grown without any need for transport.

Australia contributed permaculture which allows people to transition from being dependent consumers into food producers. People have stepped up to the need. The United States forced Cuba to step up to their oil crisis just as the United States itself had stepped up to the crisis of 1942 when Pearl Harbor was bombed and America entered WWII. Victory gardens across America contributed to the war effort which had caused farmers to stop farming to go and fight in foreign lands. Within a year 60% of vegetables were being produced in victory gardens on municipal lawns.

People come together in crisis. Pablo has worked with his friend Gauthier Chapelle in Belgium. They have co-authored a book L’etraide L’Autre Loi De La Jungle.











Currently there is no scarcity in our culture and little need for cooperation. But in harsh conditions group cooperation will emerge. Penguins are a great example. They huddle together for warmth taking turns facing a freezing cold wind on the outside of their huddle. All penguins stay warm enough with each getting a turn in the middle of the huddle where it is warmer all around.

In our culture with 500 energy slaves apiece it becomes easy to decide that you don’t need your neighbor. Relationships suffer. Greed and selfishness prevail and in a disaster situation greed and selfishness is absolutely not wanted. Instead the natural reaction at the epicenter of a disaster phenomena is to self-organize and become selfless. This is where our stories of selfless human sacrifice come from.  Evolution prepared us to act that way.  Early reports of mayhem and lawlessness in the Katrina tragedy were false. Instead cooperation prevailed. In the World Trade Center collapse people helped each other knowing that they were going to die. Panic and selfishness are both myths of western culture. Empathy and cooperation are natural.  The myth of the law of the Jungle is a western cultural creation.

Our culture allowed the ridiculous belief that the law of the strongest was the only law of the jungle to become popular. In fact life on Earth is the result of 3.8 billion years of evolution and in that time nature tried many experiments with success. The western law of the jungle belief is false. Even bacteria and fungi under certain conditions will appear to act selfless. Permaculture has twelve design principles and three ethical principles. The foundation of western civilization in contrast is not well grounded.

Gauthier Chapelle and Michèle Decoust in ‘Le Vivant comme modèle‘ decribe nature as a gigantic laboratory, several billion years old, rich with many solutions.

Permaculture produces resilient abundance by not fighting against nature. It sequesters carbon and restores biodiversity by avoiding chemicals. It requires knowledge and is labor intensive but so is the industrial food system which is highly complex and dispersed over large areas. Permaculture is local. Elliot Coleman wrote the winter harvest handbook.










This book has been translated into several languages. Elliot is considered a premiere market gardener.  Permaculture and techniques used by Parisian market gardeners of the 19th century combine to create a new resilient system.


The foundation of permaculture is deep knowledge with labor replacing chemicals and energy inputs. It is resilient and local and it is what we must do to survive.

It is not a puzzle we want to solve or an alternative lifestyle we want to consider. It is what we will have to do to survive. There is no luxury in the equation.  Climate change and resource depletion leave us no other choices. We have the challenge to produce food, repair ecosystems and produce energy in the absence of oil and in a new unstable climate. A new generation of peasants must provide the 12 and a half years of equivalent labor a barrel of oil can no longer provide.

Looking at what Cuba had to do when its oil supply was cut off leads to the conclusion that 120 million new cultivators will be needed as the age of oil ends in Europe. The first of these cultivators are already born but they do not yet know they will become cultivators. Forest agriculture must also be valued in a new ecological awareness.

Changes will be difficult. Power for the transition must come from the bottom up. Grassroots power with guidance from above and it will not be easy. The changes can be overwhelming and people should not contemplate our future alone. Elizabeth Kubler Ross identified stages that a person goes through in accepting death. Thinking about these stages helps to understand collapse for it too is something we would avoid if we could and a truth that we would prefer not to accept.

Reaction to collapse can take many forms. We will be living in a new and different post-petroleum world than the world we have know as we descend down the peak oil slope. Collapse can be greeted with anger.  Anger at the many who ignored collapse saying all was well. Even now most people are lost in denial. Collapse is an emotional roller-coaster and anger can lead to despair.

I’m close to the end now. The last part of the video is difficult to summarize. Pablo explains his perspective on what collapse means to him and how he views it. He ends with a cartoon popular in collapse community culture. ‘We destroyed the Planet but for a little while while we created a lot of value for shareholders’.

I agree with Pablo’s attitude but I want to add something Pablo left out. Industrial life pretends it offers freedom but in truth is it takes away freedom. New ways of living will not be all bad. You might not have 500 energy slaves at your beck and call, but you will have better friends and you won’t be as lonely and isolated as you are now.

If you would like to leave a comment Barking Dog has the password woof. Or you may register for your own account by following button choices after clicking the login button in my right sidebar.

Collapse of Global Industrial Civilization is Nigh

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on January 12, 2019

The Price of Oil

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Collapse is now certain. It has been certain for a long time. But even collapse aware people have a hard time admitting this hard truth. Tipping points are without question crossed. Arctic methane is being released. Atmospheric CO2 concentration is on a fast climb. Perhaps this is not news to you? Perhaps you are a rare individual who knows atmospheric CO2 is now 0.55% more than it was one year ago.

CO2 is rising fast. Half a percent a year now. A rather important thing to know. A fact that should be known by more than a few people. People who don't know what to do with the information once they have it it. Thinkers who do not act. Half a percent a year should be common knowledge and the subject of talk everywhere we go. In another culture it would be. Not in America. This culture prefers to die.

Half a percent a year and increasing with no decrease possible. Atmospheric CO2 concentration does not go down. It can't go down and geoengineering is a child's fantasy. Geoengineering is a dodge to sidestep reality and is an insult to science.

Acting like collapse has not begun has crossed a line in America. From a personal point of view you as an individual may have not crossed the line yet. Individual mileage does vary. We have different lives so we do not all share the same culpability and awareness. But you are reading this so your culpability is increasing. I am sorry about that. Enough evidence is out there now. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for anyone with any smarts. Not being collapse aware is an exercise in irresponsibility now. With abundant facts, not being collapse aware is no longer an exercise in ignorance.

Lines crossed collapse is now certain. It has begun and is underway. But there is something worse than collapse. The certainty of what happens if collapse is ignored. The certainty of our apocalypse. Apocalypse after collapse crosses the tipping point where all social order breaks down. Where the remnants of humanity live out a Mad Max future without relief until everyone dies.

The biosphere is pretty much gone. Everyone alive is too young to remember vast forests and animal herds stretching as far as the eye can see. Nobody appreciates what the Earth has lost. In the last forty years half the insects on the planet have died. Extinctions are now commonplace as the web of life grows ever more fragile. Every generation a few people fought to save a chunk of environment. Every generation their planet eating brethren fought back. Success was never 100% so every generation lost biosphere. None of the loss ever comes back and the possibility of a total biosphere collapse now looms. Like a ratchet on a bolt that only turns a bolt in one direction, we ratchet away the Earth's web of life. Every year there is less forest and more people. The web does not renew. Now there are more people than the planet can support after our energy stores and materials deplete.

Yet so addicted are Americans to their telephones that they don't care if there are no bees anymore. Their phones, now smarter than the phone owners tell stories. Mechanical bee replacement robot stories. A soothing balm of technical porn. Devoid of any reality, this porn returns everyone to their phone addiction.

By weight people outweigh wild animals. By weight livestock outweigh people. Cows, pigs and goats, outweigh people and we outweigh all wild animals put together. Wild animals are now 4% by weight of all animals on Earth. The weight of poultry is three times more than the weight of all wild birds. Oceans have been 90% depleted of fish. Facts undeniably prove human population overshoot. But humans deny such facts. Humans have a special talent for denying facts.

Why people deny facts fascinates me. Social reasons are a huge influence but just being human is enough. Humans focus attention on goals. It is a survival thing. Focus attention on a goal and dismiss facts that are not relevant to your goal. Selective attention. Identify and ignore the trivial. This is part of concentrating on what is important. Two sides of the same coin of selective attention. But what is trivial is not always clear. Looping back to social reasons being a big influence and very nasty feedbacks result. Fantasy eclipses reality. Technical animals like no other human selective attention follows the pied-piper of technology with a blind faith. It takes a special effort to be aware that technology has any downside. Externalities are systemically ignored. Ignored because that is the efficient thing to do for the short term. 'Shit happens' is a common way to push away complicating awareness. Brains are always trying to be efficient. At the level of the human social machine which controls our destiny, systemic drive for efficiency results in inhumanity.

Projections are for a world with 10 billion people soon. I do not see this happening. Die-off will intervene before population grows that much. It would be nice if humans took control of their collective destiny. But that requires a solidarity that Americans do not have. It can't happen here. We are a divided nation unable to solve problems. Unable to solve problems, when resources deplete and the biosphere crashes, our nation will be in ruins.

We have not built community or authentic culture. Purposes we never endorsed suck away our daily energy. This makes for misery. Creating a life that is meaningful is the smart way to prepare for the end of the world. But for most of us this is impossible. Most of us sell our labor to earn enough to survive day to day. Mastery of life in America is imagined as escaping from your life. Vacation, retirement, a state lottery, even death. Happiness always seems to be somewhere else but the place you are at. The reality of the common man is debt and loss of agency. Freedom is only imagined.

Fossil fuels which built our society have failed us and there is no going backwards. Built for fossil fuels only our infrastructure can't be adapted for anything else. There are no substitutes for oil, coal, and gas. American trains unlike trains in Europe cannot be easily electrified. No substitute fuels can feed cloth or shelter the number of people now alive. Climate change, an ancillary but not a root cause of global industrial collapse, will aggravate existing problems.

Failure to prepare for new ways of life will mean no way of life in our future. Localised small scale food production is the best way to grow food. Superior in the absence of fossil fuels it is more efficient. It is more environmentally friendly. But the trend is for ever more steel, glass, concrete, and city. Away from local production.

Fossil fuels caused people to breed like bunnies in a meadow after shooting all the wolves. Now the meadow is full of bunnies. Soon nothing done, the bunnies will start to eat each other. I fear nothing will be done before it is too late.

Waiting For Eggs

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on August 22, 2019

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She sipped coffee, her voice made little ripples in her cup

' How long are we going to wait here

He looked up from his phone

' Don't worry, it is just going to be a bit longer today. The kitchen is short-staffed

' Why's that, how do you know?

' The Guatemalans did not show up for work today and they only have one Mexican

' Oh, that's right. Trump's immigration raids are today. But how do you know they only have one Mexican?

' All the others Mexicans have cleaning services and do yardwork now. Being here a while they know what pays. More lucrative I imagine and ICE does not work nights so much. People are going to leave a floor waxer alone. Guatemalans are still in the kitchen. They are more recent in getting here

' Why did Trump tell everyone about what he was going to do. Has that happened before?

' Separating children in families of refugees has a really long history. The Romans did it to the Visigoths when the Visigoths were driven into the empire by Huns. There were two and a half million Visigoth youth spread across the empire and held hostage, something like that. When the Visigoth uprising started they were all killed

' Stop that. You always do that. I was talking about Trump. Pay attention

' I figure Trump puts the news out to wave his law enforcement finger. They are all criminals don't you know. 'Drug dealers, criminals, rapists' that is what Trump says. Convincing people the raids are going after criminals instead of brown people trying to eat; that is Trump being Trump. Trump with PR smarter than he himself, his trademark

Trump gets pre-approval for his raids by saying he goes after criminals and those who are here illegally, who become criminals by definition. I had a hard time finding any news about how many people are coming across the border a month. All we get is propaganda. Details they do not want us to know. Bloomberg was the worst, total spin and inhumanity.

' Some of them are criminal, they need to go

' About 100,000 a month now. Gangs are rampant in El Salvador and many people from there flee from violence. It is easy to twist all Salvadorians as being violent instead of most being actual victims of violence. Mainstream media does not even need a Trump to do that

' Any group of 100,000 people are going to have some bad eggs. I'd like to have mine. You said Guatemalans

' Yes, most are from Honduras and Guatemala. The area is called the Northern Triangle of Central America. Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The area is experiencing a horrible drought which has been going on for several years now. It is climate change doing its thing. Most of the refugees from Honduras and Guatemala say they come north because they have nothing to eat. Malnourished with starving kids. Under American law coming here that way is an illegal act. So is talking about climate change

' That is horrible

' Yes it is

A Collective Action Emergency Plan

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on July 13, 2019

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Published on Chasing the Squirrel on July 7, 2019


Business as usual needs a funeral. Responding to existential risk.

Existential has been echoing around the inside of the Environmental/Collapse of Western Industrial Civilization rabbit hole for a while. I expect it will be co-opted into existential reasons to buy consumer products soon enough, so explaining what it means now is good.

Existential can mean outright extinction as in the American Passenger Pigeon or the soon to be extinct Monarch butterfly applied to humans, but existential need not go that far. Large negative consequences which can't be undone which limit human potential for all future generations are existential threats.

Current global warming is at 1 degree C and 1.5 degrees is going to happen if people were to stop using fossil fuels yesterday. Paris' agreements would like everybody to agree at stopping warming at a 2 degrees C target and science says actual results consistent with honouring the Paris agreements will result in 3 degrees C of warming. Four degrees of warming by end of century is the actual path being followed by use patterns now.

At three degrees of warming world affairs will be chaotic. At four degrees of warming there will be no organised global community. Large areas of the earth would have no community at all. Large areas of the world become uninhabitable and die off progresses with rage at 4 degrees C.

Reaching only a two degree temperature rise is unrealistic pie in the sky. A like it or not, oh shit, bump in global warming happens as fossil fuel burning stops. Fewer particulates are in the atmosphere. The science is complicated but as much as half a degree of current global warming might be masked by atmospheric aerosols right now.

Paris agreements suffer from technical narcissism and delusive super hero religious ideation. Suits got involved. CO2 capture is a crock and Paris agreements have carbon capture as part of the overall solution. A solution which does not exist at any reasonable scale and should be understood as crazy by anybody who at least managed to get a 'C' in American High School Chemistry or Physics. The only good thing about this is the suits could not figure out how to sell carbon capture on transport. That keeps carbon capture nonsense from going too far. If you could be convinced that something attached to a car tailpipe could save the world somebody would convince you. They would not just try. They would do it. Science fortunately makes that impossible and lowering EROEI would make a tailpipe scrubber irrelevant anyway.

Something better than the Paris agreements could result in a world worth living in. The possibility of that happening remains if emergency response becomes our planetary zeitgeist starting in the United States. We must dump Trump. There is no other way.

Sensible risk management is adopted before a problem can produce negative consequences. Regarding climate change the time to take sensible action was decades ago. Because effective action was not adopted an emergency response is now needed. Market response and conventional regulation will not get the job done.

The worst thing that can happen is for people to remain in or return to denial regarding climate change. Denial must die. Global warming is a real existential threat and in any emergency situation brutal honesty is required for effective action.

Awareness of the climate/resource problem must become normal and a part of everyday social concerns. When this is done then effective planning can be done and proper actions can be taken. The goal is to avoid conflict and create collective action. If conflict prevails and unity fails. Future generations will be forever stunted.

New fossil fuel development must be capped and subsidies for oil and gas removed. Agriculture must be redesigned. This will employ a lot of people. The way people go about their lives must be reconsidered from energy use points of view and from criteria which consider individual and social measures of happiness. Bhutan can help. Theyu know how to measure happiness. A vibrant economy could result from rebuilding infrastructure and literally rebuilding buildings to be energy efficient. Such things are possible.

Now I have the pleasure of pasting in an interview with Ian Dunlop which was published at Collapse chronicles today. Ian is one of the good guy and he explains what I have written about today better than I can.

We Need a Bit of Alarmism…We Need to Rethink the Way Humanity is Going to Survive

Enjoy, It is a pleasure to listen to an intelligent man who is able to think about complicated things and explain them well. If you think so too, listen to Ian.

The Math Says We’re Going to Fall…This Will Not End Well

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on July 6, 2019

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Greetings Diners, K-Dog here,

I had the pleasure of being invited to share a few of my thoughs of Doom by Sam Mitchell.  It is quite an honor to become a member of the kennel club that Sam Mitchel interviews.  Sam finds good people.  After you get your fix here at the Diner you might take a peek and look at who else Sam has interviewed at Collapse Chronicles.  I have and I'm glad I did.  Above is my interview.

Dr. Paul Ehrlich was Sam's first interview.

Saying it was an honor to be interviewed by Sam obviously does not say enough, Paul needs no introduction.

Best wishes, 







A Collapseitarian Brunch

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on June 23, 2019

Image result for julian cribb

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A cornucopia of threats is on the horizon. Nobody is prepared. Constructive leadership is vacant in the face of multiple global existential emergencies. To say the limits to growth have been reached does not go far enough to say what is now happening on our planet.

Limits to growth have been exceeded by unrestrained global population growth. The world is being rapidly terraformed into a caricature of the emerald and blue jewel the earth has been for people throughout all human history.

The earth needs to keep being a verdant green jewel for human survival but the earth is beginning to run a fever and may get very sick. It has an infection. The fever will cure the infection; population numbers will be reduced to a fraction of current numbers. Or people will become extinct. The earths' fever will rise to a temperature needed to do the job of eliminating the infection before it begins to go down.

If population impact is reduced by changes in human ways of living actual numbers need not be reduced by the laws of the universe and by human cruelty and ignorance. If so the fever need not rise far. The earth being infected by people is not a problem in itself; but the earth being infected by too many people is a huge growing and compounding problem.

Should families stop having children? No to that. I don't believe in human extinction. Families should simply not have more than two children. This ethic needs to be the way of the world for decent lives on this planet in the future. Population has to be checked to sustainable numbers and the ways people live needs to change to reduce the earths' fever to the lowest temperature it can be made to be. The lower the earths' fever the less pain people will have to endure in coming years. At this point a great deal of pain cannot be avoided.

This week Julian Cribb states the problem better than I so I'll let you hear him talk in today's interview with Sam Mitchell


There Will Come a Point When There Are More Migrants Than There Are Bullets

Sam Mitchell: What is the solution for the methane bomb?

Julian Cribb: The only solution is to cool the earth and that means to stop using fossil fuels immediately.

Sam Mitchell: But you and I both know that is not going to happen Julian.

Julian Cribb: We do.

Sam Mitchell: We do?! Is that the end of your comment on that one?

Julian Cribb: Well it is going to get bloody tough….

I'll add if we don't start taking positive steps. Julian's interview paints a dark portrait of our future. The showbusiness of convention politics needs to be replaced by enlightenment. It can be done and if it is not done tragedy will be our future. Collapse will compound with nuclear pollution possibly being the demise of any organism on earth with a typical lifespan of more than seven years..

An outrageous statement do you think? If so this next video is not for you. Only a serious connoisseur of doom or those with an enlightened mind should watch this next video.





Why Everything Will Collapse









It should be remembered that predicting the future can be difficult and error prone. Don't try it at home or perhaps better advice is don't try it anywhere else. Maintain the positive perspective of trying to make everyone you meet better for having known you. Try and be happy. You have some choice in the happiness matter and living in denial does not have to be part of your choice.

Keep the big picture where it should be and nowhere it should not be. While collapse may quicken; investments in love can grow. A cursory sojourn into real news will show the American perspective of the same beltway story repeated a dozen times in a dozen ways through the day to be a pernicious lie. We live in a world of change. Existential change which ignored now means not being able to exist anymore. A state otherwise known as death. A situation that only madness would ignore.

I hope everybody has a great week and no more nuclear energy without solving the nuclear waste disposal problem first.



The original article is at: http://chasingthesquirrel.com/






















No Place for a Cat, The Diner Edition.

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on April 20, 2019

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The days rolled by last week and the strange case of the Assange affair kept me going back to my place on the net and putting up new content.  It wasn't just that I'm a comment dog who can't be on the internet without wanting to write something somewhere.  (Try it sometime if you don't write comments, see if you can make just one.)  And it wasn't simple outrage though I've plenty of that.  It was more personal.

Before Snowden and before Wikileaks I had become K-Dog.  It was early on when I became K-Dog.  The name was given to me by an anonymous commenter who had liked something I had written.  I was busy in those days.  I had come to the realization (actually horrible awareness) that smart people were not working the worlds problems.  No think tanks in universities coming up with plans to adapt the world to a future without oil or a climate.  No secret government bases with giant machines to scrub C02 out of the atmosphere or refine zero-point energy.  Nothing at all. 

Turns out if you think about the world's problems at all you right there with the smartest people in the room.  The common herd won't contemplate that which is beyond their vision.  Not even won't but can't!  Turns out be deep-seated psychological reasons for this cognitive black hole, and even that would not be so bad; if such people also did not vote.

Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives… and to the "good life", whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.”  <== Hunter S. Thompson
Let's toast to being born at time when there was plenty of sugar in the worlds petri-dish for all the yeast to thrive.
The seventies had led me to believe that people were working the earth's problems but it turned out the 70's had led to the brain-dead 80's during which time the seeds for the absolute annihilation of mankind were planted.  America's ability to adapt was about to be destroyed. 
During the 80's and 90's electronics were refined so mass surveillance became possible and those of the common herd who had power could not resist the temptation to use it.  It is not in human nature to ignore a benifit of technology.  There are deep-seated psychological reasons for this it turns out.  Then came 9-11 a plan for a new American Century.  Neocons took control and America became a different place.  Mesmerized by shock and awe few people noticed.
Surveilance is one thing, and the instant reaction is to think no big deal but, it is a big deal.  Surveillance brings management with it, the temptation was not resisted.  James Howard Kunstler had honed in on the collapse movement and was writing about depletion issues.  I began to comment on his blog.  Long story short I soon realized that some of the commenters at his blog had super powers.  A few names needed no sleep.  And following I.P. Addys from his site that a tracking service plugin provided I learned that most of the identities who were commenting on his blog were using 'the Department of Defense Network' to get to the website.  Actual origins appeared to be from every small military base in the country.  America had become a country silently being brainwashed by ideologies of the most ossified and conservative kind.  The ability of America to adapt to change had been taken away and our doom was sealed.
I did not have a website at the time.  I appeared to be someone who could just be  rolled over using a bit of terror.  Gang stalking and electronic harassment of many kinds.  It worked for a while but I adapted and survived.  I registered my website and now with Julian's Arrest I'm ready because the same people who want him were the ones who were harassing me.  It is personal.  Vault 7 personal.  Being followed by men in black suits personal and this being the Diner I'll have a small taste of:
"La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froide"  (Revenge is a dish best served cold)
I have a picture of one of the suits, I could post it but this article is not about me.  I will only give a link to it. http://chasingthesquirrel.com/pics/DLR.png The pic came from a website he asked me to visit when we met in person.  A website intended to put the fear of god into me.  I downloaded it. 
I'm writing to do a small part in getting the promise of democracy working again or something like that.  Because we don't have it now.  We have only the illusion of it.
From my website:
No Place For a Cat

I haven't seen the internet controlled like this since BP got on top of their Public Relations and spun the Gulf Oil Spill the way they wanted it spun.  No news on Julian Assange.  It took some sleuthing to find out he is now at Belmarsh prison.    This from 'Free Malasia Today'.  Good luck finding anything in the American press.

"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is being held in London’s high-security Belmarsh prison which has housed some of Britain’s most notorious inmates, a legal source told AFP Friday.
















Aerial View














The prison in southeast London became one of the country’s best-known jails after Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs and career criminal Charlon Bronson – dubbed “the most violent prisoner in Britain” – were held there.












Main Gate











Opened in 1991 next to Woolwich Crown Court, it has frequently been used in high-profile national security cases."

From another Source:

Belmarsh, built in 1991 and located in southeast London, gained notoriety in the wake of the 9/11 attacks when foreigners were detained in the prison without being formally charged, leading some to call it 'Britain's Guantanamo Bay.'

What is it all about? This affidavit was unsealed Monday.

It is alleged that Julian Assange conspired to help Chelsea Manning commit computer intrusion of a classified military network. That's it thats all. Real reasons of course are not for public consumption. You can find out about that if you read on.

The world, America darkens with time. Ignorance is celebrated and cultivated in a cultural tower of babble that pushes truth behind shadows where it can no longer be seen. Things were not always this bad. It was clear forty years ago that power corrupts and the only legitimate power is power that is open to scrutiny. This awareness has eroded. The Vietnam war made the need for scrutiny as clear as the sight of a high school football hero returning home in a body bag. But America forgot. Graft, theft, racism, and corruptions of all kinds are possible when doors can't be opened for a peek inside. America forgot that. Now America wants to kill a messenger who's crime is that he wanted you to know stuff.

The American troll army pushes the meme that Julian has nothing to worry about. He will quietly be deported to Australia they all say. They also don't want you to know about the affidavit. They prefer you believe in cat feces on walls and other fables. They absolutely don't want you to know that Vault 7 tools are used on American citizens.

Yet only misbehaving dogs have to worry about such things and you don't misbehave.

And that can stay true until the rules change and then they come for you. In the meantime enjoy the show. Here is something entertaining. Seven years after the fact and you likely still don't know the names of the women or the circumstances but if hating is your thing enjoy a thick slice of 'Me Too'.

She Accused Assange of Rape. Give Her a Chance for Justice

If you enjoy the article too much I'd like to remind you that nowhere does Heather Barr mention the name of 'the woman' anywhere. International extradition for crimes where victims are not named is not Ok IMHO. I think someone with even a third of a brain should be able to figure out why. The devil is in the details, or in this case lack of them. Heather also does not say that one of the women has vanished and that the other woman is connected to the CIA. Heather had many years to learn this and that this sort of thing is very much 'her thing' is very clear, so I think if you were a baby Heather would steal your candy.

Read my stuff from last week and you will learn the names. (I did not need seven years to learn them.) Somebody clue Heather in. Please.


Thursday April 11th 2019: (with more recent edits)

Breaking News, The arrest. I stand in solidarity. All four paws. (Europeans will not have to look it up to find out what solidarity means. Most Americans will need to do exactly that.)

10 x 10 bare concrete walls, 24/7 florescent lighting, and a room thirty feet below ground. Comparatively the embassy had to be a palace. Moreno is a pig. Somebody follow the money please.

Update$$: A 4.2 billion loan (numbers vary) guarantee from the International Monetary Fund, it seems.

Below are the honeypots. One has vanished off the face of the earth.

I recall at the end of the 1981 movie "Body Heat" William Hurt playing the male lead character Ned Racine sits in prison. Ned receives the High School yearbook of Matty Walker his vanished female lead in the movie in his prison mail. He tears the brown wrapper off and begins to read. Matty is a femme fatale played by Kathleen Turner in this movie who has duped Ned into killing her husband for insurance money. That's why Ned sits in prison.

In the yearbook is written the line, if I can recall it right, in response to the age old High School yearbook question of 'what do you want to be in life', Matty had answered.

'To be rich and live in a far away land'

A line something to that effect. So what is the parallel? Matty had vanished with funds.

Now Trump can put out any fake news he wants.

WikiLeaks official Defense Fund

( 46 BC ) At Ceasars triumph, Vercingetorix was marched through the Eternal City, then strangled at the Tullianum.

I like the story of Vercingetorix’s men who at least in a movie spirited his body from the place of execution in the middle of the night to bury it with dignity in the woods. Likely at great risk. Before his execution I think Vercingetorix had been in prison for seven years. I could be wrong.

Obama got Osama and the golden puffball will also be taking a triumph. Unearned riches if ever there were.

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."Thomas Paine

Donald Trump, praised WikiLeaks often during his 2016 presidential campaign yet now he just said WikiLeaks is not his thing. “I know nothing about WikiLeaks,” Trump said “It’s not my thing.”

  • How Ecuador’s Globalist Regime Received Billions to Sell Out Julian Assange
  • With Ecuador’s Cooperation Bought by IMF Loans, Washington Waxes Optimistic on Assange Extradition
  • Ecuador obtains $10.2 billion IMF loan package
  • Every Points to Julian Assange’s Accuser Being a CIA-Directed Liar
  • Where in the world is Sofia Wilén?
  • Ecuadorian Golf Courses








    Seven years is long enough for people to forget and make up all sorts of stories. What is Assange arrested for?

    For wanting you to see this.

    Should the rampant gaslighting make you forget.

    If I make an edit here in my HTML pile of text it takes about the same time as it takes for a hellfire missile to hit a target as it does for my edit to appear as a change on this page once I hit 'fire'. Just like a goddamn video game kiddies play. I just turned this green and it took the same time for me to see the change as it did for the three hellfire missiles to hit their targets in this video.

    My wierdness with Vercingetorix? I'll allow Chris Hedges to explain. It is about empire:

    "The Trump administration will seek to try Assange on charges that he conspired with Manning in 2010 to steal the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs obtained by WikiLeaks. The half a million internal documents leaked by Manning from the Pentagon and the State Department, along with the 2007 video of U.S. helicopter pilots nonchalantly gunning down Iraqi civilians, including children, and two Reuters journalists, provided copious evidence of the hypocrisy, indiscriminate violence, and routine use of torture, lies, bribery and crude tactics of intimidation by the U.S. government in its foreign relations and wars in the Middle East. Assange and WikiLeaks allowed us to see the inner workings of empire—the most important role of a press—and for this they became empire’s prey."

    Empire is evil with patience. Enemies of empire are dealt with after humanity screams move on. It is not fair but perhaps Julian has another service to do. There is much evil. The existence of the rampant gaslight shows this. Something makes it shine so bright. Julian's job may only be half done.

    Too bad, for Julian deserves a break. But evil is alive well and flourishing. I pray evil now bites more than it can chew so that it is exposed in all it's orangeness.

    Trumps idea of MAGA exposed. Preparing America for a future this does not do! It won't do at all. Who was the guy who said 'The buck stops here'? He is on the Eisenhower Dollar. I hope he is right but the buck these days seems to be made of golden Teflon. To expect Trump to do more than resurrect the Neocon Bush Playbook was fantasy. The link is to ten year old news true, but it has the freshest of ink.

    Ink more fresh there can't be.

    I've learned more according to this AP article. The American indictment is in response to what is known as the “Vault 7 leak” in 2017. Vault 7 comprises thousands of pages of documents revealing details about CIA tools used to break into computers, cellphones and other consumer electronics used by targeted individuals.

    I can speak to the veracity of the contents of Vault 7 because I have had my personal electronics targeted by the same tools when I became a targeted individual myself for discovering details about behind the scene government internet manipulations.

    These tools I can attest are not used exclusively by our CIA but are a feature of all agencies which use American fusion centers. They are used by the FBI and Homeland Security to terrorise and deal with American Citizens who dare to investigate how deep our domestic spying apparatus goes. I can attest that rabbit hole is very deep from my personal experience. As I make an allegation I'll be specific.

    They pulled a boner. Mike went to High School with one of the 'spooks' who shadowed me five years ago. This spook was in a coffee shop Mike owned when I was came in. The spook was in his shiny black suit and blinding bleached white shirt sans tie, their uniform. Until you learn to turn your phone off they frequently get places before you do. The same spook had been in the coffeehouse a few months before and had told Mike, the owner, about his new job with the TSA.

    One of the things they can do is control your Netflix viewing on your T.V.

    It can and will mess with your head. When they pop your screen to scenes of families getting brutally murdered it will affect you. Having the controls go to exactly the right spot for the best dramatic effect to freak you out the most is very Steven Kingish and I believe 'they' enjoy 'getting the bad guy' way too much. It really does mess you up, it along with gang-stalking is a means of control which leaves no trace. I experienced the Full Monty. It is not called 'targeted' for nothing. And what they can do with phones when they are trying to drive you out of your mind is impressive and scary in a leg shivering sort of way. Your heart will do a years worth of thumping in a month before they finish with you, or you adjust. I adjusted but part of me will always be pissed and it takes more than a month to adjust. It takes many months.

    Oceania in spades. Rats in my face. They'd have you believe Eurasia influences your elections but you have no idea of the Orwellian nightmare America became before Trump was even an orange blob on the Oval Office horizon. What happened to me happened on Obama's watch. Since then I've been waiting for Trump to amp it up and wonder what has taken him so long. The boy has toys. Meanwhile the thoughtstopper of 'It Can't Happen Here' echoes the common awareness.


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Published on The Doomstead Diner on September 30, 2018

Image result for batteries

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A star if it is big enough, upon using up its hydrogen fuel will begin burning helium and other heavier elements to maintain nuclear reactions and keep from going dark. As we use up our fossil fuels we should be replacing them with alternatives. Alternatives which like the heavier elements in a star won't yield as much energy as the hydrogen in a star did or as fossil fuels on earth did, but that's better than dead. There will be less energy and civilization must make drastic changes but survival could be possible. Civilization does not have to go dark.

Most likely however we will go dark and die. This will be like a star burning up all its hydrogen fuel and then going supernova without burning heavier elements between hydrogen and iron first. Iron takes more energy to fuse than it yields and when the core of a star becomes all iron the star goes supernova as it collapses onto itself. Mankind will go straight to supernova. We are not as smart as stars and a permanent dark age looms. Collapse will happen by a failure to transition to alternative energy sources and by not dedicating ourselves to not using any more energy than we actually need.

To be as smart as a star, civilization would be transitioning to alternative energies as quickly as it can, right now without delay. That is not happening.

Batteries should be part of the transition because they store energy. They can't generate energy. Energy to charge them must come form other sources but batteries are a big part of the solution. To that end I introduce you to John Goodenough.

Thanks to John I'm building a battery pack for this electric bicycle right now. All the batteries use the cathode originally developed in John's lab.

I'm using recycled laptop batteries that I get at a computer recycling center. Here is a laptop pack I just opened. I get the packs at a buck each. When finished I may spend $100 getting enough batteries. I want about 1000 watt-hours of capacity. This pack has nine batteries, most have six. If they are good it is a great deal. If they all test bad that's not good!

These batteries are Japanese batteries made in Fukushima before the tsunami. I knew that from the color right away and Fukushima is printed on them. They are connected to a small circuit board that will be removed and thrown away. The board is a charge management controller and I will replace that functionality later but for now I separate the batteries and test them. I keep only those that are worthy. My batteries will mount on the sides of the bike rack shown in the photo over the front wheel. Both sides of the rack will hold a pack and there is another rack over the back wheel which will hold two more packs. I may have as many a 224 batteries spread over four packs, or only 168. I am not sure yet. The battery cell size is called 18650. Eighteen millimeters wide by about 65 millimeters long.

Here is a picture of my battery tester and a wheel I can test motors on in the background. I'm actually more interested in testing motor control circuits with it.

I built up the bike myself and it was working using three lead acid batteries of seven amp-hours each on the back rack until they gave out. That was a few years ago and I could go about five miles using those batteries. Lithium batteries are expensive so the bike has been hanging unused in the garage but now reclaimed laptop batteries make a lithium battery project affordable. It turns out using laptop batteries for E-bikes is a kind of 'thing' and there are many You Tube videos about doing this. You can figure out what to Google if you are interested. I was not the first to think of using reclaimed laptop batteries, though I did think of it on my own.

Electric vehicles will not replace the ease and convenience of fossil fuel powered vehicles. Making electric cars has been practical since the auto age began but electrics can't compete against fossil fuel economically. Electric cars have been impractical from economics but technically they have always been feasible. Even using older battery technology electrics have been good, but never 'good enough'.

Society will only tolerate a drop in replacement for fossil fuel cars and such inflexibility dooms us. Only by embracing alternatives now can we hope to survive even if they don't work quite as well as fossil fuels did. I realize the blasphemy of this statement but after the fracked oil is all fracked up it is also all fricking gone. If we have not prepared we will then go medieval. Waiting until then to prepare will be too late. The new medieval will be far more miserable than the first and it will also last forever. We need to make other arrangements even if new solutions can't work quite as well. Failure to do so will be fatal.

Here are a few batteries with good capacities which will be used on the bike.





Coal Dust From The Forum

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on June 24, 2018

A coal train once supplied the city of Holland, Michigan with fuel for its electric generating plant. They converted the plant to natural gas. Their costs are down, their emissions are down, and coal is down for the count. (Photo by wsilver/Flickr)

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It seems to me bringing things 'worthy' from our Diner Forum over from time to time might be a good thing to do.  An entry I just made over there spawed this post.  I'll work it in here with some background that I'll add since the thread context is lost bring it over here by itself.  Here I go.

Trump seeks to project global power through energy exports

Thats a recent headline from a buisness journal.  I'll start with that, this is from our forum thread at the beginning.

In the 1950s, geologist M. King Hubbert predicted that the world will experience an economically damaging scarcity of fossil fuels. This idea has remained in the collective consciousness as the Peak Oil theory, according to which the production of oil, as a finite resource, will peak at some point and ultimately decline and deplete. According to some researchers, Hubbert included, Peak Oil is already behind us, and we are now living in a decline.

Here is the original source. 


Living in the age of Trump the refrain of drill baby drill echoes in my head.  Oil trains, I pass them lined up waiting to move north.  100 cars long 70,000 barrels of oil on a train.  They slink north together and then stagger back alone hiding with grafitti tagged boxcars they go east for more.

Trump speech Unleashing American Energy backdrop

Trump Unleashing American Energy

Now Coal Trains have joined the oil trains going north for export.  I have seen 3 coal trains passing through Seattle in the last week.   I saw the first one only two weeks ago.  It had three engines pulling and was a mile long easy.

Seattle Coal Train

Seattle Coal Train

I do not want to criticize or disrespect anybody here who cares about their carbon footprint but when I see megatons of coal and oil leaving the country to keep the fat cat gravy train going and nobody caring I wonder what is the point of it all.  

We import, so we export.  I get that.  I also know that our fracked oil is best blended with other stock because refineries just for fracked oil don't exist.  I get that.  Stop using the stuff tomorrow and we are all dead.  I get that.  It is not a black and white issue.  I get that.  Nobody cares about changing the equations so we survive.  I don't get that.

As too how much is left I'll make the observation that the conservative element of suit wearing forked tongued devils in American have digested peak oil dogma as well as we have here but from a completely different perspective.  The point of peak oil was only ever to show that the oil supply is finite.  The M. King Hubbert classic depletion curve is from a single field with a simple development and extraction profile.  All it was ever meant to do is tell everybody, see kiddies if you eat all your candy it will be all gone.  

The world was never going to follow that simple curve and even we advocates of understanding have been distracted by the 'theory' aspect of it all, as if the ragged edge of the real depletion curve disproved something.  The ragged edge reflects real world complexity.  Humans have wars and kill each other.  Economies crash.  People want to make America great again.  These things throw more variables in the picture than a single field has and the fact that the peak is ragged does not change what remains in the ground in any way.  Yet some are quick to say peak oil is dead and the theory wrong.

Ugo Bardi has pointed out that collapse can, most likely will, resemble Seneca's cliff.

The Seneca Cliff 


In that scenario significant oil will be in the ground but it won't be easy to get to and it won't matter because we will be in a new stone age.  Fact is if we were not fracking and had we not had some international hard times we would all be fucked right now.    In 1980, the Reserve/Production ratio suggested only 32 years of oil production from existing reserves. (thats from the peakoil.com source above)

A minor detail it seems everybody has overlooked.  We found some more borrowed time.  That is all that has happened or America would already have crashed so hard that 2008 would be looking like a summer picnic.  The above 32 years projection which has now expired was not an irrational gloom and doom prediction.  It was made with hard facts.  But life is a moving target.  It did not and could not account for an innovation that would provide a way to keep population and resourse depletion at bay a brief moment longer.  We go nowhere but for a while we keep up.

Borrowed time, that is what we have done yet again.  The red queen runs, technology which in modern times is mostly the hundreds of ways in which we use hydrocarbons, has enabled us to innovate our way out of a corner that we have painted ourselves into to get more hydrocarbons to use up.  The can has been kicked down the road for a moment of happiness. But it can't last.  Our ditch awaits.


The Path of Totality: The Repair Adventure

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on September 3, 2016

At last, customer service!

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Regular visitors know that on my way to experience the eclipse with RE my transmission decided to switch into 'limp home mode' where the top gear becomes second gear and 5000 rpm only gets you 40 mph in a car that can cruse all day at 100 mph.  This happened out of cell phone range at 3 AM eastbound on I-90 three miles into Montana.  But I did not limp home.  Instead I continued in 'limp to eclipse' mode figuring wrongly that there were as many Mercedes dealerships ahead of me as there were behind me.  The human brain is built to deceive.  RE and Brian who RE was traveling with, met me after I could get them on the phone when I once again came into phone range and could tell them I was in trouble. 

They were just a couple of hours ahead of me having spent the night in Drummond MT. My saviors RE and Brian met up with me in Anaconda Montana where Lee a tow truck driver from Butte, trucked my Mercedes away to his lot in Butte MT wearing one of our rare and precious Path of Totality Tshirts for his eclipse weekend enjoyment and we were on our way to Rexburg.

Lee promised to deliver my car to the Mercedes dealership in Missoula after the eclipse and he did exactly that on Tuesday just as he had promised to do. Unfortunately I foolishly assumed that the Mercedes dealership in Missoula would be able to fix my Mercedes. My mistake. How could I be so foolish? I was totally wrong and the only way my car was going to be fixed in less than a month was if I towed it to a real Mercedes Dealership which the Missoula outfit turned out to be in name only. Missoula has the big round Mercedes logo but only one mechanic and one salesman. Both claiming to be overworked. This so called dealership is part of a larger umbrella dealership that serves several other brands. The owner, DeMarois Buick GMC has an impressive website http://www.demarois.mercedesdealer.com/ but if you visit the actual brick and mortar or in this case glass and steel as I did, you find the 'dealership' is a double garage which passes for a showroom featuring just three cars, two small, and a desk next to several other identical double garages selling other brands. A cosmic joke which I had foolishly towed my car to. Had Missoula the time to even diagnose my problem and the time to work on my car, fixing it in Missoula would have made sense and the $350 plane ticket back to fetch it would have been a bargain. Sadly the Missoula Mercedes mechanic is backed up for weeks. If someone wants to be a Mercedes mechanic there is a job open for one in Missoula right nowMissoula might be a place to survive collapse a lot better than other places will. The Clark Fork River valley is beautiful and there could be doomstead possibilities in the area. After the eclipse and my visit to the Missoula 'dealership' I returned to Seattle and rented a car for the week.

Here it is getting gassed up for its return to Sea-Tac airport yesterday.

K-Dogs Rental

K-Dogs Rental

I rented the car and the salesman who sold me my Mercedes a year ago got me in touch with Olga who arranged to have my car moved to Seattle from Missoula. Things would have been great if Olga stayed in touch with me but once she had my info and told me my car would be picked up in Missoula on Saturday she disappeared and would not return emails or phone messages at all. The Russian mafia now had my car and they were not about to meet with me until I had cash in hand and I could exchange it for my car in a remote parking lot face to face meeting at a date a time of their choosing, Breaking Bad Style.

Without knowing this would be my horrorshow future I authorized my car be picked up by phone last Saturday in Missoula but by Wednesday I was calling back tracking it down from the Missoula end. The job had been contracted out to a Spokane trucking outfit and they had my car 20 miles out of Tacoma when I found out where it was and who had it. I also knew what Olga's cut was and figured I was paying her enough for the wheels not to stop moving on this delivery. I also figured that because of the payment issue, cash or money order only, she would not be giving me my car back before Friday as it would take Thursday to pass to her lot in Sumner from Tacoma so she could plan on which remote parking lot to deliver it to me for the face to face.

I jest, the agreement was to deliver it to the Seattle Mercedes dealership and the transaction took place in their parking lot. I met Olga's driver next to the Mercedes dealership in Seattle about noon on Friday. Here is my car on his truck. It has been on at least five trucks to get from Anaconda MT to Seattle WA. He rolled it off and I paid him. Then I drove my car a few hundred feet to the Mercedes service department.

My car about to roll off the last truck.

A work order was filled out and waiting. My experienced changed once the Seattle Dealership had my car. They had the problem diagnosed by the end of the day. They are very helpful. A transmission 'pressure plate' needs to be replaced and this will involve a full transmission service. A part has been ordered. Now that they have my car to fix, Mercedes of Seattle could give me a loaner so I was able to return my rental car without extending my rental contract. I naturally did not want to extend the contract and I was in fear of having to do exactly that after Olga disappeared.

I returned the car rental car yesterday, Saturday morning. So after the week long move of my car from Missoula at about $1.50 a mile I dropped off the rental car at the SeaTac rental car terminal.


Rental Car Terminal

Then I walked about a third of a mile to the International Boulevard Light rail station. Facing the opposite direction from the last photo you can see the light rail station. The hardest part of this trip was figuring out how to walk out of the rental car terminal. The normal way to get to the terminal is by car or bus and the normal way to get to the light rail would be to take a bus to the main Sea-Tac airport terminal where there is a builtin light rail station. That seemed foolish. A mile bus ride to get to Sea-tac Airport or a short walk to the next rail station down the line. I chose the walk. It was a beautiful day and not yet too hot. I had to ask how one gets out of the rental car terminal on foot.

International Boulevard – Seattle Light Rail Station

Experiencing the public in their various states of cluelessness caused me to lose some forward momentum yet I made steady progress and at last a train approached. My fare to the 'Stadium' terminal was $2.75

Waiting for the train.

The train is a nice link between the Airport and downtown Seattle. The line is still being built. It starts out on an elevated track for several miles from the Airport but drops down to ground level to pass through some south end neighborhoods. Stimulating the economics of these neighborhoods was part of the overall plan though there are only four stops in these neighborhoods since the route is primarily express oriented. I once lived a few blocks away from the route long before it was built. It rises again to be elevated before passing into a tunnel which seems about a mile long through a hill. In the middle of this hill is a station with elevators 100 feet up to the top of the hill where a main north south street passes by. The Beacon Hill neighborhood. Next the train passes through the SODO (south of downtown) area of Seattle where I got off and walked to the Mercedes dealership to get my service loaner. Through and north of downtown the train becomes a subway, the north end of the route is still being dug. It will eventually go many miles under the north end to a stop at the University of Washington and North Gate, an original old school north end shopping center.

The train.

On the train.

The 'SODO' stop would have worked out better but the Stadium stop is the one I used. It was about a five-teen minute walk to the Mercedes dealership.

At last, customer service!

Once there I showed my proof of insurance, my license, and a credit card as a deposit for damages and I was off and going in my free loaner car. My eclipse adventure is still not quite over but it is now only one car switch and a bill payent away!

Can it really go that fast?

The service loaner.

The observant among you will notice the 1990 300E in the upper left of the picture which we own. If that car were in running condition I would not have needed a rental car or the loaner. Mrs Dog's car is also parked to the left but you can't see what it is.  It is much like my car which is being repaired. Unfortunately we often work different hours so we cound not easily share it and the repair of the 300E is a job in itself.  Yet what do my personal woes have to do with collapse and the Diner other than being a part of the Path Of Totality tripI hope my experience entertains but the Path of Totality trip itself may seem like a contradiction to some. A bunch of people who worry about collapse all burning fossil fuels for apparently no good reason.

I'll jump to the answer. The snarky answer is "When in Rome burn like Rome" but seriously it is important that Diners meet. We can't have any community unless actual face to face meetings take place and physically re-positioning oneself for collapse will be important. This means travel. The irony is that this will require burning fossil fuels.  I also am way past the 'we have to change the world' reaction.  That is a newbie knee-jerk reaction, I had it, but as an experienced Diner I know THE WORLD DOES NOT WANT TO BE CHANGED.  All we can do is connect with like-minded people and figure out how to survive.  Like-minded people, experienced diners also learn, are hard to find and can live hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.  We have to all ironically learn to be mobile so that we can perhaps find a place together where being mobile becomes unecessary.

This trip stressed to me the importance of being prepared for collapse and let me clearly know I am not ready. RE's obsession with boondocking seems very well placed. It is a way to prepare or at least it is a means by which we can understand what preparing for collapse really means.

Standing With Standing Rock

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Published on The Doomstead Diner on Jan 1, 2016

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I can't tell you how old I was.  I could walk and I could talk and I was with my father.  I was a boy and I was fascinated by where we were.  It was Indian Mounds Park in Saint Paul Minnesota and I had learned that the grassy mounds I was looking at were filled with human bones and that they were hundreds of years old.  That is a fascinating thing to a young boy.  There was no fence that I remember and nobody was around but my father forbade me from running to the top of the tallest mound like I wanted to do.  He said that would not be respecting the dead.   
Archeology fascinated me as a boy and I was taught that it was done with great reverence.  Now at the other end of life from being a boy I suspect I was not being given the whole story.  I was of a generation born after history had been rewritten.  Indians were noble the past had been sanitized and American Indians had been integrated into American life.  That is the myth I was taught.  The thought of a pipeline going through sacred lands was preposterous to me.  I was a boy raised in the time of an American Camelot and I was being raised in a big city.  I did not realize that the country was also filled by the descendants of Americans who had wiped out our first nations people in cold blooded murder and these these people were proud of their own sanitized family histories.  My fathers father had died as a missionary on an Indian Reservation as a minister for his church.  I never knew him, he had already passed on by the time I saw the Indian mounds.  My sanitized story was different from the decedents of Indian hating white savages but years would go by before I would understand how poorly the first people have been treated in America.
If you start to find out what is going on at Standing Rock you have to find out about the Indians and why they are there trying to protect the waters.  From their point of view they are not protesting anything.  They are trying to right a wrong and the truth is that is the truth.  Indian land was Indian land until white people stole it from them.  It started with the Sioux after the Fort Laramie Treaty in 1851 and the fact is that at the time the Sioux had the unfortunate destiny to encounter American westward expansion; First Nation Tribes were no longer considered to be Sovereign and Eastern tribes were being displaced and marched west in an 19th century Bataan Death March.  The buffalo were wiped out as a result of deliberate government policy intended to wipe out the Sioux by taking away their food supply.  
There was a string of genocidal massacres.  One notorious one in which peaceful Indians were extirpated was led by a man named John Chivington.
"An estimated 70–163 peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho – about two-thirds of whom were women, children, and infants – were killed and mutilated by his troops. Chivington and his men took scalps and other body parts as battle trophies, including human fetuses and male and female genitalia."
The truth came out sort of and Silas Soule who disobeyed the order to participate in the massacre testified against Chivington in an investigation.  Silas was murdered and Chivington went on to have a town named after him.  Chivington CO.  Chivington's reputation was tarnished by what he and his men had done at Sand Creek but his life was far from ruined and he never had consequences.  Chivington is still there and that seems to be just fine with Colorado.













 Civington road sign












Evil has followed First Nations relations right to the present day.  Leonard Peltier rots in jail forgotten and I doubt Hopey-Change will pardon him before he leaves office.  The pipeline itself; I finally get to it; turns out to have been rushed through approvals using Bush Administration special legislation that leave no time for environmental impact statements.  The whole project was fast tracked from the beginning and the pipeline was deliberately moved away from Bismark so it would be an Indian and not a white mans problem.  It was moved so as not to threaten the Bismark ND water supply.  Instead it threatens Sioux waters if it goes forward across the river.
For the moment the pipeline is stopped and now I need to say why because respecting First Nation wishes has little to do with it.
I am going to describe a man I know who has been to Standing Rock and is on his way back to stand with the First Peoples again.  He and people like him have stopped, at least for the moment, pipeline progress.  He is a veteran and it is not going to look good for the Morton County goon squad to mix it up with a group of white veterans who are willing to stand with the Sioux when water hoses start spraying in subzero weather and take it as far as it goes.  That thought has embarrassed the Obama administration which was quite happily ignoring the dogs, pepper spray, rubber bullets and very heavy handed tactics that have been directed at the water protectors for months.













 Capt America in blizzard.












My friend is in this picture next to the man with the Capt. America shield.  I understand the shield actually belongs to my friend.  This picture has been used in the National Review in an article which totally misrepresents the Standing Rock situation.  I am going to call my Friend Jake for the rest of this article.  It is not his real name but like I said, he has gone back to Standing Rock.  There is no need for me to explain more than that.
Jake was 17 when he joined the army and he went to Iraq in the initial invasion but he was happy to have returned before  IUDs changed the Iraq experience into a nightmare.  For Jake it was mostly a light show in the distance.  His memories of Afghanistan are more troublesome because his unit lost several men in Kandahar province there.  His unit had many purple hearts.
Last spring Jake began to follow events at Standing Rock and was appalled at the reports of violence being directed at the water protectors.  Jake knows how to deploy violence and how to be effective in doing so.  His ideas on violence are well developed and he feels that when it is used it needs to be used responsibly and for good reason.  His experience as a vet has refined his beliefs.  He told me that when an attack happens you do what you have to do and it is pretty simple.  Take care of your buddies and stay alive and do whatever you have to do to survive.  That kind of violence does not trouble him.  Violence that troubles Jake is the violence of humiliation and power.  He did not like the humiliation shown to locals when he was doing the military policing part of his job in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He witnessed abuse of authority and it galvanized his beliefs.   
Jake's experience in the military made him sensitive to abuse of power and his last straw was finding out about water hoses being sprayed on water protectors in freezing weather at the bridge into the camp.  He had just found out that many other fellow veterans were having a similar reaction to his about the violence being directed against the water protectors and that got him on his way to Standing Rock to stand up against the paid for brutality of Morton County with his fellow veterans and the First Nations peoples.
Jake found himself in the middle of an experience when he arrived.  A conglomeration of tribes is at Standing Rock and three different native security organizations administer the camp.  They don't always get along and Jake watched them argue over trivia while he was trying to help organize a community center.  Tribes which have historically been enemies have united at Standing Rock but memories of differences remain.  A ceremonial Tee-Pee was erected that has not been erected since the Little Big Horn.  It was kept by the tribe all these years.  Despite all attempts at destroying it the culture, language, and religion of the Sioux remain.  The original reservation has been reduced in size and the Federal Government has tried to pay the Sioux for some of their stolen land.  They refuse to cash the check and want their land back.  The local and state law enforcement personnel who control and have closed the bridge into the water protector camp are camped on federal land north of the water protector camp across the bridge they have closed which is also on federal land.  Apparently they must all be there with Quo-Bama approval.
With the conglomeration of tribes and volunteers other people besides vets with a conscience have come to the camp.  One known as Colonel Dave seems to be excessively helpful.  Concerned with women safety he tried to start a rumor that their had been 24 rapes in the camp in the previous three weeks and security was doing nothing about it.  Concerned that people might not be ready for the elements Dave warned as many as he could the day after pipeline work was ordered stopped that a huge blizzard was on the way and people should get out before it arrived.  He convinced a lot of people to leave.  Some with suspicions about Dave went through his things when he was away from his bunk.  They found unusual radio equipment.
The tribes are teaching everyone who arrives that Standing Rock is a nonviolent action.  Guests are there to protect the waters by passive nonviolent means.  Law enforcement has been the author of all violence at Standing Rock and that is what attracted the veterans and which will hopefully kill the pipeline project.  Sophia Wilansky was standing by herself not really doing anything when the concussion grenade was thrown at her which almost blew her arm off.  Even if it does not have to be amputated her arm will never be the same.  The injury was severe and the police account of the incident is bogus nonsense.   
In the water protector camp people speculate that the pipeline is being built so oil can be exported overseas.  I am sure that if the owners of the pipeline get it built and if they can make money shipping oil to China that is exactly what they will do.  The pipeline project was not started by men of conscience.  It was started by rich men who want to get richer and who really don't give a damn about anything else.  These men planned heavy handed tactics to defeat opposition from the very start.  Hopefully that will be their undoing.

Feeling the Bern

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on March 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders at the Seattle Rally (photo credit off the Smart Phone of Son of K-Dog)

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I leave work, it is Friday night and Bernie is having his biggest rally ever about a mile away.   Normally I'd pass the stadium and hop on a cantilever called Edgar Martinez Way, getting on the western end of I-90 heading east over long Lake Washington then south on I-405 to home.  Generally it is twelve miles or forty five minutes, whichever comes first. 

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ea/Downtown_Seattle_from_Kerry_Park.jpg/360px-Downtown_Seattle_from_Kerry_Park.jpg The trip around the south end of the lake, perhaps from twenty one to twenty five miles depending on how I decide to drive through the city takes closer to the forty five minutes traffic might mean the way north and across the floating bridge over the lake but always less than the stop and go traffic times that way can bring and a more consistent trip.  There are places to stop at for doggie treats.

Generally starting north to the stadium is the way to go but I've noticed the area in the last two days (SODO) has been crawling with law enforcement of every conceivable kind and some kinds of which you can't even conceive of.  A baseball game at the stadium can severely inter-fear with the commute as it is and I guessed with Bernie Sanders in town the northern route might be a bit dicey.  It was also Friday and stopping for doggie treats on the way home and avoiding stop and go traffic altogether is what I generally like to do on Fridays.

I headed south.  I knew Bernie would be arriving soon but I had no desire to rally and there is nothing Bernie could possibly say to make me a supporter because I already am.  I was not in the mood for circus.

One donut and coffee later get home and no Mrs. Dog.  Turns out she is with our son at the Sanders rally and they lucked out and got seating four rows back from the home plate stage about a hundred feet from Bernie.  A top seat and they get this in spite of deciding to go to the rally at the last minute.  Other people not so lucky had been lined up to get into the stadium since noon.  Fair Fortuna had been with my family.  The people outside had a festive time waiting for the doors to open and the weather was good.

After I spend a lonesome evening alone by myself I ventured out for a late night snack and when I returned Mrs. Dog and son had come home.  They were both animated and inspired muttering things like 'political revolution' and 'get out the vote'. 

With wry pleasure; knowing that neither one of them are morning people, I looked at their wide eyes and said to them.  'Since you are both so inspired you have to get up in the morning and get to the Democratic Party Caucus at Newcastle Elementary to see Bernie is chosen as the Democratic party candidate choice from our district then.'  I knew about the district democratic caucus in the morning only because a Sanders volunteer had called the house earlier in the evening urging me to be there for Bernie.  To be nice to him, I had said I'd think about it not telling him how protective I am about my Saturday mornings which usually involves at least a couple of hours laying about in a Hugh Hefner bathrobe being contemplative sipping coffee and that is all.  As I was talking to the Sanders volunteer the future with coffee was the future I was anticipating.  With my utterance about attending the caucus all that had changed.

That is the story of how I wound up at our local Democratic Caucus Saturday morning with Mrs. Dog.  Our son who had left later in the night to hook up with his girl friend must have gone to her Democratic Caucus because he wasn't at the Democratic caucus where he is registered to vote. 

It was an interesting experience.  Audience participation of a well thought out ceremony.  A retired but still well known Seattle sports announcer, Tony Ventrella now Digital Media Host for the Seattle Seahawks and a well know former sports announcer for Seattle television manned a microphone upon the convening of the caucus and read a letter about why we were there.  Tony lives in the area and was caucusing like everyone else who was there.  I have seen him at the local grocery store.

After a preliminary vote which would have given Bernie three of five delegates from our local precinct at a county wide caucus, the next step up of the caucus pyramid we talked at the precinct level.  After another vote and by following written instructions we had been provided on how to allocate the percentage of the vote that did not round to a candidate evenly Bernie wound up getting four of our five local delegates to the Democratic Caucus for King County from our district precinct.  One delegate went to Clinton.  King County is twice the size of Rhode Island.  I filled out paperwork and when my voter registration is checked I will be notified that I am a delegate and I'll know where to go and when.  I do know it is on a Sunday.

As one of the delegates to the King County Caucus I will be representing Bernie on behalf of the Democrats in my local district precinct after being duly elected to do so.


And as RE says, who couldanode?!

"Here's another fine mess you've  gotten me into Ollie!"

Bernie is on a roll.  The rally in Seattle was huge.  Bernie can take the entire West Coast if he keeps up his momentum and that will give him more delegates than Clinton and that is the plan!


Despite the media disparaging Bernie and building up Clinton every chance they get, the results in Washington show that some of us still have a few clues and don't drink the mass media Kool-Aid with as much abandon as has been assumed.  Mass media radio is spinning the Sanders win as 'he can't keep up the momentum so why bother'.  The voice of empire speaks to quell Sander's gains.  Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Utah, Washington State may be the beginning of a wave that will crest in California.  We shall see how bewitched people are to the siren song of media puppet string pullers who seek to crash the nation on the cliffs and rocks of Trump or Hillary to maintain their song of oligarchy.

Helping Bernie get that extra delegate was a rewarding experience.  I did some of the talking and helped change a few minds.  I'll have fun at the county caucus.  I might wind up being the dog that makes all the difference, because:


Videos off the Smart Phone of Son of K-Dog


After the King County Caucus some will go on to the Washington State Caucus as delegates and from there delegates to the D.N.C. will be elected.  That is my understanding of the process so far. 
If I bark for Sanders right I suppose I could wind up going to the Washington State Caucus without too much trouble.  I expect getting as far as the D.N.C in Philadelphia could wind up being a bit more 'political'. 
If I get to the D.N.C. I know someplace I'll be sure to visit.  Geno’s Steaks.  I think it is where Philadelphia cheese steaks started, I'm not sure.  Regardless I could spend several days in Philadelphia hunting cheese steak sandwitches.  They are my kind of doggie treat.
Saturday I did not compare Hillary to Rodan the Flying Reptile even once!  I figured I might be in a crowd where some people actually like her so I was careful what I said.  The most I went in any negative direction regarding Hillary was when I said.
























I don't think she is actually evil but ………

The overall feeling about Hillary behind the closed doors of the elementary school was that she is inconsistent.  A political deal maker who does not have consistency because she is always doing what 'the money' tells her to do.  She blows in the wind and was called a flip flopper.  Sanders was portrayed to be consistent in his positions with thirty years of solid experience working for principles of social inclusion that the Democratic Party takes seriously.  At least on the local level, from what I saw, this appears to be true.  We all know Democratic Party leadership has other priorities living as they do in a pragmatic stratosphere far above the people they represent but at my caucus on Saturday the principles of the Democratic party were explained along with the rules on what we were to do. 

Sanders was also felt to be a 'stronger' anti-war candidate.  I thought that was a good way to put it.  Nice and gentle, and non-confrontational.  One of the caucus rules was that you were not suppose to mention opposition candidates by name.  It is a good rule and it forced concentration on the relative strengths between Bernie and Hillary on their positions and records.  For the most part this rule was observed.  A few times a name or a couple of initials slipped out but when that happened it was always relevant to a point being made and no big deal.

I did point out that Bernie has a better chance of beating 'The Republicans' than Hillary does.

My son told me that he had thought about making it to the caucus on Saturday but he figured getting me to go was good enough.  This turned out to be true.  No way was Sanders going to take all the delegates from our district.  Four of five was the best we were going to do.  He figured the caucus would probably be closed by 4:30 PM too.  We had finished and all gone our separate ways by noon.

Had I checked the weeks mail before Sunday I would have known I had an invitation to Caucus for Bernie Sanders on Saturday March 26th at 9 AM waiting for me.  I might have clued my son in had I seen it but it was a general mailing and did not say where the caucus would be.  Mail is easily ignored anyway.  As things worked out it was all good. 

























































































K-Dog Strikes Gold: (Yukon Gold Potatoes)

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on January 22, 2016


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Saturday is my day for yard and garden work. My garden now fallow, will be improved with soil amendments and a rabbit fence will be added to augment next years carrot yield.  Next year I'll be ready at the start of the growing season.  The first two years I got a late start getting the ground ready.  The first year because it was a new garden but this year because I doubled its size and sifted rocks out of the soil so it could be easily worked.  That took a few weekends.  With a rabbit fence not only carrots but my yield on other veggies will also go up. Thumper was busy in 2015. There are plenty of wild veggies for rabbits in the neighborhood; still I would share my bounty but rabbits don't wait for plants to grow and eat new shoots to the ground. Not a good thing, nothing gets started.

Here is a pic of what my garden looked like early last season.  The shape catches a good amount of sun even though a Douglas fir tree I planted many years ago towers over it.  The fir tree has been limbed more than twenty feet up and only blocks some early morning light.  Not seen out of the picture our house defines the angle of the front edge of the raised garden bed.  I chose the angle so the house does not block any sunlight.


Just to the right of this picture is my potato box.  This Saturday I disassembled the box months after my potato plants had died. To my surprise there were potatoes in the soil I removed from it. All my potato plants had died in midsummer and I had thought my crop had been a total loss.

Starting out the summer my potatoes had shown promise. Here is my potato box early into my 2015 grow.  You can see my garden next to it and the trunk of my Douglas fir.


Potatoes had been planted at ground level and a layer of boards now hold soil which has buried the growing plants in the above picture. When the plants had grown enough to be buried the first time a layer of boards seven and a half inches wide had been added to uprights and then the assembly had been dropped over the potato plants and filled with soil. Here is a picture of me to give you an Idea of how big the box is.  The boards holding back the soil are two feet long.


The view below is of the box showing a second row of boards added with plants buried another five and a half inches.


I added a third layer of boards and this view of the top shows the potato plants buried for the last time.


Before I could add another layer of boards one plant had mysterious and suddenly wilted. I removed it above ground level but within a week all the other plants had also wilted and died just as the first had. I had read about the Irish potato famine last year and knew that all the potatoes in the famine had turned to a stinky black mush.

I figure my potato crop had been a loss.  It had been so early in the season I had not expected any potatoes to have even started to grow! I was wrong and before the potato plants had died potatoes had grown.


K-Dogs 2015 potato crop

My personal potato famine had stopped growth above but not below ground. It had not been of the Irish kind as there was no black mush. For months healthy potatoes had been waiting for me to find them and I had not known it. 🙂

The soil I had used to bury my potatoes in had been some bagged garden soil I had bought on clearance.  It was cheap but it may have carried a fungus.  The first year I had used compost I had made and cured myself without problems.  I am going to gently pressure wash the potato box lumber and place the wood where it will dry until next spring.  I'll repaint the box then since I have plenty of the same paint I originally used when I made it.  I'll use different soil next year and I don't think any contamination on my box will survive being painted over.  This was the second year I used my box since I built it and its first year of use I had a lot more potatoes and the plants had lived well into fall until frost had killed them.  The year before I had grown Russet potatoes.  Perhaps the change in variety had something to do with this years early death of my plants.

Regardless of how it happend the potatoes are delicious.  I have made French fries and I have had them mashed.  Today I had some with a roast that baked in a crock pot all day.  It was fantastic.


This picture of my dogs dream dinner is a bit out of focus.  I took it with my phone.  The potatoes I cut open with a knife and I've added a little butter.  The yellow color is the natural color of Yukon Gold Potatoes.

You can tell I have not yet gone vegan.

Morning Walk

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Published on Chasing the Squirrel on March 1, 2015


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Back in the house the pellet gun was stowed away.  Sunlight broke over the ridge across the rabbit field and through tree branches along the wooded creek.  With the sun up curfew was over.  He locked up his house and property and slipped behind to the vacant house next door disguising his departure.  Yard to yard, tree to tree,and bush to bush he made his way to the main road walking out onto it by the nearby shut-up elementary school.  The vacancy and silence of the school providing anonymity.  Be began a brisk walk.  The grocery store was fully three miles away and food deliveries happened while he hunted when curfew still ruled the n.  It was easier for the truck escorts to consider everyone hostile, shoot first.  With night-vision and automatic weapons guarding food trucks  It was not only a violation of curfew but foolish to be on a main road at the wrong time.
As he neared the grocery store he encountered travelers as wary as himself heads down going to the store.  Everyone maintained distance.
A few blocks away from the store a group of men with groceries passed in the other direction.  This was something new and it uneased him.  With other other food deliveries an every man for himself attitude had prevailed.  Both coming and going there had been little camaraderie.  This group of men was different comfortable with cooperation and the safety in numbers.  They seemed unusually relaxed.  They were carrying as much as they could.  That the food delivery had been ample was clear.  The men were a block behind him and he two streets of row houses away from the road fronting the grocery store when he turned suddenly to his left.  He wanted to know what was different at the store before he got closer.  Something unusual could mean trouble.
The road in front of the store had once carried heavy traffic but was empty as he crossed it several hundred feet down road and south of the grocery.  Private cars had not been able to get gas for months, all was quiet.  The emptiness of the streets as he made his way around to where he could see the back of the strip mall holding the grocery was normal.  The stillness was beginning to make him regret his paranoia and his long trip around to the back of the store as foolish when he saw the first hum-vee.  His caution was well founded.  Behind the store was a large vacant lot surrounded by cyclone fence.  Behind the chain link tents were up and soldiers in dark green camouflage uniforms were busy setting up camp.  He quickly moved to a nearby tree so he could not be seen.  From that tree he moved back away a street and continued around the formerly vacant lot behind the mall.  Houses and fences kept him hidden.  He swung around to the side near the main road in front of the store.  He could see the store loading docks on the north side and the front parking lot of the grocery.  Another truck was being unloaded.  This delivery was like none before.
The parking lot was more active than it had for months.  It had been cleaned and was now swept free of broken glass, dead leaves and weeds.  The parking lot was vacant of cars except for two police cruisers parked along the red curb in the front of the grocery.  The cruisers covered with soap suds were being washed by a group of men in civilian clothes.  Most of the parking lot was cordoned off with orange cones and yellow polyethylene rope draped over the cones linked them together.
A corridor had been formed down the center to the front door which appeared propped open.  Two of the plywood panels which had covered some of the glass windows all along the front of the store were gone.  The panels had been covering the only unbroken glass windows in the wall of glass of the store front.  Where once had been handicapped parking another crew of men in civilian clothes were busy putting new glass in the aluminum frames of the sliding front doors which had been removed for repair.  Out of the vacant door frame a slow stream of people issued, they tightly clutched bags of groceries and with an unusually lively step they made their way down the corridor away from the store to the street and home.  Next to them people walking into the store the other way stopped and waited in line at tables which had been set up in front of a large tent that had been erected in the middle of the roped off corridor of the parking lot. Everyone going past had to stop at these tables before they could get get into the store.  Soldiers in green manned these tables and were busy talking to the new arrivals at the tables.  They typed away on computer keyboards and behind them printing equipment linked together by power cables fronted the tent. Every few minutes a soldier would reach back for something resembling a credit card and hand it across the table to whom they were talking with.  Ration cards were being issued and with card in hand people checked at the door were free to enter the store.
Deciding it was safe to join the line in he turned to work his way back out and on to the street.  He turned and immediately froze.  A stab of fear shot through his chest.
Before him were two green camouflaged soldiers and a county cop in the familiar green and khaki of the county uniform.  Guns were out and pointed at his chest.  In a calm and clear voice county the cop said without any hint of tension.  ‘Sir you need to come with us.  But reach up I need to see if you are carrying.’
He nodded his chin in the direction of the pistol under his coat as he raised his arms.  One of the soldiers stepped up and deftly slid his gun out from its holster under his coat.  The soldier stepped back next to the others. Looking at county cop he said: ‘Thats the only one I have’.
County cop studied his face.  Satisfied with the honesty behind the statement and flipping his thumb towards the back of the store he said ‘this way’, and began walking back to the vacant lot and its tents.  Walking behind he followed; a soldier on each side.  A crew of soldiers was starting to cover the top of the chain link fence with razor wire as they passed through the section of fence removed to make a gate.  They led him into the first tent.
Behind a table like those which served as makeshift desks in the front of the store a man sat.  Short albino white hair was instantly familiar but it took a couple of seconds before he recognized the face.  It was older and tired now but it was the man in black.  No doubt about it.
One of the soldiers reached into a box against the tent wall and pulled something which resembled an old Polaroid camera out.  Lifting it and pointing it at his face an intense green light flashed into his left eye.  The soldier pointed the camera thing down towards the floor and pressed a red button on the back of the device before returning it to the box.  Rental scan results were downloaded to the laptop on the table before the albino.
The man in black was dressed in black as before but before he had always worn a shiny black suit with a china white starched shirt.  Now his clothing resembled the uniform the county cop was was jet black but shiny as before.  Without the contrast of his white shirt only the round insignia patch of an American eagle with blue background and stars punctuated the uniform blackness of his shirt.  Glancing down at the laptop before him with an knowing look or recognition he quickly jotted something down from the screen on a yellow post-it note.
‘Take this to the front and get Haze his identity card’ he said handing the note to the other soldier.  The he looked at Haze saying:
‘Everyone gets an identity card and without it you won’t get food or anything else.  Don’t bother loosing it.  We know who all you are and can get you a new one any time we want.  Loosing it and all it means is that you will be standing in line for a new one.  Without it I have the right to shoot you if I want or if I just need to scratch an itch.  Orders of president Jeb.  Everyone out front is getting orders on where they will be reporting for work interviews and when.  You are in a special category, having already been checked out.  We know you are not a terrorist and can use the passions we know you have and which made us think you might be.  You are going to direct the a new battery center.  Every city is going to have one.  Batteries are going to be manufactured locally and recycled.  With almost all transportation going electric you are going to have an important job.  You are lucky.  Everyone is going to have a job no exceptions.  Mandatory six-year commitment from everyone under seventy or it is off to a community care center with you.  If you are older than seventy your going there anyway, no job for you.  Jobs are assigned now and everyone is going to have one.’
It was strange this familiar conversation from a man who knew everything about him but who had only pretended to be a businessman of some kind with a website last they had met.  It had been at a local gym where he had a membership where they had seen each other.  The man in black had pretended to be someone else.  They both knew that experience in a past now long gone wasn’t worth talking about.
Sent to spy on him and sniff out radical connections the man in black had struck up conversation but had been a poor actor and Haze did not trust easily.  It did not take much to arouse his suspicions and his suspicions had only been confirmed when he looked at the man in black’s website back at home.  The text had looked normal enough.  At first glance it looked normal, but it could not be copied; not any of it.  Everything had been done using pictures and knowing a bit about website construction having one himself Haze knew this was very strange.  After a few days the website had vanished never to return.  He downloaded everything he could while it was up putting everything on a thumb drive.  Hundreds of pictures, with language going in circles, going nowhere.  Graphics without purpose, he noted a label identifying the website pages as WordPress had not been removed from the last page when the pictures had been posted.  A detail that any real businessman would not have let pass.
The thumb drive had been passed to others for safekeeping and after a few years had been returned to him just before WWIII had began in earnest.  As it passed through hands on the way back to him one curious hand had plugged it into a computer located behind a secure firewall while at work.  In the intervening two years the virus the businessman’s website had placed on his thumb drive had been identified and was detected when it sent a phone-home message reporting its location back to it’s mother hive.  The phone by the computer had rung within a minute and a voice from I.T. had said to unplug the thumb drive right away.  The person at the computer was confused and immobile so I.T. remotely shut down the computer for them.  I.T. re-imaged the machine before it could be used again.
As if a quota had been met three in four Americans had died since reliable food deliveries had stopped.  Now with enough people dead men in black were running the show openly.  Not pulling strings behind the scenes.  Haze speculated if this new honesty would be an improvement but wished things had turned out different.

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Published on Chasing the Squirrel on February 24, 2015


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The grass field was fifty feet below the potato garden. He locked the gate behind him as he always did. His air rifle pointed down towards the ground. He stepped down the rock path through bushes, carefully placed the bushes provided seclusion.  They hid his path and guarded the fence. High pressure sodium lamps along the fence top shown over grass. He looked for shape or movement. The first rabbit was easy and soon into his cloth bag. The second one was caught after a short walk in the concealing wood opposite the grassy meadow. Two in the bag and now back through the hidden gate in his fence, an hour before dawn, lights off.

His land everything from the edge of the bushes by the fence and inside. The sloped bank of rock and bush and the wide valley of grass field, wood and creek to the opposite slope a half mile away, public recreational area. His rabbit farm.

He always listened quietly before opening the fence gate. Coming or going he was cautious, taking care not to be seen. Better to drop the bag and take the long way around than be seen. Going to the back of his shed against the fence any noise that could possibly be human and hunting or enjoying its fruits would wait for another day. Today had been quiet, nothing amiss through his peepholes going and all was quiet coming back. The hunt had been a go and had given meat.

He quietly slipped through his hidden gate locking it from the inside his shed where the gate opened from. In the shed he dressed his kill and hung it making it ready for a later meal continuing to listen. Now he unlocked the shed door and glided through his potato patch back over to his house. His .177 pellet rife was quiet and accurate and hunger improved his aim. His hollow point ammo deadly. Public parkland in a city that now had no time for parks fed his family. He was quiet; not noticed, telltale robust health disguised by heavy clothing.

In the house the pellet gun would be put away and the regular gun checked. Curfew would end at sunrise and it would be safe to walk the streets. Neighborhood control would keep order with militia arriving if large crowds appeared. Unsavory and curious types were dealt with privately. Property was protected. He would head out for news and a chance for rations when he saw the neighborhood watch patrolling the road outside.

News had been getting better. Fewer people had been dying recently. Deliveries were keeping up with demand for the first time in months. Things were getting stable and a third of the local population was still alive. His neighborhood had done well. The properties were large and gardens had been tended the months when food prices had soared.

Soon vacant houses would be razed to produce more agricultural land. The country had changed and it had only been a year since American had collapsed from what had once been a land of plenty. Now with die-off nearly complete food security was achievable.

All it had taken was the trucks to stop running but now with food deliveries under military control trucks ran once again. Diesel was allocated to emergency services, police patrols, food delivery, construction equipment as needed. Some of the land soon to be cleared would be growing biodiesel along with food and the power grid was working fine. The claims of its demise had been exaggerated. It had only been a year and from now on its maintenance would be a priority. He had not needed his generator except for the single time the wind storm had knocked things out for weeks. It had been a serendipitous wind storm though; lights out. It had been a good time for night travel to be difficult. Desperate mobs filled the land. They walked as long as they could before they dropped and died. Devastating everything in their path. No neighborhood wanted wandering mobs; but the mobs had not been able to plunder in the dark. By the time power was restored all the wandering were dead.

The plan was under military control. Each region had an agricultural plan and land for biodiesel allocation fell out naturally from the plan. Global tumult would not interrupt food delivery a second time when the plan was in place.
Throughout the rest of the world populations were being thinned. Pervasive drought combined with no fuel for transportation devastated crop yields everywhere. The world had starved. In America only in the most rural of areas did dogs survive.

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Our 68 year old tractor is probably near the end of it's life. The timing mechanisms are all out of wack. It would probably cost over $1000 to have it fixed, but we are excepting the death of our " ten thousand coolies", and will learn to live without ...

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