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Published on The Doomstead Diner December 1, 2019

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Working up the energy for a blog for Sunday Collapse Brunch this week has been tough for a few reasons.  Health wise, I am doing crappy again, but this isn't the only problem.  My main computer is also getting close to death, it was crashing on me about every hour for a few days.  Now it seems to be in a sort of remission.and hasn't crashed since late last night.  So I am risking writing an article and hoping I don't lose it before I have a chance to publish.

Beyond the health issues and technical problems there are other deeper ones ongoing here.  As I peruse the headlines on the Google Search Engine each day there is a new riot occurring in a new city.  The entire continent of South America appears to be on fire now.  Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil…you can bring up Videos now on YouTube that are IRL versions of Children of Men every day.  Then there's Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona and of course Istanbul & Tehran.  Spin the Globe and plop your finger down  any randm spot at all and you can find an ongoing political collapse.

Meanwhile here in the FSoA and across the Pond in Jolly Old England you have the Kabuki Theater productions of Impeachment and Brexit, which is almost not worth commenting on with so much more havoc ongoing in other nations as we speak, where people are literally being mowed down in the streets.  Here exploding in numbers are the number of Homeless in just about every Big Shity from New York to Chicago to Seattle to Los Angeles.  With that exploding population we are seeing Diseases now we haven't seen in such numbers ince the Middle Ages.  Typhus, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, their all making a comeback in ever increasing numbers.

The above video is just one of hundreds you can Google up these days if you are concerned about this ever growing problem.  Cities and towns all across the country are passing laws that essentially criminalize homelessness, so the current  solution seems to be to put them in jail  Can we really build enough jails to give all these folks 3 Hots and a Cot?  It's notoriously expensive to drop people in jail also, it costs nearly double wnat I live on per year these days, but building Affordable Housing isn't being done much.  There aren't the job programs or  jobs to give these folks something productive to do with their lives.  They are of course disproportionately Black, Brown and Hispanic people, but plenty of poor White Trash out there too.

For the real Street level Homeless in a ramshackle tent under an overpass somewhere, they aren't living,they are waiting to die.  There are levels and degrees of homelessness though, there are people couch surfing if they still have friends or relatives who will take them in; there are people living in RVs and Vans in the Walmart parking lots.  Does anyone have a count or keep statistics on how many people are in this situation?  I susspect it is much larger than the numbers out there sleeping rough.

Still, with all this evidence of Collapse overwhelming the Newz Cycle, there is still also a huge cadre of Amerikans who deny it is occurring, still enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner and still shopping till they drop on Black Friday, although they do it mostly Online now so you don't have those ridiulous scenes at Walmart or Best Buy of fistfights betwen shoppers looking for a great deal on an Iphone.  If they still have a job or get enough Mailbox Money to live comfortably, they simply don't notice all the people who have ALREADY fallen off the cliff.  Now the Clown-in-Chief is floating a plan to cut millions off from their SNAP Card allotment of monthly nourishment.  If that flies, things will not end well.  The problems you see today in Santiago or Bogota will migrate quite rapidly north of the border.

There is no question anymore, COLLAPSE HAS ARRIVED.  It can and will get a lot worse of course.  But there is no  more question for a Collapse Writer anymore of "When will SHTF Day arrive?"  It has already come and gone.  For me, it gets harder all the time to write or even just post Newz Links, because Diners have seen it all and heard it all for years now.  There's nothing really NEW here, it's just a steady increase in the frequency and magnitude of the events.

The same advice as always still applies, get out of the Big Shity and go off grid if you can.  If you can't, plan for a Bugout when your neighborhood deteriorates too much. Form COMMUNITY, get together with friends and relatives you know and trust.  Prep up with Food, Fuel, Generators, Fishing Gear, traps and of course the old standby of Guns & Ammo.

I am out of the bizness of making Nostradamus Predictons of when things will thoroughly unravel in any given neighborhood.  I don't know when it will arrive for you if it hasn't happened to you already.  But it's coming, and it's coming fast.  Everybody Knows.

Thanksgiving Pizza

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Published on The Doomstead Diner November 28, 2019

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Thanksgiving 2019 has ARRIVED, and it's time to itemize what we have to be Thankful for this year.  We can be Thankful for the fact many of us are still alive, although according to Statistics, we are dieing faster every day.  We can be Thankful for the fact that FOOD is still available here in the FSoA at mostly affordable prices even on a SNAP Card budget. We can be Thankful that as of this morning, Planet Earth has not collided with a Planet Killer asteroid.

Beyond that though, we have a good deal MORE not to be Thankful for here on the last Thursday of November 2019.  It's not a great day for Happy Motoring to your relatives for your Turkey Dinner, since a Bomb Cyclone has dumped mega tons of snow in many spots acrss the country.  It's not too good for Albanians who lost everything in their latest Earthquake.  Californicators who have been burned out of their McMansions or just had all the meat in their freezers go bad from lack of the Electric Juice aren't too happy either.

Probably worst of all right now here in the FSoA is the fact we still have an Orange topped CRIMINAL and PATHOLOGICAL LIAR as the Clown-in-Chief running the country, and worse still he still (supposedly, according to polls) has half the J6Ps out there supporting him!  It matters not how many people testify to the actions taken to shake down the Ukrainians to smear Uncle Joe Biden, because that half of the population simply does not CARE that this occurred. Political Corruption is an expected and in many cases desired thing.  "Democracy" is a lie which never existed at all, certainly not in my lifetime.

In prior Thaanksgiving articles over the year, I have gone over some Big Buffets I contributed a dish to, Thanksgiving Dinners I had had with a gaggle of drunken relatives and Thanksgiving Dinners which consited of a Swanson Turkey TV Dinner.  This year I had hoped to have a big communal Dinner with some of my fellow residents of my community, but annoying problems like getting sent to jail or moving out of state got in the way of this idea.  Not me yet, I'm still flying under the radar of the Gestapo, but nevertheless it's another Solo Thanksgiving Day for me.  So I decided to change up for this one, and make a PIZZA for Thanksgiving!  It's an Olive-Mushroom-Zucchini augmented Pizza, and it's quite good.  I'll be having it cold for Breakfast on Black Friday as well, while I shop for deals online at Amazon, Walmart & B&H Photo.  If you want the Recipe and want to listen to me Rant on our latest Collapse Newz, you can watch the Video heading this article.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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Published on The Doomstead Diner November 17, 2019



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We have moved into a new and more intensive phase of Collapse, and this week I got myself back into gear to fullfill my Mission from God to chronicle this shit before I buy my ticket to the Great Beyond.

It has been an intense month in the world of Collapse between the Wildfires in Oz and Sunny California, the Brexit Kabuki still ongoing across the Pond, yet another Shoot-em-Up yesterday in a CA High Shool,  Hong Kong Protesters breaking out the Primitive Weapons to fight the Gestapo utilizing Tear Gas and Water Cannons, and of course our own Clown Show here on Live Reality TV from the Hallowed Halls of CONgress.

My tradition has been to produce a Collapse Meal here on the Doomstead Diner for Sunday Brunch, and over the last 7 years I havent missed too many Sundays,  The last few weeks though I have been engaged in another very important pursuit, online Gaming. lol.  I have been at War almost non-stop for about 3 weeks battling other much younger and healthier Gamers in the virtual world as it might be after SHTF Day arrives in earnest.  I will write more about this latest addiction of mine in an upcoming blog.

Image result for spy vs spyAs for the more Topical subject of the current Impeachment Melodrama is concerned, in this weeks' e[isode of the Collapse Morning Wake-Up call, we have two unlikely Heros who testified in fornt of the CONgress Critters on Wednesday, the career "Civil Servants" Bill Taylor & George Kent.  This is said in revered tones, how these men have selflessly dedicated their lives to the Public Good.  Normally though, when you think of Civil Service Workers, you think of the Clerks at the DMV when you go to get your Driver's License renewed.  Or maybe the Sanitation Engineers who come to pick up your Garbage and take it to the Land of Away at the City Dump.  LOL.  Somehow though, it's hard to think of Ambassadors and CIA Apparatchiks as "Civil Service" Workers.  For one thing, their pay scale is a good deal better, not to mention the perks and all those Frequent Flyer Miles they get!

These guys are the SAME dudes who Dealt Death to Vietnamese Villagers back in the day, but now they are HEROS, because they are outing Trumpovetsky as corrupt!  hahahahahahahaha. It's Spy vs Spy, the Corrupt of the MIC vs the corrupt Mob in the White House!  Mad Magazine has come to life!  Alfred E Newman is POTUS too!

While I engage Ghosts & Zombies in Cyberspace though, the real world occassionally intrudes, and I did find it compelling this week to deal with it and comment on it.  But how can you deal with such a Clusterfuck sober?  So for this week's Sunday Brunch, I give you my recipe for one of my KILLER Bloody Marys, along with a dose of Collapse errata.  Definitely try out the recipe, it will really improve your outlook for the day while you digest the insanity in today's newz cycle..

TransAtlantic Kabuki

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Published on The Doomstead Diner October 20, 2019

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Across the Collapse Blogosphere, you'll repeatedly run into the acronym "SHTF".  There's even at least two blogs titled with the acronym,  SHTF Plan  &  SHTF Blog .  I'm sure there are others, but those two make it into the Top 15 of "Survivalist" Blogs.  Here on the Diner on an economic level we often discuss "SHTF Day".  It's the day the ATMs go down or the liquidity dries up in the ovenright interbank lending market or the stock market drops 5000 points in a day, that sort of thing.  Total MAYHEM ensues after such an event of course, which would be a watershed and marker as we move inexorably down the Collapse Highway.  The Stock Market crash of 1929 was such an event, and for those of you interested in comparison of what occured 90 years ago to the week to today, this is a good documentary recently produced (there are of course many of them).

Image result for cats on roller coaster gif A single SHTF Day may or may not occur along the road here, and it may or may not be proximally an economic event, though whatever does set things off for a faster ride down the Roller Coaster Hill has as its underpinning economics.  It might be somebody pitching a Nuke at somebody else they have disagreements with; it may be a 9.0 shaker sending half of Los Angeles into the Pacific Ocean; it might be the entire grid of the FSoA being knocked out by one disgruntled teenage Hacker living in mom's basement, WTF knows there what the trigger might be?

On the Geopolitical level though, this week,for the Anglo-American Empire on both sides of the Pond, this can be described as nothing less than SHTF Week.  Two Kabuki theaters are playing themselves out, one in Parliament in Jolly Old England, the other here in the FSoA in CONgress.  Boris Johnson (BoJo) tried to ramrod his latest tweaks to the Brexit Deal through Parliament, and like Theresa May before him, it got pretty well shot down.  So Parliament is once again swimming in a pool of deep shit, and the coming week before the All Hallow's Eve deadline  to exit the EU stage left should be quite the hoot.  Don't miss the updates on this clusterfuck here Inside the Diner.

Not to be outdone by the Brits, the Clown-in-Chief and his Minions are staging a Clown Show that is non-pareil in Amerikan History, by more measures than even I thought imaginable.  I mean, I've been following the antics of The Donald since I was a Freshman at Columbia and always knew (and repeatedly said here on the Diner) that he was a Train Wreck waiting to happen, and happen it did this week.  It is of course something of a slow-motion train wreck, and this whole Kabuki has numerous acts to follow this week's opening salvo.  El Trumpo had a "meltdown" in his most recent meeting with Pelosicrat, Repugnants are jumping ship all over the place due to his withdrawal of troops from Syria and abandonment of the Kurds, and most entertaining of all, Rudolf the Red-Faced ex-Mayor of the Big Apple is currently under investigation by both the FBI and the SDNY for innumerable transgressions and obviously thoroughly illegal activities with respect to Ukraine-gate.  Beyond THAT, Rudy-Kazooty has now gone DESAPARECIDO, and dropped off the face of the Earth with no appearances on FAUX Newz and no Tweets either, for I think about the last 72 hours!  I have speculated inside the Diner that he may have gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa, although I don't think he is buried under the Astroturf at Giant Stadium.  He may be wearing Cement Galoshes though and doing some Deep Diving at the bottom of the East River. lol.

He may turn up here at some point, but if ever there was a "Smoking Gun" in a corruption investigation, Rudi is IT in this one.  Just as John Mitchell was the Smoking Gun in the original "-gate" conspiracy of Watergate, Giulani is the same kind of lynchpin here, connecting Trumpovetsky to the various other lower level money conduits from Mother Russia into the Trump campaign, and also more than likely his various failing biznesses which need the constant infusion of debt to keep running.  Make no mistake about it, El Trumpo is PWNED by Vlad the Impaler, and when he no longer proves to be an asset but rather a liability, Putin will cut him loose too.

So, as we move forward into the NEXT week of Kabuki here on this side of the pond, the main question for the week is, "Where's Rudi?"

Image result for rudy giuliani missing

Setting the Stone on the Collapse of Industrial Civilization: The Christening

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Published on The Doomstead Diner September 29, 2019

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I've been feeling pretty under the weather for the last couple of weeks, with very low energy to do any writing.  It's unfortunate since there is so MUCH to write about these days in the World of Collapse  The Trumpovetsky Impeachment grows ever more bizzare each day with new revelations, new inquiries, new subpoenas and new comedy.  The Tweeter-in-Chief digs himself an ever deeper hole, and Repugnant Rats are jumping ship all over the place.  At this point impeachment articles are pretty certain to be brought, to be followed by a trial in the Senate.  Whether enough Repugnant Senators will vote his Trumpness out of the Oval Office remains to be seen.  It all depends on public opinion, and whether the 20 or so Senators up for reelection in 2020 consider Orange Julius to be too much of a liability to support anymore.

Starring also this week in the Reality TV show is El Presidente's personal lawyer, Rudolf the Red Faced ex-mayor of the Big Apple.  The videos of Rudi going ballistic in interviews are truly insane and more farcical than any Cold Open tha SNL has ever done.  He is of course now himself under investigation, and his employer isn't even sure he's still his attorney.  Guaranteed, Trumpofsky will attempt to throw



Rudi under the bus at some point here.

The list of "officials" who have either quit or been fired from their White House jobs keeps growing, and Whistleblowers are growing like Mushrooms on a cool damp morning in Kennett Square, PA.

There's still more action going on across the Pond , where BoJo continues to fight for his political life over the possible (but unlikely) so-called "No Deal" Brexit, which would be a complete economic clusterfuck and turn what's left of the European banking system into mincemeat.  More likely here is a capitulation by BoJo with another "kick-the-can" delay and further negotiations with Brussels, also sure to go nowhere.  Everybody is completely sick of this Kabuki theater, but nobody can come up with a workable compromise solution, because well…THERE ISN'T ONE!  You can't fix Collapse.

There was tons more worth writing about this week, from the Extinction Rebellion global demonstrations to the Blackouts in California affecting the Big Shities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.  This time around the Wildfires have hit in highly populated areas, and PG & E is trying to limit their liability by shutting off the power.  They're already dead broke of course and will get further sued for not keeping up with maintenance on the grid.

Anyhow though these topics all deserve blogs of their own, I don't have the energy to write them right now.  What I did do was produce the video I made a month or so ago on my trip to the lower 48 to plant the SUN Monument on its Eternal Resting Place in the North Greenlawn Cemetery in Springfield, MO.  In this video, you'll find out WHY the SUN Monument exists and what its purpose and rationale is.  It took a terrifically long time to complete and I'm just glad I stayed above ground long enough to get it DONE.  So with that final statement that should last long after the internet goes dark, hopefully whoever survives the maelstrom to come will know something about what went wrong here on Planet Earth and have a signpost with instructions on how NOT to make the same mistakes over again.  You're all invited to the Funeral when I buy my ticket to the Great Beyond.  You can't miss it, nothing else remotely like it in the cemetery.

Collapse is in full swing now, we're on the way down the first big hill on the roller coaster, and we're riding off the rails on the Crazy Train.

Setting the Stone on the Collapse of Industrial Civilization

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Published on The Doomstead Diner September 29, 2019

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More than many weeks that I have spent observing the Collapse of Industrial Civilization, this week (and the weeks before too!) have proven to be above and beyond merely awful, they have been downright DISASTEROUS!  The decent into Dante's 7th Circle of HELL began more or less with the latest in Climate Disasters, the FLATTENING of Grand Bahama by Hurricane Dorian, a massive Cat 5 Hurricane that hovered over the islands for a couple of days with sustained winds of 185 MPH.  This place will not be a Tourista Destination again for a very long time, if ever before the planes stop flying there.

Image result for greta thunberg Following up on this climate disaster, we had the further emergence and promotion of Greta of Stockholm, the 16 year old modern Joan of Arc who is battling with the Big Boys on Twitter over Climate Change, including the biggest Twit-Shit blowhard of them all, the Denier-in-Chief, Donalditry Trumpovetsky.  So far, Greta hasn't Blinked, which is of course not unusual for somebody diagnosed as Autistic, which she likely is.  So in the Battle of DSM V Diagnoses on Twitter, so far Greta's Autism is Trumping Donalditry's Megalomania, Narcissism and Misogyny.  Greta clearly has a HUGE promotion machine behind her, but for the Climate folks this is an excellent Propaganda Maneuver.  Nothing sells better than a cute girl in the Ad Biz.  Nobody listens to what your typical academic dweeb Scientist has to say on this subject, but drop a cute autistic 16 year old in front of the UN General Assembly, and everybody all of a sudden takes notice!  Isn't that special?

As big as the Climate action was over the last few weeks though, it pales in comparison to what is going on both in Geopolitics and in Economics, two of the main fronts we focus on here on the Doomstead Diner.  As Sam Mitchell of Collapse Chronicles and I discussed in our recent conversation (which BTW took place quite some time before all this action arose), although longer term the Climate problem is the greater Existential Threat we face here trying to survive on Planet Earth, there are more proximal problems which threaten our existence also percolating, and if we can't resolve them there will be plenty of Dead People filling up the Cemeteries even before the oceans swallow up Miami Beach, Hong Kong, the City of London and Wall Street.

First up on the Geopolitical Hit Parade is the buffoonery ongoing with Brexit across the pond in Jolly Old England.  As it currently looks, BoJo is likely to get a No Confidence vote in Parliament, possibly paving the way for the Socialist  Jeremy Corbin who heads up the Brit Labour Party to ocuppy 10 Downing Street as a Caretaker Prime Minister while they delay Brext still further (aka, Kick-the-Can).  A comparison here would be like Trumpofsky being kicked out and replaced by Pelosi to run the country on this side of the Hurricane filled Atlantic Basin.  Assuming he does get the nod as the new, new PM for a while AND the Eurocrat Globalists in Brussels agree to yet another extension, this gets followed up by another new,New, NEW election in the UK, along with ANOTHER referendum on Brexit.  If you haven't figured this out by now, referendums are quite meaningless.  Once you Check In to a Union like this, you can't Check Out.  Well, you can Check Out, bu you can Never Leave.  It's the Hotel California on the pollitical level.

Nobody in power really gives a Flying Fuck about what the Plebes want or don't want, this is just part of the sham and window dressing of "Democracy", which works OK when there are plenty of resources around and everyone (including the poor) are reasonably well-fed with roofs over their heads.  It doesn't work so great though when the resources run thin and segments of the population start getting cut off from the Bennies of being part of a large political structure like this.  When this occurs, the Rich want to maintain their perks and privilege inside the society, and the Poor want to…SURVIVE.  Poor folks mainly will accept their fate as long as they have full bellies, but once they start going hungry they tend to get a little tired of Marie Antoinette munching on Cake in Versailles while they can't afford the bread at the local bakery.  This level of existential problem hasn't really hit yet in force in the Western Industrial Economies, but is already playing itself out in many of the peripheral countries in Africa, South & Central Amerika and SE Asia.  It will arrive on the shores of OECD countries though in due time.

Crossing back over the pond to the Political Kabuki Theater ongoing with Trumpty-Dumpty here in the FSoA, it's starting to look like the Dumbkopf-in-Chief has at last crossed a Bridge Too Far.  Even his base of foaming at the mouth neo-Nazi supporters have a tough time swallowing the bullshit he was trying to pull off in Ukraine, trying to get some good dirt on his perceived main Political rival of Uncle Joe Biden, who of course also does take time off between his Senior Moments to do a few shady deals, this time involving his son wheeling & dealing in Ukraine.  Uncle Joe is rapidly losing credibility amongst Demodopes who have considered him the most "Electable" candidate and the best Knight in Shining Armor to take on the Black Knight of Trumpovetsky.

Recent polls have Bankster Slayer Elizabeth Warren as the candidate for the Demodopes most popular, particularly in the early primary/caucus states she appears to have Moe Mentum, the 6'11" Power Forward First Round draft choice of all political candidates, it's even more valuable than money, although you do need plenty of FRNs to sprinkle around on the media to keep that momentum up.  It's still up in the air as to how well Liz will do given her quasi "Socialist" agenda, but the further Trupovetsky shoves his foot and leg and penis down his mouth, the greater the probability Liz gains more traction.  The rule with Trumpovetsky is to give him a lot of rope, because he is certain to hang himself with it.  The oncoming parade of witnesses to appear in front of CONgress looks to be the best Kabuki yet this side of the pond, easily rivaling the Brit Brexit show and perhaps surpassing it in hilarity, though that would be hard to do.  Watching a bunch of Eton educated Stiff Upper Lip Brits convulse on the floor of Parliament is a tough act to follow.  lol.

More than all of those late breaking Collapse Storiez though is the ongoing MELTDOWN of the Fed Repo Market.  It is getting some coverage in MSM financial websites, but overall most Amerikans aren't the least bit aware or concerned with this clusterfuck.  I've been writing on this and covering the progress Inside the Diner,  and of all the vectors for Collapse threatening our civilization RIGHT NOW, this one holds the most potential for creating extreme havoc of them all.  Sorry Greta, as important as your issues are, this bullshit is going to hit hard long before we drown under rising Sea Levels.  Here's one response I wrote to one of the Diners trying to explain in a reasonably short post WTF is going on here:

When Da Fed does QE, it doesn't just sprinkle free money around and get nothing in return for it.  They don't make unsecured loans, you have to trade good collateral for the freshly printed FRNs.  What is "good collateral"?  Loans made to credit-worthy customers.  But what happens when there aren't enough credit worthy customers out there to make loans to?  What happens when the collateral they do have is non-performing loans (NPLs)?

What happens is what the BoJ does, which is the CB buys the Bonds issued by Da Goobermint directly.  This finances Goobermint spending, but it doesn't make money for the banks, which are in the bizness of making loans to make money,  If banks aren't making money making loans, how do they make money?  By using the cash they do have speculating in equities.  But what happens when everybody is expecting a stock crash?  They all want to get out of stocks,  but they can't sell them without driving forward the crash.  So they try to take out more short term loans to cover the shortfall in expected earnings.  If everybody is doing this, you get a liquidity crisis, which is what they got at the moment.

Da Fed is TRYING to push more money into the system to ease this crisis, but apparently even $75B/daily isn't enough to do the trick.  If they can't inject more cash into the system, you'll get a liquidity lock-up, which is very Bad Newz  for everybody, right down to J6P.  That's the kind of thing which makes all the ATMs go down at the same time.

For some more detail, Max Keiser's most recent Keiser Report video outlines the problem in more detail (I'm not ripping off Max here, I got my analysis up before he published his.  However, he does flesh it out more completely.):

The BIG QUESTION here of course is precisely WHO is going Tits Up on a financial level, and whoever(s) it is has to be a very big financial institution(s).  Like with Lehman though, we won't know who it is until the traders are walking out of the building leaving their Bloomberg terminals behind, hopefully wiping their hard drives clean and boxing up incriminating evidence to set a Bonfire with in the backyard of the suburban McMansion they occupy on Long Island or Germany or Britain or wherever the fuck this shit is currently centered.

I was asked still another question Inside the Diner asking for some kind pf prediction on what is likely to occur here.  Making these sort of predictions is a dangerous game, but I decided to take a flyer and speculate on this one:

Thanks again RE. This was a good video about repo (until he lost me on bitcoin). The question becomes is a bankruptcy of Deutsche Bank going to bring down the entire dollar fiat money system or just give us a GREAT depression OR the collapse of civilization?? Tell me oh wise one. :icon_scratch:

That is really on the outside limits of Nostradamus prognostication.  I will do a reach on this, but don't get on my case if I don't have it precisely correct.  I'm not even sure yet that it's Deutche Bank that is getting the run yet.  It might actually be a run on multiple banks.

However, let us look at the case where it is JUST D-Bank getting hit on here.  DB is VERY big, with counter-party relationships with all the other TBTF Banks, aka JP Morgan Chase, Goldman etc.  So if DB goes BK, they're gonna carve up whatever assets they have (not too many I am sure) and divvy them up in some way to keep the counter parties from ALSO going BK.  This is what as known as Financial Cross Contagion.  See David Korowicz for more detail on this phenomenon.

Now, the issue here is that whatever is left in the vault of DB isn't NEAR enough to cover the derivatives they wrote, essentially insurance policies on BKs of various institutions and goobermints.  To make up the shortfall here, SOMEBODY (Da Fed, Da ECB etc) will have to step in and cover those losses, elsewise the capital structure of those banks also collapses.  Then you have your "Great Depression" scenario.  See the collapse of Credite Anstaldt (Austrian Bank) prior to the GD to understand how this works.

I *think* the "smartest guys in the room" are quite aware of this, hell fucking Ben Bernanke made his career on looking at this stuff.  So I do not think they are unprepared for it entirely, but then again it's different now than the financial system in place when the GD Collapse of the banking system went down.  The amounts of notional money and complex financial instruments is much larger, and really NOBODY knows how big they actually are.

So to try and answer your question, it's a fucking SHIT STORM waiting to happen.  If it does cross over to the counter parties, then yes it is the absolute end of this monetary system, and HELL will follow.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.


Finally to tidy up here, you might be wondering WHY I headed up this article with a snippet from my recent trip down to the Lower 48 to plant the SUN Monument (also my Tombstone) in the middle of Flyover Country in Springfield, MO.  If you are familiar with my Gonzo take on all this shit, you probably grasp that it is a metaphor of Collapse and of Resurrection as well.  While the Civilization around me is collapsing, I too am collapsing.  It was my goal to get this final statement planted for the rest of Eternity before, in the words of Leonard Cohen…

Take one last look at this Sacred Heart

Before it Blows

Everybody Knows

I got it done before I finally have another meeting with the Grim Reaper that he wins instead of me.  That will happen of course, the Reaper always wins in the end.  But he can't destroy my stone tablet, at least not without a decent amount of explosives.

Collapse Chronicles meets the Doomstead Diner

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Published on The Doomstead Diner September 22, 2019

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Sam Mitchell of Collapse Chronicles

Image result for sam mitchell collapse chronicles I know Diner Fans are Chomping at the Bit awating the vids from the SUN Monument Placement Ceremony on it's Eternal Resting Place in the center of Flyover Country, Springfield, Missouri.  However, you will have to wait another week for that, at least.  As usual, other more Time-Sensitive artciles or vids have jumped the queue here, and for this line-cutter it's an interview I did with Sam Mitchell of the YouTube Channel Vlog  COLLAPSE CHRONICLES.  For a change, I am not doing the interview, I am the "Intervieweed".  In this episode, we talk about Economics, Climate Change & Extinction, all pretty popular topics amongst Kollapsniks of course. 🙂

Besides that, except for you Grizzled Veterans of the Diner who already know this stuff, included as a BONUS is the short version History of the Doomstead Diner, how it came to be and WHY it exists at all?  Although some of Sam's listenership on Collapse Chronicles are familiar with the Diner, many are relative Newbies to the Collapse Blogosphere, so this was a great opportunity to reach a new audience for the daily offerings, discussion & debate on the Doomstead Diner.  Our full History is recounted (Cliff Notes Version) during this interview, going all the way back in Mr. Peabody's WAYBAC Machine to my Doomer Beginnings living down in the (former) Tropical Paradise of Brazil in the 1960s.

Image result for greta thunberg We also cover the Collapse Vectors & Outcomes that may evolve over time, as well as whether or not EXTINCTION is the main thing you have to worry about right now?  What are the Proximal Causes?  What is the Timeline?  Will EVERYBODY die?  What does Greta Thunberg think?  Will we all be SAVED by a modern day Joan of Arc?  Or like her 16 year old historical counterpart, will she end up Burned at the Stake?

It's all speculation of course, nobody really can have the answer to these questions,  particularly since this is an Unprecedented Event.  Although there have been numerous Civilization Collapse Events throughout Human Hitory, none has ever been completely GLOBAL in its effects; none has ever had the participation of 7.6B Homo Sap Meat Packages involved simultaneously; and none has placed the Existential Peril of the possible ANNIHILIATION of ALL LIFE ON EARTH as a possible outcome.  Not just "Human Life", but ALL LIFE.  Are we singing the Swan Song for life on Planet Earth, and for all we really KNOW, all the Universe?

Neither Sam nor me (or Greta!) has the answers to these questions, but we do try to frame the questions to make them as accessible as possible to think about.  It's a lot to ponder on, probably the greatest conundrum to face Homo Sap since we dropped down from the trees to overrun & overpopulate the surface of the Earth.  In just a couple of 100 Thousand Years since becoming "Sapient" (as in relatively modern human anatomy), our own Biomass has effectively squashed out innumerable species, as we progressively moved through agriculture, metallurgy, ceramics and ultimately, Industrialization.  Will we now become responsible for our own Extinction as well?  Is there any road out left?  If there is, how many can come through to the other side of the Zero Point?  How Many can be Saved? icon_scratch




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Placing the SUN Monument

Nothing but the Dead & Dying in my Little Alaska Community

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Published on The Doomstead Diner September 15, 2019

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Regular readers of the Diner Forum are well aware of my most recent Jet Setting, Fossil Fuel Burning trip down to the Lower 48 to witness and Christen the SUN Monument on it's Eternal Resting Place in Springfield, MO, where I will join it buried beneath when I have my Final Meeting with the Grim Reaper and buy my Ticket to the Great Beyond.  To date, I have been able to battle him off on all the occasions he has knocked on my front door, but win he will in the bye & bye.  Nobody keeps the Reaper at bay forever, and I weaken still more with each of these battles.  My time left walking the Earth as a corporeal Meat Package grows shorter all the time.

As per the usual on these trips, I shot a good deal of video and fully intended this week to publish one of them on the Placement of the Monument, which took a full 2 years to finally come to fruition after many delays and frustrations along the way.  Unfortunately in many respects though, here in my Low Income Federally Subsidized Tax Credit housing community, we had another incident accompanied by yet another visit from the Alaska State Troopers, along with a few other First Responder types like the EMTs and Fire Department, followed shortly thereafter by the Coroner as well as Animal Control.  About the only agency that did not show up for this one was Child Protective Services, although we get more than our share of visits from them as well here in this community.

Just prior to leaving for the Lower 48 on this latest Adventure, while preparing one of my Food Give-Aways in what I call the "Potlatch Parking Lot" or "Cripple Cart Cafe", I spoke about the non-stop Parade we have here of the various agencies who get 911 calls that there is something amiss ongoing, and shortly thereafter they arrive complete with the sirens and flashing lights.  Due to the nature of this type of socio-economic community,  we experience all the worst aspects of a decaying industrial culture on a far more regular basis than the typical middle or upper middle class suburban McMansion type community.

Subsequent to the Property Manager moving out of that apartment, right before I left for the Great Tombstone Adventure, they did in fact rent this unit to another woman, who I met briefly before leaving.  She seemed nice enough, although I admit to being disappointed that I would lose my additional spot under the carport, which not only expanded the Cripple Cart Cafe but I also could drop my other car under during the winter and keep the snow off of it.  Regularly sweeping snow off of the car during Alaska winters is not fun even if you're healthy, if you're a cripple it's a positive nightmare.

Returning about 10 days later here to the Last Great Frontier in the wee hours of Monday morning, I was thoroughly exhausted from my return trip through TSA, over the jets and through the airports to the Last Great Frontier we go.  So I crashed and slept through most of Monday, not leaving my cave.  Tuesday I did venture outside and ran into a guy entering my neighboring cave and asked him if he was moving in.  He said he was "thinking about it".  If he was just thinking about it, how did he have a key?  The property manager always accompanies prospective tenants.  I didn't know at the time the woman I had met prior to my trip actually had been approved and had rented the apartment.  I didn't really consider this at the time though.

I didn't see any more of this gentleman again, nor did I see the woman who actually had rented the place on Tuesday, but then on Wednesday while I was cooking up some Salmon for lunch with my front door open, a State Trooper showed up at my door (which I leave open during the day to keep the inside smoke level down and let in the fresh air full of smoke from the Alaska Wildfires).  He inquired of me whether I had seen my neighbor who had not been heard from by her boyfriend who apparently works up on the Slope (the North Slope of Alaska, where the Oil is).  I told him I hadn't seen her since returning from my trip, and only saw her once before that before she rented the place.  At this moment another Trooper opens the front door and comes OUT from inside.  He got in through the back door, which had been left open.  He told Trooper 1 (and me standing next to him) the place stunk from Gas and they had a "10-79".  That's the code for a bomb threat.  What I did not know at this time was they also had a 10-54, a possible Dead Body with the likelihood of a 10-56, a Suicide.

I learned quite a bit more through the course of the day as the Police Tape went up in front of my digs and there was a parade of various other members of the State Troopers, specifically Homicide Detectives who spent the next 9 hours or so dusting this abode and collecting evidence.  Although this was an apparent suicide with the gas left on and numerous empty prescription drug bottles and alcohol bottles on the floor, there were some timeline issues here which just did not add up.  I could figure that out and I'm not even a fucking Detective.

Later a friend of hers showed up after they pulled his phone number off her cell phone, and he had apparently spoken to her the day before and she met 2 guys and a woman out shopping and they were over visiting with her.  This is where the timeline is fishy.  When did the cops get the original phone call reporting her missing?  When was her actual tiime of death?  Had rigor mortis set in yet?  I don't have answers to those questions and probably never will, that's what coroners do for a living and unless there's a trial and you go to hear the evidence, you never find out this stuff.

Up at the top of the article, you'll find the first video I shot during the day as  the investigation into this death was beginning.  Below here is the last video, of the corpse being wheeled out of the apartment in a Yellow Body Bag and then into a nicely equipped Medical Examiner's truck, powered of course by oil.


So now we get to the real meat of this story, which is WHY?  Why in this tiny little complex of maybe 100 Units do we CONSTANTLY have some nasty shit going down worthy of nightly visits from the local Gestapo?  Although we have *only* had 3 dead people so far since I have been living in this spot (about the last 5 years), we get regular visits from the EMTs for ODs or Seizures related to drug or alcohol abuse.  Among the married folks and those just living with someone else we get regular Domestic Violence problems.  For those with kids, there are regular visits from Child Protective Services on reports of Neglect or Abuse.  For the Old & Disabled (I am one of those), there are regular calls for an ambulance to take them over to the ER for one issue or another.  I fortunately have not yet had to call 911 for that, but I did have one occasion to call 911 and get the EMTs over due to this problem:

I don't have a "Life Alert" amulet swinging from my neck, but most of the time I DO keep my cell phone on my person, so I can call 911.  On this particular occasion I did not, but I was able to reach it fortunately.  Had I not been able to, I very well might have died simply because I don't get visitors (I'm a hermit mostly, or I was then anyhow) and I was just plain STUCK.  I fell backwards on my office chair while editing an article for the Diner and leaning it back too far so over I went.   I couldn't even get into the "baby crawl" position on my knees which at least some of the time I can hoist myself back up to my feet from.  Fortunately I had left my door unlocked, the paramedics were able to get in easily and then hoist me back to my feet and fix the office chair.  I was however laying on the floor there for a good 30 minutes before they arrived contemplating this rather ignominious way to die.  They wanted to take me to hospital, but I was fine and declined the invitation, though I had to sign forms saying I declined their kind offer. lol.

So the reason here that you get all these problems in this type of complex is a combination of the low socio-economics and the general bad health of the people who live in such places, along with MOST IMPORTANT, a lack of money!  It's the lack of money that precipitates the Domestic problems; it's the lack of money which prevents the Old & Disabled from getting the regular assistance they need; it's the lack of money which begets the Domestic Violence as roommates and married argue about money; it's lack of money which begets the drug & alcohol problems as the people try to self-medicate their problems away.  A place like this is the last stop on the road to homelessness, which of course is even worse.

Finally, if you watch the videos you may be put off by my flippant attitude towards all this tragedy.  I know many Kollapsniks are put off because they don't think I'm "serious" enough about the End of Industrial Civilization and the possible Near Term Human Extinction which could follow that, but probably won't.  First of all, as Shakespeare knew well, Comedy & Tragedy are flip sides of the same coin of human existence.  In this case beyond that, I live amongst these people, I don't look at it as an outsider.  This is my little community.  Nobody but the Dead & Dying here.

Rock of Ages 2: Travelogue

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Published on The Doomstead Diner September 1, 2019

The Fun of Flying

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Regular readers of the Diner Forum know I am currently out of state from the Last Great Frontier of Alaska on another one of my Cripple Cart Jet-Setting Adventures related to the SUN☼ Monument, which by no coincidence is also my Tombstone.  I'll be writing a full article and producing a video just about that aspect of this trip after I get home, but for today I'll just fill in the readers and viewers with other aspects of this trip I am trying to accomplish.

It's also no coincidence where the Final Resting Place for the rest of Eternity is for the SUN☼ Monument, it's dead center of Flyover Country in the FSoA, Springfield, MO.  This because it's where my few remaining family members live, and it's where my mom died and was buried.  So I bought a plot there for myself after my accident, figuring it wasn't going to be long before I was pushing up daisies myself.

SUN☼ represents everything I have stood for over my time as an observer of Collapse, which goes back basically to 2007 or so.  In 2013, I founded a Non-profit 501c3 corporation to try and fulffil the goals I would like to see achieved, to "Build a Better Tomorrow" for whatever Homo Saps manage to survive the crash of this civilization, and to "Save As Many As You Can" of the creatures (including but not limited to Homo Saps) currently inhabiting the planet.

It has been a slog and slow going with this Mission, and due to my less-than-perfect health (lol), it's unlikely that I can see this project through to completion.  Even if I was in perfect health though, it would be unlikely because rebuilding after this civilization crash will take many generations, so I wanted to leave behind a message that would last as long as possible.  Of all the media you have to work with, none lasts longer than stone.  The oldest writing we have is on stone tablets, so what better place to put down the message and the principles than my Tombstone?  I used the best and hardest Granite I could get, and had the stones carved in China and here for the final engravings.  Of course, it wasn't easy to boil down the millions of words I have written to what I could fit on a Tombstone, but I think I hit the important points.

I'll write more and have more video on the SUN☼ Monument Project after I get back to the Last Great Frontier, but that wasn't the only thing this trip was about.  Since I am living through my own personal form of collapse, I have a lot of things I want to tie up the loose ends on before I buy my ticket to the Great Beyond.  The videos which follow here are a few snippets from the trip so far, negotiating the plane flights with my Cripple Cart, getting my Jeep which has been sitting in a storage unit for 12 years running and gettng a new & improved system for trailering all my stuff while traveling so I am not constantly having crashes and having to jury rig the contraption throughout the traveling, which believe you me gets old very fast. lol.

So this is a travelogue of this adventure, but not like your normal travelogue vids of picturesque places to visit.  About the most picturesque place in this set is the Bates Motel I am staying at, a Motel 6 where Tom Burdett left the light on for me. 🙂  It's all unedited stuff, I don't have time or energy to do any editing or make any title pages or wipes and other transitions right now.  I do think they are kind of fun to watch though, and mostly not too long.

More coming after I get home.

A half empty jet

Touring the Bates Motel

Trying to start a Jeep after 12 years in a storage unit

Creating the new & improved Cripple Cart trailer rig hookup

A well equipped Shop.  Don't Collapse without one.


Etiology of a Doomer: Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves

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Published on The Doomstead Diner August 18, 2019


Audio Only:


(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God.  mp3 Audio can be downloaded from Diner Soundcloud.)


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Recent discussions with Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves have mainly centered around Geopolitics, specifically the Brexit issue that has kept the UK in thrall for over 3 years now, culminating at the moment with the rise to power of Boris "BoJo" Johnson as Prime Minister and the threat of a "No Deal" exit from the European Union.  That supposed "deadline" falls on Halloween, October 31st, slightly over 2 months away.  One has to suspect of course that they will find a way once again to kick the can down the collapse higway rather than deal with the inevitable blowback and mayhem such a move will cause.  The EU is like the Hotel California, "You can check out, but you can never leave".

In this episode of the Collapse Cafe however, we turn back the clock to have a better look at how Hepp got from where he was before becoming "Collapse Aware" to where he is now, a serious Doomer living in Cornwall in the Southwest corner of Jolly Old England.  All of us who write on Collapse Issues here in the Blogosphere have some story to tell about what brought us to this type of outlook and attitude, and the story Hepp has to tell is quite interesting.  My own story will be coming up also in the near future, I recently got interviewed by Sam Mitchell of Collapse Chronicles to fill in his listeners on the reasons for which the Doomstead Diner exists here in cyberspace.

On a technical level for this broadcast, right now I am completely SWAMPED with things I have to do to prepare my crippled ass for another Jet Setting adventure down to the Lower 48, this time to be present for the placement of the SUN Monument on its Eternal Resting Place in Springfield, MO, more or less dead center of what is now called the FSoA (Fascist States of Amerika) and used to be called Turtle Island by the original Homo Sap inhabitants of this patch of the earth.  Besides that, over the past couple of months I have had a lot going on personally with getting my Food Truck program going and the global Collapse Newz has really accelerated as of late as well.

The entire prior paragraph is basically an EXCUSE for the way I am publishing this interview, it's a single un-edited take off one of the cameras I was running during this interview, along with the line feed I get off Skype.  I just haven't had the time or energy over the last couple of months to edit and splice together all the different camera angles and the line feed to make a perky visual for this one.  I didn't even cut out the section in the middle of the recording where one of my cameras goes blooey and I gotta fix it.  It's only a couple of minutes, you can fast forward through it or if you want to be entertained by technical bullshit and watching a cripple go fix his camera, you can watch that too. lol.  Or you can just listen to the audio as a Podcast from Diner Soundcloud and forget watching the video at all.  Your choice on this one.  If you elect just the audio, you can download that as an .mp3 and listen while you do the Fall Harvest from your Doom Garden or sit in traffic in your car on the way to your current job in Industrial Civilization, if you still have one.

See you again next week from the Lower 48 with the Mobile Diner Office I will set up in a Missouri Motel 6 (aka "Bates Motel"), where Tom Burdett has left the light on for me. 🙂  That is assuming I can negotiate my Cripple Cart and trailer through the TSA examination and then on and off 3 planes through 4 airports to get there.  It's a full 24 hours of travel time from the time I leave on Tuesday night at 10:30PM in a Cripple Cab and theoretically arrive at Springfield-Branson International Airport to be picked up by another Cripple Cab at 11:50PM on Wednesday night.  If you thought plane travel was rough as an ambulatory Homo Sap, you should try it sometime as a Cripple.  It's Dante's 7th Circle of Hell. lol.


Image result for motel 6 springfield north

Systems Science in Collapse: An interview with George Mobus

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Published on The Doomstead Diner August 18, 2019


Audio Only:


(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God.  mp3 Audio can be downloaded from Diner Soundcloud.)


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Related image


Image result for system science george mobus A few weeks ago I had a great conversation with George Mobus, the university academic famous for his work in Systems Science.  George is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, spending his time writing still more books on this subject and the topics relating to Collapse in general.  He also still maintains the blog Question Everything, although these days he only puts out 4 blogs a year, on the Summer & Winter Solstices and on the Spring & Fall Equinoxes.

George also appeared on the original Collapse Cafe we produced a few years ago, discussing topics of Sapience, Evolution and Eugenics in July of 2013.

Coincidently directly following this discussion I traveled down to Seattle on other bizness and George, K-Dog of the blog Chasing the Squirrel and myself had a great Kollapsnik Dinner at the Buffet of the Emerald Queen Casino.  I'm not supposed to reveal what anybody ate at this meal since it's probably not Politically Correct for Kollapsniks. lol.  Conspicuous Consumption of food is of course not a Sustainable System.  However, as long as somebody is going to eat it, it might as well be me!  If you are not familiar with K-Dog, here's a recent interview with him done by Sam Mitchell:

Getting the interview with George up on the Diner took so long because so much else has been ongoing with me personally as well as in the world of Collapse in general.  Besides that I had video problems with my cameras, and trying to edit together the good footage was a nightmare I finally quit on.  So the Utoob "video" for this one is just a still picture screenshot from my line feed.  It's really a Podcast, not a Vidcast in this case.

You can read further about George's theories on Sapience in his new book, available in pdf for a FREE download.  I love free. 🙂

A Theory of Sapience: Using Systems Science to Understand the Nature of Wisdom and the Human Mind


| May 16, 2019 | 1 Comment

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Media Type: Book – Recent

Author(s): George Mobus

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Humanity faces what can only be called existential threats created by its own hands. We have cleverly built advanced cultures that use extreme amounts of energy to make life easy (at least for some) and that energy, for the last several hundred years, has come from carbon-based fossil fuels. Now we sit on the precipice of a calamity for ourselves and many other species as well.


If human beings are so clever, why have we not learned to moderate our activities, to consume only in proportion to what the Earth system can sustain in terms of resources and waste removal? We have gained the knowledge to understand what is happening and what we need to do. But we don’t do it in a timely way to avert devastation. What is wrong with us?

The answer to this question is surprising. Society is not wise in its choices – the collective decisions of humans – because individuals are not wise in theirs. And that is because wisdom, the tacit knowledge that develops in human minds through experiences, is lacking in the majority of humans. Most humans do not develop wisdom adequate to deal with the complexities of the modern world. As a result they make choices not based on rational long-range thinking about consequences or how those consequences interact systemically. They tend to look only at short-term gains in their own selfish wellbeing.

This book reports on investigations into the underlying causes of the lack of wisdom in average people. Sapience is the set of nascent mental competencies, situated in the human brain, that make us human. Sapience is the basis of higher-order consciousness experienced by humans. It is linked with the emergence of the language facility and our ability to work in symbols. It is the reason that we can think about future states of the world, especially those that may be different from the current and past states we have experienced. It is the product of a remarkable evolutionary process that produced hyper-social animals with sufficient cleverness to invent tools, languages, symbols, even art. We invented agriculture to help bring stability into our living world and reduce uncertainty in our access to resources. But, we had only just crossed the threshold to sapient thinking.

We need to evolve further.

Sapience is the product of brain structures and functions that set the human species, Homo sapiens, apart from the rest of the animal world. It represents a major leap forward in the evolution of the Universe. It contributed to tremendous boosts in our general intelligence and creativity. It provided the basis for morality and concerns for the wellbeing of others. But, even so, it was just a beginning. It does not go far enough in terms of providing individual minds with the ability to grasp the larger and deeper meanings of their choices and actions.

This book explores the nature and evolution of sapience as it is found in human beings today using systems science. It explores the psychological implications of having some capacity for developing wisdom in one’s life but not enough capacity to fully grasp the big picture of the human condition, and thus, make tragic errors in judgements. It attempts to answer the question of why we are in this predicament. 

George as usual has many interesting observations and opinions regarding Collapse and where we are headed.  They are different in many ways than what you read from other pundits discussing the subjects, and we are in good agreement about most of them.  I hope you enjoy listening to the discussion as much as I enjoyed having it with him.

Image result for system science george mobus

Living at the Edge of Poverty

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Published on The Doomstead Diner August 11, 2019

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Did you ever wonder what it's like to live at the Edge of Poverty in modern Amerika?  What IS the "Edge of Poverty"?

It's the spot the Working Poor are in, the folks who make MinWage or barely above it and the folks living on fixed income Mailbox Money of Social Security.  They haven't quite completely fallen off the economic cliff, they're not Homeless People (yet!), but they are generally 1 or 2 paychecks away from that.  They live in the kind of housing I live in, federally subsidized tax credit apartment complexes that developers put up to get some tax breaks.  The rents on these places are fixed to your income and number of dependents, and they come in around 30% lower in my neighborhood than the open market housing.  To qualify for it, you have to do a full disclosure every year of how much money you make, what your assets are, blah blah blah.

I qualify for such housing because I live on the edge of poverty although I am not in my own estimation really poor.  I mean really, I'm flying down to the lower 48 AGAIN at the end of this month for yet another of my Tombstone Adventures! lol.  How do I do it?  Well to be really abstruse, I do it the way really rich people do it.  But I am not really rich and I do live on a monthly mailbox money allotment that puts me just to the north of the poverty line by a few thousand FRNs.  I'm real good at living on low amounts of income, the trick there is obvious, limit your expenses.  If you watch my SNAP Card Gourmet series on how to eat well on a SNAP Card allotment, you know what I mean.  I do not have a SNAP Card myself, although I do qualify for one of those too.  But I don't need it so I don't apply for one.  I already got more food than I can give away in the Potlatch Parking Lot. lol.

Unless you live inside this kind of milieu, you really have no clue how it goes with the social psychology of the situation.  The folks who live this life are always under non-stop psychological pressure about MONEY.  There is never enough of it around and their marriages suffer for this.  Domestic Violence of various kinds is quite common.  Various levels of dysfunction abound, particularly in the area of child rearing.  Even if they aren't downright abusive, they're often neglectful and they also often don't have a real good concept of child psychology.  I taught thousands of kids over my lifetime, and once you figure it out it's not that hard to keep a kid in line, but here you have parents who are completely clueless on this.  They themselves mostly had poor parenting and it perpetuates itself generation after generation.

This last week has been a Banner Week for all these problems, in my Potlatch Parking Lot we have had a visit every fucking night from the Alaska State Troopers for some domestic calamity.  2 people were carted off to the jailhouse, one kid was pulled by Child Protective Services, one resident made the incredibly stupid move of throwing a punch at a cop and then another one got carted off on a stretcher raving and screaming.  Either she was going into withdrawal or she had ODed on fentanyl or meth, or maybe it was alcohol withdrawal.  WTF knows?  lol.

These folks aren't strangers to me, I see them every day and I share my food with them.  It's not an abstract problem for me, not somebody else's problem, not an academic question.  It is fucking REALITY for me.  You know what Robin Williams said about reality, right?

Image result for reality is for those who can't handle drugs

The sad reality here is that this situation isn't an anomaly, it's common and I would bet it is the normal state of affairs in just about every low income housing community in Industrial Civilization, not just in the FSoA.  It's a massive dysfunction in the social organism that has evolved from industrialization and capitalism.  It's also not going to get better, it's just going to get worse as things spin down further in this collapse.

On the bright side, as an observer of Collapse, I have Box Seats on the 50 Yard Line.  It's all going on right outside my front door, every night.

A Bugout Machine Gets a New Home

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Published on The Doomstead Diner August 4, 2019

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Longtime Diner readers know my enthusiasm for "Bugout Machines" which come in many different configurations and varieties.  They can be as simple as your Car or Bicycle, but can also get pretty big and complex like RVs and Sailboats.  All though have one thing in common: Their purpose is to help you GTFO of Dodge when Collapse knocks on your doorstep in your neighborhood.

Like all other plans to handle the ongoing Collapse of Industrial Civilization, all Bugout Machines and all Bugout Plans have their deficiencies, many of them quite easily identifiable.  All of these deficiencies though tend to work on different timelines than a total Collapse does.  The idea here is to have a good Near Term Survival Tool that can help you negotiate your way through the early stages of a Collapse.

Image result for canary in the coal mine Depending on your situation and budget, your Bugout Machine can go anyhwhere from a Used Bike & Trailer combo up to a Big Ass RV or Sailboat if you are Filthy Rich.  Hell, it could even get bigger than that if you are Jeff Bozos and buy one of the Airbus A380s or Boeing 747s being currently retired by the airlines because these huge fuel guzzling flying behemoths aren't economic to fly or maintain.  Their demise is one of the early Canaries in the Coal Mine signaling the demise of the aviation industry.

As bugout machines go, my Tioga was a pretty good one, not only did it provide you the means to GTFO of Dodge if necessary, it also provided a home and an insurance policy against ending up as a Homeless Cripple Freezing to Death on the Streets of Palmer, Alaska.  For that reason alone, Tioga gave me Peace of Mind worth every penny I paid for her, which was quite reasonable, just $5000.  An old RV of course, but reasonably well maintained with very low mileage on the engine.  If we happened to get a Wildfire which consumed my current digs (we get them all the time around here these days), I would have a place to live while looking for a new more permanent dwelling.  Although, I could live in Tioga permanently, I lived in a vehicle with a Cabin smaller than that one, the Freightliner I drove for 7 years across every last mile of the Eisenhower Interstate, consuming lord only knows how many 1000s of gallons of diesel.

However for me, Tioga had major deficiencies also, even before I became a Cripple.  First major one was HORRENDOUS gas mileage.  On a good day, on flat ground and open highway, Tioga got about 8 mpg.  They were not terrifically concerned with optimizing fuel efficiency when this model was built back in the Jurassic Period of the 1980s.  I was honest with the buyer about this fuel guzzling habit of this vehicle, and he was quite aware of it to begin with anyhow.

Second issue was its size and obviousness.  The damn thing is just too fucking BIG to park on a city street and sleep unmolested by the local Gestapo for the night.  It also sleeps 6, and I am just one lone Monast who needs a roof over his head and some better protection than a tent from REAL bears when sleeping at night out in the Alaska bush.

So about a year ago I replaced Tioga with SaVANnah, my new Bugout Machine, a raised roof full size 8 cylinder Ford Econoline van also purchased for $5000, but a decade newer circa 1999.  Between getting still sicker last year and having a new replacement vehicle to at least temporarily escape a local Collapse, it was time to sell Tioga.  However, it ain't easy to sell a 30 year old RV that currently is not running to anybody except a DIY guy who can fix it up himself.  It took a while to find one of those guys, who is the son of a friend of a friend. lol.  Friday he came over to look at Tioga in the storage unit, we agreed on a price of $1500 for her, and Saturday he came back over with another DIY friend of his to see if they could get it running and drive it outta there and back home to get a full refurbishing job and use to follow around his Musician son during the summer Tourista season to the various venues he goes to play at.

The video above is a record of this transfer of ownership of Tioga to a new owner who can use it and who will treat it with loving care.  I am glad to see she got such a good new owner and did not yet have to be sent to the Land of Away in an automotive junkyard somewhere.  I had considered that option just to get rid of the cost of the storage unit.

Now, many of you of course will be unhappy that this ICE powered vehicle is still out on the roads burning gas, and unhappy as well that I still own not just SaVANnah, but also a Ford Explorer 4WD SUV, circa 2002.  Do I not know that these vehicles emit copious amounts of CO2 and are helping to further broil the planet?  Of COURSE I know that!  I however live inside industrial civilization and I need devices to get around a neighorhood without much to speak of in the way of decent Public Transportation.  I also drive these vehicles as little as possible, I do have alternative smaller, lighter EV powered vehicles to use for many things that most people will use their cars for.  I am actively working to develop them and make them still better and more functional, not just for Cripples like me, but for everyone!  Way cheaper than a Tesla, and you actually CAN charge these things up with a reasonable size solar PV array.  You can follow all the developments on this project on the Diner YouTube Channel,

I am trying to keep off a Dogsled for as long as I can here.

Rock of Ages

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Published on The Doomstead Diner July 28, 2019

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Those of you who are not regular contributors from Inside the Diner may have drawn the conclusion from my recent articles and videos that the Collapse Biz Trip to Seattle-Tacoma was mainly about testing the modified Cripple Cart for the new systems we put in place to make it a better vehicle for getting around as the Age of Oil comes to a close.  This regardless of whether you are a healthy young specimen of the species Homo Sap, or a decrepit and inexorably dying old cripple like yours truly.

In fact however, although very important, this field testing of the Cripple Cart was not the primary reason or motivator for this Biz Trip.  It goes back much further than that, to about a year after I had the accident that morphed me into the Cripple I am today.  I became obsessed with my impending death, and I remain so to this day.  Since I am a Monast, unmarried and childless, there is nobody around who can handle the details of how to tie up my time Walking the Earth after I Buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond.  Who do I leave the piddling savings I accumulated to?  Will anyone remember me when I'm gone?  What did my life amount to?  Anything?

The first order of Bizness was making out a Last Will & Testament, and one thing I did do here prior to the long Dirt Nap I am scheduled for was to create a "person" who would outlive me, a Non-profit 501c3 Corporation called the Sustaining Universal Needs Foundation, or SUN☼ in acronym.  The goals of SUN☼ are to develop Affordable Housing, Affordable Food and Affordable Energy for the population of Homo Saps as we enter into the Great Dying that is to come, insofar as this is possible to do anyhow.  So all that is left that I haven't spent on Amazon buying Preps and apparatus to pursue this Mission from God that I have been given goes to the SUN☼ Foundation.  Who exactly is going to run the SUN☼ Foundation after I am Pushing Up Daisies is something of a mystery at the moment, but I'm sure it will work itself out in the bye & bye.

The Diner here and all the words I have written and audio and video I have recorded also contain my Testimony as a Witness to the End of Industrial Civilization and of a life spent inside this vast machine that has overrun the Earth.  However, what is stored on the disks of the Google Servers and the NSA Databases probably only lasts as long as there is JUICE to run the energy-eating machine called the Internet, which probably is not that long in lasting, although it likely will outlast the Meat Package I am keyboarding out this article with.

I decided that I should have something a bit longer lasting than this, something that delivered the Message I was given to deliver here at the End of the Age of Oil.  I don't have as much Money as Bezos or an Egyptian Pharoah either, so a Pyramid built over Centuries was out of the question here. lol.  Within my means however, I COULD commision a Tombstone and a Monument to the SUN☼ Mission.  Designing a Monument worthy to this task, one which would last centuries and perhaps Millenia became another Obsession and Hobby for me as I sat trapped in my Monastery rooms during the long Alaska Winter nights.

What evolved out of that was the Rock of Ages you see before you in the video we shot down at Premier Memorial in Tacoma, WA, the Stone Cutters I commisioned for this project.  It was a project that took MUCH "longer than expected", with many frustrations along the way, but in the end it did get done, and I am still above ground level to see it.  In the video I explain all the design features and why they are on the Stone(s).  Among other things, engraved on the stone are the 12 Principles of Sustainable Living for any Homo Saps who manage to survive the oncoming Population Knockdown of our species.  It's a kind of boiled down version of the guidelines for Building a Better Tomorrow, the Motto of the SUN☼ Foundation.

12 Steps to a Practical & Achievable Program for a Better Tomorrow

In the We Need Peace thread Inside the Diner, JRM said I don't provide practical solutions for resolving the problems that Homo Sap faces.  This after I accused him of that same issue, and basically only providing Woo-Woo and Poetry as a solution.

I have of course provided practical ideas on many occassions, not to mention the fact I both founded and fund the SUN Project.  I don't have a high regard for people who just pitch out Negative Waves without providing some sort of solution to the problems they see.  So I always try to do this, although granted we have any number of "predicaments" which do not lend themselves to EZ or painless solutions.

My ideas however are sprinkled willy-nilly over 5 years of Diner posting in many different threads, and are somewhat difficult to track down despite trying to keep this database fairly organized over the time period.  So I thought this might be a good opportunity to provide a 12-Step Program for a Better Tomorrow on Planet Earth so Diners are all aware of my Plan and we can rest this idea that I don't have a plan for good.  So now, here's THE PLAN!



Step #1-  Die Off of 99.9% of the Population of Homo Saps

This resolves a lot of problems, from overuse of the land and ocean to the amount of carbon we put up in the atmosphere.  It won't significantly hurt the genetic diversity of Homo Sap, there will still be 7.3M meat packages walking the earth at any given time, which was more than enough for most of human history and should be plenty moving into the future.  No official extermination plan needs to be concocted for this, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse will do the job without direction as they always have in the past.  They are very dependable.

Step #2-  Elimination/Extermination of the Greedy Elite still left standing

In order to make sure the same mistakes of the past are not repeated, the folks who ran the last show into the ground need to be eliminated.  This does require active decision making on who is most guilty and what sort of punishment they deserve for Crimes Against Humanity.  Is merely sentencing them to being Humanure collectors for the rest of their years walking the earth as a corporeal meat package enough punishment, or do they need to be dispatched to the Great Beyond in the most agonizingly painful and long lasting way we can conjure up?  For this we will need a legitimate Judicial System and Court of the Inquisition.  No Pigman should have his Journey to Hell expedited without Due Process of Law.  We need to take the Moral High Ground here on this.  No Lynchings on the Lamp Posts still standing!  No pushing them off balconies of empty skyscrapers either!  At least not until the High Court has handed down its decision and the last appeal has been exhausted.

Step #3- Replacement of the old Elite with a new Elite of Homo Saps with a High Wisdom Quotient

We will need to design a Standardized Test for Ecological & Economic Wisdom, testing various wannabee Elites for their knowledge of the biosphere and how to maintain it in a sustainable manner, as well as how to economically distribute the produce in a fair manner.  There will need to be Checks & Balances and Watchdogs to ensure the new Elite do not become as corrupt as the old Elite. Since there will be no monetary reward for being a member of the Elite (see Step #4), this should be less of a problem in the future of  a Better Tomorrow.

Step #4-  Elimination of Money and substitution of a Potlatch or "Gift" Economy

Distribution of the wealth the society is able to extract at a sustainable rate from the patch of land they occupy will be done by gifting each citizen with an equal portion of that produce.  Citizens will be required to work for their share of the produce, in some form.  If they are disabled and incapable of physical work, they will be required to do tedious accounting work to keep track of all the numbers, or perhaps do arbitration work resolving disputes, or write books, tell stories, make music, etc.  If they are mentally incapacitated and can't handle difficult numerical or social issues and have no artistic ability, they will need to do physical labor of digging holes and fixing housing every time it gets knocked down by the latest extreme weather event. If they cannot do either physical or intellectual labor, they will be gifted with nothing and die of starvation.

Step #5-  Migration to Upper Latitudes and Altitudes

For the .1% of the remaining population of Homo Saps, it will be necessary to migrate to Survival Zones on Earth where wet bulb temperatures remain within the range that both HS and the plants and animals they depend on can survive.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this includes neighborhoods like Scandinavia, Siberia, Alaska, Northern Canada and Nunavut and Nova Scotia. Coastal Greenland also might be habitable. In the Southern Hemisphere, less available land mass, perhaps Argentina and Southern Australia until the Ice Sheets melt off of the Antarctic Continent, at which time that might become colonizable.  That will take some time though, those ice sheets are quite thick.

Also possible survival zones in lower latitudes may be found at higher altitudes.  Spots in the Rocky Mountains, the Andes and the Himalayas may provide Lifeboats for a few isolated tribes of Homo Saps.  Depending on latitude, anywhere from 3000' to 6000' might be enough to keep the temps within reason, while still providing enough Oxygen to survive.  Nobody will be surviving above around 29,000' though, you won't find a tribe living on top of K-2 or Everest.  That's the Death Zone.  Call the survivable locations between 3000' and 12,000'.

Step # 6-  Alternative Food Production

This will take place over time during the migrations.  Greenhouses will be built using Scavenged glass from McMansions and Carz, and seeds carried by migrating Homo Saps will be first planted in the controlled climates of the greenhouses, then dispersed for outdoor growing once the climate warms sufficiently for those plants to thrive in the upper latitudes.  Birds and land mammals will also migrate northward, carrying seeds from more southern plants in their gut, and the entire ecosystem will migrate northward in this way.

Similarly, fish species currently found in southern waters will migrate north or south, eventually to end up in the Arctic Ocean or in the sea surrounding Antarctica.  When the carbon begins to be resequestered and it's possible once again for Shellfish to form shells as Ocean pH begins to go up again, a New Great Barrier Reef will grow from coral around the coast of Antarctica.

Step #7- New Goobermints

New Goobermints will form up in the given locations of the surviving Homo Saps.  With much smaller populations widely separated in geographical space, the populations will be no larger than 10,000 Human Souls.  Various forms of Goobermints will be tried during the spin down as the societies shrink in size, including Fascism, Communism and neo-Feudalism incorporating Slavery.  All will fail, with the final system being neo-Tribal, with the communities being Gooberned by the Elders of the tribe related to other members by no more than 2 degrees of separation, and so concerned with their well-being.

Step #8- Procreation and Population Control

Rules and Taboos will be put in place and enforced on procreation.  Tribal permissions will be required in order to marry and procreate.  Difficult to pass "Rites of Passage" will be implemented at Puberty and only those who pass the tests will have procreation rights.  Once carrying capacity for the land has been established and reached by the population, new procreation rights will only be issued out when a tribal member dies, leaving an open seat at the table.  Children conceived while the Tribe is at carrying capacity will be aborted or exposed after birth, unless an Elder member of the tribe who is sick or otherwise ready to go to the Great Beyond volunteers to do so.

Step #9  Animal Treatment

With a highly dispersed population of Homo Saps, most animals will live in the wild and be hunted for meat.  Ceremonies will be performed when an animal is caught and killed for it's meat to Honor the life of that animal.

A few domesticated animals will be kept for production of Milk and Eggs mainly, although Wool also from sheep is good fiber to work with for making clothing and blankets.  Domesticated animals will be treated humanely and given good room in a barn to shelter in and not be overcrowded to pass diseases around.  Such animals dispatched to the Great Beyond also will be given a Ceremony on death to Honor their contribution to the life of the Tribe.

Step #10- Medicine and Health Care

All members of the Tribe will have equal access to what medicines and repairs are still possible to do.  This does NOT include operations like Heart Transplants or Kidney Dialysis.  Even Diabetes probably not treatable, as to get the constant supply of insulin necessary you would need to slaughter too many pigs.  Minor operations like appendectomies may still remain possible, as well as setting broken bones and sewing up major wounds.  Dentistry limited to preventative maintenance (tooth and gum cleaning), extractions and building of Dental Appliances to assist those with lost teeth in chewing, made from the teeth of dead animals or dead Homo Saps with some good teeth left.  However, mostly people with no teeth left will eat soft foods like soft cheese which melts in your mouth, mashed potatoes for carbs, fruits and berries which crush easily with just your gums, soft boiled eggs and broths rich in animal protein made from boiling left over bones from large animals, fish & chicken, their internal organs as well as discarded vegetable matter.  Nuts and other crunchy foods will be crushed with a Mortar & Pestle and the powder added to the mashed potatoes along with grated cheese for a more nutritious dish.

There will be no cost for the medical care, as of course there is no money.  Providers of medical care will have this as their primary work, rather than digging holes, gathering foods or crunching the numbers on the latest harvest.

Step #11- Education & Knowledge Retention and Advancement

Current Paper books will be kept in Sacred Libraries, protected from the elements as best as possible given the technology that still exists and handled with care by all readers. Librarians will be charged with the task of keeping the books organized and searchable, and making sure the readers handle them with care. Paper and Inks made from naturally occuring dyes is possible sustainably, although not in anywhere near the quantites it is produced today.  To utilize the paper being produced, it will need to be rationed, so anyone who wants to write down his thoughts/ideas will need to demonstrate their value first by explaining them orally and/or diagramming them out on a renewable surface such as scratching it into the dirt or using a chalkboard.  You will need a source of chalk for this of course.

All children will be taught to read and write so that it is possible for them later to record their thoughts and ideas this way, as well as do other helpful tasks for the tribe such as the aforementioned Accounting, as well as Engineering tasks like building bridges, Windmills, etc.

However, given the overall shortage of paper, the primary form of retaining knowledge from Generation to Generation will be through Oral Tradition.  So there will be a nightly exercise in memory practice, and stories, poems and music will be recited from memory by elders in the tribe, and after repetition over years at the time of the Rites of Passage need to be repeated by the Acolyte in order to get reproductive rights.  This is only one of many tests that must be passed in the Rites of Passage.  Others include the Test for Survival, where the Acolyte is sent out inot the Wilderness for a year with just a knife and clothing and a week's worth of food, and must come back alive at the end of the year.  A tribal member can elect not to take these tests and continue to live with the tribe, but will not ever earn reproductive rights.

Step #12- Spirituality & Religion

A discussion of the spiritual connection with the Universe we can discern with our senses as well as what cannot be discerned this way will be encouraged in each member of the tribe.  There will be no specific dogma attached, but a Weekly meeting will be held where all members of the Tribe discuss with each other their beliefs and their take on Existence, God, the Afterlife, Good & Evil etc.  There will be Taboos in plce against Tribal members Napalming each other or making Ad Hom arguments in these discussions. lol.


OK!  That is my 12 Step Program for a Better Tomorrow, which I think is practical and realistically achievable given the parameters we are currently faced with.  Is it an IDEAL solution?  Well obviously not if you won't consider a 99.9% Die Off of Homo Saps as part of your solution.  However, I don't see any realistic way possible to steer clear of such a die off anymore, so that is a parameter I have to work with in creating the rest of the solution.  Then I have other parameters like what the technologies I think can be maintained are and what patches of the Earth surface I think might still be decent Survival Zones.  Overall, this limits you quite a bit in making a realistic assessment of the situation.

Things I do not see as very realistic are:

1- All of Humanity will all of a sudden wake up from their collective stupor and become environmentally conscious and active and will sacrifice their current standard of living (measured in terms of things like electricity on demand, happy motoring, thick and juicy ribeye steaks on the table etc.) in order to maintain a sustainable system for all at a lower economic standard (which for 7.3B people, would have to be quite low).

2- All of Humanity will all of a sudden grasp the futility of War and Peacefully coexist on the planet, sharing the resources left equitably.  Homo Saps have NEVER done that in all of recorded history, and I see no indication they will start now.  The highest likelihood here is there will be fights over the resources until the population has been knocked down sufficiently that what resources remain or are renewable are enough for the remaining population, and their ability to make war on each other is significantly reduced by lack of resources with which to pursue such wars on a Global Scale.

3- A movement with no Leadership and no plan for how to rebuild society can possibly arise spontaneously with agreement from the majority of the population of the earth.  Most of the people ambulatory right now are completely clueless, and without leadership to explain the problems to these dummies in a way they can understand as well as provide them enough food to meet their daily needs, you simply have no chance of success here.  They will latch on to whatever leader pops up and promises them a good job and food on the table.  These folks always pop up in such times, see Trumpty-Dumpty for this.

I am not into Woo-Woo solutions that don't address the real problems before us.  It's all well and good to be at peace with yourself and develop a philosophy that is "intimate" with Nature, that encourages Peace, Love and Understanding between all Homo Saps, but it's not realistic at all that this will spontaneously and suddenly appear in huge populations of people that currently positively HATE each other, including but not limited to Sunnis vs Shiites, Christians vs Muslims, Pakistanis vs Indians, Han Chinese vs Uyghurs, Blacks vs Whites etc, etc etc.  These folks are not destined to Love each other.  They are destined to KILL each other.  That's the reality, as uncomfortable as it might be.

Despite this unfortunate set of parameters, this does NOT mean that Homo Sap will go Extinct in the Near Term, nor does it mean that all Knoweldge we have gained over the millenia will be lost either.  It does leave open the possibility or even likelihood that after such a massive crash, remaining Homo Saps will gain a better understanding of their close relationship with Nature, and develop new societies with better "Human Nature", which overall is really a social construct more than it is biologically determined by genetics, IMHO.  Evidence for this is that societies prior to the Age of Agriculture had far different norms in terms of their behaviors, and even in todays world there is huge variation in "Human Nature" between societies.  Asian Cultures for instance have a much different attitude toward "Face" and how you are perceived by others than Western society does.  We can change, we can adapt, but it's not going to happen in time to stem a massive die off of the current population, which has to occur anyhow because the overall ecosystem is just too stressed by too many Homo Sap meat packages walking the earth at the same time.  Somebody's gotta GO here, and go they will.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have saddled up and they are riding now.  I hear the distant thunder every day now, pounding through the earth from place3s like Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.  Those Hoofbeats will arrive too in the 1st World, and then whoever is left standing will have 2 choices left.

1- To lay down and die with the rest of the dead Homo Saps.

2- To Buckle down and Build a Better Tomorrow.

I will take Door #2 Monte.

The dieoff begins!

Collapse Biz Trip Day 4: The Big Ewz Marathon Test

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Published on The Doomstead Diner July 22, 2019

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Today's project on the Collapse Biz Trip was to do the most rigorous testing to date of the newly powered Ewz (aka "Cripple Cart") carrying the Full Monte of batteries, both Lithium-Ion (L-I) and Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) for a total of 20 Amp-Hours (AH) fully charged.  As the photo at left indicates, the Cripple Cart had its first live tests on the flight down to Seattle-Tacoma from Anchorage.  Those tests were to determine the feasibility for a Solo Cripple to haul all his (massive) amount of baggage to the airport, around the airport and to get it through TSA Security and on the plane.  Obviously, since I am now IN Tacoma, this test was successful.

In yesterday's testing, the objective was to see just how much distance I could travel around Tacoma on a single charge without mid-trip recharges.  The video above is the first installment of several segments I made on this trip.  It is raw video, unedited as of now since I don't really have time to do that until I return home to the Last Great Frontier.  I will be putting up further raw videos Inside the Diner until I get home to do a full article (or more likely, articles) covering the various facets of this Collapse Biz Trip.  These videos also can be found on the Diner YouTube channel.

There will be further testing today, then I am scheduled to Jet Set back home on Tuesday, riding First Class 🙂 on Alaska Airlines.  Look Inside the Diner for the up-to-the minute Play-by-Play reports to follow the EV projects of the Doomstead Diner and the Sustaining Universal Needs Foundation (

Collapse Biz Trip

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Published on The Doomstead Diner July 21, 2019

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As regular Diners know, I'm currently down in Seattle-Tacoma working on Collapse Bizness.  I'm completing the SUN☼ Monument, to carry the SUN☼ message and rules for Sustainable Living on Planet Earth to future generations, as well as testing my small EV battery systems for post-SHTF Day resilience and utility.  Also had a dinner meeting with 2 fellow Kollapsniks, K-Dog of the Chasing the Squirrel blog and George Mobus of Question Everything.  We had the dinner last night at the Emerald Queen Casino buffet in Tacoma, where I am staying.  I got my dinner FREE (I met the 2 hour minimum time sitting at the slot machines to earn this perk), George & K-Dog hadda pay the $20.  Good deal for me, since I only lost $1 while spinning the digital wheel once every 5 minutes or so.  More about that in the videos.

So anyhow, not much time to write or even to do any video editing right now, but here are a couple of raw & unedited vids I did at the beginning and end of the day (one in the Header, the other below) for your enjoyment. 🙂

Collapse Cripple Cart Construction Project

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Published on The Doomstead Diner July 14, 2019

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It's been a bizzy week for both Kollapsniks and Cripples,and I have been overwhelmed with work to do in both areas.  I was working on editing a Collapse Cafe video I did with Jason Heppenstalll of 22 Billion Energy Slaves a couple of weeks ago, then George Mobus of Question Everything and I got together to discuss his new Systems Science book along with questions from the Collapse 2019 Survey early in the week as well.  Then I finalized plans for a Jet Setting, Fossil Fuel Burning trip down to Seattle in the Lower 48, set now for departure on July 18th of this week.  As much as I wanted to edit and publish the discussions with Jason & George though, in this case the approaching DEADLINE for the trip to Seattle took precedence over both.  Those vids will be aired of course, but in all likelihood not until after I return from this latest Globe Trotting Adventure at the End of the Age of Oil.

The main issue here is that I had to get my "Mobiility Device" (aka, "Cripple Cart") up to suff IMHO for travel with me, to provide me with a greater level of independence from Cripple Helpers than I have depended on for the last couple of Adventures I have taken since the catastrophic injury I was unfortunate enough to experience a few years ago.  I have never before taken either of my Cripple Carts along with me for the plane ride for these Adventures, in both the recent cases I rented Cripple Carts for those trips after I got there.  In this case, it was time to bring my own along for the ride, because I am actually using this trip as a Prep Run for an even bigger Adventure I hope to take either in late Summer of Early Fall.  For that Bucket List Adventure I absolutely must have my own Ewz with me for the trip, there is just no other way I can effectively accomplish it.

In any case, long time readers of the Diner who know me know I would NEVER consider a stock Cripple Cart right outta da box from China as "up to snuff" for such a momentous trip on the Bucket List of Adventures I still have planned before I Buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond here as the Collapse of Industrial Civilization begins to accelerate its downward trip to a low per capita energy future.  For such trips I need a really FIRST CLASS ride, which I could either pay through the nose for buying a really expensive one and unnecessarily burning a lot of my stash of cash that way; or I could BUILD IT MYSELF from some cheaper stock parts, cannibalizing a variety of machines to do it.  Cheapskate that I am, I chose Door Number 2, Monte.

Regular Diners also know that unlike many other Collapse Pundits, I am a DOER, not just a TALKER when it comes to Prepping Up for the oncoming (actually, ongoing) Collapse of Industrial Civilization.  I don't just Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk.  Of course, I am no longer a Big Macho Man who can dig a fence post hole to the center of the earth with a shovel and pick axe (let me rent a Daiwoo Back Hoe and I can do as good a job as any other Heavy Equipment operator out there, though), nor do I have enough money to buy my own Doomstead and raise pigs; and my digs don't even have enough sunlight hitting my tiny back porch to even grow a few herbs back there (I may be able to grow my favorite fungi though, mushrooms).  I do however regularly write on how to eat cheap and well on a limited budget, demonstrating how to do it in the SNAP Card Gourmet and Cooking Zone videos.  I demonstrated food preservationg techniques in my Liver Pate canning videos as well.  I teach myself new skills all the time that I feel will be of help to me or others after SHTF day arrives, such as Candle Making and of course all my experiments with DC Electrics, which this article and video is all about.  I actively work at probably the most IMPORTANT aspect of Prepping for Collapse, DEVELOPING COMMUNITY, both in cyberspace on the net and here at home on the Last Great Frontier IRL.  That is what my Potlach Mobile Food Truck program is all about.

This set of videos on today's experimenting and testing is really about much more than just how to make a VERY COOL Cripple Cart on the cheap to cruise around on as you Jet Set your way around the FSoA and perhaps around the world if I last long enough.  It answers the question definitively about which are better to prep up with, AC line powered electric tools or batt powered electric tools?  Many preppers favor the A/C powered tools because the logic goes that after SHTF day arrives, you're not going to be able to drop in at Lowe's (don't shop Home Depot!)  Well folks, you really don't NEED those proprietary batts, and in coming videos I will show you how to power any tools you have with some very basic tools and systems any prepper should have in his arsenal of preps.  Just as a Teaser, be sure you pack away a good supply of Solder and a Soldering iron in your Bugout Bag! lol.

It also answers some very important questions about the feasibility of using Electric Vehicles for transportation in the post-Collapse world.  Will they be Teslas?  Unlikely. Too fucking EXPENSIVE, too fucking COMPLICATED!  But, simple EVs such as the kind I experiment with can be put together from vey simple parts, many of which will be available in the automobile graveyards of the world once the gas runs out for the ICE powered motors.  Batteries, alternators, wiring, fuses, they are all there in the average junked car recently totaled on the Eisenhower Interstate.  Bicycle frames also available by the truckload at yard sales everywhere.  Electric motors powering everything from Power Tools to Boat Trolling Motors to fans and winches.  You give me $1000 and a trip to a few junkyards, and I'll have you a working vehicle that will do upwards of 20 mph inside a month.,

I hope you enjoy these vids today as much as I enjoyed making them.  Next week, you should see the Cripple Cart on Steroids touring its way around Ted Stevens and Sea-Tac airports and around the Seattle Tacoma neighborhood.  I can wait! 🙂


Heading to 3 Bears for Cancerettes

The Return from 3 Bears

How much Cargo Carrying Capacity does a Power Tools Battery powered Cripple Cart have?

Celebrating SUCCESS with Chili Dogs in the Potalch Parking Lot


For those of you who missed it, here is a vid done last week working on improvements to the range of my other 2-wheeled Ewz, which I wrote about inside the Diner in a post called "Electra Glide in Black"



BTW folks, I am not even halfway done with the Mods I have planned for my Globe Trotting Cripple Cart.  You ain't seen nuthin' yet! 🙂

I'll see you down by Fire Lake.  Remember Uncle RE?  He was the one afraid to cut the cake.

Doomstead Diner Collapse 2019 Summer Solstice Festival: Coda

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Published on The Doomstead Diner June 30, 2019


Audio Only:


(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God.  mp3 Audio can be downloaded from Diner Soundcloud.)


Discuss this Video at the Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call Table Inside the Diner


The Collapse Summer Solstice 2019 Festival comes to a close today here on the Diner, after a very succesful launch of our newest project for the SUN Foundation, the Diner Mobile Food Truck.  We're still only in the testing phase for this project, but so far all is going according to plan and swimmingly well.

In the world at large of Collapse, it was another lively week, this time with the Democratic Debates as the Feature of the political Clown Show that will continue right through to the end of 2020!  That's over a year of almost guaranteed Collapse-o-tainment, unless of course the Internet Goes Dark, Global Thermonuclear War gets underway or all the Oceans boil off and we go Extinct on Dr. McStinksions timeline before he decided to stop making predictions on the absolute date for all Dead People.

For the Clown-in-Chief Donalditry Trumpovetsky it was another ignominious week, as he once again capitulated to the Chinese and to Wall Street on his "Tariff Man" policies, which are none too popular with corporations looking for still higher profits.  Besides that, he is currently making a fool of himself at the G-20 meeting of the Elite Overseers of the world who are busy trying to make sure the Rich stay Rich & the Poor stay Poor.

Here at the Doomstead Diner though, we ate like Kings Al Fresco out in the Potlach Parking Lot of the Diner, where all the Food is FREE!  At least to the customers, it does cost the SUN Foundation money to fund this project.  Contributions are WELCOME and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE since SUN☼ is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.  Click on the Donation Button on the SUN☼ Homepage if you want to help us out.

Dishes this week were Salmon Teriyaki and Grilled Salmon, both cooked up with Freshly Caught Coho and Sockeye Salmon donated by a couple of the Fishermen in the Community.  Nothing beats freshly caught Alaskan Salmon.  Also on the menu this week was BBQ Brisket, Broccoli-Cheddar Soup & Smoked St. Louis Ribs.  Too bad for you you missed the ribs, they were the best and juciest ribs I ever cooked up, and that's saying something!  I could have eaten both racks by myself but I didn't want to totally PIG OUT 🐷 so I only had 3.

Great Collapse Meals coming again next week, and the full recipes and cooking techniques will be up on the Cooking Zone in due time, when I get a breather to do some editing of the raw footage from those cooks.  Not EZ to find the time these days since the Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call also takes a lot of editing and is more pressing on time.  Recipes are timeless, Doom Newz is not.

Coming next Sunday on the Wake-Up Call, we chat with Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves about his experiences in awakening to the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.  Don't miss it!

Fresh Alaskan Salmon ready for an Al Fresco Cook



Summer Solstice Doom Days

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Published on The Doomstead Diner June 23, 2019


Audio Only:


(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God.  mp3 Audio can be downloaded from Diner Soundcloud.)


Discuss this Video at the Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call Table Inside the Diner


The Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemispher where I am writing from, Winter Solstice for you Diners on the other side of the Equator in Oz, South America, Africa, India and a few other dots of land mass down under) has brought with it a healthy Dose of Doom as our path to Industrial Civilization Collapse accelerates. It was tough to select out a few choice morsels for consumption today, I left out many calamitous events that occured this week.  How much Doom can you squeeze into a 20 min Newz Briefing anyhow?

The doom events of the week were both local and international, and they steadily escalate in intensity as well as frequency much like the severe weather outbreaks we continue to experience across Flyover Country, where the latest, greatest severe weather to further destroy industrial civilization is the "Derecho".  The NWS keeps pitchout new terminology which Collapse Journalists like myself has to learn.  Personally, I liked Haboobs and Bombogenesis better than Derechos.  Really BIG Haboobs! lol.

Anyhow, I didn't get to the Derecho that blew across 1000 miles from Nebraska to South Carolina and everything in between, it was rather late breaking in the week and I already had too much stuff to cover.

What I did cover in this week's rant was first off the explosion of the refinery in Philadelphia, which was absolutely spectacular as explosions go.  The largest refinery on the East Coast, it supplies roughly 1/4 of the gasoline to that neighborhood of the country.  Said refinery also is in financial difficulty.  Interesting coinkidink, no?  Oil Prices of course responded accordingly.

Then we sail the Good Ship Doomstead Diner across the Pacific over to Hong Kong, where currently they are fielding Street Demonstrations with the Boys in Black Pajamas numbering into the 7 Digits.  Said demonstrators are a very well prepared bunch, complete with Goggles and Masks to protect against the Tear Gas and Gloves to grab the cannisters and throw them back at the Gestapo.  I think a vast improvemnt on that would be to carry a Celesta, which is the Basket Scoop used to play the sport of Jai-Lai.

Image result for jai alai gif


Moving back across the pond to the FSoA, the Political Gaffes, Backtracking and lifelong Pussy-Grabbing of the Clown-in-Chief Donalditry Trumpovetsky is covered in reasonable detail, although it's impossible to do justice to this stuff.  The real life action is so funny you can't improve on it.  lol.

So, all in all Solstice Celebration Week here on the Diner had a vast cornucopia of Doom to consume at our Feast, along with the fabulous food.  Full recipes for all those great dishes will be available on the Cooking Zone of the YouTube Channel, as soon as I get them edited up, which who knows when that will be since I am backed up to beat the band with vids to edit.  But they'll come eventually.  Meanwhile, I'll drop some snippets on Inside the Diner, so you can find them there too.

…And that's all the Doom, this time until next time, here at the Doomstead Diner.


Doomstead Diner 2019 Summer Solstice Celebration

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Published on The Doomstead Diner June 21, 2019

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Diners are always concerned with topics relating to the SUN☼, which provides the ENERGY for all life on Earth.  When the Sun☼ finally does burn itself out a few 100 Million years into the future, the species Homo Sap and all the other life forms inhabiting this rock hurtling through space will all finally go EXTINCT, if they don't before then if other calamities overtake them.  SUN☼ as a result is the acronym for our 501c3 non-profit corporation, the Sustaining Universal Needs Foundation.
Also as a result, our most recent convocation was held down in Rexburg, Idaho in 2017, where we camped out in a Sun Baked Farmer's Field to observe the Total Eclipse of the Sun☼ as it passed along the Path of Totality.  For me, it was a transformative experience, trancendental and spiritual.  I had never witnessed that 2 minutes of time that comes rarely to any given spot on the earth.  I have travelled extensively through my life, but never was I at the right place at the right time to witness this.  For man prior to folks like Copernicus and Galileo, this must have been an even more powerful experience.  I at least knew what was coming and when it would come, to the second thanks to modern astronomical equipment.  You can read the full article on the Total Eclipse of the Sun Adventure HERE.
A Total Eclipse only comes rarely, but other cosmic phenomena happen every year like clockwork here on the Big Blue Marble, and those are the Summer & Winter Solstice and the Vernal & Autmunal Equinoxes.  These events have been observed and recorded in some way at least as far back as there is writing we can still find, and further back than that in the case of some structures built by various cultures to mark the passing.  Here is a more detailed history of these events, for those interested in delving more deeply into the topic:


Image result for druid festival We had our last Celebration and Feast back in February, for the 7th Anniversary of covering the Collapse of Industrial Civilization here on the Doomstead Diner. We are OVERDUE for another celebration!

The Summer Solstice is a traditional time for celebrations, particularly amongst the pagan cultures of the Middle Ages.. Since if we don't go Extinct we look likely to be living in a pre-Industrial stlye culture, now seems like a good time to be resurrecting and practicing these traditions again.

For this feast, the Main Menu which I am cooking up is a Prix Fixe menu, no choices there but it's FREE! 🙂 ‚ That's because you just get to look at it, you don't actually get to EAT it unless you follow the recipes at home and cook it up for yourself. The recipes though are a great value, no paywall and no ads either!

Since the Solstice falls on a Friday (at least on this side of the Dateline) and we traditionally eat Fish on Fridays here on the Diner our Main Course will be a Fish Dish. For this I chose my favorite Swimming Fish (as opposed to Shellfish), Alaska Salmon! :)‚ Nice fresh CoHo Salmon I got ON SALE at 3 Bears for $9.99/lb. The preparation for this one is Grilled Mediterranean Salmon, on a new Bugout Cooking apparatus I picked up, also ON SALE at 3 Bears.

 Our Starter for the Feast is Cream of Wild Mushroom & Garlic Soup, with lots of Garlic to fend off the Zombies. A hearty and filling soup full of lots of FAT, it's really a meal in itself most of the time, just maybe with a little Garlic Bread to dip in it. This is a FEAST though, and you are supposed to conspicuously consume food and overeat at all feasts. We are unlikely to be able to do this after SHTF Day arrives, so stuff your pie hole now while you still can and the cornucopia is still on the shelves at the Food Superstores.

For the Side Dish, we are having an Asparagus & Mushroom Casserole, my favorite Veggie and of course Fungi are a real favorite of mine along with garlic, so you see it twice in the Prix Fixe menu.

Diners and Guests are welcome to bring their own dishes to the Feast to enjoy a Potlach style celbration of the Gift Economy, where we all share our favorite foods together. It can be your own recipe or just a favorite from restaurants or what Granma made when you were a kid, and you don't have to do a Video either although a Food Porn Pic would be good. You can also bring your favorite Wine, Beer or Spirits, as well as Medicinal Plants. Another Fungi variety, Magic Mushrooms are a good choice here. 🙂

The Celebration will be ongoing all week inside the Diner on the Diner Anniversary Party Board, and all are welcome to attend, you don't need to be a regular patron of the Diner to enjoy the meal with us. We can all discuss Collapse while enjoying dinner, and hopefully not too many fights will break out over the dinner table this week. lol.

Before we look in detail at our Menu for the Celebration, let's look back in history at what they actually ATE in the Middle Ages at these things:



So Diners can plan on what dishes they will bring to the FEAST, here is what the Cooking Zone kitchen is whipping up for Conspicuous Consumption on Friday, June 21st:


Doomstead Diner Menu Prix Fixe
Summer Solstice 2019


Price: FREE!  :icon_sunny:



Starter: Cream of Wild Mushroom &

Garlic Soup infused with Tarragon & Rosemary


A delicious blend of flavors and textures
from an Original RE Recipe



Side Dish: Asparagus & Mushroom Alfredo Casserole


A marriage made in heaven between al dente Asparagus spears and butter sauteed Crimini mushrooms in a fresh Alfredo sauce topped with seasoned bread crumbs
from an Original RE recipe




Main Course: Mediterranean Grilled Alaska Coho Salmon with Kalamatta Olives, Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Hearts of Palm and Feta Cheese


Grilled to moist perfection with crispy skin on Bugout Cooking Apparatus
from an Original RE recipe



Beverage: Cheap White Wine
Purchased originally by RE from the ON SALE rack at 3 Bears Liquor Store
(you are :hi: to bring a more expensive bottle of wine to share.  Red is OK too, even though it's a fish dish.)

*Note: Photos above are Googled facsimiles.  You have to wait until Friday for the actual photos and videos, which are better.  :icon_sunny:

Remember, you don't have to actually cook up a dish, you can just pick a favorite and Google up a representative Food Porn pic to share at the dinner table as we discuss the ongoing Collapse of Industrial Civilization!


Note: The above illustrative photos are not the actual dishes prepared by Chef RE for this Celebration.  To view those and discuss with us the Collapse of Industrial Civilization, join us Inside the Diner.


Eat well in Collapse! See you at the Festival!




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Land of the Midnight Sun
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