The Last Steak Supper

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  on September 6, 2020

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I toyed with many different titles for this article from "A Tale of Two Steaks" to "Birthday in Collapse", but in the end it got the title at the top due to some unforseen circumstances which came after I did the recordings and shot the pics.  More on that in a bitt.

This week marked the beginning of my 64th year walking the earth as a meat package in this iteration of my immortal soul..  Many ups & downs through the years, some of which veteran Diners know from prior birthday articles and autobiographical ones as well.  One consistent joy for me through all the years and trials & travails was FOOD, both eating it and cooking it.  I love fine restaurants, although of course these days you can hardly find an open one.  Not to mention up here where I live "Fine Food" is pretty much relegated to Pizza and Chicken Wings.  lol.  OK, to be fair there are a couple of decent restaurants here in the Mat-Su Valley, but they ain't Lutece or Smith & Wollensky in NY Shity.

Brazilian Steakhouse Meal - Rio Grande Churrascaria | Groupon Of all the food I loved to cook and eat through the years, one stands out as #1.  STEAK! "Beef.  It's what's for Dinner."  In Brasil we had the great Churrascarias (Brazilian BBQ), and when we returned I started BBQing on a little Cast Iron Hibachi in the backyard of our McMansion in Queens.  After the divorce of my parents, when my Dad had me on the weekends for his visitations, every once in a while he would take me to Tad's Steajhouse in NYC.  Pretty decent steak grilled over an open flame for around $2 at the time as I recall.

So to celebrate my arrival here on the Big Blue Marnle 63 years ago I decided I would cook up a restaurant quality STEAK Dinner worthy of Delmonico's or any of the other great steakhouses around the world, generally located in the Big Shities where they can charge the customers through the nose for them.  As it turned out I ended up making not one but two STEAK dinners, one for just me on my actual birthday,  the other a couple of days later for a neighbor and his family.

Flannery Beef - Midwestern Dry Aged Prime Rib Roast - Midwestern - USDA  Prime Beef - Butcher For a great restaurant quality STEAK, you have to start with a great piece of Cow Flesh, generally USDA Prime, although sometimes a Choice cut is about as good if you find a good one.  AVOID Select except for Stews unless you like chewing Shoeleather.  Of course if you really wanna pay through the nose you can go for Wagyu beef, but I can't see spending THAT much money on a STEAK dinner.  I'm not a Billionaire of course.

Anyhow, over the course of the year whenever I saw a great cut of meat at a great price at 3 Bears, I would buy it and stick it in my chest freezer.  For the dinner I cooked for myself, I pulled out a Filet Migon and prepared it in real Gourmet style as Steak Au Poivre.  That's the cooking video at the top of the page.  If you want to see a SPECTACULAR flambe, do not miss this vid!  lol.

For the family dinner with the neighbors, I had scored a FABULOUS Standing Rib Roast whick I intended to cook for the Community for the Summer Solstice,but unfortunately COVID-19 jumped in and my Mobile Restaurant plans for this summer hadda be scrapped.  So it hung out in the freezer a couple of more months until I found enough people to cook it for and a Celebration WORTHY of such a lovely piece of a Dead Cow.  My Birthday definitely qualified as worthy. 🙂

Now, many ecologically aware Kollpsniks are vehemently against eating meat, for all sorts of reasons.   You have your traditional Vegans, Religions which are against it, animal rights activists who feel thiis is cruelty to animals and climate activists worried about Cow Farts and resource depletion.  Raising beef for the dinner table uses up a lot of water and land..

Predicting Mars Cuisine: Grasshoppers with a Side of Fungi | Space Also true is we can't possibly feed the current global population the way Amerikans have become accustomed to, with a Hamburger Joint in every Strip Mall,  There's just not enough arable land and water around to do that.  The most likely candidate for animal protein in the Homo Sap diet moving forward into the Collapse future are insects, which really can be quite good.  Grasshoppers and Mealworms are pretty good, at least if prepared well.

There is the other side of the coin though,which is that Homo Saps have been Omnivores ever since we dropped down out of the trees a few million years ago.  We are geared to eat a mixed diet of veggies and animals, which makes us very resilient as a species.  Given the choice, most HS would choose Filet Mignon or Prime Rib over Grasshoppers & Mealworms.

There is aso the acculturation aspect.  I have been cooking and eating STEAK basically my entire life.  I like it!  Now at 63 years old with one foot already in the grave I should switch to a Vegan diet when there is stiil plenty of top quality beef  in the refrigerated  meat department at 3 Bears?  This will save the world?  OF COURSE IT WON'T!  This will go on until it can't, and all the animal rights protests won' change that.  If I don't eat that STEAK, somebody else will or it will get thrown out.  The cow is already dead.  This is an utterly useless for of trying to improve the world and Homo Sap behaviors.

Now let us move on to the STEAKS themselves, which both were among the most perfectly done I have ever cooked, which you should be able to get a good idea of from the pics. 🙂  Well seaasoned and super juicy too!  Sadly, I couldn't eat more than a couple of bites from either one straight out of the stove/oven and hot like you would get it in a restaurant.  My appetite and ability to eat has once more taken a vacation/crash.  So most of my portions went in the fridge for leftover meals.

In terms of The Cooking Zone YouTube channel, the Steak au Poivre video is likely the last one I will do for quite some time, because my physical collapse has taken a rapid and marked turn for the worse over the last 2-3 weeks.  Now, I not only cannot Walk, , but I can't even stand up or do some seat transfers.  My legs are horribly swollen and extremely painful.  So I cannot stand in the kitchen to cook, and doing it from my Ewz is not at all practical.  I am now subsisting on Frozen TV Dinners, Canned Soups and Fritos. lol.  For the record, this stuff is almost all Vegan.  Pasta dishes for the frozen, Minestrone soup and Fritos are of course just Corn Chips.  I have them with Bean Dip or Salsa, also both Vegan friendly.

I now can no longer avoid going into Hospital, and if I make it out of there alive, then into some sort of assisted living arrangement.  I would rather go to a Euthanasia Clinic, but sadly I don't think they exist here.  I will look into an Assisted Suicide.  I think it's legal in Oregon.  I'm too big a coward to do it myselft, and I would probably fuck it up.

So I am likely to be quite scarce around the Diner as time progresses here, although I will bring my laptop to hospital as I usually do and report from there. I fully expect to be admitted.  I will be shocked if I am not, although there may be a shortage of beds due to Coronavirus.

It is fitting here that my own personal Collapse so closely matched the timeline with Industrial Civilization Collapse.  About the only thing I missed here is the Zombie Apocalypse and Global Thermonuclear War.  Not sorry to miss those.

Take care of the Diner for me, I will drop enough money on the server to keep it running for a couple of years after I Buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond.

Food Preservation in Collapse: Cheesemaking

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  August 30, 2020

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Candles in Collapse

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  August 23, 2020

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More  from Irv Mills and me on Collapse & Emergency Prepping, this time in the area of Heating & Lighting.

School Lunchrooms: A COVID Petri Dish

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  August 16, 2020

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Companion article to come later tonight or tomorrow.hopefully.  I am too wrecked right now to write, it's been a rough couple of days here.

Some Old White Cripples Once Could Jump

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  August 9, 2020

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Tihs post fits under the category of my autobiographical articles which covered various parts of my life.  The longest of these was the 5 part Over the Road series of articles which covered my years in the Trucking industry, but there have been many others, covering my early years in Brazil, my years at Stuyvesant HS in NYC and my years at Columbia University as well.  I have however neglected one period of my life, the 'tween' years between when I returned from Brazil around age 10 until I headed off on the #7 Flushing Line Subway to Stuyvesant at age 13 or so.

There are a couple of reasons I am writing this post now.  One is that at this time of year, every year, I get nostalgic for the days of my youth, when I was a fast and very coordinated athlete. My birthday rolls around at the end of the month.   That's me in the pic at the left, doing a backflip in the South of France around age 29 as I recall.  Kinda hard to believe that is the same guy you see in the video above in the Header here. The Cripple who can now barely make the walk from his Cripple Cart and pretend to take a shot at the Basket.  It's hard for me to believe it myself actually.  It was Long Ago & Far Away in another Galaxy.  But so it goes, age and living hard and fast take its toll on your Meat Package, and I have done some serious damage to mine over the years, so now I get to pay the price for that.

The other more proximal reason for this post is what went on Inside the Diner on our Forum over the past 3 monts or so.  Two of the longest Diners got in a row over a Political topic they both have strong opinions on, from opposite sides of the Political Spectrum.  Basically it was about Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and Black Lives Matter (BLM).  For a good 3 months, the forum discussion was monopolized by this dispute, which became ever more vitriolic over time as neither of these ideologically pure combatants would give an INCH on the topic.  As the verbal Napalm began to flow ever more freely off both keyboards, it became nothing less than emabarassing.  Embarassing for the 2 authors of these posts which became ever more juvenile and began to resemble the commentariat of The Burning Platform back in 2010,  embarassing for the Diner because it completely took the discussions off Collapse and onto this sub-topic, and embarassing for me because I did not put a stop to it sooner.  The final straw for me came when I got this message in my e-mail:

"Can you please get these two jerks to shut the fuck up on the racism stuff?  I visit the Diner to read about the latest news in collapse, not about racial politics.  Usually you guys have done a good job with this, but I'm not going to come back here anymore if this keeps going."

I myself felt exactly the same way, *I* no longer enjoyed visiting the forum myself!  So that did it for me, I decided to use the Power of Admin to squash this shit out, no matter what the consequences.  The consequences were that  BOTH of them went Walkabout and no longer post to the Diner Forum, and say they never will again.  I suspect both of them will also blame me for this outcome, which was entirely of their own making.

One of the biggest ironies here and what brought me to the topic of Basketball was because both the combatants attempted to justify their positions with anecdotal stories along the lines of "some of my best friends are/were Black".  "I grew up as a Poor White Boy in TX, and worked with all Blacks in a factory".  "I had a co-worker who was a Black Panther back in the 60's".  etc.  On both sides, these stories are not statistically relevant arguments and justify nothing.

What this did do though was bring back in my memories the years I spent playing Hoops on the playgrounds of NY Shity.  Returning from Brazil at age 10, I really was only good at 1 Team Sport, Futbol (aka Soccer here in the FSoA) which was none too popular at that time here.  I played with almost all Black Boys from the Favelas back then.  In NYC at the time, the New York Knicks were a dominant team, with Willis Reed at Center, Dave Debuscherre & Bill Bradley at Forward, Earl Monroe & Walt Frazier in the backcourt and Phil Jackso the "6th Man" who could play any position at all and came in as regualar substitute.  A very nicely integrated Black/White team of the era.  So I decided I would learn to play Basketball.

Which I did, playing by myself usually in my school playgrpunds, mostly filled with White kids because our neighborhood was almost all Irish & Italian.  It was not until my Junior High years that I found out all the REALLY GOOD  hoops players were in the BLACK neighborhoods!  So once I FINALLY got permission from my mom to ride my bike to Jamaica (another neighborhood in Queens but mostly populated by Blacks) I would ride over there and sit on the ground watching mostly, because for at least the first half dozen or so times I went there I never got picked for a game.

This for 2 reasons basically.

#1-  I wasn't Black, I was White.  Usually I was one of the only White boys on the playground at all.

#2-  I am not Tall, and Hoops is in general a Tall Meat Package game.

So I suffered "Reverse Discrimination" in 2 areas, one because of my Skin Color, the other because I was Altitude Challenged.  This sort of discrimination though is obviously nothing compared to economic descrmination as you reach adulthood for a Black kid.  You do get some sense of it though.

Finally I got picked to play in a 3 on 3 half court game, because there was nobody else there with the right skin color and personal altitude to pick.  lol.  I finally had my shot at the "Big Leagues", for my area of Queens anyhow.  Mostly I passed the ball to the other guys, but a couple of times I got an opening and all the time I had spent doing outside Jump Shots paid off.  I SWISHED a couple from around 15-20 ft out.  The next time I got there, a Black guy name of Ruben picked me right off the bat!  He was not very fast and really not a good athlete at all, but he was pretty fucking big for 14 years old, around 6'2" and probabably 220 lb would be my guess.  He could do a good layup and he could rebound, and he could deck about anybody else playing in that playground.  No Refs in playground Hoops, nobody ever gets called for a foul.  Ruben was on the other team we had played against.  We became friends, and practiced together on give & go and fast passing and setting pick & roll.

When I got to HS I practiced more in the playgrounds of Stuyvesant Town with my friend Sheldon and I had one ULTIMATE GOAL!  To be able to STUFF the Ball through the Hoop.  But at my height at the time, this was pretty fucking hard to do.  But I was one White Boy who COULD JUMP, and eventually I worked up a technique to do it, although it took a HUGE run-up and clear sailing all the way to get it done.

So one weekend I went down to Jamaica to play with Ruben and he says to me "Black Jacks and us are getting together and we are going to Harlem to play Full Court next week with the Big Hitters.  You wanna come?"  I nodded my head and gave the Thumbs up on that one!  It was a HUGE honor just to be asked!

The guys playing Ball there were better than us, but not THAT much better.  We got beat most of the time, but ocasionally squeaked out a victory.  We were playing there a few months when my BIG BASKETBALL MOMENT of FAME finally came to pass. 🙂  Ruben was blocking up the lane waiting for rebounds, and then a shot came which I could tell was off trajectory.  I took off heading for my basket just HOPING Ruben would pull in the rebound, which he did, He hurled the ball about 15 ft in front of me and I had to run hard to catch up with it, my full speed of the time.  I was at my top speed and the basket was all clear in front of me.  So no layup this time I decided, a split second decision.  I am gonna DO IT!  In a full court game, not practice!  And so up I went with the adrenaline flowing and every ounce of energy I could muster up and I got the job DONE.  I stuffed it!  Jaws Dropped on the court (especially the girls! 🙂 )  I got the greatest compliment any White boy could get  on the asphalt, "GODDAMN!  That little Mother Fucker is a White Nigga!". lol.

Anyhow, I tell you this history to make a point about the embarassment our two Diners caused us here, which is if you ain't Black, you cannot possibly know what it like to BE Black in a White dominated society, no matter how similar your childhood experiences may have been  For a Black person from the ghetto to rise out of that poverty is even more rare than a small White guy who can jump high enough to stuff the basket.  It does happen, of course, some rare talent in music or sports usually make Millionaires out of some Black people.  Statistically speaking however, it is an extrordinarily rare event.

The outcome of this exercise in Pitching Napalm was that BOTH the Diners went Walkabout.  Not only did they ruin the Diner experience on the Forum for everyone else, they ruined it for themselves as well.  But I am certain they will both blame me for this outcome.

Collapse Food Preservation: From Cucumber to Pickle

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  August 2, 2020

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This week I am back together with my Hoser counterpart in Prepping in the Great White North of Canada, Irv Mills.  This is the firrst of 3 vids, this one on Pickling.  The topics covered in the other 2 vids will remain a clsely guarded secret until I actually publish them for the following 2 Collapse Cafe Sunday Brunch Specials. 🙂  A little Mystery & Anticipation always makes opening the Present more fun!

Actually, the three vids were all recorded in one looonnng session, but I know most viewers of Prep Vids don't have a long enough attention span, so I cut the vid into 3 reasonable size chunks.  It also divided up quite nicely into 3 separate topics.

In this first vid, Irv explains the process first of grwoing the cucmbers, then the processing of those Cukes into Pickles.  It's quite a complete tutorial on Pickle Making from the very beginning of the process of grwoing the cukes out of the ground to bottling them for long term preservation in the absence of electricity and refrigertion,

I am trying to get Irv to make me some Garlic-Dill Half Sour Pickles that are as good (or better!) than my favorite commercially purchased pickle from my NY Shity years, Batampte Half Sours.  Made in a Pickle Factorry in Brooklyn, I have only rarely found them in the Food Superstores since I left that sewer more than a Quarrter Century ago,  I have never found them here on the Last Great Frontier of Alaska.  I'll give them a plug though in case you live in a neighborhood thatt carries them

Fight me: Ba-Tampte Half Sour pickles are the best grocery store pickles

Sunday, Bloody Sunday 2

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 26, 2020

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It's been a Bloody Week in the World of Collapse, and inside the Diner as well.  Never a dull moment inside the Diner, but this was an exceptionally strife ridden week.  Things have calmed down now some though, since the 2 Diners causing the most havoc and making life unpleasant for everyone have decided to go Walkabout.  These 2 guys are like the 2 guys from the original Star Trek series episode "The Alternative Factor".  It's the same guy, but they come from different Universes, one made mostly of Matter, the other mostly of Anti-Matter.  If they ever come in direct contact with each other, both Universes are instantly annihiliated.

They came as close as we have ever been to the annihiliation of the Diner Forum, but thankfully we survived it. 🙂  Together they did a better job of Nuking the Forum than all our worst Trolls of the past, known colloquially on the Diner ast Moriarty, Watson & F-Bomb.  Somewhat amazing to me that 2 long time Diners I consider friends would be so destructive.  It is now once again however a safe place to have a rational and respectful discussion of Collapse issues.

In the world at large, today I cover 3 major Collapse stories in progress, the Demonstrations which began in Portland and now have expanded to other cities as well. POTUS Donalditry Trumpovetsky sent in the SS to make Political Points with his Base as the "Law & Order" President, which so far has pretty much backfired on him as almost everything he does is ill conceived and poorly executed.

After that, I cover the required COVID story, which is more about Education since the Public Skules are scheduled to fully reopen here on the Last Great Frontier in less than 3 weeks.  This as new COVID cases climb here exponentially, with much of the disease problem being brought to Alaska by the Commercial Fishing industry.

Finally, I discuss the latest brouhaha with China, this time WRT the Embassies each one has in the other country.  In tit-for-tat fashion, both countries are requiring the other country to close its embassies.  This of course is another harbinger of War on the Horizon.

So, fix yourself a Loaded Bloody Mary and enjoy another 20 minutes reviewing the world in Collapse with me.  Try my new Anti-COVID Bloody Mary recipe as well!  It may not actually help, but it certainly will make you feel better (although your Breath will smell worse).  lol.

Education in the Age of COVID-19

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on July 19, 2020

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The Grand Reopening has turned into an Epic Failure, although not according to the Imbecile in Chief who gets on the Tube and spits out on bald faced lie after lie.  Basically he believes if he says it, that makes it true.  Fortunately I think this approach is losing its effectiveness even with his "base"  Coronavirus isn't a political problem, it's a health problem and you can't sweep100,000 Dead People under the rug.  They need to be buried, by the truckload.  Bring out the Caterpillar Back Hoe for digging the mass graves.

The biggest of the many COVID issues to lately become the hot potato pollitical football is the Education issue and the reopening of the Public Skules in the fall.  The normal reopening date is around a month away, and Trumpovetsky wants a full reopening, everywhere because in his warped mind, Amerika has won the battle against Coronavirus.  This is of course preposterous as cases spike up in many states even without reopened schools.  It's inevitable if kids go back to school they'll pass around the virus,bring it home and pass it on to other family members.  What is even more insane is some school districts are advocating reopening without even requiring masks or social distancing!  You just can't get more reckless than that.

So what possible solutions are there to this Morton's Fork?  Well, there is no real solution that doesn't have huge blowback, which is why it's a Morton's Fork. However, there are a few things we might do to ameliorate the problem in the near term:


Recommendations for an Education Plan from RE, M.S.Ed

1- Get rid of Donalditry Trumpovetsky.  He's the most dangerous man on the planet  right now.

2- Establish a nationwide, comprehensive Distance Learning program.  Distance Learning has many problems, because parents often don't monitor it or enforce it too well.  This is particularly important in the elementary grades.  But at the moment, it's about the best we can do.  Without the active participation of parents in the Elementary school grades, Virtual Classroom learning is virtually useless.

3- Reconfigure classrooms currently configured for 30 kids in the room to 6 kids in a room, and have them rotate and come in once a week for a review session with a live in person teacher.  Require Masks, hand sanitizers and gloves.  Open Air Classrooms are another possibility, particularly in the warmer climates of the Southern States, where the biggest spike ups are currently occuring.  The school vacation time can also be changed, and make the long vacation from December-February, instead of May-August so outdoor classes are more plausible through most of the year.


Another problem has cropped up in higher education, where many small colleges are now going bankrupt. Blowback from that is many of the local biznesses that depend on the college kids for their income, also going bankrupt.  College kids doing Online classes will not save the local cafes from bankruptcy.  In all likelihood, these towns wil suffer economic death over the next year or two.  Property values will fall, and the Rentiers will go bankrupt too.  It is a Cascade Failure of the system.

The education system as pursued since the 19th Century and the beginning of the Industrial system has alway been a terriffic failure, getting ever worse over time.  It's job was to warehouse kids until they were old enough to become workers in the industrial machine.  It is a system in need of eradication anyhow, and if this helps hurry that along, all to the good.  But how will kids get an Education, how will they get Socialized you ask?  Prior to the late 1800s, there were no real Public Skules, and kids got educated just fine and socialized just fine.  It's not the only possible model for education.

Moving forward into the future of Collapse, many things being taught now simply will not be necessary and many things currently not  taught will be.  Education needs a top to bottom revision and reexamination of its goals.  Coronavirus gives us the opportunity to do that.


Finally, in today's video I discuss nutrition and a few of my recipes to help you in the Battle against COVID-19.  None of my advice should be considered Medical advice, nor has it been in any way tested for its efficacy and effectiveness.  It is however based on sound Nutritional principles, and generations of Jewish Grandmothers will swear by it.

Jewish Penicillin

Bike Path Blues

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  July 5, 2020

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This episode of the Collapse Cafe began as a rant on Infrastructure, but I strayed pretty far amd wide in it in just 10 minutes of time!  lol.  You get to experience with me somewhat of what it's like to ride a Cripple Cart on a torn up Bike Path, although you do not get to experience the pain involved.  lol.  That is your good fortune here.  For me, it took 2 days and a truckload of booze to recover from that shopping trip!

Anyhow, it's a short one so I won't bother with writing a synopsis.  If you watch it, great.  If not, you missed out.  It's pretty funny, IMHO. 🙂

Electrical Resilience

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  June 28, 2020

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This is a LOOOONNNG one folks.  I suggest watching/listening in short segmnts over the course of the week.  It is also not strictly about electricity.  Many other Collapse Topics were chewed on by the Diner Kollapsniks during this discussion.

Racism in Collapse

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  June 20, 2020

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Currently keeping pace as the top story in the news cycle with Coronavirus. From CHAZ to CHOP to BLM to Statue Toppling and of course George Floyd, anger over the racial divide has gone Global in all the Colonial Powers of the Western States. In today's video we disuss these issues and how things may progress as we move further down the Collapse Highway.

CHAZ in Seattle

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  June 17, 2020

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Surfing the Waves of Coronavirus

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  June 12, 2020

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This is an unplanned discussion that came after we finished recording our main topic for discussion, but since this question of whether we are experiencing a 2nd Wave of Coronavirus came up during the day yesterday Inside the Diner, I clipped it off the video to post today for discussion.

In the MSM you're hearing the term "2nd Wave" being used to characterize the spike in COVID-19 cases in many states around the country that have begun opening their economies back up and relaxing rules on social distancing. Is this REALLY a 2nd Wave yet?

Food in Collapse 2: Cooking, Cheesemaking & Fermentation

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  June 7, 2020


Audio Only


You can Download the audio MP3 to play while offline at Diner Soundcloud


Discuss this Video & Article at the Diner Pantry inside the Diner


And a whole lot more than that too! 🙂  When Irv & I get together on the topic of FOOD, we both have a severe case of Diahreah of the Mouth.  lol.  I actually edited this one down to get it to 1:30 hours. 🙂  I was going to chop it into parts to make it a little less time consuming and intimidating, but ya know I have so many videos and topics in the planning stages I just didn't want to get backed up on them.  So you get the whole thing in one healthy dose, like a Bloody Mary with 3 shots of Stolichnaya, 🙂  I suggest in this case to view it in parts over the course of the week, or downlod the .MP3 Audio and listen while you commute to work or are outside Gardening or Cycling to improve your Aerobic Conditioning or are out driving the endless miles of the Eisenhower Interstate in your Big Rig.  No connection to the Net necessary once you D/L the MP3, which takes just a few minutes under normal connection speeds these days.

Besides the stuff in the title, we talk about Freezing and the problems associated with that as well as the necessary Back-Up Electrics you need to keep your frozen meats and fish reasonably secure, at least for a temporary disruption lasting a couple of weeks or so.  Also storage of Grains and Breadmaking.

We will be doing another discussion on developing your own Electrical Resilience in the near future.  We should have several other contributors to this discusion as welll, with varying degrees of knowledge about both Electric Resilience as well as FOOD topics.  I am really looking forward to this discussion


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Community Gardens. Permaculture & Food Distribution during the Coronavirus Catastrophe

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  May 31, 2020

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     In this week's Collapse Cafe, I got together again with Irv Mills to dicuss another favorite topic among Kollapsniks, FOOD!  This topic becomes especially important during the Coronavirus Pandemic since it gave the general population a taste of what the disruption of JIT shipping can do their food supply, which many people grow up believing grows on the grocery store shelves each night after closing.  lol.  Irv is the Coordinator of his local Community Garden in Kincardine, Ontario and grew up on a rural family owned farm a bit inland from where he lives now on the shores of the Great Lake they call Huron.

The conversation ranges from the Garden and the Coronavirus Pandemic to Food Distribution, Commercial Monoculture Agriculture & Permaculture farming, where Irv has a few differences with a segment of the Permaculture community.

Hope you enjoy this discussion, since there is much more on the Food topic to come from Irv & me.  He's as obsessed with this topic as I am, and when we start talking about it, we just don't stop.  lol.


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Published on The Doomstead Diner  May 29, 2020

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Upcoming for Sunday Brunch on the Diner this week, we have another Collapse discussion for your consumption, this time on FOOD.  My favorite topic. 🙂

Ontario Hydroelectric & Nuclear Power

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  May 24, 2020


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We are taking a break this week on the Collapse Cafe to NOT talk about COVID-19 as the main topic of conversation, althought it does of course work it's way into this discussion.  It's almost impossible nowadays to talk anbout ANYTHING without Coronavirus working its way into the conversation.

However, in this one I talk with Irvine Mills, a long time contributor to the Diner Blog, who also runs his own blog, The Easiest Person to Fool.  .  Irv is a recently retired Electrician for Ontario Hydro, the Electric Power Authority in Ontario Canada.  His career spanned 31 years as he moved up the ranks from Trainee to Foreman and finally Manager for his district.  He lives nearby one of the Nuke Plants he was responsible for in Kincardine, on the shore of the Great Lake they call Huron.  Not Gitchee Gumee (Lake Superior), that's to the north.  lol.

Great Lakes maps


As reservoirs of Fresh Water go, the Great Lakes are among the very largest sources in the world.

Fresh Water Around the World

  • The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 90 percent of the fresh water that exists on the Earth’s surface. The ice sheet covers approximately 8.7 million square miles. The Greenland ice sheet also contains large volumes of fresh water. These two ice sheets account for more than 99 percent of the fresh water ice on the planet.
  • The American Great Lakes account for 21 percent of the Earth’s surface fresh water.
  • Lake Baikal in Russia is considered the deepest, oldest freshwater lake in the world. It holds about 20 percent of the Earth’s unfrozen surface fresh water, the largest volume in the world.
  • Lake Victoria, which spreads across the African countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, is the second largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area.
  • Africa’s Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest freshwater lake, and holds the second largest volume of fresh water. It’s the longest lake, and extends across Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Of course, this water is not quite as "Fresh" as it used to be, given the amount of manufacturng that has gone on since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Oil.  You all have heard I trust about the water issues in Flint, MI, which is just the most famous of communities curently with Pollution problems dating well back into the Industrial era.  All the Great Lakes have this problem to one extent or another, as do the other Big Lakes like Baikal in Mother Russia and Victoria in Africa.  The big Ice Sheets of Antartica and Greenland where MOST of the Global Fresh Wter is stored aren't too polluted, but that is real difficult water to access.  Like close to impossible.

The water in Lake Baikal is not all that useful either, because so much of it is down DEEP.  It would take a shit load of energy to pump that water back UP, to make it useful for say farmland irrigation.  Of all these big fresh water reservoirs, because of quirks of Geography and how the continents migrated over the millenia, the Great Lakes are probably the MOST useful fresh water supply, but even they have their limitations.  You couldn't for instance pump the water in a pipeline to Arizona to irrigate that desert, it's too far and it's uphill.  Again, this is energy prohibitive to try.

However, right around the Great Lakes area, it's a gret source of water for irrigation, so that locality shouldn't be going dry anytime too soon regardless of how the weather patterns change.  It still does take some energy to pump this water to the fields though, of course.

The sceond area this enormous supply of water has is as a source of energy in the form of Hydroelectric Power, because from where it feeds in to where it finally makes its way to Sea Level, it cascades downward from one lake to the next and the Energy of that falling water can be harvested all along the way.  You all are familiar of course with one of the bigger waterfalls, Niagara.


Although Niagara is dumping the most water and produces the most electricity, there are locations where the water drops even further, just not in such copious amounts.  These plants produce quite a significant amount of energy, enough to powere their own locality, if it were wired up that way, which currently it is not.  At the top of the article you ill find an image of just such a plant, although that one is in Oz, not Canada.  Irv explains how this works in our discussion.

A closer look at Canada's nuclear plants | CBC News Finally, the copious amount of water in the region is useful for proving the Coolin that the Nuke Plants need not to oveerheat and in worst case scenarios, Meltdown.  this hs its downsides of course too, since there is the potential for contamination of the water supply as well as possible damage to the ecosystem.  The fishies living in the lake may not appreciate taking a Hot Water bath.  We discuss these issues as well along the way in this week's Collapse Cafe.

All in all, when you consider the relatively low population density of the Great White North of Canada, their current supply of Hydroelectric Power and Nuke Power and the fact they do have their own supply of Fossil Fuels and they are in the right location on the globe to withstand substantial Global Warming, it's probably one of the best plaes on earth left ot be living.  If I didn't live in another great one, the Last Great Frontier of Alaska, I would consider migrating there myself.

Below you will find a table with links to the current Electric Pow generating plants in Canada:


In the coming weeks, we will be discussing further topics of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization that are of interest to the Collapse Aware (aka Kollapsnik), beginning with a favorite topic of mine, FOOD.  Here is a snippet from one of the upcoming videos:



Nuclear power accounts for roughly 60% of Ontario's power generation, and represents the baseload of its power supply [1]. The government plans to maintain nuclear power's role in energy generation through to 2025. Ontario currently has 16 nuclear units in operation. These reactors amount to 11,400 MW of generation capacity and are located at three sites. The stations were constructed by the provincial Crown corporation, Ontario Hydro. In April 1999 Ontario Hydro was split into 5 component Crown corporations with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) taking over all electrical generating stations.

Name Location Capacity (MW) Date Owner Ref
Bruce Nuclear Generating Station 44°19′31″N 81°35′58″W 6,276   Ontario Power Generation (operated under contract by Bruce Power) [2]
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station 43°52′22″N 78°43′11″W 3,524   Ontario Power Generation [3]
Pickering Nuclear Generating Station 43°48′42″N 79°03′57″W 3,100   Ontario Power Generation [4]
TOTAL   12,900      

Fossil fuel

List of all fossil fuel generating stations in Ontario.

Name Location Capacity (MW) Date Owner Type Ref
Essar Cogeneration Facility 46°31′21″N 84°21′32″W 63.0 June 13, 2009 Algoma Energy LP Blast Furnace Gas [5]
Brighton Beach Generating Station Windsor 580   Ontario Power Generation Natural Gas [6]
Cardinal Cogeneration Plant Cardinal 156   Macquarie Power & Infrastructure Natural Gas [7]
Cochrane Cogeneration Station Cochrane 38.3   Algonquin Power Natural Gas [8]
Cornwall Electric (CDH District Heating) Cornwall 5 1995 Fortis Ontario Inc. Natural Gas [9]
Durham College District Energy Oshawa 2.4 March 11, 2008 Durham College Natural Gas [10]
East Windsor Cogeneration Centre Windsor 84 November 6, 2009 East Windsor Cogeneration LP Natural Gas [11]
Goreway Station Brampton 874 June 4, 2009 Sithe Global Power Goreway ULC Natural Gas [12]
Greenfield Energy Centre Courtright 1,005 October 16, 2008 Greenfield Energy Centre LP Natural Gas [13]
Greenfield South Power Plant Sarnia[14] 280 Under Construction Greenfield South Power Corporation Natural Gas [15]
GTAA Cogeneration Plant Mississauga 117 February 1, 2006 GTAA Natural Gas [16]
Great Northern Tri-Gen Facility Kingsville 12 Under Construction Great Northern Hydroponics Natural Gas [17]
Halton Hills Generating Station Halton Hills 683 September 1. 2010 TransCanada Natural Gas [18]
Iroquois Falls Power Plant Iroquois Falls 120   Northland Power Natural Gas [19]
Kapuskasing Power Plant Kapuskasing 40   Atlantic Power Corporation Natural Gas [20]
Kingston Generating Station Kingston 110   Northland Power Natural Gas [21]
Kirkland Lake Cogeneration Station Kirkland Lake 102   Algonquin Power Natural Gas [22]
Lake Superior Power Facility Sault Ste. Marie 110   Brookfield Renewable Power Natural Gas [23]
Lennox Generating Station 44°8′46″N 76°51′9″W 2,100   Ontario Power Generation Fuel oil / Natural Gas [24]
London Cogeneration Facility London 17 December 31, 2008 Fort Chicago Natural Gas [25]
Nipigon Power Plant Nipigon 40   Atlantic Power Corporation Natural Gas [20]
North Bay Power Plant North Bay 40   Atlantic Power Corporation Natural Gas [20]
Ottawa Cogeneration Plant Ottawa 68   TransAlta Natural Gas [26]
Portlands Energy Centre Toronto 550   Ontario Power Generation, TransCanada Natural Gas [27]
Sarnia Regional Cogeneration Plant Sarnia 506 January 1, 2006 TransAlta Natural Gas [26][28]
St. Clair Energy Centre St. Clair Township 577 March 30, 2009 St. Clair Power LP Natural Gas [29]
Sudbury District Energy Cogeneration Plant Sudbury 5 January 1, 2006 Toromont Energy Natural Gas [30]
Sudbury District Energy Hospital Cogeneration Plant Sudbury 6.7 Under construction Toromont Energy Natural Gas [31]
Thorold CoGen L.P. Thorold 265   Northland Power Natural Gas [32]
Trent Valley Cogeneration Plant Trenton 8.3 January 1, 2006 Sonoco Natural Gas [33]
Tunis Power Plant   43   Atlantic Power Corporation Natural Gas [20]
York Energy Centre King 393 May 2012 York Energy Centre LP Natural Gas [34]
Warden Energy Centre Trenton 5 June 4, 2008 Sonoco Natural Gas [35]
Windsor Cogeneration Plant Windsor 68   TransAlta Natural Gas [26]
TOTAL   13,933.3     Operational  



List of biomass electrical generating stations in Ontario.

Name Location Capacity (MW) Date Owner Type Ref
Atikokan Generating Station 48°50′17″N 91°34′15″W 205 September 10, 2014 Ontario Power Generation Biomass [36]
Becker Cogeneration Plant Hornepayne 15.0 On Hold 1721027 Ontario Inc. Biomass [37]
Algonquin Power Energy-from-Waste Brampton 15.1   Algonquin Power Biomass [38]
Calstock Power Plant Hearst 35   Atlantic Power Corporation Biomass [20]
Cochrane Cochrane 42   Northland Power Biomass [39]
East Landfill Gas to Energy Project Niagara Falls 1 December 2007 Glenridge Gas Utilization Inc. Landfill Gas [40]
Eastview Landfill Gas Energy Plant Guelph 2.5 August 18, 2005 Ecotricity Guelph Inc (Guelph Hydro) Landfill Gas [41]
Hamilton Cogeneration Plant Hamilton 1.6 July 10, 2006 Hamilton Renewable Power Inc. Digester Gas [42]
Thunder Bay Generating Station Thunder Bay, Ontario 153 February 9, 2015 Ontario Power Generation Biomass [43]
Mapleward Renewable Generating Station Thunder Bay, Ontario 3.2 July 2010 Synergy North Landfill Gas [44]
Trail Road Landfill Generating Facility Ottawa 5.3 January 31, 2007 PowerTrail Inc. Landfill Gas [45]
TOTAL   360.5     Operational  


List of all hydroelectric generating stations in Ontario.

Name Location Capacity (MW) Date Owner Ref
635294 Generating Station 48°25′31″N 80°18′21″W 0.522 May 1987 635294 Ontario Inc. [46]
Abitibi Canyon Generating Station 49°52′40″N 81°34′15″W 349   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Aguasabon Station 48°47′33″N 87°6′44″W 51   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Alexander Station 49°9′2″N 88°20′57″W 68   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Andrew Generating Station 46°30′52″N 84°20′50″W 47 1938 Brookfield Renewable Power [48][49]
Appleton Hydroelectric Dam 44°15′13″N 88°24′35″W 1   TransAlta [26]
Arnprior Station 45°25′08″N 76°20′52″W 82 1976[50] Ontario Power Generation [51]
Aubrey Falls Mississagi River 162 1969 Brookfield Renewable Power [52]
Auburn Generating Station Peterborough 2   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Barrett Chute Station 45°14′43″N 76°45′36″W 176 August 6, 1942[53] Ontario Power Generation [51]
Batawa Trent River 5   Innergex Renewable Energy


Big Chute Station Coldwater 10   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Big Eddy Station Bala 8   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Bingham Chute Station Powassan 1   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Bracebridge Falls 45°02′19″N 79°18′31″W 2.6   Lakeland Holding [55]
Brewer’s Mills Generating Station Seeley’s Bay 0.9 1939 Energy Ottawa [56]
Burgess Creek (Mill Stream) Generating Station Bala 0.14   KRIS Renewable Energy [57]
Burk's Falls 45°37′10″N 79°24′42″W 1.1   Lakeland Holding [55]
Calabogie Station Renfrew 4 November 1917[58] Ontario Power Generation [51]
Calm Lake GS East of Atikokan 9   H2O Power LP [59]
Cameron Falls Aux Sables River 4   Brookfield Renewable Power [52]
Cameron Falls Station Nipigon 87   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Campbellford Hydroelectric Dam Campbellford 4   Algonquin Power [60]
Caribou Falls Station Kenora 91   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Carmichael Falls Generating Station Cochrane 20   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Cascade Steel Generating Station Parry Sound 1.2 1919 Parry Sound PowerGen [62]
Chats Falls Generating Station[note 1] 45°28′30″N 76°14′18″W 96   Ontario Power Generation [63][64]
Chaudiere #2 Generating Station Amelia Island Ottawa 8.4 1892 by E.H. Bronson Energy Ottawa [65][66]
Chaudiere #4 Generating Station Ottawa 9.3 1900 Energy Ottawa [67]
Chenaux Station 45°35′06″N 76°40′25″W 144   Ontario Power Generation [51]
Coniston Station Sudbury 5   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Crowe Bay Station Trent Hills 2   Hydro One  
Current River Generating Station Thunder Bay 0.5 January 1987 Current River Hydro Partnership [68]
Crystal Falls Station Sturgeon Falls 8   Ontario Power Generation [47]
DeCew Falls I Generating Station 43°07′07″N 79°15′50″W 23   Ontario Power Generation [69]
DeCew Falls II Generating Station 43°07′08″N 79°15′41″W 144   Ontario Power Generation [70]
Des Joachims Station 46°10′52″N 77°41′45″W 429   Ontario Power Generation [51]
Dryden Dryden 3 1986 Macquarie Power & Infrastructure [71]
Dunford Generating Station Scott 45 1908 Brookfield Renewable Power [72]
Ear Falls Station Ear Falls 22   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Elliott Chute Station Powassan 2   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Eugenia Station Grey Highlands 6   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Fenelon Falls Station Trent–Severn Waterway 2.6   Shaman Power Corp  
Fort Frances GS Fort Frances 10   H2O Power LP [59]
Francis H. Clergue Generating Station Sault Ste. Marie 52   Brookfield Renewable Power [48]
Frankford Station Frankford 3   Ontario Power Generation [47]
G.W. Rayner Mississagi River 46   Brookfield Renewable Power [52]
Galetta Hydroelectric Dam Almonte 2   TransAlta [26]
Gananoque Generating Station Gananoque 0.7 1939 Energy Ottawa [73]
Gartshore Generating Station Sault Ste. Marie 23   Brookfield Renewable Power [48]
Glen Miller Trenton 8   Innergex Renewable Energy [54]
Shand Dam Belwood Lake 0.6   Grand River Conservation Authority [74]
Conestogo Dam Conestogo Lake 0.6   Grand River Conservation Authority [74]
Guelph Lake power plant Guelph Lake 0.1   Grand River Conservation Authority [74]
Hagues Reach Generating Station Campbellford 4   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Hanna Chute Generating Station Bracebridge 1   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Harmon Generating Station Kapuskasing 141   Ontario Power Generation and Moose Cree First Nation [47]
Harris Generating Station Wawa 13   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Healey Falls Generating Station Campbellford 12   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Heywood Generating Station St. Catharines 6.5 September 1989 St. Catharines Hydro Generation Inc. [75]
High Falls (Ontario) 45°05′20″N 79°18′11″W 2.3   Lakeland Holding [55]
High Falls Station Carleton Place 3   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Hogg Generating Station Sault Ste. Marie 19   Brookfield Renewable Power [48]
Hollingsworth Generating Station Wawa 23   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Hound Chute Generating Station 47°18′19″N 79°41′51″W 4   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Hurdman Dam Mattawa 0.57   Algonquin Power [76]
Indian Chute Generating Station Elk Lake 3   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Island Falls Generating Station-Mattagami Smooth Rock Falls 20 Under Construction TransAlta [77]
Island Falls Generating Station-H2O Power Smooth Rock Falls 40 1925 H2O Power LP [78]
Jones Falls Generating Station Elgin 2.4 1949 Energy Ottawa [79]
Iroquois Falls GS Iroquois Falls 30   H2O Power LP [59]
Kagawong Generating Station Kagawong 0.75   Oakville Hydro Energy Services [80]
Kakabeka Generating Station Oliver Paipoonge 25   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Kenora GS Kenora 8   H2O Power LP [59]
Kingston Mills Generating Station Kingston 1.9 1915 Energy Ottawa [81]
Kipling Generating Station Kapuskasing 233   Ontario Power Generation and Moose Cree First Nation [47]
Lac-Seul Station Ear Falls 12   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Lakefield Generating Station Lakefield 12   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Little Long Generating Station Kapuskasing 133   Ontario Power Generation and Moose Cree First Nation [47]
London Street Dam Peterborough 4.1   Peterborough Utilities  
Long-Sault Rapids Dam Cochrane 16   Algonquin Power [82]
Lower Notch Generating Station 47°08′21″N 79°27′15″W 274   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Lower Sturgeon Generating Station Timmins 14   Ontario Power Generation [47]
MacKay Generating Station Sault Ste. Marie 62   Brookfield Renewable Power [48]
Manitou Station Ear Falls 73   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Marmora Dam Marmora 1   Shaman Power Corp  
Matabitchuan Generating Station 47°07′24″N 79°29′41″W 10   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Matthias Generating Station Bracebridge 2.95 1950 Orillia Power Generation [83]
McPhail Generating Station Wawa 13   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
McVittie Generating Station Sudbury 3   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Merrickville Generating Station Smiths Falls 2   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Meyersburg Generating Station Campbellford 5   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Minden Generating Station Minden 4 1934 Orillia Power Generation [84]
Misema Hydroelectric Dam Marter Township 3Solar 2003 TransAlta [26]
Mission Generating Station Wawa 16   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Moose Rapids Hydroelectric Dam Sudbury 1   TransAlta [26]
Mountain Chute Station Greater Madawaska 170 November 11, 1967[85] Ontario Power Generation [51]
Nairn Falls Dam and Generating Plant Nairn and Hyman   1915 Vale Limited [86]
Nipissing Station Nipissing 2   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Norman GS Norman 10   H2O Power LP [59]
Otter Rapids Generating Station 50°10′52″N 81°38′08″W 182   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Otto Holden Station 46°22′42″N 78°43′43″W 243   Ontario Power Generation [51]
Pine Portage Station Nipigon 142   Ontario Power Generation [47]
R. H. Saunders Station 45°00′28″N 74°47′34″W 1,045   Ontario Power Generation [51]
Ragged Chute Hydroelectric Dam 47°16′35″N 79°40′21″W 7   TransAlta [26]
Ragged Rapids Generating Station Bala 8   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Rankine power station[note 2] 43°04′28″N 79°04′43″W     Niagara Parks Commission [87]
Ranney Falls Generating Station Campbellford 10   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Red Rock Falls Mississagi River 41   Brookfield Renewable Power [52]
Robert A. Dunford Generating Station Wawa 45   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Sandy Falls Generating Station Timmins 5.5 1911–2010 Ontario Power Generation [47][88]
Scott Falls Generating Station Wawa 22   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Serpent River Serpent River 7   Brookfield Renewable Power [52]
Seymour Generating Station Campbellford 6   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Shekak Generating Station Hearst 19   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Sidney Generating Station Trenton 4   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Sills Island Generating Station Frankford 2   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Silver Falls Station Thunder Bay 48   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Sir Adam Beck I Generating Station 43°08′57″N 79°02′40″W 498   Ontario Power Generation [89]
Sir Adam Beck II Generating Station 43°08′45″N 79°02′41″W 1,499   Ontario Power Generation [90]
Sir Adam Beck Pump Generating Station 43°08′40″N 79°03′36″W 174   Ontario Power Generation [91]
Smoky Falls Generating Station Kapuskasing 268   Ontario Power Generation and Moose Cree First Nation [47]
Sonoco’s Mill Dam Glen Miller 8   Innergex Renewable Energy  
South Falls Generating Station Bracebridge 5   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Steephill Falls Generating Station Wawa 15   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Stewartville Station 45°24′26″N 76°30′24″W 182 September 21, 1948[92] Ontario Power Generation [51]
Stinson Generating Station Sudbury 5   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Sturgeon Falls GS East of Atikokan 8   H2O Power LP [59]
Thomas Low Generating Station Renfrew 4 September 2015[93] Renfrew Power Generation [94]
Toronto Power Generating Station[note 2] Niagara     Niagara Parks Commission  
Trethewey Falls Generating Station Bracebridge 2   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Twin Falls GS Iroquois Falls 22   H2O Power LP [59]
Umbata Falls Marathon 23   Innergex Renewable Energy [54]
Valerie Falls Generating Station Atikokan 10   Brookfield Renewable Power [61]
Wawaitin Generating Station 48°20′38″N 81°29′08″W 13   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Wawatay Marathon 14 1992 Macquarie Power & Infrastructure [95]
Welland Canal Locks 1, 2 and 3 Welland Canal 6   Rankin Renewable Power [96]
Wells Mississagi River 239   Brookfield Renewable Power [52]
Whitedog Falls Station Kenora 68   Ontario Power Generation [47]
Wilson's Falls 45°03′44″N 79°18′38″W 2.9   Lakeland Holding [55]
TOTAL   8130.81      


List of all wind farms in Ontario.

Name Location Capacity (MW) Date Owner Ref
Adelaide Wind Farm Middlesex County 60 2014 Suncor Energy [97]
Amaranth Wind Farm 44°06′00″N 80°16′15″W 199.5 2008 TransAlta [98]
Amherst Island Wind Farm Amherst Island 75 2018 Windletric [99]
Armow Wind Grey County 180 2015 Pattern Energy [97]
Belle River Wind Farm Lakeshore 100 2017 Pattern Energy [99]
Bornish Wind Energy Centre Middlesex County 72.9 2014 NextEra Energy Canada [97]
Bow Lake Wind Project Sault Ste. Marie 58.32 2015 BluEarth Renewables [97]
Cedar Point Wind Power Project Lambton County 99.96 2015 NextEra Energy Canada / Suncor Energy [97]
Chatham Wind Farm 42°14′N 82°24′W 101.2 2010 Kruger Energy [100]
Clear Creek Point Wind Farm Norfolk County 9.9 2008 International Power [101]
Comber Wind Farm Essex County 165.6 2012 Brookfield Renewable Power [102]
Conestogo Wind Energy Centre I Conestogo 22.9 2012 NextEra Energy [100][103]
Cruickshank Wind Farm Kincardine 8.25   Enbridge [101]
Cultus Wind Farm Norfolk County 9.9   International Power [101]
Dillon Wind Centre Raleigh 78 2011   [100]
Dufferin Wind Farm Melancthon 91.4 2013 Longyuan Canada Renewables Ltd. [104]
Exhibition Place Wind Turbine 43°37′49.5″N 79°25′29.3″W 0.6 2002 WindShare [105]
Ferndale Wind Farm Ferndale 5.1   Sky Generation [106]
Frogmore Wind Farm Norfolk County 9.9   International Power [101]
Gosfield Kingsville 50 2011   [100]
Grand Renewable Energy Park Haldimand County 150 2015 Samsung Renewable Energy Inc, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Pattern Energy [107][108]
Greenwich Wind Farm Greenwich 99 2012 Enbridge [100]
Harrow Wind Farm Essex 39.6   International Power [109]
Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Centre (HIWEC) Reserve No 2 of Henvey Inlet First Nation community 300 2019 Pattern Energy, Nigig Power [110]
Huron Wind Tiverton 9 2002 Cameco, OMERS, TransCanada [111]
Kingsbridge Goderich 39.6 2006 Capital Power Corporation [100]
McLean's Mountain Wind Farm   60 2013   [100]
Mohawk Point Wind Farm Norfolk County 9.9   International Power [101]
Niagara Region Wind Farm Regional Municipality of Niagara 230 2016 Boralex [112]
North Kent Chatham-Kent 100 2018 Pattern Energy [99]
OPG 7 commemorative turbine Pickering 1.8   Ontario Power Generation [113]
Pointe Aux Roche Wind   48.6 2012   [100]
Port Alma Chatham-Kent 101.2   Kruger Energy [114]
Port Burwell Wind Farm Port Burwell 99 2006 Macquarie Power & Infrastructure [115]
Port Dover and Nanticoke Port Dover 105 2013 Capital Power Corporation [100]
Prince Sault Ste. Marie 189 2006 Brookfield Renewable Power [116]
Proof Line Wind Farm Lambton Shores 6.6   Sky Generation [101]
Providence Bay Wind Farm Providence Bay 1.6   Schneider Power [117]
Ravenswood Wind Farm Lambton Shores 9.9   Sky Generation [106]
Ripley Huron-Kinloss 76 2007 Acciona, Suncor Energy


Spence Wind Farm Township of Howard and Oxford 98.9 2011   [100]
Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre   125 2013   [100]
Thames River I Chatham-Kent 40   Boralex [120]
Underwood Wind Farm 44°20′20″N 81°27′32″W 181.5 2009 Enbridge [100][121]
Wolfe Island Wind Farm 44°10′N 76°28′W 197.8 2009 TransAlta [100][122]
TOTAL   3417.43      


Name Date Capacity (MW) Location Owner Ref
Sarnia Photovoltaic Power Plant 2010 97 Sarnia Enbridge  
Grand Renewable Energy Park 2015 100 Haldimand County Samsung Renewable Energy Inc, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Pattern Energy [107][108]
Arnprior Solar Generating Station 2009 23.4 Arnprior EDF Énergies Nouvelles  
TOTAL   222.4      

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Coronavirus Round Table IV – The 2nd Inning

youtube-Logo-4gc2reddit-logoOff the microphones & cameras of Ugo Bardi, George Mobus, K-Dog, Monsta666, Surly1, RE

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  May 17, 2020


Audio Only

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Since the Coronavirus Pandemic began, the Doomstead Diner has been at the forefront of discussion and analysis ofr the events as they have progressed.  Inside the Diner in multiple threads the NewzHounds of the Diner are keeping track of all the late breaking stories and events taking place around the world.

On our YouTube channel at, we have had several Round Table discussions at intervals beginning round March, although the first Diner posts and discussion began quite a bit before that, around the end of January when it was still primarily a Chinese problem and had not yet gone Global.

Today's Round Table discussion features many of our regular contributors.  Hashing out the most recent events and their Medical, Political, Economic and Social outcomes thusfar are:

Ugo Bardi: Professor of Physical Chemistry in Florence, Italy and Publisher of Cassandra's Legacy.

George Mobus: Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Washington in Tacoma and Publisher of Question Everything

K-Dog: IT Engineer and Publisher of Chasing the Squirrel

Monsta666: Banker in London, UK and Admin of the Doomstead Diner

Surly1: Political Activist and Photographer and Admin of the Doomstead Diner

RE: CEO of the Sustaining Universal Needs 501c3 Non-Profit Foundation and Publisher of the Doomstead Diner and Executive Producer of the Collapse Cafe YouTube channel


Despite all that has transpired in the last few months, we managed to keep this discussion down to just over an hour. lol.  Hope you find the recap interesting.


Next week, we will be featuring a discussion with Irv Mills on the Electric Power situation in Ontario, Canada.  The discussion includes Nuclear Power, Hydro Power and Renewable Energy, as well as Localization vs. Grid Power.  Irv is a recently retired Manager for the Ontario Power Authority.  Below is a snippet from that conversation:

Your local Infrastructure: Who’s gonna fix it?

youtube-Logo-4gc2reddit-logoOff the microphone & camera of RE

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  May 10, 2020

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I thought I would take a break this week from another depressing CoroNewz Report to look at another problem we have to deal with RIGHT NOW, which is the Collapsing Infrastructure of Industrial Civilization.  This isn't like Sea Level rise which will inundate some coastal communities like say Miami Beach and make it unlivable in 20 years, it's happening all over the place TODAY!

The problem goes far beyond you driveway which you as McMansion Owner are always responsible for keeping fixed up and nice looking, or your HOA will levy a nice fine on you.  If you have a Doomstead out in the Boonies, is there a Stream or Creek with a little bridge you have to cross to get in and out of the place?  The County of course is supposed to maintain that, but what happens when the county runs out of money because the Property Tax intake has taken a nosedive?  Are YOU gonna fix it?  Even one of those tiny bridges over a small creek can cost $100K and more to build, and where pray tell will you get the steel beams to drop down there with some Heavy Equipment when Home Depot has gone BK and you can't get Diesel for the Caterpillar Front End Loader or the Back Hoe to dig out the dirt?  Are YOU gonna dig that out with a Pick & Shovel?

Then, what about the airports?  Jets need nice smooth runways to land on.  The only way enough money gets generated to pay for that is to have lots of jets use them.  A few Private Jets fr the Filthy Rich and Masters of the Universe won't last much longer than the Flying Greyhounds packed with Tourista Sardines headed for St. John's to Snorkel around the wreckage from the most recent Hurricane.

…and that's all the Doom, this time until next time, here on the Doomstead Diner.

Gas Prices Crater…but WHERE’S MY STIMULUS?

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  May 3, 2020

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A few weeks ago with much Fanfare & Hoopla, it was announced by Da Goobermint that a "Bipartisan" agreement had been reached to send "stimulus" money to every Amerikan Citizen who could Fog a Mirror, including the kids as long as they were under 16.  Somehow, the 17-18 year old HS Seniors got left out of this Bonanza though.

In aggregate, the amount tallies up into the $TRILLIONS, but for you J6P it is supposed to be $1200, and $500 for each of your kids too!  Not that this amount of money will even cover a month worth of bills for anyone living in any major metro in the FSoA, hell it won't even pay a month's rent in NY Shity or Seattle!  But still… Better than Nothing right?

So I am Joyful about this, I am only used to getting Free Money from Alaska once a year when they issue the PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) to the residents.  This is money from Big Oil paid to Alaskans just to live here and well…fog a mirror.  lol.

However, some 3 weeks or so after this announcement, I STILL have not received my Stimulus Mailbox Money! 🙁  Nor has anyone I know who lives in my complex, nor have any of the clerks and stockers at 3 Bears I talk to when I shop there.  I am very recognizable by my All-Black outfit and the fact I ride around on a Cripple Cart which is the only one of its kind in Alaska.  lol.  Everybody knows me who works at 3 Bears, ESPECIALLY the butchers in the Meat Dept! 🙂

So none of us poor J6Ps, neither the Working Poor or the old crippled guys living at Poverty Level on a Fixed Income have received our Stimulus!  Meanwhle however, Da Fedral Reserve has revved up the Printing Press some more todish out still more Funny Money to the Oil Majors, since they are sinking rapidly along with the price of Oil, now cratering to levels not seen since the Oil Shock of the 1980s, , followed shortly thereafter by the Collapse of the original Bretton Woods agreement following the end of WWII, the emrgence of the "Petrodollar" and the EXPLOSION of Irredeemable Debt, which has been on an ever upward spiral really since Capitalism began in the ~1500s, but has really taken on the Hockey Stick graph shape of an Exponential funtion over the last 30 years.

So the first question here is:  Just exactly how much longer can an Economy based on absolutely NOTHING utilizing fictitious money created out of Thin Air continue to function?

The second question I have is, who among the readers of the Diner or Viewers of the Collapse Cafe videos has actually RECEIVED your stimulus funny money?  Please let us know in the Comments Inside the Diner on the Forum, or in the Comments on the Collapse Cafe YouTube channel..  Inquiring minds want to know.

Knarf plays the Doomer Blues

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