Food Security, Prepping & Preservation for the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  April 5, 2020

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Diners Discuss the Coronavirus Catastrophe

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  April 5, 2020


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The Coronavirus Catastrophe brings ever more BAD NEWZ to all of us every day, whether we get our information from newspapers, radio, TV or the internet.  Every other news story has been swamped by this, and overallll the Graphic interactive and animated graphical daily reports explain why without much to add to it.

What began just a few months ago in the Wuhan Province of Chna has EXPLODED Exponentially, and now covers the population of Homo Sap in pretty much every country on Earth, and still growing.  Lockdowns are popping up like Mushrooms on a cool damp morning in Kennett Square, PA.  Do Goobermint is about to drop $1200 of Helicopter Money on the FSoA population of Tax Paying adults to try and keep the economy floating for another month while they try and figure out WTF to do.  BoJo over in Jolly Old England is now residing in a London Hospital and running the country from there instead of 10 Downing Street.  I could go on of course, but I don't have to because we did that in the video! 🙂

New Netflix Three Musketeers Movie Has a Mission Impossible Tone/FilmThe one good outcome of this crisis is that for the first time EVAH, it brought together all 4 of the Diner Admins for a Round Table discussion of the plethor of problems we are facing over the next months, weeks and years.

Here on the Diner, we wish you all the best as you try and negotiate this global calamity.  Get that mask & gloves on!

All for One, and One for All!


Coming Attractions




Gearing Up for Coronavirus Self-Defense

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  April 1, 2020

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The Coronavirus Crisis has brought with it innumerable bad outcomes and blowback, which is still expanding in scope.  Exponentially, just as the virus itself is spreading exponentially across the Global Population on Earth.  There is not a habitable continent on the Planet COVID-19 has not reached, and at this point I doubt there is a country it is not breeding in, feasting on the plethora of Homo Sap Meat Packages walking about and driving their cars around willy-nilly.  Well, they're not driving around quite so much these days, despite the fact that Oil has reached its lowest price/barrel in 17 years.  There is about nowhere to go to that is safe, all the restaurants, bars,theaters, sports arenas etc are shuttered.  You can still go to the grocery store, although you may not be able to find Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Canned Soups, Frozen Pizzas, Eggs and innumerable other items which are also disappearing, albeit  not quite so fast as the goodies scarfed up in the initial Panic Buying frenzy.

Globally, Hospitals are already overwhelmed, and in many Epicenters like New York Shity the Peak Virus is still weeks away.  Respirators are in incredibly short supply, a deperately needed therapy for a virus that attacks the Lungs.  Hospital is pit against Hospital and City against City to try and find a supply of these machines, which are rapidly getting more expensive to buy in the Capitalist "Free Market" economy where Profits come before Human Life.

In the face of this non-stop innundation of BAD NEWZ, what can you DO besides Panic Buy?  What Positive, Pro-Active steps can you take to try and SURVIVE the ongoing catastrophe?  In today's CoroNewz Report, we cover the Pro-Active steps you can take to protect yourself, best as you can despite ongoing shortages of such essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as Surgical Gloves and Masks, which even the Top Private Hospitals in New York Shity are running short on.

For a more comprehensive recap of the progress of COVID-19 and analysis of the situation we face in the near future, last Saturday 4 Diners got together in a virtual room (no chance of catching the Corona Cooties!) to discuss the full gamut of the calmity ongoing.  Assuming I can complete the editing in time, it should be Ready for Prime Time for the Doomstead Diner Sunday Collapse Brunch.


Coming Soon to a Laptop Near You

A Round Table discussion of the Coronavirus issues by the Diner Admins


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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 29, 2020


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No intro article yet.  I am neck deep in video editing.  Maybe later today  For now, you just gotta watch the vid.

Coronavirus Sets the Sun on the British Empire

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 24, 2020


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Today's installment of the CoroNewz Reports features more input from the Diner International  Correspondents, in this case Jason Heppenstall (Hepp) of 22 Billion Energy Slaves based in Cornwall, England & Monsta666, aonther Admin on the Diner based in London, England who also works in the Bankstering Industry.

Before I get into a synopsis of what we discussed in this chat, I want to adress a criticism I got inside the Diner on our Forum regarding the FOOD intros I do in all our Broadcasts now.  The critic was too "impatient" to watch the 7 minutes or so I spend going over the meal of the day, where it was grown or sourced, how it was prepared and how much it costs.  To me, these are among the most important questions we must deal with as we move inexorably into the next stage of Collapse.  The fact of the matter is despite the fact I often cook Premium Meals, I NEVER exceed the SNAP Card budget of ~$150/month for my food purchases.  In fact I generally only spend half of that.  I don't receive a SNAP Card although I DO qualify for one because I am at the Poverty Level.  I don't need it.  If more people knew how to Cook and shop for FOOD like I do, we could probably eliminate the SNAP Cards all together.  So I try in addition to reporting on the Collapse Calamity of the Day to teach people how to do this, in the first ~7 minutes of each broadcast.  I am a DOER, not just a Talker.  I Walk the Walk, I don't just Talk the Talk.  I follow the Principles I write about here on the Doomstead Diner; watch my Potlatch Parking Lot Videos where I give away free FOOD to the other Old Folks, Poor People and Cripples like me who live in my community.

Besides the importance of this information is the simple fact if it doesn't interest you, you can simply Fast Forward the Video through it using the Slider on your Utoob screen to get to the Discussion of the Day.  The whole criticism was completely invalid.

Now insofar as today's discussion goes, I got together with Hepp & Monsta to discuss how the Coronavirus Pandemic is playing out in Jolly Old England.  We discuss maany facets of the crisis as it is playing out over there, which is not dissimilar from how it is playingout here in the FSoA.  The Health issues, Economic issues and Political issues are all covered.

So, crack open a Corona Beer or mix a Bloody Mary or brew a cup of Java if you are a Tea-Totaller and get your Daily Dose of Doomstead Diner Collapse Analysis this morning. 🙂

Coronavirus Money for Nothing and your Checks for Free

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 22, 2020

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Another day, another Calamity in the Coronavirus Pandemic.  It's really hard to keep up with this, it is spinning out of control so fast.  A puny Homo Sap cannot keep pace with the Exponential Function.  Perhaps this explains why so many Homo Saps have trouble even grasping the concept.

Today's CoroNewz Special Sunday Brunch Report features an analysis of the "Stimulus" package being concocted up in CONgress which has now balloned up to $2.5T!!!  Gotta keep that Konsumer Ecoomy going even if it means handing out FREE Helicopter money to J6P!

This isn't really about bailing out J6P, it's about bailing out Amerikan Bizness, particularly the bizness of Donalditry Trumpovetsky.  Isn't it amazing how they can find an infinite supply of money when they want to, but during BAU theres never enough for Food Stamps or Medicare?

Mnuchin: Tentative coronavirus package will include average of $3,000 to a family of four

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that a tentative stimulus package in response to the coronavirus outbreak will include two weeks of loans to small businesses and an average payment of $3,000 to a family of four.

On the Medical front, it appears now that the FSoA in general and NYC in particular are onn the sae trajectory as Italy, just 2-3 weeks behind them.  Here's a good comparison of the Exponential Growth curves:

As you can see, due to the much larger population in the FSoA, as things progress here the problem is likely to get WORSE than the Italian problem starting about…NOW.

On the economic front, we discuss the various facets of the impact on the financial sector, as well as the impact directly on J6P.  Then there is the Blame Game ongoing between the Clown-in-Chief and the Gubernators of the various hard hit state.  Also talk of Military Deployment of the National Guard, and the amount of miltary resources and how this whole clusterfuck will affect the POTUS election in November, because count on it, Coronavirus will NOT be history by November.  It may be somewhat more under control by then, but the lasting repercussions will still be with us and there will still be the virus circulating around and likely Mutating, bringing 2nd & 3rd Waves around the Globe as we move along here.

Coming up soon here on the Diner, we also have another conversation with our friends across the Pond, this time from Jolly Old England.  Don't miss it!




Corned Beef, Cabbage, Coronavirus & Collapse

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 20, 2020

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St. Paddy's Day has come and gone, but this year the Hangover afterward is exceptionally bad, and nobody even went out drinking!  Although I suspect the Stay-at-Home Boozing was even more over-the-top than usual.

Image result for alaska grown logo In this video, I focus on Local Food Production, with the main Produce we grow up here on the Last Great Frontier, namely Alaska Grown Carrots and Potatoes.  Alaska is best know for its Fish production of course, with probably the best remaining good fisherie in the world and a huge export market for that fish, both in the lower 48 as well as in Asia.  Well known also for our Game Meat Hunting of Moose, Caribou, Bear and Big Horn Sheep as well.  There are also numerous small farms raising cattle, and at 3 Bears you can always choose to buy the local meats, although they come at a Premium Price, about 25% higher than the commercial beef from the Lower 48.

Discussed also in this video is the Ethnic Divide that existed between the Irish and Italians in New York Shity in the 1960s-70s and the changing ethnic character of my old neighborhood of Flushing Queens as the global migration pattern shifted from the post-WWII European migration to the migration from Asia during and after the Korean & Vietnam Wars.

Much also discussed in the 2nd half of the video when we get to Coronavirus itself, particularly the annoucement by D Gubernator of California Gavin Newsome that he doesn't think CA schools will reopen this year ad the closure will continue right into the summer break.  One really has to mull over the various ramifications of this, both on the social and economic levels.  It's quite hard to imagine how CA or really any state t all can function without the schools open to warehouse the kids while the parents work.  Currently of course about NOBODY is working,but how long can that last for?

Coming soon to the Collapse Cafe is another Global conversation with a couple of our Brit regulars, Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slave and Monsta666, my former Co-Host on the original Collapse Cafe.

The Coronavirus Hits just keep on coming here on the Doomstead Diner.

Pandemic Panic

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 17, 2020

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Image result for leprechaun St. Paddy's Day has arrived and it's time for some Corned Beef & Cabbage and plenty of Booze today! 🙂  But first of course I had to go out and do some FOOD Shopping for a few items, fresh veggies mostly, I have everything else in my Preps.  I'm good on the Corned Beef for I think 5 St. Paddy's Days into the future, I think I have 5 Briskets in the chest freezer.

It's not a Happy St. Paddy's day this year either for the Leprechauns or the Irish-Amerikan Cops who still run the NYPD and march every year down 5th Avenue then go out and get shit-faced drunk at various Irish bars in Brooklyn & Queens.  No parade this year in NY Shity, and none across the Pond on the Emerald Isle either.  Coronavirus has dealt the ultimate blow to the Irish this year.

Anyhow, Surly wrote yesterday about his terrifying shopping expedition to COSTCO, but I figured on leaving my digs with my Cripple Helper that things shouldn't be too bad in the Food Superstore of 3 Bears.  After all, as of now we have all of ONE COVID-19 case here on the Last Great Frontier, and he is supposedly self-sequestering.  So the threat to anyone here right now is pretty close to zero.  Boy, was I wrong.

I have NEVER seen the shelves so EMPTY in 3 Bears.  Canned Soup…all gone.  Frozen Pizza…almost all gone.  Toilet Paper…ALL GONE!!!  Interesting what the Zombies out there find important to buy when doing last minute prepping.

I thought this might only be true at 3 Bears, so the next day I got my Cripple Helper to go over to Walmart with me off the Agency Dime and I bought her Lunch for her trouble, plus a gallon of Milk, which they actually did have at Walmart, though according to her mom not available at Fred Meyer.  Missing from the shelves at Wally World though were the same items missing at 3 Bears, Paper Goods, Canned Soups and Frozen Pizzas.

So what is going on here?  Is this a failure of JIT Delivery?  Are the Supply Chains breaking down already?  Of course not.  It's Herd Behavior and PANIC driiving this among the majority of Meat Packages who have had their heads buried in the sand and believe every lie that pops out of Donalditry Trumpovetsky's mouth, or off the virtual keyboard on his Smart Phone in his latest Tweetstorm.  SURPRISE!  You can't lie a Pandemic out of existence.

Anyhow, I cover all this and more in the video heading this article.  Yesterday's food was good too, I did Japanese to lead up to today's Irish cuisine. 🙂

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 16, 2020

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"Two Professors, an IT Engineer & a Crippled Cook walk into an Italian Restaurant during the Coronavirus Pandemic…"


Two days ago on Friday the 13th, I got together around the Diner Table with 3 other Collapse Bloggers and long time friends, Ugo Bardi of Cassandra's Legacy, George Mobus of Question Everything and K-Dog of Chasing the Squirrel.  Originally I had intended to work on the editing of the videos through the week and Premier the Broadcast on the Vernal Equinox coming on March 19th for a couple of reasons.

For one, I just Premiered yesterday a video, A Millenial's Eye View of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.  It is my general practice to give any  major Videos or Blogs at least 2 days in the Feature Spot at the top of the Diner Blog Homepage.  The 2nd reason is because the Solstices and Equinoxes are important dates for at least two of us.  For George, he publishes his QuadAnnual Blog on these dates now each year; he has reduced his Blogging to 4 times a year so those are the only times you will get some of George's latest thinking and insights into Collapse, unless of course you read one of the endless stream of books he is always writing. lol.  For me, these astronomical dates marking the significant points in the Earth's orbit around the Sun are important, because our 501c3 Non-Profit is the SUN☼ Foundation, acronym for Sustaing Universal Needs.  They also mark the beginning dates of the 4 Seasons, with the Vernal Equinox marking the beginning of Spring.  Although it doesn't feel much like Spring up here today, the temps were about 9F/-13C.

I was forced to change this schedule of Broadcast because of rapidly changing dynamics in the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Many things true 2 days ago are no longer true.  For instance, when we recorded the discussion, Alaska still had no COVID-19 cases recorded.  As of this morning, there was at least one, someone who flew up from the Lower 48 on a Transport.  He is supposedly currently self-quarantining.

Two days ago, Seatlle was still mostly under voluntary restrictions to travel and congregate in large groups.  Today, these restricitions are mandatory, Seattle will be closing its Public Schools and there is rumor that the Gubernator will close the WA State Borders.

On Friday the 13th,  Seattle was the leading Big Shity in the FSoA in COVID-19 cases & deaths.  Not so 2 days later.  NY Shity has grabbed the lead from Seattle, and with much larger population numbers is likely to quickly leave the West Coast city in the dust.  Pretty much only LA on the Left Coast can compete with NYC for total numbers when (not if) this thing really gets rolling. Mayor DiBlasio has finally capitulated and will close the NYC Public Schools, the largest such system in the country.  NYC has also shut down Broadway, Radio City and numerous Sports Venues.

Over on the Emerald Isle across the Pond, the Leprechauns are not smiling.  St. Paddy's Day Parades have been cancelled there, as well as here in the FSoA in Big Shitys such as NYC which have large populationsof Irish immigrants, from numerous waves of imigration beginning in the 1800s.  For many years, practically the entire NYPD was Irish Cops, and today the upper level is still basically Irish-Amerikan.

No St. Paddy's Day Parades and no open Bars means no Corned Beef and Cabbage for many folks who can't do anything more than Boil an Egg or Microwave a Frozen Dinner.  Here in the Diner Kitchen though, I'll be cooking RE's Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage to serve up tomorrow on March 17th for all the Diners to at least look at.  lol.  I'll let you know how this year's version turns out, I am going to change up the Recipe from last year's, even though the rule in cooking like most things is "don't mess with success".  lol.

Anyhow the situation remains extremely fluid and is rapidly getting worse, so I put my Editing Engine on Overdrive to get this ready for today, before it gets overwhemed with still WORSE Newz I need to cover.  The discussion above covers many aspects of this problem not being covered well in the MSM, such as the economics, the politics and systemic breakdown we are likely to see in fairly short order.  Mr. Wizard John Michael Greer can kiss his "Slow Catabolic Collapse" theory goodbye now… there is an EPIC FAILURE of Nostradamus punditry if ever there was one.

I hope all the Diners are doing their best to stay out of range of this pandemic and remain healthy to date.  Take your Vitamins and eat Healthy!


A Millenial’s Eye View of the Collapse of Industrial Civilization

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 15, 2020

The Ides of March


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Note:  Due to problems with the Video & Audio capture software I have been using with Skype, portions of the Video have somewhat out-of-sync A&V along with dropouts.  I am going to change platforms due to this problem for the next interview show (after the one with Ugo Bardi, George Mobus & K-Dog coming on Thursday, already recorded).  In this case, if you turn off the YouTube sound and turn on the Soundcloud sound, you will get clear audio all the way through.

Discuss this Video & Article at the Kitchen Sink inside the Diner

A discussion held this week with a true Millenial Generation (Born 1998, Age 21) young man from northern Ontario Canada, who recently became aware the Civilization he lives in is undergoing Collapse. He joined our intrepid Clan of Kollapsniks on the Doomstead Diner after becoming "Collapse Aware" in September of 2019 and happening on George Mobus' Blog, Question Everything.  On a websitejab packed with Old White Men from the Boomer Generation, I for one am extremely glad to have our first Millenial Diner as part of our crew of Collapse Observers, Analysts and DOERS, who are making the best attempt we can to (as our Motto says) "SAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN".

For myself as a Veteran Boomer Doomer with one foot in the Grave already, I have become comfortable with what is bound to occur here as time goes by, and I will die in the reasonably near term regardless of what goes down.  I am also comfortable with that, all living things die at some point, I led a particularly interesting life and was very lucky along the way through it.  Harder to fathom of course is how such a young man can deal with this, with his whole life still ahead of him, one bound to become ever more difficult to negotiate and to simply STAY ALIVE as long as he can, which is the main job of all living things.  Diner Cam shows all the attributes necessary for survival in the world to come, intelligence, adaptability, good physical health and the desire to… Keep on Truckin'

Image result for keep on truckn

I highly recommend you listen to this young man, who is wise beyond his years.  As George Mobus often points out, it is one thing to be Intelligent, but Wisdom is often lacking in even the greatest Geniuses.  Along with just about ANYONE currently in Political Power, anywhere on the Globe.

Coming on the Vernal Equinox, Thursday March 19th we will present another Round Table discussion in our Collapse Cafe of the Doomstead Diner, featuring George Mobus, Ugo Bardi, K-Dog and myself discussing the ramifications for Industrial Civilization of the currently Exponentially Growing Coronavirus.  Join us for that one as well, it was a hell of a chat.


Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 14, 2020

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You've heard the joke before I am sure…

"Two Professors, an Engineer and a Crippled Cook walk into an Italian Restaurant during the Coronavirus Pandemic…"

Full length Feature Film coming to a Laptop near you on the Vernal Equinox of 2020.  That's Thursday, March 19th, 2020 for those of you unfamiliar with important Astronomical dates on the Calendar.

Coronavirus & the Oil Market

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 13, 2020

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No accompanying article for this vid as of yet.  You will have to watch the vid to find out what it's about.  I am overloaded right now with vids to edit and no time to write.  Another discussion set for tomorrow.with George Mobus, Ugo Bardi and K-Dog.  SHTF Day HAS ARRIVED.  Now I gotta REALLY work to keep up with Collapse!

Image result for corona virus oil prices 


Prepping for Coronavirus

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 11, 2020

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Image result for coronavirus map gif  How do the Fashion Conscious dress for a trip to the Food Superstore in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic (now Certified Officially by the WHO)?  Would you want to be seen outside your McMansion wearing one of those ugly Surgical Masks?  I wouldn't DREAM of going out in public looking like that!

Then there is the question of just HOW EFFECTIVE are these preventative measures?  Will these masks really protect you from COV-19?  Do you really want to sacrifice your Fashion Sense on the theory that this will keep you safe, and you can go to the local Bar or Dance Club and Part all night free of worry that you will not only DIE, but probably spread the bug to everyone in your family too?  Before you even know you got it?

How many of these masks (even the ugly ones) are produced each year?  There is speculation that this virus is contagious enough to eventually infect every last one of the Homo Saps currently walking the earth.  Call this 7.5 BILLION possible "Typhoid Marys". Figuring you gotta wear a new mask at least once a week (although surgeons wear a new one for every operation),multiply 7.5B X 52.  That's 365 BILLION masks needed every year!  Do we have the production capability for producing that many masks?  How many trees will have to be cut down to produce the Filter Inserts for the masks?  You think there will be many masks available at the corner drugstore in Somalia?  In Turkey?  You think all these folks could BUY the masks when they can't even afford food to eat?

Across the Pond in Italy, they are already grappling with this problem, as well as here in the FSoA in Seattle, the Epicenter of the viral contagion and outbreak here.  Italy is currently on a mandatory LOCKDOWN, with highly restrictive measures on travel and on congregating together in any sort of groups, from Football Games to Church Services.  The tourist industry in Italy is already decimated after just 2 days, and this Lockdown is supposed to go until Apil 3rd, minimum.  How are these folks supposed to make a living and pay the rent?

The problem is less sever (at the moment) in Seattle than in Italy or China, but already people are going into Voluntary Sequestering, staying at home to avoid the virus.  This is somewhat possible for retired folks and folks without a job, much less so for the vast number of people who have to go to work every day.

Later in the week we will be speaking with Ugo Bardi, Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Firenza in Italy and author of the Question Everything Blog, and George Mobus, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Washington in Seattle and author of the Cassandra's Legacy Blog.  Co-Hosting this Broadcast with me will be K-Dog, IT Engineer based in Seattle and author of the Chasing the Squirrel Blog as well as being one of the Diner Admins.

In addition to this, we will many more videos upcoming treating the current crisis in as much detail as we can muster up here on the Doomstead Diner Blog & Forum and the You Tube Channel.  Check in daily here to get the latest in breaking news and analysis of the Pandemic.

In the meantime, today's video will answer some of the questions regarding the effectiveness of the preventative measure that are being underten, which generally are too little, too late.  The Cat is out of the Bag and the Horses have left the Barn.  There is no stopping this virus now, and the only question that really remains is just how many people it will send to the Great Beyond before an effective treatment regime and vaccine are developed, and then globally distributed.  With what is currently obviously an EXPONENTIAL GROWTH RATE, that holds the potential to be a whole lot of Meat Packages pushing up daisies.

Corona Virus & the Death of the Left

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 8, 2020

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It has been another Banner Week in the world of Collapse, on the Political, Economic and Medical fronts of the ongoing Collapse of Industrial Civilization.  It is becoming far too easy these days to find Collapse Topics to write on.  It's not even a challenge anymore.  🙁

Starting with Politics, the Race for POTUS saw a huge collapse in the size of the Democratic candidates who may face down Donalditry Tumpovetsky in the election, if there is one.  Falling by the wayside this week vere Tom Steyer, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and most significant of all IMHO, Liz Warren.  She was the only one besides B & B, Biden and Bernie who was pulling down double digits in the Polling.  So the race has now boiled down to one between the "Progressive" end of the Demodope Party and the "Corporate Sellout" end.

Common Wisdom among Diners is that in NO WAY will the Democratic Party hacks allow Bernie to get the nomination, and he will get screwed one way or the other, as he was in 2016 by Killary "It's My Turn" Klinton.  We'll just have to see how that one goes here over the next few months.

On the economic end,  the Stock Market remains basically in Free Fall, blamed mostly on Corona Virus but in fact attributable to many other things, not the least of which is the whole fucking economy is based on Funny Money in a huge House of Cards.  All it really needed was something to tip it over the edge, and COV-19 was more than enough to do that.

The vidus itself, beyond the monetary consequences is having a HUGE impact all over the globe at this point, and really it has only JUST BEGUN.  A Princess Cruise ship has been refused docKing privileges and MILLIONS of Italians have been QUARANTINED.  The virus is still exhibiting EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, and a vaccine and other treatments do not come online fairly soon, we will have a BIG FUCKING PROBLEM to deal with here.  Only time will tell on that one also.

As of today, so far no reported cases of COV-19 here on the Last Great Frontier of Alaska.  One of the many advantages of living in a low population zone not too many people visit, especially during the Winter, which is not to healthy an environment for viruses either.  They don't have Winter Clothing, and you get down to -20F and they don't live too long.  That is FUCKING COLD!

A Diner Exercises his Voting Franchise

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Voting by K-Dog

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  March 1, 2020

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Diner Admin and Author of the Chasing the Squirrel Blog K-Dog who lives in thr Super Tuesday staate of Washington cast his Ballot today in one of the Ballot Boxes sprinkled around the city of Renton, which is one of the Seattle Suburbs.  Nowadays there is no more going to the local Elementary School and going inside a Drape Covered Booth and pulling a lever.  First they went to Postal Mail voting, then when that turned out to have a lot of problems (not to mention election fraud), they started dropping down these boxes around town where you go to drop down your vote anytime after you get your Ballot in the mail.  Obviously there still can be Fraud with this system also, but hopefully it is slightly less.

Here on the Diner mosst of us make no secret of who we support in an election, and Diner Support leans heavily toward Bernie Sanders & Liz Warren.  A couple of Bloomberg Supporters sprinkled in also.  About nobody supprts Uncle Joe Biden, and DEFINITELY there are no Diners who support Trumpovetsky.  lol.  Or at least they won't admit it publicly.

Mayor Pete Buttegieg also quit the race today, cutting down the number of so-called "moderate" Democrats (really corporate sellouts), which should help Uncle Joe at the DNC, but a Brokered Convention still looms as a possibility.  In that sort of scenario, the "Super Delegates" become very critical.  A Unified Ticket of Bernie & Liz also is a possibility., with the one with the higher number of delegates taking the POTUS spot, and the other one as Veep.

As for me, although I support both Bernie & Liz, regular Diners know I don't vote.  I never have.  At the age of 11 years sold right after returning from Brazil, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.  At that moment, I lost hope that the Amerikan political process would ever be fair and I decided not to participate in it that way.  I do however make my voice heard, and have done so since my teenage years as a Pirate Radio Talk Jockey when I excoriated Tricky Dick Nixon on my show every saturday night after midnight, when we fired up the Transmitter.  We only reached Queens and Long Island motly, although we could reach Manhattan if we turned the antenna around.

Today with the internet, the potential is there to reach many more people than that.  Thus I run the Doomstead Diner.



Kosher or Not Kosher? Politics, Economics & Religion in Collapse

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  February 23, 2020

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I often get the critique on my articles and the Newz links I post up with "How is this related to Collapse"?  I am sure this video and article will be one such occasion.  lol.  I mean really, HTF is Kosher food related to Collapse, right?

Well, here I demonstrate how it is related to Political, Economic and Religious Conflict we have ongoing, mostly in the FSoA but in fact globally as well.  You will have to watch the video to find out how this all ties together.

Beyond that though, in this video the Doomstead Diner is offering a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity for an ALL EXPENSES PAID vacation in Alaska for Qualfied Diners! 🙂  To qualify, you have to have an income below $30,000 and live somewhere on the North American continent.  To WIN this fabulous vacation (at a time of your choosing), you must correctly identify every dish on the table as Kosher or Not Kosher.

Will we get a WINNER in this contest?  The offer expires on the Ides of March.


Image result for ides of march


Bonus Video: An EZ & Quick Recipe for a Chicken Liver Pate almost as good as Grandma used to make!



Decade of Doom on the Internet: A conversation with John Lounsbury, Ph.D., CFP

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  February 12, 2020

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OK, I am a little late on getting this one up on the Diner.  I am a Bizzy Guy!  So sue me!  lol.  So instead of Sunday Brunch, Diner Blog Readers & assorted Lurkers get it on Wednesday instead!  If you subscribe to our YouTube Channel on, it actually did go up on Sunday! 😛  I will write more to encapsulate this video sometime today, when I am actually AWAKE and not playing Vikings, aka Diners:: War of Doomers.  lol.  Suffice it to say for now John, Surly & myself covered the history of Doom chronucling on the net over the last Decade pretty well.

I'll be BACK later today with more, so check back in here at the Diner when you are bored.  lol.


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Published on The Doomstead Diner  February 2, 2020

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No, I'm not talking about the Super Bowl, which is well underway as I publish this article, although the Big Game does get a lot of play here today on the Diner.

Originally, I intended the Diner 8th Anniversary Celebration to just encompass the week surrounding February 12th, the actual 8th Anniversary more or less exactly.  However the Gods of Collapse ordered otherwise, and it started early with a BLACKOUT here on the Last Great Frontier about a week ago.  It was a great test of my Preps on the Electrics end of things and I actually produced a Video DURING the Blackout! 🙂

This sort of intermittent, not toooo long lasting blackout is one of the more likely scenarios for the collapsing electrical infrastructure system.  It's unlikely that in the near future the entire grid will go down and stay down FOR GOOD!  Much more likely is you will experience longer and longer blackouts & brownouts over the next few years as further problems with energy supply, economics and of course climate play havoc with the grid.  Said blackouts will not always be tied to some weather disaster, this one was not for us.  I still do not know precisely what caused it, all was quite normal with the weather, and we didn't have an Earthquake or Volcanic eruption either.  Just POOF!, out go all the lights, computers go dark, it's the NIGHTMARE scenario for RE! lol.

So, I sprang into action to get myself back up and running to fulfill my extensive responsibilities covering Collapse and managing the Doomstead Diner! lol.  In this case, it took me about an hour to get everything I need up and running again, but it also motivated me to make improvements and also test out aspects of the system, particularly exactly how long it is I can last without the JUICE arriving by wire from some fossil fuel burning plant nearby to keep me hooked up to the net?  I will be featuring these tests of 12 Volt electric systems in upcoming articles and vids.

Anyhow, the Diner 8th Anniversary Extravaganza has now kicked off, and it's going to go for the whole month of February rather than just one week.  We simply have too much material to squeeze into one week already in the can.  So make sure you drop into the Diner regularly this month for your cup of Collapse Coffee and get ready for a  HUGE Collapse meal!  You'll be STUFFED! lol.

Now, what does all this have to do with the BIG GAME, still ongoing as I publish this article?  Well, it's kind of abstract really, but an Anniversary Celebration is very much about MEMORIES of times past and how they contrast to the times you currently live in, the here & now.  I haven't watched a Pro Football game in at least 20 years, except if one happened to be on in some Sports Bar I was eating at.  In those cases, I occasionally glanced at the screens, which got bigger and more of them in a bar over time.  Way back there in the Jurrasic Period, a bar had only one CRT Tube type TV and if it was 32" that was a BIG one! lol.  I don't know any of the players anymore, I don't know many of the teams that either moved or were created in the intervening years between then and now.

However, I decided this year, since I am sitting here with not much else to do besides write on Doom, Cook and play Vikings, I would watch the Super Bowl!  Be a real Amerikan Male! lol.  I read that you could watch it via streaming on the net, and I have a fucking big ass monitor to watch it on too!  BUT WAIT!  As I tried to find a URL for this streaming, I found out you also gotta have a cable TV account with some provider that serves up Faux Newz!  I don't even OWN a TV anymore, much less buy cable programming, which in general sucks.  I know this from my stays in hotels where the room TV is hooked to some provider who dishes out 100 channels of complete crap.  So I couldn't watch this year's Super Bowl after all. 🙁

What I decided to do instead was watch the FIRST Superbowl, from 1967, between the Green Bay Packers from the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL.  This was before the two Leagues merged.  I remember all those players, Quarterbacks Bart Starr & Len Dawson, and especially the Kickers Jan Stenerud and Jared Wilson for Kansas City.  Best Kickers EVAH IMHO.  It was right after I returned from Brasil at the age of 10, and I was a huge sports fan then.

So this installment of the Diner 8th Anniversary Celebration is a bit of a look back at the Bread & Circuses as it was then, versus what it has become today.




Coming also during the Doomstead Diner 8th Anniversary Celebration Month

An Interview with one of the long time Collapse Chroniclers, a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) with long experience in the Financial world as well as in the Engineering world.  I'll let you guess who it might be.  lol.  Plus numerous other articles and stories from a few Diners on their experience with Collapse over the last decade.  And of course, more FOOD vids! 🙂

Henry the 8th: 8 Years of Collapse on the Doomstead Diner

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Published on The Doomstead Diner  January 19, 2020

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Image result for isaac newton Despite the title of this article, it has absolutely ZERO to do with Henry 8th, King of England in the early part of the 16th Century, despite the fact it was a very interesting time period, just predating the real birth of Capitalism which didn't arrive until the 17th Century and the founding of the Bank of England by Master of the Mint at the time, Sir Isaac Newton.  Yes, that is the same Isaac Newton famous for Newtonian Mechanics, his Gravity Equation, the Apple falling on his Head and so forth.  His most significant achievement though was that along with the German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, they simultaneously invented The Calculus.  You know, that Math class most of you never took, or if you did you only did so because it was required and you hated it and only did the first year of it on Differentiation and Integration.  Not so with me, I LOVED mathematics, and took many further courses in Differential Equations (known fondly by Geeks as "DiffEq") and Partial Differential Equations (PDE), Matrix Algebra, Thermodynamics…yada, yada, yada.  It is Leibniz' notation we use today, but all the principles are the same, and in Newton's case, he applied them to the Monetary System of Jolly Old England, way back when.  This maneuver essentially took England off the need to use Gold in transactions, and then enabled the development of Markets using various form of notes to do Bizness.  Along with their powerful Navy of the time, this is what enabled the tiny island of Brittannia to leapfrog themselves over the much larger nation of Spain, which was at the time well ahead in the race for raiding the resources of the "New World", including of course vast quantities of Aztec Gold. In modern market terms,you can think of Isaac as the first "Quant", and the Calculus as the first "Algo".  Anyhow, I will save this history lesson on mathematics, economics and monetary systems for another day.

This week though has many important Collapse Events ongoing which I might have written about or ranted on in a video.  There is Impeachment of course, impending Brexit, Saber-Rattling with Iran & North Korea, Trade nonsense with China, Wildfires in Oz, the cross-country Snowstorm, etc, etc, etc.  All worthy topics which we discuss all the time Inside the Diner.  However, NO, I didn't pick any of those topics to rev myself up to write and rant on, because there is a MUCH more important event impending here IMHO (lol).  In February, we mark the 8th Anniversary of the Founding of the Doomstead Diner by myself, Surly & our tech wizard of the time  Peter Offerman.  It has been an 8 year Roller Coaster ride here of highs & lows, good times & bad times for the Diners.  Somehow though, we made it and we are still here reporting on the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.  Unbeleivably to me at least, we survived so far for 8 fucking years and we are going stronger than ever, now getting Subscriptions from our numerous Lurkers! 🙂

So today's Doomstead Diner/Collapse Cafe Sunday Brunch Special is an ANNOUNCEMENT of our Anniversary Celebration Week, which will commence February 9th and run until February 16th.  I invite all Diners, Lurkers and Blog contributors to discuss aspects of Collapse with me leading up to this week, with text, audio only or video (if you are comfortable going "on camera").  I explain the details of how to contact me on this if you are not an active member of the Diner Forum in the above video, along with other details of how the celebration week will be run.





Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Wildfire & War Edition

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on Sunday, January 5, 2020

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Text synopsis to come…  Right now I am doing heavy lifting for my Clan of Ruskies on Vikings and don't have time to write it up.  LOL….


OK!  I got  my Garrisons out working scarfing up Resources for my Clan, plus I took a very necessary NAP because I was up since about 4AM Alaska Time both playing my Game (Vikings: War of Clans) as well as cooking and producing the video at the head of this article.  Very BIZZY early morning for a retired cripple!  lol.

The Diner is really increasing again now in Readership as well as in new Authors for the Blog, and actually it gets kind of hard sometimes to wedge myself in, when I get so much quality material submitted by other Authors.  So these days, I am more of an Editor & Manager than I am Author, although I still produce a good number of my own Videos, which nobody else here at the moment is doing.  I still do write the occassional blog though as well.

This is all GOOD NEWZ!  I have written so much over the years it would take anybody years to read it all anyhow!  It's all in the Archives, and I doubt there exists a Collapse Subject I haven't already written on and analyzed.  There are of course ongoing Collapse Topics & Issues that crop up, but the other Diner Authors often cover them better than I can myself.  So I kick back and relax on this! 🙂  I can pitch in my 2 Cents with my Videos, which as long as my Cameras and fucking Computers are working right are much quicker to do!

Here in today's Sunday Brunch at the Diner video, in addition to the GREAT Brunch I fixed for myself with the bigger than average Bloody Mary (because it was a bigger than average Collapse Week with El Trumpo dropping the DEATH FROM ABOVE on the big swinging dick of the Iranian Military and escalating into WW3  further) and also because I bought a new REALLY BIG Skull shaped mug, ON SALE at Walmart last week! lol

In terms of subject matter for this vid, I discuss mainly the ongoing CATASTROPHY of Wildfires Down Under in Oz, which Diner John of Wallan covered in detail here recently, relating personal experience from BLACK SATURDAY of December 7th, 2009 (December 7th as you may recall was the "Day that will live in infamy as FDR put it, the ATTACK on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese which gave the excuse for the FSoA to enter WW2) when his own neighborhood in Oz was being ATTACKED by the wrath of Mother Nature.  JoW survived that attack, but he faces up to it again now to protect & defend his Doomstead.  All the Diners ship their Mental Energy to JoW to help him survive this one as well.

Then of course I just HAD to put my 2 cents in on the latest military BUFFOONERY by the Clown-in-Chief Donalditry Trumpovetsky who now has been shown with EVIDENCE that he is Vlad the Impaler's cocksucker (the Ruskies backed all his Loans from Deutchbank to launder money), which is how he stays out of Bankruptcy.  It's a MASSIVE Criminal Racket ongoing here as we come to the close of Industrial Civilization and the Age of Oil.

Knarf plays the Doomer Blues

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