C5 Says, Its Not The Heat. It’s The Stupidity


With your sweaty host, Category5.

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There is only one subject worth talking about. THE subject. The Heat.

Ya. I know I said I wouldn’t be back till the winter once all the chores and Honey, Do before the Apocalypse, lists of the year.

Much of those tasks haven’t been getting done though. It’s TOO FUCKING HOT. I have been bogging down. It has been like trying to build things while dog paddling through a swimming pool of humidity. I feel like Golom. “The light. It Burns me, Precious”. I have been hiding out in the house to avoid dying. I work in 15-20 minute spurts, then come back into the house drenched in sweat. Sweat that does not evaporate. That does not cool the body.

More so, there is almost no wind. The irony is, one of those, Honey, Do tasks is to build a short tower to put up the wind generator that has been sitting in storage for the last 5 years. We live on a wind path… but no wind.

Stationary weather fronts. The jet stream bogs down. It is the exact same issue that made last winter, fucked up cold.

It was nice that people kept revisiting my epic drunken rant, C5 Explains Why It Is So Fucking Cold, https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2017/12/31/c5-explains-once-again-why-it-is-so-fucking-cold-2017-2018-its-hurricane-harvey-part-ii-stupid/

I only bring it up because I pointed out how that cold was related to last years heat and hurricanes. This year is no different. It is connected. The weather didn’t magically appear from the sky god. WE did this. We all did it. I did it. I accept responsibility for my part.

Still, some of the things I have heard said make me face palm. Its not the heat. Its the stupidity.

One of those epic face palm moments, was a popular article that got around that said something like, “We cant fully attribute this heat wave to global warming. Its also about the warm oceans and the jet stream…To early to tell…”

ARE……..YOU………..FUCKING………KIDDING ME! Well, bend me over and fuck me slowly. Clearly, the human race is too stupid to live. It takes “A Special Kind Of Stupid” to not be able to connect the warm ocean to heat or jet stream to warm air and ocean.


Its not even worth me wasting my time to complain about the tighty whity righty, man made global warming deniers.

The Super Face Palm inspiring moments are coming from the denialist LEFTIES. You heard me correct. The lefties. The progressives. The ones who’s personal identity of moral superiority comes with the idea that they believe in global warming and they are fighting those evil capitalists. Yup. They have a different type of denial. going on… but it is just as lethal… if not more. The devil is in the details.

Denial- Wind and Solar power will save us. Electric cars will save us. Revolution against the capitalists or nationalists or republicans will save us. The right type of government will save us. Technology that doesn’t exist will save us.

I call this DENIAL, not because of the impossibility of those things happening, but because its deceptively passive. They are not doing the needful because… the devil in the details… they are waiting for someone else to save them while doing NOTHING. Its in the descriptive parameters of the phrasing.

Scientists aren’t going to save you. The technology doesn’t exist for a reason…because it doesn’t exist. Worse, by repeating this shit over and over, its teaching others to be passive…waiting for salvation, while putting all their focus on blaming others and politicing.

And that gets us to our first read. Other than that the heat is present constantly in my thinking as I wade through my own survival adaptions… and just strait up survival, the reason I decided to do this post… instead of just waiting for the winter to write… was to post this article-

Time For Some Climate Honesty-Half Truths Are Doing No Good- once again, by Chris Martenson


Another Honorable Mention read, encase you missed it.


(Finally, Civilizational collapse is tied in… but he ruins it at the end with the worn out “Solution”)

Before I get to the final read, there is one other face palm moment I hear from The Denialist Progressives. Its, “We cant address Climate Change till we address inequality”.

Though, it is a logical position, it’s sort of like saying we will wait until Jesus returns and the Kingdom comes down to earth. Inequality aint going away. Its baked into the cake. In fact, it’s about to get a whole lot worse with climate change.

Hey, “Save as many as you can” is one of my catch phrases. But once you have saved as many as you can, if you take just one more person, everyone dies. You row the lifeboat away from the drowning before they overwhelm the lifeboat. You close the gate and put armed guards in the towers. Its hard to hear…but it really is the only “Moral” option left.

So, this next awkward read goes into the, “I am trying to scare the shit out of you”, category, to shake you from DENIAL. Consider it an intervention.

http://www.doomsteaddiner.net/forum/index.php/topic,11419.msg159010.html#msg159010        (Scroll down once you get there)

Top lines to pay attention to are- “Just like that….. there’s hundreds of millions on the way when things get bad enough.

They will overwhelm the borders, and “society” will double in size over a few short weeks… collapsing all infrastructure – water, sanitation, roads, housing, police…..

The police were stretched with the 60 million people of the UK, they are completely ineffective at 110 million.

The UN can only drop aid by air, and gangs form, most people getting no food, the gangs hording everything.

The army can’t enter due to world condemnation of military involvement.

People starve, crime is rampant, disease everywhere.

And in one short month, society is reduced to the level it would be after a nuke attack.”


And that’s just scratching the surface. Consider the social chaos we have recently seen as people freak out over a few million refugees. Now change millions to billions as large swaths of the earths surface can no longer sustain life, and what can sustain life, can’t feed them without being stripped of future life or  regenerative sustainability. The real issue isn’t really carbon input. Its too many humans. Humans that cannot survive… if not for all that carbon input.

And that is why no body is in any big rush to halt Anthropomorphic Climate Change.

Just a reminder. The heat this year is the result of carbon inputs from  30 years ago. This is as good as it will ever be. If you cut off all industrial society today, ALL of it, You still have 30 more years of warming to happen (not including the feedback loops of methane… and ozone depletion)  just to stop from getting worse and it will remain that way for umpteen thousands of years.

All the worst parts of the Book of Revelations comes to mind.



So…what am I doing to save my own life, back on my doomstead. Back to the irony of me putting up this wind tower. I haven’t been all that exited about doing this job.. One of the down sides of wind power (besides the battery storage issues) is that it is a mechanical device. That means, they wear out quickly. It will require lots of upkeep and replacement parts. Parts mined, shipped, industrial manufactured, shipped again, warehoused and shipped again. Its nothing remotely close to renewable or carbon friendly. Lets not fool ourselves. I don’t. But it will make a cool lawn ornament that will be the envy of our morally superior progressive friends and  paranoid, tighty righty survivalists alike. I just wont tell them when it breaks down and it’s really just just a huge lawn Whirly Gig. Hopefully, it doesn’t launch itself into our, also very sexy, solar panels or greenhouse, during the next hurricane, super storm or micro-burst…. or burst into flames from lack of oiling, spewing burning plastics into the tinder dry grasses, right at the point of high winds.

This year has all been about upgrades to do with super storms. Next year, I have decided to completely change direction and fully put my mind to FIRE STORMS… because that is also coming. That is even more daunting.

So….What have I really been doing to save my own life? Yesterday, I began opening a hole in the floor of our house to get underneath. I can only belly crawl to a few places. I have been digging on my belly, hopefully getting to the place where I have a place to sit upright in the cooler earth. I’ll dig a small test hole to see if it just fills with melt water next spring before risking digging further. We’ll see.

Well, back to my hidey hole. See you in the winter unless some other disaster forces my pen.