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The Empire of Lies: How we are collapsing in the same way as the Roman Empire did.

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Published on Cassandra's Legacy on April 14, 2019


(Image source: Wikipedia) The Devil is sometimes said to be "The Father of Lies." It is an apt definition for a creature that doesn't even exist except as a figment of human imagination. Satan is an evil egregore that we ourselves created, a creature that seems to loom larger and larger behind the current chronicles. The recent arrest of Julian Assange is just the latest deed of an Empire that seems bent on truly creating its own reality, something that, in itself, wouldn't necessarily be evil but that becomes so when it implies destroying all other realities, including the only true one. 


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Initially, I thought to comment the recent news about Assange by reproducing a post "The Empire of Lies" that I published here about one year ago, where I described how the transition from the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages had taken place, in large part, because people just couldn't trust their Imperial rulers anymore. The Roman Empire had become an empire of lies and it was left to Christianity to rebuild the trust that the old empire had squandered – the Middle Ages were far from being "Dark Ages."  But, eventually, I thought to publish something I had in mind about how the Roman Empire and the modern Western Empire are following parallel trajectories in their habit of telling lies as they move toward their respective Seneca Cliffs.

So, here it is my assessment of the Roman Collapse, based on the excellent book by Dmitry Orlov, "The Five Stages of Collapse." Just one note: in the book, Orlov doesn't describe the post-collapse phase of the Soviet Union that ended with Russia becoming again as a prosperous and united country, as it is nowadays. It was a good example of the "Seneca Rebound" — there is life after collapse and there will be new life after that the Evil Empire of lies will be gone.

The Five Stages of Collapse of The Roman Empire.

By Ugo Bardi

Dmitry Orlov wrote "The Five Stages of Collapse" as an article in 2008 and as a book in 2013. It was an original idea for that time that of comparing the fall of the Soviet Union with that of the United States. Being an American citizen born in Russia, Orlov could compare the two Empires in detail and note the many similarities that led both to follow the same trajectory, even though the cycle of the American Empire is not over, yet.

To strengthen Orlov's analysis I thought I could apply the same five stages to an older Empire, the Roman one. And, yes, the five stages apply well also to that ancient case. So, here is my take on this subject.

To start, a list of the five Stages of Collapse according to Orlov.

  • Stage 1: Financial collapse.
  • Stage 2: Commercial collapse.
  • Stage 3: Political collapse.
  • Stage 4: Social collapse.
  • Stage 5: Cultural collapse.

Now, let's see how these five stages played out during the fall of the Roman Empire.

Stage 1 – Financial Collapse (3rd century AD). The Roman Empire’s financial system was not as sophisticated as ours, but, just like our civilization, the Empire was based on money. Money was the tool that kept together the state: it was used to pay the legions and the bureaucrats and to make the commercial system supply the cities with food. The Roman money was a physical commodity: it was based on silver and gold, and these metals needed to be mined. It was the Roman control over the rich gold mines of Northern Spain that had created the Empire, but these mines couldn’t last forever. Starting with the 1st century, the cost of mining from depleted veins became an increasingly heavy burden. By the 3rd century, the burden was too heavy for the Empire to carry. It was the financial collapse from which the Empire never could fully recover.

Stage 2 – Commercial Collapse (5th century AD). The Roman Empire had never really been a commercial empire nor a manufacturing society. It was specialized in military conquest and it preferred to import luxury items from abroad, some, such as silk, all the way from the other side of Eurasia, from China. In addition to legions, the Empire produced only two commodities in large amounts: grain and gold. Of these, only gold could be exported to long distances and it soon disappeared to China to pay for the expensive imports the Romans were used to buy. The other product, grain, couldn’t be exported and continued to be traded within the Empire’s border for some time – the supply of grain from the African and Near Eastern granaries was what kept the Roman cities alive, Rome in particular. After the financial collapse, the supply lines remained open because the grain producers had no other market than the Roman cities. But, by mid-5th-century, things got so bad that Rome was sacked first by the Visigoths in 410, and then by the Vandals in 450, It recovered from the 1st sack, but the second was terminal. The Romans had no more money left to pay for the grain they needed, the commercial sea lanes broke down completely, and the Romans starved. It was the end of the Roman commercial system.

Stage 3 – Political Collapse (late 5th century AD). The political collapse went in parallel with the commercial collapse. Already in the late 4th century, the Emperors had become unable to defend Rome from the Barbarian armies marching across the empire and they had retired to the safety of the fortified city of Ravenna. When Rome was sacked, the Emperors didn’t even try to do something to help. The last emperors disappeared by the late 5th century but, already decades before, most people in Europe had stopped caring about whether or not there was some pompous person in Ravenna who wore purple clothes and claimed to be a divine Emperor.

Stage 4 – Social Collapse (5th century AD). The social collapse of the Western Empire went in parallel with the disgregation of the political and commercial structures. Already during the early 5th century, we have evidence that the Roman Elites had gone in “escape mode" – it was not just the emperor who had fled Rome to take refuge in Ravenna, patricians and warlords were on the move with troops, money, and followers to establish feudal domains for themselves where they could. And they were leaving the commoners to fend off by themselves. By the 6th century, the Roman State was gone and most of Europe was in the hands of Germanic warlords.

Stage 5 – Cultural collapse (starting in the 6th century AD). It was very slow. The advent of Christianity, during the 3rd century, had not weakened the Empire's cultural structure, it had been an evolution rather than a break with the past. The collapse of the Empire as a political and military entity didn't change things so much and for centuries people in Europe still considered themselves as Romans, not unlike the Japanese soldiers stranded in remote islands after the end of the second world war .(in Greece, people would still define themselves as "Romans" well into the 19th century). Latin, the imperial language, disappeared as a vernacular language but it was kept alive by the Catholic clergy and it became an indispensable tool that kept Europe culturally united. Latin kept a certain cultural continuity with the ancient empire that was only very gradually lost. It was only with the 18th – 19th centuries that Latin disappeared as the language of the cultural elite, to be replaced by English nowadays.

As you see, Orlov’s list has a certain logic although it needs to be adapted a little to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The 5 stages didn’t come one after the other, There was more than a century lapse between the 3rd-century financial collapse (stage 1) and the three subsequent stages arriving together: commercial, political, and social collapse. The 5th stage, the cultural collapse, was a drawn-out story that came later and that lasted for centuries.

How about our civilization? The 1st stage, financial collapse is clearly ongoing, although it is masked by various accounting tricks. The 2nd stage, commercial collapse, instead, hasn't started yet, nor the political collapse: the Empire still maintains a giant and threatening military force, even though its actual efficiency may be doubted. Maybe we are already seeing signs of the 3rd stage, social collapse but, if the Roman case is a guide, these three stages will arrive together.

Then, how about the last stage, cultural collapse? That's a question for a relatively far future. For a while, English will surely remain the universal language, just as Latin used to be after the fall of Rome, while people may keep thinking they still live in a globalized world (maybe it is already an illusion). With English fading, anything may happen and when (and if) a new Empire will rise on the ashes of the American Empire it will be something completely different. We can only say that the universe goes in cycles and that's, evidently, the way things have to be.

Assange’s Cat

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Published on The Doomstead Diner April 16, 2019

Audio Only

(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God. Download of the mp3 is available on Diner Soundcloud.)


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This week saw a sort of an intermediate denoument in one long running Collapse battle, the case of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder and Whistleblower who has spent the last 7 years imprisoned in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  By no means is this the end of the story though, now we just move on to a new act, first to be played out in the Brit judicial system as they decide on whether & when he will be extradited to the FSoA.  Or maybe to Sweden, since the Swedes may ressurect the rape allegations and beckon him to the Swedish courts for a Cameo Appearance.  Break out the popcorn.

This development has brought out about every left-leaning journalist around in defense of Julian, here are a few articles, and this is JUST from the Greanville Post!

After 7 Years of Deceptions About Assange, the US Readies for Its First Media Rendition

The Assange arrest is a warning from history

Free Julian Assange! Stand Up for Press Freedom!

Julian Assange Arrested – Murdering Human Rights, Freedom of Speech – Murdering Freedom

A Marriage of Conscience: Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

The US Government Won’t Care About Your Definition Of Journalism After The Assange Precedent Is Set

Calling Assange a Narcissist Misses the Point

Stop the extraordinary rendition of Julian Assange!

The Martyrdom of Julian Assange

You have the right to always remain silent!

Citing Assange’s Work Exposing US ‘Atrocities,’ UK Labour Leaders Speak Out Against Extradition Effort

Victor Laszlo : Role Model for Assange, Manning and Snowden

Fallon (and his idiotic audience) laugh at Assange • Other court jesters do likewise.

Jimmy Dore: Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. Huh?

Tulsi Defends Assange Powerfully On CNN

Trump Supporters Are Hurting Assange With Their 4-D Chess Talk

Free Julian Assange! Stand Up for Press Freedom!

How Julian Assange was entrapped

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange found guilty of breaching bail terms | Al Jazeera English

Protesters Call on UK to #FreeAssange Outside British Embassy in DC

Paul Craig Roberts on the Assange arrest, and the corruption of much of the west’s regimes, from imperial powers to satellite nations.

Daniel Ellsberg On Assange Arrest: The Beginning of the End For Press Freedom

ORPHANED TRUTHS—Two antipodal voices denounce Assange’s arrest

Assange Arrested for Exposing U.S. War Crimes

How You Can Be Certain That The US Charge Against Assange Is Fraudulent

The Latest on Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange’s Arrest, US Extradition

PRESS RELEASE: Popular Resistance Organising Assange Protests

Free Julian Assange and All Political Prisoners

Ghion Journal: Julian Assange Arrested in London, the World Bears Witness

A conspiracy of cowards, crooks and criminals delivers Assange to the brutal mercies of the empire

…and so on…

Not too hard to figure out whose side Greanville is on here, now is it? lol.

My small contribution to this avalanche of words from the left is in the rant at the top of the page.  I go to bat for Assange's Cat.  🙂



Victor Laszlo : Role Model for Assange, Manning and Snowden

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on April 16, 2019


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Victor Laszlo : Role Model for Assange, Manning and Snowden


This writer’s favorite film of all time, right ahead of Seven Days In May and JFK is of course Casablanca. The film had it all, from WW2 suspense to old fashioned romance… with a good dose of twists and turns. In the film Paul Henreid plays Victor Laszlo, the Czech resistance leader, who has already escaped and eluded the Gestapo a few times. Laszlo has  been tortured on more than one occasion, yet told them nothing important. He comes to Casablanca in search of a way to leave North Africa and go to the USA to continue his important work. In a powerful scene near the end of the film Laszlo and Humphrey Bogart’s lead character Richard Blaine (AKA Rick of Rick’s Cafe Americain)  discuss Laszlo’s work:

Rick:  Did you ever wonder if all of this is worth it?

Victor: You might as well question why we breathe. If we stop breathing we will die. We stop fighting our enemies and the world will die!

How many times those of us who swim against the current of popular belief have asked ourselves questions like that. How many times our close friends and loved ones may have asked us ” Hey, you’re not getting paid for what you’re doing and it’s getting you nowhere. Why not just chuck it and live a life?” The answer usually comes from deep within us. Look at the work of Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Eric Snowden. These three not only risked their entire careers but one did jail time, and all three face false charges of treason in their quest for truth and justice. When the US government, in league with their international lackeys, has committed so many war crimes and crimes against humanity, those three, like Victor Laszlo, jumped into the fray and told the truth. Remember the horrific and disgraceful Apache helicopter massacre of July, 2007? That was when gun crews were heard on tape firing on a group of unarmed Iraqi men ( with two Reuters journalists among them) as if it was some fucking video game! From ten to eighteen men were killed, and two children sitting in a car were badly wounded! Yet, the release of this film was seen by US authorities as a breach of what, national security? If Victor Laszlo had access to such information against the illegal occupiers of his country, he would have done the same thing.

I asked a few colleagues and guests of my radio show as to why they write and rally others for the cause of defying this empire:

Paul Edwards, filmmaker and columnist: I write because it’s what I can do to fight the sickening fraud, deceit and injustice and crime of my own vicious and corrupt country: America!

Peter Koenig, geopolitical analyst, lecturer and writer: Yes, we are surrounded by what some call the Devil’s Minions. … this should give us more energy to NOT LET GO! Do we have the stamina to bring sufficient conscience into the war arena to slowly turn that ship around?

Bob Koehler, Anti war and anti empire columnist : Activism isn’t about shaking your fist at the bad guys. It’s about co-creating the future. It’s participatory evolution. To the extent that I listen to my soul, I am an activist.

Edward Curtin, professor, historian and anti imperialist writer- It is the call of my conscience, a spiritual necessity. Or call it simply my human response to violence and injustice. I could not live with myself if I did not respond.

Patrice Greanville, Media & geopolitical analyst: Revulsion.  The US empire represents what organised, sociopathic selfishness—capitalism—will do on a global scale when given favorable circumstances. As a virulent plutocracy, America is and has been for a long time the worst enemy of peace, justice and democracy, and a scourge not only on humans and innumerable helpless creatures, but the lifegiving planet itself, which it sees only as a resource to endless wealth and power. All wrapped up in a monumental cocoon of hypocrisy. Minimum decency obligates us to resist.

It seems like Americans always look for leaders to speak for them in every such manner. NO, what we need here during these terrible times, are more regular folks, like those quoted above, to speak up and  speak out for themselves about the need for drastic change. Why drastic? Well, as with WW2 Europe, the forces of evil , with their lust for greed and power, are ‘ Too Big To Succeed’ and must be thwarted. Victor Laszlo , Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Eric Snowden were not schooled to become activists. They chose to!!

—PA Farruggio

Palm Sunday 2019









Philip A Farruggio  is contributing editor for The Greanville Post. He is also frequently posted on Global Research, Nation of Change, World News Trust and Off Guardian sites. He is the son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen and a graduate of Brooklyn College, class of 1974. Since the 2000 election debacle Philip has written over 300 columns on the Military Industrial Empire and other facets of life in an upside down America. Philip has an internet interview show, “It’s the Empire… Stupid” with producer Chuck Gregory, and can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net
















Brexit Bullshit Deja Vu All Over Again

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Published on The Doomstead Diner April 14, 2019

Audio Only:

(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God)


Coming Sunday, April 21, 2019 to the Collapse Cafe

Just Another Day on the Farm – A conversation with FarmGal

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Visit Part 1 of the Brexit Kabuki Theater in:

Europe Special Collapse Wake-Up Call Edition: Brexit & Gilet Jaunes – Send in the B.U.M.s.



Well, we had another couple of weeks of Collapse Drama with Brexit, with the totally predictable result that once again, the can has been kicked down the road, this time until Halloween, October 31st, 2019.  Personally, if they want to go with a Horror Film Theme, they should have picked Friday the 13th, which next falls in September.  I'd really like to see Jason Voorhees set loose in the House of Lords and the European Parliament.  Maybe that would motivate the surviving Pols to actually get something DONE?

Now that we have achieved another Can Kick, all newz of Brexit will disappear from the FSoA MSM until October.  What will we DO without this Horror Show hitting the front page of Google Newz every Day?  No worries, SOMEBODY in Eurotrashland is bound to pick up the slack, a leading candidate for this is the Italians.  According to Don Quijones on Wolfstreet, their banks are on the ropes…AGAIN!

Italy already boasts the largest public debt pile in Europe in nominal terms, clocking in at €2.14 trillion, as well as the second largest in relative terms after Greece’s twice bailed out economy. Rome just forecast that public debt would hit a new record high of 132.6% of GDP this year. That record is unlikely to last very long given Italy’s stagnating economy and the government’s determination to cut taxes, reduce the retirement age and introduce a citizens’ basic income.

The biggest problem with Italy’s economy is that many of its problems are chronic and deep seated. Many of them date back to the adoption of the euro, in 2000, or in the case of Rome’s massive addiction to public debt, to the 1980s. As the OECD points out, real GDP in Italy is still well below its pre-crisis peak. Italy is also the only OECD country where incomes (as measured by GDP per capita) are no higher than in 2000. By contrast, in France, Spain, the UK and Germany they have risen during the same period by 13%, 17%, 21% and 23 respectively.

The IMF now envisages Italy’s public debt ratio ratcheting up to 134.4% of GDP in 2020 to 138.5% in 2024. As the debt increases, so too will the interest payments on the debt. That is unsustainable, especially with much of that debt scheduled to fall due in the next few years. In 2019 alone, Italy has an eye-watering €250 billion of bond redemptions to fund, which is roughly the equivalent of all Eurozone bond maturities this year.

It never ceases to amaze me how all the major problems in Europe that hit the newz seem to occur sequentially.  You never get 2 of these Mega-Crises hitting simultaneously.  It's like TBTB can't Multi-Task, they can only focus on one thing at a time.  How come the crises cooperate with them though and never come in bunches?  Is there some kind of planning here going on in the shadows?  Great fodder there for Conspiracy Theorizing!

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this installment of the Brexit Clown Show, since it is likely to be the last you'll hear about it here in the FSoA until the Goblins come out in the Walmart costume aisle in October.  The Brits however are likely to be further inundated with a daily dose of crap they are already completely fed up with.  It's kind of like getting the same Tweet from Trumpovetsky over and over again for 2 years.

Tangentially, we also discussed the situation with Julian Assange and the possible extradition to the FSoA, or maybe to Sweden if they dredge up the rape charges again.  On the scale of places I would want to be extradited to though, Sweden definitely gets the nod as first choice over the FSoA.

We'll move on here on the Diner next week to the practical subject of setting yourself up for resiliency when SHTF Day arrives on the shores of the FSoA, Canada and the rest of the English Speaking countries that tend to dominate the Diner in readership.  After that, who knows?  The Collapse Landscape changes on a Daily basis these days.

Tasty, Nutritious, Versatile & CHEAP: Cajun (Dirty) Rice

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Published on The Doomstead Diner April 7, 2019


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This may be my Favorite Recipe for serving up a great meal cheap on a SNAP Card Budget.  Full of Flavor and you can cook up the whole meal on a one-burner Bugout Electric Hot Plate.  It also keeps well in the fridge or a cooler, and microwaves well too without much loss of flavor or texture.  Good for a week in the cooler, and much longer if you freeze it.

There is no "fixed" set of ingredients for Dirty Rice, for the meat you use whatever you have available.  If it's Ground Beef or Ground Sausage, great and that will suit the typical Western palate these days, but you can use any meat at all for this, including but not limited to frogs, turtles snakes and alligators, or various gizzards like liver, heart,pancreas and I was recently informed by FarmGal even lungs can be made pretty tasty.  Haven't tried that myself yet though.  Also Roadkill is an option (the 2nd to last resort though).

Veggies are also mostly optional, although without the Holy Trinity of Celery, Onions & Green Bell Peppers you've drifted pretty far out from traditional Dirty Rice.  One ingredient you can't dispense with though is the rice. lol.

This vid also incorporates a discussion of best cookware types to bring along on a Bugout and a more extensive than usual accounting of costs on the meal.  Important factors as you plan for SHTF Day.  Further recipes utilizing Dirty Rice will be coming in the bye & bye as well.  Terrific for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, or even as a Midnight Munchy.


Don't miss tomorrow's Collapse Cafe, Brexit Bullshit Deja Vu all Over again with Jason Heppenstall



This time it’s personal…

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on April 12, 2019

Image result for koch fascists

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With your host, Category5.


Do you ever find yourself feeling like this guy?

No? I guess it’s just me.

I could have been much more well known if I had stayed on Youtube… or not. What’s going on in my brain and what comes out of my mouth are two completely different things.  C5 dont talk good.

You wont be able to count on me for an inspiring motivational rallying speech to the troops. Or to be a public teacher  of my thoughts and skills. The simple act of opening my mouth is generally enough to repel people.

So, it has come as a surprise to everyone that this form of communication has sort of worked for me. I get a bit more time to think about what I am trying to say. It slows down my thought processes enough that I can communicate in Human.

I’m far less likely to have the first words coming out of my mouth be ‘Poop Train’.

For me, it’s just best to stay out of the worlds way… and see civilization occasionally as a twisted tourist destination. A Dystopian Disney Land. If I stay too long, I generally want to release the Ebola virus and let nature take its course.

But for most of my readers that haven’t already, it’s just best to find that middle ground. With that said, Irv Mills put out his latest, Part 8, in the Responding to Collapse series. There is really good stuff in it. Ive got to throw in my big C5 seal of approval on this one.


On our end, the weather has finally made that change. Good thing because I was definitely at wits end.   It’s once again that time of  year when we step outside, look around and say… “What a shithole” and begin assessing all the winter damage that needs to be repaired.

Its that time of year to say the C5 Doomsteaders Prayer-

To whom it may concern, please don’t let me have a heart attack this year.

Lead us not into debilitating power tool related injuries, nor have any falls off anything that might break bones.

And deliver us from Cancer diagnosis.


Fuck it. I’m not in a very Typey mood lately. I’m going to pass on giving any survival advice this round. All I have been doing is Bucking, Splitting, Hauling and Stacking next years firewood anyhow. Not very interesting.

Curiously though…. I do wonder if this recent post had anything to do with my Apocalyptic Wood series. Things that make me go hum. Billhooks and Pollards and Coppice, Oh My! https://www.resilience.org/stories/2019-04-03/harvest-timber-without-destroying-forests/

I’m just going to be presenting others work this round in that mixed media reporting you have gotten used to… about stuff I have previously talked about… and has been on my mind lately, generally ruining my mood.

To start, I would say it is now confirmed that the US caused the Venezuela power outage. Good, full report here.


“The first stage, according to Dominguez, was the hacking the main computer and control systems. These systems would have been electronically assaulted, “leaving all computer screens black,” said the President. On Monday the 11th, Maduro also indicated that the attacks were made from Houston and Chicago, reaffirming that the US government itself was responsible for the cyber attack.”

“The second stage, Dominguez said, consisted of the use of electromagnetic pulse devices. Highly sophisticated devices of electronic warfare were aimed at the transmission systems and the control platform, disabling them and inducing the system to overload and fail.”

“The third stage was a direct physical attack to the intermediate platforms of electric distribution. There were five attacks on four substations, with little time between each one them; they were carried out simultaneously to stabilize the general electricity supply.”

And just in case you missed it, Chinese troops have arrived  in Venezuela this week, following Russian troops the week before. (edit a few hours later. This turned out to be fake news. Link removed. Solved)

Soooo…..How did we get here?

And how did Right wing  Fascism and all these acts of Terrorism happen so quickly?  It’s these douche canoes. The Koch Brothers and an underground group of billionaires that did a stealth coup of the US… and too a lesser degree Canada. Bring out the gimp.

part 2

part 3

You all know this quote. Maybe not.

and my favorite smart guy of the moment.


Favorite line “Three Nazis walk into a BAR. They don’t get up”. That is MY position. Period.

People philosophize all the time about, How did Nazi Germany happen?

One third of the population dehumanized one third of the population while one third of the population did nothing. And here we are again, watching it in real time. Or ignoring it in real time.

There is only one way I can think of to stop it… and unfortunately… it’s not gun control.

A few years old but you get the idea.

With that unpleasantness said…

Lets end this with a piece of music passed along from Mythos.

This is C5 on the Dark Green Mountain, transmitting from Koch Brothers/US Occupied Canada. If you are receiving this broadcast, YOU are the Rebel Alliance.



Just Another Day on the Farm – A conversation with FarmGal

Responding to Collapse, Part 7: A Team Sport

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Published on The Easiest Person to Fool on March 18, 2019

Late Winter (Early Spring?) on Lake Huron

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At the end of my first "Preparing for/Responding to Collapse" post , I said that we'd be considering the following subjects in this series:

  • where you want to be—where bad things are less likely to happen
  • who you want to be with—people you know, trust and can work with
  • what you are doing—something that can support you, and allow you to develop the skills and accumulate the resources you will need


I think I've given the first one adequate treatment in the last 5 posts (2 to 6 in this series) so now I'm moving on to the second item—who you want to be with.

So, who do you want to be with? The main thing, I think, is that you want to be with people, rather than being alone—to borrow a phrase from Douglas Rushkoff, being human is a team sport. (Here's a podcast with Rushkoff and Naomi Klein that I found interesting. Of course Rushkoff isn't talking about exactly the same thing as me, but it's still good stuff.)

What I am talking about is this: it is in the nature of human beings, and very much to our benefit, to work together in groups. Such groups act as a force multiplier, achieving more than what you would expect from simply adding up the number of people involved. And that's more both in the sense of 1) achieving the group's common goals and 2) enhancing the individual well being of its members. For most of the time that people have existed, we've lived together in small groups (less than Dunbar's number), made decisions largely by consensus, and allocated resources in a sort of "primitive communism"—from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs, if I can be forgiven for quoting Karl Marx.

During the difficult times that lie ahead of us, I think we will need to fall back on this way of living, in order to successfully meet the challenges we face.

But over the last few centuries this sort of thing has gotten a bad name. People have gone from living in small, close knit communities made up of large, extended families to living in isolated nuclear families or as lone individuals, and relating to other people mainly via the formal, money based economy. During the time when this change was happening, the level of affluence in our society continually increased, allowing us to get by just fine more or less on our own. It seems that many people have come to believe that individualism is at least partly responsible for the progress we have experienced, and that our former way of living probably had to be abandoned in order to reap the benefits of that progress.

I would say that such ideas are a long way from reality. So much so that I think we'd better stop here for a closer look at the advantages of living and working together in groups, and follow that up by considering why we have given up on this way of life. Best to be clear on this before going on to the practicalities and pitfalls of forming and working together in groups within your new community.

It's interesting that while today's corporations are intensely capitalistic and competetive, within them people are often organized in teams or crews whose members relate to each other in a very "communistic" way. I'd say that this is a tacit acknowledgement of what actually works best. For much of my career with Hydro One (Ontario's electric transmission and distribution utility) I worked as part of a crew of maintenance electricians. While it is true that there are some jobs that can be done by one person, most of the work we did went much better when done by a small group of people. Once such a crew gets to know each other and the work they are doing, they can organize themselves to do that work more productively and enjoyably than the same number of individuals could do working separately.

Within a crew there is usually a diversity of skills that complement each other, and allow people to focus their efforts on the parts of the job best suited to them. And of course the nature of most work (be it physical or mental) is such that it can be done quicker and more easily if the people doing it help each other.

Teams like this are an excellent learning environment, where you can pick up a great deal from people with more experience or different experience than you. Not just job related learning, but also contributing to your growth as a human being.

Beyond productivity and training, there are many benefits to the members of the crew which are not an intentional part of the situation or necessarily supported by management, but which certainly make for a better work environment— camaraderie, companionship, support (both in times of difficulty, and in growth and accomplishment), and the ability to make the boring parts of the job go quicker with humour, story telling, singing, etc.

As it happened we were also members of a labour union, which did its best to shield us from the worst predations of management. Unions are a pretty clear case of the use of group solidarity in dealing with a situation where the power dynamics would otherwise be completely one sided.

Co-operative efforts of groups of people in organizations like food co-ops and housing co-ops enjoy the benefits of enhanced bargaining power and economies of scale that are not available to nuclear families or single individuals. A group can also provide a safety net for its members in a way that conventional insurance, provided by a company whose main responsibility is to its share holders, can never do.

People working and living together also get to know each other quite well. Because of this the group can effectively discourage its members from shirking their responsibilities and provide them with a strong incentive to contribute to the full extent of their abilities.

And lastly I'll just note that compared to an isolated existence, living in groups with people that care about you and will help when you need it, has considerable psychological benefits.

So, given all these advantages, why have we largely abandoned our extended families and close knit communities?

Certainly, there is some overhead involved in living and working in close knit groups, and you can see why people who have attained a sufficient level of affluence might choose to exercise their independence and strike out on their own.

But the idea that group life is not worth the effort is somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. Living as we do these days, with a big emphasis on individualism and little opportunity to practice working in groups or learn it from experience people, we have forgotten many of the interpersonal the skills that make primitive communism work so well. And as long as things are going well there is little incentive to really try to make co-operative efforts succeed. We can do just fine on our own, without the trouble of getting along with others. Those whose lives are the most precarious, for whom individualism really isn't working, have come to simply not trust other people, and would never think of working together for their mutual advantage.

But even allowing for all that, I think we also need to keep in mind that isolated people are a lot easier to control and exploit, and this is very much to the advantage of the people who are running things in our society.

Whenever I see people making choices that clearly run counter to their own best interests, I've found that I only have to look a little further to uncover a great deal of effort that is being expended to make them do so. Effort that is being made by those who do stand to benefit from those poor choices. This is certainly the case practically everywhere in the world today, with most countries ruled by oligarchies who at best give only lip service to democracy, and are not of the people, by the people or for the people.

So, I would like to suggest that what going on here is rather different from the way we are encouraged to perceive it. Maybe, for most people, the growth of individualism was anything but progress. And while it is true that this happened while a lot of progress was happening, you don't want to confuse cause and effect. If you look closely, you can see that much of that progress was basically economic growth, or very closely tied to economic growth, which was largely driven by our switch over to using fossil fuels as our primary source of energy. So I'd say economic growth and the rise of modern capitalism drove the growth of individualism, rather than the other way around.

A excerpt from David Graeber's Debt: the first 5000 years may help clarify:

By the end of World War II, the specter of an imminent working-class uprising that had so haunted the ruling classes of Europe and North America had largely disappeared. This was because class war was suspended by a tacit settlement. To put it crudely: the white working class of North Atlantic countries, from the United States to West Germany were offered a deal. If they agreed to set aside fantasies of fundamentally changing the nature of the system, then they would be allowed to keep their unions, enjoy a wide variety of social benefits (pensions, vacations, health care…), and, perhaps most important through generously funded and ever-expanding public educational institutions, know that their children had a reasonable chance of leaving the working class entirely. One key element in all this was a tacit guarantee that increases in workers' productivity would be met by increases in wages: a guarantee that held good until the late 1970s. Largely as a result, the period saw both rapidly rising productivity and rapidly increasing incomes, laying the basis for the consumer economy of today.

This was the world into which I was born and grew up. Essentially, "setting aside fantasies of fundamentally changing the nature of the system" amounted to abandoning our communities and extended families, in exchange for individual affluence and economic security. Unfortunately, because of 1) a financial system based on interest bearing debt and 2) a growing population, this world required endless economic growth in order to continue fulfilling its promise. In another reality, where planets have infinite resources, this might have been possible, but not here.

After a few paragraphs about how this relates to Keynsian economics, Graeber goes on to say:

When the Keynsian settlement was finally put into effect, after World War II, it was offered to only a relatively small slice of the world's population. As time went on, more and more people wanted in on the deal. Almost all of the popular movements of the period from 1945 to 1975, even perhaps revolutionary movements, could be seen as demands for political equality that assumed equality was meaningless without some level of economic security. This was true not only of movements by minority groups in North Atlantic countries who had first been left out of the deal… but what were then called "national liberation" movements from Algeria to Chile, which represented certain class fragments in what we now call the Global South, or, finally, and perhaps most dramatically, in the late 1960s and 1970s, feminism. At some point in the '70s, things reached a breaking point. It would appear that capitalism, as a system, simply cannot extend such a deal to everyone. Quite possibly it wouldn't even remain viable if all its workers were free wage laborers; certainly it was never be able to provide everyone in the world the sort of life lived by, say, a 1960s auto worker in Michigan or Turin, with his own house, garage, and children in college—and this was true even before so many of those children began demanding less stultifying lives. The result might be termed a crisis of inclusion. But the late 1970s, the existing order was clearly in a state of collapse, plagued simultaneously by financial chaos, food riots, oil shocks, wide spread doomsday prophecies of the end of growth and ecological crisis—all of which, it turned out, proved to be ways of putting the populace on notice that all deals were off.

I would say that the underlying problem causing this failure of capitalism is economic contraction caused by the reduction in the surplus energy available as we've been forced to tap into ever poorer quality and/or less easily accessible fossil fuels. And sadly this is a problem for all economic and political systems. Indeed, it is a problem without a solution, which is bringing about changes that we will just have to adapt to.

I am not certain if Graber agrees with me that the crises we've faced since the 1970s are quite real, but I do agree with him that those in power have certainly used those crises to "put the populace on notice that all deals are off." He is also quite right that this is a "crisis of inclusion"—as the economy contracts the rich and powerful are not about to be excluded, so a great many other people have had to be, in order for the rich to keep a relatively larger slice of a shrinking pie.

But how, you may ask, does this relate to the problem of diminishing community in our modern society? Well, it seems that all the fixes that are available to the excluded majority involve us being separated from our former support systems (family and community in an informal economy) and striving to perform better as competing individuals in the formal economy.

We are told that to secure a good job we need an education, at least a bachelor's degree. This means (in many countries) taking on a significant amount of debt, so that after you graduate, you'll be desperate to get a job and pay off your student loans. This leaves you very little choice in the job you take and little choice about leaving it if it doesn't suit you.

To get that job it is very likely that you'll have to move a long way from where your family currently lives and set up as a lone individual, in a place where you, at least initially, have no support network.

If you meet the love of your life and decide to live together or actually marry, you will both have to go on working to pay off those student loans and make a start on building a family together.

This is a stressful situation, especially since you don't have any sort of support network and I suspect it contributes to marriage breakup. If you do break up you'll be left as a single mother or a lone individual.

Or perhaps instead of seeking higher education, you could go for a job in the trades. As I said earlier, crews of tradesmen are among the best examples of communistic relationships found in today's world. But in most companies there is a strong push to have people working by themselves whenever possible and to have as little contact with their co-workers as possible, lest they organize a union. Unions are in a desperate situation today, with no effort being spared to break them and leave working people completely at the mercy of management.

All this is very convenient for those who are in power. It is easier to exploit people who are not organized, who see each other as competitors rather than comrades. And in the process you can monetize much work that used to be part of the informal economy and make some additional profit out of it, while keeping people conveniently isolated from each other. I'm not saying this is a conspiracy of any sort, just rich people supporting the kind of politicians who will benefit them the most in the short term, and rest of us taking the path of least resistance through our lives.

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a good, secure job, it is pretty easy to look around and see than many other people find themselves with no support from family or community and working for minimum wage with no benefits in a job where their schedule can be adjusted and their hours reduced arbitrarily and they can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. And if they end up jobless and homeless, there is a definite tendency to put the blame for this onto them, rather than a system which sees workers as liabilities rather than assets.

No wonder many people are starting to express doubts about the current world order. As BAU continues to collapse it will become more and more clear that there must be a better way to live. Many would tell you that things are more likely to break down into chaos and violence but a closer study human behaviour in disasters shows that when there is trouble, people feel a strong urge to work together to help each other pull through.

Well, that was a lot of words expended in support of a proposition that I originally thought was obvious. I do think it was worth it, but now this post is just about as long as it should be. So I'll wrap things up here and continue next time with a look at the pitfalls and practicalities of forming and working together in groups within your new community.

The Disaster Mythology is a subject that keeps coming up on this blog, and to save explaining it again and again in various posts, I've finally created a page about the subject: The Disaster Mythology. Check it out.

Links to the rest of this series of posts, Preparing for (Responding to) Collapse:


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Just another day on the Farm with FarmGal



Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call – April 7th, 2019

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Published on The Doomstead Diner April 7, 2019

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Audio Only

(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God)


After the Cornucopia of Doom Jason Heppenstall and I served up last week,maybe you thought things couldn't get any Doomier?  THINK AGAIN!  Collapse is going into Overdrive now, and each week the newz from around the Globe charting the course af the disintegration of the Industrial Civilization comes with ever greater frequency on ever more fronts.  There's no escaping it anymore, not even on the MSM.  I don't have to go to Doom Blogs or Peak Oil websites anymore to find the stories, they come right up on the Front Page of Google Newz.

This week we have of course still more Brexit Bullshit with no resolution in sight, at least not one that ends well anyhow.  Then there is the ongoing and escalating political crisis here in the FSoA coming from the daily Tweets from the Lincoln Bedroom.  The Mexican "Invation" of families fleeing the violence in Central America, Trumpovetsky's Tax Returns, Michael Cohen's "treasure trove" of 14 million emails from an old hard drive and Elon Musk's troubles unloading expensive Teslas are all in this week's Morning Wake-Up Call!

About the only thing I can tell you for sure here that it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better, and the timeline on when it will start getting better is not even on the horizon, so don't wait for that to happen!  Don't becaught with your pants down when SHTF Day comes to your doorstep! Get ready to go through hell now!

Image result for if you're going through hell keep going

I'll be chatting more with Jason Heppenstall on the Brexit Bullshit next week as they arrive at the 11th Hour of the latest moving deadline.  In case you missed our last chat, here it is again to catch up:

The Holy Meal

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Published on The Doomstead Diner April 6, 2019

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The weather finally broke here on the Last Great Frontier of Alaska, and Spring finally forced Winter to release his Icy Grip on our beautiful and sparsely populated state.  Most of the snow and ice has melted off now (at last!), and this week we had our first day where it was truly comfortable for me to go outside, a balmy 39F, as well as reasonably safe with no ice on my Cripple Ramp out onto the back porch to slip on, fall, and then lie freezing to death as a helpless cripple.  For me, this meant only one thing, it was time for the 1st BBQ of the season!  After a full winter of all indoor cooking, especially with the new culinary adventure of the Cooking Zone, I was MORE than ready for a nice JUICY ribeye done on the grill in the Great Outdoors.  Of course, my back porch is not exactly the Bush of Alaska, but for the 1st BBQ of the season, it's perfectly serviceable.

Image result for 154-04 beech ave flushing 11355 I resolved also to do this BBQ in the TRADITIONAL fashion (traditional for me).  That meant doing the BBQ the same way I did them when I moved back to the FSoA at the age of 10 after living in Brazil, and did my first BBQ in back of MY HOUSE, the house I lived in with my mom and my sister until I went off to College at Columbia.  It didn't have much of a backyard, in fact not much bigger than the one I have now behind my humble digs here in Palmer, Alaska.

Traditional meant the meal would consist of the STEAK with SAUTEED MUSHROOMS IN GARLIC and a BAKED POTATO loaded with BUTTER & SOUR CREAM.  I stuck to this menu religiously, no variation there.  Also no variation in the Cooking Method, none of the fancy newfangled methods I have been experimenting with lately for the Cooking Zone show like Sous Vide or Instapot Pressure Cooking.  The Instapot was GREAT with the Corned Beef & Cabbage I made for St. Paddy's Day this year, but for a Ribeye Steak it just wouldn't do.  Ribeye is a very tender cut of meat best served (IMHO) RARE, while Brisket used for Corned Beef is quite tough unless you cook it a long time or under pressure, and is Well Done at the finish.  For those of you who missed it, here is the Cook on the Great St. Paddy's Day 2019 Corned Beef & Cabbage:

This Corned Beef turned out so good I ate all 2.5 lbs of the Brisket in 3 days, for nearly a pound of BEEF every day.  For a person with a normal appetite that is a LOT, for me with my depressed appetite since the accident it is unheard of.  I wasso enthused about it I bought 3 MOAR Briskets which I dropped in the Freezer to eat on some other occasions BESIDES just once a year on St. Paddy's Day.

For the Ribeye though, I stuck mostly to the Traditional method, with a couple of slight variations.

The first was that this was not a brand spanking new Ribeye straight from the Chicago Feed Lots, It was a Ribeye from my Preps, vacuum sealed and in the Freezer for at least the last 5 years, since I haven't done any new Vacuum Sealing of meat since I moved into the new digs around 4 years ago, and this predates that move by at least a year although I neglected to date my prep food packages at that time.  So this meal also became a test of just how long a frozen & vaccum sealed piece of meat would last for after SHTF Day arrives, assuming of course you have enough JUICE to keep your freezer running.  A medium size Solar Array off grid will be enough for this task though.

The 2nd variation from tradition I will leave a Mystery, you will need to watch the video to find out what that one is.  If you have been following the Cooking Zone and the SNAP Card Gourmet though, you probably won't be too surprised to find out what it is.

Finally,why do I call this "The Holy Meal"?  Well, that's because if I do get sufficient warning of my final meeting with the Grim Reaper bearing my First Class Ticket to the Great Beyond, this is the meal I will have for my LAST SUPPER.  It holds so much meaning for me, my history with cooking food and all the places I made this meal stick in my mind, from backyards in the many places I lived, to Truckstop parking lots where I pulled my Hibachi out of my Freightliner to make a BBQ, out to the Bush of Alaska before I was transformed into a Cripple.  Besides, it tastes GREAT!

Image result for the last supper

C5 Serves Up a Triple Decker Collapse Shit Sandwich

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on April 4, 2019

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Deck 1 ↓

C5’s Incredibly Boring Food Storage

food 1

With you Host, Category5.


Come on inside today for a tour. Shake off your boots and warm up by the fire.

It’s been a LONG and psychologically challenging winter. Still, I can feel the sun creeping back with my improving mood. Even with the cold, we are getting a few hours of heating from the greenhouse being pumped into the house.  Our wood supply should run out in the next couple of days. No worries. We keep an extra years supply of 5 year seasoned hardwood for just this reason. Next winters wood is piled up out front to begin drying. I think I will top it up a bit more. I hear, people are crying out on crackbook to find seasoned wood because they ran out. Winter started early, here.

In the same way, our food storage is shrinking this time of year… but it is worth a look, just to de-mystify the idea to others. To make it seem less weird.

I have mentioned several times, C5’s F5’s of Adaptation. Food Storage. Food Production. Firewood. Fuel Storage (short term) and Friends (long term)

We sort of have our own grocery store in the back room that we pull from and re stock when loss leader sales show up. Hold that thought. We will get back to that at the end of the tour.

Might as well start in the kitchen…  walking to the fridge. Quick grab stuff. We are not the most organized people. The glass containers keep mice out and are not air or moisture permeable. I’ll grab any commercial sized pickle jars when I can find them.

food 2

I was looking in the fridge and that made me say, WOW, it must be getting close to the end of winter. Its not as packed as it usually is. This is MrsC5s domain. It’s always a mystery as to what is in there and I can never find anything… but nothing goes to waste. We continue to use what others would throw out. There is still veggies in there from last falls small harvest. They might not look pretty but they are still cookable.

food 3

Its a barren wasteland in there. LOL. A full fridge uses less energy, BTW. I had hopped to show you what a fully utilized fridge looked like but I missed the opportunity. Take this, then cram another third into it.

With the returning light, the chickens are really pushing out the eggs at this point after the winter of being squeezed shut. About 6 a day. I will be sick of eggs very soon.

The photo up top of the article is the guest bedroom. I cant believe we actually have a guest bedroom, considering my past of living in a van and such. Still, it’s not exactly Martha Stuart living. I think of it as emergency refugee housing. Lets head there next.

But before we can even get there we have to get through the hallway.

food 4

Home canned stuff is really light this year since we lost much of last years harvest. Just dismal. We will see how this year goes… but I am expecting it to be challenging.

Now lets go see the refugee room. Its a little tight. If you come here as a refugee, all you can expect is a bed. Curtains flip down over the food though, to make it a bit more nice in there. Plus it keeps light down which degrades some food nutrition.

food 5

Now, the guest bed is a bit higher than most beds. That is because it sits on top of these.

food 6

Not a good shot but you get the idea. This is the long term storage stuff. Properly stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, in food grade buckets to keep the mice out. Rice. Beans. Animal grade wheat berries. Spaghetti.

Now, before anyone says anything, we are going to be eating all of this. We generally don’t need stuff with a 25 year shelf life because we are rotating through it. Except for the long term stuff, most of this is cycled through with 2 years.  I would love a bunch of freeze dried stuff that just sits there and looks pretty…but it is outside our price range.  Very little of this was bought at full price. Most of it was AT LEAST half price. We got it when it was on sale. We will eat it. Then we will replace it when we find it on sale again. It only seems odd because you have been paying some other corporate fuck to be storing it for you, in warehouses to be doled out by “Just in time, delivery”. What could possibly go wrong?

The days of having a larder, root cellar, butcher and cool room, smoke house, spring house or ice storage house are now gone,  lost arts, and are slipping out of human memory… though that was once just normal life. We gave that all away for the illusion of wealth and “progress”. How is that working out for you?

The best WE personally can pull off  is what you see. I’m sort of proud of it. It might seem excessive but it really wasn’t all that expensive. We built it up over time and got good at spotting sales. It was way less than one of your vacations or house renos. Way less. We simply missed one vacation and bought food security instead. That is not quite true. We didn’t throw the money away. We just got ahead of the game a bit. The grocery money is still right there, waiting to be eaten, in its cycle.

The next freak out I might hear would be someone screaming, “HORDING!!!!! Don’t you know that other kids are starving in Japan?”


Oh please. We didn’t build this during a food shortage, taking it from others mouths. You just decided to buy some other expensive things on credit instead, while we squirreled away a few cans here. A few jars there. And if things go tits up, we are one less person you need to get food to. We can be proactive and help others.

Speaking of the proactive part. Some people Game out in their heads, how they will feed themselves in a collapse. Because we have at least a year covered, I play a much more advanced game in my head. Hold that thought.

I mentioned in a previous post, that this is our buffer against a failed harvest or collapsed food system inputs. This buys us a year to substantially ramp up other food systems we have been growing in experience with. But if we take on even one more couple, that halves our time… and becomes untenable. We would all die slow.

With that said… I have a plan. I like to think it’s what you would be expecting from me and how I use my experience and grey matter. I have been Gaming this out in my head for years. It’s my mental popcorn.

In my Game, I work through, in my head, how to keep 4 other families alive… indefinitely. And in this mental game, I don’t start in the spring. I start at the beginning of winter. Worst case scenario. 6 months of winter before we can even get at production.

It’s my rubix cube. Just in case you ever wonder what is going on in that unusual head of C5. I try to solve impossible problems and I have been doing this for ever. As a teen, I survived school internment by Gaming out how to survive a nuclear war without a fallout shelter or supplies. That makes feeding 10 people on 2 peoples food much easier. Difficult… but it’s what I do.

That is what I mean by being proactive.

Lets move on with the tour. We are not done yet. To the laundry room.

food 7

Oh, My poor onions. We are defiantly going to run out of them before next harvest comes in. I suppose it’s important to tell people, I am writing this on March 7 so you understand where we are in the storage cycle. And the bigger totes are for bulkier foods, once again to keep mice out. Plus they stack well. A pain to get access to, though.

I just had Mythos over and he went, “WOW. You still have Zukini”. This is the value of proper sun hardening them, setting them in the greenhouse to finish instead of leaving them in the field.

food 8

Well, I guess the last ones are coming up on 5- 6 months of storage. That took some practice.

Potatoes are also light (and small) this year because of the mid summer heat wave and drought. Squashes are just tucked into any available crevice. I just discovered these.

food 9

Butternut squashes are the food of the apocalypse, dudes and dudetts. Trust me on this. During all the mid winter parties we went to, it was becoming a joke. Some version of squash soup showed up at every single one of them. I am sick of squash soup… but I heard the peanut satay squash stew was to die for. I passed on it because I was already squashed. We usually still have a few as the next harvest is ready to be gathered.

Almost done. Back to the mysterious no go zone of MrsC5. I hear there is still a lot of Mr Woo, the giant pig, still in there. I wouldn’t know. I have been kicked out of the freezer.

food 10

Always packed, every inch… and if you look carefully, anything store bought in there has a 50 percent off sticker on it. You will also notice the second mini freezer. We only use that late summer to fall when we have abundant solar. Part of food processing. Frozen tomatoes and grapes and such. A freeze helps get skins off before canning. Plus we can hold off some canning until we have more time.

And if, for some reason, electrical is taken out, we have more than 100 canning jars ready to go and much of this can be saved. I just noticed we still have a lot of last years corn harvest in there. Must eat that.

Soooo…..When I am talking about the Adapters Principle, MAKE FOOD FIRST AGAIN, you can see I am not talking out of my ass. I prefer to show instead of just tell.

And this concludes our post apocalyptic food tour. Please come again. Tell your friends. Pick up some eggs from the gift shop on your way out. Don’t forget to put a TIP in the donation box by door, where it says,”Giving Just The Tip”. And bundle up. It’s only minus 17c with the wind chill, outside. I’m glad for the late dump of snow though. When spring hits, it will hit fast and I want that water to store in the soil for as long as possible. I am expecting more drought this year.

One last thought before you go, to take with you. A few months back, Farmgal put out a warning to her readers. She mentioned that she hadn’t been finding the loss leader sales as much this year, and it was time to give up, break down and buy food at regular cost. I agree. It’s what I have noticed as well… and I was just waiting for the right opportunity to tell people. Thus, this tour. I am still pulling off 50% off deals in the perishables. We are kick ass at that skill. But on other non perishables, the sales haven’t been all that good, while regular prices rise and purchasing power lowers. Just in case you forgot about all that heat and drought last year, reducing crops. And while we have been freezing because of the Northern oscillation faltering, on the other side of the planet, Australia was getting cooked…then flooded… then cooked again. Fish dying. Even the Kangaroos…and Camels were dropping dead… and not in small amounts.


Bonus reads are a little lite this post. This one is just to badger a previous point-   https://undark.org/article/the-psychology-and-allure-of-conspiracy-theories/

This one is also a bit lite. But it is also to badgers a previous point. I like the cover photo though… and the sub title. “Food System Adaptations to the Great Simplification- https://www.resilience.org/stories/2019-02-26/the-future-is-rural-the-unexpected-consequence-of-energy-descent/

And how about ending this episode with another DJ-C5 song… once again from the Danish symphony, taking me way back to the original Blade Runner soundtrack. A fave. Obviously someone else’s as well.

And I missed the opportunity, last post, for some Bob Marley, with the Jamaica, The Yard and Trench Town reference. I never liked Marley before that. But After… I found a huge respect for the man, that he could find so much positivity wile living in such a rough place. And that is why Marley gets his place in the Post Apocalyptic soundtrack.

Movie scenes I can relate to. “I’ve seen things… ”


My Thoughts Have Been Dark Of Late

With your Host, Category5.


Where does one begin a post like this. Might as well jump right in. Roll the video.

This one is worth blowing up to full screen.

On first glance, this video might appear as a dark image of some future dystopia. Take off the soft filter, separated from the retro artistry and you realize we are already living in that world. We just got used to it.

Another week. Another mass shooting by another right wing terrorist.

Sucks to be right all the time.

Expect more of that going forward.

Readers have gotten used to my ability to find humor in the face of our rather dark future. To stand in front of the Gods, chuck an empty beer bottle at them and say, “Did you come to take me or are we just going to stand here and jerk each other off. Get on with it”.

I deal with a lot of what other people consider too scary to look at. It doesn’t get me down when I talk about a future of mass starvation. A climate too fucked up for regular agriculture. Failing Economic structures. Mass migration. Water too polluted to drink. Fish too polluted to eat. Air too polluted to breath. Jobs too immoral to work. Multi generational dept slavery. Oceans too acidic to support the bottom of the food chain. Topsoil devoid of life that washes or blows away. Deserts where there was once forest. Having to walk past starving children with distended tummies, knowing they will be dead in a few days. Deliberately not helping, for survival nessesity… and having to learn to live with the mental illness, PTSD and constant desire for suicide in the years that will follow that necessary hard choice…

And I speak of all this matter of factually. None of this phases me because it is simply the world I saw coming since childhood. Since I first grasped how exponential growth worked.

But I have been struggling this year as the spring approaches. I just cant find the inner gumption to get on with all the hard work that goes into building the next years upgrades to the doomstead.

If you were to ask me, what got under my skin, what made me depressed, it would be watching the U.S. coup of Venezuela. The sheer audacity and blatantness of it. So soon after the lies of Iraq, Syria and Libya. And they cant even bother to come up with good war propaganda this round because the know they don’t need to. They can blatantly say say they are going to invade because they want the oil. And in true corporate gangster fashion blatantly say,  What’cha going to do about it?  They can look me in the eye and call me Bitch to my face. And do you know what? They are Right. Figuratively and Literally. When did Canada, Europe… and most of the rest of the world become the U.S.’s Bitch?

I have even thought of ending my articles from now on with, “This is C5, coming to you from Koch Brothers/U.S. occupied Canada. If you are receiving this, You are The Rebel Alliance.”

And this blog is sort of my post apocalyptic, mixed media, radio show, to keep you informed, keep your spirits up, and give out practical Adapter survival skills to help people through all this. It’s not so I survive. That ship has sailed. My prime has passed. I am a heart attack or cancer diagnosis waiting to happen. I’m only doing this to give a few of the younger generation a fighting chance.

We cant beat them. All we can do is Dig Deep, Grow Food and Outlast Them. Hold Fast until the Empire has bankrupted themselves. Pre-position yourself and stay out of the way of the lumbering giant. Fight if you have to.  Adapt to the Chaos that follows.

make us great agan sign of beast

It seems that the Empire’s war strategy is Economic Sanctions to starve the populations of anyone that says “No”. So I suppose, it needs to be added,  “And they shall not buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast”.

Being that starving a population is a WAR CRIME, The Empire has declared that  they will now punish anyone starting a war crimes investigation of them. I wish I was making this up. I wish this was conspiracy theory… but they are blabbing about it openly, to our faces, as a threat.

I guess it’s time to start the Bonus Reads early this round and you will want to read them all.


And if you have fallen for any of the corporate media story being pushed about Venezuela (… You know, This is what Socialist do, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Funders of Terrorism, Bringing Democracy, They are tossing Babies from incubators…shit)  its time for you to get caught up.


I’m surprised this was so hard to find. I couldn’t even get this for you with visuals. One of the most profound, predictive, dystopias from early Sci Fi that is coming true. From Rollerball. (1975)

Lets get back to that latest blood letting by the Koch’s aryan army and Terrorist for Trump brigade.

For your next bonus read, I need to introduce you to Surly over at The Doomstead Diner. I’m glad others have been getting the way I have been feeling. “A Bloody Week In Doom”-



You can find more dailyish Surly News here.  http://www.doomsteaddiner.net/blog/news/

And just in case you think I am unfairly taring every righty leaning moderate with the same barrel cleaning brush, lets here from the other angle of the dangle. “Now is the time of Monsters”-


And tighty whitey righty Douche Canoes, immediately came out with conspiracy theories that this was a conspiracy, false flag attack by lefties “because they are crazy like that”(Rush Limp-bah) to discredit conservatives… that go right back to talking about killing minorities and lefties. How stupid do you need to be? This isn’t free speech. It’s complicity. It’s enabling. It’s truly embarrassing that those of us in the know, even have to put out an article like this … or a video like this

Double Tap


Well, lets move on to some of those practical Adapter skills to keep you going during the dark days ahead. This one is by Reader Request. I’ll never really know what articles will resonate with readers in advance. I thought the “C5 Gets Apocalyptic Wood From Faggots” article was really practical stuff. But it was the “C5’s Extremely Boring Food Storage” that instantly had people racing to send a donation… just so they could send a note with it. Demands were made as to, how the heck do I still have Zucchinis. I suppose this merits a photo. Hang on. Ill go haul out some gourds and grab the camera.

life and death

(before I forget, A big thanks CR ,JT and TM, for the donations. I put it towards a lite electric chainsaw for all that coppice wood and removing combustibles near the house. As Smokey the Bear would say, “The ass you save might be My Own”)

One Tipper wrote, “You did it- you went ahead and showed us yours ;)…I don’t know if you do reader requests,  but I would love the details of how you cured the zucchini for storage”.

For those missing the joke, I have long since threatened to go full frontal on this blog if I need to. It’s nice to know that strange women still want to see my penis. Probably a few men as well. I was about to mention peoples fascination with Zucchinis… but, inapropes, dude.

Another Tipper wrote,”cant comment so doing this. Don’t leave us hanging! 1) explain how you harden your zukes. 2) explain your feed four families on two people game plan. Very interested in your thought process on that! Others of us enjoy similar mental exercises”.

Oh, good. It’s not just me. Inappropriate comment on what mental games  harden my zuke.

I’ll pass on the feeding 4 families game, this time, since we are getting too long already  and still have much to cover.

Hardening my Zukes. Keeping my Gourds engorged. First off, its important to point out that I am not an expert… on much of anything. I don’t know the right heats or moisture. I can only tell what I have done and observed. To start, in the past, we couldn’t save Zukes much past chrismas. They are softer than other squashes or pumpkins so that is why they go faster… and thus people interest on why I still have some on March 19. Lets walk through it.

To start, I don’t understand why people eat the small ones. It’s the same Zucchini as the small ones. This is just what they grow up to be. Once it is big, its more clear that it is a gourd or squash. I have even had a few cross pollinate with pumpkins for a hybrid. Keep that in mind when deciding what and where you are going to plant, if you wish to keep a seed strain. We have unpredictable frosts here and that is only going to get worse as heat pushes cold air out of the arctic, and regular northern oscillation goes haywire. Every possible frost event, I am out their tossing plastic sheets and old bedding sheets over the plants. If you want your gourds to last, you dont want frost damage. Their leaves may absorb some of the damage and die to protect its seed balls. That is what a gourd is. A protector and feeder of the seeds, so it can live again. To avoid frost damage, any worry of a frost has me cutting the stem (as long as possible) and bringing them inside the greenhouse. That is just to get them out of the frost and off the dirt with all its active decomposing bacteria.

Fist thing to understand about hardening, is that the squash or pumpkin is still alive and growing. Not in size, but its skin is healing up any nicks or damage like a scab. It’s trying to close off any place that bacteria will enter, causing it to rot. A bonus is happening in the greenhouse in that solar radiation is nuking that bacteria dead. I want to leave them there as long as possible… until  I get to the next period of fear. That moment when I fear it might freeze in the greenhouse. Then they come in the house and are left by the windows. I want grow time for as long as possible. Then they go into a cool dark room to hibernate.   One last thing to keep in mind, because they are still breathing out moisture. You do not want them to be touching each other or even sitting  on an unbreathing surface. These are the places where bacteria may re establish. Over time, gords will become less sweet as they are feeding on the sugars to stay alive.

One more, one last thing. You want to be able to regularly observe your gourds. As soon as you see a blemish, that is when its time to use it. If you miss it, it will quickly go to mushy, drippy mess.

And one, one more last thing. Dont forget that the reason its a gord is because it is basically a ball sack. The seeds are good to go for next years planting. Sploosh.


I realized, last post, that I’ve got a good little scam going… by accident. You folks know I am allergic to commenters. Sooo…. If you want to talk to me… or at least At Me, the only way to do it is to send me a TIP. LOL. It makes me feel like one of those greasy tel-evangelists. “If you sends a donation today, I will take your beseechments directly to the gods of C5 and pray’a protection from the dark lords of apocalypse, over ya!” Yeesh. That made me feel dirty enough for a shower.

I’ll never feel fully comfortable with the donations part, but I am working my way into that, if I am putting this much effort into typing, that it is ok to get paid for it. Then reuse that into appropriate upgrades. Speaking of which, The electric chainsaw I mentioned above, showed up since I started this post 8 hours ago. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it. I had meant to do starter reviews on those two cleavers in the photo with the zucchinis… But there is already a full article here. Another time.

Noooo, cant do it. The Cold Steel Bear Bowie Machete (not to be confused with the cheaper model) was awesome in use. I was blown away. Right tool for the job. A couple reservations to talk about next time but more than good enough to recommend for brush clearing.

Stepping past the darkness of Douchey McMassMurderer and his corporate and state sponsors. This writing about something useful has temporarily lightened my mood…

and this happened yesterday. I’m spreading the Woo Woo.

real hope and change

Coming right down on the other urban refugee housing I put up their at the top of the hill. Teeny tiny trailer home… with a million dollar view. Plus the deer are sometimes up there so it will make a great hunting blind as well with no shortage of comfort. I’ll just have to get a covered salt lick up there and slowly start moving it closer to the trailer as a reserve food, meat source, while they last. Wandering the over hunted woods, right at the moment the deer are the most freaked and wary,  using up calories, right when you need to be conserving calories… not a great survival plan.  That’s one of my tricks in the Feeding Four Families through the first winter, game. More later.

Don’t forget the bonus reads I added…lest I stop adding them

Light up the darkness. If that doesn’t work Track em down, knock em down and lay the boots to their head. Trumps biker army, brown shirts? Pfft. My grandfather hit the beach in Holland, The Last Time that problem needed to be solved. Didn’t talk about it after. He would roll over in his grave, seeing it so close to home.

Sticking with last weeks theme, Marley deserves a more Dark Green Mountain appropriate encore.

This is C5, broadcasting from……..

If you are receiving this signal, YOU Are the……….


Deck 3 ↓




C5 Still Gets Apocalyptic Wood-It Just Takes More Imagination And Effort- P-II and 1/2

work 3

With you Host, Category5…

…and more inappropriate  double-entendre  blog titles. There’s a 3 dollar word to look up.

We continue the Double Penetrating look into getting wood during energy decline. Phrasing. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. We are getting in the middle of staying warm during the EROEI apocalypse. (I could keep this up all day… if I only had the stamina. Phrasing. Boom)

This is the fourth article in the “C5 Gets Wood” series. Here is the, sort of, part II and you can find your way backwards from there. https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2019/03/05/c5-gets-apocalyptic-wood-from-faggots-p-ii/

And to think, all of this started because of an online discussion on Billhooks. A European  wood cutting tool that never really got traction across the pond. We will continue to look at some Adult Tools you may not have thought of before for getting wood, when a gas powered chainsaw has ceased to be an option, either because the gas is gone or you cant afford it any longer.

work 4

But before we get there, I want to re visit Mythos and Logos homestead. Remember this?

inside 3 doc

This is an extremely simple rocket mass heater. (Stay tuned to the end. I have a surprise give away for a couple of people)  They heat their very small home… with sticks. Not logs. A rocket mass heater is a much more efficient burner of wood than a woodstove. Plus it has the bonus of being able to be made by hand. Double plus, it burns the stuff that loggers wouldn’t even bother to pick up. The stuff people just make burn piles of.

tiny hot 4 docThis is Mythos and Logos wood pile. They mainly use up all the forest wood they clean up, while reducing forest fire combustible material near their home. Old forests rarely burn and when they do, the big trees usually survive. Its all these second, third and fifth cutting, clear cuts, that are raging infernos waiting to happen that kill everything, all the way down to soil life.   One last past photo.

tiny hot 2 doc

And this is their incredibly impressive oven, that also heats the mass using those same waste branches.

Now, I mentioned I had some product reviews that needed to be done. I chose very specific products after long careful consideration. It took me months before making a purchase. Years in some cases. I want to share my reasoning on each purchase. The last thing Preppers/Survivalists/Adaperts need to hear is, “buy more stuff”. I have spent about 500 canadian bucks lately, and, lets face it, an ever increasing percentage of people cant afford to come up with 500$ to cover an emergency, let alone buy consumer goods. And each consumer good, destroys our life support system just a little bit further.

(I wanted to slip in this Bonus Read here because I needed some place to put it and I didn’t want you to miss it. By the, beyond reproachable and very likable Richard Heinberg. One of my heroes of the apocalypse. I got a few good chuckles from this post –  The House Is On FIRE!)


Flooding in the US, Hurricanes in several countries, heat records being broken up north… all in the last couple weeks.https://earther.gizmodo.com/it-was-70-degrees-in-alaska-this-week-1833492360?fbclid=IwAR0QOzz5AX-MAf1J27yLtqRM0-Vfb9oBWradaAzUpzOOYQ3ThGL-iVCPQYA

And that new abnormal is permanent. It aint going away. It only gets worse…

….and I needed to buy a few things on Amazon. Boy, It took a “special kind of evil” to think up a monopolistic, local economy destroying, company that is even worse for us than Walmart. Good Job Evil. At least at walmart you get to walk a bit.

Before we get to the hacking tools… I’m fully aware of the irony of in that in attempting to get away from chainsaw dependence… I bought another chainsaw. A CORDED electric chainsaw. Hear me out.

I’ve shown you all the hand cut-able wood carried up to the house. We also have solar and wind power. The most efficient way to buck all that up to stove size is to wait for a sunny day, put the wood into some gathering device like this, and whip through it.

cut 5

3-4 minutes later

cut 6

Most people don’t have solar… but they do have a car or know someone that does. Inverters that attach to a car battery are also easily available now days. Cars now days are much more efficient than a two stroke engine. My Stihl chainsaw is still indispensable,…

…but two is one and one is none.

cut 2

Also, I’m going to croak at some point. No denying that. The big chainsaw is too much for MrsC5 to handle (it’s starting to get too much for me) but a girl will still need wood (Phrasing). The electric is much lighter and easier to handle. Same issue for all the older folks reading this.

You can see, it’s still a substantial saw. I only reduced about a third the weight. In retrospect, I could have gone for the next size down for our purposes. Too late now.

Its much easier to improvise alternative electrical systems than alternative gas. And nearly impossible to come up with improvised 2-stroke mix. Either way, we have got both covered now.

We, personally,  could not justify the cost of a Stihl electric saw. If you can only spend 100+$, recommended best choice is the Worx WG303.1 14.5 amp.

But we wanted a mid range saw for reliability… and the gem in that range is the Makita UC4051A. Its been going on sale lately for 300$ canadian on Amazon. Deal of the century.

Being cheap ass’ed is an essential Adapters skillset. Following Yuppy Scum Survivalists is a great way to go bankrupt.

“The Best” is the enemy of The Good.

(bonus survival tip- A car and inverter is a much more reliable generator as gas generators often sit unused for years then wont fire when needed)

cut 4

Billhooks have been difficult to get in Cana’ duh. Logos lent me hers for a photo. The only reasonable one we can get here is the one from Lee Valley Tools in the 50$ range which doesn’t seem like a good price for the product. But that’s just me. I wanted some replacement options that do a similar job. Hacking in tight spaces. Cold Steel has done a grand job at low priced, good quality hackers. People can afford these. C5’s cheap ass’edness to the rescue.

C5 Rule of Adaptation- Go small or go home.

The shocking surprise was…

Now, doesn’t that make you feel all manly. Too bad they weren’t thinking about that the best way to not die is to avoid Hypothermia or become a frozen meatsicle for the Donner Diners next party. If it can handle the abuse of cutting though a leg bone without damage, then getting through 1-3 inch green firewood, hedge laying or clearing combustible material near you home…?…Right tool for the job! Plus it is lite enough for MrsC5 to handle, I can swing it all day without getting tired and in its sheath, its not hanging below my knee, so that means it doesnt get in the way when working in the garden or similar jobs on your knees. Phrasing. Boom.

My only problem so far is that the rivet on the snap strap that hold it on the sheath, popped off on the second  wear. Its very sharp and I dont want to accidentally cut myself by it falling out of the sheath. I’ll need to do some tactical sewing like a real man, to re attach it. Good thing I have a sewing awl. https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/sewing-awl/A-p8068660e

Next, we move onto the Cold Steel Heavy Machete. Even cheaper. Big cut in a small package. Here we see bucking that wood into stove size. You can see the depth of that cut and I didn’t swing hard. This is hardish wood.

cut 1

I Like. I think I will keep it as is, but you can tell from the photo below, that one of the reasons I took the risk of this purchase was that if it didn’t live up to my needs, that I would use it as a blank and cut it down into a much more French or Italian style Billhook. I might even sharpen the back side so I have two different cutting options. With hook for small branch gripping or without for larger chopping.

cut 3

Someone, tell Cold Steel to get on this.

And if it needs to be said, the wood will cut easier when green, but even though it is small wood, you will still need to stack it (covered) and let it season for a year if you want it to burn efficiently. You will also notice, I cut at an angle. It wont cut deep  if you just cut straight into it.

And, if their are issues with these items going forward, I’ll let you know.

It seemed like a smaller post in my head. This has gone on for several days. Looks like I have to come back some other time for… I can hear the groans…. Part 2 and 2/3s- C5 SAW Something That Gave Him Apocalyptic Wood……. Phrasing. Boom.


Continuing last weeks depressing post…

I mentioned in in one of those Bonus Reads… that you probably didn’t read, buy Greg Palast, is that the Venezuela situation can be summed up as….

“People don’t know the Kochs have these giant refineries, some of the biggest in the world, on the Gulf Coast of Texas, in the middle of oilfields. They can’t use Texas oil because it’s not heavy and filthy enough, so they have to take almost all their oil from Venezuela, one of the only places where you get this super heavy oil…. The Kochs have been going crazy – they were losing money at their refinery because of the price.”

Period! Lets continue with that, this Bonus Read- Turning Low EROI Oil Into No EROI Oil.


Top lines- “The second problem with fracking is that the oil recovered is of a lower quality than most conventional crude oil.  Refineries are set up to handle “goldilocks” oil – not too light, not too heavy – in order to optimise production of mid-range fuels like aviation fuel, diesel and kerosene (with petrol/gasoline as a useful waste product).  The trouble with fracking is that it produces too much light oil (including natural gas condensates) and too little of the really useful mid-range oil.  The – apparently unsatisfactory – work around has been to blend US shale oil with Canadian and Venezuelan ultra-heavy oils in an attempt to create something – at additional cost – akin to the sweet crude”.

and- “In the brain-dead commentary sections of the mainstream media, the reason Venezuela is in crisis is simply “socialism;” although those making this crude analysis would reject the similar claim that the crisis in Haiti is “capitalism” or that the travails of Somalia are “libertarianism.””

It’s all about the EROEI folks. All of this. This is why I continue to bring you important Adapter skills like the ones on WOOD above.

Lets sum up. That whole Fracking “MIRACLE” and amerikas fake oil independence. It’s all basically useless oil… unless they control Venezuela and Alberta Canada.

And they have a shit load of money to spend on the best spin doctors, the best media money can buy, the right politicians they bought into office and a zombie population with short memories of their dead or traumatized loved ones and painful anus’s from the last time they were bent over with the right smooth talk of patriotism and the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs.

The only good news is that the human race might be dead soon by their own hands and all this suffering will come to an end. I can picture Buddha and Jesus sharing a joint and trying to figure out how to end this insanity.

…And speaking of progressive Jesus… or Lee Camp… here he is covering…..

….Pretty much, EVERY subject I just talked about a few days before in the last post. Plus he slips in a Dick joke… and a BITCH  joke. Spooky. I had been waiting on the Blackout subject till better info came in… though it seemed pretty obvious to me.

Shall we end this with one of DJ-C5s (and Mythos’s) favorite songs of all time… because of the dip shits in charge of industry and government and monopolized media. In the last post we played “War Pigs”. A great quote was, “I don’t listen to Black Sabbath very often… but when I do, so do my neighbors”. I don’t have neighbors… but on more than one occasion, when I play Industrial Metal… wolves have shown up to listen. True stories.

And don’t forget to stay till the end for the give aways



This is C5 at Dark Green Mountain Survival Research Centre. Transmitting from Koch Brothers/U.S. Occupied Canada.

If you are receiving this broadcast, YOU are The Rebel Alliance.


The TIP jar is at the top of the page, if you found this helpful, want to support the cause or were simply entertained by my weird one of a kindedness. You can’t get any of this in your nightly corporate news.

But I mentioned something about a give away.  Nicole Alderman from Permies.com donated 4 codes to give 4 people access to a video  based on a course on Rocket Mass Heaters.

She wrote, “A while back, Paul (Wheaton) gave me some gift codes to the Cob Rocket Mass Heater video (it’s a full-length film). Here’s a link to the video https://permies.com/w/cob-style-rmh. If you want to watch it, I can send you a code.

“Baring doomsday, the code gives the person permanent access. The person does have to make a permies account and be logged in to use the code. To have an account, they’d end up getting an email from us once a month[ish. We don’t share email addresses with anyone, and they can unsubscribe/close their account at anytime, and open their account to watch the video again”.

Thanks, Nicole and Paul.

Here is how this will work. I will leave the comments open. If you send me an Email address, I will send 4 people the code. It will come to me but I will not press the Accept Comment button, so your email isn’t made public. I’ll ignore and erase it after because your email address is none of my business or anyone else’s.

To keep this fair for my readers across the globe, some of which might be asleep at posting,  I’ll write down 4 times, and closest to the time gets it. After that, or if there is a problem I didn’t anticipate, I will then close the comments. No commenting several times allowed.


Brexit Bullshit Breakfast

youtube-Logo-4gc2reddit-logoOff the keyboard, microphone & camera of RE

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Published on The Doomstead Diner April 2, 2019

Discuss this Video at the Cooking Zone Table inside the Diner


Sometimes the ongoing Political Kabuki Theater & Clown Show we are immersed in transitions from just being mildly amusing to downright HILARIOUS.  Such was the case a few days ago when fresh off my chat with Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves, I was cooking Breakfast and simultaneously listeing LIVE to "debate" ongoing in Parliament following Theresa the Terrible's (TtT) latest defeat on her latest call for a Vote on her Brexit non-Plan.  Theresa has been living in Cricket-Land too long and obviously does not know the rule that 3 Strikes and YOU'RE OUT!  No more innings for Theresa!

Related image

TtT is not the only Clown operating on the political scene in Brit-ville though, they have enough Clowns to fill the entire Bench, and fortunately for those of us cooking breakfast at 4AM Alaska Time, this makes for a VERY entertaining backdrop for making an Omelet!  All brought to me through the magic of microprocessors, fiber optic cable and absolute GOBS of energy being consumed by Cisco Routers all over the world to get these juicy packets of information to my BIG SCREEN OLED monitor and amplified Sound Bar with Sub-Woofer. 🙂

Image result for alexandria ocasio-cortez dancing For those of us living on this side of the pond, even those at the far western end on the Bering Sea like me, this is a welcome respite from our own Political Soap Operas, including but not limited to Trumpovetsky threatening to close the border with Mejico, handing out Security Clearances to anyone who had regular Chats with Ruskie Intelligence or could Fog a Mirror, Uncle Joe Biden Groping his way around every set of Ta-Tas that ever appeared on a Podium with him in the last 50 years of stumping and cutting deals with his Corporate Masters, all while AoC shakes her Bodacious set of Ta-Tas around to get everyone to pay attention to the problem of Gender inequality.  This being more important of course than the fact everybody is going fucking broke these days!

Anyhow, I don't talk too much in this Breakfast Recipe Video (for a change!), other than to give a few pointers along the way for making a good Mushroom Omelet and cooking cheap and EZ sausage patties and hashbrowns and set up the cook at the beginning.  The rest of the time you get to listen right along with me to a bunch of Prep School Jokers bloviating and trying to "solve" a problem in the next 2 weeks they have been completely unable to make progress on in the last 3 years since the Limeys voted to exit the Hotel California Europa, where you can Check Out but you can Never Leave.  It should get very interesting as we get closer to this latest of constantly moving backward deadlines.

For a little more in depth analysis in case you missed it, here's Jason & me discussing the Brexit Fiasco, along with numerous of the other ongoing Collapse Calamities befalling the E.U. these days, as the leader of the pack of Western countries to spin down the toilet in the Collapse of Industrial Civilization.

…and don't miss next Saturday's Cooking Zone vid "The Holy Meal", complete with a Burning BBQ!

…Welcome to the Doomstead Diner, where you can Check Out, but you can Never Leave.

Europe Special Collapse Wake-Up Call Edition: Brexit & Gilet Jaunes – Send in the B.U.M.s.

youtube-Logo-4gc2reddit-logoVideo & Audio off microphones & cameras of RE

Text article off the keyboard of Jason Heppenstall

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Published on The Doomstead Diner March 31, 2019

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Audio Only

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(audio-only MP3 provided in case you want to multi-task and listen while sitting in traffic on the way to work in your cubicle or digging post holes for your fencing on the Doomstead or kneeling by the throne and Praying to the Porcelain God)


View more Collapse Wake-Up Calls on Diner YouTune


Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves and I got together to bring back one of our most popular offerings over the years, the Collapse Cafe discussion show.  Subject for the conversation was the ongoing clown shows going on in Eurotrashland, from Brexit to Gilet Jaunes to economic collapse revving up in Germany and the further ratfucking of the Greeks.

Below, Jason's take on what a Brit Gilet Jaunes movement might look like.  Above, our conversation on vote day when the 10 Downing Street Clownette got her hat handed to her again.  Enjoy it with your Breakfast.  I suggest a Loaded Bloody Mary this morning.

Image result for loaded bloody mary


Brexit Betrayal: Time to get out the Umbrellas?

by Jason Heppenstall
“Only a revolution can save us now,” said UK independence maven Nigel Farage this morning. Indeed – it’s starting to look that way.
Today, March 29th 2019, was supposed to have been the day that the UK left the EU. ‘Brexit Day’ was a date pencilled into many a diary and wall calendar – the date the UK would either experience the joyous state of elation that comes with full independence – or the day that Armageddon finally kicked off – a depending on your point of view.
Instead, all we have is a heap of broken promises, a mass of frustrated and aggrieved voters and a dispiriting display of parliamentary shenanigans that would put a chimps’ tea party to shame.
So, what next? Well, apart from an undignified political free-for-all and a raft of new ‘meaningful’ (meaningless?) votes, as well as an endless series of parliamentary amendments (assuming the Remain-voting Speaker John Bercow deigns to allow them to be debated) – it seems like it will be a continuation of business as usual, with the political class doing everything in its power to ensure the status quo is not threatened in any way.
How will this go down with the electorate? More specifically, how will it go down with those who voted for Brexit and now feel a deep sense of betrayal? If nothing else, Brexit has shone a light on the way power works in this country and revealed to a great many people the limits of the democratic system. How, many people ask, can such a seemingly simple thing as leaving a trading bloc have morphed into something so contentious and difficult?
One thing is for sure: anger and dissatisfaction is mounting as the disconnect between voters and their representatives in Parliament becomes clear.






























I’m thinking of France’s Yellow Vests and wondering if the same thing could happen here in Britain. The Yellow Vests, by and large, are a grassroots movement of regular working people who have an acute awareness that they are being thrown under l’autobus by the elite strata of society which has done so well out of globalised capitalism. Just like people who supported Brexit, the Yellow Vests have been on the receiving end of a tirade of abuse by the national media, in the case based in Paris. They are routinely called troublemakers and ‘right wing activists’ and are looked down upon by the folks who, just over two centuries ago, would no doubt wonder why this noisy rabble couldn’t just eat some cake and quieten down.
But the Yellow Vests have been very successful in their protests against President Macron and all that he represents. By refusing to back down, and being willing to have their fingers blown off by police grenades, their heads caved in by riot batons and their eyes blown out of their sockets by rubber bullets, they’ve proved that they are a different breed from the internet clicktivists that governments everywhere are so fond of precisely because they are so easy to ignore. The Yellow Vests have even forced their petulant president to bring in the army with orders to use live rounds on their own citizens, at a stroke reducing him to the status of a tin pot dictator.
And the bright fluorescent yellow vests worn by the French protestors are entirely appropriate. They are cheap, highly visible and all motorists must own one by law. In fact, it is one of the burgeoning laws foisted upon the French public that has made them feel they are suffering from death by a thousand cuts. What’s more, the vests are a blank canvas for writing slogans upon, and you can’t be arrested for wearing one. They might be armless but they’re far from harmless.
Is there a British equivalent symbol of protest?
Why, of course there is – the humble umbrella. Consider its properties as a symbolic motif for the building sense of frustration with the political class.

· It’s portable and utilitarian
· It’s inclusive – you can buy one for £1
· The very term ‘umbrella’ symbolises a unity of disparate causes, bound together under one overarching principle
· You can’t be arrested for carrying one
· It has defensive some properties if you find yourself under attack
· It’s a blank canvas on which to display your individual message or cause – you can even pimp it with technology such as webcams, or strap it to a drone and make it fly
· It’s an ironic statement, given that the umbrella is perhaps most associated with images of civil servants, City bankers and other members of the London elite classes who govern and otherwise set the rules the bottom 90% of the populace must live by
· More people are likely to turn up to protests if it is raining

Of course, it’s not an entirely new concept to protest using an umbrella – a movement in Hong Kong used it in 2014 to object to China’s lack of democratic reforms.
So any British Umbrella Movement would need to distinguish itself.
Perhaps that’s what they could be called – the British Umbrella Movement – or B.U.M. – the bottom 90% of society.
I expect to see plenty of BUMers on the streets if this political impasse persists any longer.



Don't miss the Brexit Bullshit Breakfast coming to a laptop near you on Tuesday























































Citrus-Maple Salmon with a Side of Collapse

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Published on The Doomstead Diner March 30, 2019

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An extra special TREAT for the Diners for Saturday Brunch today as the Spring weather comes here to the Last Great Frontier, a NEW and DELICIOUS recipe for that great Alaska Collapse Food, SALMON!  In this invention, I combined the flavors of the Carribean and the flavors of the North East during Maple Sap Tapping season.  The combination turned out to be exceptionally SCRUMPTIOUS!

Salmon is for Alaska the perfect Collapse food, one you can acquire without the need for money and without JIT delivery to your local Food Superstore.  The recipe though has some deficiencies in this regard, as Citrus fruits likely will not be shipped in here after SHTF Day arrives on the Last Great Frontier.  For the Maple Syrup though, you could easily substitute Birch Syrup which we tap right here nearby where I live.

The cook also is done with our Collapse Bugout Cooking Apparatus, this time the Electric Toaster Oven.  Price was also kept down to near the SNAP Card Budget, although it does slightly exceed it so this one qualifies as a low-end Premium Meal, not a typical day's meal when you are working on a tight food budget.

In other newz, since this cook I have been Upgrading the Cooking Zone Kitchen to be more of a Professional Utoob Chef's arrangement, with all my tools at easy arms reach and easily found when needed when you discover you forgot to find a tool before you started the camera running.  lol.  Here's the curent state of the refit:

This recent upgrade follows the initial upgrade I did to have a better Video set for production, cmera angles and lighting.  Here's the Tour of the Cooking Zone right after the initial upgrade was finished a few months ago:

As you can see, many cooking tools have now magically appeared on hooks surrounding my Food Prep area, which also doubles as my Consumption Location for EATING 😋 the food after I cook it up!   Besides installing all those hooks and auxiliary shelves, I also dug out of my preps in long term storage my nice Nipponese-style porcelain dishware to consume from, to give it all that classy, restaurant look to it. 🙂  Unfortunately, the largest plates in the set all broke I guess in the last move here, but they were too big anyhow.

The Food Prep and Consumption area also serves as the set for cooking on the Bugout apparatus of the Electic Hotplate, which you can see sitting on the shelf ready for action, which is often.  In fact most of my recipes are cooked here rather than on the gas stove to show they can be done with just this kind of apparatus and nothing else.

Not shown in the recent pics is the main standard cooking location of the Gas Stove, currently undergoing renovations.  I should have this neighborhood up to snuff in about 2 weeks, after Bozos delivers some stuff with FREE Shipping from Amazon Prime! 🙂  Also, remember when you buy stuff off Amazon to use the smile.amazon.com subweb and designate the Sustaining Universal Needs Foundation of Boiling Springs, SC as your Charity.  It doesn't cost you any extra, Bozos makes the donation.  Help us to Build a Better Tomorrow!

OK, that's the latest from the Cooking Zone, be sure to tune in tomorrow for the Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call for a Special European Edition covering Brexit, Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests), German Recession and further Greek buttfucking by Brussels.  Here's a short trailer for tomorrow's broadcast:



Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call European Special Edition

with Jason Heppenstall of 22 Billion Energy Slaves

air date Sunday March 31, 2019





Brexit Bullshit Breakfast

(with Live Debate from Parliament on the original Brexit Date)

air date Tuesday April 2, 2019

Category5 Double Feature

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on March 28, 2019


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Post Apocalyptic Hand Jobs

With your relieved Host, Category5.

Thank goodness, that whole Adapters article is over.

I’m once again taking a mental break from writing for a while until I am re inspired and the mental juices have built up once more till they are ready to explode outwards. I need this winter to be over to get back to working with my hands again and seeing what comes up.

But I am not going to leave you all empty handed.

Here is a series to help get you all through to the end of the winter. Not a hand out but a hand up. The lost arts of post apocalyptic hand jobs from the Irish series “Hands”.

Like the books, World War Z or Dies The Fire, Preppers or Adapters may also know Howard Kunstlers, World Made By Hand. In it, the cult leader negotiates with the town to build clay pipes to get the failed water system running again. This is what the job would look like.

And lets say, we ever get those Draft horses instead of having to eat them during times of starvation, this is what it take to build the carriages.


Or learning transport by water again.

And other stuff

And the real tough job of reclaiming all the old car metal.


And the off shoot series, Patterns

And if that is not enough for you, Survival Acres seems to have got his mojo back and is at it again. Here he his, basically saying a lot of what I had been saying in The Adapters series. Especially him saying, “Survivalism is dead. It doesn’t exist anymore”.


And considering the MAKE FOOD FIRST AGAIN adapters principal, you should all probably sign up for this


And one last thoughtful bonus read in that subject


Not sure when I will be back but all this should keep your hands busy…till I can catch my breath and get it up again. Sharing the milk of human kindness. Budumpt dup ding.



C5 Gets Apocalyptic Wood From Faggots-P-II

Oh, You poor, gullible readers.

A_Man_Carrying_Faggots 3

With your mischievous, bratty Host, Category5. Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me…

We are here today to talk about “A bundle of sticks”. I mentioned in an earlier post that with energy decline, we will all become much more comfortable with using the term “Faggot” again, in it’s historical context. I guess it is easy to see where the insulting term came into the english language. (FYI, if you are visiting this site from abroad, calling someone a faggot, here, is a way to de-humanize someone).  I wonder if Survivalist will take on the same meaning over time. You know, rubbing two sticks together. Hanging out with Bears in the woods. Never mind. Well today we will all be getting in touch with our inner faggot. The classical painting at the top of the page is called, “Man with faggot”. You will also notice the billhook, cutting tool he carries with him. (or not. I almost missed it)

In fact, we will be covering three very important, post apocalyptic wood gathering techniques. Faggot wood, Coppice wood and Pollard wood. We will even brief on Tree Hay. HUGE subjects… that most North Amerikaners will never have even heard of before. The reason we are covering this deeply interesting subject, under the Post Apocalyptic title, is because we are covering firewood… without a chainsaw.

Plus, I get to say Faggot a lot to make some of my readers deeply uncomfortable. That is always a bonus.

Once again, what we call Post Apocalyptic Adaptation, others around the world and our ancestors would have simply just called LIFE.

Just in case you missed it, This article is part II (sort of) of the C5 Gets Wood series and you can find part one here. https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2018/11/14/c5-gets-wood-part-i-the-blue-pill-moment/

Part I and 1/2 here https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/c5-gets-wood-addendum-part-ii-and-1-2-touching-wood/

(Hang on. This is C5 coming to you from the future, after I had already, almost finished the article. I had a real scare today. I’m still trying to find my ground. My equilibrium. I almost lost everything today… and it deserves its own future article… probably called “C5 Is The WORST Survivor, EVER”. Something called me away from the house today while I was still foggy… and I ran out the door in a rush. I was an hour and a half away when I suddenly realized I had filled the stove… then left the house with the stove air intake open. I had to wait for hours to find out if I had just lost everything. Got lucky this time. Sometimes, I am really good in a crisis. Other times… Not so much. Today was one of those days I was struggling to hold it together. Well, I’ll leave all that for another article. The IRONY of having my complete survival system potentially burn to dust… while talking about apocalyptic fire wood for survival, is not lost on me. It’s rather difficult to be an atheist at moments like this. Do I thank the Gods for my temporary privilege… Or drink some beer and tell the Gods what I really think of their shenanigans.  I’m on beer 3…of..?.)

Getting through a Canadian winter in a collapse setting will be pretty darned scary once the chainsaw is fired for the very last time. This may happen because the gas is gone. It may happen because you are simply too poor to afford the chainsaw or the gas or the vehicle. It may even happen because you become too poor to even afford your electric bill.  It’s a big enough job each year, even with a chainsaw and a big fossil fuel powered vehicle. An ax and an ancient loggers saw just wont cut it. Far too much calorie output during a time when you will be struggling to get enough calorie input. Ether way, it’s going to be a huge job each and every year, and you are going to want to do it during the cold months. Late fall, after harvest, early spring, before garden prep, and during any non lethal freeze time to take advantage of the snow to be able to sled stuff out of the Forrest.  And you want to have the entire summer or two for the wood to dry, cure or season.

But wait. We cant start here. We have to go back in time to my first experiences of deep realization that wood equals survival. You would think this would date back to snow camping as an early teen, trying to keep from freezing, huddled in a snow pile. Or maybe as a homeless older teen, without gear, having to sleep in a lean-to, on heated rocks covered with cedar branches. Or maybe my first winter in a cabin on Cortez Island in my twenties, grossly inexperienced with a wood stove and the amount of wood it would take in a completely uninsulated rental.

But no. Two incidents in my travels, imprinted deeply on my brain. The first was in Kingston, Jamaica. Yes. I have been to The Yard in Trench Town, under deeply unusual circumstances. This included Community Elders as guides and protection. You do not want to go randomly walking around Kingston. But that is a story for another time. Either way, at breakfast time and dinner, the city would fill with smoke. This was from the cooking fires.

I looked out the car window to see a boy, maybe twelve, pulling a large tree branch down the street. It had obviously been pulled off one of the public trees and it was green. He was clearly pulling it home so his family would have cooking fuel. I hadn’t understood at the time  that Jamaica had gone through an economic collapse but a lot of my early Prepper writing was based on insights I attained based on what I observed there.

Like the incredible value and irreplaceability of sheet metal roofing, from people living in metal shacks and using it as defensive barriers during neighborhood gang conflicts. Or the value of maintaining bicycles from scrap and how to carry loads on them.

But it was the boy pulling that heavy tree limb home that is worth remembering. My thoughts were that there were not a lot of trees in the middle of this city. Where did he get it from. Would he risk arrest from the high police presence. That this was the pre teens “Job” while he had a younger sibling in tow. But mainly that the wood was green and not efficient for burning but it must be all the family has in the way of energy for cooking.

The next moment was in Mexico. I learned the government had handed out Bicycle “cabs” to rural towns. Just a cheap chinese mountain bike with the front forks removed and in its place, a seat with two front wheels. Once again, I was looking out the window of a bus as we passes an older-middle aged man pushing one of these bike cabs down the highway. But it was being used as a Truck. Piled on it were branches, piled high above the pushers head. He was pushing this load of what appeared to be dead fall branches from a wooded area, maybe 10-15 miles away from a town. It was my first observation of a trike being used for heavy transport. I never had the opportunity to ask if it was his job. Was it for his families use? Did he sell bundles in the town for cooking?

In both these places, people didn’t need heat to stay alive over a winter. This was just for cooking. To make food edible.

I started to picture in my head a time after resource depletion or economic collapse, anywhere withing walking distance of a city or town, being stripped of all trees and bushes. People having to stand armed guard to protect fruit trees, having to make the decisions of food or hypothermia. And to what age can a person continue to gather wood.

Which gets to another story I read about the Bosnian conflict. In it, the interviewee was needing to cut down a tree in the yard of an apartment building. As he began to cut it, an old woman yelled from the windows of the building above, “Get away from my tree. That is not yours”. Undeterred because of the sheer survival necessity, he cut the tree up, then carried a portion of it, up the many floors of the apartment building to be brought to the elderly woman that was alone, so that she had heating and cooking wood.

I guess it is the job of an Adapter educator to put my mind to such subjects.

Before we get onto the real education part, time for some photos from my doomstead.

When most people picture in their heads what a wood stack looks like, I am guessing they are probably thinking this.

log pile 1

A few big trees, later to be split down to stove size with an ax, splitting maul or power splitter.  But I decided, just for you fine sketchy folks, to do part of next years firewood as a visual aid. A post apocalyptic wood pile will look much more like this…

log plile 2

Why would I do this. Yes, I very intentionally cut this wood, just so you could look at it. My point being, if you are going to have to cut your firewood with a hand tool… and then haul it buy leg power…. it is going to look more like this.

Now, full disclosure, I didn’t cut this with hand tools. I used the gas powered chainsaw. I hauled it up to the house with a gas powered engine. I’ll most likely buck up the rest using an electric saw powered by the solar panels when I have excess electricity.

log pile 3

I was using energy slaves. I was only willing to put so much energy in just to teach a few things. I only put that photo up to show the value of a light trailer. As light as possible. You want to pull stuff. Not trailer. It’s one of my more handy possessions. I suppose, some day, it could be re purposed as a horse wagon.

Mainly for you folks, I decided to cut my wood from this mess.

rat wood

That there is some ratty assed shit land. I cant walk through it. Even the deer don’t come in here. But worse, its a huge fire hazard. The farmers refer to this invasive species as a field destroyer. This was once field. It will never return to actual forest  because it chokes out the taller trees that would get up above this shit wood, get a proper woodland canopy over it and kill off and eat these trees, eventually returning this to a more forest fire resistant wilderness. The only thing I would be able to do to reclaim this area would be to cut everything. With the sunlight, weeds and grasses would grow, then get cows in here to woodland graze… and I am way too old to learn cattle at this point. I’ll never get this shit out, So my only option is to turn this to Coppice production. Let me show you. I cut some fence posts out of here a few years ago to do dead hedging with. This is what came back from the stumps.

rat wood 2

Now it is coming back long and straight instead of a ratty mess. This material can be used for woven fences or what is known as Hurdles, for keeping animals contained. Over time, it can be cut again for post apocalyptic firewood, but now able to be cut with a billhook or sheers, instead of needing a chainsaw.

This is a much better example. This is a Service Berry tree. A decent hard wood. Plus it produces berries. The only problem is that they are way up at tree height so only the birds can get them. Not any more.

berry tree

This was cut 5 or 6 years ago. Its pretty much ready to be cut again. Its a working tree now. Its a tree with a job. I have staggered the cutting of this tree type around the property  so their are different trees at different stages. Food and firewood. That can be cut with a billhook, bow saw or heavy machete or hatchet.

Now for that whole mixed media part, lets turn to more edumicated folks that really know their stuff.

Now that you know what coppice wood is, that it is a real thing, and that this is how Europeans survived in a relatively small area… since we were using stone tools, without need of chainsaws… now you know there is a full world of info on coppicing on youtube for you to look up yourself. This is one of the few examples where mans involvement in resource extraction is actually beneficial to the environment.

Before we introduce the next subject, I now have to show you another very exiting….stump. I wont be insulted if you call me “Dumb as a stump”. I wish I could grow my head back when someone cut it off.


This was an experiment I tried before I even heard of the word Pollard. Once again, this is a service berry tree I was trying to turn into a working tree. Use the chainsaw now so I don’t need one once the gas is gone. I mentioned, I was experimenting with the different heights.  The taller one is looking pretty good, even though they were cut at the same time. So…. what happened to the shorter ones?

Deer happened. The deer love this. Some of the living willow fence I planted is struggling as well because of the deer. But it keeps deer close to my freezer. So I learned this subject… by accident. Who knew it had a name… and ancient history. So. let me introduce you to Pollarding. Heavy production, fast growing, hand tool possible, firewood. Why replant… when there is already well established roots and it already got through the difficult part of being a young tree

I’m also throwing this one in. Its not as flashy and sort of dull… but watch it anyhow for a better historical perspective. We have been turning trees into meat for a very long time.

One last youtube clip. Now watch someone that really knows what they are doing. I felt privileged to watch this young fellow work, using a billhook to create a faggot bundle.

OK. This post is long enough… so I guess I am going to come back for…C5 Gets Apocalyptic Wood from Faggots- Part II and1/2.

Sooooo, Why not bring in a song from DJ-C5 to end this. Did you trust me to do the right thing when you saw that title. This is Category5, the one and only, coming to you with Adaptive survival advice. Who do you trust”? (stick to the end of the article)

( I have a backlog of people I need to thank for donations since the new year. My bad. I was so mentally  focused on the Adapters article that I wasn’t being socially responsible to those backing my play. Let me solve that now. A BIG BIG thanks to SR, TM and CD. Also to AT, JT and JD. You folks really helped with getting some alternative, fire wood cutting tools for evaluation. Anything left over will go into metal from the scrap yard for future projects. I am truly honored that people from OTHER countries, are interested in what I am doing in this one)

If you would like to give a “Tip” for writing  services rendered, you can pretty much guarantee I will use it on other projects and experiments to write about. It’s what I would have beeen doing anyhow. You can find the paypal link at the top of the page where it says, “Giving Just The TIP”

Bonus read- Us Canadians have un-deserved respect in the world. Its called the Canada Corporation for a reason. It’s a bit late, but this is my Shout Out to the other Nations I share land with. The whole world is watching-



And Bonus C5 Music… from the Danes. Not sure if I am the Good, the Bad or the Ugly.

Collapse Morning Wake-Up Call – 3/24/2019

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Published on The Doomstead Diner March 23, 2019

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Yet another Wild & Wacky Week in Collapse, with the level of Insanity now reaching a fever pitch across the Pond in France with increasing Violence and confrontation between the "Giletes Jaunes" (Yellow Vests) and the Gendarme and Goobermint of Emmanuel Macron, just about universally despised as a Water Boy for the Banksters and the Elite of France, and Europe in general.  While Pensions are being cut and unemployment soars, Manny is still doing fine dining and jet-setting regularly to Brussels to confer with his Overlords.Besides the Mayhem ongoing in France.

Germany also has its own Economic problems with Industrial Output falling and Unemployment rising.  Angela Merkel will be gone shortly, and it remains to be seen whether her Christian Democratic Party can hold onto power or whether Germany will move toward another Right Wing Fascist Goobermint or even swing in the opposite direction toward Communism.  Then of course there is the never-ending Soap Opera of Brexit.  Teresa May's Plan for this apparently is to keep holding votes until they vote the right way! lol.  Newz Flash: It's not working!

Followed by the coverage of Political Collapse over in Eurotrashland, we cover the ongoing Clown Show of the upcoming POTUS Election in 2020, the upshot of the Mueller Report,and more on the cirsis inAviation, particularly Boeing.

Of course, there is a good deal more info in the video above, so don't miss it!

How Rich are you? What is your Class? Where do you fit in the Wealth Distribution of Global Resources?

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Published on The Doomstead Diner March 24, 2019


Image result for class war

Discuss this article at the Economics Table Inside the Diner


Inside the Diner we are having our regular debate on what it means to be "Poor", "Middle Class" or Rich?  Diners have the full variety of opinions on this, which usually suit their own perception of themselves and how they want others to perceive them.  Is there a way to cut through this variety of opinion to come to some reasonable definition of what any of these terms actually MEAN?  It often seems quite hopeless getting any agreement on this between the Diners, but in doing some research on the topic yesterday, I ran across a great website which has a Calculator allowing you to place yourself in the Global Ranking of Rich People on Earth.

I started doing this research after watching a video recommended by another Diner, a TED talk given by a Scandinavian Sociologist Harald Eia concerned with the topic of "Where in the World is it easiest to get RICH?"

Harald came up with the result that you stand the best chance of getting rich in the Social Democracies of places like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.  He came up with this result by looking at the number of people with a net worth of $30M or better per capita by country.  This is something of a surprise to people who buy into Capitalist doctrine that High Taxes and the Social Welfare State are a drain on their incomes, but not much of a surprise to me because I already knew there were tons of filthy rich people in Scandinavia.

Now, the first problem here is defining "Rich" as $30M or better.  At this "watermark" (the speaker's terminology) there are only around 180K people globally.  That is out of 7.5B!  It works out to 0.0024% of the Global Population.  Do we really only define "Rich" people as being not just members of the 1%, but you gotta be in the top .0024% ?  That is a pretty stiff requirement to consider somebody rich, IMHO.  You know the rich people in your neighborhood by the carz they drive, the McMansions they live in, the restaurants they frequent and how often they take expensive vacations.

The second major issue with his methodology is it defines your Wealth by your Net Assets, not by your income.  To me, your wealth is not defined by what your total assets are, but rather how much disposable income you have in any given week/month/year to play with after you cover your rent, your car payment, your communications bill, your food, your fuel, etc.  So for me, wealth is more defined by Income than Net Assets.

I began to wonder what the situatioin was for people who were below that Stratospheric figure of $30M?  Was there a way to find out where the people with a Net Worth of $10M stood?  $3M? $1M? $100K? etc.  As it turns out, THERE IS!  You can find out on the Global Rich List calculator, and not only by Net Assets but by Income also!

So, I took 3 Hypothetical People and gave them some numbers to plug in to the calculator, and got the results for them.  Here they are below:


1- Fixed Income Frank

Frank is living on his Social Security and small Pension after working in various Middle Class jobs making the Median Salary for the time for 40 years.  He rents an apartment, has a couple of old carz and has a small Nest Egg to carry him through emergencies.  Here are Frank's Global Numbers:



Professional Pete:

Pete works in IT as a website developer for a local corporation.  He has worked up to a middle management position working for this corporation for over 20 years.  He grosses around $80K/year and he takes home about $60K after taxes, utilities, insurance etc.




Biz Owner Bill

Bill owns an Auto Repair and Body Shop biz in Springfield, MO as well as a couple of smaller ancillary biznesses, an Auto Zone franchise and an interest in the local NASCAR Dirt Racing Track.  He was born to Dirt Poor sodbusters in the Ozarks and bootstrapped himself up like Horatio Algier to become a Bizness Leader in his community.  He complains all the time about his onerous tax burden when out drinking with his buddies.




Now, as you can see, even if you are at the lower end of  relatively poor people in the FSoA living on a fixed pension and Social Security, relative to the rest of the Global population you are still doing quite well, Inside the top 7% in terms of Assets and 2% in terms of Income.  The cost of living is also quite different in Amerika than in say Mexico, so by itself this doesn't tell you how Rich or Poor you are for an Amerikan living in Amerika.  If you go ex-Pat, your status can change drasticlly of course.

So in order to get a good idea where these Asset and Income levels put you at relative to the rest of Amerikans, you have to drill down and isolate just this portion of the table.  Below is how our 3 hypothetical subjects rank out relative to each other.  Fixed Income Frank is in RED, Professional Pete is in PURPLE and Biz Owner Bill is in GREEN.  Assets calibrated from 8% on down in .2% increments, Income from 3% on down in .05% increments.



Based on the above chart, it becomes quite easy to determine who is Rich and who is Poor in Amerika.  Middle Class is a bit more difficult to peg, and can differ markedly depending whether you are looking at Assets or Income.

Where do you fit in the Wealth Distribution curve for the World and for your country?  Do the numbers match your self-perception and self-identification?  How do you think this skewed Wealth Distribution can be rectified, or does it even need to be rectified?  Do you think Capitalism or Socialism is the better system to distribute diminishing Total Wealth on a resource depleted planet?  Do you have an alternative to suggest rather than one of these choices?  Come join us Inside the Diner to discuss thes important questions as the Collapse of Industrial Civilization bears down upon us all.




Bugout Breakfast Basics: Collapse Comfort Food

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Published on The Doomstead Diner March 23, 2019

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We've been doing quite a few "Premium Meals" lately in the Cooking Zone, our Diner 7th Anniversary FEAST which featured Alaskan King Crab & Ribeye Steak for instance, or the SalmonTeriyaki Bake or the Corned Beef & Cabbage for St. Paddy's Day.  Actually the last two are within SNAP Card prices when you factor in how many days you can eat the leftovers.  However, for today's episode of the Cooking Zone, we are going "Back to Basics" with meals well within the SNAP Card Budget of $5/day or $1.67/meal for a 3-meal Day.  Criteria a meal must meet to fit the SNAP Card Menu are:

1- It must come in under the Budget for the meal.

2- You must be able to cook it on prtable cooking apparatus you could use in a Bugout situation where you have to GTFO of Daodge in a hurry.  Think Wildfires, Floods or Earthquakes.  Don't worry too much about the rising Oceans swallowing you up, that won't happen so fast.

3-  The meal should be Nutritious with no JUNK FOOD!

4-  The meal should be DELICIOUS and help you forget your troubles while you enjoy eating it.

I did the first video in the middle of the week, then I decided to do another one which I just did a still pic of, then last night I got a bug up my butt to do another vid.  That's why this article is going up so late this morning.

Breakfast #2

All right from the cooler!  Makes you want to SMILE!  🙂  Cherrios, Boiled Egg, Fruit, Rice & Yogurt


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The Adapters Movement 4: Triage

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on March 21, 2019


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(This was originally written as one article. Peer reviewers have asked me to break it down into 4 parts. The 5th part will be the complete article presented as one)

Part I can be found here- https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2019/01/26/c5-defines-the-adapters-movement-in-four-parts-part-i-introduction/

Part II-  https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/c5-defines-the-adapters-movement-in-four-parts-part-ii-acceptance/

Part III-  https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2019/02/07/c5-defines-the-adapters-movement-in-four-parts-part-iii-make-food-first-again/



The second Major Defining Principal is…


Triage is where we circle back around. The connection back to Acceptance. The snake grasping its tail. The Yin-Yang symbol being revealed as a whole. The lion laying down with the lamb. All esoteric symbols without my intention to make any of this esoteric. A simple completion of the circle.

Triage is a term usually used by disaster  first responders.  Paramedics, Fire fighters and Doctors.

Wikipedia has this to say about Triage. The term comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sift or select. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated. Those responsible for the removal of the wounded from a battlefield or their care afterwards would divide the victims into three categories:

  • Those who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive;

  • Those who are unlikely to live, regardless of what care they receive;

  • Those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome.

I simplify Triage in this context as to determining what can be saved and what can not… and must be abandoned. What parts of society, civilization… and people, can be saved and what can not and must be abandoned.

I find myself coming back, again and again to two fiction books. The most unlikely of Survivalist Fiction, based around impossible scenarios that could never happen in the real world. World War Z, by Max Brooks. Do not confuse this with the movie. They have nothing in common. The other book is Dies The Fire, by S.M.Stirling but we will set that aside for now. I find the other prepper fiction out there as lightweight and simply ideology driven excuses for adventure stories, lacking any deep insight.

World War Z  is a bunch of mini stories spread out over the planet. I will be mentally drawing from it, with “The Redeker Report” story in mind, as I get into the Triage Principal.
Principles of the Redeker Plan:

Step 1: you can’t save everyone; don’t try. Instead, create a safe zone, preferably one where natural obstacles like mountains and rivers work to your advantage.
Step 2, evacuate the civilians. Not all — Just enough to keep the safe zone supplied with a labor force and to rebuild after the war.
Step 3, throw everyone else into isolated zones. Their mission is to act as human bait, drawing off the zombies away from the safe zone. These people are to be resupplied as needed. After all, the longer they fight the zombies and the more they kill, the less the safe zone will have to deal with later.

Spoiler Alert. I recommend reading both books as a homework assignment (most doomers will have already) but I cant get around revealing the shockers of the short story.

In this story, those who first view his plan respond with revulsion. “God, Help you man”. “God, help us all”. The shock changes when the fictionalized Neslon Mandela steps in and says, “This plan will save our people… This man will save our people.” “Then he embraced the White Afrikaner”. The story ends with the realization that the result of the  implementation of Redeker’s plan has cost an emotionally detached Redeker, his detachment. He dissociates mentally and becomes a different personality to cope, a reviled man hidden away in a mental institution.

Hopefully we can avoid this fate by the implementation of  Grow It And They Will Come and Build Social Capital Principals. PTSD can be managed or repaired by being part of a group in the same way that addicts draw strength from group in AA or NA.

There is really no need to put any effort into Redekers shocking third plan. That is outside of personal Adaptation and perhaps outside of a fiction story.

It has been common in my writings to quote the more Morally minded preppers creed, “Save as many as you can”. It is borrowed from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and it is also a moral stopgap against some of the extremes of survivalist thought that could lead to what returning soldiers and psychologists refer to as “Moral Damage”. This moral damage is a large contributor to Veteran Suicide.

In this story, A line is drawn, about half way through the U.S. with those below the line evacuated and those above abandoned. You might look at it as Trump’s wall but in a more reasonable place that wasn’t clearly based on avarice and racism.

Of course the direction is reversed. You abandon those south of the line, saving those in moderate northern climates with some chance of agriculture by precipitation.

If that sounds insane, I repeat the other line from that movie. “You didn’t listen to the science when it could have made a difference”. We are all responsible and these are the options left to us.

There is simply no scenario I can envision on our present course that does not leave large swaths of the planet as uninhabitable, what is left struggling to provide crops and a death toll that would leave the 4 horsemen going, “That’s harsh man. Chill out”.

“Save as many as you can” can not become an abdication from making tough choices. Life and death choices.

IMG_2236 c2

I have been meaning to write an article with the provocative title “C5 Explains Why Preppers Are Such Dicks- The Lifeboat Principal”. Perhaps it is best if I do a short, summed up version here. Preppers can seem sociopathic from an outsiders point of view. From the inside, you realize it is a Deep Morality. Those that can not handle that level of deep morality, judge it. It’s one of the stumbling blocks for some that may have Adaptation tendencies… but think they are better than that and thus refuse to go there. For others, it becomes the cop-out clause, allowing them to mentally abdicate responsibility for their future survival and that of others. An Immorality that springs from a false sense of morality.

So, This is the lifeboat principal in a nutshell. The Titanic is going down. You find yourself in the water. There is an empty lifeboat. You swim towards it and climb on board. You then begin pulling others on board. With others on board, you can now row towards others and help them onboard. You have now filled up the boat but the mass of people are still in the water and they are swimming towards you as the only floating object around. Arms are grabbing at the boat. You come to realize that if you take on even one more person, the boat will sink and everyone on board will die as well. So what is the moral or ethical solution? You can not force someone out of their seat. That would be murder. You can give up your seat to someone else and re enter the water to die. Very noble? Not really. You have abdicated responsibility and abandoned those on board to be overwhelmed by those in the water and all die. Once again, your noble, pacifist action is an act of murder. There is only one  truly ethical or moral option left to you. You must all pick up the oars and begin smashing the people trying to get on board, lest everyone die. Then you must paddle away from the masses still in the water and leave them to die. Then you all have to learn to live with the painful choice you have made, and perhaps help the others on board as well that have to live with the same choice. The Survivors.


If you can not make that deep ethical decision, please stay out of the boat as you put the others in grave danger. This is why I quoted Orlov in my blog introduction, “collapse is the worst possible time to suffer a nervous breakdown, so please get your blubbering over with ahead of time.” A bit of humor softens the blow.

But please be honest. Some off you have abdicated your ethical responsibility to others by actively choosing not to Adapt. It puts those around you in danger. It’s an ethical or moral FAIL.

Let’s give an example. Food Storage. The first F in C5’s F5’s of Adaptation.

I have been open in sharing with you that we keep on hand at least a year of food. This seems outrageous to those that live hand to mouth or those that rely on consistent re-supply chains like a grocery store. For other experienced preppers, that amount seems laughably lightweight. For Farmgal who has experience hunger and deprivation before, even in Canada with a semi-functioning social safety net, she doesn’t feel comfortable allowing her stores to dip below two and a half years. Other readers have a decades worth of easily storable wheat berries.

In spite of what I said about the survival necessity of sharing food and actively growing enough food to cover many for the sheer security necessity, here is the math reality.

For easy math, we will say MrsC5 and myself have exactly one year of food. If we take in one other couple, this means the four of us can last six months. If we take in three couples, we can only last three months. But it was already untenable the moment we brought in the first couple. We don’t have enough to get us through to the next harvest. That is assuming climate chaos allows the next harvest to even happen. Everyone would die slow instead of MrsC5 and myself surviving and the second couple not.

Here is the associated problems though, that helps to explain why their are so many “Dicks” in the prepper and survivalist worlds. This hard edge is attractive to people that were sociopathic Dicks to start with.

They found a home in the Survivalist/Prepper fantasy world and are now entrenched like ticks. Hard to dig out. They have now overwhelmed the host. The poisonous virus  has spread through the body like Lyme Disease. Thus, a few experienced people declaring that Prepping and Survivalism is dead.

So, this gets to our first minor sub principal under the Triage Principle.



Sure, I understand that is a bit of the Pot calling the Kettle black. I’ve developed an online personality that mirrors Dick behavior back at Dicks. It’s very intentional. It’s meant to shock dicks back into ethical behavior… and if not, to teach them to be very afraid of the consequences of their behavior. Do not think for one moment that I will not S.S.S. a survivalist Dick that is a threat to others during a collapse. That is, Shoot, Shovel and keep my mouth Shut. I have an ethical responsibility to do so. It is well within my skill set.

The Adaptive skillset to avoid being a Dick and attracting the consequence, is to develop a heightened sense of MANNERS. Excess oil wealth has allowed us to discard this. We have allowed police and government and distance to shield us from the consequence of rudeness to others. Most people will understand that what has happened on social media has gotten out of hand and is damaging society. We have created a monster we can not get back in the genii bottle. “Free Speech” mixed with anonymity… has revealed just how evil humans truly are.  Full disclosure. I have certainly lost control and let loose with lethal bile before and suspect it will happen again.

But I have presented this question before. “Do you think a collapse will give you less consequences for your actions… or more?”. I think many Dicks long for collapse and fantasize about it so they can walk away from consequence, or worse, release their inner beast. Their inner Viking. This will get you and those around you killed. Its that simple.

We see this historical Adaptation in truly exaggerated ways in both the English and Japanese cultures. Deeply ritualized Manners and codes of conduct. These evolved because those that hadn’t evolved this Adaptation technique were already dead because someone offended put a sword through them or removed their head and maybe those of their family members or village members as well. You see this in European Court behavior and in more modern times you might see it among Texans. Southerners brag about it. Canadians are known for this behavior, especially by Americans, but we are also known for “dropping the hockey gloves”when it is not recipricated. Organized Crime, Biker or street Gang violence breaks out because someone “Dissed” or Disrespected them. Proper Etiquette in these circles is to say “Respect”, a shortening of, I am not disrespecting you and your ability to bring lethal violence into play if not respected. There would be no greater insult.

So, start developing an exaggerated sense of etiquette as if you life and those of your family depends on it… because it does.

Please. Thank you. Can I give you a hand. Let me get that for you. I apologize. I was in the wrong. Oh, no, You go first. I insist. Respect.

It sounds silly to even point this out but these are all conflict de-escalation techniques and build social inclusion or cohesion.

Hold the door for a stranger. Let someone into traffic.

This is how we avoid the “Make Me First Again” attitude that communicates to others that you can not be trusted and are a threat.

This gets us to our final, Minor Sub Principle.



Yes, there are forces plotting against you that hold you down, rob you and unequally distribute your efforts to those at the top… But focusing on that is not going to get you where you need to go. You need to be smarter and more focused to work your way around these obstacles.

It’s a trap.

There is a danger in any declining culture to find scapegoats. Someone to blame for what went wrong in our life. More so, during times of stress or fear, it has been scientifically documented that the human mind has a tendency to see patterns and connections that are NOT THERE. This is the mind trying to bring order back or find meaning in a chaotic time or after a catastrophic life event.

From Nazi Germany after Hyper inflation to Rwandas aftermath of colonization dividing the genetically same people into Hutu and Tutsi, to Alex Jones calling for armed insurrection against anyone that doesn’t believe his bipolar conspiracy insanity.

I hadn’t intended to but I might as well throw in an example. There is a stubbornly persistent conspiracy theory called Agenda 21 where a secret world government is depopulating the world by chem trails, spraying chemicals out of every commercial aircraft in the world and the like. (This is a more PC version of the Jewish Conspiracy theory where it first started floating around). All of this is to make Strong White Americans week so they can be rounded up into FEMA camps to be given the number of the beast. Somehow the believers of this miss the very obvious conclusion that if this secret world government Illuminati exists, then they are the most incompetent people in the world as world population continues to increase exponentially, as are increased world life expectancies. If this conspiracy was real, with the technology we have today, it could have been accomplished over a couple of weeks.

It’s a TRAP.

I see it over and over. There is a lot of people wasting a lot of time on this type of thinking and a lot of collapse commentators that are just regurgitating stuff to others that already believe….. instead of fundamentally ADAPTING there lives to those beliefs.

It all starts by putting some of the principals mentioned above into concrete action.

It starts by putting a shovel in the ground and turning soil. It starts by picking up a hammer or saw to build shelving. It starts by Moving to a location where Adaptation is possible. You are the one responsible for Adapting and you are the one responsible for not.

I want to bring Farmgal back in her before we hit the final Principle. She writes,..

“I have been mulling it around myself.. Talking it out with hubby and a few close friends. I came to understand that one of the biggest issues to me about prepping is that you are always buying/hoarding now in fear of what the future could bring and that the more you have, the more you fall down the prepper hole that says, I will do this and this and own that, so MY family will be able to live a life that is still comfortable when SHTF happens.”

“Adapting in place(to me) is all about living in the moment, understanding that its about your mental head space that is dealing with what is here and now.. right in front of you!  Can you find the balance right now to understand what is happening, to make the choice to see it, to make the choice to deal with it in a positive way that will leave you settled. Learning how to function during a slow eating away of our living conditions, or dealing with the here and now when life is ripped out from under your feet.”

“I was listening to CBC the other day and they were talking about the fact that new comers to Canada do not like to camp. They had a refugee come on and talk about that there are no safety nets in the woods, no witnesses… but they had someone who came from a third world country and they said, when you lose your home and you have to leave with what you can carry, you are housed in a tent. To live in a tent is the very proof in front of you that you have lost your home. No one would choose to go live in a tent in the woods, after you have lived in a tent because you had no choice.”

“Hubby asked me what the biggest difference between the two are, and I said.. it does not matter where you live… that is the biggest one to me… if you want to be a effective prepper, you MUST have land to grow food, you must have water and you need, at least in Canada, enough fuel to not freeze to death..  I think the reason preppers love their BUG OUT is because they know.. that when they look at it even just slightly hard that they are humped if they try and live a major crash in the cities.. they will never be able to keep up that “cover” of.. MY family, MY group will do better then yours.”

“However Adapting in place applies to everyone. It means the little grandmother who babysits the little ones so the mothers can work, has value. It means that hippy chick that has turned every space or bit of land into food production has value.”

The last Major Action Principle…



Time and time again, those I asked for advice on the subject, kept bringing up the statement by “That Crazy Arch Druid Guy” John Michael Greer. Their words. Not mine. The person that came up with that  particular pop statement. Before I stumbled onto him, I had been using a similar meme, “Mutate Now and Avoid the Post Apocalyptic Rush” which I had stole from an 80s comic cover I passed, which was stolen from street graffiti in England which was adapted from the Great Depression/Dust bowl era as “Get Poor Now. Avoid The Rush”

You have to get out in front of it.

If there is one thing you take away from the concept of “The Adapters Movement” and this article, This Is It.

Live TODAY as if the apocalypse is at hand… because it is. It’s actually now being seen in the rear view mirror. WE ARE HERE. It’s not a future event to “Prep” for. And if you haven’t Already started Adapting, you have a long learning curve ahead of you to get through. You are going to have to make a lot of costly mistakes and you want to do this NOW while there is still a semi functional society to make up for your mistakes. It’s that simple. It’s that hard.

My favorite statement of all time by John Michael Greer is that, in the future, people will get used to finding empty, garden in a box kits next to overgrown garden plots and the skeletal remains of preppers, where the learning curve lasted just a little bit longer than they did. Funny but profound.

You are going to need a plan and then, Get To It. Now is a good time to start. 20 years ago would be better.

So, What does this look like in practical actions? I want to bring in Nicole Alderman. She writes…

“Adaption is for me:

    • Using what resources I have available NOW (gas, electricity, TIME) to set up systems that are more easily sustainable/ For example:

    • Building garden beds NOW. Those things take time to become productive, and they’re a big pain to make in a rush. If you sheet mulch and start the bed now, it doesn’t take nearly as much time, and you get a better product

    • Scrounging for fencing and investing in galvanized fencing now. Durable, predator-proof fencing is hard to make in a hurry!..Figuring out how/where/why/what to scrounge

    • Getting all those plants that multiply now, so that in 5 years my place is taken over by sorrel and strawberries and chives and other edible things.

    • Insulating the house/adding more mass to the house, etc.

  • Taking the time NOW to meet my neighbors and become friends and form bonds. Time is at a premium when life gets hard. Use it now while you have it!

    • Changing my perspective. Thinking about what I NEED and getting in the habit of not wanting so much. Big, forced changes are HARD.

    • Start eating what you can grow, and figure out what foods you like to eat and how to grow them. If you plant tons of daikon radishes, and they grow great and are pest resistant, but you can’t stand to eat them, then you really shouldn’t plan on surviving on them.

    • Get used to driving less. Get used to waiting longer before you can buy something

    • Learn to work hard now. Get used to spending all day working your tail off and not having time to watch netflicks.

  • Start living without your wants. You may want to sleep in but don’t need to. You may want to buy your kids lots of toys, but you don’t need to. You might want to eat out or go for drives, but you don’t need to. At some point, you might not be able to do those things–if you’re used to going without them by choice, it’ll be easier when you DON’T have the choice.

    • Everything takes MORE time when life gets hard. The end of the world isn’t playing boardgames inside to pass the time because there’s no electricity. It’s more like all your worst days put together: you get sick, you have less money, more bills, the weather is worse and more crops fail, your kids are screaming, you can and you have NO time to juggle all the balls you NEED to juggle, let alone time to learn those skills you hoarded books for. Get good at things now, because you’re not going to have time to do so when life goes nuts.

  • Learn skills and get good at them now, so they are second nature and you get most of the kinks out before your life really depends on it. Figure out gardening, figure out raising lifestock, figure out mending and building, etc. Get past the worst of those learning curves–those can be steep!

  • Use less. Reuse more. Our world is so wasteful. It’s ingrained in us to use more reseouces than our world can sustain. Make your life more “closed system” where you don’t need as many outputs and can reuse more of what you do have

  • Help as many people move up the “Eco-scale” and be less wasteful, grow more food, and gain more skills. Why do you think I write?”

Nicole also adds about the importance of teaching Adaptation techniques to children, as they will be the ones inheriting this new world, and much of what we will be building is multi-generational in nature. We don’t plant an Oak Tree for ourselves. We do it so the survivors have acorns.

One last thought from Nicole,
“One way I like to think about it is: ‘Live like it’s the end of the world, because in many ways it kind of is almost there!’ For me, this is a really helpful mentality. I always liked dystopian novels. Now I can just think of myself as a character in one of those novels, and it’s suddenly more epic to be maintaining my tools or eating squash I grew!”

With that in mind, do you remember the 70s piece of music I started this article with? If you are going to be the hero of your own apocalyptic novel, I thought you might like an epic version for your personal soundtrack to get you motivated and remind you of optimism in the face of overwhelming odds.

So, lets revisit the Adaption principles to help commit them to memory.













Before I bring this to an end and open the door to the peer reviewers, I wanted to bring in one more commentor from when I first floated this idea. They wrote,

“An ‘Adapters Movement’? That’s just another label for Permaculture.

“According to Mollison and Holmgren: Permaculture is an ‘… integrated, evolving system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animal species useful to man.’ ”

“Integration and evolution = adaptation.”

This post is not meant to be the Be All and End All of the Adapters Movement. This is simply the sum up of a life’s work in the survivalist world, wrestling with what works and what does not. My life. This is the best of my life experience to offer to the world to help. I find that I am still mentally held back by my old school survivalist thinking. Where the real work begins is when the next generation, unsullied by old survivalism, take up these principles… and begin to expand on them, evolving creative Adaptive solutions and implimentation. This movement is theirs. Not mine. I simply gave it a name. They are the ones that will have to live in this new world.

I now open the floor.

Farmgal adds, “I am so very pleased and excited that C5 has taken on the very heavy job of working though this and has taken the time to create this project as the jumping off point for those that agree. I will be bringing a version of it to my own blog and sharing it

Adapt in place.. Focus on the here and now..”


Nicole Alderman adds- Today I was driving with my husband though a rapidly-growing suburbia and city, and I turned to him and said, “I don’t know which is worse to live in, a slow collapse that takes over 100 years, with the continual expansion of suburbia destroying our environment and society crumbling though social media and more invasive technology…or a quicker collapse that happens in our lifetime with more forest fires and extreme weather and lots of starvation. Both are ugly dystopias…” He responded, “We’re living in it right now.” He’s right.

When I read Category5’s writings, his ideas makes sense. C5’s principles for adaption are good principles for living even if there isn’t a collapse, but are vital if there is one. But, honestly, I think “collapse” isn’t some distant event; it’s right now,  and we’ve done it to ourselves, and the longer it goes on, the worse it will become. I hope and I pray that we can halt it before it becomes a total nightmare. I try to teach people how to use less resources and grow more food. To be better stewards of the resources we have. To adapt today. I try to, as Paul Wheaton says, “Build a Better World.” Will we succeed? I don’t know, but I sure will try–for my children, for everyone around the world, and for future generations.


Michael Jensen adds- There’s a bunch of great in these four posts. Rational realism meets hardnosed futurism. Pragmatic practicality. And a recognition of the community as key to the survival of any individual associated with it.

I just got back from work-related travels in southern India. I visited as many rural small villages as I could. There, thousand-year-old cultures of localized survival demonstrate many of these themes. And there, I saw how unlikely a “recovery” scenario is — they will have their scooters, and motorcycles, and transport, no matter what. I paid closest attention to the smallest villages, where self-sustainability might actually be possible, if there’s still water over the next decade….

I think my favorite Principle is ‘Don’t be a Dick.’ Being a not-Dick goes a very long way towards being an Asset to Your Community. If you can become an AYC (Asset to Your Community), then your chances of success in the new Adapter economy are dramatically increased.

Crazy times we’re living in — yet we may be able to pull a sane civilization out of this insanity. May that be so.


De Nob, Administrator of the Canadian Preppers Network and the International Preppers Network adds- “Let’s just say that I’ve been frustrated lately with the established “prepper leadership” in general.

Way too much product promotion, dishonest product reviews, useless political posturing, and don’t even get me started on all the idiots comparing survival knives like frat boys laying their junk out on the table to see whos is bigger.

It’s long past time to shake that tree.”


Irv Mills adds  “Category 5 has put forth some serious good ideas here on the subject of adapting. Ignore them at your own peril.”

Irv Mills, from  The Easiest Person to Fool–a reality based approach to life in the age of scarcity


Bonus read-  To be edited out later. Major storms are hitting most of North America as I post. Enough said. I thought I would put this out in case we lose internet and people need more to keep their minds occupied. Guard your mind.  https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/here-there-and-everywhere/201701/11-warning-signs-gaslighting


This is where I usually pass the hat… but stick around for a bit and continue reading.

This took my all… and it did mentally burn me out some. I really reached deep. I did consider putting it behind a pay wall… for about 15 seconds. This is meant for the world. The most valuable “Tip” you can offer me here is for you to share this post. Re post it. Spread it around. Talk about it with people. If not, this has been a big ol’ waist. It dies in the dustbin of the internet.

I should also mention Farmgal gave me an ear full. She wrote, “STOP IT! LOL.. you are allowed to find a way to charge for your work! Yes, I fully agree that the principles and the overall needs to be free (with a request for give the tip) but this was a shit load of work and you have the right to value your time, your knowledge and your words.”

So, there you go. The paypal link is at top of the page where it says, “Giving Just the Tip”.

In the future, once I am over the shock of wrestling this piece into existence and am willing to look at it again, then I can go back and make an expanded version of this post as a short E-Book and charge for that one. I can live with that. It’s just not high on my priority list.

A Bloody Week in Doom– March 17, 2019

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Prayers for the victims in Christchurch attacks

Originally published on the Doomstead Diner on March 17, 2019

“The old world is dying and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.”

 ― Antonio Gramsci  

The latest monster came to call in Christchurch, New Zealand in a story that dwarfed all others this week. I had some other ideas for what might fill this space this week, then the news from Christchurch, New Zealand, followed by the one-two punch of a Twitler emission rendered all moot. Brenton Tarrant strapped on a helmet camera, loaded a car with weapons, drove to a mosque in Christchurch and began shooting at anyone who came across his line of vision. His helmet-cam helped broadcast the act of mass terror live for the world to watch on social media. As of Sunday, the death toll had reached 50.

Tarrant thus joined the roll call of monsters alongside Stephen Paddock (Las Vegas), Anders Breivik (Norway), Robert Gregory Bowers (Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh), Omar Mateen (Pulse, Orlando), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Nikolas Cruz (Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school), Devin Patrick Kelley (Sutherland Springs church in Texas), James Holmes (Aurora), Dylann Roof (Charleston, SC), and, of course, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who kicked off the 21st century with the Columbine massacre.

In ancient Rome, an interregnum was a period between stable governments when anything might happen, and the "the blood-dimmed tide" might be loosed:  civil unrest, competition between warlords, power vacuums, wars of succession. In 1929, in such an interregnum found Italian Marxist philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci languishing in a fascist prison, writing about the forces tearing Europe  apart. He anticipated civil unrest, war between nations and changing political fault lines.

Interestingly, it was Gramsci who gave us the term "hegemony" now in use. Hegemony is a three dollar word representing a simple idea: the coercion of smaller fish by bigger fish. When the powerful use their influence to convince the less powerful their best interest lies in doing what is actually in the best interest of the powerful, that's hegemony. When we consider the above list of overwhelmingly white terrorists with a nationalist/supremacist bent, we can see terror is one way the powerful preserve their hegemony when they feel their power begin to wane when frightened by demographic changes posed by immigration.

Trump has the sensibility of a spoiled child tearing the wings off of flies. When asked whether white nationalism has anything to do with the tragedy in Christchurch, he replied in the negative. Echoes of “good people on both sides,” a la Charlottesville. The prime minister of New Zealand indicated late Friday coming changes to New Zealand's gun laws. A striking contrast that makes one wonder how many will have to die, again and again and again, until our own politicians, beholden to the NRA and their sea of laundered rubles, are moved to similarly act.

You'll recall that when it was his time to serve in Vietnam, the self proclaimed White House tough guy came up missing like Dick Cheney and his five deferments. Chickenhawks like Cheney always find "other priorities" to service, but are eager to send the disposable sons and daughters of the poor into harm's way, because what else are they for but cannon-fodder? Real military men who have seen battle are loath to commit their fellow citizens to needless battle; but chickenhawks, untroubled by loss or nightmares, send their non-relatives readily into the Valley of Death. 

The mob-boss stylings of Citrus Caligula make a tough sound, especially when talking to the far right media like Breitbart.

Trump said: "I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad. But the left plays it cuter and tougher. Like with all the nonsense that they do in Congress … with all this investigations]—that’s all they want to do is –you know, they do things that are nasty. Republicans never played this.”

When you can't bully a majority of the people and the House of Representatives into accepting your will as fiat, that is apparently vicious tactics. Especially on the part of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who Trump refers to as "Nancy."

"So here’s the thing—it’s so terrible what’s happening,” Trump said before discussing his supporters. “You know, the left plays a tougher game, it’s very funny. I actually think that the people on the right are tougher, but they don’t play it tougher. Okay?"

Uh, not OK. This is Trump engaging in stochastic terrorism, or

the public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted.

Trump is actively encouraging people taking the law into their own hands, in the same way Putin has his Night Riders (see below), as Mussolini had his black shirts, and Hitler his brown shirts. The purpose is unmistakable: to be bullyboys who operate outside of the law and through violent intimidation. For the last two years we've had a president who fundamentally does not believe in democracy, and whose recent utterances show no loyalty to either the Constitution or the traditions of American governance. This IS a time of monsters. And now this: 

Trump’s Breitbart Biker Threat Came From the Putin Playbook—Then Tweet Deleted After Mosque Massacre

Trump told Breitbart there could be biker violence against leftists. It sounded even worse after Brenton Tarrant's mosque massacre manifesto called Trump "a symbol of renewed white identity." It does not get much clearer than that.

The Daily Beast Explains the Putinesque origins of Twitler's latest veiled threat: 

"They call themselves The Night Wolves, “a new kind of motorcycle club,” or, sometimes, “Putin’s Angels.” And just as much as the Orthodox Church or the military, the Wolves have become a symbol of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. But the idea that they might be used as his extra-legal enforcers in times of trouble is usually implicit—embedded in their flag-waving Putinized patriotism—never really spelled out….Trump is not so subtle, however, especially when he takes his cues from the Kremlin. Leave it to him to put the potential for violent defense of his interests by a motorcycle gang front and center in the public view."

On Friday morning, as news broke of the massacre, the murderer's manifesto called Trump “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose,” the Breitbart tough-guy tweet came down. Note a wider pattern of American racists and white supremacists looking to Russia for both moral and tactical support.

Charlie Warzel noted that the attack marks a grim new age of social media-fueled terrorism.

A 17-minute video of a portion of the attack, which leapt across the internet faster than social media censors could remove it, is one of the most disturbing, high-definition records of a mass casualty attack of the digital age — a grotesque first-person-shooter-like documentation of man’s capacity for inhumanity.

Videos of attacks are designed to amplify the terror, of course. But what makes this atrocity “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence,” as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described it, is both the methodical nature in which the massacre was conducted and how it was apparently engineered for maximum virality.

Even though Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube scrambled to take down the recording, they were no match for the speed of their users or for their algorithms which make connections for people consuming such content. In minutes, the video was downloaded and mirrored onto additional platforms, and ricocheted around the globe.

Warzel notes,

Internet users dredged up the alleged shooter’s digital history, preserving and sharing images of weapons and body armor. The gunman’s apparent digital footprint — from the rantings of a White Nationalist manifesto to his 8chan message board postings before the murders — was unearthed and, for a time, distributed into far-flung corners of the web.

The killer wanted the world’s attention, and by committing an act of mass terror, he was able to get it.

It was not the first act of violence to be broadcast in real-time. Yet this one was different because ofd the perpetrator's apparent familiarity with the darkest corners of the internet. The recording contains numerous references to online and meme culture, including name-checking a prominent YouTube personality. Tarrant knew his audience.

Tarrent's digital trail depicts a white supremacist motivation for the attack. His 87-page manifesto, for instance, is filled with layers of  commentary apparently written to specifically enrage the communities that appear to have helped radicalize the gunman in the first place. It seems he understands both the platform dynamics that allow misinformation and divisive content to spread but also the way to sow discord.

I recently came across an article by Ezra Klein who identifies an ecosphere of YouTube prophets and avatars who populate the "intellectual dark web:" The rise of YouTube’s reactionary right: How demographic change and YouTube’s algorithms are building a new right. Many right wing publishers benefit from YouTube’s algorithms to build the new right. 

YouTube’s recommendation engine follows the digital footsteps we all make. And it sees connections, not context. It knows when audiences repeatedly come together, but does not grasp why. And it predicts what they’re likely to view next. Thus are the "mainstreams" of conservative thought brought into proximity to the far right fringe.

As Klein has it,

"Many of these YouTubers are less defined by any single ideology than they are by a “reactionary” position: a general opposition to feminism, social justice, or left-wing politics."

On YouTube, tomorrow’s politics are emerging today. Tarrant noted this and made the online community work in the gunman’s favor. Our brown shirts are now digital: not only has their conspiratorial hate spread from the internet to real life, it’s also weaponized to go viral. 

Proof That White Supremacy Is an International Terrorist Threat

It stretches from Christchurch to Pittsburgh and extends out in every direction.


The always-dependable Charlie Pierce noted that Anders Breivik, the murderous white-supremacist who killed 72 people in Norway in 2011, has become one of the most significant figures in international terrorism by providing a template for the modern white-supremacist mass murderer.

From Ted Kaczynski, he borrowed the idea of publishing a manifesto. From the Columbine killers, he borrowed the idea of using both bombs and guns. And from the international white-supremacist networks, he borrowed the murderous rage and bloodthirsty rhetoric necessary to carry out acts of mass murder, and to justify his crimes through an elaborate bullshit ideological exoskeleton that he wore like body armor. He put all of this together and created the modern mode of mass political murder, one that was carried out again Thursday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Pierce notes that Tarrant's latest manifesto

reads like a vicious form of grandiose trolling. But there seems to be little doubt that the crimes themselves speak loudly of the basic truth that this was a right-wing act of war against a target population. And, because of that, we should take the following passage very seriously. The alleged shooter called the President* of the United States "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose." 

When asked if the rise of white natonalism or white supremacy posed a rising threat around the world, Trump replied, 

“I don’t, really. I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems, I guess.  If you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet. But it’s certainly a terrible thing.”

On Sunday, Mick Mulvaney and other staffers made the rounds and insisted that Trump was "Not a White Supremacist." Which speaks volumes.

White supremacy now poses an international terrorist threat stretching from Norway to Pittsburgh, from Christchurch to Las Vegas, sharing objectives with the Night Riders or the Bikers for Trump, but better armed and more purposeful. Brownshirts used to intimidate; the new generation attacks to sow terror in targeted groups. This poses an existential threat to the very notion of liberal democracy. Today the target is Muslims; Tomorrow's target will be…?

For our purposes this week, Charlie Pierce gets the last word:

From [white supremacist terrorism] runs on a parallel track with the rise of a xenophobic rightwing nationalist politics that is conspicuously successful in a number of putatively democratic nations. Liberal democracy is under attack and, like any revolution, this one has both a respectable political front and a violent auxiliary that operates on its own imperatives. That one of those auxiliaries cites both a Norwegian mass murderer and the President* of the United States as inspiration for killing 49 people is not only evidence of the width of the threat, but also the depth of its commitment to the cause. This is the everyday al Qaeda of the angry white soul, and it's growing.

Now is the time of monsters.

banksy 07-flower-thrower-wallpaperSurly1 is an administrator and contributing author to Doomstead Diner. He is the author of numerous rants, screeds and spittle-flecked invective here and elsewhere. He lives a quiet domestic existence in Southeastern Virginia with his wife Contrary. Descended from a long line of people to whom one could never tell anything, all opinions are his and his alone, because he paid full retail for everything he has managed to learn.

Death of Aviation & Alaskan Collapse Wedding Soup

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Published on The Doomstead Diner March 16, 2019


(Note:  In the Video, I got my Model Number wrong for the Airbus, the big one is the A380, not the A320.  I didn't catch this error until re-watching the video this morning.  Apologies to the viewers)



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Collapse Wake-Up Call 3/10/2019


This was not a good week for Boeing Executives or Stockholders.  In fact, it wasn't a good week for anyone in the Aviation Industry to stop Sniffing Glue.

I've been following the Collapsing Aviation Industry since it began accelerating with the cancellation of the Boeing 747 last year.  That plane was one of the most recognizable ones ever produced, and Boeing's Signature Flagship Jumbo Jet Aircraft, for decades by far the largest passenger plane in the world.

Fairly recently, the European Consortium Airbus built their own Jumbo, the A380.  Even bigger than the 747, but only in production for the last 11 years before Airbus gave up on this White Elephant also and cancelled further orders.  The 747 was first launched from the Boeing plant in Seattle in 1969, lasting a full half century in production.  Now Airbus is promoting a"Used Planes" resale market for various airlines and Saudi Sheiks to sell these behemoths to each other.  Or they just trade them around over the Poker Table or Backgammon Board between beheadings.

Sadly, the demise of these two airplanes is nothing compared to the disaster that befell Boeing over the last couple of months, the HUGELY Faltal Crashes of two of it's Spanking New 737 Max jet, first in Ethiopia and then another one with the Lion Air plane that crashed into the Java Sea immediately after take-off.  An even bigger tragedy of course for the victims of these crashes.

It is fairly obvious at this point that the problem is the result of a combination of a Design Flaw and Regulatory Capture of the FAA by Boeing.  The negligence and liability here is beyond measure, and this in a just world would put Boeing Outta Biz in a heartbeat.  But this culture and system are neither Just nor Fair, and it remains to be seen how it plays out.  Much more on this topic in today's Morning Collapse Wake-Up Call video, at the top of the page.  Also much more in the Death of Aviation thread Inside the Diner.

To accompany your Collapse Brunch brain food this St. Paddy's Day morning, you can have the Alaska Collapse Wedding Soup, along with your Corned Beef & Cabbage.  The Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe went up yesterday so you have time to get it ready before you start drinking Mass Quantities today.


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