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Published on The Doomstead Diner on December 25, 2016


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Here on the Doomstead Diner, we've been tracking Collapse Issues since February of 2012.  A few of us were members of the Reverse Engineering Yahoo Group which I ran from around 2009 to 2012.  I myself began participating on Collapse oriented forums in late 2007.  There are many others with a much longer history than this, going back to the 1960s even with Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. The Environmental movement had its heyday back in the 1970s, with the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970.  This also coincided with the "Back to the Land" Movement, spearheaded by Hippies like Albert Bates, one of the founding members of The Farm, and scientists like Ugo Bardi, one of the researchers of the "Club of Rome" which produced the first "Limits to Growth" Study in 1972.  Both Albert and Ugo are still active as Environmentalists, and I cross post their work regularly on the Diner.

Sadly of course, all those years of environmental activism and scientific research that demonstrates the mess we have been making of the planet has not done a whole lot to stop it, at least globally.  In given locations it was occassionally successful, but generally speaking the problem just moved somewhere else where the local Goobermint was amenable to having the local environment destroyed in the name of PROFIT.  So industry which once polluted places like Love Canal in Amerika moved offshore to places like Guanzou Province in China, polluting the water there instead.

I personally was not a huge Environmentalist in my 60 years walking the earth in terms of any activism.  I was always disgusted by the rape of the earth through the period, but I never really did anything to stop it, and in fact contributed to my share of the destruction by buying all that gas I burned in my motorcyclez and my carz along the way.  I also rode plenty of Subway Trainz in the years before I could afford a car or motorcycle, and they also burned plenty of fossil fuels and fissioned Uranium in Nuke plants to keep electricity flowing along the third rail so the trains would run, and there were many days I forgot to turn off the lights in my room when I went out to play, needlessly burning still MORE juice and putting more carbon into the atmosphere.

Baby_LambThen I also ate lots of Animals, mainly Chickens and Cows and Baby Lambs, who all farted and put methane up in the atmosphere on the way to my dinner table.  After eating them, I also farted putting still more methane up into the atmosphere.  I cannot calculate what my particular contribution was over these last 60 years to total atmospheric carbon or climate change, but I am sure it is greater than most of the people currently living on earth.  These days, I try to reduce it some but since I still live in a 1st world culture and need to get around on Buses, Trains, Planes & Automobiles and I still need to EAT, I continue to be a big ass Carbon Emitter into the atmosphere of the planet.

I came into the World of Collapse not because of Climate Concerns, but because of observations on how the economics of the world were breaking down in the aftermath of first Bear Stearns and then Lehman Brothers during the 2008 financial crisis.  This led me to investigating many things related to that, like Peak Oil and Climate Change and Ecological problems, and as each year has passed since that time, all of those problems have grown larger.  The Climate issue appears to be growing much more rapidly than predicted even back only so far as 2008, and this problem now gets more attention overall than economic issues do, at least on websites besides the Diner that I frequent like r/collapse.  Climate problems are considered an existential problem core to our very EXISTENCE on the planet, whereas Economic issues are considered temporal and mainly a math problem and distribution problem overall.  Long as the planet itself is capable of supporting life, economics seems secondary to people who are climate concerned as a priority.

Finite_Resources_smI do not tend to hold this view, I think climate issues are survivable for at least a portion of the population currently walking the earth, though probably not all that many.  The TIMELINE to a final extinction of the species Homo Sap remains an open question, and is highly disputed, although it is sure to come at some point.  It goes from as short as less than a decade according to Guy McPherson of the Nature Bats Last blog to as long as 300M years when the SUN puts out too much radiation for Eukaryotic organisms to survive on the surface of the Earth.  Well, even longer if you believe that we can migrate off the planet to other star systems with the techno- folks like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, but IMHO that is not gonna happen. We are planted on Planet Earth, this is where we were born and this is where we will die, at some point in the timeline.  Our real near term issues come in how we organize the society and distribute out the resources we still can access economically.  Then we gotta figure out how much we can produce each year and how much that production can support in terms of total population size.  We are time-limited as all living things are including planets.  We just need to figure out how to live just as long as we can in the timespan alloted to us.  Figuring out that question best I can is what I do on my blog here, the Doomstead Diner, and it keeps me very bizzy. LOL.

My opinions on this are not all that popular, I have people from the cornucopian side of things who despise me because I say we have limited resources and too large a human population that needs reduction; and then on the other side I have Extinction Afficionados who think everything is HOPELESS, and NOBODY can survive for even 10 more fucking years! I am too HOPIUM FILLED for these people, and deluded. You can't strike any kind of middle ground with either of these types of ideologues.

goldfallingThere are numerous other issues that are more temporal that cause conflict, like the issues about who our political leaders will be, whether they can make some difference in the collapse trajectory, whether using Gold as Money would make any difference, etc, etc, etc.  If you take a particular stand on some of these issues, it gets you as a Blogger a constituency that supports you.  For me though, I tend to bounce through these issues and have positions that one consitutency or the other does not support, so I NEVER make everyone happy.  "You can make some of the people happy all the time, all of the people happy some of the time, but you can NEVER make all the people happy all the time."  I live that cliche just about every day on the Diner, my home as a blogger and analyst of collapse.  I am also not a real compromising sort of guy, and get in arguments all the time, both with commenters on my blog as well as with other bloggers who treat the subjects of collapse with their own spin on it on other blogs.  I take no prisoners in an argument, I hold grudges a long time, I FIRE BACK in the Chicago Way and I make enemies because of that. So it goes.

Which now brings me to the point of this whole diatribe, which is to look at where the Doomstead Diner is AT after nearly 5 years of operation chronicling the World of Collapse?  We have seen our ups and downs over the years here, and it's always tough to figure out just how well you are doing.  Google Analytics as of 12/4/2016 is up as the Header Graphic for this article, the Daily Users Chart.

Based on records of hits inside the Diner Forum, the Peak of the Diner Popularity came around 2014.  This period was also when the Alexa Ranking for the Diner was at its Peak, we hit around 75,000 Globally at that point.  BUT, Alexa changed their algorithm AND the numbers of hits on the forum are always pretty suspect, because MOST of them are BOTS.  You can get millions of hits (we did), but only a tiny fraction of them are real Human Eyeballs.

Yearly Summary New Topics New Posts New Members Most Online Page views
+ 2016 1814 24042 111 225 6501924
+ 2015 1223 30473 514 166 6725102
+ 2014 704 22376 122 182 9137030
+ 2013 757 25870 486 260 4100268
+ 2012 1075 13992 567 325 1734447
+ 2011 1 1 1 1 0

Diner Forum History

Over time though, you do get a decent idea of how many REAL DOOMERS are out there reading your website.  We have had some up and downs over these years, our Video & Audio material brought in some folks and that was likely responsible for the peak period in 2014 for page hits. In the last year we suffered a decline in total hits, I attribute that mostly to a lot of Burnout in the Collapse Crowd.  It basically plateaued out at around 320 Users/Day, according to Google Analytics on the Diner Blog anyhow.  But then we have Facepalm users, Twitter Users, YouTube Users, Soundcloud Users and Reddit Users also to try to account for.  Tons of crossover involved here, so tough to determine what the total individual and independent readership is for the Diner.

My BEST GUESS on this is around 1000 Global Diners who hit one of our sites once a week or so.  Maybe 300 who drop on the Diner daily to see what is cooking in Collapse.  Given a Global Population of over 7B people, this is NOT making a huge impact!  LOL.

At the same time though, the Diner DOES do better in terms of daily readership than most other Collapse Blogs out there and stays out of that sub-1M category of personal blogs most of the time on Alexa. The total readership of ALL collape blogs at this point still remains pretty small, my estimate for that is around 50,000 people globally interested in the topics of collapse who regularly surf the web on such topics.  So I am OK with capturing 1000 or so of them each month for a read on the Diner.  I would like more of course, but it's a reasonable number of people to be reaching each month.

If you look at the Google Analytics chart I put up from last week at the top of the article, you'll see that the last 90 days we did see a significant upward bump in users, about a 25-30% increase.  This coincides with a few recent events on the Diner.

underground-home-kirknielsendotcomThe first main one is the beginning of the publication of the Serial Novel, "How I Survived Collapse".  I took myself off of doing Video discussions and Audio Rants to devote myself to this project instead, and apparently Kollapniks like fictional representations of collapse issues, these chapters get a LOT of page hits.  On the downside, the YouTube and Soundcloud Diner channels get fewer hits without steady new material going up.  However, you only have so much creative energy to expend in one day.  You can't just print up creativity every day like you can Fiat Money. lol.

The next reason I perceive as important are political events ongoing that the Diner has focused on, namely the Election of Trumpty-Dumpty and the ongoing protest at the Standing Rock reservation against the DAPL p‬ipeline.  In both cases, the MSM Newz on these events is very poorly covered, and/or full of bullshit.  So people are out there looking for other perspectives and information on these topics, and various Diners are contributing their analysis to the subjects, providing more original material on the Diner.

standing-rock-black-snakeFinally, a main reason for the now again increasing popularity of the Diner is that many of the other bloggers who treat collapse issues have tapered off in how much and how often they will write.  "Collapse Burnout" is a problem for many bloggers who have written on these topics for years, and even if they are producing new material it's mostly rehashing stuff that has been said a million times before and basically beaten to death, unless of course you are a Newbie to the World of Collapse.  If you're not a newbie though, writing and rewriting the concepts you focus on can be tiresome after a while.  I fight this battle against burnout by examining the newz and looking for new insights and changes in the dynamic, which are always occuring even if the underlying principles of collapse don't change all that much.

The fact fewer bloggers are writing now also means I don't Cross Post as much as I used to from other bloggers, but that turns out not to be such a bad thing.  Fact is, people who read the Diner also read the blogs of the other people I cross post.  I cross post to keep the blog fresh each day for newbies, but for long term Kollapsniks they don't come to the Diner to read those blogs, they read them when they originally were published on that blogger's website.  Cross Posting less means I post more Original Diner Material, which apparently is what the readers want.  Of course, producing enough original material up to the High Standards of the Diner for every day publication is somewhat difficult. lol.

All in all, it was a good year for the Diner moving through Collapse.  Hell, at least we are still up and running, right?  The NSA hasn't taken us down yet, and we STILL have not made the list of Fake Newz Websites. 🙁  1000 regular readers who drop by the Diner for a collapse meal a few times a month isn't too bad, although I would like to see more of those people contributing Inside the Diner on our Forum. Hashing out the issues with others is really the best way to get further insights, in fact for myself the reason it took me so long to start a blog was because I like dialogue and argument more than I like expository prose writing, although I can do that most certainly, at great length too! lol  I got more prose up on the web than Shakespeare and Tolstoy combined!  Argue the quality all you want, but in word count this is no contest at all! 🙂  Still, it is much more enlightening to exchange ideas with other people, even if periodically they piss you off a whole lot.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnother significant milestone for the Diner is we held our 2nd Convocation this year at the Inman Harvest Day Festival in South Carolina.  This was in conjunction with trying to get our SUN☼Project off the ground, and we got a great reception from the local movers & shakers there, but NO MONEY! lol.  So SUN☼ is still just an idea, it hasn't yet become a reality and maybe it never will, but that doesn't really matter all that much.  The most important thing is to get the MESSAGE out to people that this style of living we have grown up with just is not destined to last all that much longer.  In the longer term, SUN☼ type communities will evolve if Homo Sap is to survive on the planet a while longer, because we CANNOT survive with the way we are living now.  It would certainly be better if people got started on this shit NOW rather than waiting until after TSHTF, but if you can't get the locals to pony up some money for it, you are just SOL there.  Sadly, I am not a Billionaire who could finance the whole thing himself, I wish I was, but I ain't.  So if the people themselves who would benefit from a more resilient community will not pony up, you're stuck in neutral, which is where SUN☼ is right now.

Hosp_BedOn a personal level as regular Diners know I struggle with deteriorating health issues resulting from my spinal injury, and struggle as well with getting the Title to the Entitlements I was promised when I set out working for 40 years inside the Industrial Economy.  I won some of the battles so far, but the War goes on here on this still.  I didn't end up as a Homeless Cripple Freezing to Death on the Streets of Palmer, Alaska as was my fear for the first 7 months of this adventure in my life, at least not yet anyhow. On the upside to it, I did get some time in "Retirement", about a year and a half now so far, and I really like retirement.  I get up in the morning (or afternoon, or evening) when I feel like it,  I spend my day reading and writing on topics that interest me, and I got no Boss I need to keep happy so he writes my paycheck each week.  I got no tests to study for in school and no traffic or stinky subways to ride on to get to work or school.  I do have a crew of somewhat testy Members, Mods & Admins here on the Diner I don't always keep happy and which can be somewhat frustrating, but at least my living does not depend on keeping them happy.  It's also most certainly NOT a "cult", since most of the time nobody agrees with me! lol.

TrumpigAs of now, 2017 looks like it will be a watershed year in the World of Collapse.  The election of Trumpty-Dumpty and his installation of Billionaires, Corporatocracy CEOs and Military Generals as Cabinet members and his Advisory team speaks clearly to exactly what kind of "Populist" this jerk is.  It boggles my mind that people are so foolish as to buy any of the nonsense he spouted out through the campaign. It's a fucking GUARANTEE he will eviscerate civil liberties, curtail free speech & freedom of assembly and increase the power of the Police State, all the stuff Libertarians say they are against!  He's also obviously going to give away the store to fellow plutocrats and .01%ers, he's already stacked the whole fucking cabinet with them! Jamie Dimon and Carl Icahn are his economic advisors here for crying out loud! He's going to shrink the Military?  Are you fucking NUTS?  He's already appointed 3 Generals to his cabinet, one of whom worked for General Dynamics after leaving the military! He's up for a new Nuclear Arms Race!  He's got Jamie fucking Dimon & Carl leveraged buyout Icahn as his leading advisors on the Economy!  Can you get more status quo BAU Military-Industrial-Banking complex than this?  This is "draining the swamp"?  More like "swimming in the swamp".

Besides the mockery of His Trumpness as POTUS, we also have just all sorts of shit going on across the pond in Eurotrashland.  The Italian banks are teetering on collapse and as I write this article, the current plan is for the fucking BROKE Italian Goobermint to Nationalize and Bailout Banca Monte dei Peschi di Siena, because of course it is TBTF.  Precisely where and how the Itie Goobermint will get the money to do this bailout remains unclear at the moment.  Then after the Italian banks, you got the German ones like the Big Kahuna, Deutchbank, also not looking too good on the balance sheet.  However, you tend to suspect that the Goldman-Sachs cavalry will somehow ride in to the Rescue of these Zombies one more time.  Maybe. After that are all the "Populist" (aka Neo-Nazi Right Wing) reactionary parties that have cropped up in Eurotrashland and further elections are sure to result in Goobermints which cannot effectively Goobern anyone.  At least half the population totally despises Da Goobermint even before they actually take office!  It doesn't matter who it is or which side of the lefty-righty divide they come from, they just can't do anything to stop the collapse of their economies.  Various plutocrats from one side or another can be made happy, but this does not create more jobs for J6P and total tax revenues for all the states continues to be eroded.

Then you got my favorite Snake Oil Salesman Elon Musk who continues to sell the fucking stupid idea we are going to replace the entire fleet of ICE carz and truckz with EVs powered by Batts produced in his "Gigafactory", slated to be the largest building on Earth if/when it gets finished.  He's ALSO going to "Go Where No Man Has Gone Before" and set up a fucking colony on Mars!  NASA couldn't do this in the last 50 years, but Elon CAN!  He's a can-do entrepreneur!  What fucking idiot buys this crap?

Meanwhile here on Earth, you got cities from Sao Paolo to La Paz to Johannesburg running short on water and forest fires burning all the time and oil pipelines leaking, suicide and overdose epidemics, a new shoot-em up on a college campus or nightclub once a week, but HEY! don't worry, be HAPPY!  Take another Fukitol Pill, you'll feel better in a jiffy! I do not have any expectation of having a shortage of collapse topics to write about as we move into 2017, nor do I expect to burnout writing about them either.  I have great stamina for this stuff, I'm going on near a decade now of writing about the topics and I feel like I am just getting my stride! lol.  Collapse is a MARATHON, not a SPRINT!  It may seem slow to you in human years, but in fact it is going quite rapidly not just in Geologic time but in Generational time also.  "Collapse" isn't coming "someday", it is here with us right now and we are all living it in one way or the other, to one extent of knowledge or denial of it or another.

The BIG QUESTION of course everyone always asks me as an Official Collapse Pundit is whether this will be the year THE Collapse occurs, as in the lights all going off, shelves all going empty, ATMs outta cash and Zombie Cannibals roaming the streets eating children for breakfast?  I'll go out on a limb here and say I do not think 2017 will be the year of the Zombie Apocalypse, at least not here in the FSoA.  One thing I have learned in my years writing on this topic is that the "system" or "matrix" (whatever you wish to call it) has a lot of inertia.  It's rolling down a hill, gathering speed, but it's not off the clif quite yet, the Wile E. Coyote Moment has not quite arrived.                                                                 

zombiesI do believe though at some not to distant point in the future of this timeline we will witness a discontinuity, I just hope I am alive long enough to witness that from this side of the Great Divide and write about it.  Not that I really want to see a lot of Death & Destruction before I die, but I do want to see "TEOTWAWKI", or "the end of the world as we know it".  The exercise we have put ourselves through as a species and this planet and other creatures who inhabit it through from the Age of Agriculture through the Age of Industrialization MUST come to an end, regardless of all the pain and suffering that will come along with that.  I believe that some Homo Sap will make it through the Zero Point to the Other Side, and those who are left standing will be better for it, a new species in fact.  I won't be there (at least in this broken down body anyhow, maybe my spirit reborn to a new one), but I will smile from my side of the Great Beyond as a Better Tomorrow emerges.

Anyhow, New Year's Eve approaches now, 2017 is arriving and at least unless Nibiru collides with the Earth in the next few days, we'll have another year in Collapse to observe and record here on the pages of the Doomstead Diner.  I would like to close here with a special note of thanks to my fellow Admins here on the Diner, who tolerate my idiosyncracies and who have proven to be good friends IRL as well as in cyberspace. To Surly, to Eddie, to Monsta, to Lucid Dreams & Gypsy Mama and to Palloy, Auld Lang Syne.  To all the rest of the Diners, I wish you also all the best in collapse in 2017.  Thanks to all for your participation and help in making the Doomstead Diner #1 for Doom on the Net!

Be sure to stop in at the Diner next Sunday for Surly's recap That Was the Year That Was in Doom, and drop in periodically for more Chapters of How I Survived Collapse!

Collapse Personality Profiles: RESULTS!

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on November 3, 2015



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…and now, the moment you have all been waiting for…the RESULTS of the Diner Collapse Personality Profile Survey TM! 😀

YOU CAN STILL TAKE THE SURVEY HERE genesis of this survey came in a very long and deep thread inside the Diner that one of our Diner Admins Eddie began.  It was on Enneagrams, which attempt to finger various personality types with their own particular taxonomy and descriptions.  Enneagrams aren't  alone in this effort, the Myers-Briggs system also attempts to categorize personalities.  There are endless others as well, but for this survey these are the only two personality indices we surveyed.

In the OP on the Diner Forum, only maybe 6-8 Diners or so reported their Enneagram results, so when I constructed the survey, I wasn't entirely sure I would get a decent enough sample size to draw any statistically valid conclusions.  To do the survey, you have to take at least 2 tests, the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs.  Then, to be really complete here, you also need to do an IQ test.  Although the tests I found to use are relatively short for this kind of thing, each one does take 10-15 minutes to do even if you are pretty quick with thinking out your answers.  Then the Survey takes another 10-15 minutes.  So you are talking a good hour time commitment to do this, and I'm certainly not paying anybody for their time spent at it!  lol.  Contrary to some comments made, none of these tests cost any money or require any registration either.  I did all of them for FREE! 🙂

So I figured maybe I would get 20-30 Respondents of real dedicated Doomers to do the whole thing.  With that, I could at least get a good article out of it, even if it wasn't very statistically valid.  Boy, was that assumption wrong!  LOL.  As of now when I am compiling the initial set of full stats (I did a brief recap of Demographic Stats last week), we have 121 Respondents (update 127).  Is this statistically valid within the Population of Doomers haunting  Collapse Websites?

To determine this, I first need to know how big this population actually IS.  I know this number within reasonable bounds because I am an Admin of not just my site but some others, and I observe what the total readership is of collapse sites which publish this number. I also observe traffic and popularity numbers on various sites that track these things, like Google Analytics. Alexa and Revolver.  I am a Stats FREAK!  LOL.  It is around 30-50,000 people right now best I can determine haunting collapse websites, although increasing in number as time goes by.  After that, I need to decide what my Confidence Level and Margin of Error should be for my Survey.  For this survey,  I picked an average population size of 40K, I set my Confidence Level at 95% and my Margin of Error at 10%.  For this combination of factors, I need 96 people to respond to the survey.  I already have 121 (actually 127 now, but I compiled results at 121).  So I am reasonable confident of these results.  I used the Survey Monkey calculator to determine the the number of respondents necessary for this Confidence Level & Margin of Error.

Now, where did I get this sample from?  Well, many from right here on the Diner of course, but I also went out and PLUGGED the survey on quite a few other sites, including Our Finite World, Nature Bats Last, r/collapse and r/samplesize.  So respondents mostly come from these websites, and with the exception of r/samplesize (a general survey site) all are collapse oriented sites.

So, what we are surveying here is NOT the general population, it is MAINLY the population of people who haunt collapse oriented websites.  Within this population, the survey has a high degree of confidence and reliability. next issue you need to consider is Reliability of Reporting.  In other words, are the respondents being HONEST about their results?  The survey is self-reported and you certainly could LIE on any question at all.  However, what would be the point of doing that?  Anyone who does spend the necessary time to do a survey like this is genuinely curious how the pattern skews out, and it doesn't behoove anyone to say they are one thing or another.  IQ is the only area where I could see respondents outright lying or cheating the test (which is quite easy to do) because nobody wants to admit to being STUPID, but again, it's ANONYMOUS!  So I don't think there was too much lying in the responses.

What about the accuracy and reliability of the tests themselves?  Again, the biggest question here is in the IQ Test, which is rather short for this kind of thing.  However, anecdotal reporting to me in email since I initiated the survey says results are more or less consistent with results they have had from taking longer tests at other times in their lives.  For myself, I pegged lower than in the past at 140 this time, but I attribute this to the fact that I was 3 sheets to the wind drunk when I took this test. lol.  I can't repeat it validly sober, because the same questions are presented.  You only have one chance to take the test and get a valid result, so do it sober!  LOL.

OK, now let's delve into the RESULTS! 🙂

First a synopsis before I drop on the tables with the actual numbers.

As mentioned last week, the main Demographic of Doomers are White Males from North America.  In the early returns, Females were running at around 20%, higher than expected by my experience haunting Collapse Websites.  I estimated this at 10% prior to doing the survey. As further numbers came in through Week 2, the percentage dropped to around 16%, closer to my original estimate.  Either way though, this is a Sausage Fest.  lol. are by and large very well educated.  The majority have a University Degree of Baccalaureate or above (~69%), with 6.72% coming in with a Doctoral level degree, compared to around 2% for the population at large for that level of education.  I will say my experience has been you find many Medical Doctors in the Doom Community, much higher than the percentage for the total population.  Also many University Profs with Ph.Ds are Doomers, folks like Guy McPherson, George Mobus and Ugo Bardi, etc.

Doomers also have an ASTOUNDINGLY high average IQ.  I attributed this at first to the possibility the test is skewed to the upside, but now I am not so sure of this.  I got anecdotal reports from a couple of people who have taken longer more "official" tests who told me that the score this test gave them came within 5 points of the official tests they had taken.  Also, the vast majority of people who took the test self-reported that the score they got back was accurate.  For myself, the test showed that I am stupider than I used to be, coming in this time at 140, but I attribute that to being 3 Sheets to the Wind drunk when I took the test.  LOL.

As mentioned before, there is also the possibility people would LIE when self-reporting on this, but there is no good reason for that with an anonymous survey.  So I am going to take the survey results at face value, which indicates that around 75% of Doomers have an IQ of 130 or higher.  That is compared to only 2.1% of the general population!

The tiny percentage of population with IQs over 130

DOOMERS ARE SMART! LOL. least as measured by this IQ test anyhow.  A solid 1/3rd of respondents don't think IQ tests are a valid measure of intelligence, but most respondents did think the test accurately reflected their IQ.

According to the survey also, 3.77% of Doomers are GENIUSES with IQs 150 or above!  That IQ over the general population should come out at just .04%!  My guess here is that for really high IQs, this test just doesn't work too good.  It's not discriminatory enough, not enough questions.  I don't think that great a percentage of Doomers really have IQs this high.  If there really ARE that many Geniuses surfing the Doom-o-sphere, WTF don't you drop in here and SOLVE all these problems?!?!?!  This would be a good time to exercise your Genius!  lol.

I will conclude however with the determination that Doomers are generally smarter than the typical J6P. 🙂

In terms of the Taxonomy of Doom going from Cornucopian to Doom Lite to Full Doom to Extinction, the vast majority of people who surf Collapse Websites fit into the Full Doom category at 69%. Basically this means they think things will get real ugly, lots of DEAD PEOPLE, but Homo Sap won't go EXTINCT at least inside the next century. Doom Lite at 17%, Extinction at 12% and just 2% of DENIERS are Cornucopians making a nuisance of themselves in the Commentariat.  lol.  Why do  people with this attitude show up at all on Collapse Websites?  Because they are contrarians who like to argue, that's why.

As you might expect, Doomers think about doom on a daily basis, and knowledge of oncoming Doom has affected their relationships and choices.

Now on to the MEAT of the survey, Doomer Personality Types! 🙂

inteligencia-sexualThere was decent speculation in the OP on the forum about this, what types might be prevalent and so forth, and also a decent amount of questioning whether these type of indices really have any meaning or "scientific" underpinning.  Whether they do or not, they clearly are showing SOMETHING, and again most respondents who took the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs thought both of them accurately reflected their personalities.

Starting with Myers-Briggs here, as guessed on the Diner and has been shown on a few other blogs that have surveyed this index, INTJs are the most prevalent type amongst Doomers, followed by the INFJs, INTPs and INFPs.  All together, the IN** quadrant had more than half the respondents.

(Note:  In constructing the survey, I neglected to include the ISTJs, so they didn't get counted.  My apologies to the ISTJs out there in Doomerville.  Hopefully not too many.  I always screw up something on these surveys.)

What are the Personality Traits of an INTJ?

People with the INTJ personality type are serious, analytical and perfectionistic. They look at a problem or idea from multiple perspectives and systematically analyze it with objective logic, discarding things that turn out to be problematic, and evolving their own understanding of something when new information turns out to be useful. There is no other personality type who does this as naturally as the INTJ. They are natural scientists and mathematicians. Once given an idea, they are driven to understand it as thoroughly as possible. They usually have very high standards for their own understanding and accomplishments, and generally will only value and consider other individuals who have shown that they meet or surpass the INTJ's own understanding on a given issue. INTJs value clarity and conciseness, and have little esteem for behaviors and attitudes that are purely social. Social "niceties" often seem unnecessary and perhaps even ungenuine to the INTJ, who is always seeking to improve their substantive understanding. INTJ's highly value social interaction that is centered around the meaningful exchange of ideas, but they usually dismiss the importance of being friendly or likeable in other social contexts, and they are likely to be uncomfortable with interactions that are primarily emotional, rather than logical. INTJs value structure, order, knowledge, competence, and logic. Above all, they value their own ideas and intuitions about the world. An INTJ's feeling of success depends primarily upon their own level of understanding and accomplishment, but also depends upon the level of structure in their life, and their ability to respect the intelligence and competence of those who share their life.

The fewest Doomers come from the ES** quadrant, in fact in all 4 of those Personality Types there was only 1 ESFP, the other three were all ZERO.

Let's compare ESTJs to the INTJs

People with the ESTJ personality type have a high value for social order and structure. Throughout his or her life, the ESTJ develops a set of judgement standards that they use to order events and impressions that exist in the world. These standards are essentially social principles. The ESTJ believes very strongly in their principles, and strongly disapproves of any violation. The ESTJ believes that their principles define appropriate behavior and attitudes, and therefore should be followed unconditionally. Just as they naturally create rules, and are therefore natural leaders, ESTJs also believe in following existing social rules. They often lead, but can follow easily if they trust the authority of the system they're following. The ESTJ can be quite harsh about the violation of a principle. It is more important to the ESTJ that the principle is honored than that they consider the position or feelings of the individual who transgressed against the principle. Their harshness of manner may damage personal relationships, until the ESTJ incorporates standards for behavior within personal relationships into their system of social rules. The ESTJ truly enjoys being around other people, and wants to promote traditional relationships. An ESTJ may feel successful if they are able to live their lives within their defined system of principles, but their true and lasting success will come from the ability to create and sustain good and lasting principles, and thus to address all situations in their life adequately and consistently.

Basically, the ENTJs are the conformists, the INTJs are the questioners.  Given the parameters of Doom, this makes perfect sense.

Like the IQ test, I take this at face value and think it is relatively accurate for the sample.

Now, onto the Index that started this whole thing off, the Enneagrams! 🙂

At least based on commentary from the Diner Chief Shrink Uncle Bob, Enneagrams are not taken too seriously by the official Shrink community.  However, based on my own results, the Enneagram fingers my personality more reliably than Myers-Briggs.  I am borderline in 3 out of 4 M-B categories, which means there are 8 out of 16 possible types I could be.  That is not very discriminatory (for me).

OTOH, out of 18 possibilities including the "Wings" (9 types, 2 Wings each) on the Enneagram, I hit the same one every time, and I took 3 different tests on this one. Eddie, the Diner Enneagram Professional who got this stuff started also fingered me correctly before I even took the first test. I am 8W7, with no question.  Here is the overview of Type 8s (I have highlighted important aspects of my personality):

Type Eight Overview

We have named personality type Eight The Challenger because, of all the types, Eights enjoy taking on challenges themselves as well as giving others opportunities that challenge them to exceed themselves in some way. Eights are charismatic and have the physical and psychological capacities to persuade others to follow them into all kinds of endeavors—from starting a company, to rebuilding a city, to running a household, to waging war, to making peace. Eights have enormous willpower and vitality, and they feel most alive when they are exercising these capacities in the world. They use their abundant energy to effect changes in their environment—to “leave their mark” on it—but also to keep the environment, and especially other people, from hurting them and those they care about. At an early age, Eights understand that this requires strength, will, persistence, and endurance—qualities that they develop in themselves and which they look for in others. Thayer is a stockbroker who has worked intensively on understanding her type Eight personality. She recounts a childhood incident in which she could clearly see the development of this pattern. "Much of my tenacity and toughness comes from my Dad. He always told me not to ‘let anybody push you around.’ It was not okay to cry. I learned to master my weaker side early on. At the tender age of eight, a huge horse ran away with me. When an adult caught the horse, I resolutely dismounted without a tear. I could tell my father was proud." Eights do not want to be controlled or to allow others to have power over them (their Basic Fear), whether the power is psychological, sexual, social, or financial. Much of their behavior is involved with making sure that they retain and increase whatever power they have for as long as possible. An Eight may be a general or a gardener, a small businessman or a mogul, the mother of a family or the superior of a religious community. No matter: being “in charge” and leaving their imprint on their sphere is uniquely characteristic of them. Eights are the true “rugged individualists” of the Enneagram. More than any other type, they stand alone. They want to be independent, and resist being indebted to anyone. They often refuse to “give in” to social convention, and they can defy fear, shame, and concern about the consequences of their actions. Although they are usually aware of what people think of them, they do not let the opinions of others sway them. They go about their business with a steely determination that can be awe inspiring, even intimidating to others. Although, to some extent, Eights fear physical harm, far more important is their fear of being disempowered or controlled in some way. Eights are extraordinarily tough and can absorb a great deal of physical punishment without complaint—a double-edged blessing since they often take their health and stamina for granted and overlook the health and well-being of others as well. Yet they are desperately afraid of being hurt emotionally and will use their physical strength to protect their feelings and keep others at a safe emotional distance. Beneath the tough façade is vulnerability, although it has been covered over by layer of emotional armor. Thus, Eights are often extremely industrious, but at the price of losing emotional contact with many of the people in their lives. Those close to them may become increasingly dissatisfied with this state of affairs, which confounds Eights. (“I don’t understand what my family is complaining about. I bust my hump to provide for them. Why are they disappointed with me?”) When this happens, Eights feel misunderstood and may distance themselves further. In fact, beneath their imposing exterior, Eights often feel hurt and rejected, although this is something they seldom talk about because they have trouble admitting their vulnerability to themselves, let alone to anyone else. Because they fear that they will be rejected (divorced, humiliated, criticized, fired, or harmed in some way), Eights attempt to defend themselves by rejecting others first. The result is that average Eights become blocked in their ability to connect with people or to love since love gives the other power over them, reawakening their Basic Fear. The more Eights build up their egos in order to protect themselves, the more sensitive they become to any real or imaginary slight to their self-respect, authority, or preeminence. The more they attempt to make themselves impervious to hurt or pain (whether physical or emotional), the more they “shut down” emotionally to become hardened and rock-like. When Eights are emotionally healthy, however, they have a resourceful, “can-do” attitude as well as a steady inner drive. They take the initiative and make things happen with a great passion for life. They are honorable and authoritative—natural leaders who have a solid, commanding presence. Their groundedness gives them abundant “common sense” as well as the ability to be decisive. Eights are willing to “take the heat,” knowing that any decision cannot please everyone. But as much as possible, they want to look after the interests of the people in their charge without playing favorites. They use their talents and fortitude to construct a better world for everyone in their lives.

My Type 8 Compadres?

Jack NicholsonMartin Luther King, Jr.Ernest HemingwaySean ConneryFidel CastroLauren BacallJohn WayneSir Winston Churchill


OK, there are some folks in there I would rather NOT be associated with like LBJ and Khaddafi, and Pol Pot was probably a Type 8 too, but there are always a few Bad Apples in the Barrel.   LOL.  You can't pick your relatives.  hahahahahaha.

However, Type 8s are not that common in the Doom Community, coming in at 8.85%. What is the most common Enneagram Type amongst Doomers?

Type 5s, by a long shot!  31.6% of Doomers are Type 5s.

Here's the description of the Type 5 Personality:

Type Five Overview

We have named personality type Five The Investigator because, more than any other type, Fives want to find out why things are the way they are. They want to understand how the world works, whether it is the cosmos, the microscopic world, the animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdoms—or the inner world of their imaginations. They are always searching, asking questions, and delving into things in depth. They do not accept received opinions and doctrines, feeling a strong need to test the truth of most assumptions for themselves. John, a graphic artist, describes this approach to life: "Being a Five means always needing to learn, to take in information about the world. A day without learning is like a day without ‘sunshine.’ As a Five, I want to have an understanding of life. I like having a theoretical explanation about why things happen as they do. This understanding makes me feel in charge and in control. I most often learn from a distance as an observer and not a participant. Sometimes, it seems that understanding life is as good as living it. It is a difficult journey to learn that life must be lived and not just studied." Behind Fives’ relentless pursuit of knowledge are deep insecurities about their ability to function successfully in the world. Fives feel that they do not have an ability to do things as well as others. But rather than engage directly with activities that might bolster their confidence, Fives “take a step back” into their minds where they feel more capable. Their belief is that from the safety of their minds they will eventually figure out how to do things—and one day rejoin the world. Fives spend a lot of time observing and contemplating—listening to the sounds of wind or of a synthesizer, or taking notes on the activities in an anthill in their back yard. As they immerse themselves in their observations, they begin to internalize their knowledge and gain a feeling of self-confidence. They can then go out and play a piece on the synthesizer or tell people what they know about ants. They may also stumble across exciting new information or make new creative combinations (playing a piece of music based on recordings of wind and water). When they get verification of their observations and hypotheses, or see that others understand their work, it is a confirmation of their competency, and this fulfills their Basic Desire. (“You know what you are talking about.”) Knowledge, understanding, and insight are thus highly valued by Fives, because their identity is built around “having ideas” and being someone who has something unusual and insightful to say. For this reason, Fives are not interested in exploring what is already familiar and well-established; rather, their attention is drawn to the unusual, the overlooked, the secret, the occult, the bizarre, the fantastic, the “unthinkable.” Investigating “unknown territory”—knowing something that others do not know, or creating something that no one has ever experienced—allows Fives to have a niche for themselves that no one else occupies. They believe that developing this niche is the best way that they can attain independence and confidence. Thus, for their own security and self-esteem, Fives need to have at least one area in which they have a degree of expertise that will allow them to feel capable and connected with the world. Fives think, “I am going to find something that I can do really well, and then I will be able to meet the challenges of life. But I can’t have other things distracting me or getting in the way.” They therefore develop an intense focus on whatever they can master and feel secure about. It may be the world of mathematics, or the world of rock and roll, or classical music, or car mechanics, or horror and science fiction, or a world entirely created in their imagination. Not all Fives are scholars or Ph.Ds. But, depending on their intelligence and the resources available to them, they focus intensely on mastering something that has captured their interest. For better or worse, the areas that Fives explore do not depend on social validation; indeed, if others agree with their ideas too readily, Fives tend to fear that their ideas might be too conventional. History is full of famous Fives who overturned accepted ways of understanding or doing things (Darwin, Einstein, Nietzsche). Many more Fives, however, have become lost in the Byzantine complexities of their own thought processes, becoming merely eccentric and socially isolated. The intense focus of Fives can thus lead to remarkable discoveries and innovations, but when the personality is more fixated, it can also create self-defeating problems. This is because their focus of attention unwittingly serves to distract them from their most pressing practical problems. Whatever the sources of their anxieties may be—relationships, lack of physical strength, inability to gain employment, and so forth—average Fives tend not to deal with these issues. Rather, they find something else to do that will make them feel more competent. The irony is that no matter what degree of mastery they develop in their area of expertise, this cannot solve their more basic insecurities about functioning in the world. For example, as a marine biologist, a Five could learn everything there is to know about a type of shellfish, but if her fear is that she is never going to be able to run her own household adequately, she will not have solved her underlying anxiety. Dealing directly with physical matters can feel extremely daunting for Fives. Henry is a life scientist working in a major medical research lab: "Since I was a child, I have shied away from sports and strenuous physical activity whenever possible. I was never able to climb the ropes in gym class, stopped participating in sports as soon as it was feasible, and the smell of a gymnasium still makes me uncomfortable. At the same time, I have always had a very active mental life. I learned to read at the age of three, and in school I was always one of the smartest kids in academic subjects." Thus, much of their time gets spent “collecting” and developing ideas and skills they believe will make them feel confident and prepared. They want to retain everything that they have learned and “carry it around in their heads.” The problem is that while they are engrossed in this process, they are not interacting with others or even increasing many other practical and social skills. They devote more and more time to collecting and attending to their collections, less to anything related to their real needs. Thus, the challenge to Fives is to understand that they can pursue whatever questions or problems spark their imaginations and maintain relationships, take proper care of themselves, and do all of the things that are the hallmarks of a healthy life.

Some of the Compadres of the 5s are:

A. H. AlmaasBuddhaMarlene DietrichVincent van GoghStephen HawkingBill GatesAlfred Hitchcock

We have several Type 5s on the Diner I am pretty sure.

What Enneagram Personality Type is LEAST likely to be a Doomer?

Type 2s, coming in at only 1.77%

Here is the description of Type 2s:

Type Two Overview

We have named personality type Two The Helper because people of this type are either the most genuinely helpful to other people or, when they are less healthy they are the most highly invested in seeing themselves as helpful. Being generous and going out of their way for others makes Twos feel that theirs is the richest, most meaningful way to live. The love and concern they feel—and the genuine good they do—warms their hearts and makes them feel worthwhile. Twos are most interested in what they feel to be the “really, really good” things in life—love, closeness, sharing, family, and friendship. Louise is a minister who shares the joy she finds in being a Two: "I cannot imagine being another type and I would not want to be another type. I like being involved in peoples’ lives. I like feeling compassionate, caring, nurturing. I like cooking and homemaking. I like having the confidence that anyone can tell me anything about themselves and I will be able to love them….I am really proud of myself and love myself for being able to be with people where they are. I really can, and do, love people, pets, and things. And I am a great cook!" When Twos are healthy and in balance, they really are loving, helpful, generous, and considerate. People are drawn to them like bees to honey. Healthy Twos warm others in the glow of their hearts. They enliven others with their appreciation and attention, helping people to see positive qualities in themselves that they had not previously recognized. In short, healthy Twos are the embodiment of “the good parent” that everyone wishes they had: someone who sees them as they are, understands them with immense compassion, helps and encourages with infinite patience, and is always willing to lend a hand—while knowing precisely how and when to let go. Healthy Twos open our hearts because theirs are already so open and they show us the way to be more deeply and richly human. Louise continues: "All of my jobs revolved around helping people. I was a teacher who wanted to be sensitive to children and help them get off to a good start. I was a religious education director in a number of parishes. I thought that if people learned about the spiritual life, they’d be happier…The most important part of my life is my spiritual life. I was in a religious community for ten years. I married a former priest, and we both have our spirituality as the basis of our life together." However, Twos’ inner development may be limited by their “shadow side”—pride, self-deception, the tendency to become over-involved in the lives of others, and the tendency to manipulate others to get their own emotional needs met. Transformational work entails going into dark places in ourselves, and this very much goes against the grain of the Two’s personality structure, which prefers to see itself in only the most positive, glowing terms. Perhaps the biggest obstacle facing Twos, Threes, and Fours in their inner work is having to face their underlying Center fear of worthlessness. Beneath the surface, all three types fear that they are without value in themselves, and so they must be or do something extraordinary in order to win love and acceptance from others. In the average to unhealthy Levels, Twos present a false image of being completely generous and unselfish and of not wanting any kind of pay-off for themselves, when in fact, they can have enormous expectations and unacknowledged emotional needs. Average to unhealthy Twos seek validation of their worth by obeying their superego’s demands to sacrifice themselves for others. They believe they must always put others first and be loving and unselfish if they want to get love. The problem is that “putting others first” makes Twos secretly angry and resentful, feelings they work hard to repress or deny. Nevertheless, they eventually erupt in various ways, disrupting Twos’ relationships and revealing the inauthenticity of many of the average to unhealthy Two’s claims about themselves and the depth of their “love.” But in the healthy range, the picture is completely different. My own [Don Riso’s] maternal grandmother was an archetypal Two. During World War II, she was “Moms” to what seemed like half of Keisler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, feeding the boys, allowing her home to be used as a “home away from home,” giving advice and consolation to anyone lonely or fearful about going to war. Although she and her husband were not wealthy and had two teenage children of their own, she cooked extra meals for the servicemen, put them up at night, and saw to it that their uniforms had all of their buttons and were well pressed. She lived until her 80’s, remembering those years as the happiest and most fulfilling of her life—probably because her healthy Two capacities were so fully and richly engaged.

Some 2 Compadres are:

There are no 2's that have been identified on the Diner AFAIK.

OK, that is the broad overview of Doomer Personalities according to the Diner Collapse Personality Profile Survey TM. 🙂


I will update results at the end of the year if many more respondents drop in.

For those of you who have made it this far, below are the complete results from the survey to date, including answers to the text questions.

If you wish to do more Data Analysis of the results, you can download the Spreadsheet to date HERE.  Please let me know if you do any further analysis of the data and what your results are.

Diner Collapse Personality Profile TM Survey Results


How do you categorize yourself as you look toward the future1- Cornucopian- Believes that in the future we will have a high technological society, travel to the stars etc2- Doom Lite- Believes that we will have a crash of our current systems, but will in the future fix these problems and continue living much as we now do.3- Full Doom- Believes that our current way of living will disappear, there will be a large reduction of human population and those who remain will live a more primitive lifestyle.4- Extinction- Believes that the Human race will go Extinct in the very near term of 100 years or less.

  Cornucopian Doom Lite Full Doom Extinction Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 2
30.57 117


My main Enneagram Type from the test was:

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 16
10.02 113


My Wing Enneagram Type from the test was:

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 12
7.48 106


Optional: Other possible types for my Enneagram were (list like 3W2, 4W1, etc)

Text Responses

Type 1 – 8.3 Type 6 – 7.7 Type 9 – 6.7 Type 7 – 6.7 Type 2 – 6.4 Type 8 – 6.4 Type 3 – 5.7 Wing 1w9 – 11.7 Wing 1w2 – 11.5 Wing 6w7 – 11.1 Wing 9w1 – 10.9 Wing 7w6 – 10.6 Wing 2w1 – 10.6 Wing 7w8 – 9.9 Wing 9w8 – 9.9 Wing 8w9 – 9.8 Wing 8w7 – 9.8 Wing 2w3 – 9.3 Wing 6w5 – 8.9 Wing 3w2 – 8.9 Wing 3w4 – 6.1
5w4, 6w5
1w2, 2w1, 6w5
9w1 9w8 4w3 4w5 3w4 5w4 5w6
1w9 or 5w4
from the report: "Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 5w4 or 9w8 or 9w1. It is not clear from these test results which Enneagram type and wing you are."
5w6 or 9w8 or 9w1
1w2 or 2w1
5W4, 5W4, 6W5
6SX, 9SX
3w4 or 8w7
5W6, 6W5


Do you feel the Enneagram Test properly categorized your Personality?

  Yes No Other Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 80
30.4 113


Do you have any thoughts to add on Enneagram Testing?

Text Responses

Briggs-Meyers is wayyy better
Not familiar with this test.
Too centered on humanity and humans per se.
Mostly right
Pretty nice touch. Yes. I am aware that I come too strong and that I bring too much of cognitive dissonance to pple with mainstream life choices. That is one of reasons I have chosen to live secluded live on the borders of the society. Everybody needs his own time to figure what I figured or find something completely new. I myself found, that I do not have heart to live my free minimum expense livestyle in the midst of car-feeding career dependant mortgage slaves. Both sides suffered for no positive outcome by my mere presence.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Not sure what it all means.
My ideas are closer to Charles Eisenstein's than any I see here.
I took the simplified test first and I got 4w5. I took the extended test second and got 5w6. I feel pretty strongly that the first, simplified test was the more accurate.
not really sure if 1w2 or 1w9, could be either
It's a dynamic system that accounts for whether someone is mentally and emotionally healthy (or not), so it gives a lot of useful feedback to someone trying to do personal growth work for him/herself.
I feel I am more of an 8w2 than 8w9 as I don't fear interaction, confrontation or any of the other things 9's do.
Very accurate and repeatable for me.


My most likely Briggs-Meyers Personality type is:

All Data 4
8.23 105


My next most likely Briggs-Meyers Personality type is:

All Data 4
6.21 92


Optional: Other possible Briggs-Meyers types listed for me were (list like ESFJ, INFP etc)

Text Responses

I have taken the test several times in the past, intj only
did not take
no info without paying
Just got INP listed
my types change over time.
I didn't sign up, so all I got was hints (the above are guesses based on other research)
Don't know
I was shown as 89% INTJ
Intuitive, introvert and feeling. Don't recall the rest.
didn't give a second choice
Half of them are possible choices. Most results of 3 categories came out borderling.


Do you feel the Briggs-Meyers test properly categorized your Personality type?

  Yes No Other Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 86
34.65 112


Do you have any other thoughts about the Briggs-Meyer Personality test?

Text Responses

Didn't get results…as it asked for $29. I marked INFJ for the hell of it.
Too centered on humans and humanity.
This test did not give results without first paying a $29 fee. Therefore, took the test but didn't receive the results.
Declined to register or give them money. So I just guessed
The test was improved by David Keirsey
Tests are more certain than I am
Why did you link to a test that costs money. No one will spend money to take a test just to give you the answer. Search for free tests or build your own.
no free, used sample to get type = seemed close enough
I have gotten a different type result in the past. I think i have changed in my habits a little over time.
These shift frequently over time, probably moreso than personal outlook on the future.
Ad Q.12: I can make very little difference for my individual future but all the necessary difference in my own perception of things. And it happens, that I truly believe two things.: First, from what Ive seen over the world we are hardly the first industrial civilization in our species history. Second at best. The history we wrote for us is either an error or hoax. Second – collapse of current industrial civilization … seen from far enough… appears to be a correct thing. We took too much space. Thats wrong. Its against Live. Luckily and eventually, even when we somehow manage to go extinct, Earth will be Garden of Eden again. It is given. And I am quite fine with that. Personally I do not see that much difference between me, enjoying lazy afternoon sun in a garden, and for example a cat. They are the very same thing we are minus human collection of abstract thought patterns, notions and such. I believe this quite firmly, since I managed to almost die on Lyme disease last year. And as I was sinking and losing myself on a bed in my house for a day or two I lost this human part. And I was like them. Unable to think, to name stuff, to make much of plans. And it was still Me in the bed. Me as always having this usual strange sort of fun. It may be of some interest to you, that the man who had teache me most about collapse, was by some strange way of accident Alan Watts.
Very applicable.
Very accurate descriptions.
It only told me I am IS (complete result is 29 bucks), the rest of the answer I made up.
Often forces a choice between 2 options that can be held simultaneously and are not mutually exclusive. A poor test.
Fuck that noise.
I did several, years ago; didn't do this specific one. Have studied Myers-Briggs (you have the name backward, for some reason) for decades.
Truly amazing result
It's a more static test that gives you a personality snapshot for the moment in time when you take it, but you may score differently at different times.
The Meyer-Briggs test has little scientific backing, especially the categorization into 16 distinct personality types. Other tests like ones for the Big Five personality traits are better supported by empirical data and acknowledge a wider range of personality facets. However, these tests have their own problems as well.
This test does not do well for me in terms of defining my personality. With 3 of categories borderline, I could pick any of 8 possibilities.


Choose as many of these as applies to you

  I think about collapse issues daily I rarely worry about collapse It is important to be Hopeful in the face of collapse Giving up Hope is the best way to deal with collapse My concerns about collapse affect my choices My concerns about collapse do not affect my choices Most people I talk to are unaware of collapse Most people I talk to are aware of collapse I can make a difference for my future I cannot make a difference, doom is inevitable Responses
All Data 102


My attitudes regarding collapse has affected my relationships with others

  Yes No Other Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 73
29.1 118


My IQ based on the online free test is

  <90 90-99 100-109 110-119 120-129 130-139 140-149 150+ Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 0
15.33 106


I feel the online IQ test gave a more or less accurate (within 10 points) assesment of my actual IQ

  Yes No IQ tests are not a valid measure of intelligence Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 61
22.07 104


My maximum formal education level is:

  High School Associates Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree Doctoral Degree Other Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 16
12.43 119


My Gender is

  Male Female Other Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 100
43.36 119


My Race/Ethnicity is:

  White Black Brown Red Yellow Albino Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 107
39.14 117


The continent/region I live on most of the time is:

  North America Central America South America Western Europe Eastern Europe North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Middle East North Asia Southeast Asia Australia/New Zealand Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 83
23.54 119


My age is

  <18 18-24 25-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80+ Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 0
10.46 119


Survey: Psychological Profiles of Collapse – Results: Future of Energy

survey-says-2gc2reddit-logoOff the keyboard of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on October 20, 2015

Discuss the results at the Survey Table inside the Diner


Internet-JunkieRecently inside the Diner we had a long and involved discussion about Psychological Profiling, centering mostly on Enneagrams, which attempt to categorize the psychological profile of people through 9 different categories. This is not the only such type of profiling out there, the Briggs-Myers system which uses 4 main categories is also commonly referenced for this type of stuff.

Several of the Diners took the Enneagram test, and we have a fairly wide distribution of types recorded from this type of test and the results also seem to be repeatable through different tests for a given indvidual, but I am curious (yellow) as to what personality types defined by these tests and structures are prevalent in the Collapse Community?

To try to get some handle on this, I have created a Survey which you can fill out once you take the Enneagram Test and the Briggs-Myers test.  You don't necessarily have to take the same ones I am linking to here, but the data is going to be more consistent if you use these tests.

I also am including a Link to an IQ Test, which is optional to take, it's not necessary for the Personality Profiling.  However, again I am curious as to what kind of IQ the typical Kollapsnik TM has, so I added this to the Survey.

This is a "fun" survey, not meant to be too serious, the whole psychological  profiling thing is rather nebulous to begin with and the sample size we are likely to get is not going to be that statistically significant.  Nevertheless, I am interested to see how the distribution of personality types is spread out.

The two main personality tests and IQ Test links are:

If you are going to fill out the survey, you will need to take at least the Personality Tests.  The IQ Test is Optional.  Each of the tests takes about 15 minutes to do, and the survey itself also another 10-15 minutes, so if you want to participate this will cost you an hour of your valuable time.  lol.

survey-saysOK, now on to the results from the Future of Energy Survey, which brought in a good sample size and very interesting results overall. 🙂

The big question always posed on all collapse websites it the TIMELINE QUESTION? As in "When will *I* be unable to afford the gas or the pumps will be dry in *MY* neighborhood?  When will *MY* Lights go out?"  If this shit is happening to Greeks or Venezuelans, WTF CARES, right?  LOL.  As long as *I* am still doing OK, everything is PEACHY!  This is a particular problem here in the FSoA with the 20%  or so of still well-to-do Amurkans, who simply cannot fathom why the poor people can't get along, and why they feel the necessity to RIOT all the time?  What's with that #Ferguson shit, why don't these folks just do what the cops tell them to do?  LOL.

Anyhow, at least amongst Kollapsniks TM, we have a very solid consensus opinion on when the pumps will go dry and the lights will brown out regularly.  Very nice Bell Curve distribution on these questions, and if you believe Kollapsniks, then things will be going seriously SOUTH around 2025 or so.  Zager & Evans only got ONE digit wrong! 🙂

Which is the closest year to which Gas/Petrol will either be unavailable or too expensive for most people to buy in your neighborhood?

  Now 2020 2025 2030 2040 2050 Available for the forseeable future Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 4
12.59 147

Which is the closest year to which on demand Grid Electricity will either suffer regular Brownout or Blackouts in your neighborhood 50% or more of the time?

  Now 2020 2025 2030 2040 2050 Available for the forseeable future Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 5
12.95 147

2025 looks like the CRITICAL year to most Kollapsniks as far as availability of gas to do Happy Motoring and keeping the Lights On all the time in your digs.  I tend to agree with this assessment and 2025 was my vote on both of these questions.  What these questions also reveal is an approximation of how many Cornucopians haunt the Collapse Blogs, it appears to be between 15-30% of the readership.  These folks believe that the gas and electricity will continue to be available into the indefinite future.

Can Renewable Energy sources pick up the slack to maintain a technological society once Fossil Fuels cannot be accessed or afforded?

  Yes No Maybe, I'll explain it below Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 24
30.54 147

Overwhelmingly, most Kollapsniks do not think Renewables can pick up the slack here once we drop off the Fossil Fuel based economy.  I tend to agree with this assesment as well.  Quite a few text responses came in for the "Maybe" choice, here they are:

What are your rationales for answering "maybe" to Renewables in Q3?

Text Responses

With farming and return to farm lifestyle. after tribal war and die off.
Low EROI Intermittent
It depends on what you mean by "technological society". I envision one that has – some – technology but only about 10% of our current energy usage.
if we can get around political obsticals and build more nuclear
production continues to ramp up immensely – the only thing preventing american access to cheap imported solar is bad tax policy
We need to drastically reduce consumption and inequality, go vegan, reduce human population voluntarily to about 10% of current levels (a stretch, I know), and put entire society on a "war footing." We probably need nuclear as well. We could maintain technological society but not today's consumption levels.
"Pick up the slack." What do you mean. Solar energy is to some extent suffering from a resource shortage: some rare earth metals. In PVs progress is being made, but then the inter-seasonal, daily and/or spatial production consumption imbalance will have to be overcome by large storage and /or transfer energy systems. In wind energy obviously similar issues play. These require huge amounts of resources (power storage reservoirs, compressed air batteries, huge power transport lines. Energy will never be cheap again, at some prices will reflect production cost (bye bye capitalism.). Our per capita energy consumption will (have to) go down. Living standards may follow. We may have to shrink as a species.
"Pick up the slack." What do you mean. Solar energy is to some extent suffering from a resource shortage: some rare earth metals. In PVs progress is being made, but then the inter-seasonal, daily and/or spatial production consumption imbalance will have to be overcome by large storage and /or transfer energy systems. In wind energy obviously similar issues play. These require huge amounts of resources (power storage reservoirs, compressed air batteries, huge power transport lines. Energy will never be cheap again, at some prices will reflect production cost (bye bye capitalism.). Our per capita energy consumption will (have to) go down. Living standards may follow. We may have to shrink as a species.
Not a technological society as we know it, but a society with some technlogy available to a few wealthy owners.
Not a technological society as we know it, but a society with some technlogy available to a few wealthy owners.
depends on priorities
The BIG game changer is whether or not storage can drop in price. It is disruptive technology. If storage drops to the 100/kwhr range or lower, it can change the whole energy distribution system. Not because of solar or wind, which it will obviously help. But because you no longer need to load follow, and have extra capacity online to meet -potential- load increases. It is a tremendous increase in efficiency. It is more danger initially to the FF industry then wind or solar. 100/kwh batteries also make electric cars the same price as their FF cousins. It allows for off-grid. The question is whether or not we can hit that goal or not, and the timeframe for achieving that goal. GM has announced it by 2022 which is 7 years. The potential is there.
BAU can not be supported by RE but a highly modified technological society can be. We will not have 24/7/365 electric. I expect we will have long distance communication via fiberoptic but maybe not video definitely not cell towers. I expect much lower population 90% less. On #6 below I mean simple tech no 20 billion dollar chip fabs. few or zero airplanes.
I should explain that there are no utilities in my neighborhood now. There are some real problems running industrial equipment on renewable energy sources, air travel will cost too much, and we should produce far less grain-fed meat, so there will be some major changes.
depends on economic and political conditions
All depends on the Hot Rocks – Nuke Puke situation. A different lower energy localized society might be possible. High rise towers could be used for local food production in lower density cities. Good design could minimize heating needs. A local large office building here in Vancouver is heated from the electrical lighting load, solar and occupant's body heat. Designed and built 50+ years ago.
Solar will become the dominant low cost energy as storage technologies (batteries and hydrogen predominantly) evolve.
Answer for #5. Manhattan Project style effort on LFTR research would be good to see. Probably too late, though. Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor.
Only if expectations and levels of consumption are radically reduced – basically status quo lifestyle is a non-starter but a reduced expectation reality is.
We can replace 80% of electricity-generation fossil fuels with current technology; transport is probably doable but it requires significant breakthroughs.
Yes… esp if advanced biofuel, biooil, and other biological based fuel sources are utilized (algae, switchgrass, miscanthus, etc)
Fossil fuels won't become unaccessible or unaffordable in my lifetime.
Techincally, it could. The political and cultural changes also required are VERY unlikely to happen before it is too late to build the right technical infrastructure.
Energy from renewables will need to be directed to a smaller selected group of technologies, i.e. infotech, telecoms to continue the availability of knowledge and communication for people. Also continued production of high-tech for renewables themselves. Not on the receiving end. Long distance transportation of food/people/cheap-labour-produced dross, or tech for extracting/refining fossil fuels.
Transition time 30 years without causing problems, less than that and it will stress the system/public.
Sources that are neither fossils nor renewable such as nuclear energy will provide great amounts of energy. Renewable energy sources, solar in particular, will be more developed and produce greater amounts of energy than those sources do today. Also, if there would be a breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology, energy problems would no longer be a problem.
a society capable of limmited electrically powered processes at a ~1920s level, with all else being at an early 19th century level. yes. modern modern. no.
With combined energy efficiency and lower population levels the remaining population may be able to maintain a technological society with renewable energy sources only.
It requires that collapse not happen for any other reason; and while I expect that renewable energy will be able to be produced using just renewable energy, there will be degradation in quality and capacity with every generation, like a xerox of a xerox.
Well, we have to actually start the infrastructure in a big way, then techology has to continue in a non petroleum based power future.
Maybe at some point in the distant future, but why would we want them to, and fossil fuels will always have some advantages.
At what cost. Renewables have displayed the ability to fill the void left by declining fossil fuels. Renewables are expensive and rely on heavy tax incentives.
Technically they could make a HUGE difference but it is culturally and politically UNLIKELY to happen before it is too late.
renewables' foundation rests on fossil fuels.
RE is constantly changing. Innovation is possible. You cannot foresee the future.
technology for the rich, back to 19th century for everyone else
To a certain extent since we have plenty of hydro, nuclear and wind. The problem is, of course, transportation. We have lots of public transportation and plenty of biofuels generated from waste so pehaps it is possible. We cannot overconsume, drive cars or grow the economy but perhaps we could have some form of sophisticated communication (internet)

Should more Nuclear Power Plants be built to pick up shortfall in electrical power as fossil fuels dwindle?

  Yes No Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 63
9.5 145

Nuke Puke was a pretty close vote for quite a while, running close to 50-50 in the early polling.  However, in the end the Anti-Nuke Greenies beat the Nuke Pukers, and more Nuke Plants were defeated in this vote.  It's highly unlikely many new ones will be built in any event, snce the end consumer can't afford to buy the electricity regardless of how it is produced.

In the event that we cannot find energy sources to replace fossil fuels in running our industrial economy, which outcome do you think is most likely?

  We will return to 18th century farming techniques at a lower population level We will shrink down to very small numbers and return to Hunter-Gatherer living We will maintain a technological society utilizing just renewable energy sources We will go Extinct Standard Deviation Responses
All Data 68
20.7 145

The overwhelming plurality of Doomers think we are destined to all become Amish people (47%).  A relatively small percentage think we are destined for Near Term Human Extinction (10% of the sample).  A very significant number (28%) of people fit in that Cornucopian slot, believing we will be able to continue onward with a Technological Civilization utilizing Renewable Energy sources.  I fit in the 14% or so who believe we are destined to vastly shrink in numbers and return to a Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle, although I think this will take quite some time to take place and we probably will do the Amish thing for a while.

All in all, this was one of the more enlightening surveys so far, in terms of getting a feel for what the attitudes and beliefs are of people who haunt the Collapse Blog-o-sphere.  Next up, we need to determine the Psychological Profiles of these Doomers.


Where Have All the Doomers Gone?

Off the keyboard of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on November 24, 2014

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I’ve been chronicling Collapsing Economics on the Internet since 2008, after the collapse of the Investment banking firm Bear Stearns.  I knew nothing of Peak Oil at the time, and I had not really concerned myself with the monetary system, Stocks, Bonds, Investing etc since the 1980s.

I spent about the first month just trying to figure out why Bear Stearns went south, and why there was a run on the bank.  Eventually this led me to the website, which at the time was very active in the commentary.  I learned a lot over there from folks who had been tracking this since even before the site was founded in 2004, and over time I got hold of the relationship between the Energy Depletion issues and the Monetary Problems going on at the time.  What would inevitably occur became quite clear, and I wrote this line in 2008:

“It will all Burn Up in the Greatest Bonfire of Paper Wealth in all of Recorded History”

A “Quote of the Month” on Peak Oil, and the Bonfire is well underway now, country after country falls into economic collapse, more Amerikans are on SNAP Card food assistance every year, and the geopolitical consequences become ever more dangerous by the day here.

Despite the fact the consequences become ever more obvious every day, it appears that there is ever less discussion about this on the internet.  Besides the economic issues, the climate problems become more apparent every day as well, drought in California, record snowfall in Buffalo, Super Typhoons hitting SE Asia on a weekly basis, you name it evidence of vast climate change is in evidence everywhere, but still the Deniers just return with “of course the climate changes, it always changes”.  True enough, but what it it changes so much it’s impossible to live in your local environment anymore because the floods come so often or because there is no water to drink?

On top of all that, you have the Ebola virus spreading in Africa, and ever escalating geopolitical conflicts between Russia and NATO, the Chinese and Japanese, and then of course ISIS Radical Muslims Beheading anyone they can get their hands on to strike TERROR into the heart of the average Oil Konsumer.

By EVERY measure in EVERY area of Collapse, there is way more in evidence today than when I started chronicling it on Peak Oil in 2008.  Conversely though, the worse it gets, the LESS people engage to discuss it, both in the commentary of Collapse blogs as well as the main Collapse Bloggers themselves.

The main folks who have been chronicling this the longest, people like Jim Kunstler and Dmitry Orlov rehash material they have been using for a decade, with the only real update to this whatever the latest manifestation is out in the real world in Current Events.  For people who have been following the collapse this long, there are no real NEW observations to make.

Far as the commentary goes anywhere, it’s all ideological bullshit and stupidity, from the commentary of Zero Hedge to The Burning Platform and back to Peak Oil too.  Anyone online in the collapse blogosphere has heard it all before, and basically anyone with any intelligence has STOPPED talking about it.  Folks like George Mobus, Paul Chefurka, David Korowicz, Nicole Foss and others have simply dropped off the map for the most part, nothing left to say, the die is cast and the Show will go on no matter what kind of Jawboning goes down on the net, or in Congress or at the European Parliament too for that matter.

This seems to have led to a kind of malaise, as folks just tun inward and pursue their own lives in the face of how collapse is affecting them.  Why talk about it on the Internet now?  We all know what is coming down the pipe here.

For me, I have come to realize that it really is not that important if people are talking or not, if there is discussion or not, I’m just observing it now.  I also will not change my opinion on where it is all going in any debate, and I am certainly not going to waste my time with Ideologues who will pitch their spin no matter how much evidence to the contrary show that it’s wrong headed.

So nowadays, I don’t look for or expect conversation on the topics, I just observe it and write down the observations as it occurs, a kind of contemporary history file overall.

EVERYBODY KNOWS what is coming down the pipe now.  As Leonard Cohen wrote so long ago now:

“Take one last look at this Sacred Heart before it BLOWS”

because anybody with any Common Fucking Sense now KNOWS IT WILL BLOW, and we won’t have to wait another 50 years for it to blow either.  In fact it is blowing as we speak, but if the implosion hasn’t yet hit your neighborhood or your job, you can still delude yourself into believing it all will work out OK in the end.

We have a little time left here, how much is anybody’s guess these days, so for everyone I suggest you try to find a little bit of Happiness and enjoy your life as it is, if you have not yet fallen off the Cliff and Collapse has not yet reached your doorstep.  Enjoy cooking and eating good food if it is available, drive the countryside while there is still gas at the pump, even go Shop On Black Friday at Walmart if finding Bargains is what floats your boat.

If you are very fortunate, you will find some others to join with as the Flowers Wilt.  For me, the Great Gift of the Diner was to find a few other people to observe this with, and it is the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

The Great Moving Adventure

Off the keyboard of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on October 19, 2014


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Note: If you are not a fan of LONG personal stories of Life in the Age of Doom, you should probably skip reading this article.

For a variety of reasons, in the last week I moved out of the domicile I have been living in basically since moving up here to the Last Great Frontier nearly a Decade ago now.  What follows is a Diary/Chronicle of this Moving Adventure, published over the last couple of weeks inside the Diner Forum.

Once I determined to move, I pondered on several possibilities, including moving in full time to my Bugout Machine, pictured above.  However, the problems with living full time in one of these contraptions are LEGION, even in temperate climates, so this concept has always been a “Last Resort” idea for me, and as nasty as things look these days with Ebola and a Crashing Stock Market and Oil Prices, at least up here we are nowhere NEAR the “Last Resort” scenario…YET!

Figuring out just where to move to and what the parameters are for decent resilience had me pondering for a few weeks before I made the move, and then finding the right place also took some time, and a certain amount of LUCK as well.  It all came together very well in the end, but the process has had a few glitches along the way also.  Ths particular story does have a HAPPY ENDING, so if you ARE a fan of personal stories, microwave some popcorn, crack open a Beer and ENJOY!  At least with this one you won’t leave thoroughly depressed and hopeless. 🙂


Moving Week!

I’ll probably be a little scarce this week as I am moving out of the cabin over to new digs closer to work.’ve been packing up preps the last couple of hours and taking a break here for a few minutes.  It’s amazing how many cans of beans you can store in a few kitchen cabinets!  The containers I bought weigh a ton, so I hired professional movers to do all the heavy lifting next week between locations.

The new place is a whole lot more resilient and SAFE, with security cameras and an overall better location.  It’s actually its own little community and it sits right on a stream so water supply is good.  It’s a good location for riding out minor disruptions in supply chains, power outtages etc.  I’m looking at it as a SUN  :icon_sunny: community in the making!

Hopefully, Ebola won’t make it up here and Alaska can work on becoming locally self sufficient in food, which should be doable between the already existing farms, the local fishing and then adding in more hydroponics and aquaculture.

Once I am in place, I look forward to doing my first Commute to work on the EWz if the weather cooperates.  It’s not ridiculously cold yet, but it has been pretty wet and rainy, and I’m not that desperate at the moment that I will ride a scooter in cold rain.  LOL.

I may not have time to do cross posting articles so hopefully Surly will pick up the slack with that until I get settled in and back to the routine.

OK, break over, back to Prep Packing!  :icon_sunny:

Re: Moving Week!

More Packing tonight, and I’m just about done with the Kitchen and taking another break.

Tonight’s first project was the Junk Drawer.  I think just about everyone has one of these, all sorts of stuff gets thrown in them, batteries, keys, pens, screws, adapters, small tools, scissors etc etc etc.  Also in mine are a lot of old ID Cards, my first CDL Permit is in there, IDs from college and Grad Skule, numerous pay stubs etc, so it’s another one of those nostalgia trips when you clear it out.

There’s also a lot of stuff you wonder why you kept it and shoved it in the drawer.  Badges from various conferences I attended for instance.  I am such a pack rat that I can’t throw these things out which don’t even have that much nostalgia value.  I figure I forked over $300-500 for the conference, I should keep SOMETHING from it.  LOL.  In this case though, I finally pulled the plug on those and trashed them.

Another thing which is astounding me as I pack up is just how much STUFF you can accumulate over a decade which becomes baggage you need to drag around with you when you make a move. When I came up here, I had my 5 Bags/Containers from my trucking years,which contained everything I needed to live the Nomadic Lifestyle.

A Decade Later after living in one location, at the moment I have over a dozen large containers already filled with stuff, another dozen Bags and Suitcases also filled with STUFF, and another Dozen or so Cardboard Moving Boxes full of STUFF!  This is not including additional clothing and Bedding Materials which I am not Boxing or putting in suitcases, just gonna shove them in 30 Gallon Trash Bags!  then I am also not including DOZENS of still original packaged Prep Items in their own boxes with stuff from Sleeping Bags to Tents to Propane Cooking stoves to Ammo etc etc etc.

All this crap is contained inside around 800 square feet of space!  It’s hard for me to imagine how much STUFF someone who lives in the same McHovel for 20 years or more might accumulate!  I remember when my sister went back to NY to help my mom pack up the McMansion, I think it took her something like 2 weeks to sort through it all, decide what to keep and what to ditch as mom was moving to a much smaller apartment in Springfield for the Retirement Years. of the main things ditched was some fabulous hand carved Jacaranda wood furniture from Brasil, which was shipped back from there to NY once the Mcmansion was bought.  Part of the search for the right place to live involved finding a NY McMansion with rooms big enough to fit these oversized pieces of furniture.  The issues with moving furniture bugged me so much when I started going nomadic that eventually I ditched all of the stuff I bought while I was married and just bought old stuff wherever I moved to and then got rid of it when I moved again.  This was way cheaper then renting a big Penske or Uhaul or Ryder to be able to move everything, which I did twice before finally dumping it all.

The other pain in the ass is the vehicles.  In those days I only had one, so I rented a trailer for the Car and towed it behind the Ryder.  Now I got 3 here to move in Alaska, which I will do with a friend who will shuttle me back and forth between locations to pick up each one and drive it over to the new place.  It’s not far, but it will still take a good 2 hours to get this done.

Realizing how non-portable I am now bothers me a LOT.  In the process of moving in to the new Digs, I am going to sort through all the preps and figure out just what I can really fit into the Bugout Machine, and have an “Abandon as necessary” bunch of STUFF, and a much smaller “Keeper” bunch of STUFF.  This is going to be a very difficult decision making process.

OK, that’s the Moving Update for tonight.  My movers are supposed to be here at 8AM tomorrow and I still have a lot of packing to do tonight.  Tomorrow night, I should be reporting in from the new RE Digs.  :icon_sunny:

Moving Week Notes 3

OK, got the Bathroom Medicine Cabinet and Under the Sink hodgepodge of chemicals for cleaning, Rubber Gloves, Sponges and extra soap, razor etc DONE.  3 more Cardboard Shipping Boxes.

Also got the Bedroom mostly done, emptying the closet and getting all the clothes into 30 gallon trash bags for EZ hauling out.  Way quicker just to throw the stuff in trash bags than fold it all up and get it into suitcases, which are mostly filled with other stuff now anyhow.

All that is left is the Linen Closet which has mostly preps in it, and the Front Entry closet with all my Winter Gear and a decent amount of preps as well.  I am kind of out of gas now and will probably leave these two closets for the Pros to Pack Up in the morning.  Also need to unload the Fridge and Freezer tomorrow, I will do that while the Moving Beef is carting the Boxes and Bags and Containers into their truck.  They are due at 8AM and its 1:30 AM now here, and I wanna get up an hour before they arrive to take my last shower here and get the last of the Bathroom stuff packed away.

A few notes of merit here in this session.

First one is a Note of Sadness.

In clearing out the bedroom closet, I turned up an Unopened letter my mom sent to me, dated from 2010.  In it she mentioned being worried about me, she had not heard from me in weeks.  I was not always so good with checking in with Mom over the years, and now that she is gone it saddens me that I was so negligent so often.  I did make the important dates though, I was down there for her 80th Birthday in 2009, and again in 2012 I think it was shortly before she died.  Boy, I sure do miss her.  :'(

Next a note of Curiousity. of my habits is to empty Change out of my pocket onto a small dresser I have in the closet when I have some, which is not THAT often since like most folks these days I use a Debit card most of the time for purchases instead of Cash, but it is often enough that I do tend to accumulate some change each week.  This can grow to a decent size pile over a decade!  LOL.  So after sorting and clearing various other things piled on top of this dresser, I swept all this change into a Glad Container, it’s now full of Pennies, Nickels, Dimes & Quarters.  I haven’t looked through them to see if any are old enough to actually have some Silver in them of any quantity, but I do wonder if this “Junk Coinage” will hold any value if/when the Paper Fiat of the Dollar collapses?

Coinage from the Mint is NOT debt money, its the only stuff that isn’t now really.  However, the Intrinsic Value of these coins is pretty low, just the fact they are made of some metal as opposed to paper IMHO does not make 10 Dimes or 4 Quarters any more worthfull than a Paper Dollar, and I wonder if they will hold any more worth than the paper dollars in the event of a Dollar Crash?

Diner thoughts on this question are welcome.

The process of moving is very cathartic in many ways, you clear out old baggage and it renews your life in many ways.  I am really looking forward to the move to the new Digs, and it will be quite different to once again be in Apartment style housing with many other people around.  I really like the layout of this place, its just about ideal for a SUN  :icon_sunny: Community.  Not that I think it is possible to organize this until TSHTF more seriously, but I will sow some seeds and see if they Grow there.  Plenty of property to set up Grow Domes, plenty of Water, good security overall.

Life is a Great Adventure, and each time I make one of these changes I feel Renewed.  I have been so blessed in being able to make my way through the world in this way, and hopefully my health holds up a while longer for yet another Life Experiment.  :icon_sunny:


Moving Week Notes 4: Mr. Lightbulb Conservationist! I moved in here, the owner had 3 “designer” Incandescent Bulbs in the Bathroom, then another 2 regular lighbulbs in the recessed sockets in the ceiling in the living room.

I immediately unscrewed all 3 of the designer bulbs and stored them below the bathroom sink, where they have been esconced for the last decade.  I also unscrewed the two regular bulbs in the living room and stored them.  I replaced these 5 bulbs at that time with the screw in Flourescent Bulbs that have much longer life span and consume much less power.

I don’t use them very much, and have never replaced them in the last decade.  They still are working fine.  I unscrewed all these bulbs, and replaced the original Incandescants that were here before I arrived.  They also still work.  I took the flourescent bulbs and put them back into the Original Packaging for transport, which I also kept for the last decade.  They will travel with me to the new digs for lighting there.

Bottom line, in a DECADE, I still have yet to use up the lifespan of 5 Lightbulbs!  I have not bought a new lightbulb in 10 years!

Of course, I have added some rechargeable diode lights which I use often rather than turning on the regular lights, since I do not really need much lighting beyond what it takes to illuminate the keyboard on the laptop.

My guess is that as long as I have access to some electricity, my current set of lights will last the rest of my lifetime.  The diode lights take very little power, the flourescents only a bit more, I can run all of them off my PV panels and a Car battery, so I am not worried about lighting as the collapse progresses at the moment.  The only other major is the power for Refrigeration, but in winter that is not an issue up here at all.  In summer, if I can’t refrigerate for some reason, I’ll just either consume it or salt and dry the frozen fish and game.  All the rest of the stored food does not need refrigeration.

Only other electricity needs are for the Laptop and Cell Phone which are negligible, and the EWz if I am using it for regular transport.

Electrical Grid issues are no longer much worry for me.  If I cannot get enough electrical power for the piddling amount I use each day, the state of the society would be so bad that I would have much bigger problems to worry about.

Moving Week Notes 5: IN THE NEW DIGS!

After an adventure filled 24 hours, I am now completely transferred over to the New Digs with all the Preps and Vehicles save 1, the Bugout Machine.  More on that catastrophe in a bit.

First off, I got no sleep last night, I ended up staying up all night to keep packing as well as taking periodic breaks to post on the Diner.  I was wrecked when the Moving Beef arrived, but it was good that I got as much done as I did, because if they had had to do it it would have taken much longer, even though they were faster with packing up what was left than I was.

As it was, they got the cabin emptied out in around 2 hours, helped me clean a little before leaving, then got all the stuff in the ND in about an hour.  I am really glad I hired people and didn’t take the offers of some friends to do it with their pickup trucks, many boxes were big and heavy, and the dude who moved them was a gorilla who loaded his dolly up 7′ high and still did a shit load of trips.  It never would have got done so fast and well with friends, and I would have felt too indebted to them.  Total cost, $412.50.  A bargain.

So now I am really exhausted, but I do call up my friend who volunteered to shuttle me to the cabin to pick up the Bugout Machine and the SUV.  We drive over to the cabin and I decide to take the Bugout Machine on the first trip.  It looks low on gas and I think about stopping, but we were under time constraint and I want to have enough time to do the second run and be DONE.

Unfortunately, about 2 miles from the ND, the BM runs OUTTA GAS.  So my friend now goes to buy a gas can and gas while I wait by the side of the road in the BM.  Another friend sees me tooling around and stops to help.  We wait for Friend 1 to get back with the gas.  Unfortunately, the first place she goes for gas, a Tesoro about a mile up the road is under reconstruction, all the pumps are closed.  She heads to another station a few miles down the road, this one not under contstruction but again NO GAS, all pumps closed.  Think this has anything to do with the crashing Oil Prices????  So now she heads for the highway about another 3 miles, and this time finds Open Pumps and fills the gas can.  Finally returns half hour later and has to bolt to go pick up her kids from skule.

So now me and Friend 2 go to pour the gas into the Bugout machine, and it promptly comes spilling out from under the BM!  I go under to look, and sure enough there is a hole punctured in the gas line!

This is my own stupidity at work.  A while back if you recall both my other vehicles were siphoned, and one had the gas line cut which was a costly fixup.  I never checked under the BM to see if that was cut.  Unlike the SUV, the cut hose was not sitting on the ground under the vehicle to be spied from standing up.  It was just punctured.

So now we try to fix it temporarily with Duct Tape just to make the 2-3 miles to the ND, but this doesn’t work because it is crappy duct tape and the glue won’t hold well enough.  Gorrilla Tape might have worked.  However, Friend 2 is now out of time also, so Final Solution, TOW TRUCK!

First towing company I call has no available trucks for pulling big vehicles, they are booked solid for the day.  They give me the number of a second company, and these guys do have a truck available, but he is 45min-1hr away.  So I cool my heels for another hour waiting for him, after which it takes another half hour or so to get hooked and drag it up the road to the Biz Parking Lot of Friend 2, where it is sitting right now.  The TT driver was nice, he could have charged me for 2 hours, but he only charged me for 1 @ $125.  KaChing!

I’m hoping we can fix this one without my having to bring it in to a shop, because that will be at least another $500 bill.  The only positive out of this bizness is that I found out about the problem so I can fix it up and have the BM ready for action if/when TSHTF, which is looking sooner by the minute as the price of Crude drops like a stone here.

After this while hanging out, Friend 3 drops in and she is heading in the direction of the Cabin, so I hitch a ride with her to go pick up the SUV.  Fortunately nobody has cut the gas line on that AGAIN, and I drive back to the ND with it, where I am now with the two cars and all the preps.  Of course, the place is just full of boxes, containers and 30 gallon trash bags at the moment, its not too livable yet.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI did take the EWz out of the Mazda and drove it into the ND, plugged it in and it is showing Full Charge, despite not having been run for over a week.  If the weather is good tomorrow, I will ride it to work for the first time!

A few notes on the ND before I sign off.  I just noticed the Oven/Stove is GAS, not ELECTRIC!  I haven’t had a Gas stove in any place I lived since the McMansion mom got in the divorce.  Gas is MUCH better for cooking on, your hardware reacts much quicker to changing heat and you can see visually how big the flame is as you adjust.  This is another plus here, though to be honest I don’t do much cooking for myself anymore.

The Bathroom is also Handicap Accessible!  Great as I sink further into decrepitude!  ::)

The one issue is that Smoking is not permitted in the apartments.  This is probably good for me, but it’s a pain in the ass.  At least though I have the Porch in the back to go out for a smoke though in reasonable privacy.  I’m going to see if I can’t cobble together some means to set up an Outdoor Desk there with some heating so I can work on the Diner out there even in winter.  :icon_mrgreen:

OK, gotta do some unpacking so I can get some much needed sleep tonight.  I’m wiped!

Moving Week notes 6

Thanks for the Good Wishes Diners!  More below after I respond to AG, Surly and GO.

Kids checking out RE’s new smoking lounge!  :icon_mrgreen:

:emthup: :emthup:

Actual construction shot of new smoking lounge.

Actually, I have a space beyond the porch which is level and perfect for building an Igloo, which if/when we get some Snow I may try and find some time to try building this winter!  Would make a fun project and great Article for the Diner!

A bit easier is setting up a Dome Tent right on the porch.  I think it is just a tiny bit too small for my 10′ x 13′ Tent, so I may buy a 9′ X 9′ to drop in there, then equip it with  Desk, Chair, Electric Space Heater and Electric Blanket.  The porch has an outside Electric Outlet so this will be very EZ to do!  Probably don’t even need the electric blanket, I think a 1500 Watt ceramic heater would make a 9X9 tent practically into a Sauna even in pretty cold weather.  An interesting experiment there too.


In clearing out the bedroom closet, I turned up an Unopened letter my mom sent to me, dated from 2010.  In it she mentioned being worried about me, she had not heard from me in weeks.  I was not always so good with checking in with Mom over the years, and now that she is gone it saddens me that I was so negligent so often.  I did make the important dates though, I was down there for her 80th Birthday in 2009, and again in 2012 I think it was shortly before she died.  Boy, I sure do miss her.  :'(

I feel the same about my mom. When you are fortunate enough to have a mom that loved you, nobody can replace her. Good luck in your new pad.  :emthup: :icon_sunny:

Thanks for the thought there AG on Moms.  No substitute for a Mom who loves you and is always there for you when you need her.

Anyhow, I got my bed set up and tried to get some sleep, but even though I am exhausted I couldn’t really fall completely into dreamland, so after resting my eyes for a couple of hours here I am back at the Laptop.

Before getting online though, I did a bit more unpacking.  I got all the frozen and vacuum sealed meat and fish into the new Freezer, which is bigger than the old one and nicer set up Vertical, so everything in there is much more organized now.

Given there is still room, you might think I would now go and buy more Ribeyes to squeeze in there.  No, my major Food Prepping days are over, I have plenty for emergency situations which might last a few months  and after that if we don’t get some kind of local Food Economy running I’ll eventually be history no matter what, so more food would just be delaying the inevitable.

Besides that, I’m less than a 1/4 mile from one of the largest Food Distributors up here, 3 Bears.  The amount of meat and fish they have in their freezers is astonishing, and its hard for me to believe that the local population up here really consumes all this stuff that rapidly.  I mean, how many people buy Cornish Game Hens and cook them up for Dinner in the Mat Valley?

Anyhow, in most situations I think as a Doom Professional I’ll be more aware of when the distribution chain is beginning to fail, and can simply mosey over there them and buy a Final Stock Up of Food Preps.  So I kind of think of 3 Bears now as my Personal Food Storage Warehouse:icon_sunny:

After that, IMPORTANT I found the Trash Bag with the TOILET PAPER in it, so I can now utilize the Commode and wipe my ass too!  Fortunate, because shortly thereafter I got to take my first dump in the New Digs.  LOL.  I’m sure you would like to hear all the details, but it would make this post too long. LOL.

I don’t have a Shower Curtain yet though, as I had the Moving Beef toss the old one which had some mold on the bottom and was pretty decrepit.  I’ll try to get over to Wally World tomorrow for a new one.

I also unloaded one of the bags with Winter Gear to get that stored in the front closet.  I finally took this opportunity to match up a couple of gloves I couldn’t find one of until the whole closet got cleared out, so now all the pairs are complete.  I have a LOT of gloves, in a lot of weights in insulation value, from thin deerskin driving gloves to full blown Red Fox Fur Mittens that go up to your elbow and are meant for mushers.  I may actually use them at some point on the EWz over the winter.  Also have a huge array of Hats, face masks etc.  No problem keeping my head insulated if the heat goes out.

Otherwise, the move is basically complete although it’s going to take me several days of unpacking and reorganizing to get the place into a semi-normal looking living arrangement.  I’m not going to do All Nighters to reverse the deconstruction of the Cabin, I can take my time with this.  It is however just PERFECT for me in size and all the features, and I feel safer now with people around who all will be in the same boat here when the monetary system goes tits up.

The main remaining issue is the Bugout Machine, which I will hopefully get fixed up over the next few days.  Not sure about keeping it around here though, there is not that much spare parking so other residents might get annoyed.  I may have to drop it in a storage lot, which I would not like because I want it immediately available in emergencies, but if necessary I’ll do that.  I could get to it within a few minutes anyhow even parked offsite.  First though, gotta get it fixed up.

I may have a couple of more updates, but mostly the Moving Adventure is done and now to get started on riding the EWz to work, and building SUN   :icon_sunny: awareness in my Neighbors.

Moving Week Notes 7

Every day I love the New Digs more!  I can’t believe how perfectly this place suits me and is laid out.

My Ground Floor Unit is sandwiched between two other units and a unit above me.  So I figure all these folks probably have their heat on, let me turn off mine and see what happens.  I turned the heat off yesterday.  Guess what?

Today, the temp inside the unit is still a toasty 66F, despite outside temps of around 35F.  It makes ZERO difference if I have my heat on or off, the temp in this unit stays the same as the rest of the ones that surround it. My gas bill should be negligible.

The fact I have to go outside to Smoke has already cut my Cancerette Consumption by HALF!  This is both good for my Health and will save a LOT of money given they are going a $10/pack up here these days.

Part of that saved money though will get used up in buying space in a Storage Facility for the Bugout Machine.  There is no way I can keep it parked here.  Tonight all the Guest spots were full up.  On the upside to that, this will give me another offsite Secure Facility for storage of stuff in a Gated Storage Center with Security Cameras, so I won’t have to worry about the BM getting Siphoned and hoses cut.  I think I can get a spot for it for around $50/month or less.

On the upside to that story, I had a plumber friend who is very mechanically proficient go under and look at it, and he can fix it no problem I just gotta go buy the hose at either Auto Zone or Home Depot and some hose clamps and a bottle of Rum and he’ll fix that up tomorrow.  :icon_sunny: Friends are your most Valuable Asset.

I didn’t have much time today to do unpacking, but I did get over to Wally World to buy a few more storage containers, and I will start the process of sorting preps that are in some other Drawer style containers that I don’t use and free them up for stuff I actually do use.  Organizing is going to take quite a while, especially since this weekend is booked with a clinic so I won’t have any time to really devote to it until the following week.  I might get an hour or two each night done the most, but I have to get back to Diner Bizness since the ACTION is going down now.

So far my neighbors on both sides and above are very Quiet, and the “Street” with the buildings also Quiet.  It reminds me a lot of a street of Brownstones in NYC when I was a kid, except it is plopped down in the middle of nowhere in the Mat Valley.  LOL.  We actually sit right next door to a small private Airstrip, so if you have a private plane that can land on a dirt runway, you can drop in for a visit easily.  LOL.

All in all, short of getting a Sunstead going with some of the other Diners, this is the ideal location and setup for me, and I will be here until I Buy My Ticket to the Great Beyond or get shipped off to GITMO.  :icon_sunny:

Moving Week Notes 8

The Adventure that Never Ends! LOL.

Got up this morning to go looking for the right size Downspout Hose to fit the Bugout Machine so I can once again fill it with GAS, while still available at the pump.

Began first with Lowes, the only fuel approved hoses they had were way too narrow guage, and it would be rather dicey to use a non-fuel approved hose, so I kept looking.  Off to Auto Zone.  They also had no hoses in the right Inner Diameter, and recommended I go over to NAPA.  Same story at NAPA, and they recommend i go over to Alaska Rubber, a local joint that just deals with lots of hoses and other rubber items for the local industry.  I was getting tired of running around, so I had them call first to make sure these folks actually HAD the right hose size.  ::)

Alaska Rubber does have the right diameter fuel approved hoses, so I buy 2 so I will have a spare, cut to the correct length by the Parts Man at the desk.  I picked up the right size Hose Clamps at Lowes, and call my Plumber friend to meet me, in what he figures will be a snappy 1-2-3 install.  No such luck.

The hose is so stiff you can’t bend it to fit between the two metal pipe ends to get it on.  We figure when the original one was installed it went on BEFORE they dropped the body exterior over the chassis.  So today was a Failure in getting it installed.  I think I have come up with an idea that will work though, so I will run it by the Plumber tomorrow.

I did find a Storage facility for it once we do get it fixed, $40/month not too bad, and only about 3 miles from the New Digs.  So hopefully within another couple of days that particular moving headache will be resolved.

On getting home tonight, I spent about 2 hours to start getting unpacked and reorganized properly here.  Getting the Bathroom more organized and finding all the stuff that was in the medicine Cabinet and under the sink was the goal, mostly accomplished.  To do it I had to empty a two tier container arrangement to use for storing the various cleaning products, since this bathroom has no built in under the sink cabinet.  That took some sorting time.  It’s definitely going to take a few weeks before I am completely organized.

One MAJOR CHANGE as far as Internet Access goes, I think I am going to get the Cable hooked up here so I have Unlimited Bandwidth and can stop worrying about watching videos and uploading big stuff to the Diner and hooking up to Google+ Hangouts and Skype.  I’ll also be able to run more regular Collapse Cafes right from DOOM CENTRAL here, with the New Digs being the Official Media Studio and Broadcast Center of the Diner:icon_sunny:  However, this may take a little while as I have a whole lot of tasks to do just in getting organized.

The downside of all this personal action is that I have had ZERO time to write anything but these Diary Updates, so I haven’t been able to cover the major action taking place both on the Ebola End and the Market & Oil Price Collapse end.  Fortunately, our Cross Posters are doing a fine job covering this ongoing Clusterfuck, so there is plenty of material to Dine on nightly here still.

OK, time to go surfing and see what the latest Doom is for tomorrow!

Moving Week Notes 9

Successful Day in the GREAT MOVING ADVENTURE!  :icon_sunny:

I got in to work at Noon today, and shortly after walking through the door my Plumber friend walked in and announced the Bugout machine was FIXED!  ;D

He picked up a more Flexible Hose and fit it in, as well as replacing another hose further up the line the Siphoners had cut as well.  I added the 5 gallons of Gas from the Can, and after a bit of pumping and engine cranking, it finally turned over and ran fine.  The line was pretty bone dry so I was concerned this would be a problem getting it reprimed, but did not turn out to be major issue.

I ran out of time to get it over to the Storage Facility, that will have to wait until Monday as this weekend is booked with other tasks.

In Celebration, I went over to 3 Bears tonight after work and added the New Prep I have been coveting, a Yamaha AP 2000 iq Inverter/generator.

Price at 3 Bears was $705, and online it seems to retail at between $785 and $885, plus I would have shipping costs, so this was a real bargain.  They only had the one, so I was worried the last 2 days since I first saw it another Alaska Doom Prepper would snap it up before me.

Unboxing it tonight, it seems to be a very well constructed device, and it gets high marks for being Quiet and Portable.  A bit heavy at 50 lbs full with gas and oil to be really “portable” other than carrying it a few yards from a vehicle to a campsite, but way better and more compact than the Generac units on wheels.  They had 3 of those available also for $892, putting out a much more powerful max 9000W AND Tri-Fuel ready so you can run it on Gas, NG or Propane, but this is just way more than I need for my purposes.

In unpacking here, I have set up my “Battery Corner” for Power Outtage Readiness, which has a couple of my more powerful Rechargable Diode Lights plugged in all the time, the original BattSet from the EWz plugged in all the time, and a 12V Lawn Tractor Battery which I periodically top off each week with one of my Car Battery chargers.  This corner will also have my Ni-Cad and Li-I AA and AAA battery chargers with a selection of those also charged and ready for keeping various other devices running in a power outtage situation.  Also in this corner is a 500W 12V Stanley inverter which also can plug into a cigarette lighter outlet on a car and put out 100W that way.  To get 500W out of it, you have to clamp directly to the battery.  I’ll use that in conjunction with the Lawn Tractor battery in most power outtage situations that last up to a day or two.

The nice thing about the Yamaha is it also has a DC out which puts out 12V 8A directly which you can use to charge a 12V car or lawn tractor type battery.  So if the power outtage lasted more than a couple of days, rather than using the Generator to directly power lights, laptop etc, I would simply use it to recharge the Lawn Tractor battery periodically.  If I wanted to have more available power than the 2000W Peak the Yamaha will do, what I would do here is to get a couple of large Marine Deep Cycle Batteries and then hook them to a 3000W Inverter, but I don’t need that much power all at once.  2000W is sufficient even to run the full fridge/freezer, so I can periodically use it to bring down the temp in that, and long as I don’t open the doors but once a day to take out what I will use that day, I should be able to keep all the meat and fish frozen for a week or more, long as I have at least say 5 gallons of gas in a can available.  Then of course I could siphon gas out of my OWN vehicles as well, since I would not be driving them in such a situation.  So as long as they both are topped off, that is about 40 Gallons of available gas there.  The further supply of gas is in the tank of the Bugout Machine which is a couple of miles down the road in the storage facility (or it will be on Monday anyhow), I can drive there on the EWz once a week and siphon out of that tank 5 gallons or so for each week.  That tank holds I think around 40 gallons by itself.  So if all tanks and Gas Cans are topped off when Disaster Strikes, I have around 100 Gallons available, @ 5 gallons/week usage that would get me around 5 months.  Both locations are pretty secure with Cameras and Fencing, so unless there is total breakdown of Law and Order, figure I probably can make it 3 months.  If things are not semi back to normal in 3 months, then there will be so many other problems that it is unlikely I will be worried much about charging up my batteries.  LOL.

Another way to get More Juice would be to buy a second one of these units and hook them together in Parallel.  They have kits for doing this.  The other way to improve their resilience is to make them “Tri-Fuel” compatible, so they will run on Gasoline, NG and Propane.  The kits sell for around $120.  Not sure yet if I will invest in one or not.  Probably makes sense to do it, since I have a lot of stored Propane in both Liter Camping Bottles and 5 Gallon Barbecue Propane Tanks, PLUS there is an NG line into the New Digs, which is why I have a Gas Stove here.  :icon_sunny:  Not buying this yet though, need to ponder on it some more.

So, as a result of the move to the ND, my Resilience is already up substantially here.

1- Overall SAFER and better living arrangement in a potential SUN  :icon_sunny: Community

2- Ability to use the EWz for local Commuting to Work and Grocery

3- Second Offsite Secure Storage Location for additional Preps and Bugout Machine, but not so far I can’t get to it in 15 minutes or so on the EWz.

4- Forced Inventory and Reorganization of Preps to actually have them READY, rather than cluttering up the cabin in boxes

5- Close location to a major Food/Prep Warehouse (3 Bears)

Short of an “Official” SUN  :icon_sunny: Community, I consider this the BEST possible arrangement right now.  There are between 100-200 units in this complex, in a relatively low population zone that is also nearby local farms.  In a SHTF scanario, everyone in the community would be in the same boat.  I would DEFINITELY share my Preps and throw them all in to a Community Pool, which would gain me Status in the community.  This is much more important than actually having the food to eat myself, because as mentioned, if you cannot get your community to PULL TOGETHER, you are a goner no matter what, it is only a matter of time, and trying to keep your preps to yourself is just asking for a Home Invasion by Zombies.  Total Community Numbers are sufficient to create a Neighborhood Watch Squad working in Shifts.

All that is left to do now is to finish Organizing up the new Doom Central Location with upgraded Communications as a MultiMedia Internet Studio and making the place comfortable and livable otherwise.  It’s a great example of an AFFORDABLE method of getting ready for collapse without spending big money on building a community from scratch.  I will continue to report on the development as time goes by, but for now, this is the last update on the Great Moving Adventure.

…and that’s all the Doom, This Time until Next Time, here on the Doomstead Diner.  :icon_mrgreen:

What’s In a Name?

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Originally published on the Doomstead Diner on January 12, 2014
Discuss this article here in the Diner Forum.



What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part 
Belonging to a man. O! be some other name:
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes 
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name;
And for that name, which is no part of thee,
Take all myself.

–William Shakespeare,  Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene II

It was on this site a week ago that RE published an article entitled, “The Sound of One Hand Clapping.”  This article was, by his own admission, a rant in which he took on the postings of impermanence, the futility of debating philosophical arguments on threads not designed for same, his lack of interest in such musings, and the distaste he felt in dealing with “feminazis” on Guy McPherson’s “Nature Bats Last” blog.

As regular Diner readers know, I recently had occasion to go off-site and spar a bit with the regular commenters on Guy McPherson’s blog, Nature Bats Last.  In this case it’s not Zen Koan style philosophizing you have to deal with, it’s existential philosophy of how you deal with your Grief once you ACCEPT that Near Term Human Extinction is REALITY.  The acceptance of this reality as looked at from the POV of the Group Think on NBL is a prerequisite to discussing anything else.  If you don’t buy this idea hook, line & sinker, then instead of any real discussion what you get is a fairly non-stop stream of Napalm from the regulars accusing you of denial, ignorance or often enough misogyny also.  Passive-Aggressive attacks are made regularly by the Feminazi contingent on Male responsibility for oncoming Extinction, and how life would have been so much better if just the Women had been in charge here. . .

I also am not going to be drawn into dumb ass pissing contests with Feminazis who blame the sorry state of the world on Patriarchy, nor will I get into thoroughly stupid arguments with Cornucopians who think the fucking Fusion Cavalry will ride to the rescue here and before you know it we’ll be ditching the Chevys for Flying Deloreans powered by stale beer. . .

On the Diner Forum, I took issue with him on use of the term “feminazi”  as unnecessarily pejorative. In fairness, this reference was just one facet of a article far more about the fatalism of uber-doomersand the ned to spend time in pointed, as opposed to pointless, endeavors.


I pointed out the term “feminazi,” a portmanteau of the nouns feminist and Nazi, was popularized by Rush Limbaugh and in use since the early 1990s. It’s regularly used by American conservatives to criticize feminists whose positions they find “too extreme.” Of course, given the recent Republican war on women, “too extreme” may include simply voicing an opinion, objecting to rape, or occupying space outside of a kitchen or  bedroom. My position remains that “feminazi” is a highly charged locution with the emotional equivalent of the N-word.   Last Sunday, I made the following complaint:

Use of the term “feminazi” defines only the user, as one unable to deal with strong minded and opinionated women. . .   use of Limbaugh’s term puts you in league with the brownshirts and other useful idiots that are debasing the culture and by extension, the planet. I cannot believe that you are deaf to the resonances of such a term. So then, if not deaf, what do you intend? To signal agreement with the Drooling Right in re women’s issues? To signal solidarity with Phil Robertson – he of homosexuality-equals-bestiality and black-folks-just-loved-Jim-Crow infamy – on women’s issues, about which he has said that boys to marry early because that’s when girls are most useful to them.

“Look, you wait ’til they get to be 20 years old, the only picking that’s going to take place is your pocket,” Robertson says. “You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16. They’ll pick your ducks.” So by all means, 15-year-olds ought to marry to get the subjugation going early?

I don’t give a flying duck about “Duck Whatever” or any other feckless elevation of redneck culture, but using “feminazi” to describe opinionated females with whom you disagree puts you on the wrong side of a cultural divide. And as such you probably do nothing to encourage the participation of the strong, independent and hard working women who will be essential to make SUN a reality in the future.

I was wrong.  The only women who weighed in on this subject either said the term did not offend, and the other told me to not “be butt hurt.”  The wages of gallantry.  Try as I might, I could not even convince Contrary to pick up the cudgel, aside from a brief comment on Facebook. Long story short, no one cared.

But I still do, to this extent.

Language matters.  Political operatives spend  fortunes to test words and phrases for maximum efficacy. “Reframing” was the work of Frank Luntz, who gave us the “death tax” as a euphemism for the “tax on unearned intergenerational dynastic wealth,”  possibly the single most successful reframing effort since a Texas editor popularized “right to work” in 1947 in the wake of the passage of the Taft-Hartley act…


Interesting back and forth on the forum about this issue. One poster observed that the “radical feminists” had their own propaganda as well.   One longtime Diner, J.D., good-naturedly chided me for political correctness:

I’ll be the first to admit, terms like “feminazi” are very powerful and should only be used in the most extreme cases.  But there are times when it fits.  I am all for women’s liberation, up to the point where it becomes men’s oppression.


Hm. What makes a “radical feminist?”   Does that apply to a woman who believes that testicles are toxic tools of oppression, and anyone who owns them should have them forcibly removed, or does it apply to strong-minded women with an independent streak who offer opinions that make you uncomfortable? When do men get oppressed? Whenever they become uncomfortable? Or challenged?  Who gets to decide?  The fact that “feminazi” is a conservative coinage applied to women no longer controllable by conservative men seems lost on the current generation of both men and women. Thus does language lose its potency, and our discourse is coarsened. I refuse to allow reactionaries to define the terms of the ongoing cultural wars; by using the term, we give them a victory they have not earned– the moral equivalent of an “unforced error” in sports.

We’re deep in the eddies of gender politics on this one, a battle for which I am remarkably ill-equipped, and redolent with irony, as the following story shows.

Flash to late 2011– After DHS coordinated the raids of Occupy camps nationwide, our local group found itself in disarray.  Not surprising. Since Occupy was leaderless by design, several of us got together to plan to jump-start the movement– we planned a facilitation exercise in which the group would establish priorities for the local movement.  Unfortunately, the planners were all white males. So, after developing and refining the process, rehearsing, obtaining a meeting place, we held the meeting. One woman, who fancied herself the Mother of all Occupy (and a member of the local woo-woo crystal-gazing contingent, for which I had little patience) nearly derailed the meeting by complaining about the seating arrangements, and the fact that females had not been involved in the planning of said meeting. The fact that no females showed up to work on the project seemed to mean little. Thus the reward for hard work and volunteer effort. On the spot we asked if she would like to facilitate the meeting, and offer to give her the floor. “Oh no, no,” came the reply. Clearly, better to bitch about the process and nurse an insatiable sense of grievance . . . Gratifyingly, other women at the meeting, recognizing what we were attempting to do, came to our defense.

Interestingly, Occupy facilitation rules give preference to traditionally oppressed groups, including both women and people of color. So access to  any speaking platform was really never a problem. Per usual, the real issues were about control and attention– more irony in a movement with no leaders and no assets.

Thus was I ratfucked for my maleness by women who might or fall to the description of “feminazis,” meaning those who looked for any reason to play the victim role, to be offended at the work products of white males because it was produced by white males, etc. Perhaps it is such a state of assertive victimhood and passive aggression that some men wish to label “feminazi.” Or ball-busting man-haters. Or those who want to lay all of their ills at the feet of 20,000 years of patriarchy. But I would never call them that, to avoid appearing ignorant, and to resist ceding control of one small piece of the language to the most atavistic and reactionary elements of our culture.

At the end of the day, Eddie had a levelheaded take:

My big issue, as I’ve said before, has to do with how feminism led to male Political Correctness of a sort that emasculated boys and young men, eventually, and caused relationship issues for a whole generation of couples, myself included. . .  both men and women get a lot of positive energy out of relationships that let men be men and women be women, sexually speaking. In one sense, I am still pro-feminism, because I believe in equal pay for equal work, and I believe in equal rights in general.

But when I go to NBL to read, there is still that anti-male residue that offends me so much, and I find myself wanting to unload on those women, whom I consider misguided and….yeah, stupid. they need to get over some things, and do their own personal work, so that they can grow into the light.

 We could all do with growing into the light, starting with me. As RE noted, we are confronted with practical priorities–
… like HTF will I feed myself If/When JIT shipping collapses?  Where is the best place to go to avoid being bombarded by radionucleotides FIRST here?  Maybe I can’t avoid this in perpetuity, but this is a timeline issue and I would like to avoid it for NOW!
We all have– and share– other priorities. Let’s call out bullshit, male or female, where we find it. Let’s just not cede control of the cultural conversation to reactionaries.



Surly1 is an administrator and contributing author to Doomstead Diner. He is the author of numerous rants, articles and spittle-flecked invective on this site, and has been active in the Occupy movement. He lives in Southeastern Virginia with Contrary and a shifting menagerie of adult children in various stages of transition.

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Published on Epiphany Now on June 2, 2013

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I’ve been tasked by a fellow Diner over at the Doomstead Diner forum to come up with a Doom Resume. The idea is to write up a convincing synopsis of why your sorry ass is worth using resources to integrate you into a community post-collapse. Say for whatever reason you are dislocated from your current abode…be it a pointless waste of space that will blow away as soon as chaos happens, or a life boat intentionally designed to weather bad societal the Just In Time (JIT) trucking that our suburban America requires for things like…food…shutting down. Imagine, and this is my favorite doom scenario due to it’s complex richness, that the tractor trailers that keep our current civilization going stop pulling 80,000 pound loads down the interstate system of these failed states of America (FSoA), for even just a couple of weeks due to say 7 dpg diesel. “Experts,” whatever the hell that means, say that we have a three day supply of food in the box stores across America…the Walmarts, and Ralphs, and BiLos, and Buy N Larges that house all of the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation turds of prepackaged, sterilized, devoid of all nutrition, toxin rich, plastic, bad imitations of eddibility, “food.” All those shelves will be empty of anything vaguely edible within 24 hours of the official kick off of Zombie panic. Thus has writing a Doom Resume become a worth while endeavor for all of us Post-Petroleum humans to write, and spread into the doomosphere. This is my Resume of Doom.

My worth, in terms of skill sets, started at round 14 years old for me. That’s the year I dove head first into the world of Army JROTC. My fourth year I was XO of the battalion, which made me 2nd in command…that means my senior year every cadet except one, the battalion Commander (who has been flying Black Hawks for the last ten years or so) had to salute me. I was best Recon three years in a row and Recon Commander my fourth year. Now, all of this means that I learned, as well as taught, useful skills like orienteering, mountaineering, marksmanship, knot tying, repelling, map reading, and general wilderness survival. But most importantly I learned how to lead men and women, and do it well.
My next set of skills, that were acquired during those same years, had as much a spiritual dimension as practical physical one. I trained in Nihon Goshin Aikido for four years. This is a Japanese style martial art that was created for sword fighting…in the days of the Samuri. Steven Seagal is trained in Hombu Aikido, which is only different because their circles are much wider, whereas Nihon Goshin is tighter and closer to the body. This is a system of self defense that revolves around pressure points, joint locks, and throws, and puts a heavy emphasis on learning human anatomy so that you can know what nerve you are activating…or what tendon, ligament, or bone you might intentionally break pending the offender decides it for himself. I rose to Ni Kyu, or “student instructor,” which is a purple belt. I had all 50 techniques in the art when I quit due to moving cross country. When I quit I was working on weapons training…things like how to take a gun or knife away from somebody who is trying to shoot/stab you. Now, at 33, I can still do a running ninja roll over a chain link fence…granted those days are numbered I’m sure. However, I learned this skill set by burning into my muscle memory while my muscles were still developing during early teenage years.
At 18 I began seriously questioning Christianity and religion in general. I became an atheist and basically started over for myself. I arrived at home in Buddhism. Then I moved on to other things like Druidry. Point is I have a spiritual background that is based on empirical experience and not solely on shit other people have written or said. Examples of this experience are a full blow out of body experience, Astral Travel, and years of lucid dreaming. However I remain humble in knowing that there are others more spiritually advanced than I whom I can learn from. To me, humility and equanimity are two of the most important spiritual endeavors where other people, and how you treat them, are concerned. I think this makes me well balanced where morals and ethics are concerned. It also makes me flexible and tolerant of others spiritual views.
Next I suppose would be the USN where every recruit is trained in the art of fighting fire. I was broken down as an individual and reborn into a collective identity in boot camp despite my best efforts to not allow this process to happen. After boot camp I trained at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command to be a nuclear engineer of the mechanic persuasion. After NNPTC came Prototype in Saratoga Springs NY. Then I was stationed in Bremerton Washington and shortly deployed to the Persian Gulf where I was when 9/11 happened. First bombs dropped came off of my boat…the U.S.S. Carl Vinson CVN-70. First chance I got, upon returning to the continental U.S., I went UA (unauthorized absence) as well as “missing ship’s movement” as the ship left from San Diego to Bremerton without me. I learned a lot in the Navy…too much to cover in this synopsis…you can start with 115 days at sea without seeing land…all while working 7 days a week. Four hours of sleep was a luxury…use your imagination.
After the Navy I went to a bartending academy in Seattle Washington and began a career as a professional drunk. I also had a short period of time spinning records in the Seattle rave scene. During this period I moved back to Upstate SC and have remained here ever since…that was 2002. I supported myself by waiting tables and tending bar for about 4 years. During the last year I ran a mom and pop hole in the wall bar for ruffians and all manner of Southern drunk rednecks. I was a general manager as well as head short order cook, bartender, and ass kicker (although due to my training, I never had to put any drunk dirt necks in the hospital). I was able to persuade drunk rednecks, hillbillies, dirt necks, and the occasional out of place gang banger, without violence, to do what I said….the confidence that Aikido gave me assisted in that skill). But when I’m applying point pressure to your mastoid sinus you tend to do what I say to stop the excruciating pain…nevermind if I grab your hyoid bone.
I put an end to the alcohol/drug abuse, nomadic, anglo saxon, reckless, living for the now, ready to burn up in a blaze of spontaneous combustion glory, lifestyle at the behest of my now wife, then girlfriend GM (gypsy mama of Diner fame)…and began the skills of learning how to be domesticated in the Matrix. This prompted my next skill set, which I began before I gave up that reckless lifestyle, the skills involved in being a medic. For 2 years I worked in convalescent transport “granny snatchin” at the most unholy, lotion and doodoo scented, depressing cesspools of human misery known as nursing homes, before I got into EMS. For six years I worked for a county EMS agency as an EMT-intermediate dealing with all manner of human tragedy, gore, insanity, dead newborns, dismembered and dead loved ones, and body decompositions. I was a professional in dealing with the shit you can’t deal with. Why else do people call 911…at least the responsible ones…which granted are in short number these days. I learned a lot about not only the human spirit, mind, and body in this profession…I also learned how to spot knuckleheaded Zombies due to their scent alone. If you are a Zombie I can smell you…thank you EMS.
During the years of EMS I became Peak Oil aware after reading The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler in 2007. I had about 3 years of solitary dealings with this information before my wife started finally taking notice around 2011. I’ve been PO aware for six years now. At about year three, I finally made it through all of the states of grief and decided it would be a good idea to procreate. I have two children now. Ayden Zen who will be three in less than a month, and Harper Tribann who is two weeks old today. Thus I have learned (or rather am learning) how to be a good and responsible parent. The goal being to facilitate children who will grow into adults with the ability to thrive in The Long Descent, or Long Emergency, or whatever you want to label the clusterfuck we are currently experiencing the opening acts to.
While I was working as a medic my Southern-as-they-come Paramedic partner taught me how to deer hunt. This resulted in me killing two deer in my second full season of hunting. My first season I didn’t kill shit because my hillbilly partner decided I had to deer hunt for the first time with his bird gun (a 12 gauge with a fuckin’ bead on the end of it…all season…good luck to me). There I was, in a little ass oak tree bout 8 inches around in a ladder stand 12 feet off the ground, swaying in the wind, with two 100 pound does 100 yards out in plain site. I was standing…did I mention I was literally swaying in the wind, and I was applying pressure to the trigger gettin’ ready to lob lead at a deer for the first time. This was arguably an irresponsible shot, which aside from the swaying, had me wondering. Just before the gun went off they caught my scent and run oft. The second season I euthanized Bambi twice and consequently field dressed (under the direction of my partner), threw the deer in the bed of my truck and then skinned, quartered, and butchered both deer on my own at home. You should have seen me in the woods behind my house, buck hangin’ from his hind legs and me trying to de-glove the whole body. I used a reciprocating saw to remove the head. This is the reality of eating meat…I know it intimately.
I began gardening organically right out of the gates in 2007. It was the first skill I decided to learn after reading about Peak Oil and the global clusterfuck that is the Trifecta of doom (climate change, global economic breakdown, and Peak Oil). I’m in my sixth year of gardening now, however that would be the second year of Permaculture. In 2012, right after resigning from my lucrative position as an EMT in the state of SC (29,000 dollars was what I grossed my last full year which was 2011), I began permaculture training in Asheville NC. I trained in a new program called “Permaculture in Action” which resulted in a certificate of completion. I helped install permaculture design on something like seven different properties during five two day weekends. I learned a lot about permaculture and have been applying the principles to everything I do outside with plants ever since. I’ve been successfully keeping chickens for the last year and am considering moving from just eggs to a meat operation as well. I have been able to cover my meager costs of keeping the birds by selling the eggs for 3 dollars a dozen.
Now I’m a full time student training to be a Registered Nurse for a well paid position at the Ministry of Health. I have many other skills I’ve developed over the years like fermentation. I can ferment a good drinkable alcoholic cider that will get you drunk, and I have just about perfected the art of mead making with nothing but good local honey, champagne yeast, and a bucket. I can make all kinds of krauts and make the best fermented hotsauce you’ve ever ate (just ask JoeP if you don’t believe me). I know how to can and grow food on the cheap using mostly scavenged materials. In fact, I’m familiar with most homesteading activities now due to practice in my own life. I even have a humanure operation that’s got the biggest volunteer tomato plant you’ve ever seen growing out of it (last years humanure pile).
So there you have it…my skills, or worth as a potential vagabond post-petroleum human. If you fill in-between the lines, and connect the dots, and see in all dimensions and what-not…then I think I make a pretty valuable asset to your community. Pending the Foxstead doesn’t get off the ground before TSHTF, and I get dislocated, and end up at your doomstead…now you can know my skills. My wife Gypsy Mama has a bunch of her own skills that have been won during a life of high tragedy. She recently turned into a Goddess before my eyes while giving birth to our second son Harper Tribann. She did that naturally. As in no epidural, or pain killing compounds of any kind. Just her and our beautiful second son. We are leading the charge out of the Matrix and it’s destructive hologram of control. We have skills that will assure we survive anything short of a Near Term Human Extinction Event. Personally, I believe we will survive even that…like a prehistoric endospore that is still viable.
I didn’t list all of my skills all official resume like because I’m not official like. There are a multitude of things I didn’t list like knife sharpening, hole digging, joke making, fishin’, and all manner of professional Jack Leggin’. But where survival is concerned…I and mine will survive. My hope is to bioneer what has been dubbed the Foxstead here in upstate SC with my vagabond crew of Diners. That is if the bottom doesn’t drop out of this global bitch, or a super tornado doesn’t come through and make the above a dissertation in doomer pointlessness. So what are your skills? We’re accepting applications for the first Foxstead. Consider the task of writing your Doomer Resume your application for admittance. We’re planning on saving as many as we can…non-Zombies at least.

A Creeping Sense of Futility…

Off the keyboard of Steve from Virginia

Published on Economic Undertow on May 6, 2013

End is near 1

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There is a point in your life when you wake up in the morning and realize you have become a cliché …

‘The End is Near’, David Sipress (The Phoenix) … when you realize it is impossible for anyone to take you seriously. You are beating your head against the wall, others laugh at you or they hate you because you are exposed and an easy ‘hate target’. You cannot accomplish anything, you are a boat beating against the current … borne back ceaselessly into ridicule, you are spitting into the wind, up a creek without a paddle, betting the wrong horse. Think of the others who have been pounding that same wall for decades … Nothing changes … the speculators always win, you are a muppet.


Dow Reaches 15,000 as Jobs Growth Exceeds Forecasts!Inyoung Hwang – Lu Wang – May 3, 2013 (Bloomberg)!U.S. stocks rose, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average above 15,000 for the first time, as employment picked up more than forecast in April and the jobless rate unexpectedly declined to a four-year low!!!!!!


So much for any crash, Happy Days are Here Again! White is the ‘New Black’: unemployment decreases because citizens stop looking for work. Ex-workers are removed from the unemployment relief rolls … they are then deemed to have ‘left the labor force’ or have retired. Being unemployed in this fashion is counted the same as being employed … That this is a fraud doesn’t matter: the unemployment number goes down for whatever reason, the stock market number goes up. This latter is the only number in America that matters. Indeed, we all live for the right number: Tigers 7, Astros 3 … Yay, Tigers! Because Americans live vicarious, derivative lives, the victory of the Tigers is our victory. When the Tigers lose we all die a little inside.
flipping 1
We should feel good about ourselves because some house flippers in California, Florida and Arizona have been brought back from the dead like vampires. This is courtesy of trillion$ in Federal government subsidies, central bank- crammed down interest rates and easy to obtain low-doc and no-doc guaranteed mortgages. Even beaten-down Detroiters have been able to garner a (small) piece of the house-flipping action. Clearly the animal spirit of unearned success and boundless avarice has refused to flicker out in the Motor City: (from Realtytrac).

It doesn’t matter that college graduates are unable to find work in their chosen fields or that 48 million of our countrymen require government assistance in order to afford to eat … it is the success of gamblers in different finance casinos, to whom everything- and everyone else is sacrificed.
USA gasoline 050113
Figure 1: US gasoline sales volume declines to levels not seen ten years ago. National Public Radio says the reason is because we are buying expensive new cars, instead of being too broke to buy gas.


Howard Gruenspecht, the EIA’s acting administrator says there are many reasons for the declining demand for gasoline. They include government mandates for the use of biofuels, like ethanol; and some demographic changes -— for instance, the graying of America (older people tend to drive less). The main factor, though, is the increasing efficiency of new cars and trucks.Rebecca Lindland, director of research for IHS Automotive, says 27 percent of the new vehicles sold in 2011 were smaller, lighter, car-based versions of the SUV, called “crossovers.”“Those tend to get significantly better fuel economy than our traditional truck-based SUVs that used to account for 20 percent of all the vehicles we bought,” she says.


How the addition of a fewer than ten million new vehicles with slightly better than mediocre gas mileage within a three-year period can effect the overall consumption of a 255 million vehicle fleet is not explained by NPR or the EIA. Keep in mind that the vehicles the new crossovers replace are not the ‘traditional truck-based SUVs’ … these remain in service as used cars with new owners. Rather, crossovers replace the much older vehicles that are wrecked or retired from service. A percentage of these retirees were very small cars that happened to get much better mileage than do any of the newer vehicles. Of course, this does not matter … what is important is (blind) faith in progress working properly and (unjustified) business confidence.

I am for sale! Pay me a lot of money and I will rationalize promote anything, no matter how monstrous.

Selling out is so easy: ex-hippie Stewart Brand pimps ‘squatter cities’ along with nuclear reactors: prosperity is on the march, resistance is futile! It is a far, far better thing to ask, “Where’s mine?” than to criticize. The critic becomes nothing more than another brick in the Wall of Worry that the hard-nosed American Business Man must climb over in order to ‘innovate’ (MIT-Sloan).


As the expression goes, stocks are climbing a wall of worry. And by our estimates, despite economic malaise, the stock market hasn’t peaked, and we’re still on the way up. Here are some reasons why:– The market largely reacts early in the cycle (and just remember: We are largely no higher than we were at the 2000 peak);– We’re stimulating the market fiscally with low interest rates for some time to come;– Businesses have cleaned up their balance sheets after the financial crisis and are now liquid (in fact many are sitting on huge cash reserves); and– Companies are finding ways to achieve higher earnings despite a difficult political and regulatory environment.


Don’t fight the Fed. Dow 46,000! It’s never too late to jump in! Interestingly, MIT-Sloan does not mention slums as a means to prosperity, nor do they mention reactors, they must have made a spreadsheet error.


Every day the economy doesn’t collapse under its own weight is a day the ‘Nay-Sayers’ die a little inside.


The world’s ‘Progress Economies’ have so far swallowed management outrages such as the depositor theft in Cyprus and the repeated bailouts of the Giant Banks by pensioners and others. Consequences have so far been iffy. There have been no market crashes or runs out of the banks, no additional reactor meltdowns or cities drowned by climate change, no bubbles are reverting to mean, no insurrections or violent government overthrows. The children have vanished into their parents’ basements and X-boxes. Occupy and similar social movements have enjoyed their fifteen-seconds of fame and have retreated into well-deserved obscurity; there are no replacements lurking over the horizon. The liberalizing impulses that once flared across the Middle East and North Africa have faded into power-politics-as-usual in places where open warfare has not broken out. Without consequences more outrages are certain to come. This state of affairs will remain in force as long as the promise of material plenty tomorrow remains more credible than the promise of it all unraveling.


“Poverty is therefore a most necessary and indispensable ingredient in society, without which nations and communities could not exist in a state of civilization. It is the lot of man — it is the source of wealth since without poverty there would be no labour, and without labour there could be no riches, no refinement, no comfort and no benefit to those who may be possessed of wealth — inasmuch as without a large proportion of poverty surplus labour could never be rendered productive in procuring either the conveniences or luxuries of life.”… from Patrick Colquhoun; ‘A Treatise On Indigence:
Exhibiting a general view of the national resources for productive labour; with propositions for ameliorating the condition of the poor, and improving the moral habits and increasing the comforts of the labouring people … (1806)


A single person gains from the losses and efforts of the multitude; modernity offers the Invisible Thumb permanently on the balance of human affairs … as well as a collection of ‘seriously good reasons’ why this should always remain so.


” — Historian Niall Ferguson says he was “doubly stupid” for suggesting British economist John Maynard Keynes did not care about the future because he was gay.Ferguson — Laurence Tisch professor of history at Harvard University and author of a number of historical works, including a history of money — made the remark in response to a question at an Altegris Strategic Investment Conference in Carlsbad, Calif., The Boston Globe reported.He had been asked about one of Keynes’ most famous remarks talking about long-run investment strategies: “In the long run, we are all dead.”Ferguson responded that Keynes, presumed to be a homosexual, did not have children and was therefore presumably not interested in the “long run” effects of the economic policies he advocated.


What comes after cliché? The Void: there is little incentive for the establishment to buy from the cliché what can be had for free everywhere else. Clichés are not dangerous. First they ignore you, then they fight you … then they go back to ignoring you some more! The establishment doesn’t have to out-perform clichés, it has only to frame every element in every discussion in terms that serve its own — extremely short term — interests: clichés are part of the frame.

The only alternative the establishment offers to individuals at this moment is to be a victim — that is, to be ‘surplus labour’ or a market fool. Far better to cliché oneself out of the line of fire … the system is too gigantic, reflexive and insensitive. It is too committed to the status quo to accept- or even understand directions that do not continually reinforce the same status quo. Resistance is futile, indeed!

Opting out is not just an expedient to avoid pesky non-linearities, it is a sea-change, a fundamental and voluntary realignment of interests away from the cannibalistic regime. By doing so the individual short-sells the status quo, at the same time he- or she fleshes out a marketplace where such short sales become meaningful … where a marketplace currently exists only in outline.

Keep in mind, the establishment itself is nothing more than an abstract idea, it is not a concrete ‘thing’. It is not formidable even though it puffs itself up in order to appear to be so … our business- and management enterprises are suicidal, they devour themselves and do so faster whenever the chance appears. Carried along with the idea are all the mechanical wind-up ‘things’ that the idea brings into being … however, every element or increment is dependent upon all of the other elements functioning predictably and providing necessary subsidies. The establishment is a very long chain masquerading as a four-dimensional lattice. This chain has no substance, only shared prejudices and fantasies. The concrete ‘things’ are fetishes, they cannot pay for themselves. As has been seen throughout our period of crisis, individuals are the unwitting bankers to the never-finished enterprises that once-upon-a-time made up modernity and that now make up its demise. Without the deluded citizen eagerly and greedily playing along there is nothing but a shell; what remains are empty promises, junk and circus tricks.

Even if the industrialists are able to make good on some of their fantasies such as pocket-sized nuclear reactors, by opting out, you will escape becoming the subsidy-of-last-resort for them. Let those who offer fantasies as ‘goods’ pay for them out of their own pockets, not borrow then demand for others to retire the resulting debts.

Strategies are:

– Get simple. The establishment is complexity made material: the system’s response to complexity’s shortcomings is to add to it. Becoming independent from- or less dependent upon interconnected engineered systems is a way to avoid others’ costs.

– Get Small! Ditch the growth idea starting at home. Size = vulnerability, giant size = collapse. Steve’s First Law of Economics: The costs of managing any surplus increase with it to the point where costs ultimately exceed the worth of the thing itself.

– Get Free. Pay off debts and flee from the Giant Banks! Stay out of the casino(s): hold onto your money and starve the tycoons: holding increases money’s worth at the same time the rich are denied access to it. They are unable to repay their own monstrous debts and are thereby ruined.

– Get close to food! Grow some yourself, patronize farmers’ markets or start one. Most communities in the United States are nowhere near able to feed themselves … even in rural areas! Industrial mono-agriculture produces ‘crops’ which are not human food. At the fringes, growing human food is making a comeback with real invention and perseverance on the part of a growing percentage of farmers. The ‘wild card’? Climate change …

– Get real! Disconnect from the mediastream: throw away the television, cancel the NetFlix subscription, use a real telephone and ditch the smartphone and its endless ‘connectivity’. What comes your way is advertising.

– Get creative. The establishment is a naked emperor. Make fun of it, tweak it, laugh at it, annoy it, make it bleed money defending its precious ‘prestige’. The use of screen-printing is encouraged.

– Get rid of the car. If you have two, sell one of them. If you have a big one, get a smaller one. If you can, become car free and enjoy life.

– Learn a skill or trade even if it seems silly. For example, learning how to sew or make hats — and buying the necessary tools — appears dumb where clothing can be had for a few dollars at a store. Learning a practical skill is an investment in yourself. The market for such things is always there, perhaps bubbling under the surface. Everyone on Planet Earth wears clothing. The current regime of cheap goods from China and elsewhere is not guaranteed over the longer term.

– Find a place to live where you are comfortable: that is, a place that has friendly people and is appealing; that is not overly expensive, dangerous, contaminated, decrepit or badly managed.

– Learn how to entertain yourself … and others. Draw, write, paint, fiddle, sing, act … garden, volunteer, carpenter, become a fire fighter, feed the hungry and destitute, become politically active … once removed from the mediastream the time must be filled with something else. Make hooked rugs.

– Be flexible. Non-linear = unpredictable. Learn to avoid rigid, doctrinaire approaches … to everything.

– Think toward nature’s parsimonious ‘economy of needs’. These are simple: food and water, clothing, shelter along with delight – love, sex and a stimulating and beautiful environment. Compare this to the industrial regime of robots and furnaces; capital consumption, waste, and profits … of material excess alongside the artificial scarcity of abstract ‘money’; of toxic contamination, greed and violence and their tyranny over all things and the extinguishing of life itself.

Over the course of hundreds of millions of years … nature has learned how to provide sustenance to our planet’s inhabitants within the boundaries of what is freely available in the form of material resources along with energy from the sun and from within the Earth. We refuse to learn, we insist there are better, more expedient ways conceived over the past fifteen-minutes, ways that ignore everything that has gone before. The river does not borrow money in order to flow. The tree does not need a permit or plan to grow; the bird flies as it will when it feels the urge to do so.

Nature builds without furnaces or plans, without debts or money, without pointless destruction. To change, we must become more like nature and less like our precious selves. Time to do so is running short: the End is Near.

Collapse Fatigue

Off the keyboard of Lucid Dreams

Published on Epiphany Now on January 14, 2013

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It has always been the case that we live in an uncertain world. Our world is uncertain because the nature of reality is transience. One thing to be certain about is that things change, have changed, and will always change and this can be explained by understanding what entropy is. This rule of physical law is the great driver of decomposition and an explanation for why things change. Entropy applies to everything and there is no escaping it. The more complex a system becomes, the more energy that system uses, the more energy that is lost to nothingness. Eventually everything will be equalized into one great equilibrium where nothing is different from anything else. This almost sounds like a definition for spiritual enlightenment!
Humans are a pretty complex assortment of variables both on a physical level and on a psychological one. Collapse applies to both of these levels. It is a very physical phenomenon that gets transformed into a psychological one when filtered through human awareness (or lack of awareness as it were). Collapse fatigue is a psychological problem that’s due to the process of collapse that is currently underway. It’s widely understood to be a fatigue that is caused by waiting for this collapse to occur, but I submit that this is an unfounded because collapse is occurring all around us. Entropy ensures that this collapse is always the case, but sometimes when conditions are right things will increase their decomposition. We want these conditions to be right so that we can avoid collapse fatigue. What exactly does this idea look like?
Let’s take the example of a compost pile with our civilization being said pile. There are as many ways to composts as there are to skin a chupacabra, but in the end the results are eventually the same. The process itself creates life. The final act of dying offers up those substances that are required to facilitate life. On one side of this gradient we have a pile that is simply left to decompose at it’s own rate anaerobically. It’s a loose pile with no particular shape, nobody tends to it, it’s not kept at the perfect moisture, the carbon to nitrogen ratio is never taken into consideration, it’s just left to rot…eventually. On the other end you have the compost pile that is tended to as a loving parent tends to a newborn. The point is to facilitate the aerobic breakdown of the organic materials in order to arrive at the end product, compost, as quickly as possible. We want collapse to be an aerobic situation when it’s anything but. We want there to be some type of order , but there is no order to be found. It would be nice if the whole process didn’t stink so badly. If only someone or something would come along and take the terrible stink away. The thing with an aerobic compost pile is that the keeper of the pile knows what they are doing. They know that the end result is compost. The keepers of our pile have no idea that we are decomposing (albeit some of them do, but overall they are clueless IMO).
We’re all in this decomposing pile of a civilization together. Those of us suffering from collapse fatigue have realized that we are decomposing. We are composting anaerobically which just adds insult to injury. Why are we the only ones that smell this horrible smell? There’s billions of organisms in this pile, and yet we are the small few that realize the overall picture. Let’s get the oxygen, n/c ratio, and moisture right and get on with it already! But alas, the keepers of this pile could care less. They aren’t keeping this pile to make soil. They’re keeping this pile because it’s the cheapest option for profit. The antidote to collapse fatigue is to realize that we are dealing with an anaerobic pile. The pile is massive and nobodies going to expend the energy to turn it.
Probably the greatest debate within the peak oil community is the one of fast collapse versus slow collapse. Those who are suffering from collapse fatigue advocate for a fast collapse. They do that because they secretly want to see the collapse. They want their prognostications to be vindicated before their peers. After all, we’ve spent all of this time, money, and energy prepping and we’re going to go to our graves having never needed any of that preparation? I believe this is the case. There may be a natural disaster or a “cliff event” on the stair step collapse that will give us reason to enjoy our preparations, but there will never come a time when we can stick our fingers in the faces of all of those sheep and say to them “see, I told you so.” When those cliff events happen there will be countless excuses emanating from the idiot screen explaining it all away. “Don’t panic, there is a solution, the government and scientists are on it…technology, now back to the regularly scheduled show.” Those who can’t go back to enjoying the show no longer matter. They get pushed down the memory hole where they no longer count as statistics. The become proles and economic non-persons.
The reason why this is going to continue being a slow collapse is because of the nature of the interplay between fossil fuels and our civilization. Fossil fuels represent the entirety of the keepers of this compost pile. Fossil fuels (more precisely humans burning of) explain everything from our shifting and changing climates, droughts and super storms, to the global economic crises, to the poisons that permeate everything, to the shrinking water tables, to those whom are starving. This is true because our current civilization was built on a foundation of fossil fuels. Currently those in the PO community who are arguing for a fast collapse scenario are doing so because of the nature of economics. They say that there has be be a breaking point in our global economic system because we can’t keep creating more money ad infinitum. I say they can, and will keep creating money. They can do this so long as there are fossil fuels to burn.
Money is nothing accept a token that represents a share of the Earths fossil fuel supply. Money used to be a representation of precious metals, but all of that stopped when man figured out about exploitation of fossil fuels. Now money is directly proportional to the amount of fossil fuel energy that is available for our exploitation. We didn’t arrive at the top of Hubbert’s curve overnight, and we’re not going to find ourselves at the bottom overnight. There is going to be a long and invisible process of people using less and less energy. Western civilization wastes gargantuan quantities of fossil fuel energy. We can easily use half of the energy we do and still have a life that doesn’t vastly depart from our current lifestyles. In fact, we are going to be forced into accepting this new reality. Every year we are going to use just a little bit less energy than the year before. We are going to have just a little bit less money than the year before. We are going to have less of everything directly proportional to the amount of energy that is available.
We haven’t seen much austerity the past seven years because we’ve been making up the difference with unconventional energy. Austerity is the closest thing you’re gonna get for proof of collapse. As petroleum becomes more scarce so will money. What we’re going to see is the economic crises. Just as we saw it in 2008 with the too big to fail fiasco. A couple of banks caused the U.S. government to print a couple trillion dollars? No, peak oil caused the government to print that money. Simply put, peak oil defines the process of collapse. The telescreen won’t be talking about peak oil. It will be talking about the economic crises.
Collapse fatigue is a psychological process that need not be endured. Lamenting over the process of collapse, sure, but suffering because it has not happened yet is not recommended. Collapse fatigue can be avoided by simply understanding that there is not going to be a fast collapse. There will be war, disease epidemics, famine, natural disasters worse and more frequent than years before, financial austerity, and marshal law. There will be explanations for all of these things broadcasts via the telescreen. There will be as many explanations as their are idiots to believe them. What there won’t be is our civilization talking about how we built our house on a foundation of sand right on the beach just before sea level rise caused by burning fossil fuels. Your neighbor and work associate is not ever going to talk about the ramifications of peak oil. Waiting for these things to happen is no different than waiting for Godot. S/he’s there, but s/he’s not going to appear and shake your hand.
It’s completely understandable that we want collapse. It’s no different from the terminal cancer patient wanting euthanasia. Our way of life is without redeeming characteristics. If you are reading this I don’t need to go into all of the reasons why. If you are aware of collapse fatigue than you are aware of how insane our civilization is. Is it any wonder that our children go to school and randomly massacre their peers? Is it really a mystery as to why? Who are we to lash out at to voice our discontent? This system is a faceless and nameless process that can’t be pinned down. There isn’t a king who’s head we can collectively cut off. There is nowhere to escape this calamity. Nowhere to run and hide. The entire planet has been usurped by petroleum and petroleum governance. The patient has already died and we don’t have the decency to pull the technological plug that animates the corpse. That’s what our civilization has become…an animated corpse. Everybody agrees that it’s not a corpse. This is what we have erroneously labeled collapse fatigue, and this is what we should be lamenting.
We just want society to call a spade a spade, but it’s not going to happen. The best we can do is prepare for the worse. It beats doing nothing. But in those preparations don’t be operating under any delusion that one day your going to be proven correct before your peers. The best you’re every going to get is labeled a kook and given a television show on the topic of prepping for the sheeple’s anesthetizing entertainment. If you can make yourself believe that there is not going to be a fast collapse than you have the cure for collapse fatigue. It is a product of the fast collapse scenario and nothing more. Our civilization is too big to fail just like those banks were. As long as they’ve got fossil fuel energy they will be able to hide our civilizations process of entropy. Fossil fuels are simply too energy dense to notice all of that energy that we are pissing away. Collapse depression is a real thing that can’t and shouldn’t be avoided, but collapse fatigue need not be a problem. It’s a product of unfounded prognostications about how our energy future is going to play out.

The Uncoolness of DOOM

Off the keyboard of the Old Horseman

Published on Old Horseman on January 3,2011

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It seems that a general sense of impending doom is going mainstream in recent years.  It’s getting harder and harder for many people to fully ignore the the signs and pretend that a return to conventional prosperity is just around the next bend…  In fact, a growing fraction of the population is becoming well-aware of the fact that there will be no real “recovery”, and that Business As Usual is gone for good.

Perhaps as a coping mechanism, the bulk of these doomers envision a “cool” kind of doom.  Usually imagining one extreme or the other in future scenarios.

The light side of Cool Doom is a vision of some kind of Great Depression v2.0.  Sure, gas and food will get expensive.  The economy will continue to collapse.  But those who think ahead, plant backyard Victory Gardens and invest in high MPG automobiles will be okay.  Especially if they “re-localize”, support farmers markets, and think in terms of “building community”.

The dark side of Cool Doom is the hardcore, post-apocalyptic vision of the future.  Hiding in bunkers from radioactive fallout.  Fighting off mutant zombies and jackbooted stormtroopers.  Just like in a Sci-Fi fantasy or video game.
The handy thing about both versions of Cool Doom is that they relieve the doomer of the need to make any REAL changes in his or her lifestyle.

The light side Cool Doom means you take up gardening as a hobby and get a hybrid instead of a big SUV.  Maybe you actually talk to some of your suburban neighbors or “near-by” family about emergency plans, and stock some dry goods and bottled water.  No big deal, really.

Cool Hippie Doom

 The dark side of Cool Doom means that you take up shooting and gun collecting as a hobby.  Maybe stock a Bug-Out Bag, or even remake your basement into a bunker.  The kind of stuff that’ll let you make a kick-ass last stand long enough to see those who laughed at your doomerism get munched by zombies before you go out in a blaze of glory yourself!

It's all fun and games until somebody's brain gets nommed

 Almost nobody likes to think about the more likely scenario: Uncool Doom…  No hippie-dippy kumbaya neosuburbia…  No mushroom clouds or Mad Max…  Just an irregular, but increasingly steep decline.  Fuel getting more and more expensive, then less and less available until driving at all becomes problematic.  At the same time employment opportunities dry-up, meaning you’ll need to drive even farther to find decent work.  With so much competition for ever-fewer jobs, pay will be miserably low, while goods and services, which will be in shrinking supply, cost more and more inflation-devalued dollars.  Knowing they can’t afford high bills, people will cut-back on their household power usage, only to have the utility companies compensate for below-expected demand/income by raising rates and cutting staff and upkeep on the already decrepit power grid.

The problem with this relatively boring, Uncool Doom is that you actually have to make real, sweeping changes in your life to prepare for it.

The private automobile is most obviously doomed.  You need to plan for a future without one, which probably means moving to a city where public transportation is available, a reasonably self-contained small town where everything you need in within walking or bicycling distance, or out to a self-sufficient farmstead from which you won’t need to venture often and which can produce fuel for transportation when it is necessary.  The auto-dependent suburbs will continue to fail, and faux-doomsteads (auto-dependent suburban households out in the sticks) will fail even faster.

The fiat “dollar” economy is disintegrating, and paper wealth of all kinds is going with it.  The whole system of people being employed in make-work occupations to be paid in dollars which they can then trade for everything they need is hopelessly inefficient and cannot long endure.  Already jobs are being phased-out in favor of people relying more directly on Government for a growing number of the things they need.  This means that you either need to reconcile yourself to being a ward of the state (giving the Government ever-increasing control over your life), or you have to become independent of the Government and its currency system.

Widespread GovCo infrastructure and goods distribution is a reflection of the now-deceased growth economy.  It won’t take an EMP from a nuclear attack to kill much of the power grid.  It’ll only take the cost of supporting so many miles of power cables to supply a decreasing and increasingly moneyless population of customers.  It won’t take zombie attacks to shut-down the rural supermarkets.  It’ll just take increasing operation costs and spiraling prices nobody can afford.  The time will come when, even if you have a mattress full of Federal Reserve Notes, there won’t be anything available to buy with them outside of the major cities.

The probable form of doom is uncool because you CAN prepare for it.  But this preparation means doing uncool things like moving out of suburbia and away from “normal” life.  Largely disconnecting from the people and groups you know are doomed, even if they are family.  And planning for a vision of the future most people absolutely refuse to see.

This is how most people will perceive you.     Cool Doom can really be a cop-out.  Light-side Cool Doomers imagine that not that much needs to be done, and can blame future failure on the lack of social enlightenment in society.  Dark-side Cool Doomers can imagine that nothing they could do would be effective against the living Hell of the future anyway, so why bother?
But let’s face it.  History tends to be uncool in real-time.

Knarf plays the Doomer Blues

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