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Published on the Doomstead Diner on January 11, 2015

The Life Story of Baa-Baa, a Baby Lamb from Oz

I was born in Oz in 2014.  My mom named me Baa-Baa.

One of the Humans came and took me away from Mom a few days later.

Another Human sent me to the Great Beyond later that day.

RE found some of my Ribs at Three Bears Food Warehouse in Alaska a little while later.  I don’t know how long it took to make it across the Pacific Ocean in the Container Ship, because I was already dead.  My ribs were worth $11.37 in FRNs when they got to Alaska though!  I was honored to be worth so much!


After a few days in the General Electric Freezer in RE’s New Digs, in the New Year of 2015 RE cooked my Ribs in the Countertop Electric Toaster Oven made by Black & Decker and they came out like this.

I can tell the short story of my life now because part of me is now a part of RE.  It was a great life and I am the first Baby Lamb Blogger now!

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Back when I was a boy shortly after we returned from Brasil and Mom & Me started doing the cooking instead of the hired help from the Favelas we had to do these tasks there, I settled on a couple of cuts of meat which were my favorites. Steaks in those days, it was T-Bones.  A nice thick cut, preferably cooked on the outdoor Hibachi BBQ I used for all my grilling in those days, but I was OK with it cooked in the Broiler of the oven too. Hibachi was a little Cast Iron charcoal job which I used for probably a decade of time, and I liked it better than the typical round charcoal grills of the era because it had a little window/slot which let you control to an extent how much air the charcoal got for burning, plus it had 4 levels you could set the grilling grates on, controlling the amount of heat sizzling your meat.  It looked pretty much precisely like the one at right.

On that little Hibachi I BBQed regularly, besides the steaks I often cooked up chicken wings, which I usually left marinating in BBQ sauce overnight in the fridge.  Wings are of course just loaded with fat so they are real juicy and tasty coming off the BBQ.  My mom loved those wings.

For indoor cooking in the Broiler though, my absolute favorite was what mom called “Baby Lamb Chops”.  This is kind of redundant, because  Lamb is by definition a juvenile, its a Baby Sheep.  What the Baby Lamb Chops I liked really were was Rib Chops, and when mom periodically would screw up while shopping she would buy Shoulder Chops, which were OK but just not as tasty and fat laden as the Rib Chops.  Came in cheaper also, so on bargain eating days, the shoulder chops showed up.  Interestingly in those days on the supermarket shelves you never saw Lamb Loin Chops, which seem to be the most often dropped in the meat freezers in the last few years in most Amerikan communities I have lived in. you do find the Ribs, it usually comes as a Rack of Lamb, not as individually pre-cut Chops.  I occassionally will buy a Rack Of Lamb, and I experiment with some of the multitude of recipes you find on the net for cooking them also, but probably because of the nostalgia aspect, I still like the individual chops cut up and then just dropped under the broiler.  No spices, no BBQ sauce, no charcoal flavoring from the grill, just the baby lamb chop.

So anyhow, shopping at 3 Bears meat department back in the last days of 2014, there was a package of Baby Lamb Chops straight from Australia on the shelf, the package you see at the top of the page.  Not cheap at $12.99/lb, but not horrifically expensive by today’s meat price standards, where a Prime Beef T-Bone goes for $23.99/lb sometimes.  I still often find my current favorite beef cut of Ribeyes coming in at $7.99/lb, so the lamb chop price falls in as an intermediate, and I get two meals out of it because again by tradition, one meal always had 3 Baby Lamb Chops on my plate.  Since they appear so rarely in the meat fridge these days, I probably only cook them up maybe 4 times a year the most, so it even can fit inside the SNAP Card food budget, though I finished that experiment a month ago or so.  I’m back to buying whatever food looks good at whatever price now, while I can get it.

 Anyhow, one thing I never really did as a boy was consider where a Baby Lamb Chop came from, thus the reason for the cute little lamb pic at the top of the page.  Being brought up as a city boy far from the farms and ranches where these animals are raised, I didn’t give much thought to the fact such cute little animals were being butchered so I could drop them easily under the broiler. realization did finally come to me one day in ordering a Tongue Sandwich at the Deli, and for the first time I saw the WHOLE TONGUE, as opposed to just the slices that were in the package from the Deli, or in the Deli Sandwich I ate at one of NY Shity’s fine Jewish Delicatessens of the era.  The Stage Delicatessen, Ratner’s, Carnegie Deli and many more smaller less well known ones that were as good or better out in Brooklyn and Queens. realization finally hit me, somebody actually CUT THE TONGUE out of a cow, and I WAS EATING IT!  I was thoroughly grossed out, and stopped eating tongue.  For about two months maybe.

It dawned on me at this point that all the rest of the meat I was eating came from various parts of butchered animals, and I really LIKED Tongue sandwiches, on nice Fresh Rye Bread with the Jewish Mustard on it.  So I got over the shock of seeing that whole tongue sitting there in the Deli counter display, and actually evaluated what part of the tongue was best, which is the thick part at the back.  So I would only buy tongue if it was being sliced from that part.

Since leaving NY Shity, I haven’t found a single Deli in any of the numerous places I lived since then that has a Tongue in the display case or makes Tongue Sandwiches.  This generally was not a Successful Meat far as the Amerikan Palate was concerned nationally.  The only place I have seen Tongue is in the Freezer area of some of the larger Food Emporiums, where you can also find the other internal organs of the slaughtered cows, like Brains, Livers, Hearts, Pancreas etc.  Typical Amerikans don’t buy these parts much, generally only Immigrants from other countries who grew up with these parts as part of a monthly meal choice after slaughtering an animal buy them.

I have toyed with the idea of buying one of these Frozen Tongues, Boiling it up to then slice up and make my own Tongue Sandwich,  but that is a lot of tongue and not entirely sure of the preparation to make it taste like the Tongue I remember from the Jewish Delis of NY Shity.  So I have never done that to date.

Eventually I grasped here that Baby Lamb Chops really did come from Baby Lambs, and found out also that Veal which I really liked as Veal Parmigiana, another one of the regular Meat dishes mom served up, and that Veal was actually from Baby Cows, and the reason the meat was light pink to white was because the baby cows were starved of milk, which is a rather rough way to be born into and then quickly be dispatched from the world of the living.  Did I stop eating Veal because of this?  No again. the years since I have learned about the absolutely horrific conditions that industrial raised animals from Chicken to Pigs to Cows live in, how they get injected with hormones to make them grow faster and antibiotics to keep them all from passing diseases to one another in the crowded feed lots.  Once again though, despite the knowledge of this, I don’t stop eating meat.  Why not?

Basically for the same reason I don’t stop driving a car, which is what would it really accomplish if I did that besides making my life a lot more difficult to manage in industrial society, and in the case of food eliminate from my diet foods I ENJOY EATING?  My stopping driving or becoming a Vegan would not do a damn thing really, in fact even millions of Vegans don’t make any real difference here, the system goes on until it won’t anymore, at which point just about everyone is going to find meat to be a pretty tough thing to put on the plate every day.

Now, generally speaking I find game meat which we can still hunt down here in Alaska to be a little bit tastier, and on a psychological level it’s nice to know that at least until it got shot, a Moose was able to live and roam free in the Wilderness.  However, with the exception of some really god-awful GMO raised chickens I have tasted over the last couple of years, overall the difference between game meat and the industrial ag ranch raised version wasn’t that great overall, and for the most part for most of my life that was all that was available in the way of meat to eat anyhow. as the animals here are concerned, they live in horrific conditions, but then again so do many people these days.  in some respects, these animals are treated even BETTER than people, they at least get some medical care to keep from getting sick and they get fed every day. They get dispatched to the Great Beyond fairly rapidly, they don’t linger on in Nursing Homes with Bed Sores all over their decaying corporeal shell.   You can’t say the same thing for millions of people living in 3rd World poverty right now.

When Homo Sap got started on domesticating Crops and Animals for food 10,000 years ago or more, it’s doubtful that anyone considered the long term consequences of this, it simply seemed like a more efficient way of getting food on the table.  Nor do I think for the most part Homo Sap has ever been bothered by moral qualms with killing animals for food, we evolved as omnivores and eat whatever we can get our hands on.  That is one survival trait that made the species as successful as it was in terms of multiplying up.

Now, in 20-20 Hindsight Vision you can see all the problems that resulted from this, desertification, topsoil depletion and food products that get increasingly more unhealthy by the day, even if you do still have money to buy them.

Over time to come here, this methodology will of necessity disappear, and if Homo Sap is to survive, we will have to grow our food in a way that does not so destroy the environment we grow it in.  That is the next great challenge ahead, and it remains unclear as to whether we will be able to pull that off.


Narratives of TEOTWAWKI

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on September 21, 2014

Discuss this article at the Environment Table inside the Diner I have been involved in Doom Prognostication and Analysis since 2008, floating around various websites from to Market Ticker to The Automatic Earth to The Burning Platform, as well as my own Yahoo Group of Reverse Engineering and now the Doomstead Diner, I have of course been exposed to probably every possible Doom Scenario that you could conjure up as plausible.

Besides that, since I am a confirmed Full Doomer, I also periodically review the latest in Graphs and Charts that Financial Bloggers post up, or that Climate Bloggers post up.  Overall, just about all this graphology is uniformly depressing newz.  You have to be a believer in Fairy Dust and Skittle Shitting Unicorns to accept any of the MSM Charts which show “Economic Recovery” anywhere, as my friend Jim Quinn from TBP demonstrated once again recently tracking the Collapse of Retail Sales here in the FSoA.

Hard to imagine how folks will be doing too much Shopping as they drop out of the Labor Force by the Millions:

While both Economic and Geopolitical Doom are both present in Copious Quantities, the current scariest long term possibilities come from progressive deterioration of ecosystems and climate change, which by Guy McPherson of Nature Bats Last’s analysis are not too far off and lead to the Uber Doom scenario of Near Term Human Extinction.

Trying to make sense of the ongoing Collapse and where it might lead requires more than just Graphs & Charts, it requires a narrative which makes sense, is plausible based on current known parameters and trends, and it has to be “accessible” to most people in language and imagery they can understand and relate to their own lives.  Most folks are not Economists, Climatologists, CPAs, Petroleum Engineers or Nuclear Physicists, and any of those are virtually never expert in any other field than their own.  So even experts need a cross-disciplinary narrative to get a good global picture of what is going on here.

Ugo Bardi recently brought up in a few of his blogs on Resource Limits how Science Fiction informed the late 19th, 20th and 21st Century narrative that most people accept as true, that Technological Progress will continue in perpetuity and that the Industrial Culture we have lived under for the last 200 years will not just continue, but become ever more complex and pervasive across the globe.  This type of Sci-Fi permeated its way right down to the Cartoons many of us Science Buffs watched as children.

There are numerous other ancillary narratives that go along with this, for instance that Modern Medicine and Science can cure any disease, that Standards of Living will continue to improve for everyone as they join the Industrial Culture, and that Human beings are too small to affect the earth and its ecosystems. about all those narratives are demonstrably false now.  Country after country falls off the Economic Cliff, basically on a daily basis, and the smaller ones with little access to central credit creation find it ever more difficult to access the energy necessary to keep running an Industrial society.  Standards of Living aren’t improving anywhere, even here at the center of Credit Creation of the World Reserve Currency of the Dollar they are falling as more people each year fall out of the tabulated “workforce”, fewer well paying jobs are available, more McMansions go into Foreclosure and fewer miles are driven in the Happy Motoring lifestyle.  Ecosystems are collapsing everywhere, phytoplankton are down 50% over the last 30 years in world Oceans and species are going Extinct at a rate unprecedented in the Geological Record, even faster than the mass extinction even of the PETM, or Pleiocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, which took out the Dinosaurs.

EBOLA GOES EXPONENTIAL to advanced Medical care isn’t improving, Obama-care is a joke, anti-biotics are failing as drug resistant “Super-bugs” evolve, higher percentages of people are born with Autism and other neurological and physiological problems and food becomes ever less nutritious and ever more dangerous as GMO foods are introduced into the food supply.  Besides that, you have the specter of the Ebola Virus spreading Exponentially in Africa, a disease for which there is no cure and a 40% mortality rate at least these days that is what the WHO is reporting.

Denial is rampant through the society of Homo Industrialis, in large part because there isn’t a good narrative to compete with the Sci-Fi Narrative of never-ending Progress and a better life in the future. this Podcast, Ugo Bardi, Jim Laughter (author of Polar City Red) and I chat up ideas around one type of New Narrative, “Cli-Fi” or Climate Fiction.  Through Fiction, you can explore ideas and make comprehensible what is not generally comprehensible just by reading charts and tables, which in fact most folks never look at at all, they just take the word of “experts”, and every possible side in every scenario has some expert they can enlist to justify their POV, so the hoi polloi tends to believe the side with the viewpoint and outcome they WANT to believe is true.

Cli-Fi is only one of the possible Fictional Variants that can be explored here, Econ-Fi is another one since it still looks like Economic Collapse will lead Climate Collapse by some margin.  Energy-Fi is another one, since how we might adapt to a lower per capita energy world of the future has many possible narratives attached.

This podcast looks mainly at Cli-Fi scenarios, both Medium and Long Term. Hopefully at a future date we will explore some of the other ones as well.

In any event, break out the Microwave Popcorn, sit back and contemplate TEOTWAWKI with me, Ugo Bardi and Jim Laughter.



Off the microphone of RE

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on June 13, 2014


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…For today, I figured I should get off the topic of Monetary Madness and Geopolitical Jousting percolating through the daily Newz Reports in the MSM and Blogosphere Punditry to look at another facinating topic of collapse, FOOD. What you eat, how much you eat, where it comes from, how much it costs, who produces it, how far it travels to get to your dinner plate…Food is a fucking Cornucopia of topics to cover for the Doomer!

If you live in the FsoA, or in fact most countries in Europe these days, the first topic that comes to mind when you think of Food is…FAT PEOPLE! Fat People everywhere! Sitting next to you on the bus, train or plane with their flab spilling over into the seat YOU paid for is a real pet peeve of mine. Man, if you can’t fit your bulk into one seat, you should have to buy two! Somebody who weighs 300 lbs takes twice as much fuel to jack up into the air as I do, why is this person paying the same price as me? If Airline tickets were sold like Air Freight, you would pay by the pound, or kilo for you Euro listeners out there. This would encourage regular airline passengers to STAY SKINNY! It might have a downside of encouraging Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia in the flyers as well, but I think the downside risk there is pretty small…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!!!!






Off the keyboard of RE

Published on the Doomstead Diner on September 2013


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After a solid week of Blogging on the CANCER that is Monsanto, hopefully at least a few Diners are ticked off enough now to get out of the EZ Chair in front of the laptop and go out and OCCUPY MONSANTO somewhere on September 17th.  Where to DO that though?  Well, Occupy Monsanto has gathered together a list of addresses of various Monsanto offices and affiliates you could converge on, and they are pretty well distributed around the FSoA, from the East Coast of the FSoA to Hawaii.  There are affiliates and offices overseas also,so I have included the list of these also for Diners outside the FSoA.

While the Locations to hit on are pretty welldetailed, it is a bit harder to find folks to get together with on this and pick one in your neighborhood to give the full Demo Treatment to.  The Occupy Monsanto Facebook Page seems to be the best networking place on the web for this at the moment, but at least so far I cannot find a list of organizations to contact or a list of Planned Actions at any given location.

The Occupy Monsanto thread inside the Diner will update with any additional contacts and locations through September 17th.  Diners and Guests are invited to post up any Actions occuring, or contact information for these actions and their Planning Groups.



. Monsanto Agronomy Center 25920 Monsanto Road Loxley AL 36551
. Seminis, Inc. 5 W. 6th Street Yuma AZ 85364
. WestBred Research Center 3016 E. 33rd Place, Ste. B Yuma AZ 85365
. Monsanto Company 15790 S HWY 87 Eloy AZ 85231
. Casa Grande Cotton Breeding 749 W. Ash Ave Casa Grande AZ 85222
. Monsanto Company 2476 Highway 130 East Stuttgart AR 72160
. Seminis, Inc. 650 Leanna Drive Arroyo Grande CA 93420
. Calgene, Inc. 1920 Fifth Street Davis CA 95616
. Seminis, Inc. 2700 Camino Del Sol Oxnard CA 93030 805-647-1572
. Monsanto Company 15165 Dulzura Ct Rancho Murieta CA 95683
. Monsanto Company 397 Anacapa Drive Roseville CA 95678 916-784-1718 916-784-1878
. Seminis, Inc. 590 Brunken Ave. – Suite F Salinas CA 93901
. Seminis, Inc. 500 Lucy Brown Lane San Juan Bautista CA 95045
. Seminis, Inc. 1 Seminis Road – P.O. Box 430 Williams CA 95987
. Seminis, Inc. 37437 State Highway 16 Woodland CA 95695
. Woodland Research Farm 12849 Gorman Lane Woodland CA 95695
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 62 Maritime Dr. Mystic CT 06355-1958
. Seminis, Inc. Felda Florida Research Station, 2221 County Road 832 Felda FL 33930
. Seminis, Inc. 810 SW 1st Street Homestead FL 33030
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 995 U.S. 19 N Leesburg GA 31763
. Seminis, Inc. 556 Armour Road Tifton GA 31761
. Monsanto Company 381 Williams Gibbs Rd Tifton GA 31793
. Monsanto Hawaii 2111 Piilani Highway Kihei HI 96753
. Monsanto Hawaii 1351 Maunaloa Highway, P.O. Box 40 Kaunakakai HI 96748
. Monsanto Hawaii P.O. Box 200 Kunia HI 96759
. Mokulele Farm – Maui 3555 Mokulele Hwy Kihei HI 96753
. Seminis, Inc. 21120 Highway 30 Filer ID 83328
. Seminis, Inc. 1811 East Florida Avenue Nampa ID 83686
. Seminis, Inc. 10721 Scotch Pine Road, P.O. Box 192 Payette ID 83661
. Monsanto Company Soda Springs Plant, Highway 34 North Soda Springs ID 83276 208-547-4300
. Monsanto Company 14018 Carole Dr. Bloomington IL 61705
. Asgrow Seed 3421 State Route 51 South, P.O. Box 1837 Centralia IL 62801
. Asgrow Seed N. John Street, P.O. Box 50 Farmer City IL 61842
. Monsanto Agronomy Center 1677 80th Street Monmouth IL 61462
. Asgrow Seed State Route 48, P.O. Box 410 Stonington IL 62567
. Jerseyville Agronomy Center 26207 Davidson Road Jerseyville IL 62052
. Stone Seed 5965 W. State Route 97 Pleasant Plains IL 62677
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 1990 Rt. 38 W, P.O. Box 170 Ashton IL 61006
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 4370 Mt. Pulaski Road N, P.O. Box 360 Illiopolis IL 62539
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 36142 E State Rt. 10, P.O. Box 33 Mason City IL 62664
. Lewis Hybrid Seed 530 W Maple Avenue Ursa IL 62376
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 2139 County Road 2500N Thomasboro IL 61878-9654
. Waterman Seed Technology Center 450 E. Adams, P.O. Box 266 Waterman IL 60556
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. – Waterman Research 8350 Minnegan Road Waterman IL 60556
. Monsanto Company 738 Rusher Lane Evansville IN 47725 812-492-1700 812-492-1799
. Stewart 2230 East County Road 300 North Greensburg IN 47240
. Channel 612 E. Dunlap Street, P.O. Box 278 Kentland IN 47951
. WestBred Research Center 3221 W County Road 500 N Lafayette IN 47906
. WestBred 6025 West 300 S Lafayette IN 47909
. Monsanto Company 228 W CR 700 South Lebanon IN 46052
. Fielder’s Choice Direct 306 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 898 Monticello IN 47960
. Asgrow Seed 703 East Benton Oxford IN 47971
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 15849 S. US Highway 231, P.O. Box 35 Remington IN 47977
. Specialty Seeds 371 North Diener Road Reynolds IN 47980
. Specialty Hybrids 1211 Cumberland Avenue West Lafayette IN 47906
. Monsanto Company 10280 West State Road 28 West Lebanon IN 47991
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 908 N. Independence, P.O. Box 367 Windfall IN 46076
. Ames Corn Research 1203A Airport Road Ames IA 50010
. Monsanto Company Old Dubuque Road – Box 427 Anamosa IA 52205
. Monsanto Company 3302 S.E. Convenience Road Ankeny IA 50021
. Monsanto – Parkersburg Foundation 18739 Highway 57 Aplington IA 50604
. Monsanto Company 53751 650th Street Atlantic IA 50022
. Monsanto Company 410 Center St, PO Box 166 Beaman IA 50609
. Monsanto Company 1159 S Ave Boone IA 50036
. ASI – KRUGER-DIKE 33730 160th Street Cedar Falls IA 50613
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 3500 F Ave, NW – Suite 1 Cedar Rapids IA 52405
. Monsanto Company 617-623 Central Ave. West, PO Box 108 Clarion IA 50525
. Monsanto Company 2476 370th St, PO Box 408 Dayton IA 50530 515-547-2550 515-547-2552
. Monsanto Company 721 Hwy 6 E, PO Box 773 Grinnell IA 50112
. Monsanto Company – Iowa Foundation 757 Hwy 6, P.O. Box 743 Grinnell IA 50112
. Monsanto Company 1551 Highway 210 Huxley IA 50124
. Monsanto Company 2346 Henley Ave Independence IA 50644
. Monsanto Company 2332 Henley Ave Independence IA 50644
. Muscatine Plant 2500 Wiggins Road Muscatine IA 52761 563-263-0093 563-262-5683
. Monsanto Company 18739 Highway 20 Aplington IA 50604-9602 319-347-6633 319-347-2720
. Monsanto Company 605 11th St SW, PO Box 244 Spencer IA 51301 712-262-1804 712-262-1806
. DEKALB/ASGROW 6135 S. Hwy 71, PO Box 779 Storm Lake IA 50588
. Holden’s Foundation Seeds 503 South Maplewood Avenue Williamsburg IA 52361
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 2016 E. Spruce St., P.O. Box 1002 Garden City KS 67846-1002
. WestBred Research Center 14604 S. Haven Rd. Haven KS 67543
. 809 Levee Drive suite G&H Manhattan KS 66502
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 7159 N. 247 St. W, P.O. Box 7 Mt. Hope KS 67108
. Monsanto Company 5912 North Meridian Street Wichita KS 67204
. Monsanto Company 12501 River Road, P.O. Box 174 Luling LA 70070 985-785-8211
. Asgrow Seeds 32545 Galena Sassafras Road Galena MD 21635
. Monsanto Company 245 First Street, Suite 200 Cambridge MA O2142
. Monsanto Company 67760 US 131 Constantine MI 49042
. Monsanto Company 1440 Okemos Rd. Mason MI 48854
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. RR2, Box 2 Glyndon MN 56547
. Gold Country Seed 16506 Highway 15 North Hutchinson MN 55350
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 2135 W. Lincoln Olivia MN 56277-1702
. Monsanto Company 750 NW 32nd Ave, P.O. Box 433 Owatonna MN 55060
. Asgrow Seed 29770 US Highway 71 Redwood Falls MN 56283-2401
. Monsanto – Redwood Falls – Pre-Foundation 1210 East Bridge Street, PO Box 46 Redwood Falls MN 56283-0219 507-637-2204 507-637-2352
. Monsanto Company 29668 US Hwy 71 Redwood Falls MN 56283
. Holden’s Seed 2440 Highway 19 Blvd. Stanton MN 55018-7220
. Monsanto Company 800 North Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis MO 63167 314-694-1000
. Monsanto Company 700 Chesterfield Parkway North Chesterfield MO 63017 314-694-1000
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 830 N. Miami, P.O. Box 578 Marshall MO 65340
. Monsanto Company 1565 Commerce Rd. Marshall MO 65340-3904 660-886-2215
. Asgrow Seed 2992 State Highway V Matthews MO 63867
. Monsanto Company 110 Paul Lenauer Memorial Drive Owensville MO 65066 573-437-8440
. Monsanto Company 17812 US Hwy 61, P.O. Box 847 Sikeston MO 63801
. Monsanto Company 4846 Main Street Flora MS 39071 601-879-9237
. Monsanto Company 407 Goldstein Hollandale MS 38748
. Monsanto Agronomy Center 4006 Old Leland Road Leland MS 38756 662-378-1021
. Monsanto Company One Cotton Row, P.O. Box 157 Scott MS 38772
. Monsanto Company 737 Blaylock Road Winterville MS 38703
. WestBred Research Center 81 Timberline Drive Bozeman MT 59718-6994
. Monsanto Company 124 East Grant Street Blair NE 68008
. Monsanto Company 10981 8 Street Fontanelle NE 68044
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 2115 West State St, P.O. Box 309 Grand Island NE 68802
. Monsanto Company 76252 Hwy 47 Gothenburg NE 69138
. Monsanto Company 76268 Hwy 47 Gothenburg NE 69138
. NC Hybrids 3505 Yost Avenue Hastings NE 68901
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 2617 Antelope Ave. Kearney NE 68847
. Channel 3820 N. 56th Street Lincoln NE 68504
. Fontanelle Hybrids Box 595, East Highway 30 North Bend NE 68649 402-652-8626 Doug Liehs
. Holden’s Seed 1110 East 9th St., P.O. Box 568 Stromsburg NE 68666
. Monsanto Company 3605 N. Delaware Avenue York NE 68467
. Seminis, Inc. 2026 North Park Drive Las Cruces NM 88005
. Monsanto Company 1512 NC 55 West Mt. Olive NC 28365
. Monsanto Company 110 T.W. Alexander Drive Research Triangle Park NC 27709
. Monsanto Company 150 Research Campus Dr., Suite 3700 Kannapolis NC 28081
. WestBred Research Center 2975 39th St. South Fargo ND 58104
. Monsanto Soybean Seed Production 304 Center Street West Fargo ND 58078
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 216 West Court St (Rear) Courthouse IN 43160
. Monsanto Soybean Research 8390 County Road 140 Findlay OH 45840
. Monsanto Company 1051 Landsdowne Ave. Greenville OH 45331
. Monsanto Company 635 Olympic Drive Troy OH 45373
. Monsanto Company 741 Coker Farm Road Hartsville SC 29550
. Monsanto Company 200 Industrial Drive Harrisburg SD 57032 605-743-5459
. Monsanto Company 140 W Industrial Drive Harrisburg SD 57032 605-743-5459
. Monsanto Company 4745 6th Ave. S.E. Aberdeen SD 57401
. Monsanto Company 46962 Mindy Tea SD 57064
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. 2303 Pleasant Valley, P.O. Box 504 Union City TN 38281
. Monsanto Company Highway 70 Aiken TX 79241
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. Route 2, Box 373 Bishop TX 78343
. Seminis, Inc. P.O. Box 532 Donna TX 78537 (956) 461-3434
. DEKALB® Genetics Corp. Highway 87 W, P.O. Box 417 Dumas TX 79029
. Monsanto Company 4512 N. U.S. Highway 87 Fredericksburg TX 78624
. Monsanto Company 247 US Hwy 380W Haskell TX 79521
. Seminis, Inc. 1500 Research Parkway – Suite 120 College Station TX 77845
. Monsanto Company 1596 IH 27-87 Hale Center TX 79041
. Monsanto Company 1104 park Plaza Lockhart TX 78644
. Monsanto Company 3410 North Elm Lubbock TX 79404
. Monsanto Company NOT LISTED Taft TX 78390
. Seminis, Inc. 16631 LaConner Whitney Road LaConner WA 98257
. Monsanto Company 776 S. Booker Road, P.O. Box M Othello WA 99344
. Monsanto Company 1485 W Cunningham Othello WA 99344
. Seminis, Inc. 115 East 1st, North Warden WA 98857
. Monsanto Company 1300 I Street, NW, Suite 450 East Washington DC 20005 202-783-2460 202-789-1819
. Monsanto Company 410 Bullen Rd. Arlington WI 53911
. Seminis, Inc. 7202 Portage Road DeForest WI 53532
. Asgrow 5926 E. U.S. Highway 14 Janesville WI 53546
. Trelay 11623 State Road 80 N Livingston WI 53554
. Agracetus 8520 University Green Middleton WI 53562
. Monsanto Company 341 S. High St. Randolph WI 35956

Global Occupy Monsanto targets:

. Russia Agrosemcenter Nab. Volzhskoy Flotilii 11a Volgograd 400121 00 7 (844) 790442
. Ukraine Kiev Company for Seed Trade (CST) L.Tolstogo str. 63 off 201 Kiev O3035 00 38 044 501 1213 00 38 044 451 86
. Senegal Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division Route de l’aeroport -Carrefour de Ngor BP29259 – CP14524 Dakar Yoff Contact: Frederic Mauro 00 221338652150 00 221338652151
. Russia OOO Agrofirm SemAgro Ul. Obrucheva, D. 55A Moscow 117246 00 7 (495) 7183711
. Russia OOO ATF Agros 24, Permitina St. Office 200 Novosibirsk 630078 00 7 (8383) 3461594
. The Netherlands Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division Seminis/De Ruiter Seeds Bergschenhoek BB 2660 00 31 10 529 22 22 00 31 10 529 24 00
. Switzerland Monsanto International Sarl avenue de la Gottaz 36 1110 Morges/VD 41 21 811 02 14 41 21 804 67 39
. Ukraine Kiev Agriculture Consulting M. Timoshenko str. 9A Kiev O4212
. Turkey Monsanto vegetable Seeds Division Aspendos Bulvarı Aspendos Is Merkezi 69/D Antalya Turkan Donmez 00 90 242 32 17 340
. Paraguay Juan de Salazar N° 791 esq. Washington Edificio Itasa 5to Piso. Asunción 595 21 228-360/1
. Albania Bruka Seedling Divjake 2 Lushnje 355 371 21 41 355 371 21 42
. Algeria Golden Field 59, Domin Aliqua Cheraga
. Argentina Buenos Aires (Headquarters) Maipú 1210 10° floor Buenos Aires Buenos Aires C1006ACT 5411-4316-2429 5411-4316-2447
. Argentina Zárate Plant Ruta 12 km 83.1 Zárate Buenos Aires 54-3487-44-4300
. Argentina Pergamino Plant Ruta 188 km. 77 Pergamino Buenos Aires 54-2477-439200
. Argentina Fontezuela Research Plant Ruta 8 km 101 Fontezuela Buenos Aires 54-2477-439200
. Argentina María Eugenia Plant Ruta provincial N° 31 2 km from crossing Ruta 188 Rojas Buenos Aires CC69 54-2475-496106
. Argentina Camet Research Plant Camino Provincial N° 7 altura km 3,5 Camet – Mar del Plata Buenos Aires 54-223-460-0063
. Argentina Seminis Horacio Canesi #341 Matheu Escobar Buenos Aires 1627
. Argentina Seminis Alfredo Nobel 3745, Guaymallen Mendoza
. Argentina Monsanto – DEKALB Interseccion Ruta, Provincial 31 y Acceso a Ines Indar Buenos Aires 2742
. Argentina Monsanto – DEKALB Ruta 31 y Ruta 108 Rojas Buenos Aires 2705
. Argentina Monsanto – DEKALB Ruta 226 km 7 Mar del Plata Buenos Aires 7600
. Argentina DeRuiter Seeds South America S.A. Mariano Fragueiro 1266 Cordoba 5000 54 351 472 5035 54 351 496 1040
. Australia Monsanto Australia Limited – Head Office GPO Box 6051, St Kilda Road Central, 8008, VIC 12/600 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC, 3004 Melbourne Victoria 00 61 3 9522 7122 00 61 3 9522 6122
. Australia Monsanto – Toowoomba Monsanto Australia Research Lab PO Box 92, Harlaxton, Toowoomba, 4350, QLD 3 Rocla Court, Harlaxton, Toowoomba, 4350, QLD Toowoomba Queensland 00 61 7 4634 8400 00 61 7 4634 8500
. Australia Seminis Australia – Head Office PO Box 167, Ivanhoe, 3079, VIC 53-55 Sparks Ave, Fairfield, 3078, VIC Fairfield Victoria 00 61 3 9481 8300 00 61 3 9481 8333
. Australia Monsanto – Narrabri Office “Locharba” PO Box 196, Narrabri, 2390, NSW 21149 Kamilaroi Highway, Narrabri, 2390, NSW Narrabi New South Whales 00 61 2 6793 1300 61 3 6793 1327
. Australia Monsanto – Narromine Office PO Box 246, Narromine, 2821, NSW 26 Gainsborough Road, Narromine, 2821, NSW New South Whales 00 61 2 6889 2888 00 61 2 6889 2828
. Bangladesh Monsanto (Bangladesh) Limited 13th Floor, 70/ I Inner Circular Road Kakrail Dhaka 1000
. Belarus ATS Belarus Tanya Lapikova 17-826, Masherova Minsk 220004 375 296 52 54 82 375 172 03 67 55
. Belgium Monsanto Europe N.V. (Manufacturing Site and Operations Center) Haven 627 Scheldelaan 460 Antwerp 2040 32 3 568.5111 32 3 568.5090
. Brazil Sao Paulo Monsanto do Brasil Ltda Avenida Nacoes Unidas, 12.901- 7 e 8 andares Sao Paulo Sao Paulo CEP04578-910 55 11 3383-8000 55 11 3383-8063
. Brazil Sao Paulo Seminis Rua Salto Grande 280 Sao Paulo Sao Paulo 13025-020
. Brazil Sao Paulo Seminis Rua Sampainho, 438 Campinas Sao Paulo 13025-300
. Brazil Sao Paulo Seminis Esgtrada Municipal PLN 212 Km 1 Paulinia Sao Paulo 13140-000
. Brazil Sao Paulo Monsanto do Brasil – Rib.Preto Av. Presidente Vargas, 2001 Sala 114 Ribeirão Preto Sao Paulo 14020-260
. Brazil Camaçari Plant Monsanto Nordeste S/A Rua Eteno, 5001 – Pólo Petroquímico Camaçari Bahia CEP: 42.810-000
. Brazil Monsanto do Brasil Ltda Av Carlos Marcondes 1200, Bairro do Limoeiro Caiza Postal 94 Sao Jose dos Campos 12241-420
. Brazil Seminis Fazenda Agroceres S/No. Carandai Minas Gerais 36280-000
. Brazil Sem.Agroceres Uberlandia Rod. Uberlandia – Araxa (BR-45) Km141 Araxa Minas Gerais 38785-000
. Brazil Uberlandia Rua Eduardo Oliviera 940 Bairro Erlan Uberlandia CEP 38400-174
. Brazil Sem.Agroceres Rod. RS 142 Km 13 Nao-Me-Toque, RS
. Brazil Sorriso – MT Rodovia BR 163 Km 758,3 – Zona Rural Sorriso MT 78890-000
. Brazil Braskalb V. acesso P. Clemente-SP 101 Ipua São Paulo 14610-000
. Brazil Braskalb Rod. Assis Chateaubriand – km Barretos São Paulo
. Brazil Monsoy Rod. BR 153 km 1423 Morrinhos GO
. Brazil Braskalb Rua Jacarezinho 1.121 Caixa Postal 104 Andira PR 86380-000
. Brazil Monsanto do Brasil Rua Pará, 1814 Sala 102 Londrina PR
. Brazil Braskalb Rod. SP 255 km 300 Itai São Paulo
. Brazil Monsanto do Brasil – Goiania Rua 18, 110 Sala 805 Goiânia GO
. Brazil Sem.Agroceres Rod. DCD 360 s/n Cachoeira Dourada
. Brazil Monsanto Brasil Rua Padre Chagas, 415 Salas 302/304 Porto Alegre RS 90570-080
. Brazil Monsanto do Brasil Setor Comercial Norte QD.4 BL.B UN.1302 – M Parte A Bairro Fazenda Brasilia, DF
. Brazil Monsanto do Brasil – Cuiabá R.Barão de Melgaço, 2754 5* Andar – Sala 502 Folha S14/514 Cuiabá, MT
. Brazil Sem.Agroceres Santa Helena de Goias
. Brazil Sem.Agroceres Rolandia
. Brazil Sem.Agroceres Paracatu
. Brazil D&PL Brazil Av. João Naves de Ávila, 1331 Bairro Tibery, Sala 515 – Piso 3. Uberlandia MG 38408-100
. Brussels Brussels Office Monsanto Europe N.V. Avenue de Tervuren 270-272 Brussels 1150 32 2 776.7600 32 2 776.7639
. Bulgaria Popovo Monsanto Bulgaria Popovo 7800 Oblast Targovishte Mladost 121, et. 2 Nikolay Cherkezov Phone: +359-889-788-195
. Canada Production/Breeding Facility 225 – 31st Street North Lethbridge Alberta T1H 3Z4
. Canada Research Farm Edmonton Alberta
. Canada Production Facility 710 Industrial Road #3 Cranbrook British Columbia V1C 6N4
. Canada Eastern Business Office 120 Research Lane Unit 101 – Guelph Ontario N1G 0B4 519-821-4785
. Canada Soybean Research Facility 5192 Jones Baseline RR#4 Guelph Ontario N1H 6J1
. Canada Corn Research Facility 1288 Glanworth Drive London Ontario N6N 1H1
. Canada Canola Research Facility 204-848 Gordon Street Guelph Ontario N1G 1Y7
. Canada Regulatory Office 180 Kent St. Suite 810 Ottawa Ontario K1P 0B6
. Canada Production Plant/Seed Quality Lab 301 Richmond Street Chatham Ontario N7M 1P5
. Canada Research Farm Monsanto Canada Inc. Erindale Postal Outlet Po Box 32013 Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7S 1N8
. Canada Research Farm RPO Parkland Box 22014 Yorkton Saskatchewan S0G 5G0
. Canada Monsanto Canada Inc – Head Office 900 – One Research Road Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 6E3 204-985-1000 204-488-9599
. Canada Breeding Facility #3, 75 Scurfield Blvd. Winnipeg Manitoba R3Y 1P6
. Canada Breeding Facility PO Box 2010 Carman Manitoba R0G 0J0
. Canada Research Facility Oakville Manitoba
. Chile Oficina Central Gerente General Claudio Torres De La Barra Rosario Norte 555, Piso 13 Las Condes Santiago (56-2) 2002400 (56-2) 2002301
. Chile Planta Viluco Camino Lonquen s/n, Buin (56-2) 2002400
. Chile Planta Melipilla Melipilla (56-2) 8315576
. Chile Planta Rengo Fundo el Nogal – Rinconada de Rengo s/n Rengo Rinconada de Rengo (56-72) 512706; 512680
. Chile Estación Rancagua Longitudinal Sur Km 77 Graneros (56-72) 472396 – 472322
. Chile Estación Temuco Ercilla s/n Pillan Lelbun Lautaro Temuco (56-45) 535028
. China Monsanto Far East Limited Beijing Representative Office Room 901, 9th Floor, Tower B, Pacific Century Place, 2A Gong Ti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District Beijing 100027 00 86-10-5829 0888 00 86-10-5829 0808
. China Monsanto Biotech Research (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Room 516-518, 5th Floor & Room 610-618, 6th Floor, Building A, Raycom InfoTech Park, No.2 Kexueyuan South Road Zhongguancun, Haidian District Beijing 100190 00 86-10-5984 1700 00 86-10-5984 1919
. China Monsanto Office – Changchun Room 1315, Yueyang Fuyuan, The cross of Yueyang Street and Pingquan Road, Nanguan District Changchun Jilin 130000
. China Monsanto Office – Nanning Room 2112, Tower A, Jiahe Ziyou Kongjian, Dongge Road 18-1 Nanning Guangxi 530022
. China Seminis Beijing Operation Center No.9, West Road 1 of Yanqi River, Yanqi Economic Development Zone Huairou District Beijing 101407 00 86-10-6166 5351 00 86-10-6166 5190
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Shenyang No.1-21-1, Huafu Tiandi, No.7-1, Tuanjie Road Shenhe District Shenyang Liaoning 110031 00 86-24-8612 7535 00 86-24-8608 1052
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Jinan Room C-401 Fazhan Building No.3218 East 2nd Ring Road Jinan Shandong 250100 00 86-531-8802 0041 00 86-531-8802 0042
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Shouguang Room 1206, Quan Fu Yuan Commercial Building Shengcheng East Street Shouguang Shandong 262700 00 86-536-510 3252 00 86-536-510 3252
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Wuhan Room 1407, Zhongtie Building No.347 Zhongshan Road Wuhan Hubei 430071 00 86-27-8831 4238 / 8832 6832 00 86-27-8831 8446
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Guangzhou Room 22B, Yueyun Building No.3 Zhongshan Road 2 Guangzhou Guangdong 510080 00 86-20-3762 0710 / 3762 0410 00 86-20-3762 0711
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Sanya Shuijiao Village, Fenghuang Town Sanya City Hainan 572000 00 86-898-8839 2004 00 86-898-8882 1018
. China Vegetable Sales Office – Tainan No.30, Lane 128, Beicheng Road Tainan City Taiwan 70460 00 886-6-283 3296 00 886-6-281 1141
. China Vegetable Farm – Beijing Lixinzhuang Village, Luchengzhen Tongzhou District Beijing 101117 00 86-10-8958 2767 00 86-10-8958 2765
. China Vegetable Farm- Shandong Xinzhao Village Song Zhuang Town Changyi City Shandong 261314 00 86-536-771 2509 00 86-536-771 2500
. Colombia Compañía Agrícola Colombiana Ltda. Apartado Aéreo 50915 Bogota
. Croatia Monsanto d.o.o. Vrlicka 30 Zagreb 10 000 00385 1 3843065 00385 1 3841 063
. Cyprus L. LAMBROU AGRO LTD Box 4839,107 Prodromos Avenue Nicosia 357 22667908 357 22667157
. Czech Republic Monsanto Czech Republic Brno Business Park, budova B Londýnské náměstí 856/2 Brno 639 00 420 543 428 200 420 543 428 201
. Czech Republic Monsanto International Sarl Na Safrance 27 101 00 Prague 10
. Denmark Copenhagen Monsanto Denmark P.O. Box 659 DK-2200 Copenhagen N 4543227500
. Ecuador Monsanto Ecuatoriana S.A. Av. José Santiago Castillo S/N y Av. Juan Tanca Marengo Edificio Canauto Guayaquil 593 4 268 2277 593 4 268 2435
. Ecuador Diana’s Frut Izamba – Barrio La Merced. (sector Aeropuerto) Ambato 59 33 285 6450
. Finland Puutarhalliike Helle Oy Rentaskuja 3 SF-21410 Vanhalinna 358 (0)2-4899400
. France Andard Monsanto SAS ZA Le Rezeau Andard 49800 33 2 41 80 46 46 33 2 41 80 40 04
. France Autry-le-Châtel Monsanto SAS Bruyères de l’Etang Autry-le-Châtel 45500 33 2 38 36 70 20 33 2 38 36 83 19
. France Boissay Monsanto SAS 28313 Toury Cedex Boissay 33 2 37 90 10 17 33 2 37 90 69 09
. France Lyon (Head Office) Monsanto Agriculture France SAS et Monsanto SAS Europarc du Chêne 1, rue Jacques Monod Lyon Bron Cedex 69673 33 4 72 14 40 40 33 4 72 14 41 41
. France La Mézière Monsanto SAS ZA La Montgervalaise 2 La Mézière 35520 33 2 99 13 06 60 33 2 99 13 06 69
. France Monbéqui Monsanto SAS Domaine de Mercié Monbéqui 82170 33 5 63 26 17 00 33 5 63 26 17 09
. France Nérac Monsanto SAS Lieu dit « La Bartoque » Nérac 47600 33 5 53 65 04 32 33 5 53 65 26 08
. France Nîmes Monsanto SAS Chemin de Canaux Mas de Rouzel C.S. 17270 Nîmes Cedex 9 30918 33 4 66 38 79 80 33 4 66 38 79 81
. France Peyrehorade Monsanto SAS 1050 Route de Pardies Peyrehorade 40300 33 5 58 73 60 99 33 5 58 73 09 29
. France Saint-Andiol Monsanto SAS Chemin de Roquemartine Saint-Andiol 13670 33 4 32 61 00 40
. France Trèbes Monsanto SAS 20, route du Théron Trèbes 11800 33 4 68 78 80 80 33 4 68 78 63 91
. France Monsanto vegetable Seeds Division Chemin de roquemartine / quartier les longues St Andiol 13 670 00 33 66709021
. Germany Borken Monsanto Agrar Deutschland GmbH Zuchtstation Borken Borkener Str. 169 Borken 46325 49-2862-9073.10 49-2862-9073.20
. Germany Düsseldorf Monsanto Agrar Deutschland GmbH Vogelsanger Weg 91 Düsseldorf 40470 49-211-3675.0 49-211-3675.341
. Germany Kuenzing Monsanto Agrar Deutschland GmbH Zuchtstation Kuenzing Klingerfeldstr. 2b Kuenzing 94550 49-8547-91497.0 49-8547-91497.20
. Germany Neustadt Monsanto Agrar Deutschland GmbH Abteilung Gemüsesaatgut Lindenallee 33 Neustadt 31535 49-(0)5032-89 40 0 49-(0)5032-89 40 40
. Germany Neustadt Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division Lindenallee 33 Neustadt 31535 49 (0)5032 89 40 10
. Greece Athens MONSANTO HELLAS EPE 29 Michalakopoulou str Athens 11528 30 210 72.59.435 30 210 72.59.439
. Guatemala Seminis 10 Calle 21-74 Zona 11 Residenciales San Jorge Guatemala 1011
. Guatemala Seminis 6 Av. 6-26 Zona 2 Barrio Agua Caliente Salama Baja Verapaz 15001
. Hungary Budapest Monsanto Hungária Kft. Majori út hrsz 0195975. Budapest 1238 06 1 289 3100 06 1 289 3131
. Hungary Seminis Majori út Budapest 1238
. Hungary Farmos Seminis Szelei út Farmos 2765
. Hungary Kisfái Vetõmag Kereskedõ Kft. 6000 Kecskemét Kisfái 207/b. 00 36 76/505-790 00 36 76/505-792
. Hungary Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division Majori út Budapest 1238 00 36 1 289 3100 00 36 1 289 3131
. Hungary Mezohegyes Mezohegyesi Ménesbirtok Rt. Kozma Ferenc U.30 Mezohegyes 5820
. Hungary Nyiregyhaza Seminis Vasvari P. u.1. Nyiregyhaza 4400
. Hungary Szatymaz IV, Kerulet 148 Szatymaz 6763 00 36-62-283677 00 36 62 283411
. Hungary Tapioszele Seminis Farmosi út Tapioszele 2766
. India Ahmedabad Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd., (Seminis) C/O Parekh Distributors, G-4, Tirupati Estate N.H. No.8, Aslali Ahmedabad 382 427 00 91 2718 261598, 691
. India Aurangabad Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd., (Seminis) Gut No. 24, Chitegoan Piathan Road Aurangabad Maharashtra 431 105 00 91 2431 661100, 661123 00 91 2431 661155
. India Bangalore Monsanto Research Centre #44/2A, Vasants Business Park, Bellary Road NH7, Hebbal Bangalore 560 092
. India Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd., 7th Floor ‘B’ Wing, ‘E2’ Block, “Silver Oak”, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Hebbal, Krishnarajpuram Section Nagwara Bangalore 560 045 00 91 80 30018900
. India Bellary Monsanto India Ltd. Srivara Village Moka Road Bellary KN 583 103 00 91 8392 291005 – 009 00 91 8392 291017
. India Eluru Monsanto India Ltd. Nadipalli Village, Vijayaraya Post Pedavegi Mandal Eluru W. Godavari Dist. (A.P.) 534 475 00 08812 225022 & 23 00 08812 225021
. India Hyderabad Monsanto India Ltd 137 S-3 S-4 Second Floor ANR Centre Road No. 1 Hyderabad 500 034 00 91 40 23321650-57 00 91 40 23321658
. India Indore Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd (Seminis) C/O Parekh Distributors,Khasara No. 101/1/1/2, 107/2/1/2, 107/3/1/5, P H No 45
Near S R Compound,
Lasudia Mori, Dewas Naka, Indore Madhya Pradesh 452 010 00 91 731 4037991, 6455754
. India Kallakal Emergent Genetics India Pvt Lt R&D Centre Survery No. 409 – 414, Kallakal Andhra Pradesh 502 336 00 91 8454250114, 115, 355, 356
. India Kolkota Monsanto India Limited Ground Floor, 10 A, Ho Chi Minh Sarani Bells House Kolkota 700 071 00 91 33 22820395/96/97 00 91 33 22820399
. India Kolkota Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd. CD-135, Salt Lake City, Sector -I, Kolkota 700 064 00 91 33 23215221
. India Jalna Emergent Genetics India Pvt Lt A-10/11/12, Old MIDC Area Jalna Maharashtra 431 2035
. India Mumbai Monsanto India Limited Ahura Centre, 5th Floor, 96 Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East Mumbai 400 093 00 91 22 28246450, 67029851, 28247300 00 91 22 28244707, 28246452
. India New Delhi Monsanto Holdings Pvt. Ltd. F Block, 2nd Floor, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place New Delhi 110 019 00 91 11 26236409/10/11/12 00 91 11 26236408
. India Ranenbenur Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd (Seminis) Kartikeya, Gangajal Ice Factory Compound Ranenbenur Haveri district 581 115 00 91 83 73261711
. India Shameerpet Monsanto India Ltd Survey No. 677,678, 679 Opp. Ajith Gardens Via Nisa Lalgadi Malkpet Shameerpet Andhra Pradesh 00 08418 304600 00 08418 304603
. India Silvassa Monsanto India Ltd Plot # 1, 4 & 5 Madhuban Industrial Estate, Madhuban Dam Road Rakholi, Silvassa UT of D&NH. 396 240 00 91 260-2640484, 2640485, 2644309, 2640819
. India Sonipat Monsanto Holdings Pvt Ltd (Seminis) Village – Bayen, GT – Road Gunaur, Taluka – Gunuar, Dist-Sonipat Gunaur, Taluka – Gunuar, Dist-Sonipat Haryana 131 101
. Indonesia Jakarta Monsanto Indonesia Wisma Pondok Indah 2, 6th floor, Pondok Indah Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA Jakarta 12310 00 62-21-29976400 00 62 21 7592 2928
. Indonesia Monsanto – Tangerang Plant Jl. Manis Raya IV No.11, Kawasan Industri Manis Tangerang Jatake, Jatiuwung 15136 00 62-21-5918506 00 62-21-5918508
. Indonesia Monsanto Jl. Koperasi Baja No.6 Dukuh Bakalan Ceper Klaten 57465
. Indonesia Monsanto – Mojokerto Plant Jln. Raya Pacing Delanggu Desa Sumberwono, Kecamatan Bangsal Mojokerto 57465 00 62-321-320740 00 62-321-320735
. Indonesia Monsanto Jl. Pelita III/No. B22 Kawasan Industri Medan Star Tanjung Morawa KM. 19,2 Sumut
. Indonesia Seminis Wisma Pondok Indah 2, 6th floor, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. V-TA Pondok Indah Jakarta 12310 00 62 21 7592 2929 00 62 21 7592 2927
. Indonesia Bogor Joro (Pt) Jalan Rayha Pertanian No. 12 Bogor 16720 00 62 251 241 921 00 62 251 246 356
. Ireland Monsanto Unit C2, Dunshaughlin Business Center Dunshaughlin
. Israel Monsanto vegetable Seeds Division P.O. Box 1061 Airport City 71110 Dorit Brod: 00 972-3-9733661
. Italy Milano Registered Office Via Felice Casati 20 Milano MI 20124
. Italy Seeds & Traits Crop Protection Administrative Offices Via Spadolini 5 – Palazzo A Milano MI 20141 00 39 02 84780.1 00 39 02 84780.181
. Italy Parma Vegetable Seeds Strada Traversante Ravadese 60 Parma PR 43122 00 39 0521 398411 00 39 0521 607352
. Italy Terracina Vegetable Seeds Via Mortacino snc Terracina LT O4019 00 39 0773 730027 39 0773 764364
. Italy Pontevico Research & Development Center – Seeds & Traits Via Feroldi 27 Pontevico BS 25026 00 39 03 0993 0640 00 39 03 0993 0630
. Italy Borgo Sabotino Research & Development Center Via Canneto di Rodi Borgo Sabotino LT O4010
. Japan Tokyo Monsanto Japan Limited Ginza Sannou Bldg. 8F 4-10-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 00 81 3 6226 6080 00 81 3 3546 6191
. Japan Tokyo Seminis Shinagawa East One Tower 301-B 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-Ku Tokyo 1080075
. Japan Chiba-ken De Ruiter Seeds North East Asian Region 105 Highness Court, Shibasakidai 2-11-20 Chiba-ken 2701176 00 81(0)4 7199 2047 00 81(0)4 7199 2047
. Jordan Seminis Al-Madenah Almonawara Street, Al-Wafa Bld, Office 504 P.O. Box 830917 Amman 11183
. Jordan Seminis R&D Tla’Al Area, Almadina Blg. 5 Amman 111953
. Jordan Al Rafidan Agriculture Est. P.O. Box 112 Amman 11636
. Kazakhstan LLP ‘Rinda’ 23, Zheltoksan str. Almaty 00 7 777 2564832 00 7 727 2335504
. Kenya Monsanto Kenya Tuskys head office complex, Mombasa Road P.O. Box 47686 Nairobi OO100 00 254 20 2060922/44, 020 3574301-4 00 254 20 823086
. Kenya Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division P.O. Box 47686, 00100 Nairobi 00 254 20 2060922/44 3574301-4
. Kuwait Palms Agro Production co. Al-Rai Area, Street No. 4, Bldg. No. 56, Near Mustafa Karam Car Rental 00 956 4730745 00 965 4718903
. Malawi National Seed P.O. Box 30050 Lilongwe 3 00 265 1710144 00 265 1713547
. Malaysia Monsanto Malaysia Sdn Bhd PLO 211 Jalan Emas Satu, Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate Loc code/mail zone 8022 Pasir Gudang Johor 81700 00 60 7 251 4588 / 60 7 252 3472 00 60 7 251 4581 / 60 7 252 8837
. Malaysia Elite Agricultural Services 19, Jalan BU 7/3 bandar Utama SELANGOR 47800 00 60 377263199 00 60 377296100
. Mexico MONSANTO COMERCIAL, S.A. DE C.V. (AgroChem Business) SEMILLAS Y AGROPRODUCTOS MONSANTO, S. DE C.V. (Seed Business)MONSANTO PRODUCCION Y SERVICIOS, S.A. DE C.V. (Administrative Business) Prol. Paseo de la Reforma # 1015, Torre A, piso 21 Col. Desarrollo Santa Fe Mexico City, D. F. 1376 Tel. (52-55) 5245-9600 (52-55) 5245-9602
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Bosques de Durasnos No. 61 Col. Bosques de las Lomas Mexico City, D.F. 11700
. Mexico Seminis 1a Fraccion Rancho El Refugio Guanajuato Guanajuato Mexico CP 38160
. Mexico Seminis Carretera Lagos de Montebello KM 26.5 Municipio de la Trinitaria Chiapas Mexico CP 30160
. Mexico Seminis Limones 1810 Col. La Campina Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico 80060
. Mexico Seminis Prolongacion 5 De Mayo 253-C Col San Juan de Ocotan Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico 45019
. Mexico Seminis Carretera Transpensular Km.184 Rancho El Milagro, Col. Estado 29 San Quintin, Baja California Mexico 22930
. Mexico Seminis Av. Xalisco No. 120 Col. Valle de Matatipca Tepic, Nayarit Mexico 63195
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Paseo del Cerenero # 890 Zapopan, JAL Mexico 45220
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio KM 7, Carr San Miguel Cuyutlan Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, JAL Mexico 45660
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Eucalipto No. 100 Esq. Con Fresno Paraque Industrial Las Colinas Silao GTO Mexico 36680
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Av. Mariano Otero #2347 – 2do. Piso Col. Verde Valle Guadalajara, JAL Mexico 44550
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Centro Nacional de Distribucion Carr. Mexico Nogales KM. NS Mexico
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Carretera A Reynosa Km. 2 Zona Industrial Matamoros, TAM Mexico 87310
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Carretera Panamericana Km. 293 Villagran, GTO Mexico 38260
. Mexico Monsanto Produccion y Servicio Km 2.5 Carr San Juan de Abajo San Jose del Valle San Juan de Abajo, NAY Mexico
. Mexico De Ruiter Seeds Latina S. de R.L. de C.V. Javier Mina #409 Norte Los Mochis, Sinaloa Mexico 81200 52 668 8185527 52 668 8186100
. Morocco DE RUITER SEEDS MAROC / Monsanto vegetable Seeds Division 9 rue Mokhtar Soussi BP 452 – Poste Principale Agadir 80000 00 212 (0)28 29 91 40 00 212 (0)28 84 48 59
. New Zealand Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Division 68 Pook Road R D 2 Pukekohe 2677 00 64 9 239 0666
. Norway Norgro AS. Saelidvegen 44 Ridabu 2322 00 47 62541580 00 47 62541555
. Norway L.O.G. AS P.O. Box 141 Oekern Oslo N-0509 00 47 815 20 100 00 47 815 20 101
. Oman Seeb Modern Irrigation Co. P.O. Box 870 PC 1 Seeb 00 968 698990 / 00 968 693288 00 968 695799
. Pakistan Monsanto Pakistan Agritech (Pvt) Ltd. 330 – Sector Z, Commercial Area Phase III, DHA, Lahore 00 92-42-35735040-45 00 92-42-35693041-42
. Pakistan Monsanto Pakistan 17-KM Multan Road Lahore
. Pakistan Monsanto Pakistan 13-KM Multan Road Lahore
. Pakistan Monsanto Pakistan 7-KM Depalpur Okara Road Depalpur
. Pakistan Monsanto Pakistan 3-KM Manga Raiwind Road Managa Mandi
. Peru Seminis Panamericana Sur Km. 281 Ica 12
. Philippines Monsanto Philippines 7th Ayala life-FGU Center, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang-Zapote Road (corner Acacia Ave.) Alabang Muntinlupa City 1770 00 63-2-809-4848 00 63-2-807-7581
. Philippines Seminis 1002 AlPAP 2 Building, Trade Corner Investment Ave., Madrigal Business Park Alabang Muntinlupa City 1770
. Philippines Monsanto Philippines Tobacco Co. Inc. Compound National Highway Cauayan City
. Philippines Monsanto Philippines RIS Industrial Compound, 168 Mercado Street Tabe, Guiduinto Bulacan
. Philippines Cargill Philippines Inc Citibank Tower, 14th Floor 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City Manila
. Philippines GSC Research Conel Road Lagao General Santos City
. Philippines Monsanto Philippines Silangan Industrial Park Canlubang Laguna
. Philippines Monsanto Philippines Conel Road Lagao General Santos City 9500
. Philippines Cargill/Agroseed Corp. San Pedro, Gusa National Highway Cagdeoro City
. Philippines Cargill/Agroseed Corp. Rivera Street, District 2 Cauayan Isabella
. Poland Warsaw Monsanto Polska Sp. z o.o. Saturn Building ul. Domaniewska 41 Warsaw 02-672
. Poland Warsaw De Ruiter Seeds Sp. z o.o. ul.Cypryjska 2B Warsaw 02-761 00 48- 226425994 0048- 228583230, 0048 228583231
. Poland Warsaw Monsanto vegetable Seeds Division ul Domaniewska 41 Warsaw 02-672 00 48 22 570 43 74
. Poland Warsaw Monsanto vegetable Seeds Division ul Domaniewska 41 Warsaw 02-672 00 48 22 570 04 378
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. Puerto Rico Estación Santa Julia Supervisor: Daniel Tapia Paillaqueo Fundo San Ramon s/n, Comuna Graneros Santa Julia Puerto Rico

Mon(ster)santo: Past, Present, Future

Off the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Published on the Doomstead Diner on September 5, 2012

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Few institutions typify the urge to dominate, the urge to control, more than the corporation known as Monsanto. Incorporated early in the age of chemical optimism, 1901, the chemical incarnation Monsanto-of-old, is best known for it’s production of DDT, PCB’s and Agent Orange. If that sounds like a list of weapons of mass destruction to you, like a list of crimes against humanity, then you will not be surprised necessarily, to find that Monsanto is now a “bio-tech” company more or less in charge of the global food supply, more responsible than any other entity, for the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO). That Monsanto is located pert’ near the geographical center of the contiguous 48 American States (St Louis), at the center of America’s “breadbasket”, should not be surprising, if you understand modern America as a fascist construction. But then, if you think of Monsanto and America generally as a fascist construction, you probably are growing at least some of your own food, and tend to avoid GMO’s to the extent you can, and probably are in favor of labelling. In which case, if GMO’s make you uncomfortable, Monsanto thinks you are an elitist condemner of the poor, and more or less an Enemy of the State/eco-terrorist/luddite scrum. LOL. (Notice the above corporate emblem has nothing to do with health, food or people. Though Monsanto otherwise bills itself as a “Sustainable Agriculture Company”.)


How inverted has the totalitarianism of the West become, that this guy is able to make an argument about caring for the poor, and get away with it? This guy eats children for breakfast, with a side of puppy dogs and a garnish of baby rabbit balls (oops, jackass, that was not a child, that was a young woman lol.)  This guy never met a fascist he wouldn’t plot the rape of the planet with, over $500 martinis. And yet America defers to clowns like this as if they are the pinnacle of evolution/imperialism, as if the requisite evil of uber-success is no barrier to gross admiration, genuflect before the gods of rapacious greed and crass materialism, all. In a just society a guy like this doesn’t exist. In this society, where corporations like Monsanto rule the roost, he gets to be a host of one of the most highly rated television shows on the mob-neutering boob-tube, (where he glories in raising the bar of cynicism in the most cynical mean-spirited nation there ever was.) Seriously, how does this Monsanto/GMO shill even get to go on television to call this principled young woman a shill, and not be widely denounced, unless this is something very like the fascist North America I claim it to be? This guy would put DDT/PCB/AGENT ORANGE in your breakfast cereal, if he thought he could make a buck and get away with it.


The interviewer here should probably be delivering these questions on his knees. Listening to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, one might be reminded of Hannah Arendts’ statement that the most common characteristic of fascism is it’s general banality.


One might better know the character of the thing, by the actions of it’s principle henchmen (less it’s public face.) For instance, the Supremacist Court (aka Supreme supporter of corporate/gov/banking rights) says if you plant non-GMO soybeans in a field next to Monsanto GMO soybeans, you cannot plant your non-GMO second-generation seeds, because of genetic drift. See, beans cross-pollinate quite easily, over long distances. So it is fairly well guaranteed, the regular soybean in one field is going to be contaminated by the GMO next door, genetically. That should be cause to say that GMO is a kind of monopolistic tyranny. But when Monsanto has more rights than people, plants or the land, the Supreme Court is just an elevated version of pit viper Monsanto lawyers glorying in the dressing-down interrogation of gentle old farmer/seed savers. This is an older piece worth reviewing. specifically 16:30-18:10



Which of course if there were any real farmers left, pit vipers like these might get a pitchfork through the heart. But most of what is left of farmers are Archer-Daniels-Midland/Cargill/Monsanto tenant agri-businessmen, who for the most part care about the health and welfare of land and people about as much as Monsanto cares about labelling GMO. Such an amoral people cloaking themselves in the morality of “feeding the world” should be repulsive; but then, in a nation ever at war, upon invasion, ordering it’s soldiers to shoot on sight every male between the ages of 16-65, spraying depleted uranium bullets all over the countryside, lecturing other nations about war crimes, the stench of hypocrisy is so thick as to choke a devil.


Clarence Thomas recently ruled in Bowman vs Monsanto , a case that basically put the final nail in the coffin of seed saving of soybeans, or even the growing of non-MonsantoGMO soybeans. He might have recused himself, being a former Monsanto lawyer, if he were a good man and not a fascist, but it hardly mattered as the decision was 9-0 in favor of Monsanto. Michael Taylor (pit viper extraordinaire), who was instrumental in assuring that GMO’s would not be labelled, and in allowing bovine growth hormones into the food supply, is Obama’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods @ the FDA (a goddamn lawyer!). Perhaps if you voted for Obama and are disappointed with his drift toward all things totalitarian, he will treat you like a spy and charge you under the espionage act for uttering in jest, the word Hope; such is the nature of governance in this age of imperial rot. As far as these people are concerned, you might as well be an Indian subsistence farmer.

So the situation as it stands, is that we in America have handed over the production of food to the enemy’s of all that is good, amoral socio-paths, psychopaths and war-criminal makers of weapons of mass destruction. America, where 200 years ago nearly everyone was engaged in the growing of food, presently a mono-cultural food desert, 2013, in thrall to warmongers. Next time someone says to you that we are feeding the world, ask them how many more desperately poor people living in abject poverty there are, than there were in 1800? The answer is, about 2-3 billion. Combined with a near complete dependence on fossil fuels in food production, and increasing Geo-political instability, that is a holocaust in the waiting, enough to make Adolf Hitler look like a pissant school yard bully.


Where do you suppose the executives of Monsanto are going to be, as that plays itself out? What about the leadership of the FDA and USDA, who have sanctified this hideous arrangement? A Congress that has allowed Monsanto GMO to proceed into the food supply without ANY human trials (the same Monsanto that was responsible for DDT, PCB’s and Agent Orange,) and minimal testing generally?


One does begin to wonder, if GMO’s are a not-so-subtle, not-so-unconscious plot to rid the world of it’s “useless eaters” ie regular people. There is an easy solution to overshoot, don’t you know? At the very least, what is the food equivalent to Goldman Sachs shorting (betting against) the toxic mortgage securities they sell to “muppet” clients? Or “defense” contractors paying politicians to talk about “humanitarian” war? Government fraternizing with al Qaeda in Syria/Libya, which “terrorists” were otherwise the impetus for eviscerating the Constitution, setting up of the total surveillance state?


Monsanto executives investing in the Health Care industry. Which you can bet they do, every single one of them, seeing as Health Care is about the only industry (other than war making) that is growing, in an economy that is otherwise stagnant. Make ’em sick and profit bookoo, off both sides of the proverbial coin.

All this focus on Monsanto, though. Don’t forget about Syngenta, or Dupont, or Dow.




I was in my local grocery store recently, and I thought to myself, is there anything in here that isn’t genetically modified, including the people?


The primary feed animals – pigs, chickens and cattle – are almost all being fed some GMO corn and soybeans. The list of additives in non-animal food products, derived from GMO corn and soybeans is extensive; effective as sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservers, etc, and so cheap (because of industrial scaling and government bias), that nearly every food product on the shelf, is likely to contain one or more on this list (I would list them all here but the list would be longer than the article.)


Which is why “they” won’t label GMO food-products as such, why they resist so intensely, the fight to inform people about what we are eating. Because if they had to label products that contain GMO, people would realize the extent to which we have been duped, treated as guinea pig science experiments. Many would be horrified, to realize virtually everything on the shelf is GMO. There would be an exodus away from GMO product, and even perhaps a kind of legal retribution, cutting severely into the profits and even freedom of those who create and use GMO to feed animals and people.


Maybe there would be an exodus. Maybe not. It is also a truism, the degree to which the mob has been neutered. While Continental Europe on the whole has refused GMO, there is nary a movement in America to require labelling, let alone cut GMO from the food supply. Whatever people like to say about corrupt corporations/gov, our faith in Authority and Expertise is overshadowed only by our Techno-narcissism. This being so strong as to be unimpeachable, no matter how fat and sickly the average American becomes, no matter to what extent our industrial/corporate “Health Care” system is bankrupting us. We are the least healthy, most doctored people on earth.


Seriously, it is impossible to imagine a more effective system of tyranny than to compromise food (and water), while providing unsustainable over-abundance, while offering up an endless banquet of entertainments. All the better to harness the power of the mob, for the purpose of the ruling of the world, and the ruling of the world is what the corporations and banks and government of America do. That is the “they”, who operate most effectively in the dark, the elite players, who resist at every turn the free flow of information about what is really going on.




At the Doomstead Diner, we have been working on something we call the Sun Project (Sustaining Universal Needs), a land acquisition non-profit. We are hoping to acquire approximately 100 acres, on which to build a self-sustaining, eco-technic permaculture farm, to sustain approximately 150 people. Long term, we hope to set up a network of such farms.

Rotational grazing of cows/cattle, pigs and chickens, value added meat and dairy products; market gardening; beer, wine and mead production; off-the-grid building/training; campgrounds; festivals. A self-sustaining and to a degree self-organizing model of neo-tribal living, combining the best and most responsible of the culture we inhabit, and the best of those cultures that were here when Europeans landed.


Permaculture is a design concept, melding the wild and the domesticated, first outlined by Bill Mollison of Australia, expanded here in America by many, including Toby Hemenway: “[Permaculture] gardens…a riotously abundant landscape in which all the pieces work together to yield food, flowers, medicinal and edible herbs, even craft supplies and income for the human inhabitants, while providing diverse habitat for helpful insects, birds and other wildlife…where nature does most of the work, but where people are as welcome as the other inhabitants of the earth.”




There is a surpassing genius inherent in nature, that Humanity has been attempting to subdue and destroy for most of the last 5000 years, accelerated especially since the “enlightenment” following the work of Bacon, Newton, Descartes et al and the birth of Science. That has come to a kind of terminus. We are 7+ billion now, at the precipice of one last desperate attempt to exploit and mine the resources of the earth to sustain a growth pattern and a way of life that is unsustainable, potentially destroying the capacity of the earth to sustain anything like our current numbers, or humans at all, or even life above the single-celled.


There is no more clinging to the status quo that is not doomed. Adapt, as nature so eloquently teaches. Seek harmony with the earth. Heal the body, heal the biosphere. Become like the waterbearers… in the coming of a new Aeon.























Occupy Monsanto: Roundup

Off the keyboard of JD Wheeler

Published on the Doomstead Diner on September 3, 2013


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An eager young man strides in to the movie producer’s office.  He offers the man behind the desk a stack of pages stapled together.  The executive waves it off and says, “I’m a busy man. You have two minutes.  What’s your story?”

“An evil genius invents this spray that weakens the immune system, allowing germs to flourish, while helpful bacteria die.  Even after the victim’s death, the killing agent is released and can be retransmitted.  The spray can last in the soil for months, even years.  Genetic modification is developed to resist the effects of this spray.”

“So, it basically sounds like you want to make another zombie horror film…”

“No, it’s a documentary.”


The above exchange is fictional — but it doesn’t need to be.  Such a spray already exists, except its primary (intended) victims are plants.  The generic name is glyphosate, but it is much more commonly known under Monsanto’s brand name, Roundup.

Roundup is a very broad spectrum herbicide.  It kills all kinds of plants.  The Scotts company, who sells Roundup to consumers, specifically warns people not to use it in their lawns unless they want to kill the grass.  Part of the reason for that warning is there are a number of narrower spectrum herbicides which don’t affect grasses but kill other “broad-leaved” weeds.

Roundup is actually a mixture of chemicals, glyphosate is only the active ingredient.  The way glyphosate works is it disables an enzyme found only in plants.  That enzyme is essentially part of the plant’s immune system.  Without it, the plant is unable to fight off disease organisms.  So it’s almost like giving the plants AIDS.  Not quite, because at least the glyphosate doesn’t reproduce, but neither is it necessarily used up when it kills the plant.  As the plant tissue breaks down, the glyphosate can be released again to kill again, continuing the cycle until the something does eventually break it down, or more likely, it gets bound to something that doesn’t break down.  Under ideal conditions, that can be in as little as a few days, which is what Monsanto likes to quote, but in heavy clay soils with little organic matter, it can persist for months.

This picture is a good demonstration of the action of Roundup.  The two plants on the left have been treated with Roundup.  The middle one was grown in normal soil, the leftmost one was grown in sterile soil.  The one on the right is the control, it is there to show you what the plants would look like without Roundup, or, if certain fungicides are applied, Roundup also has no effect.

This is where things really start to get scary.  One kind of disease organism that flourishes when you apply Roundup is Fusarium fungi.  Monsanto advertises that glyphosate is safe for animals and humans, because only plants have the enzyme that glyphosate targets.  I’m sure that last part is true.  One of many things Monsanto hasn’t taken into account are the toxins that the various Fusarium species produce.  Those definitely can be toxic to plants and animals.

Much of the GMO crops being produced are so-called “Roundup-Ready”.  These are meant to withstand the effects of the glyphosate.  While the plants do not die, that does not mean they are not being infected by things like Fusarium, however.

Of course, Monsanto isn’t the only one who can develop resistance to Roundup.  Weeds are doing it on their own, not only to the glyphosate, but to the disease organisms.  In the end we are breeding weeds that are healthier and more resilient than the crop plants.

Let’s say that you decide you’re going to grow things naturally.  No way you are going to use Roundup on your veggies.  You’re not even going to use chemical fertilizers, just chicken manure and compost.  Not so fast.  What did those chickens eat?  GMO corn?  Then there’s a really good chance there is Roundup in their manure.  Where did that compost come from?  Was it from Roundup-ready crop residue?  You could be killing your plants instead of fertilizing them.

Luckily there is a fairly simple test.  Watercress is extremely sensitive to any kind of herbicide.  If you mix some of the compost or chicken manure in some water and use it on some watercress, if it does not kill off the watercress then it is probably safe.

Another problem with glyphosate is that is binds itself to other minerals.  This can cause deficiency diseases in plants, animals, and people, and it also means that the supposedly deactivated glyphosate in the soil can be reactivated by application of a high phosphate fertilizer.  Talk about zombie plant killers!

And as I said in the beginning, glyphosate is merely the active ingredient in Roundup.  Inactive ingredients, such as POEA, are sufficiently toxic that drinking as little as half a cup of Roundup could lead to coma or death.

Back to plants, something that has been showing up in fields treated in previous years with Roundup is Sudden Death Syndrome.
The same kind of plants would be fine in one row and dying in the next, because the soil beneath the latter was treated with Roundup.

Monsanto has a lot to answer for, but much of the damage it has done has been because of their best-selling herbicide Roundup.  In the end it has the potential to kill a lot more than just weeds.

Seed Smugglin’: Occupy Monsanto

Occupy Monsanto Blog-a-thon: Part 1

Off the keyboard of Lucid Dreams

Published on Epiphany Now on August 28, 2013

ninja fox

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When RE, head admin and creator of the Doomstead Diner, asked me to write an article about the evils of Monsanto I was a bit confused by the request at first. “Aren’t we just preachin’ to the choir” I wanted to know. What am I going to write about that most people don’t already know? Most of what I know is from documentary films such as Food Inc., a Michael Pollan book or two (as well as many other books), the occasional internet article, as well as the annual report generated straight from Hell. Haven’t heard of that report? It’s called the Earth Rape Newspeak Players Ball Report and it’s discussed at the annual Newspeak Players Ball. This is the real purpose of the Bilderberger meeting every year. It’s where the awards are handed out by Satan himself. Monsanto has won four out of the last 10 awards with Satan praising their use of the word sustainability. He took the time to point out (at last years Earth Rape) how wonderfully crafted and full of diverse and pure Newspeak Monsanto’s “AboutUs” section of their website is:

At the heart of Monsanto is a very clear and principled code of conduct – one we expect all employees, contractors and management to live by every day. We operate under a genuine value system—our pledge—that demonstrates integrity, respect, ethical behavior, perspective and honesty as a foundation for everything we do.
A key part of fulfilling the promise of our value system is by engaging our communities in a significant and positive manner. Not only do we work hard to support the family farmer in a variety of ways, but we also:
  • provide extensive educational programs – particularly in science and agriculture – for students around the world
  • fund numerous research grants for graduate students
  • work in partnership with government bodies, non-profit agencies and advocacy groups to make agriculture more sustainable”
While I’m at it, here’s a video from Monsanto’s website that might make you throw up a few times.

This type of write up makes me very angry. Newspeak makes me angry in general. But this is particularly pernicious Newspeak. Monsanto making agriculture more sustainable? Is that why 16,196 Indian farmers killed themselves in 2008, with over 15,000 suicides a year from 2002 to 2008 according to Wiki. These deaths are mainly due to Monsanto’s BT cotton, but more to the point it’s due to Monsanto’s “sustainable” agriculture methods. Now, I study and practice permaculture methods, which are actually sustainable agriculture methods. Monsanto practices chemical mediated, genetically modified, monoculture. Sustainability with plants depends mostly on diversity. That’s why in nature you don’t see monocultures. You see thousands of different species of plants growing in a true melting pot of diversity.
Monsanto’s agriculture is the opposite of sustainable. They move into a country and get the farmers (whom practice sustainable agriculture passed on through generations) to plant their GM seeds which will not grow without Monsanto’s application of poisonous chemicals. So now the farmer is beholden to Monsanto to get their crops to grow. To add insult to injury the seeds are what are known as “terminator seeds” because subsequent generations of the plant are sterile and will not produce the next years crop. So the farmer must buy more seeds from Monsanto. By this time Monsanto has complete control of the farmer (and their land) since the farmer cannot afford to continue the charade without a hefty loan from the bank, which they will never be able to repay since they will never see a profit. No worries, cause Monsanto doesn’t give two shits about the farmers and their human needs. They’ve got huge machines that run by satellite programming to do the job of the farmer. This is the real reason why there has been an epidemic of Indian farmers committing suicide over the last ten years. So I guess if farmers killing themselves, genetically modified terminator seeds, and numerous application of deadly poisons is sustainable than Monsanto has nailed it. So this is the “variety of ways” that Monsanto “supports the family farmer”? By making them debt slaves whom find it practical to hang themselves?
There are many evils associated with what Monsanto is doing, but to my estimation, the most evil thing they have attempted to do is to patent life itself. Percy Schmeiser, of Saskatchewan Canada, can tell you all about that. His story is pretty well known, but in 1998 Monsanto sued him for growing their patented GM canola seed. Now, he didn’t grow their seeds, their seeds contaminated his 50 years of work cultivating an heirloom canola variety. That happened because nature has this amazing capacity to pollinate with pollinators. His fields got contaminated with Monsanto’s bull shit and then Monsanto sued Schmeiser for growing their crop without permission (luckily they did not succeed). I guess maybe next Monsanto will try to take the birds and the Bees to court for cross pollinating their patented genetic modifications?  What’s with the birds and bees anyways? Don’t they know there is law to follow?  Damn nature and it’s anarchic form of resilient life.
As far as genetically modifying natures design goes, this is what Monsanto has to say about that completely risk free practice:
 There is no need to test the safety of DNA introduced into GM crops. DNA (and resulting RNA) is present in almost all foods. DNA is non-toxic and the presence of DNA, in and of itself, presents no hazard.
 Indeed, no need to test the effects of splicing non-plant DNA into plants such as the “fish tomato” with it’s winter flounder anitfreeze transgene spliced into it for better frost protection. Granted, this fish tomato was not brought to us by Monsanto, but their logic applies here, and they were the first company to apply genetic modification to food crops. There is no need to test whether or not this is a safe practice because “DNA is present in almost all foods” and DNA is “non-toxic.” Right, so sign me up for a “fish tomato” sandwich with round up ready corn on the cob. While I’m at it, why not some genetically modified soy formula for my 3 month old with a BT Cotton onesie. Might as well get him ready for his diet of mostly poisonous food so that he can get a head start on being sick for the rest of his life. But hey, at least he won’t be hungry while he’s dying from cancer.

The last thing we need is more chemicals on planet Earth. Monsanto is in the business of making humanity even more dependent on chemicals. A quick google search for “pollution in the womb” uncovered this gem:

Umbilical cord blood from 10 babies was tested for 413 industrial chemicals and pollutants. The tests found an average of 200 of these chemicals in each newborn, and a total of 287 chemicals in the group. The umbilical cord blood of the 10 babies harboured pesticides, consumer product ingredients, and wastes from burning coal, gasoline and garbage. Some of the chemicals found in the cord blood are banned or severely restricted in the US.
Among the chemicals found were:
– eight perfluorochemicals used as stain and oil repellants in fast food packaging, clothes and textiles, including the Teflon chemical PFOA. PFOA was recently characterized as a likely human carcinogen.
– 21 organochloride pesticides.
– dozens of widely used brominated flame retardants (PBDEs) and their toxic by products, used in TVs, computers, foam and many other products. They are also found in some foods.
Of the 287 chemicals detected in the study, 180 are known to cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.
I wonder how many of those organochloride pesticides are brought to us by Monsanto and their ilk? So we’re going to Occupy Monsanto on September 17th. Everywhere. Not sure what my part will be short of writing this article. But maybe I’ll put a sign up on the busy roadside in front of my house that says something like “Monsanto pollutes our wombs.” Or “Monsanto causes cancer.” Anything to bring attention to the evil that is being perpetuated in the name of profit by this ridiculous company and the food production philosophy they labor to cultivate. We don’t need genetically modified foods in moncultures. It is not a sustainable practice. It is quite the opposite in fact. It causes more virulent and pesticide resistant pests for our food crops. It causes slaves to be made from simple farmers whom then kill themselves out of desperation. It causes humanity to ultimately be at the mercy of those who would seek to control all of our food for no other reason than profit via patents on plant DNA.
The question you have to ask yourself is do you want your food to be cheap, nutritionally deficient, and destructive to sustainable cultures throughout the world? Or do you want your food to be nutritious and produced using natural methods that mimic natures design while facilitating healthy human societies? We can do that as a species if we decide to. There is a lot stopping us from accomplishing the later goal, and Monsanto is behind a good bit of that reasoning. There is no reason why we can’t produce all of the food we need as a species in a way that is regenerative, healthy, and supportive of all life systems involved in the ecology of food production. It’s not a mystery. We know how to do it, and it does not require the use of man made chemicals that pollute the wombs of our unborn children, cause cancer, and convince simple farmers that killing themselves is a better option than remaining Monsanto slaves. We have the solutions. We can fix this mess. But we won’t if you don’t pull your head out of the sand and start paying attention to the evil’s being perpetuated by corporations whom care about nothing but profit. And at the expense of the health of our planet and all of the species on it. We don’t own the Earth, but we do share it with billions of other life forms, a healthy majority of which we are actively exterminating with the practices of our civilizations Big Agriculture headed up by the likes of Monsanto.

Occupy Monsanto

OCCUPY MONSANTO Tuesday September 17, 2013

Off the keyboard of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on August 25, 2013


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A few months ago in May, 2.000.000 People in 50 Countries around the world organized to fight Monsanto.  It is only the BEGINNING.  The fight is revving up now, and the Net Heads and Bloggers can come together here to get the MESSAGE out better than ever.

September 17, 2013 there will be more Global Actions against Monsanto.  Here on the Diner, we will do everything we can to make this effort even more successful than the last one.

Look for further articles, Podcasts and Videos coming over the next few weeks to further raise awareness about the threat posed to Humanity by Monsanto and GMO Foods.



I Spy Doom 002

Occupy Monsanto Tuesday September 17, 2013

Off the keyboard, camera and microphone of RE

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Published on the Doomstead Diner on August 23, 2013


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AVENTURA under wayVery entertaining week here on the Diner, as we were joined by The Sea Gypsy Philosopher, Ray Jason.  Ray lives on his Yacht AVENTURA, and currently is hanging out down in the Banana Latitudes sipping the Captain Morgan while occassionally performing the Juggling Act complete with Bowling Balls that made him famous on the Streets of San Francisco.  Ray is currently getting absolutely hammered inside the Diner with questions about living the Sea Gypsy life, which he has been at for some 25 years now.

Onto the topic for today though, another brief episode of I Spy Doom here on the Diner.  Still working on parameters for getting up longer ones, and getting better with the Vid Editing.  For this one, I improved on learning at least how to Trim a Vid to eliminate unwanted stuff at the end, and make it brief.  I am still loathe to shrink down the Quality of the Vids to make for smaller file sizes though.  This one came in at a whopping 80MB for 2 minutes of vid.

For this one, I cruised through the Produce Aisles of the local Konsumer Paradise, checking out the Fruits and Veggies from all over the Globe that make their way up here to the Last Great Frontier.  While the Farms up here are suprisingly Productive (at least to people who don’t live up here), probably 95% of the Fresh Produce available at the Supermarkets comes from the Lower 48, mostly WA State for stuff that grows in Temperate climates, and from CA, Mejico and Cheelay for the more Tropical stuff.

What I note in this video is how IDENTICAL all the various Fruits and Veggies are, and how NICE they LOOK!  Nothing like the F&Vs I remember from the Open Air markets I went to tagging along with our Cook when we lived down in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil in the 60s.  There you had some shrivelled stuff, some stuff with Worm Holes through it, and certainly no two pieces of fruit ever looked IDENTICAL.  Even once we returned to the FSoA in the 70s, the market F&Vs did not have this quality of “perfection”

Thing is, all these various forms of produce nowadays that are sold in the Groceries have been bred specifically for how they LOOK, exactly what Nutritional Value is left in these various forms of Industrial Ag produce is open to question.  Besides that, many if not most Fruits are not bred from SEEDS anymore, they are reproduced artificially through Grafting proceedures.  Obviously, you cannot reproduce SEEDLESS Grapes or SEEDLESS Watermelons using SEEDS!  LOL.  All of these Fruits are basically Genetically Identical, so once a pest develops to take one of them down, they will ALL go down TOGETHER!  This methodology of Ag Reproduction preceeds the current work in GMO by quite some time, probably goes back Centuries, but REALLY took off here in the last 50 years or so.

It is not all bad in theory either far as the Doomer is concerned, with some creative Grafting and a real good Green Thumb, you probably could get a single Citrus Tree to produce Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit all from the same tree.  Or a single Apple Tree to produce Macintosh, Delicious and Green Apple varieties. You would of course need access to the various Live Slips of the varieties to do this.

The OTHER reasons all these F&Vs look so great in the Supermarket is they have been sprayed to beat the band with Pesticides while growing, and then while sitting in the Rack on the Grocery shelf are sprayed regularly with Preservatives that keep them Fresh Looking for days.  Stuff like the Corn for Human Consumption (actually a pretty small part of the total Corn Crop) is wrapped up tight with plastic to keep air from getting to it, but what happens went you cannot get hold of the MILES of Saran Wrap necessary to wrap up this stuff daily in the local Grocery?  Or drop the latest pick of Blueberries into a Refrigerated Display?  Answer, shelf life will decrease by orders of magnitude.

Because so much of the food we now eat is highly dependent on a variety of food preservation methods that are themselves dependent on Oil, even if here in the FSoA where we are in theory “Food Self-Sufficient“, once the transportation and preservation methods available by harnessing the vast energy of Fossil Fuels becomes scarce, it really won’t be possible to move these types of foods in this form even just around the FSoA, much less around the WORLD as is common practice right now.  If you are going to be eating any Fresh Produce in the future, it will have to be grown very nearby, and the Industrial Ag methods of Cloning these crops for the most part will be unavailable. you will need something becoming increasingly difficult to come by, FERTILE SEEDS THAT BREED TRUE.  Generally known as Heirloom Seeds, Monsanto and Conagra seek to make these as unavailable as possible, and even lobby to pass laws that will make their distribution ILLEGAL.  The time is NOW, while you can still get them to lay in a Supply, and also to start active cultures of plants grown from these seeds going in your garden or in your Hydroponics set up.  Nicely vacuum sealed with Nitrogen, they probably last a few years, but the best way to have viable seeds for next year is to save seeds from this year.  Seeds mostly did not evolve to last years or decades, in Nature they only have to last from one growing season to the next.  So even if you do not have a LOT of property, or even can only grow Hydroponically in your Basement or Living Room as Peter does, it is probably a wise idea to start some cultures of these plants growing and collecting the seeds each season of growing.

When TSHTF finally, said Heirloom Seeds will be more Valuable than GOLD.


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