Geotectonic Ocean Heat Transfer Theory

Last summer’s flooding events here and in China made me reflect on what appears to be a rapidly changing climate.  This is most often considered to be an atmospheric effect of increasing Greenhouse Gases, mainly CO2 and Methane.  After doing a bit of research however, it seems to me now the cause may not in fact be coming from the atmosphere, but from the core of the Earth.  Below you will find a few posts I made last year, along with some discussion with friends from the Reverse Engineering Yahoo Group.

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The current Biblical Scale Flooding Events occurring in China and down the
Missouri-Mississippi drainage basin have led me to speculate on what is causing
this. I have a new theory to pitch out which ties together these events with
the rising amount of volcanic and tectonic activity.

All the focus on Global Climate has been on what is occurring in the Atmosphere
far as rising levels of CO2 ad Methane are concerned. However, what if the
driving force here isn’t the atmosphere, but rather the Ocean?

The increasing volcanic and tectonic activity must be resultant from increasing
energy in the system. Since the amount of radioactive material in the core of
the earth isn’t changing that rapidly, the extra energy must be coming from
either increased gravitational stresses or possibly increased neutrino flow
through the earth, or both. Whatever the cause, its clear that tectonic and
volcanic activity has increased.

Down at the base of the ocean, the Crust of the earth is much thinner, along
with the fact there are active volcanos under the ocean floor. So any increase
in heat being radiated out from the mantle would have to heat up the ocean.
This would then increase the evaporation rate at the surface of the ocean, and
put a lot more water vapor up into the air.

So over the course of the Winter then, we end up with a much larger Snowpack in
the mountain regions, where all this water vapor condenses and falls as
snowflakes. Happens both in the Himalayas and in the Rockies, explaining why
both areas are experiencing the same effect in the same year.

Come the summer, the snows start to melt and the water starts rushing down from
the Mountains, but this causes a secondary local effect of that water
evaporating and constantly putting a cloud layer over these regions. This
causes an Albedo Effect which locally cools the surface of these locations, thus
increasing the Rainfall they get all through the summer. So the drainage system
gets the double whammy of increased flow from the headwaters in the mountains,
plus constant pressure from rainfall all along the system.

The whole theory is completely consistent with all the observed effects so far
of Earthquakes and Floods. The main way to verify it would be to see if there
was a marked rise in Ocean Temperatures over the last few years. So I went over
to the NOAA website, and lo and behold, beginning in 1990 up through 2010, there
has been a marked and rapid rise in the total heat content of the world’s
oceans. A spike occurred in 2002-2004 or so, and it plateaus out at the highest
level now through 2010, the last data on the chart.

Global Ocean Heat Content 1955-present 0-2000 m

Now, I personally cannot see how slight changes in atmospheric temperatures
since 1990 would cause such a volume of water to have so big a rise in total
heat content. The specific heat of water is far greater than gases in the
atmosphere, so you couldn’t get that much heat into them this way. Nor to my
knowledge has the Sun been radiating substantially more energy during the
period, leaving the obvious conclusion that the additional heat is being
radiated outward from the Earth’s core.

Now, over time this issue I think feeds on itself, in concert with the albedo
effects. More rain is falling in areas that get cloud cover, less rain is
falling in areas with no cloud cover. The real question though is, will the
rising ocean temperatures continue, or have we reached a Peak which will begin
to descend again after 2012? Is it possible there will be a further spike
upward through 2011? So far no data published for 2011 on the NOAA website.
Wondering if Jake might have access to this data?

OK Storm, whaddya think?

OK, further confirmation of the theory that the increasing Ocean heat content is
tied to increasing geological activity.

Here is a graph of Earthquake Frequency since 1973. As you can see in this
chart, there has been a steady increase in in the number of 6+ Quakes worldwide
since around 1990, PRECISELY the time the world oceans began to heat up.\

If you knock the magnitude down to 5+ Quakes, you see rapid increase beginning
in 1999\

The real killer graphs are for Average Magnitude of all Quakes\

and for Total Strength of all quakes\

As you can see, all the charts point toward rapidly increasing energy
dissipation through these quakes. They all release mega joules, and that has to
go somewhere, because of course energy isn’t created or destroyed, just
transformed from one form to another. Where is the energy going? It is going
into heating up the Oceans!

The correlation between Ocean Heat Content and Earthquake frequency is almost
perfect! This is just astounding. I just HAVE to submit this theory to a
Scientific Journal! It blows to hell every other Climate Change theory!

Global Climate change is being driven not by the atmosphere, but by energy
dissipation of the earth’s geological processes into the Oceans, which is
rapidly increasing. The most powerful quakes are steadily increasing in
frequency as well, which can only result in still more rapid water evaporation
from the oceans. Result? More Hurricanes, more Tornadoes, more Floods!

This won’t stop until the quakes stop coming so fast and furious, doesn’t matter
what you do with carbon emissions. Its the WATER in the air, not the CARBON
that is doing this!

Further thoughts on the Geo-Tectonic Ocean Heat Transfer Theory, as I am now
calling it.Assuming the theory of increasing tectonic activity as we pass through the
Galactic Ecliptic in 2012 is correct, would this mean that after 2012 the Oceans
will begin to cool again?

My intitial hypothesis on this is no they will not, because although the
geo-tectonic activity will slow down, it won’t likely reach its 1990 level for
around 10-15 years. The oceans will continue to heat up through this time
period, which then of course will put still more water vapor up into the
atmosphere. This then should gradually increase total Cloud Cover, increasing
the Albedo effect and reducing over land temperatures some, producing more

The overall effect here is to transfer a lot of the ocean water onto the land
through increased precipitation. The kind of flooding we are seeing in China
and the Missouri-Mississippi drainage basin is likely only the beginning here of
Biblical style flooding, “40 days and 40 Nights” of torrential rainfalls could
become common. So your flooding won’t just come to coastal areas as a result of
ocean level rising from melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, really
anyplace with poor drainage would get flooded. Mountain Valleys would become
lakes. The Mississippi River is likely to spread into an inland sea.

For this period to end, the release of energy by the earth through tectonics and
vulcanism will have to calm down to at least its pre 1990 levels for an extended
period of time, to allow the accumulated heat in the oceans dissipate into
space. However, this will be slowed by the cloud cover, hich will both insulate
the earth surface and reduce surface temperatures, causing more of the precip to
come down as Snow rather than rain. Obvious result: an Ice Age.

Bottom line, what I think is occurring here is the typical cycle of the Earth as
it gets stressed by varying amounts of energy depending on its position relative
to the center of the Galaxy. The Sun also is likely affected by this and
probably contributes to the effect. The Eath has never heated up like Venus
with runaway Greenhouse effects, but has MANY times gone through Ice Ages. I
believe we are witnessing here the beginnings of a new Ice Age.

Interesting…I believe we had a somewhat linked conversation about 5 yrs ago on peak oil…About how the earths crust is like the radiator of a car engine  :)….We tied peak oil to global warming in this theory..Remember…And i agree there is deff something going on..As to what there are several possibles in my view..
1) As you said internal global temps could very well be on the rise..This could be linked to the magnetic pole shift in some manor…As a object in motion tends to stay in motion..any force temping to alter said motion will create heat…If in fact the magnetic poles do effect the actual rotation of the earth or the core then a massive build up of heat would be expected…this will be exaggerated by the global warming we have been experiencing over the last decade or so…so therefor the radiator can not displace the heat as effectively as it should…
2) slowed ocean current will heat the oceans….If the current is not moving the heat north as quickly as before the heat will build up…More time in the hot areas will allow the temps to rise beyond normal before being slowly moved north..This would cause a great deal of evaporation as you said..and the increase of overall percep…I think that this is prob the most likely theory on the  cause of this temp increase…As we all know the influx of fresh water into the ocean conveyor will slow if not stop the process..Hence again global warming is the cause and effect…with increased surface temps…core temps rise therefor increased really is a matter of the chicken and the egg here which came first???
3) Increased magnetic influence from a outside source…Is the suns new “mini ice age” cycle that some believe come with increased magnetics???? Or is some other body of mass entering our solar system…”planet x” ???? who knows the data is out there but questionable at the least…If there is some other force as yet unknown with the gravitational force large enough to cause this it would be of such mass (which doesn’t necessarily mean size) as to effect all the planets..which there is evidence of just such things happening throughout the solar system..temps are increasing though out the entire system…So therefor something is effecting the entire system..Now if Planet x is a dwarf star as some suggest then expect things to get very ugly before its over with….So who knows???
4) it is possible that we are too close to the trees to see the forest and all of these things are happening at once..lets hope not..  🙂
The difference between our conversation on Peak Oil and this one was at the time
it was just speculation with no data to back it up. Now, with the two sets of
data, the first from the NOAA showing the steady rise in thermal energy in the
world’s oceans since 1990, then Dave Lindquist’s (he works for USGS, maybe Jake
knows him) data showing the same steady rise in total earthquake strength the
source of the energy for the warming water is clear. The two graphs do an
almost perfect overlay, I might photoshop it.It pretty much eliminates the likelihood of this merely being a convection issue
of the oceans not circulating the water around enough to the poles to cool it
down. You can actually tabulate year on year how much additional energy in
joules is being added to the oceans by earthquakes.

Magnitude Es (from Me) Es (from Ms or Mw) Tons of TNT Nuclear Bomb Equivalence
(# of bombs)
4 0.22E+11 0.63E+11 15. 0.00
5 0.71E+12 0.20E+13 475. 0.02
6 0.22E+14 0.63E+14 15023. 0.79
7 0.71E+15 0.20E+16 475063. 25.0
8 0.22E+17 0.63E+17 15022833. 790.6
9 0.71E+18 0.20E+19 475063712. 25,003.3

Now, as I recall from the Total Heat in the Oceans graph, it was something like
15E+22. An individual say 6 quake adds only a small fraction of energy 8 orders
of magnitude lower, but its not insignificant when you sum over all quakes over
a 10 year period.

Also, we can’t measure how much energy is being directly thermally radiated
outward through volcanic activity at hot spots and just a general warming of the
crust, which probably contributes much more. The oceans are nothing more than a
big pot of water sitting on a hot plate, ad if that hot plate is increasing in
temperature then the water above it will heat up as well. Again, increased
tectonic activity is itself an indicator that there is more energy now that the
earth has to dissipate, and that energy would generally store up as heat in the

We can’t be sure of the cause of the heating up of the rock, but we can be sure
its a good deal hotter now than it was in 1990. If its a linear relationship,
then its roughly 15X hotter now. Thats like changing a match under a pot of
water to a bunsen burner. It will boil a lot quicker.

The energy now stored in the Oceans also has to dissipate more, thus you get the
increasingly violent storms carrying a lot more water vapor in them. It really
only makes sense that the Oeans would drive the weather in the Atmosphere, not
the Atmosphere drive the temperature of the Oceans. The Ocean is a much bigger
heat sink than the atmosphere is, even a massive atmospheric rise in temp would
only cause a small temperture rise in the oceans, but we don’t have a massive
atmospheric temperature rise. Conversely, just a small rise in Ocean temps
would have massive atmospheric effects. That is just what we are seeing.


OK lets assume your correct and the ocean is the driver…What is causing its increase in temp becomes the question??? How would a quake increase ocean temps..Yes tons of energy is released but that energy is not necessarily heat producing..At least not on a scale that would show the temp rise we are seeing on the graph??? If that were the case shallow on land quakes would see temp spikes with them..which unless undiscovered do not… I agree the correlation is stricking..But i don’t believe quakes are the cause..They may be a symptom same as the ocean temps…I really feel there must be another underling cause…
Who knows for sure the real levels of radioactive waste they are dumping into the oceans?
What are the oceans temperatures around Japan.
Well, the First Law of Thermodynamics tells us that energy cannot be destroyed,
just changed from one form to another. So if an Earthquake goes off at a 7,
energy equivalent to a few nukes has just been released. It has to go
somewhere, and since its a mechanical event that somewhere is not likely to be
electro-magnetic, but rather heat through friction. Water being shaken and
jostled around causes the molecules to move around, that heats it up.Anyhow, as the difference in energy content reveals, although I think the quakes
are a aprt of the reason the water is heating up, I think the greater reason is
direct heat transfer up through the crust all along the ocean floor. Both the
quakes and the rising heat content of the Oceans are just a symptom of the earth
heating from the core outward.

As to what is precisely the cause of the core heating up, this remains
speculation. My best guess is gravitational stresses and/or increased neutrino
flux. There are tanks that measure neutrino flux,, and I found this graph from
2002-2008 showing steadily increasing neutrino flux in the atmosphere

However, from my point of view knowing precisely what is causing it is not as
important as identifying that this is what is occurring here. Its the effects
of the earth heating up we have to deal with, specifically more and stronger
earthquakes and more extreme weather events.

If you take any of what is written in the Bible seriously, as probably stories
that were passed down through oral tradition, then the stories of “the Flood”
and earthquakes and all make sense.

Start from when Toba blew and we got the Bottleneck of human population down to
10,000 human souls or 1000 breeding pairs 70,000 years ago. They probably were
going through a very similar period to what we have now and leading into an Ice
Age. Probably got lots of rain and flooding. Of course the survivors were in
an equatorial location and so did not get iced over, but the legends could have
been passed on through oral tradition. Or perhaps it was a later similar event
but which did not cause a supervolcanic eruption. The earth has gone through
“mini” ice ages since then which could be smaller versions of the same

Here is a timeline from 100,000 years ago to present:

Years Before Present (B.P.)

Note: The Last Ice Age cycle lasted from roughly 60,000 to 20,000 years before
present, with Ice Age cycles occurring since 2.6 Million years ago to the
present. Ice Age Timeline

Human population has been estimated to have been around five million people
10,000 years ago. Recent studies from the Center for Genome Research and others
such as Ambrose suggest a small group of perhaps 10,000 people could have left
Africa between 50-100,000 years ago and populated the entire planet.
10,000 BP Beginning of Holocene. Large mammals including saber-toothed cats,
mammoths, and mastodons become extinct. Neolithic period with beginning of
agriculture and end of Ice Ages.

An estimated 5 million Homo sapiens inhabit planet Earth.
Image of Woolly Mammoth from Tulane University Museum of Natural History
20,000 BP Abrupt cooling about 15,000 years ago gives way to abrupt warming at
the end of the Younger Dryas period some 11,600 years ago, with a climatic
ripple effect impacting habitats around the world.

Gray wolves in East Asia become domesticated about 15,000 years ago, with all
modern dogs evolving from them. (Savolainen, Leonard, 2002).

20,000 years ago, global mean temperature 4 degrees C cooler than today,
although the North Atlantic was 14 degrees C cooler. Lower sea level allows
large-scale migrations of people into the Americas.
30,000 BP Homo sapiens thrive in cold European climate. Homo neanderthalensis
become extinct, with last fossil evidence dated 28,000 years ago in Portugal.
40,000 BP Plethora of stone and bone tools along with cave paintings and other
artwork in Europe. Homo sapiens use bone, ivory, antlers, and shells to make
tools while Neandertals only use stone to make tools. (Niewohner, 2003)

Image of early European Art Rock.
50,000 BP Cave dwellers leave evidence of seeds of wild dates and nuts including
chestnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, and acorns in Shanidar Cave of Northern Iraq.
Many large megafauna in Australia including large kangaroos, wombats and
emu-like ducks, become extinct, possibly due to human hunting and use of fire.
(Miller, 1999)
60,000 BP Homo sapiens enter Australia and begin to use fire, altering the
existing flora and fauna. (Pyne, 1991 )
During warming period (55-45K BP) mammoths roam central Sweden.
70,000 BP
Recent discoveries in caves along South African coast dating to 70,000 years
before present suggest people using bone tools and living on fish and mammals in
the region. (Henshilwood, 2002 )
Major eruption of Mount Toba 73,000 years ago in modern day Sumatra impacts
global climate system. (Rampino, 2000).
Image of artifacts by Chris Henshilwood

80,000 BP
90,000 BP
100,000 BP Diet of Homo sapiens includes fish and seafoods as last Ice Age
impacts Northern Hemisphere. Some scientists theorize that fish oil was key to
the growth of the brain of Homo sapiens Evidence suggests that no other hominids
such as Neanderthals ate fish. (See Broadhurst, 2001) Neandertals well
established in Europe since at least 300,000 years before present.

Also see: What is Variability? and Overview of Climate Processes.

Anyhow, remains to be seen of course whether this particular event is big enough
to bring a Supervolcano roaring into the picture, but even lesser chages of this
type can bring on an Ice Age, and the big weather events and earthquakes that
likely preceed such an Ice Age.


I’m sure the real amount of radiactive waste flowing into the ocean from
Fuk-U-shima is FAR greater than the “Authorities” are admitting to. However,
while this is certainly poisoning the fisherie and Japanese Agriculture (not to
mention our own CA agriculture, although to a much lower level of course), I
don’t think it would play a significant role in heating up the ocean. Its a
drop in a very big bucket on a Heat level.The Ocean is such a huge mass with high specific heat tht only something much
bigger and hotter could effectively heat it up. What is bigger and hotter than
the Ocean? The molten rock that makes up the mantle of the earth. If it gets
significantly hotter, the Oceans will get significantly hotter, they sit right
on top of it. The Ocean isn’t ever going to heat up enough to make the molten
rock under it hotter, but the rock can eaily make the Oceans hotter. Same thing
with atmospheric warming. The Atmosphere doesn’t have high enough specific heat
to heat the Oceans, but the Oceans do have plenty to heat the atmosphere.
However, the water cycle of evaporation and condensation keeps it relatively
steady state until you get a lot of cloud cover, forcing the albedo effect at
the surface which lowers the input of solar energy onto the earth surface. That
then creates a lot more snowfall than raifall, building up glaciers and
spreading them southward from the poles. When the earth core cools enough to
stop putting so much water vapor up into the atmosphere, the sun gradually melts
the glaciers and they recede. Makes sense to me anyhow.


As you guys know, I have been researching various effects of what I believe is Core Heating of the Earth, which manifests itself both geologically in terms of more tectonic and volcanic activity, and in the climate as more powerful and destructive weather systems like Irene and the recent Tornados, one of which levelled most of Joplin, MO. and another whole bunch which cruised through Arkansas and Oklahoma a couple of months back.

I put up previously a few charts which show the increase in Heat Content of the Oceans over the last decade, roughly an order of magnitude increase from 10E22 Joules to 10E23 Joules.  This is matched by a similar increase in Frequency and Number of Earthquakes measuring above 5 on the Richter Scale, each of which dumps core earth  energy into the oceans when released in a quake or through vulcanism.

Anyhow, Irene got me back to doing some more research, and while on the NOAA Images lab page, I encountered a video about ocean acidification, which also is steadily increasing, which means decreasing in pH as the acidity scale is measured.  Here is a chart for the last 20 years showing the steady decline in pH of the world’s Oceans:

Starting from 1989, the average pH has dropped from 8.115 to about 8.08, a decrease of  .035 over 20 years.  If the trend continues, to bring the oceans down to a pH around 7.9 or so where coral reefs could no longer form, it probably takes about 60-80 years.  Not an immediate worry here, assuming the trend continues in this manner.  However, it could accelerate if the warming trend in the oceans continues here, which allows more CO2 to dissolve in the oceans from the atmosphere.  Besides the CO2, there is also the possibility of increasing sulfur emissions from subsea volcanoes.

Is there anything we can do about this? Not a damn thing really, the main question is whether the warming trend in the Oceans continues for this length of time.  If it has to do with passing through the Galactic Ecliptic, then hopefully we will begin to see a slowing of the Ocean Warming trend around 20-50 years down the line here.  On the other hand, we may get an effect where a lot of methane is released by clathrates over this time period, which will insulate the planet (greenhouse style) and continue the warming process much longer.

All in all, I would say we are moving in the direction of an ELE here, but it probably will take a while to play itself out unless we hurry it along with some man made tomfoolery.  Some Homo Sapiens may be able to avoid the ELE, because even if all the shell based ocean life is destroyed, unless the phytoplankton goes with it there should be some animal species that survive both in the oceans and on land.

One thing is for certain here, life is going to be much different for our grandchildren 100 years from now.


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