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Published on the Doomstead Diner on November 1, 2015


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As each day and week goes by and the wave after wave of refugees keeps on streaming toward the Promised Lands of Germany & Sweden, it is becoming ever more clear that the Clowns in Brussels have no plan for handling this, and there likely is no plan that can, at least not one that meets the Humanitarian Ideals of the modern Westerner.

Why not?  Because the planet is in an extreme case of Overshoot with respect to the population of Homo Saps, and so that population has to shrink.  It is far too late even if it was ever possible to resolve the problem of overshoot through Family Planning, Birth Control and so forth, which are also conceits of modernity.  The fact the Chinese 1 Child Policy failed so miserably is testimony to the futility of trying to keep the population reigned in via this method.

If you can't keep the population in check by decreasing the Birth Rate, the only other way is on the other side of the Life Equation, by an increase in the Death Rate.  So it is inevitable that the Death Rate is going to increase, the only questions are: How will it increase, Where will it occur and Who will be the first to go to the Great Beyond?

In Europe, the origination point for what we call modernity today, there is a conflict between the Humanitarian Ideal of providing shelter and succor for the masses already displaced by climate change and war, and the fact they already themselves are in a situation of overshoot, although not as bad as the folks fleeing MENA nations.  Their economies are all tanking on their own, with massive youth unemployment and political instability all over the continent. few northern European countries like Germany and Sweden still seem flush enough to be able to afford taking in a few 10s of thousands of refugees, but those are not the kind of numbers we are talking about here.  We're talking 100s of thousands already on the move, and this number is likely to soar into the millions as time goes by here, at least if they don't die before they can get on the move.  Saudi Arabia by itself has 30M people, and probably cannot support more than 1M of them, if that.

The proximal cause for this mass migration doesn't appear to be starvation, it appears to be ongoing warfare and poverty.  That poverty though is the result of decreasing amounts of exportable Oil, and factions are fighting over who gets what is left of this shrinking pie.  The most powerful faction gets not most of it but ALL of it, and the weaker factions have no access to money to buy food, even if there still is some being shipped in there.  They can't even scratch out a living as poor subsistence farmers anymore, because years of drought and soil depletion have left many towns inhabited since Biblical times now uninhabited.  At first they moved into the larger cities, but of course there was no better opportunities there, and so they now are on the move to try to make it to Germany before they die where they are.

The migration route is long and dangerous on its own, even in good weather.  The boats making the water crossings are flimsy and overloaded as the Human Traffickers try to make as much money as they can off the misery.  On the overland portions of the journey, they have numerous borders to cross on the way to Germany or Sweden.  The countries in the Balkans in their path like Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary etc don't want them there and can't afford to feed and house them while they make the transit either, so the ones that are still making it through are sleeping "in the rough", often out of doors without even a tent of their own.  These are not Backpackers with full gear for a hike out in the wilderness.  If you look at the masses of people walking to the border crossings, many just have the clothes on their backs, not even a suitcase.

Now, in warm weather, this is somewhat doable, although you still have to be pretty hardy for it.  If you ever slept on hard ground without even a sleeping pad you know what I mean.  However, once winter sets in or even late fall as you move north and also travel through mountainous areas (like the Balkans), night time temps can fall below freezing quite often.  You can't last long in this type of weather without real good winter gear.  Being an Alaskan now, I have winter gear out the wazoo and can dress for success for winter temps down to 40 Below if necessary, but these folks don't even have good winter jackets or gloves.  You don't need such things down in MENA, and I doubt there is anywhere they could buy them even if they have the money.  It would have to be ordered online, and I'm not sure FedEx is delivering in Syria and Afghanistan when it Absolutely, Positively has to get there Overnight before you make your Bugout for Sweden.  LOL.

So, if these migrants currently on the road numbering in the 100s of thousands distributed all along the route are not to begin FREEZING TO DEATH, they are going to need absolute MINIMUM tents provided and sleeping bags.  Who is going to put up these Tent Cities, where along the routes, how will Sanitation be provided, where will the Food and Water come from, who will pay for all of this?  Frankly, even with a decent tent and sleeping bag, if the days are cold as well while you are standing in lines waiting to cross borders, hypothermia can set in there also without decent winter gear on, and I doubt they will all be provided with Parkas, Balaclavas, Mittens, Ski Pants, long underwear, polypropylene socks, insulated boots etc. line, barring some complete MIRACLE, there are going to be a lot of DEAD PEOPLE on the Balkan Refugee Highway this year, although the amount of information that actually gets dispersed by the MSM is probably going to be quite small.  Pics of Frozen to Death Infants will not play well for TPTB on a competence level, although why anyone might think they are competent anymore is hard to fathom anyhow.  The Drowned to Death Infants already have them in trouble.

It's not just on the Refugee Highway you have a problem either, you have nearly as big a problem with the early arrivals who actually made it THROUGH to Germany and Sweden, because while they have set up some Refugee Tent Cities, in a Swedish Winter, a Tent is not going to be enough here.  It's already not enough, these encampments have been burning down, partially because you have locals unhappy about the arrival of these folks setting fire to them, but also just because the folks living in them start their own fires for cooking and to keep warm.  If you are going to house 10s if not 100s of 1000s of refugees, you're going to need to do a lot better than a few tents.  You will need a BIGGER BOAT.


Who is going to pay for this?  Food, Sanitation, HEAT FUEL for tents in the winter in Sweden?  That by itself will take more than a few cannisters of Propane.

They obviously at this point don't even have TIME to put up any better housing than Army Tents, you're talking only a couple of weeks more before pretty much full on Winter Weather hits in the northern latitudes.  Of course it will be a good deal colder in Jan-Feb, and then if you are still stuck in the Mountains, colder still.  So at this point, a high Death Toll amongst the refugees seems just about unavoidable. term, the situation is no better.  How do you afford to put up something better than Tent Cities even if you work all through next spring and summer to do it?  Where will you build these housing developments, and how will mostly destitute refugees pay the rent?  Even if they HAD some money when they left Syria, by the time they finished the journey with the bribes and rip-offs along the way, they have pretty much shot their wad at that point.

So the alternative here is to try to STEM THE TIDE, and somehow STOP or at least slow down this Tsunami of Refugees before it revs up again next year when the weather improves in the Spring.  How do you pull off that stunt?

One idea is to hand over a few $Billion$ to Turks and Croatians for THEM to set up Refugee Camps!  Except, even if you pay them to do this, first off most of the money will go into some Oligarch's Swiss Bank Account, and second the current local population doesn't much fancy having a bunch of destitute people living in tents nearby.  So conflicts develop, at which point it starts costing Da Goobermint more money than they are getting pitched at them to handle the problem.  This is one problem you CAN'T handle just by throwing a lot of money at it.

This is not a new problem in Europe, it happened before, though not to this scale or at such speed because the global population was not so large back in the 1800s when the Ruskies began their Pogroms, driving the Jewish Population out of Mother Russia.

The term "pogrom" in the meaning of large-scale, targeted, and repeated anti-Jewish rioting, saw its first use in the 19th century, in reference to the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire. Pogroms began occurring after the Russian Empire, which previously had very few Jews, acquired territories with large Jewish populations during 1791-1835. These territories were designated "the Pale of Settlement" by the Russian government, within which Jews were reluctantly permitted to live, and it was within them that the pogroms largely took place. Most Jews were forbidden from moving to other parts of the Empire, unless they converted to Orthodox Christianity.

For those Jews not killed on the spot there in those Pogroms, they had to engage in a Mass Migration, which was chronicled first on stage and then on film in "A Fiddler on the Roof".

It is estimated that some 2M Jews migrated out of Mother Russia in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  A few made it as far as Britain and the FSoA, but many more settled on the Migration Route, in Poland and in Germany.  They congregated in impoverished neighborhoods, like the Warsaw Ghetto.

In the Warsaw ghetto, Jewish children with bowls of soup. Warsaw, Poland, ca. 1940.

We all know what happened after that of course.  When the Great Depression hit, the impoverished Jews were scapegoated as the cause of all the problems.  This time, when Uncle Adolf and the Nazis came to power, his solution was not to drive the Jews out of the country.  He had the FINAL SOLUTION to the problem.

This time around, it's not impoverished Jews being forced to migrate and ending up as impoverished Ghetto residents in Europe, it is impoverished Muslims ending up as Refugee Camp residents, for the time being anyhow.  But as the numbers swell and more arrive, the capacity to keep absorbing the influx begins to vanish.  For all but a few of the "richer" Northern European countries like Germany and Sweden, the capacity has already vanished.  Greece has 50% Youth Unemployment and is an economic basket case even without the 1000s of Syrians arriving each day on the shores of Kos and Lesbos.

The Clowns in Brussels want to assign the various members of the EU some target number of refugees to accept, to total up to something like 120K.  They can't even agree on this, and that number is a drop in the bucket.  There are ALREADY more on the move than that, and the number is only likely to get larger here as time goes by.

Is anybody setting up official Hitler-style Death Camps yet?  Not as far as we know, but the Refugee Camps that are being set up are already Unofficial Death Camps.  The living conditions are atrocious, they are overcrowded and disease will spread/is spreading  inside them.  In all likelihood the food supply reaching many of these encampents is probably pretty thin, and as winter sets in, the ability to heat the tents is also likely circumscribed by lack of fuel.  You don't NEED Zyclon-B produced by IG Farben here to do the Extermination Job this time, Mother Nature will do the job just fine.  What you will need are some Caterpillar Backhoes and Daiwoo Front End Loaders, because you are going to need to dig some mighty big mass graves.  You are going to have DEAD PEOPLE by the truckload here to dispose of.

Essentially what you have here is a World of Death Camps. Not in one spot like Germany back in the 1940s, but spread all over the world on the Migration routes between MENA and Europe, SE Asia and Australia and South America and North America.  There are millions on the move already here in all these locations, and more on the way.

Is there any way to stop this migration?  No, not really, not until it becomes more dangerous to undertake the journey than to stay where you are.  Currently, dangerous as such a journey is, it is more dangerous to stay in the war zones and drought ravaged neighborhoods than to roll the dice in a Refugee Camp.  Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones to make it through to the Promised Land.  At least until the Promised Land itself is in similar condition, at which point those places turn into similar war zones as the one you are trying to leave.

Europe will be under continuing and escalating Refugee Migration problems for so long as Europe appears to be a better and safer place to live than the place you are trying to exit stage left from.  The efforts to stem the tide will mostly fail, and then there will be escalating local violence.  This will occur on the southern border of the FSoA also, and in Oz as well.  Electrified Fences and more Patrol Boats may slow this a bit for a while, but eventually the defenses fail, as they did for the Roman Empire, as Ugo Bardi has chronicled in numerous articles.

There is a Human Tsunami building here, and this is Not the End.  It is not even the Beginning of the End.  It is just the End of the Beginning.  Thank you, Winston Churchill.

An alternative view: lest we forget on Remembrance Sunday.

Off the keyboard of John Ward

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Published on The Slog onNovember 9, 2014


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An alternative view: lest we forget on Remembrance Sunday.

You can persuade me of many things. But not that my Dad giving up three years of his life was worth it….or made any difference to anything

Last night marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today is the 96th anniversary of the end of the First World War. The Wall existed in the first place because Soviet fascism knew no other way to keep its captives inside the cage. It was also a direct result of the collapse of Germany in 1945. Idiot holocaust denial claptrap about numbers aside, Hitler came to power on the back of an inflationary depression for which the Jews were largely blamed…and in which the currency was referred to as Jüdenkonfetti. My father read Mein Kampf in 1937, and immediately volunteered for the RAF. He was right wing, but an idealist with insight who knew the Nazis were coming.

You may think all these somewhat random observations, but in fact they are closely interlinked. What we should Remember on the Remembrance Sunday is just how we much can learn from the past…and just how little changes in the future if we don’t learn from the past. You may need to read that twice or more often. Then continue as normal.

The First World War began in August 1914 because a collection of six treaties had been signed, a very obscure radical had assassinated a fairly obscure Archduke, and two sides of the same Royal family were playing a game called Battleships. Somewhere between 8 and 10 million people died as a result. For nothing. You can be certain it was for nothing, because Germany remained bitter about losing, and that too was a major factor in Hitler’s rise to power. The Arab nations who fought against the Turks were cheated out of their gains – a spectre still with us today – and Hungary lost two thirds of its territory simply because it was part of the losing Hapsburg dynasty’s empire.

The Second World War began on September 3rd 1939. Billed as a fight to eleminate fascism, it did this by taking the most cruel fascist regime in history, the USSR, to its bosom after 1941. In fact, the war was fought against Germany and Japan to protect three Empires: the British, American, and Russian. Thirty years on, weapons had become more efficient, and the idea of bombing folks was considerably more in vogue….as indeed it still is today. So this time, 48 million people died. For nothing. You can be certain it was for nothing, for the following reasons:

1. The two main winners claimed it as a victory for liberty and democracy. 70 years on, both countries are bankrupt, and heading pell-mell towards corporacratic dictatorship. Viciously brutal religious fascists are murdering infidels on an industrial scale. The Special Relationships solution to this is….to bomb folks. In Vietnam, the solution was…to bomb Cambodia. In Iraq, the solution was to bomb Baghdad. Some bombing of Syria is already taking place.

2. The third winning combatant no longer exists, having collapsed under the weight of its own repression. It has been replaced by a vaguely official mafia of moguls, and the condition of the average Russian citizen is as bad as ever.

3. The alleged main loser was divided into two countries, and given billions in Marshall Aid. 70 years on, it is the dominating member of a European Union who size and illberal tendencies would’ve pleased Adolf Hitler no end. In 2014, a United Germany has meted out the precise same brainless austerity it last donated to Greece in 1944.

4. The Grossdeutschland created by Hitler went for Lebensraum in the East. After the fall of the USSR, the EU did precisely the same thing, and it has had exactly the same effect on Russia’s dictator as it had on Stalin: an uneasiness and new invasions to deter the spread of Brussels am Berlin. In turn, just as Hitler found the Eastern States truculent and passionately nationalist, so to are the newer EU members refusing to do the Superstate’s bidding.

5. Today, the vast majority of “thinking progressives” vilify Israel. Anti-semitism in central, east and south eastern Europe is as nastily casual as it ever was. Israel hasn’t covered itself in glory, but 75 years after the Iranian Ba’ath Party held secret meetings with SS representatives – following which a letter bulging with fulsome praise for annihilation plans for the Jews was dispatched to the Reichschancellery – Iraelis still find themselves surrounded by hostile Arabs as bitter as ever about the way they were cheated in 1919, 1926, and 1947.

Nearly 60 million dead. For nothing. History has carried on into a future which George Orwell foresaw as early as 1948.

After the War in Britain, Labour swept to power on a mood of radical change and forward to a better, classless future for all. Today, the same snotnosed, superior and patronising socio-educational elite that drove pre-Empire loyalist Toryism is in control…and more powerful than ever, comprising as it does the great majority of both Coalition and Shadow Cabinets.

“Remember the glorious dead” say these same idiots – many of whose grandparents profiteered in both Wars. There is no glory in any death that achieves nothing.

On Remembrance Sunday, this is what we should remember:

War solves nothing and changes precious little. And ideologies reverse progress.

The Myth of Russian Aggression

Off the keyboard of Anthony Cartalucci

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Published on Land Destroyer on August 3, 2014 US-Military-Bases-Worldwide-1-

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August 3, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – The term “Russian aggression” has been inundating headlines across the Western media and even graces the title of a US Senate bill introduce this year – S.2277 – Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014. But what “aggression” is the West referring to? A cursory look at Russian history over the past 500 years compared to say, Britain, France, or even America and its “Manifest Destiny,” portrays Russia as a nation preoccupied within and along its borders, not in hegemonic, global expansion. The idea of far-flung former colonies is one unique to the British, French, Dutch, and Spanish. Even today geopolitical, socioeconomic, and even outright military intervention in these former colonies is exclusively the pursuit of the United States and Europe.

The United States alone has hundreds of military bases around the world, has been permanently occupying Germany and Japan for a half century, Afghanistan for over a decade, and had invaded and occupied Iraq for nearly as long.

“Russian Aggression” is a Marketing Gimmick 

Canadian PM Stephan Harper’s “op-ed” in the Globe and Mail titled, “Our duty is to stand firm in the face of Russian aggression,” fallaciously states:

The world is saddened and rightfully outraged by images of the charred remnants of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, and by the loss of almost 300 people from 11 countries, strewn across fields in eastern Ukraine. While the grim work of identifying victims’ remains and tracking down the perpetrators of this appalling crime is just beginning, the world can be certain of one thing: There can be no weakening of our resolve to punish the Putin regime for threatening the peace and security of eastern and central Europe.

Harper’s disingenuous attempt to link Russia to the MH17 disaster reveals the truth behind “Russian aggression,” a marketing campaign implemented by the West to undermine an obstruction to its very real, very demonstrable global aggression. The fact that Harper presides over the nation of Canada, which is in no way threatened by “Russian aggression” real or imagined, further exposes the disingenuous nature of the narrative peddled by the West.

Aggressors Playing the Victim – From Hitler to NATO

From Libya, to Mali, to Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, and beyond – the West has engaged in direct and indirect geopolitical meddling and manipulation through various forms of force including covert military and intelligence operations to proxy terrorism, and even outright direct military intervention. As the West nears the boundaries of nations capable of defending themselves and a defense is in fact mounted, pundits and politicians have begun framing it as “aggression.” The impediment of Western expansion across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America is framed as “aggression” just as Adolf Hitler did in regards to nations chaffing against expanding Nazism during the 1930’s.

Ultimately, legitimate claims of “aggression” and “expansionism” could easily be enumerated. A map for instance, of Europe over the past several decades showing the expansion of Russian territory would be such an indicator. However, such a map instead shows precisely the opposite – with NATO visibly encroaching upon Russia’s very borders behind the overt pretense of “a Europe whole and free.”

For pundits and politicians who respond that NATO’s expansion was not executed through “aggression,” but rather through the voluntary will and aspirations of the people within these new NATO members, the US itself admits this isn’t the case. So-called “color revolutions” from Serbia, to Georgia, to Ukraine itself have been engineered, funded, and executed by the US and other members of NATO to overthrow political orders and opposition fronts that oppose NATO, and to install political orders that embrace it – nothing less than what any empire throughout human history has done through viceroys and other forms of proxy imperial administration.

In fact, the Guardian would admit in its 2004 article, “US campaign behind the turmoil in Kiev,” that (emphasis added):

…while the gains of the orange-bedecked “chestnut revolution” are Ukraine’s, the campaign is an American creation, a sophisticated and brilliantly conceived exercise in western branding and mass marketing that, in four countries in four years, has been used to try to salvage rigged elections and topple unsavoury regimes. 

Funded and organised by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organisations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box. 

Richard Miles, the US ambassador in Belgrade, played a key role. And by last year, as US ambassador in Tbilisi, he repeated the trick in Georgia, coaching Mikhail Saakashvili in how to bring down Eduard Shevardnadze. 

Ten months after the success in Belgrade, the US ambassador in Minsk, Michael Kozak, a veteran of similar operations in central America, notably in Nicaragua, organised a near identical campaign to try to defeat the Belarus hardman, Alexander Lukashenko. 

That one failed. “There will be no Kostunica in Belarus,” the Belarus president declared, referring to the victory in Belgrade. 

But experience gained in Serbia, Georgia and Belarus has been invaluable in plotting to beat the regime of Leonid Kuchma in Kiev. 

The operation – engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience – is now so slick that the methods have matured into a template for winning other people’s elections.

In other words, from Belarus, to Georgia, to Ukraine, and Serbia, the US has been insidiously overthrowing governments not through outright military aggression, but through covert military, political, and intelligence operations aimed at manipulating elections and overrunning regimes that refuse to accept the subsequently skewed results. Surely, then, regimes resulting from such a practice are not then “voluntarily” joining NATO – and NATO is surely expanding itself through a campaign of insidious, violent, lawless subversion of sovereign nations, one at a time with Ukraine once again in its sights.

Nazis At the Gates (Again)   

The parallels between NATO and Nazi Germany are unfortunately more than merely academic. In Ukraine, the current regime in Kiev backed by NATO and the European Union are quite literally Nazis. From the “Fatherland Party” to the overtly Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party and their various militant wings including the now notorious Right Sector front, ultra-right fascism is once again the leading edge of expansionism into, not out of, Russian territory.

Current attempts by the West to portray Russia’s concern over Ukraine and the Nazi menace festering on their doorstep to Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s invasion of Poland aim to stir up anti-Communist, anti-Soviet fears and hysteria long programmed into the psyches of Western audiences – but incidentally provide a valuable historical parallel. While the invasion of Poland was a violation of Polish national sovereignty and an act of war – it was done to create a barrier between the Soviet Union and the rise of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. Such a barrier was arguably one of several factors that allowed the Soviets to mobilize a counteroffensive to Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of Russia, a counteroffensive that ultimately turned the tide against Hitler and led to the downfall of fascism in Europe.

Besides cause and effect, there are few other similarities between Stalin’s invasion of Poland and the modern day Russian Federation’s political support of eastern Ukrainians who have been fighting the regime in Kiev for months with increasing success. Besides the same variety of dubious accounts the West fabricated against nations like Iraq, Libya, and Syria as a pretext for war, little in terms of evidence has been produced by Washington, London, or Brussels to affirm accusations that Russia is “invading” eastern Ukraine. Russia has instead chosen restraint despite multiple attempts by the West to bait it into overt military intervention in Ukraine – and in this restraint, has secured a growing global consensus long driven weary by the West’s attempts to dress up its own global aggression and expansionism as “democracy promotion” and “humanitarian interventions.”

West Isolating Itself with Sanctions Against Russia

Off the keyboard of Anthony Cartalucci

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Published on Land Destroyer on July 30, 2014


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July 30, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Citing the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 as impetus, US President Barack Obama announced stronger sanctions against Russia leveled by both the US and EU. This comes after previous sanctions implemented before the downing of MH17 failed to garner support across Europe, leaving the US measures politically and economically impotent. In the wake of American sanctions, pundits, politicians, and corporate-lobbyists decried Europe’s desire to continue doing business with Russia, claiming US sanctions alone would only hurt US corporations leaving a void gladly filled by Europe and others. 

MH17 – The Convenient Impetus 

With the “serendipitous” downing of MH17, this geopolitical calculus changed abruptly, and US President Barack Obama, even while admitting investigations were ongoing, invoked the tragedy to justify both the pressure put on Europe to finally impose stronger sanctions against Russia, but also as a means to sell the decision to a public targeted by weeks of baseless anti-Russian propaganda 

Clearly MH17 is being exploited, and especially so since investigations are still under way and no conclusions – or even preliminary results – have been announced. At face value, the West exposes itself as shameless opportunists leveraging human misery to advance their geopolitical ambitions. But Washington, London, and Brussels’ actions also raise serious suspicion over their possible role in the downing of the aircraft. While evidence is forthcoming, a motive for the West to have shot the aircraft down and blame Russia has been demonstrably established. 

Despite the “convenience” of the MH17 tragedy and the expediency with which the West has exploited it, this latest attempt to ram through ineffectual sanctions indicate increased desperation from Washington, London, and Brussels, not a renewed initiative in Ukraine, or against Russia as a whole. 

Sanctions Don’t Work

Sanctions haven’t worked against nations many times smaller and economically weaker than Russia, and they won’t work against Russia. In fact, the sanctions will instead motivate Moscow to build stronger ties elsewhere, as well as become stronger internally. Many of the sanctions will not even bite for years to come – if ever. Europe was initially reluctant to level sanctions against Russia, not because of any particular affinity for Moscow, but because they would suffer economically as a result of implementing them. Western think-tanks bemoaned Europe’s insistence that the “pain” be shared equally – pain the sanctions were surely to cause all those who agreed to them. 

It took the shameless political exploitation of a tragedy to twist Europe’s collective arms into agreeing to the measures now being taken, measures that will immediately begin effecting European nations dependent on long-standing economic ties with Russia and ties that cannot be easily replaced.

Japan likewise, citing nothing other than a desire to “cooperate with G7,” issued new sanctions against Russia – Japan also being a nation that cannot afford narrowing prospects for its declining economy.

ITAR-TASS News Agency in an article titled, “Japan prepares to impose new sanctions on Russia,” stated:

“Japanese government is preparing to impose new sanctions on Russia, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference on Wednesday.

“We are preparing to take additional measures, including freezing of bank accounts. We intend to give a proper response with an emphasis on co-operation with G7 partners,” Suga said.

Russia responded by pointing out Japan’s inability to establish independent foreign policy of its own and instead pursue self-destructive edicts dictated by Washington. Indeed, what the West is doing is isolating itself from a growing mulipolar world that refuses to recognize or remain beholden to a waning unipolar international order centered around Wall Street and London. While the US, EU, and Japan constitute immense economies, technology and progress elsewhere has led to emerging economies that have the potential to eclipse them all. In China alone, Russia has been looking to hedge economic risk by developing ties with the growing nation.

Despite attempts to disrupt growing Russian-Chinese relations through terrorism and political subversion, sanctions against Russia and continued belligerence as part of the West’s “pivot to Asia” serve only to drive these two emerging powers closer together.

The Myth of Ukrainian Self-Determination 

In addition to citing MH17 as grounds for leveling new sanctions, Obama also claimed that Ukraine had a right to determine its own destiny and therefore continued interference from Russia could not be tolerated. This betrays the true genesis of the current Ukrainian conflict. The current regime occupying Kiev was installed by NATO to serve EU interests – with US Senator John McCain whose National Endowment for Democracy (NED) subsidiary, the International Republican Institute (IRI) funded the various fronts that led and supported the 2013-2014 “Euromaidan” mobs, literally taking to the stage during the protests to offer support for the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party in Kiev

What the US means to say is Russia’s interference with NATO’s plans to subvert, overthrow, and replace political orders along Russia’s borders with belligerent NATO proxies will not be tolerated – a similar scenario that played out along Russia’s borders when Adolf Hitler’s Nazis likewise carried out a regional campaign of covert and outright military aggression ultimately aimed at Moscow itself.    

Rush to War? 

Provocations against Russia are increasing, as is the rhetoric to attempt to sell some sort of wider confrontation between NATO and Russia. Unfortunately for the West, sanctions, grisly disasters they “serendipitously” stood to benefit from but can’t, and even attempting to wind up their respective populations for a military confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia appear only as “bad, worse, and the worst” of all possible options. 
Analysts fear growing desperation from the West who can neither move forward, nor retreat, will resort to increasingly desperate and destructive tactics to change the tide in Ukraine, and against Russia and the growing multipolar order it represents. But when sanctions and what appears to have been a false flag attack have failed utterly, what is left besides war? However, even war is an untenable prospect for the West – that while feasible and likely to catch most off guard as an opinion not considered to be on the table – it is a prospect that could initially succeed but ultimately backfire just as Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union did during World War II. 

But when it’s not the money or the blood of the special interests driving this confrontation with Russia being spent, what does the West have to lose by trying?  Russia will have to continue being smart, patient, prudent, and let the West’s ill-intents destroy itself. No matter how weak or desperate the West may appear throughout was appears to be irreversible decline, the one mistake to be made would be underestimating what Washington, London, and Brussels could do in their death throes. From theaters along Russia’s immediate peripheries, to interests across the Middle East and North Africa – Syria included – maximum vigilance is required to guard against the vindictive spite of an antiquated, dying international order.

Ukraine Nazi Deja Vu

Off the microphone of RE

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Aired on the Doomstead Diner on May 13, 2014


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…In the doomosphere, every once in a while a story comes up for the Doomer which is the Gift that Keeps on Giving. Ukraine/Russia/NATO and impending WWIII is just such a story. HTF can you talk about anything else with shit like this going down right in the heart of industrial civilization?

We are not talking a few Towel Heads down in Syria going Mano-a-Mano here, we’re talking a European country wedged smack between Russia and Germany. Remember them? They went Mano-a-Mano in WWII as you should recall, unless you were brain dead in history class and missed about 30 years worth of WWII movies from Hollywood.

In that era, the Ukrainian Nazis are reputed to have been actually WORSE and more virulent than the Kraut Nazis, which may or may not be true but certainly would be no surprise if it was true.

So now, with a resurgence of the same old problems of credit and energy distribution to run an industrial society back on the table, the Ugly Nazi Head is once again back out there in the Newz regarding Ukraine, with the interesting development that in this case the FSoA is backing the Nazis!…

For the rest, LISTEN TO THE RANT!


Estrogen Testosterone Soup

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Published on The Butterchurn on January 13, 2014


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Ingredients only a cauldron can hold?

I’m writing to respond to a conversation/borderline dispute that is going on over at The Doomstead Diner. The discussion of the term, “Feminazi”

Many opinions have been spouted over at The DD about the usage of this term. I’ve skimmed over a few. I’ve written my own response with minimal reading of others opinions, because I wanted to make sure that my own opinion of the word shined through my writing, without the bias of having read the opinion of others’ responses.

First of all, through my understanding, the word “Feminazi” is a combination of the words “feminist” and “Nazi.” BOTH of these words are touchy topics to write about. Feminism has many facets. I have not studied much about the liberation of Women. Perhaps that is something that I SHOULD know more about as a woman. I should know how I’m able to be free to have the same rights as the male species. I should know more about the struggles of women in the past. I should, but I don’t. I believe that this may be explained, minimally, by the fact that I have never had to feel repressed, looked down upon, or downtrodden just because I’m a female. I have not felt the need to take to the streets to fight for my right to be a person of equal rights. My life, at my age of 33, has not been affected by such matters.

The closest that I can relate to this issue is easily found through my experience with a hospital birth vs. a birth within a birthing center using a midwife. The hospital’s treatment toward me, their “customer” opened my eyes to how sad it is that the system fails us (women) when it comes to the birthing process.

I made a fleeting comment to the gallant Surly, for him not to be “butt hurt” about a drawing that I sketched out while snickering about dick and ball jokes written all in fun by the strong population of male form members at The Diner. I enjoy crude humor. Dick and ball jokes? Laughable. Most of the time I can stomach it: jokes about spunk? Nope…I’m outta that conversation, thank you. I find myself able to overlook circumstances in which men make jokes about women. It’s easy to feed those jokes backward into a reverse pattern, but why? Overall, this is something that the wrong type of feminist is unable to overlook, IMO.

There are three types of feminists that I have separated in my mind.

Feminist Type A: Has studied the journey that women have been on over the centuries. Knows the history of repression that females have fought through in the past. This feminist fights for, and will continue to fight for, the right for Women and Men to be treated equally, no matter the circumstance. Can accept and defend against sexually racist statements without getting too defensive or angry.

Feminst Type B: Has all of the abilities and knowledge of Feminist Type A, yet is unable to laugh at jokes poking fun at their specific internal reproductive organs. Takes offense easily to PMS jokes, but can throw backlash out in the form of television remote handling and other male centered comebacks. Type B is one sided. Females can poke fun at males: OKAY! Males poking fun at females? NOT okay. Not okay, indeed.

Feminist Type C: Has a distrust and overall dislike for the male species. Most of the time, this form of Feminist gets easily offended and borderline angry when a man makes a comment about a woman. Often, their understanding of said comment is twisted out of proportion.

Through the interaction with the men I’ve had in my life (friends, mostly), I’ve come to understand that most men don’t have a problem making jokes about body parts. After all, men were all, at one time, boys. I don’t have much of a problem with that myself. Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. We are different and unique. We each fill a position in the human population necessary to continue said population. Joke as we might about PMS and high testosterone levels…we are what we are.

Mix in the fact that we all also have our own belief systems and personalities, and you’ve got a complicated mixture, for sure. Overall, we are each our own. Sometimes we’ll step on each others toes. Sometimes a male might say something that can push the wrong button in a female. Vice Versa. But whoa…swirl the testosterone and estrogen hormones into the wrong mix, at the wrong speed, or at the wrong time, and you’ve got an INSTA BATTLE soup de jour. Might as well throw your soup into a blender.

Some male and female ingredients aren’t going to taste well together. Period. (no pun intended) I don’t see much reason in attempting to make all of the worlds spices compliment each other. There are far too many psychological, environmental (and otherwise) personality traits involved with simply being human. Breaking ourselves down into male vs. female without considering personality will instantly set you up for an argument. I write this to explain: just because I’m a female doesn’t mean that I’ll always take the side of a feminist response to an argument.

We are creatures of not only our sexuality, but also of our past, our environments, our upbringing, our experiences. Simply put: Men, Women…respect the ingredients mixed into the soup. Communicate your feelings and thoughts on how to make the soup be more palatable for conversation. Tell someone when you think they’ve poisoned the soup. Wait for the soup to cool off. Try not to stir the pot too much.

The short version to understanding my thoughts:

1.Telling me I can’t do something you can because I have different reproductive organs: NOT okay. Okay, I can’t ejaculate or pee standing up (not gracefully, anyway) …but otherwise…not okay ;)

2.Believing that you are more of a person than I am because we carry different body parts: NOT okay.

3.Believing that you are owed special treatment as a Woman because of the Women’s Suffrage of our past is…well…kinda stupid. Get with the times. I’m sure our ancestors would tell you the same. Guess what? We’ve won most of the battle. Move on. Bask in the delight that we are living in different times, where the struggles and voices of the Women of our past have made great changes for us in the present. By dwelling on the past, you are allowing yourself to experience unnecessary distress. Be happy with the advancements.

#2 on that list brings in the term “Nazi.” From my understanding, The infamous Nazis of Hitler’s following believed in one master race. They believed that one skin color WAS more important than the other…to the extent that they believed in exterminating anyone who did not fit their belief of master race.

Overall, the term “Nazi” included into “Feminazi” is what makes it such a horrible term. It’s really a slang word that shouldn’t be used lightly. It deserves to be criticized. It should not be used loosely.
In my opinion, using a term like that loosely is like pissing on the graves of all of those who died because of one man’s psychotic and manipulative dictatorship. It is like shaking hands with all of those who were brainwashed into following such a belief. One master race. How ugly is that? Who was Hitler to decide the elite race? Who are feminazis to do the same?

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