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Published on The Doomstead Diner on May 22, 2016

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Who is RESPONSIBLE for the mess?

responsibilityWhen I cruise through the blogosphere reading of tales of woe in the environment, politics and economics, I often run across the sad conclusion from the authors how "we" failed to change our carbon burning  ways or elect the right leaders or correct the imbalances in our economic system.  The results "we" have reaped are "our" fault collectively.  "We" live in a Democracy right?  "We" could have voted different people into office!  "We" could have held them accountable!  When the financial crisis took off in 2008, "we" could have stopped the bailouts of the TBTF Banks.  "We" could take the power of money creation away from the Federal Reserve and create our own Public Banking system!

So many things we shoulda, coulda, woulda done, if only we weren't so stupid and so weak.  Of course at the same time the same writers will often speak about how INTELLIGENT we are as a species, and how this intelligence should have been used in a vast selection of suggestions on how it would have been better if we just did this or that, or elected this guy instead of that one, etc. The thing about dumping the blame on "us" is that once everyone is responsible, then nobody is responsible.  You can't blame our political leaders for fucking up, because we elected them!  You can't blame energy companies for destroying the environment, because we buy the gas from them!  You can't blame Da Federal Reserve for destroying the value of the dollar, because we gave them the power to print the money!  You can't blame capitalista pigmen for offshoring jobs, because we wanted cheap toys from Walmart at Low, Low Prices Every Day!

This meme is just GREAT for the managers, politicians and pigmen running the show, because once we are responsible for the mighty mess we are in here, they no longer are.  The managers of corporations who load them up with debt and then go bankrupt aren't held responsible for that either, no rather they get Golden Parachute severance packages and we allow that to happen!  Not only that, we are responsible for the fact law enforcement and the judiciary doesn't prosecute any of the banksters for fraud, because we either elect the judges ourselves or we elect the politicians who appoint the judges!

Democracy was the greatest thing the Elite ever invented for them, because much like the Corporation they no longer could be held personally responsible for any of the shit they rain down on the population at large, it all now becomes the collective responsibility of the people themselves!  However, along with the vote and collective responsibility, did the population at large ever get any real power over decision making at the top?  Of course not.

Were the Amerikan people ever consulted about sending troops into Vietnam?  Afghanistan? Iraq?  No, rather they get sold on these things via Bernays style propaganda, and even then you can have a majority of the population against such a war, but the folks in charge go right on bombing anyhow.  It doesn't matter if the population at large would prefer Single Payer Health Care, you get Obamacare instead because that is what the Insurance Companies want, and they make the campaign contributions to get the politicians elected. When were you ever given a choice insofar as who coins the money in the FSoA and what is used for money?  I'm no big fan of Gold as a basis for a monetary system, but at what point have you even had such a choice?  About the last time might have  been back in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed, so there is not a person alive over the age of 3 when that bill was passed in Congress.  The oldest Amerikan alive, Susanne Mushatt Jones died at the age of 116 last week.  There might be a 115 year old floating around somewhere though.  Even anyone who was alive at the time of voting age didn't have a choice on this, the Federal Reserve Act was passed after secret meetings on Jekyll Island by powerful politicians and pigmen, then passed quietly just before the Christmas Congressional break, with little in the way of knowledge about this in the public at large.  There sure was no referendum on it.

Once you have control over the system of credit and how that credit is sprinkled out, who gets voted into office doesn't matter worth a damn.  In the words of Woodrow Wilson, the POTUS who signed this act into law

Power in a society that is run on money does not come from the Ballot Box, who you vote for doesn't matter.  This has been well known by the Elite going back at least as far as the Amerikan Revolution itself, but in reality likely going back as far as the Babylonians and the first monetary systems.  In the words of Mayer Amchel Rothschild

Of course, most of the population at large doesn't grasp this principle, most people believe they have control through their votes at the ballot box.  That is the beauty of the "democratic" system as far as the Elite are concerned, and they most certainly work to keep the ignorance in place, along with the misplaced belief people have in voting as a means to make significant changes in governance.  That ignorance comes in two forms, first from the basic intelligence distribution in the population at large, and then is backed up by Bernays style prooaganda pitched out both by our educational institutions and by the mass media, both controlled by the Elite in the same way they control the political system, through the control of the money supply and its distribution.  Probably 50% of the population with IQ under 100 (by definition) couldn't understand this nonsense no matter how carefully you tried to explain it, in large part there also because it makes no sense to begin with.  Then the 50% of the population above the mean are generally sold on the ideas and buy them because their critical thinking skills are systematically destroyed.  You only end up with a tiny percentage of people who have any grasp of this stuff at all, and most of those people get coopted into the system and it benefits them.  Read that Nobel Laureate economistas like Paul Krugman who pitch out even bigger bullshit, but couched in nice Academic prose so it sounds like something only the smartest guys in the room can understand, so you should take their word for it because they are World Class Experts.  Why do really SMART Guys like this pitch out such utter and complete BULLSHIT? For the answer to that one, you have to go to Upton Sinclair.

You have an entire cadre of people up at the top of the pyramid who probably do have the brainpower to understand what is going on here, but their livelihoods depend on them NOT understanding it.  So they come up with ever more ridiculous justifications for ever more ridiculous concepts like Negative Interest Rates and Helicopter Money, and with a perfectly straight face SELL this nonsense across the Op-Ed pages of the NYT and the WSJ.  The Vox Populi then reads this nonsense, and what ensues after that in the Blogosphere is a complete cacophany of ideas on why the nonsense will or will not work.  By now, even pretty smart people are completely confused, and the 50% of dumb people out there aren't even reading it to begin with because they are more concerned with the color of Kim Kardashian's panties, so they got no clue whatsoever here.  All they got a clue on is the latest Sound Bite from some candidate who promises to "Make Amerika Great Again", usually by some Hocus Pocus involving Bombing Terrorists back to the Stone Age or preventing Transgender people from using the wrong bathroom.

Absolutely NOBODY up at the top EVER talks abot what the REAL problems are, Resource Depletion and Population Overshoot.  "Growth" is constantly put forth by EVERY candidate of EVERY political persuation Lefty or Righty as the ULTIMATE solution to all problems!  We can GROW our way out of debt!  The fact this is a finite planet with finite resources is never discussed anywhere except on fringe websites like this one.  The reality is we can only solve our problems if we STOP GROWING and START SHRINKING!

With that in mind, lets move off the topic of incredibly stupid and misconceived notions surrounding our political ande economic systems to the more fundamental problem of our ENVIRONMENT.  Are "WE" responsible for the massive trash heap that Planet Earth is turning into?  This is "our" fault?

I will start with myself here,, from right after I was born in 1957, about dead center of the Baby Boom in the aftermath of WWII. I was born in NY Shity, and from my earliest years I remember riding the Subways,  They were just part of my environment.  I had no clue whatsoever at the age of 3 or 4 all the energy it took to make those trains run.  Because I rode them though, does that make me RESPONSIBLE for this?  By any reasonable measure, no, I was not responsible, first off I had no clue as to how these things were powered and second even if I did know there was certainly nothing a 4 year old could have done to change this system.  It EXISTED, it had EVOLVED over time, and as a system there wasn't anything I could do about that. The same is true for the Carz, the Interstate Highways, the Suburban Sub-Devleopments, Malls and Ring Roads that developed as I was growing up.  Did I ever have a choice here in this?  For the first 18 years of my life I couldn't even VOTE, not that this franchise makes a damn bit of difference anyhow.  So HTF am I RESPONSIBLE for this mess?  I was born into it, and my imperative is just to SURVIVE.  So you make your compromises and do what is necessary to insure that survival.  To make it to work in many places I lived, I HAD to have a car!  No choice there at all in many locations I lived.  I had no ability or knowledge or money enough at the time to even TRY going out to "live off the land", I was born a City Boy and by the time I graduated college, nicely in debt also though not to the extent the current generation is on this level.

There WAS a brief rebellion against this form of living back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Anti-War and Back to the Land Movement of the period.  This brief fling at stopping the Juggernaut was powerfully surpressed and CRUSHED by TPTB and the Deep State, sending the MESSAGE to all that to rebel against the system was to DIE.  Do YOU remember the 4 Dead in O-H-I-O?  I do.

Off the topic now of how trapped we have all been economically and culturally, let us now move to the area of the Environment & Climate Change, where it has been known for just about my entire life that we have been in the process of destroying the environment we depend on.  Rachel Carson wrote her seminal book Silent Spring in 1962 when I was 5 years old.  The original Limits to Growth study was published in 1972, when I was 15.  In the intervening years, the stories of environmental degradation and damage resultant from Industrialization have been non-stop. Love Canal, the Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl.Macondo, Fukushima etc etc etc and those are just the big ones.  All of China is one big industrial sewer now, and we barely hear about the problems there.

Once again here, how could "WE" have ever stopped this inexorable march of destruction across the scope of the planet?  When did YOU ever have any opportunity to stop the Chinese from turning their portion of the Global Land Mass into a Global Sewer?  In fact, when did even any typical Chinese Chen Rice Wine have any say in stopping the Chinese Oligarchy from selling out to the Western Industrialist Iluuminati?   They never could, they never had any power to do this either.

EVERY single country that has ever tried to resist the incursion by the industrial model has had their political system and economy CRUSHED by one means or the other.  Sometimes by outright aggression and Warfare as was the case with Vietnam, but more often all sorts of sneaky CIA backed Coups such as the one that installed the Shah of Iran back in the 1950s.  This nonsense of course persists and becomes ever more pervasive with "Color Revolutions" all over the world, from Ukraine to Libya to now Brazil.  Who among you has any power whatsoever, no matter WHO you elect to stop this ever expanding cycle of CHAOS?  Absolutely not a single goddamn one of you could make a difference on this level, not even if you were a Billionaire Debtor Tycoon like The Donald.  If he does in fact get elected, there is not a goddamn thing he can do to stop the spin down that is ahead of us either, and pretty much no POTUS in history could have done this because the Locus of Power hs never been in the political systems, rather it is in the MONETARY SYSTEM.  Once again here, you and I have NEVER had any choice in how this is run, who gets dished out the credit and who does not, this POWER is controlled by an exceedingly small cadre of people, and that power has been jealously guarded in this iteration of the monetary cycle, beginning more or less with the Medici Banking family in the 15th Century.

So, basically here folks, it is just a lot of HORSESHIT that "we" are responsible, "we" are not.  If you want to finger some responsibility here, it lies in the folks who either were born into or maneuvered their way to the top of the food chain and then maneuvered the society down this path, mainly for their own self-aggrandizement.  Just like you and me, they too have been exposed to the same stories and have been witnesses to the ever increasing planetary degradation.  The difference between "them" and "us" is they are in positions of power where they could effect change.  Sadly the only change they wish to effect is to "increase shareholder value" of the corporations they run, and then by extention increase their own compensation packages.  It doesn't matter to them what the consequences are, child slave labor in 3rd World countries, topsoil depletion from unsustainable Industrial Agriculture practices, endangering the safety of the food supply with GMO foods, destroying the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico…none of that matters.  All that matters is the bottom line of corporate profits.

10-Corporations-Control-What-We-EatThese are the folks who control your food supply

Energy companies hire geochemist experts who tell us fracking is safe, and meanwhile you get ever increasing earthquakes in Oklahoma, groundwater increasingly filled with the toxic chemicals used in the fracking process and even rivers going on fire as methane released by frackers bubbles up through new cracks in the ground.

As if we didn't have enough trouble with methane bubbling up from the permafrost and the Arctic Ocean, we need to add to this problem by making new cracks in the ground for it to leak from?

What the criminals in charge of these organizations will tell you is that this is not THEIR fault, it is OUR fault because of our insatiable desire for more energy to run the industrial culture.  You see, if we just would stop buying their gas, they would go out of bizness.  Isn't that just brilliant logic?  Precisely how are we supposed to stop buying this stuff when the entire infrastructure we live with requires it in order to keep functioning? The gas powers the thermal electric plants which power the lights and the water pumps and sewage systems, which if you shut all that shit down the society goes to Mad Max in a matter of days.  When the entire housing stock has been built around ring roads requiring carz to make the commute to work if you still have a job, precisely how do you just give up your SUV out of consideration for the environment?

Then we have dropping into the toxic stew of criminals in charge of this show Con Men and Snake Oil Salesmen like Elon Musk, promising us a Clean, Green High Tech future of EVs and Vacations on Mars in their Rocket Ships.  Just replace your old nasty Fossil Fuel burning EV with one of Elon's Teslas and help stop Climate Change today!  MORE HORSESHIT!

First off, nobody explains how more than half the population who has less than $1000 in the bank is going to afford a nice new $35,000 Tesla, and that is the "cheap" model for the masses supposedly.  Then since it is mostly occuring over in China, nobody seems to notice that these supposedly Clean & Green Carz require massive rechargeable Li-I batteries, which require massive mining and refining of Lithium for their manufacture.  Such mining and refining operations always produce copious quantities of toxic waste, which is why we shipped such operations over to China where they don't have all those nasty regulations against polluting the water supply, thus making manufacture of such goodies a whole lot cheaper over there than it would be here.  On top of that you have a workforce of 1.3B people willing to work at slave wages a fraction of the cost of even minimum wage workers over here.  How do "we" stop the pollution when the vast majority of the world population lives in 3rd World countries where the people are just looking for a means to eke out survival, by whatever means possible within their own societies?  Just like when I was born back in 1957 in New York Shity, these folks were born into and trapped into a style of living they never had any real choice in at all.  The Industrial Bandwagon inexorably moved it's way around the globe, and even if your society did not willingly jump on the bandwagon, the industrialists in charge of the War Machine of the Military-Industrial-Banking complex brought in the Death from Above to make sure you had to leave your little villages and head for the Big Shities of your country to work in factories making toys to sell for Low, Low Prices Every Day at Walmart.


So, even if "we" as in the entire population of the 1st World countries could by some magical means stop burning all the fossil fuels that it takes to run these cultures, who is going to stop the juggernaut from continuing onward in 3rd World countries, where most of the population just wants to have the wonderful Happy Motoring lifestyle that Amerikans and Europeans got for the last century?  It's THEIR turn to live the High Life they got sold over the TV and Movies, just like the 'Murikans before them were sold this bill of goods.

The Sales Job of the Industrial Lifestyle and endless progress and growth of the techno-society has been ongoing and pervasive since the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution.  The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 kicked off this Sales Job, financed by the World Class Robber Barons of the era, beople like Cornelius Vanderbilt & JP Morgan. Many prominent civic, professional, and commercial leaders from around the United States participated in the financing, coordination, and management of the Fair, including Chicago steel tycoon Charles H. Schwab, Chicago railroad and manufacturing magnate John Whitfield Bunn, and Connecticut banking, insurance, and iron products magnate Milo Barnum Richardson, among many others.[6]

The fair was planned in the early 1890s during the Gilded Age of rapid industrial growth, immigration, and class tension. World's fairs, such as London's 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition, had been successful in Europe as a way to bring together societies fragmented along class lines.

The first American attempt at a world's fair in Philadelphia in 1876, drew crowds but was a financial failure. Nonetheless, ideas about distinguishing the 400th anniversary of Columbus' landing started in the late 1880s. Civic leaders in St. Louis, New York City, Washington DC and Chicago expressed an interest in hosting a fair to generate profits, boost real estate values, and promote their cities. Congress was called on to decide the location. New York's financiers J. P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and William Waldorf Astor, among others, pledged $15 million to finance the fair if Congress awarded it to New York, while Chicagoans Charles T. Yerkes, Marshall Field, Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift, and Cyrus McCormick, offered to finance a Chicago fair. What finally persuaded Congress was Chicago banker Lyman Gage, who raised several million additional dollars in a 24-hour period, over and above New York's final offer.[7]

The exposition corporation and national exposition commission settled on Jackson Park and an area around it as the fair site. Daniel H. Burnham was selected as director of works, and George R. Davis as director-general. Burnham emphasized architecture and sculpture as central to the fair and assembled the period's top talent to design the buildings and grounds including Frederick Law Olmsted for the grounds.[2] The temporary buildings were designed in an ornate Neoclassical style and painted white, resulting in the fair site being referred to as the “White City”.[7]

The Exposition's offices set up shop in the upper floors of the Rand McNally Building on Adams Street, the world's first all-steel-framed skyscraper. Davis's team organized the exhibits with the help of G. Brown Goode of the Smithsonian. The Midway was inspired by the 1889 Paris Universal Exposition, which included ethnological "villages".[8]

All the marvels of the era were presented, the first "moving sidewalk", the first big Ferris Wheel, designed by George Ferris himself.  Architecture by Frederich Law Ohlmstead, the same dude who designed Central Park in New York Shity.  They didn't have any city models with Flying Carz yet in that one, since the Wright Brothers had yet to get their first airplane off the ground, but by the time the next World's Fair in Chicago showed up in the 1930s in the heart of the Great Depression, that idea was already being pitched to the masses, who were mostly unable to afford food to eat much less a land based car, forget the flying models.  They could however afford a Nickel for entrance to the Fair and escape into this wonderful fantasy world of the Future the Industrialists had planned for them.

This period of course is contemporaneous with the period I began this article with, when powerful Industrialists took final and absolute control over our monetary system with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  This however was just the culmination of a long battle that began right with the end of the Amerikan Revolution, with Alexander Hamilton selling out to the Banksters in Europe, mainly the House of Rothschild and chartering the First Bank of the FSoA, to be followed later by the Second Bank of the FSoA, famously squashed by Old Hickory Andrew Jackson, himself famous also for massacre and genocide of numerous First Nations people.

"Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out."
Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)

Nowhere along this sad and sordid story of the progress of industrialization around the globe have "we" ever had a real choice here.  Industrialization is like a Tsunami that washed over our world, beginning with the first Steam Engines used to pump water out of Coal Mines in Jolly Old England at the beginning of the 18th Century.  It matured and "gathered steam" (sic) with the discovery of Oil in Pennsylvania in the mid 19th Century, and by the beginning of the 20th Century with the Chicago World's Fair, it was in Full Swing, the tide was rolling in fast and there was no stopping it, at least not by the population at large anyhow.  As a society and civilization we were well and truly captured, totally at the mercy of the "Den of Vipers & Thieves" Andrew Jackson fought his battle against and briefly won that one, but in the end the War was lost when Woodrow Wilson put the final signature on the Slavery Contract of the Federal Reserve Act.

In assigning responsibility for what the state of the world is, it must be placed on the people in charge, not the essentially powerless victims of their criminality and greed.  When a family gets in a car and they all get killed because Dad was driving drunk, are the kids in the car responsible because they had to ride in the backseat while he was driving?  Could the kids wrest control of the car from dad?  Of course not, and no one would blame the kids for the accident.  Reading many pundits and commenters through the blogosphere though, that is precisely what they do when looking at our economic, political and ecological disasters and then draw the conclusion "WE are responsible".   Speak for yourself there dude, I for one will not take responsibility for a clusterfuck I had no part in creating and never could do a damn thing to stop at any point in my lifetime.

Is there any HOPE then for the "We" of our society, controlled as it is by a corrupt criminal racket run by the Elite and their minions and overseers?  Yes, I believe there still is Hope.  A day will come at some point in the not too distant future when the Jets will no longer fly and the Death From Above will no longer rain down from the Heavens.  That day is not today, but it will come.  A day will come when the monetary system used to control our lives will no longer function, and we will be set free.  That day is not today, but it will come.  A day will come when true JUSTICE is served on those responsible for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.  That day also is not today, but it too will come.

In the words of Anonymous:

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