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Published on the Doomstead Diner on November 22, 2013


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J.F.K. blown away, what else do I have to say? -Billy Joel

50 years, or a Half a Century have passed since JFK got Blown Away on the Parade Route in Dallas.  I was 6 years old when this occurred, it was directly before my family moved to Brasil and I was in a 1st Grade Classroom in a Public Skule in Kew Gardens Queens.    My recollection is that they rolled in a Black & White TV set into the classroom and I watched the early Newz Reports come in, but I am not 100% sure of that recollection.  I am pretty sure though I watched the rest of the coverage done by Walter Cronkite on CBS Newz the rest of the day when I got home.

The public grief at the time was palpable even for a 6 year old, and unlike today if a similar event occurred, the Newz Media of the time basically pre-empted everything else, and for a good 24 hours at least I think about the only thing coming over the airwaves was Newz of the Kennedy Assassination. The whole story got still more bizarre later on, when Jack Ruby managed to get in to Assassinate the purported Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, but at this point I am pretty sure I was not following the story any more as a 6 year old.

Only later on in my teen years after returning from Brasil when I became involved in Pirate Radio during the Nixon Administration did I do any kind of real “investigation” into what had occurred, reading stuff like the Warren Commission report and getting my first look at the famed Zapruder Film shot in 8mm when the assassination occurred.

I was Politicized by this point as a result of the assassination of ANOTHER Kennedy in 1968, directly AFTER I returned from Brasil, Robert Kennedy on the Campaign Trail in 1968 after winning the California Primary for the Democratic Nomination.  RFK was a shoe in with this win, and I was a big RFK fan.  His assassination took me out of mainstream politics for the rest of my life, there never was another candidate I could work up a liking for and I never voted for anybody when I finally came of age to vote.

At this point with all the above videos, I have seen them all so many times I am no longer sure whether I saw them when they were first aired Live or not, though I think I did since I was both a TV Addict and Newz Junky even back then.  I AM certain I watched virtually all the Coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, which again was covered pretty exhaustively by CBS, ABC & NBC Newz Networks of the Era.

At any rate, long before real Conspiracy Theorizing on these assassinations got going in earnest, they both stunk to me like High Heaven.  Particularly once the Watergate Hearings got going in earnest, I became convinced Da Goobermint was completely Corrupt and Shadow Agencies like the CIA were pulling all sorts of nefarious stunts, which over the years have all been pretty much demonstrated to be quite true, except for people who simply refuse to accept the idea the whole political system has been corrupt our entire lives and deny every piece of evidence that drops out here over time.

Unlike others though, I never became OBSESSED with the Conspiracy aspect of Corrupted Goobermint, and I am no expert on the various details of the JFK assassination that others are who have made it their Life’s Work to try to ferret out the TRUTH of this assassination.  I am sure today and over the course of this week all over the Blogosphere you can read copious detail from many folks who have looked at this question for a Half Century and gain a good deal better understanding of what was going down then than the Warren Commission Report has to offer.

However, no matter WHAT information gets dug up, this is essentially water under the bridge, the Case will never be reopenned, and after 50 years, what is the POINT anyhow?  Anyone who might have been a Principal in this is either already Dead or so OLD that bringing them to trial NOW is ridiculous.  The Kennedy Assassination is a long DONE DEAL.  There are certainly more RECENT examples of nefarious and questionable material from the Official Narrative that we have to deal with.

So basically here what you have is a pretty long narrative going back AT LEAST as far as 1963 where some pretty big shit went down that seriously affected everything that came afterward on the Political, Social and Economic levels.  If you are OBSESSED with this stuff, you bog down in the details and for many people seek to “PROVE” to others that this wasn’t just a bunch of Towel Heads Hijacking Planes, nor was it a Lone Gunman in the Texas School Book Repository either that planned and initiated these events.  You’ll NEVER be able to prove it, and those who have a vested interest in keeping the Truth covered up can always pitch out more Disinformation on the topic than the Information the Truth Digger comes up with.  It is a waste of time to try to “Prove” it, either you believe this shit was random and unplanned or you believe it was planned and executed as part of a larger agenda.  Overall, the latter case seems far more likely to me, and that is enough for me really to  view it in this way.

These are examples of how Corruption in Goobermint plays itself out on the Grand Scale, and while these recent occurrences trip up our lives specifically, they have been going on a LOOOONG time, back to time immemorial really, but all Assassinations like that of Archduke Franz Josef prior to WWI or even Julius Caesar always came about as a result of deeper political and economic issues ongoing at the time.  The “Lone Gunman” meme of the modern era is an artifice which disguises what the real underlying motivations are for Political Assassinations.  Once in a Blue Moon perhaps it is the “Lone Psycho” as Triggerman, but that would be the exception rather than the rule.  I seriously doubt John Wilkes Booth was a Lone Triggerman when he blew away “Honest” Abe Lincoln either.

Far as JFK was concerned, much was going on in Geopolitics and Economics back in the 60s, the original Bretton Woods accord signed as WWII was coming to a close already was breaking down.  One of the most popular speculations on Motivation for the JFK Assassination was that JFK was going to move to decertify Da Fed as the Official Monopoly Money Creator for the FSoA and shift to Silver as a Monetary Standard.  This one seems reasonable to me, but again is one which will never be “proven”. a cultural level in Modern Times, the JFK Assassination changed the way many people looked at the world, but the idea that prior to this we were somehow running a better system and our Political structure was Less Corrupt than it is now is a chimera.  This I think is mostly because people now alive who look back on those times they had when they were CHILDREN seemed pretty carefree and fair.  Kind of a Wonder Years phenomenon, or if you are a little older, Ozzie and Harriet view of American History. those of us in the relatively larger “Middle Class” of the era, looking back now it seems like better times.  We weren’t glued to the X-box in the Basement playing Grand Theft Auto V, we were out in the parks playing Baseball, riding our Bikes around the neighborhood, and eventually joining the great Prosperity Train promised to us with Morning in America by Ronald Rayguns and Company.

In reality though, for most of the world from the 1950s to the 1990s, life positively SUCKED ROCKS.  Over in Russia,Uncle  Joe Stalin was breaking a LOT of Eggs to make his Communist Omelette, and in the FSoA Uncle Joe McCarthy was ALSO breaking plenty of Eggs to drive the ANTI-Communist agenda here. the 1960s, while I was living in a Penthouse on Ipanema Beach, right next to me many MORE Brazilian boys were living in the Favelas.  The Social Situation inside the Big Shities of the FSoA was breaking down, and in the aftermath of the JFK Assassination, you had the Riots in Watts and the burgeoning Civil Rights movement, which saw none to few Lynchings along the way in that period.

Go back PRIOR to WWII and you had the Great Depression of course, Wobblies being systematically taken out by Pinkertons, and while F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby might have been enjoying the Roaring Twenties around the Hamptons on Long Island, Farmers in the midwest were already experiencing crashing land prices and financial speculation problems as the land was shifted into the Industrialized Ag meme.

So, while we can look back on the JFK Assassination and say somewhat Parochially that THIS was the “Turning Point” for the Downspin of our Amerikan Dream, in REALITY I do not think said dream ever really existed at all.  It was always just Advertizement, Propaganda designed to promote a certain lifestyle that was highly consumptive, and which made the people who promoted that lifestyle wealthy beyond all measure.  With the great wealth came great power, and with great power comes great CORRUPTION.  As the saying goes, “Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

You can return yourself back to the 1960s and 70s in Mr. Peabody’s WAYBAC machine, and just about everything we talk about now on the Diner was already in discussion back then, either before JFK got a Bullet to the Brain or directly thereafter.  Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” in 1962, BEFORE JFK got Blown Away.  The original “Limits to Growth” was published in 1972, not even a Decade after JFK got Blown Away.  Yet up until today, and still only here on the fringes of the Blogosphere does any of this information get seriously discussed.  Why is that so? because all of this material has ALWAYS been marginalized in the MSM as “Crackpot Theories”.  Don’t worry about Love Canal, don’t worry about the Amazon getting Slashed & Burned, we got it all UNDER CONTROL here, and go with the flow and YOU CHINESE TOO can Happy Motor around China in your SUV ALSO!

Endless Bernays Propaganda here to convince EVERYONE they too could live the High Tech GOOD LIFE, even if you were a dirt poor farmer in Afghanistan!

Sadly of course, INFINITE energy resource for EVERYBODY to Happy Motor into Eternity is not coming down the pipe here, especially considering Italian Cold Fusion hasn’t seen much development or even Sales Promotion in the MSM lately.  Without the ENERGY, the paradigm has to end.

Would the OUTCOME have been different had JFK NOT been Blown Away in 1963?  Nope.  While we might have had a more Just Society in the Downspin, we already were on an unsustainable pathway bound to crash.  Like most Pols of the era, JFK was as much into Industrialization and Technology as anybody.  After all, who was it that made the Pronouncement that we would “Put a Man on the Moon and Return Him Safely Back to Earth?”

JFK, that’s who!  So we built the Grand Large Scale Public Works Program of the NASA which outlived JFK by a few decades, burned up COPIOUS amounts of fossil fuel energy to jack a few Jet Jockeys up to the Moon (if you accept they actually DID get there and this wasn’t a Stanley Kubrick production), put tons of Satellite Junk into orbit and did all that on MASSIVE issuance of still more DEBT.

I was 12 years old in the Summer of 1969 when Neil Armstrong made “One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind“.  I was at Summer Camp at the time, a nice Ritzy one in that year called Merrimac in New Hampshire run by a fellow named Werner Rothschild.  I have no idea if Werner was related to the famous Rothschild family, though I suspect he was.  On July 20 when Neil emerged from the Lunar Lander to drop his Booted Human Footprint in the Moon Dust, I watched this on TV in the Rec Hall at the Camp with the rest of the well to do Camper Kids.

Like probably every other young Math & Science prodigy of the era, I 100% was SOLD on SCIENCE, and the Inevitable Manifest Destiny of Homo Sapiens to Colonize the UNIVERSE!  I was a “Trekkie”, attending the first Star Trek Convention in NYC after the series got cancelled, and got to meet Sulu, aka the actor George Takei.  I still revered the Star Trek meme when the series was reborn as “Next Generation” and followed it for its entire run from 1987 to 1998.  When it began, I still bought the meme.  By the time it went off the air, I no longer did.  I still watched many episodes of Voyager and DS9, but mainly this was Nostalgia for me.  Entertainment, but not something I ever believed would come to pass anymore.

This is of course a bit tangential to the JFK Assassination, but not entirely so.  You see, for many of us alive when JFK made his short stand as President, we all believed the Future was Limitless.  When we look back on those days through the lens of all that has occurred since in all its despicable horror, there is a gnawing hunger for that Age of Innocence when all seemed possible to us.  It was not possible though, and even had JFK LIVED, our circumstances in the world today on an Energy & Resource Depletion level probably would not be a whole lot different than they are now.

What the JFK Assassination DOES IMHO represent is the final victory of Fascism as the meme for the Political system of the FSoA and the end of even the ILLUSION of “Democracy” the general population believed they had.  The followup years to the JFK Blown Away on the parade route in Dallas with the Assassination of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy drove home the REALITY that Democracy was a chimera, and since our culture descended into further Illusions and Distractions courtesy of the miracle of electronics, becoming ever more vacuous and ever more pathetic over time.

Here on the 50th Anniversary of the Shots Fired from the Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Repository, I remain sad that JFK did not live on to perhaps make some changes to our monetary system, and that perhaps if that was so Tricky Dick Nixon never would have been elected, and Ronald Rayguns after him never would have made it from being a paper thin Celluloid Actor to becoming a paper thin Celluloid President.  That was not how things turned out though, and without Mr. Peabody’s WAYBAC machine, I can’t go back and change them either.  Obsessing over the intricacies of the Conspiracy Theories of the era is a pointless waste of time to me.

History brought us to where we are NOW, and now we have to deal with what JFK did not, the real depletion of resources and the real specter of massive population overshoot.  High technology will not save us, perhaps low tech can, if we grasp hold of it in time and decommission all the Nukes set to poison our environment irrevocably.  I do like to think if JFK were Reborn Today, he would set a NEW Goal.

“Today, let us resolve to create a world where man can live in harmony with Nature, and not Destroy it.   Let us resolve to make this world safe not for just ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren.  Let us make the GOAL that in 10 years, we will decommission every Nuclear Power Plant on the Planet and bring our society Safely back to Sanity.”


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