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Lost Technologies: The Flying Carpet
« on: July 10, 2019, 06:09:35 PM »

Children are often taught that Myths are hand-me-down tales by ancient tribal storytellers as a means of keeping their cultural heritage when events of the times could not be documented in a manner that would last for generations other than an oral tradition or via stone carvings. 

The story of the Flying Carpet is widely regarded by most historians, religious clergy, and scientists as a fictional myth.  Factual evidence showing that it may actually have existed as recently as the 1300s may have been discovered by a French explorer, Henri Baq, in Iran.  Baq supposedly discovered ancient scrolls of well-preserved manuscripts in old ruins at Alamut, near the Caspian Sea. A Jewish scholar named Isaac Ben Sherira documented the existence of the flying carpet as a device infused with orgone magnetic properties from a secret dye infused with a rare earth clay which enabled it to fly by following the earth's magnetic leylines and maneuvered by the wind.

The Great Library of Alexandria

Ben Sherira writes that the great library of Alexandria, founded by Ptolemy I, kept a large stock of flying carpets for its readers. The carpets were handed out, traded for the visitor's slippers, and used to glide back and forth, up and down, among the shelves of papyrus manuscripts. The library was housed in a ziggurat that contained forty thousand scrolls of such antiquity that they had been transcribed by three hundred generations of scribes. The ceiling of this building was so high that readers often preferred to read while hovering in the air. The manuscripts were so numerous that it was said that not even a thousand men reading them day and night for fifty years could read them all.
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