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Geert Wilders Anti-Islamization Platform
« on: August 28, 2016, 02:41:01 AM »
Right Wing Nationalism in Eurotrashland is rapidly gaining steam.  Geert Wilders Party for Freedom is now leading in all the polls and he looks set to be the next PM.  Gaining more confidence, he's now advocating closing all Mosques, banning headscarves, banning the Koran and closing the borders to all immigration from Islamic countries.

Besides that, he's also advocating for a Nexit from the EU.  I wonder if he has any better plan on how to pull this off than the Brexiteers?  ???  :icon_scratch:

Then beyond the Netherlands you have the French National Front led by Marine Le Pen, the Austrian Freedom Party led by Norman Hofer and Alternative for Germany led by Frauke Petri, all with significant chances of winning elections next year.

Should be a fine mess.


Geert Wilders: Close All Mosques In The Netherlands

by Chris Tomlinson27 Aug 20161,362

Leader of Netherlands’ most popular party Geert Wilders has proposed a closure of all Mosques in the country and a total ban on the Koran ahead of the 2017 general election.

Leader of the populist Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders has proposed the most radical anti-Islamisation platform for any party in European politics. Wilders, whose PVV are currently top of all major polls in the Netherlands, has declared that the new platform for the party ahead of the general elections in 2017 will include the plan to close all Mosques in the country and place a ban on the Islamic holy book, the Koran. Wilders claims that the move is to counter the Islamisation he sees ongoing in the country reports Belgian paper Demorgen.

The PVV platform for the 2017 election was released by Wilders first via his Twitter account and carried the theme of “de-Islamisation.”  The PVV states that it would like to see not only a closure of all the mosques in the country and a ban on the Koran but also a ban on the Islamic headscarf for women in any public setting. Asylum seekers were also mentioned by the document which wants to repeal all temporary residency permits for all asylum seekers and close all asylum centres in the country.
Video: Australian protesters march to close detention camps

Like many countries in Europe the Netherlands has had an issue with it’s citizens who have gone off to fight for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq returning home. The PVV is clear on its position regarding these current or former Islamic State fighters saying that any ISIS members will not be allowed to return to the Netherlands.

The new platform makes a sharp increase in pressure from the party against Islamisation. During the last parliamentary campaign the PVV proposed to allow up to a thousand asylum seekers into the country per year. The ongoing migrant crisis and multiple acts of terror in European cities over the past few months has influenced the opinion of Wilders and the party who are known as one of the toughest on Islamism in Europe.

Wilders himself says he is, “incredibly proud of the draft,” of the party platform and reaffirmed his commitment to follow the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Wilders has long been an advocate of getting the Netherlands out of the political bloc who he claims stifle any meaningful asylum of immigration policy passed by the Dutch parliament.

Earlier this year writing exclusively for Breitbart London Wilders called for a “Patriot Spring” across Europe and North America. As Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer leads in polls ahead of the October 2nd Austrian Presidential election, the German Alternative for Germany have become the 3rd largest party in Germany and Wilders PVV  are projected to win at least ten seats more than the current ruling party, the patriot spring may have begun.

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👳 Geert Wilders cancels Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2018, 12:00:28 AM »
This is a real disappointment.  :(


Geert Wilders cancels Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest

November event that sparked protests in Pakistan was scrapped over security concerns, says far-right Dutch politician.
7 hours ago

Geert Wilders cancels Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest
Wilders leads the Dutch opposition Freedom Party (PVV) [File: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]
more on Netherlands

    Pakistan marchers threaten Islamabad blockade over Dutch cartoons
    Dutch cartoon contest and protests in Pakistan: All for show?
    Iran sanctions hearing: Lawyers say 'time is running out'
    Pakistan condemns blasphemous Dutch cartoon contest
    2 days ago

Geert Wilders, an anti-Islam opposition leader in the Netherlands, has cancelled a competition for cartoons depicting Islam's Prophet Muhammad that sparked protests in Pakistan.

The far-right politician, who is known for his incendiary speeches and protests against immigration and Islam, said on Thursday he did not want others endangered by the contest he planned for November.

"To avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided not to let the cartoon contest go ahead," he said in a written statement, claiming to have received death threats.

The scheduled contest sparked angry protests in Pakistan and a death threat this week from a 26-year-old man, reportedly a Pakistani, who was arrested on Tuesday in The Hague.

Earlier on Thursday, a Dutch judge extended by two weeks the detention of the man who allegedly threatened to attack Wilders.

Prosecutors said in a statement that an investigating judge ordered the suspect held while he is investigated on charges of making a threat, making preparations for a murder and incitement.

Stijn van Kessel, a political scientist at Queen Mary University of London, told Al Jazeera that the competition was a tactic by Wilders to get media attention in the face of waning public support.

"He is not truly interested in a cartoon contest but this is a way for him to generate media attention; he hopes that will eventually translate to votes," Kessel said.
Deeply offensive

Physical depictions of the prophet are forbidden in Islam and deeply offensive to Muslims.

In Pakistan, thousands of people angered over Wilders' plans marched towards the capital, Islamabad, on Thursday.

Pakistan's government has vowed to protest the contest at the UN[The Associated Press]

About 10,000 supporters of the Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan party set out on the march on Wednesday, calling on the government to cut diplomatic ties with the Netherlands.

Pakistan's government had vowed to protest the contest at the United Nations.

The Dutch government has distanced itself from the competition, with Prime Minister Mark Rutte clarifying that Wilders, leader of the opposition Freedom Party, is not a member of the government.

Wilders announced the contest in June and claimed to had received 200 entries so far. The winner was supposed to receive a cash prize.


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