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Autos and Trucks
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:12:03 AM »
This is not my field and is only an inquiry.

Assuming as I do, that the automobile as we know it today is going the way of the dodo bird, and fast, not ten or twenty years from now. My view of this matter comes from my view of slow collapse, cheap oil running out very soon, bankrupt countries unable to repair, let alone build the roads required, a middle class crashing into poverty, inflation and rapid depletion of available resources at a reasonable cost, pollution and other matters.

My idea is that cars will disappear first followed by trucks later as they are required for food distribution.

Any one have some solid ideas on how this will likely play out?

Are we going the uber taxi route where no one owns a car but calls uber?

The car rental for a day or week route?

The public transport route?

Will we all have to move to a city where we can walk most of the time to our needs?

Will we have to move toward huge food distribution areas where we bus in and out weekly to shop?

What will happen to suburbia?

Will society change  and people if we find ourselves unable to leave our homes often and what will this do to the current and future economy as well as specific industries

Will real estate prices collapse around the entire nation and go to astronomical prices in major cities which forces folks to live in closet sized apartments or condos.

My interest is economic on these matters and not scientific. Think we are in slow not very rapid collapse and am only seeking ideas on how to prepare for possible outcomes in this next phase that I feel is directly ahead of us.

Of course no one need tell me it isn't going to happen, am aware of the distinct possibility that my ideas are completely wrong on this matter. Just contemplating exposure, planning for possibilities and trying to protect myself and family from financial ruin for as long as possible.

Any thoughts on the matter at any time most welcomed. Thanks, GO


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