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More conveniently referred to as the "CoC".

We recently have had yet another outburst from Diners who are not content with the way this forum is managed.  I am going to make yet another clarification on the CoC to get this tiresome and recurring problem cleared up.    ::)

1-  You need to be polite and respectful of other Diners and their attitudes and viewpoints.  Snarky comments and pictures used to ridicule others are not acceptable.

2-  The Diner forum has many different Diners with different interests and passions.  Not all are directly related to collapse, but they usually have some tangential relationship and will inspire collapse related discussion.  They also give you some relief from the daily dose of doom we get all the time here of one sort or another.  If you are not interested in Art, Stamps, Boats or Food, don't read those threads.  There is plenty of other stuff posted every day to read from WWIII to the Collapse of the Monetary System.

3-  Complaining about Censorship is a total waste of time.  Any such post will itself be pitched to the Great Beyond.  If you don't like this, tough nuggies.

4-  STICK TO THE TOPIC!  If your disagreement is about economics or geopolitics, talk about that, not what other Diners opinions are on these topics.  Don't call other Diners "stupid" or some variant of that for having a different take on it than you do.

5-  Politically speaking, the vast majority of Diners do not think Trumpovetsky is a very good POTUS.  If you are going to Stump4Trump on the Diner, other Diners will list out his many deficiencies, including but not limited to incompetence, criminal racketeering in real estate, misogyny, racism, narcissism and megalomania.  If you want to show your support for this dimwit, do it somewhere else.

6-  Diners who persistently and repeatedly violate the CoC will be put on Moderation or have their posting privileges removed.

There are of course other issues which will come up to be added to the CoC as needs require.  In the mean time, remember the words of Rodney King.


A new issue has cropped up regarding making jokes in a time of Collapse.  Some Diners do not think Humor is appropriate in a Collapse situation, whereas others feel Humor is a helpful means to maintain your sanity.  It depends a lot on your underlying personality which category you fit into.  So we now have 2 new Rules for the CoC:

7-  You may not criticize other Diners either for making jokes or for being morose and humorless.

8-  You may not criticize other Diners for running threads which are tangential to collapse but are in their own area of interest.

Also, going back to the Moriarty Era...

9-  You may not brag about your own credentials in Collapse Issues without revealing your real identity and presenting evidence of your own expertiese

10  You may not present yourself as "better" or "more moral & ethical"  than other Diners.  You can however make explanations why you think your method of living is the most moral & ethical one.

Is it ok to make fun of crotchety old farts for being crotchety old farts?

I object to all the new rules on the grounds they have been designed specifically to eliminate me.  I will not obey any of these rules.  This wouldn't be the first forum where I have been ejected.


--- Quote from: Palloy2 on April 12, 2018, 07:31:24 AM ---I object to all the new rules on the grounds they have been designed specifically to eliminate me.  I will not obey any of these rules.  This wouldn't be the first forum where I have been ejected.

--- End quote ---

The world is emphatically NOT all about you, and allow me to assure you that they have not been designed with you in mind.

These rules have been in place since the days of Mking and the attempted hijacking of the Forum while a bunch of souls were at the first convocation. Mking was the person who taught us all that an untrammeled free speech zone was untenable,because some people always need to test the limits.

The rules have been enforced with a hand that has been perhaps too light, and let some ad hom go that should have been shitcanned. My preference is to stay out of the way.

Personally, I don't think arguing the point and not the man is such an onerous burden.


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