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Another Tesla crashes
« on: May 21, 2018, 03:45:22 PM »
Man Killed After Tesla Model S Crashes Into Pond
Tyler Durden

In the third fatal crash involving a Tesla Model S in just the last two weeks, after a "horrific" Ft. Lauderdale crash killed two teens who were trapped in the burning sarcophagus after the car's batteries exploded, and just days after another model S also burned to a crisp also tragically trapping its driver on a highway in Switzerland, a 34-year-old man was killed when his Tesla Model S drove into a San Francisco-area pond Sunday night and his body ended up being recovered early Monday morning; the fatal crash closed a portion of Crow Canyon Road in Castro Valley, according to the California Highway Patrol.

    CHP: Adult man was behind wheel of #Tesla Model S sedan when he lost control, broke through fence and landed in pond along Crow Canyon Road. No one else in car besides driver. No ID yet. #AlamedaCounty @nbcbayarea
    — Bob Redell (@BobNBC) May 21, 2018

    The driver of a Tesla broke through a white fence, went up an embankment, into the air, through a tall wooden sign and 65’ into a pond. Divers found his body overnight. #AlamedaCounty @nbcbayarea
    — Bob Redell (@BobNBC) May 21, 2018

According to KTVU and NBC, Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. Ray Kelly identified the driver as Keith Leung, 34, of Danville.

    Coroner has identified Tesla driver as Keith Leung, a 34 yo man from Danville. A business card found at the scene indicates he was a freelance musician who played bassoon.
    — Bob Redell (@BobNBC) May 21, 2018

Based on preliminary evidence, the driver, who has been identified as Danville resident Keith Leung, appeared to veer from Crow Canyon Road just south of Bollinger Canyon Road, smash through a fence and crash into the pond, authorities said. Leung's body and the car were pulled from the water early Monday.

"The vehicle was severly damaged...This is something again that is very tragic," CHP Officer Daniel Jacowitz said according to NBC. "The driver really didn't stand a chance in a way on this. It's sad. It really is."

The pond, site of the deadly crash, is shown below:

A property owner heard the Tesla, driving northbound on Crow Canyon Road, just before 8 p.m. on Sunday, according to CHP Officer Daniel Jacowitz. He called 911 and when he came outside he saw damage to his fence and tire tracks leading up to the pond.

    One man is dead after he crashes his Tesla Model S through a fence off Crow Canyon Road and it submerged in a pond. No other vehicles suspected as being involved. - CHP Castro Valley. .@KTVU
    — Leigh Martinez (@LeighMartinezTV) May 21, 2018

Nine members of the Alameda County Sheriff’s rescue team went into the pond about 10 p.m. and found the driver, still sitting upright in the driver's seat, Jacowitz said. He was pulled out and declared dead at the scene about 5:30 a.m. "It's really tragic," Jacowitz said.

However, CHP officers did acknowledge that this stretch of road is a problem area and they conduct enforcement there on a regular basis.  The speed limit ranges from 35 mph to 55 mph and officers say they have cited people for going as fast as 75 mph.

Neighbors have regularly complained that they can’t get out of their drive ways because vehicle are driving so fast.

Jacowitz added that Leung would have had to have been driving more than posted speed limit of 35 mph to have gone airborne and fly the distance it did.

“The vehicle was submerged...trees in the water made it difficult to tow it out,” said CHP Sgt. Michael Novosel.

Of course, Tesla did not respond to a request for comment by KTVU on Monday as the company will first issue a press release explaining just how safe the auto pilot makes its increasingly deadly crashes a thing of the past.

NHTSA said that  "gathering information" on the fatal pond crash "and will take action as appropriate."

    .@NHTSAgov says it is "gathering information" on fatal California Tesla crash into pond "and will take action as appropriate"
    — David Shepardson (@davidshepardson) May 21, 2018

It is not clear if alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash. It is also unclear if Leung was speeding or if autopilot features were engaged at the time of the crash. As the aerial photo of the crash site shows, there are no road markings on the right side of the road below, which is probably why the autopilot got confused, lost control and headed straight into the pond.

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Re: Another Tesla crashes
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 06:49:33 PM »
This is what happens when you go too fast in a car on a dangerous country road. The fact that it was an EV made by Tesla is irrelevant.

Agelbert NOTE: Any person with an elementary knowledge of physics can see that the Tesla in that crash was going too fast. Although the hysterical electric car haters are trying to blame it on the autopilot or whatever, it's really rather obvious that ANY car going very fast on that road (that you aren't supposed to go above 35 mph on) would crash into the pond. Considering the car had to travese the ramp up in soil before leaping into the air prior to hitting the pond, it is blatantly obvious that this vehicle was traveling at very high speed. If you blame Tesla instead of the driver, you are worthy of pity as well as requiring a course in elementary physics. Eddie is right about disdaining stuffed shirt types who pretend they are the only one privy to extensive knowledge of science for the purpose of lecturing everyone else. 

Make Nexus Hot News part of your morning: click here to subscribe.

May 16, 2018

Why Is It Only Fossil Fueled Pundits 
Criticize Electric Cars?

There seems to be no shortage of deceptive attacks on electric vehicles, whether from the GOP’s opposition research arm or the Koch brothers themselves. The latest attempt to malign EVs is a report released Monday, which claims increased adoption of EVs will actually increase air pollution. Multiple reports in the past have come to the opposite conclusion--so what makes this one different?

For starters, the “Short Circuit” report was published by the Koch (and Mercer , and Big Tobacco ) and Exxon-funded Manhattan institute, and authored by Jonathan Lesser  , an energy industry consultant with a history 😈 of doing utility and industry bidding and a long track record of anti-climate action writing. With these credentials, it’s not exactly surprising that the report advocates against EV subsidies.

What is surprising is that Politico gave Lesser space to promote the report--without any disclosure of his energy industry 🦖 clients or the Manhattan Institute’s fossil fuel funding. Instead, Lesser’s consultancy is described as “an economic and regulatory consulting firm 😇”   in his Politico byline. This sounds a lot more innocent than the blurb on his LinkedIn profile, which discloses that he provides “services to clients in he [sic] energy industry.”

Lesser’s 👹 full CV provides a little more detail on those energy industry clients 🐉🦕 🦖, which include Shell, Exelon, various state-based gas and utility companies, and the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, an anti-wind farm group with a Koch brother as its chairman.

As for the report itself, the topline findings are that people buying electric cars instead of new gas powered autos will actually increase particulate matter , sulfur and nitrous oxide pollution (the American Lung Association says otherwise), that EVs will only reduce CO2 emissions a little (not true), and that subsidies are unfair because only rich people can afford EVs. 

Please forgive us, then, for not wasting our time and yours by digging into the report to find just where and how Lesser has cooked the books to produce the counterintuitive click-bait headline that EV subsidies are bad. And it beggars belief that anyone would actually believe that the Manhattan Institute 👹, funded by conservative billionaires 🦀💵 🎩, actually cares about economic inequality, given that it 😈 has argued that “there is little evidence we should” even try to reduce economic inequality.

To sum up, this report is written by a man whose career is built on fossil fuel consulting, published by a group built with fossil fuel money, arguing cars that don’t use fossil fuels are bad. For some reason, Politico only thought that third part was relevant for its readers. 

But would you trust the findings of that report Lesser more than all the others showing the opposite?

The Fossil Fuelers 🦖 DID THE Clean Energy  Inventions suppressing, Climate Trashing, human health depleting CRIME,   but since they have ALWAYS BEEN liars and conscience free crooks 🦀, they are trying to AVOID   DOING THE TIME or     PAYING THE FINE!     Don't let them get away with it! Pass it on!   
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Re: Another Tesla crashes
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2018, 08:15:08 PM »
I don't know about that report, but I do know that the electricity to charge a car battery comes from a power station which mostly burn fossil fuels in the US.  So the improvement in the atmosphere by using an electric car isn't going to be that much.  Building any new car, as opposed to continuing to use an existing one, is MUCH worse for the atmosphere. Building home chargers for electric cars, and beefing up the grid to handle the extra energy demand is going to be beyond the financial ability of the US.
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Re: Another Tesla crashes
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2018, 02:48:23 AM »
I don't know about that report, but I do know that the electricity to charge a car battery comes from a power station which mostly burn fossil fuels in the US.  So the improvement in the atmosphere by using an electric car isn't going to be that much.  Building any new car, as opposed to continuing to use an existing one, is MUCH worse for the atmosphere. Building home chargers for electric cars, and beefing up the grid to handle the extra energy demand is going to be beyond the financial ability of the US.
The problem is, you're assuming that the electric car is a solution for the masses.  It's not meant to be, except for the occasional self-driving Uber ride.  Electric cars are for the elite 10% when oil becomes too precious to use for that purpose.  What they haven't figured out yet is how exactly they are going to pay for the roads when the masses aren't using them.
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Re: Another Tesla crashes
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2018, 06:50:13 PM »
Watch this short video of autopilot at fork
"Why Do They Keep Doing It?" Tesla On Autopilot Crashes Into Parked Laguna Beach Cop Car
Tyler Durden

Yet another Tesla on Autopilot has slammed into an inanimate object.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Tesla right now is the company's Autopilot feature that it is included with vehicles and sold to the public as a feature that provides autonomous driving. Critics of the company have been quick to point out that at the Model 3 handover event, Elon Musk basically said that people could "sleep" while in their cars with Autopilot engaged - and as the toll of accidents involving Autopilot continues to accelerate, it is becoming more and more obvious that this isn’t even close to being the case.

The latest incident was this morning, where it was reported on Twitter by Laguna Beach police that a Model S sedan traveling with the Autopilot function on slammed into a parked Laguna Beach police car. The Laguna Beach police department tweeted the news along with photographs:

As The LA Times reported, Laguna police Sgt. Jim Cota said, "thankfully there was not an officer at the time in the police car," adding that "the police car is totaled."

However, Cota said that a year ago in the same area there was another collision involving a Tesla running into a semi-truck.

    "Why do these vehicles keep doing that?" Cota said.

    "We're just lucky that people aren't getting injured."

Critics continue to point to Elon Musk's statements during the Model 3 handover event, where he basically told a crowd that Tesla vehicles are capable of driving themselves, allowing operators to "watch movies, talk to friends [and] go to sleep" while at the wheel.

    "In the future, really - the future being now - the cars will be increasingly autonomous. So, you won't really need to look at an instrument panel all that often, you'll be able to do whatever you want. You'll be able to watch movies, talk to friends, go to sleep. Every Tesla being produced now, the Model 3, the Model S, the Model X, has all the hardware necessary for full autonomy."

How could this keep happening? Yesterday, video was posted showing what is allegedly a Tesla in Autopilot mode having a bout of "confusion" when the road being traveled changes from a straight road past a section on a highway that offers an exit by the road dividing. The video [above] appears to show the car unable to determine which lane to stay in and nearly hitting the center median that divides the roadway from the exit.

Today's incident comes after a report we put out just yesterday noting that a driver's Model 3 European tour had been cut short because the driver claimed that the vehicle veered into the median while driving in Greece.

The accident involves driver You You Xue, who in early 2018 famously toured his Model 3 across North America after he bought it in order to show other reservation holders what it looked like. That road trip was documented in all of its glory on electrek and was presented as a feel-good story.  You You felt so good that he decided to repeat the trip across Europe to continue to garner free publicity for the Model 3. This trip was less of a resounding success, and ended with the car driving itself into a median in Greece.

On You You's Facebook page, he tells the story of the crash:

    The road trip is over. I'm sorry.

    Vehicle was engaged on Autopilot at 120 km/h. Car suddenly veered right without warning and crashed into the centre median (edit: divider at the exit fork). Both wheels (edit: one wheel) completely shattered, my door wouldn't even open correctly. I'm unharmed.

The driver also posted photos of the fork in the road where the accident took place.

That comes after another recent development, just days ago, that an accident in Utah and involving a Tesla ramming into a fire truck was also found to have been the fault of Autopilot and that the vehicle accelerated before crashing.

Police results from a recent Salt Lake City crash were released, indicating that not only was the car was in Autopilot mode when it crashed into a stopped firetruck,  but also that it sped up seconds before the moment of impact.

The police report was detailed as follows:

    A Tesla Model S that crashed into a parked firetruck on a Utah highway this month while in its Autopilot mode sped up prior to the accident, a police report says.

    Data retrieved from the sedan shows that it picked up speed for 3.5 seconds shortly before the collision in South Jordan, according to the Associated Press. The acceleration from 55 mph to 60 mph suggests that the Tesla had been following a slower car that then moved out of the way, allowing the Tesla to resume the higher speed that the Autopilot system had been set at.

Tesla's Autopilot has been the subject of previous scrutiny following other crashes involving the vehicles. In March, a driver was killed when a Model X with Autopilot engaged hit a barrier while traveling at "freeway speed" in California. NHTSA and the National Transportation Safety Board are also investigating that case.

Earlier this week, Tesla claimed its Autopilot was not engaged when a Model S veered off a road and plunged into a pond outside San Francisco, killing the driver. The NTSB has yet to confirm Tesla's version of events.

Earlier in May, the NTSB opened a probe into an accident in which a Model S caught fire after crashing into a wall at a high speed in Florida. Two 18-year-olds were trapped and died in the blaze. The agency has said it does not expect Autopilot to be a focus in that investigation.

In the latest case, we have seen the playbook before: it probably won't be long before Tesla releases a statement blaming the driver.
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