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Monsta666 has undertaken an ENORMOUS project, taking Diner Articles and turning them into Printable Acrobat pdf documents.  He sent the first one to me, and it is just FABULOUS!

WHDs Realities, 2013 got picked as the first Webzine transform, and I have now Uploaded it to a New Diner Webzine Folder in the Media Library.  This Thread automatically links to that Library, so anytime a Webzine Article goes up, there will be a corresponding post automatically generated to announce it and provide a Link to it.

All Diner Mod Squad members can write to this Folder, so if you know how to create pdfs from a webpage, you can assist in documenting the Diner Articles this way.  All Guests and Regular Diners can read from this folder and Download the pdfs.

If you own a Tablet such as Kindle or Ipad or my own Samsung Galaxy, you can download these pdfs into the memory there, so even if the Net goes Dark, you will still have them on your Tablet as long as the battery still works and you can charge it up somehow.   You can of course also Print them onto Hard Copy, Acid Free Paper and Bind it with a nice Leather Cover to hand down to the Next Generation of Surviving Diners. :icon_mrgreen:


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Posted by RE
Jan 13, 2013
in Diner Webzine

IMO WHD shows in this webzine exactly what happens to people in this system when the think for themselves and act with integrity. you get run over..... My hat though is completely off to him for doing the right thing and dancing with the punches.

Been down that road a couple of times myself,  heading there again soon.  I got solar powered yurt plans and my old bug out rig getting prepped to make a break from the Bakken come spring.

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I just experimented with taking an article, Copy/Pasting into Notepad and then Saving as a .txt file to Upload to the Webzine Library.  This is EZ to do and works quick.  I took my first article on the Diner as the experiment, a Tale of Two Depressions.

Obviously, the conversion to pdf which includes Graphics is the much better means here for producing printable forms of Diner Articles, but the txt saving is easy and fast to do, and conserves the textual information.

Once loaded onto the Diner Media Library, any Diner can download and keep copies on a Jump Drive,SD Card, whatever.  Long as some Computers are still running, they will always be able to read .txt files.  This is the Dinosaur of computing, ASCII is coserved through all OP systems.

In fact, everything ever written on the Diner could easily be saved on a 2GB SD Card for less than $10, INCLUDING all the commentary if you have a mind to save any of that. LOL.

I'll stick to just trying to catch up on the Diner Articles and save them for now, at least the text.  Coverting to classy pdfs for a Webzine is a MONSTA job only a Monsta can do. LOL


Peter noted a while back that he had 1000s of books stored in pdf format on his Tablet, which as long as he has means of charging up and will accept the charge, he can always refer to for information.

I also have a Tablet now, but have not spent much time downloading information to it freely accessibleright now on the Net.  I will get Busy with doing that though with the spare time I don't have.  LOL.

Far as my Tablet is concerned, it is a Samsung Galaxy and you arent limited by the native storage on the Tablet, it accepts Micro SD cards, these days as big in storage as 32 GB.  Even just one of those probably stores more text info I could read in my lifetime, and I read fast.

While  clearly Printing the information is the most secure for long term here, overall it is impractical.  Its like all my Texbooks from College, there are scores of them in my Storage Unit in Springfiled in Boxes, each weighing hundreds of pounds.  ALL of that info fits on a Micro SD card I can slip into my WALLET!  Long as I have a Tablet that can READ this teensy weensy storage medium, I don't need to haul around a ton of Books printed on Paper.  The Tablet itself is of course ALSO pocket size!  Ain't technology MARVELOUS?

Discounting the possibility of and EMP which fries the Table, the main limiting factor is how long the Battery and Screen will last here.  My Galaxy is 2 years old now and still seems OK, but I cannot imagine it will last longer than a decade.  Its not to easy to replace the Battery inside these things either, they are designed to last 2-3 years, then you are expected to buy the newer better model.

The Hard Copy on Paper is the best for long term information storage, good Acid Free paper can last 1000 years.  However, carrying all those Books around is problematic for the Nomad.

It won't last in perpetutity, but you may get 10-20 years out of Sd Card/Tablet information storage.



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