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Blockchain Efforts to Save Your World
« on: November 12, 2018, 07:50:12 AM »
Worthy of some further research and reading.

TOP ICOs That Inspire Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Problems
The result of human impact on the environment over the past 200 years has exceeded our total impact over the centuries of history in intensity and diversity. As a consequence of global human population growth and the scientific and technological revolutions, the consumption of natural resources has tripled in the last 35 years.

Businesses and people in developing countries tend to choose economic interests over the environment. A desperate desire for huge economic growth outweighs any environmental concerns. Countries are expanding their economy at the expense of nature. The Industrial Revolution changed the surface of the earth beyond recognition, and became the cause of a global environmental crisis. It also impacted natural resources that had been taken for granted for the entire prior history of humankind.

The Paris Climate Agreement obliges countries to take control of emissions reduction; and, despite enormous technological capabilities, monitoring and reducing human impact on the planet is still a daunting task. However, consumers want to buy eco-products, and are ready to pay more for environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

The critical situation in which humanity has emerged reflects the general crisis of consumer attitudes toward these resources. It is high time to realize the essential need to harmonize ties and relationships in the global system: “Man — Technology — Nature.” In this regard, the realization of global problems of our time — their causes, interconnections, and solutions — is now of special significance.

Blockchain as a Solution
One of the main threats to the deterioration of the environmental situation on the planet is the lack of a transparent accounting system. All environmental protection monitoring systems face the problem of trust issues. Modern management methods are prone to corruption and remain unable to direct humanity toward sustainable development, despite the ongoing global environmental crisis. Power is predominantly in the hands of powerful institutions and numerous intermediaries who, for the most part, do not add value to common efforts. Smaller enterprises are being relegated to the sidelines. As a result, only a fraction of the funding raised for sustainability efforts finds its way to intended projects and has an impact.

Blockchain, as a decentralized register of property rights and a safe way to transfer these rights, can become a means of eliminating all kinds of bureaucracy and preventing corruption. The use of natural resources controlled via computer code algorithms will be more effective, avoiding the influence of the human factor. Blockchain will allow us to streamline the use of natural resources, and entrepreneurs will be able to monitor their businesses’ environmental impact. Blockchain has a wide range of possibilities to preserve nature. One of them is monitoring the expenditure of common resources. For example, a felled tree can be assigned a hash code that changes when the entire supply chain reaches its conclusion. Thus, the final consumer will be able to find out whether the tree was cut down legally.

Blockchain technology is transparent and secure, and has already been implemented in various projects. Recently, the World Wildlife Fund has begun to take measures by using a blockchain system to prevent the illegal catching of tuna. Each package of tuna will receive a unique QR code, which will provide consumers with all information about the product.

In order to preserve the natural resources, humanity needs to control production and consumption. With strict monitoring of the extraction and further use of raw materials from the bowels of our planet, it is possible to reduce the negative impact on the environment. If every stage, every transaction, every transfer of money was controlled by a distributed register, then each of the participants could control the supply, extraction, and disposal of waste.

Top ICOs in Environmental Protection
ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are a technology for raising capital, working on the principle of crowdsales and based upon blockchain infrastructure. This technology has revolutionized the financial and capital markets. Modern technologies — blockchain, in particular — that are actively used in the creation of cryptocurrencies are today finding application in other areas. One of them is environmental protection.

The following projects have been created to address environmental protection issues and contribute to our planet’s natural preservation.

1. Earth Token

Symbol: Earth

Platform: Ethereum

Crowdsale opened: November 17, 2017

Crowdsale closed: March 15, 2018

Country of origin: Republic of Mauritius

Token: ETN

Soft cap: 40000 ETH

Hard cap: 200000 ETH

Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000

Icobench ratings: 3.4

Earth Token (EARTH) is a blockchain-based project that provides users with the opportunity to participate in assets sales that preserve the planet’s climate health. The company has focused its attention on the ecological health of the planet.

Solutions/How Does the Project Work?
Earth Token is an ICO platform for trading natural assets. The project is aimed at producing energy from waste and creating environmentally-friendly fuels while implementing the following solutions:

Carbon Mitigation (a platform that allows users to determine the impact on the environment and measures aimed at reducing it in the form of a product or service)
Waste-to-energy (the use of waste to create synthetic fuel which in turn engages in generating energy; the company turns the coal and municipal waste into synthetic gas, which is a clean fuel)
Climate-neutral Fuel (a way to increase the efficiency of equipment through fuel-quality improvement)
A strong team, combining experience in the fields of web development, ecology, financial services, product management, marketing, mobile and blockchain applications, software engineering, and blockchain technologies, is involved in this company. There are several particularly experienced members:

Allan Saunder has over 25 years of experience in bringing leading-edge technologies to market.
Suyash Sumaroo has more than 10 years of experience in open-source technologies, and has been working in the blockchain space for three years.
Omwantee Moodoo has over 10 years of experience working as a software engineer and project manager.
Gavin Knight has worked in Bitcoin since 2013, helping to raise VC funding and providing research and advisory to Bitcoin businesses and decentralized projects.
White Paper
The Earth Token white paper is very well-constructed. It describes in detail the techniques of the project, the alternative approaches to energy production and use, waste recycling, etc. Readers are given examples on the basis of which they can understand the possibilities of the project. The body of the text is accompanied by illustrations, tables, and a full range of calculations, allowing to make a complete picture of all the nuances. In addition, it contains a very informative team description.

Technical Aspects
There were three stages of token distribution:

Stage 1: 4800 per 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH (20% bonus)
Stage 2: 4400 per 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH (10% bonus)
Stage 3: 4000 per 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH
EARTH token is based on Ethereum, a next-generation blockchain protocol enabling advanced smart contracts. The use of EARTH Tokens (EARTH) as the settlement currency reduces complexity related to fiat currency exchange rates, along with significantly reducing transaction fees. EARTH Tokens will be fully transferable and exchangeable, and will be listed on selected exchanges once distributed.

Social Media Presence
The company is available in the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, etc.), but tends to show the most activity in the Telegram group and on Twitter. The team always welcomes everyone and answers all questions almost immediately, which indicates responsibility and professionalism.

YouTube views: 306,400

Facebook followers: 5,871

Twitter followers: 13,181

Telegram followers: 5,881

The company has been engaged in environmental protection for more than eight years, and that is why it deserves to be included in this list. The Earth Token project provided many organizations with the opportunity to compensate for negative impact on the environment ensuing from their activities. Thanks to increased energy efficiency, reduced production costs, the feasibility of using accounting technology, and a significant reduction of supply expenses, the project really allows improvement of the ecological state of the planet.

The company combines technologies for monitoring the consumption of resources, which ensures the efficient use of fuel and reduction of harmful emissions from fuel combustion. With the project’s business model and blockchain-based operation platform, every inhabitant of the planet can participate in natural-resource and capital preservation.

2. Climatecoin
Platform: Ethereum

Crowdsale opened: 1st Dec 2017

Crowdsale closed: 1st Jan 2018

Country of origin: USA

Token: CO2

Distributed in ICO: 51%

Price in ICO: 210 CO2 = 1 ETH

Icobench ratings: 4.0

This project is the first cryptocurrency designed to combat climate change. Its main goal is to democratize carbon systems and allow everyone in the world to participate in environmental protection.

Solutions/How Does the Project Work?
Climatecoin’s website and mobile applications are designed to allow users and owners of cryptocurrency to track their investments and profit distribution, and to monitor current progress around the world in the reduction of CO2 emissions. This mechanism will be an incentive for combating climate change on our planet. Each of us can contribute, depending upon individual capabilities.

The Climatecoin project plans to popularize a CO2 cryptocurrency among a wide audience, with the support of material assets. An increase in the nominal value of the coin is provided by increasing the value of companies and fund-related projects. The C02 cryptocurrency is ERC20 tokens distributed under an intellectual contract. Owners of counters are allowed quarterly dividends. In addition, the fund will simultaneously reinvest a certain percentage of its investment back into Climatecoin.

The company claims to have created a highly experienced team that will remain on track to reach their goals. Analyzing information about the team, we can see that its members are qualified and have work experience in many different fields. For example, James Haft, the Climatecoin chairman, has significant experience with internet apps and platforms, cryptocurrencies and tokens, integrated media, online advertising and online metrics, mobile apps, telecoms, energy, emerging markets, financial consulting, real estate, and venture capital; Jose Lindo, chief executive officer, is a social entrepreneur with particular expertise in the fields of fundraising and corporate responsibility strategy, and holds a master’s degree in Natural Resources Management and Social Marketing; Juan Boluda, chief operating officer, is an entrepreneur and senior executive with more than 12 years’ experience in a wide variety of business sectors, including the maritime industry, real estate and property business, and cinema.

White Waper
The white paper’s size is 37 pages. Its main plus is that it contains many visual elements that make the perception of information more effective. Another advantage is the brief but informative description of each member of the team.

Technical Aspects
The Climatecoin Foundation issued Climatecoin CO2 tokens through the smart-contract system operated by Ethereum. The trade of CO2 tokens is done in three ways:

purchase on the official website
via Coinexchange and EtherDelta exchange platforms
through the ClimatePay payment platform

Social Media Presence
The company is available on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), but tends to show the most activity on Twitter, where they post news, articles, and other information every day.

YouTube views: 6,178

Facebook followers: 340

Twitter followers: 4,720

Climatecoin is a unique project, which is why it is included in this list. The company is influencing climate with the following methods:

carbon emissions trade
simpler clean-energy trade (consumers can buy or sell renewable energy sources using tokens and digital assets representing a certain amount of energy)
increased climate financing
monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions
Having analyzed the responses from the Climatecoin representative, we realized that the project is positioned in the middle of the carbon markets movement. The company is creating the biggest decentralized carbon credits portal in the world. Carbon credits are going to grow exponentially in price in the next years, and corporations will be forced to buy more in order to compensate for their emissions. Carbon pricing offers economic advantages to nations that use them well. Corporations and citizens will be able to buy tokenized carbon credits directly from the producers with no mediators. The Climatecoin protection program represents a long and challenging journey for governments, companies, and citizens toward preserving our planet.

3. BioCoin
Token: BIO

Pre-ICO started: 25th Sep 2017

Pre-ICO ended: 31st Oct 2017

Crowdsale opened: 1st Nov 2017

Crowdsale closed: 18th Feb 2018

Hard cap: $15,000,000 USD

Tokens for sale: 800,000,000

Country: Russia

Icobench ratings: 3.7

BioCoin is a blockchain-based platform and international loyalty system for green and eco-enterprises. The project is designed to encourage the production, sale, and purchase of environmentally-friendly products.

Solutions/How Does the Project Work?
One of the main benefits of the project is its care of customers’ comfort. The project functions in the following way: each user has a web-wallet assigned to him as soon as he joins the loyalty program, and every purchase of a clean product generates a 10 percent remuneration from the amount he spent. The reward is saved in the web-wallet, and serves as an incentive for the purchase of natural and clean products.

Analyzing the project team, we can see that most of its members have experience in business and are involved in the “LavkaLavka” farm company, which appeared in 2009. The most experienced are:

Boris Akimov, who is “The leader of new farming in Russia,” according to The New York Times. He is a farmer, businessman, philosopher, and one of the founders of the “LavkaLavka” cooperative.
Oleg Pokrovsky, who is a farmer and an expert in the field of block technology. Engaged in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2012.
Olga Mayboroda, who is a marketing director at Premium Bonus and has 15 years’ experience in marketing.
David Yavruyan holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, and is an international specialist in the organic farming economy.
Thus, the Biocoin project was developed mostly by businessmen.

White Paper
The white paper’s size is 24 pages. It has only a few illustrations and doesn’t contain a market analysis, but it has the most detailed description of their business model and token system, goals, and principles. The document itself is written to inspire readers to support healthy products free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, grown by farmers who care about the environment and revive lost varieties of fruits and vegetables, local breeds of animals, traditional crafts, and the rural way of life.

Technical Aspects
The token sale goal was to raise about $ 15 million. All funds collected are used to implement, launch, support, and promote the BioCoin blockchain platform.

There were 7 stages of the token sale:

Test sale (until 31.08.2017), 60 BIO = 1 USD
Pre-sale (25/09/2017–8/10/2017), 50 BIO = 1 USD
Pre-sale (9/10/2017–31/10/2017), 45 BIO = 1 USD
Sale (01.11.2017–02.11.2017), 40 BIO = 1 USD
Sale (03.11.2017–30.11.2017), 35 BIO = 1 USD
Sale (01.12.2017 -31.01.2018), 31.5 BIO = 1 USD
Sale (01.02.2018 -18.02.2018), 24 BIO = 1 USD

Social Media Presence
The company is available on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.). The BioCoin team is the most interactive in social networks. It always gives responses to comments and messages, and posts new information on both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Cryptocurrency is not easy to comprehend, and it’s highly-appreciated that the company takes the time to explain the details of their project to each interested user personally, even if they have already been given in their white paper.

Facebook followers: 1,097

Twitter followers: 1,189

Telegram followers: 3,119

The Biocoin project deserves to be on this list because it encourages the purchase of environmentally-friendly products and seeks to develop farming and agriculture based upon the cultivation of these products. BioCoin tokens can be stored in a mobile wallet, and consumers can exchange their tokens at any time for loyalty points to purchase goods and services from the company’s partners. It also helps to develop small business and farming. The company invests in different regions, and creates innovative agricultural projects.

The difference between the BioCoin project and other ICOs can be identified as follows: BioCoin was created by farmers, who know the industry and are ready to provide assistance in any green activities and eco-friendly projects in the economy. Investing in a such project brings future opportunities to contribute to the development of other green projects.

4. Power Ledger
Token POWR

Raised $13,232,290

Tokens for sale $350,000,000

Country of origin: Australia

Icobench ratings: 3.7

The Power Ledger platform allows owners and organizations to buy and sell solar energy through the network. It is a project for P2P electricity trade between consumers in their houses, or between regulated networks. Due to a business platform that operates without mediators, Power Ledger reduces the need of energy companies for the energy market.

Solutions/How Does the Project Work?
The POWR token operates as a limited license that allows application users, such as energy companies, network enterprises, and multi-apartment complexes, to be part of a closed peer-to-peer electricity trading platform.

The company has developed applications for the energy trade, stand-alone property of renewable energy assets, and others.

The Power Ledger team consists of highly-qualified IT developers, managers, and engineers. The most experienced are:

Jemma Green, co-founder and chair, has more than 15 years’ experience in finance and risk advisory.
David Martin, co-founder and managing director, has nearly 20 years’ experience in the electricity industry.
Jenni Conroy, co-founder and director, has more than 30 years’ experience in the Western Australian energy industry.
Bill Tai, board advisor, has been a venture capitalist since 1991, and is chairman of Treasure Data, Inc. and a board member at Bitfury and Voxer.
Gov van Ek, co-founder and director, investor and business founder, launched his first software company in 1991, and holds a Ph.D. in Total Technology.
White Paper
The white paper of the project contains a detailed description of the token system and how the users will interact with it. There’s also a deep analysis of their industry and a distinct illustration of each of their platforms. It also contains information about the team and a detailed roadmap.

Technical Aspects
The total number of tokens will be allocated as follows:

600,000,000 tokens distributed to rapidly develop the ecosystem (distribution pool’s allocation of 350,000,000 to the token sale, 248,500,000 used by the Power Ledger growth pool, and 1,500,000 toward the bounty campaign)
250,000,000 tokens will be reserved for future use if needed (Power Ledger escrow)
150,000,000 tokens allocated under escrow to developers and founders.
Social Media Presence
The company is available on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.). The Power Ledger project publishes new information on all of their accounts daily, but the fastest feedback from the team was provided on Facebook.

YouTube views: 18,740

Facebook followers: 21,902

Twitter followers: 80,325

Telegram followers: 16,762

The Power Ledger platform stands for environmentally-friendly energy sources such as solar energy, which is why it is on this list. It has the perspective of a long-term hold, and is led by professionals. Power Ledger rewards consumers for the steps they take to reduce the environmental impact and improve network mobility and decentralization, focusing on the location of consumers.

In addition, there are some significant investors supporting the project:

Blockchain Capital
Bill Tai (a board member of Bitfury)
Mike Novogratz (billionaire investor)
After contacting the Power Ledger project, we discovered what makes it unique and strong. There are a few factors, including the fact that they already have a working platform which has been tested and proven, and is now being scaled globally. They’re working with communities and utilities, and have support from the government-backed renewable energy provider BCPG, which is one of the project partners and receives funding from the Australian government as part of their Fremantle Smart City project.

This article is based on research carried out by the Applicature team.
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