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With your Host, Cabin Fever Category5.

I am SOOOOOOOOO Bored. I really hate winter…and there is not thing one I can do about it. I’m just not a winter guy. I’m also suffering some severe writers block.

All the snow had melted away since my Happy Snowed In Day post. https://darkgreenmountainsurvivalresearchcentre.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/c5-snowed-in-for-the-winter-and-the-snow-plow-pocalypse-end-day/

It came back with a vengeance last night. This is our drive way this morning. I’m glad I was able to push through it with the newish Subaru Forester or we would have been stuck till spring. I’ll have some cutting to do. Thus the post.

I’m Lying. I’m Just bored and in writers block…but that is an excuse to put up a BS post for entertainment only that was already floating around in my head and just required some photos. I pored some warm water on the internet receiver, antenna thingy to melt the ice off it for this. It’s not my usual type of post. Jesus on a snowplow. Who needs to hear another survivalist talk about knives.


Who am I kidding. It was really just an excuse to post this.

I’ve watched that dozens of times. Always makes me laugh.

I was trying to send a photo to The Diner and it wouldn’t load…. so I decided to to show some of my collection of sharp and pointy things and this would be the easiest way to do it. I have been collecting for years.

These are a few of my home made one of a kinds.

home made

The lowest quality is the makeshift Gladius that was the result of other bored winters. Its just a piece of pig iron I shaped with a file. It used to have a dog scull on it and was part of a two sword set that got rented out for movie props. I figured my art collectables weren’t worth keeping anymore, Apocalypse and all that, so I fired it in the wood stove with a hair dryer, dropped it in water then oiled it for the blackened finish that I like. It barely holds an edge but it is worth knowing in the improvised sword category. It will cleave. My next attempted will be done with a car leaf spring. Straight out of the book, Dies The Fire. A recommended read

The post apocalyptic, bearded ax started as a broken, rubberized  splitting ax handle. Having it say, “Warning- Wear Safety Glasses” was for dark giggles. I ground down the head from a different broken ax.

A friend was so impressed with the Ontario Knife Co, tactical Machete, one of my finest, beloved possessions, that he tried to recreate a primitive version. It didn’t work very good, so I re worked it and fired it into what you see above. This hangs on the woodstove and splits all my kindling.

While the camera was out…I got carried away. Soooo bored. Plus I needed to do some dusting and organizing of the knife shelf.

collecttion 1

I started out in life as a small knife guy. Still am. I made fun of “Survivalists” with Rambo knives. Still do. Most real work gets done with small knives. Besides work related jobs, I can easily open arteries in 6 places near the surface, with a 2 inch blade. I trained for that. It changed later in life when I wanted to be able to take an arm off that was reaching for a gun. Now days…and alot of what we will be talking about this year, I need to be able to cut through 2-3 inch branches. You can visually tell, which blades gets the most use. My beloved Ontario SP8, 10in machete. Biggest blade in the smallest package. I cut the head off a sheep with this baby. It gets in tighter spaces than a hatchet.  The only problem was the useless saw on the back. I eventually ground it off with a sander. It had to go because I use this as a draw knife for stripping bark. You also couldn’t Baton with it, for splitting large wood. It can now. OKC needs to re make this classic chopper without the saw… and just for me, one inch longer.

There is a , That’s not ten inches, joke in there somewhere but I’m getting nothing.

The one beside it is my daily carry around the farm. After the other one, I find it a bit lite. But visitors sure notice it right away.

Now lets go bigger.

collection 2

Some day, the bullets may be gone. Heck. Some day the guns may be gone. I wanted one quality sword to hand down.

collection 3

Always the showman. Post apocalyptic chic. Accessories make the man.

Not so much.

For a woman or smaller framed man, The rapier in one hand, the bayonet in the other, is a good house clearer.

What is the quickest way to to a persons heart? Straight through the fucking rib cage.

That leg bone sword was another of my creations and has been used in a couple episodes of The Outer Limits. It always gets a lot of attention when I wear it strapped to my back for SCA events. Its really just a big pointy stick.

This was only supposed to be a Me So Bored, BS post to keep me from doing this. Cabin Fever. Long winter to go. A house full of weapons. What could possibly go wrong.

Luckily, there was plenty of food in the pantry.

I can see that I will have to come back to this post another time, With actual Knife Related adaptation techniques. It will probably be “I Like Big Knives And I Can Not Lie- Redux- Addendum”. Same article… but with more info.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.