AuthorTopic: Transformation of the Human Being in our time.  (Read 160 times)

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Transformation of the Human Being in our time.
« on: January 15, 2019, 04:00:44 AM »
As you most know since I joined this forum until the long

absence, I was a different human being than I am Now. Symbols (

mandalas) have always intrigued me. As a youngster I excelled in

Geometry, math, science, and art. So the circle somehow became a totem to


 I think that when I discovered Astrology when I was 17 .

Anything that has symbols around a circle I go into over drive

gaining some hidden language that speaks to me.
In early July of 2017 they announced through major media that we are in the 6thME. I started a

sub=thread in my news choices about it. I shortly thereafter

saw the extinction symbol, and that struck a nerve all through my

body. It was a symbol of the beginnings of a global mass

revolution. I have thought our deep problems were systemic not

personal. My Astrological understanding of there being

revolution in 2020's is symbolized by Pluto's revolution around the

Sun. It takes about 250 years. The last huge revolution was the

American and French revolutions and was about 250 years ago give

or take 10 years. Those revolutions happened about 1776, add 250

years and you get 2026. So I have known for 20 years that a mass

revolution would arrive about that time.
  The dust up with RE about the Sun's symbol, and the extinction

 symbol flat ass bewildered me. To me they were both great

symbols of our time ( collapse ).
  Then I saw a video of this weird professor giving a lecture,

and he holds up a graph. It is a graph of the loss of Arctic sea

ice, and says it will be just a few years before we have an ice

free Arctic, and we don't have time to wait. Action has to be

now. He studied past protests and tried to find the most

effective way to start a mass change of BAU. He concluded that

by disrupting the public spaces and doing things to get arrested

was the best way. There were only about 10 people who were

involved in this at first. After the lecture and a call to join

him. Hundreds started to join. Then they had enough people to

start the protests in England. Sure enough a lot of people got

arrested. The symbol for their movement is the extinction

symbol. and it is everywhere the marchers go.. Now being just 8

years away from the exact timing of Pluto I thought "hear it

comes". You can read about what happens next at


  This also coincides with the cusp of humanity moving into the

Aquarian age. We started really feeling its effects in the 1960's

and it is now beginning to show results in sparse ways all over

the globe. Science, knowing, egalitarianism, shocking change,

rearrangement  of institutions, and bull headed independence.
  So I notice these mass burps in consciousness and think that

many people right now are going through the metamorphosis

process with a double whammy of revolution from BAU, and global

  Everyone will metamorphosis differently. Many will resist this and

frustration, pride, and anger will arise in them. Some will try

to mix the past and the new influences, and some will thrive on

coming of a new age.
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