AuthorTopic: 3 Differences between Martial law and National Emergency  (Read 49 times)

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3 Differences between Martial law and National Emergency
« on: February 18, 2019, 09:51:00 AM »

3 Differences between Martial law and National emergency

    Martial Law as the name says is the direct imposition of military government over civilian elected government. Reasons could be various as we have seen it in recent cases to protect the national interests or the elected government from civil unrest. Where in National emergency is the state of emergency imposed by president due to external aggression or armed rebellion in whole nation and if it poses grave threat to the nation and its unity.
    Martial law comes with curfews suspension of civil rights and civil law. And it is ridiculed because of implementation of military law and military justice to the civilians as well. Where in president can also impose state emergency if he/she deems that constitutional body of state is unfit to continue based on the report from governor of state. And it gives the president direct authority over the state till the time government is not stable in the region and all the crucial decisions has to be taken from presidentís office only.
    Martial law can be used by ruling governments to suppress the dissent against their rule, as we have seen it in various cases in past history; it is used for selfish means and should be condemnable internationally. Where in Financial emergency also comes under the national emergency section and can also be imposed by president if financial stability of the country is imperilled or credit of country is threatened. Under this salary of all government employees can be cut or reduced.
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