AuthorTopic: Truly Surreal Encounters With Bizarre Interdimensional Interlopers  (Read 86 times)

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Within the world of the paranormal there are often very strange things that people claim to see. Ghosts, angels, aliens, and others, these things have long served to elude understanding and leave us to wonder just what is going on. Among these anomalous reports there are often true oddities, which stand out as the bizarre of the bizarre, and which donít seem to fit into any sort of known category, their pure oddness propelling them right out past the fringe and into some new territory of the weird. These reports seem to be of things beyond aliens, ghosts, or anything else that populates the paranormal world, and indeed perhaps come from whole other universe entirely.

A really quite bizarre encounter that is hard to classify allegedly occurred in 1973, at the coastal town of Sandown, on the Isle of Wight, in the south east region of England. In May of that year, a 7-year-old girl and another child were exploring the wild areas around a place called the Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club, when they began to hear a shrill piercing, wailing sound off in the distance, reminiscent of an ambulance siren ó only off kilter and eerier. Curiosity would get the better of them, and the two kids excitedly ventured off to find the source of the odd noise, a trek that would bring them through brush and trees to a clearing abutting the nearby Sandown Airport, where the sound just suddenly stopped to send silence crashing down upon them.

The two bewildered youngsters took a look around, still trying to figure out where that haunting sound had come from, and as they crossed a footbridge over a creek they soon found it. From the shadows beneath the rickety old wooden bridge under their feet there emerged an outlandish being the likes of neither of them had ever seen before, which crawled out from the dark to stand before them. In an article on the encounter published in a 1978 edition of the British UFO Research Associationís Journal author Norman Oliver described what they saw as follows:
I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why youíre here. Youíre here because you know something. What you know you canít explain, but you feel it. Youíve felt it your entire life, that thereís something wrong with the world.
You donít know what it is but its there, like a splinter in your mind


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