My Thoughts Have Been Dark Of Late


               With your Host, Category5.


               Where does one begin a post like this. Might as well jump right in. Roll the video.


               This one is worth blowing up to full screen.

               On first glance, this video might appear as a dark image of some future dystopia. Take off the soft filter, separated from the retro artistry and you realize we are already living in that world. We just got used to it.

               Another week. Another mass shooting by another right wing terrorist.

               Sucks to be right all the time.

               Expect more of that going forward.

               Readers have gotten used to my ability to find humor in the face of our rather dark future. To stand in front of the Gods, chuck an empty beer bottle at them and say, “Did you come to take me or are we just going to stand here and jerk each other off. Get on with it”.

               I deal with a lot of what other people consider too scary to look at. It doesn’t get me down when I talk about a future of mass starvation. A climate too fucked up for regular agriculture. Failing Economic structures. Mass migration. Water too polluted to drink. Fish too polluted to eat. Air too polluted to breath. Jobs too immoral to work. Multi generational dept slavery. Oceans too acidic to support the bottom of the food chain. Topsoil devoid of life that washes or blows away. Deserts where there was once forest. Having to walk past starving children with distended tummies, knowing they will be dead in a few days. Deliberately not helping, for survival nessesity… and having to learn to live with the mental illness, PTSD and constant desire for suicide in the years that will follow that necessary hard choice…

               And I speak of all this matter of factually. None of this phases me because it is simply the world I saw coming since childhood. Since I first grasped how exponential growth worked.

               But I have been struggling this year as the spring approaches. I just cant find the inner gumption to get on with all the hard work that goes into building the next years upgrades to the doomstead.

               If you were to ask me, what got under my skin, what made me depressed, it would be watching the U.S. coup of Venezuela. The sheer audacity and blatantness of it. So soon after the lies of Iraq, Syria and Libya. And they cant even bother to come up with good war propaganda this round because the know they don’t need to. They can blatantly say say they are going to invade because they want the oil. And in true corporate gangster fashion blatantly say,  What’cha going to do about it?  They can look me in the eye and call me Bitch to my face. And do you know what? They are Right. Figuratively and Literally. When did Canada, Europe… and most of the rest of the world become the U.S.’s Bitch?

               I have even thought of ending my articles from now on with, “This is C5, coming to you from Koch Brothers/U.S. occupied Canada. If you are receiving this, You are The Rebel Alliance.”

               And this blog is sort of my post apocalyptic, mixed media, radio show, to keep you informed, keep your spirits up, and give out practical Adapter survival skills to help people through all this. It’s not so I survive. That ship has sailed. My prime has passed. I am a heart attack or cancer diagnosis waiting to happen. I’m only doing this to give a few of the younger generation a fighting chance.

               We cant beat them. All we can do is Dig Deep, Grow Food and Outlast Them. Hold Fast until the Empire has bankrupted themselves. Pre-position yourself and stay out of the way of the lumbering giant. Fight if you have to.  Adapt to the Chaos that follows.

               make us great agan sign of beast 117w, 233w" />

               It seems that the Empire’s war strategy is Economic Sanctions to starve the populations of anyone that says “No”. So I suppose, it needs to be added,  “And they shall not buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast”.

               Being that starving a population is a WAR CRIME, The Empire has declared that  they will now punish anyone starting a war crimes investigation of them. I wish I was making this up. I wish this was conspiracy theory… but they are blabbing about it openly, to our faces, as a threat.

               I guess it’s time to start the Bonus Reads early this round and you will want to read them all.


               And if you have fallen for any of the corporate media story being pushed about Venezuela (… You know, This is what Socialist do, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Funders of Terrorism, Bringing Democracy, They are tossing Babies from incubators…shit)  its time for you to get caught up.


               I’m surprised this was so hard to find. I couldn’t even get this for you with visuals. One of the most profound, predictive, dystopias from early Sci Fi that is coming true. From Rollerball. (1975)


               Lets get back to that latest blood letting by the Koch’s aryan army and Terrorist for Trump brigade.

               For your next bonus read, I need to introduce you to Surly over at The Doomstead Diner. I’m glad others have been getting the way I have been feeling. “A Bloody Week In Doom”-



               You can find more dailyish Surly News here.

               And just in case you think I am unfairly taring every righty leaning moderate with the same barrel cleaning brush, lets here from the other angle of the dangle. “Now is the time of Monsters”-


               And tighty whitey righty Douche Canoes, immediately came out with conspiracy theories that this was a conspiracy, false flag attack by lefties “because they are crazy like that”(Rush Limp-bah) to discredit conservatives… that go right back to talking about killing minorities and lefties. How stupid do you need to be? This isn’t free speech. It’s complicity. It’s enabling. It’s truly embarrassing that those of us in the know, even have to put out an article like this … or a video like this


               Double Tap



               Well, lets move on to some of those practical Adapter skills to keep you going during the dark days ahead. This one is by Reader Request. I’ll never really know what articles will resonate with readers in advance. I thought the “C5 Gets Apocalyptic Wood From Faggots” article was really practical stuff. But it was the “C5’s Extremely Boring Food Storage” that instantly had people racing to send a donation… just so they could send a note with it. Demands were made as to, how the heck do I still have Zucchinis. I suppose this merits a photo. Hang on. Ill go haul out some gourds and grab the camera.

               life and death 1400w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w" />

               (before I forget, A big thanks CR ,JT and TM, for the donations. I put it towards a lite electric chainsaw for all that coppice wood and removing combustibles near the house. As Smokey the Bear would say, “The ass you save might be My Own”)

               One Tipper wrote, “You did it- you went ahead and showed us yours ;)…I don’t know if you do reader requests,  but I would love the details of how you cured the zucchini for storage”.

               For those missing the joke, I have long since threatened to go full frontal on this blog if I need to. It’s nice to know that strange women still want to see my penis. Probably a few men as well. I was about to mention peoples fascination with Zucchinis… but, inapropes, dude.

               Another Tipper wrote,”cant comment so doing this. Don’t leave us hanging! 1) explain how you harden your zukes. 2) explain your feed four families on two people game plan. Very interested in your thought process on that! Others of us enjoy similar mental exercises”.

               Oh, good. It’s not just me. Inappropriate comment on what mental games  harden my zuke.

               I’ll pass on the feeding 4 families game, this time, since we are getting too long already  and still have much to cover.

               Hardening my Zukes. Keeping my Gourds engorged. First off, its important to point out that I am not an expert… on much of anything. I don’t know the right heats or moisture. I can only tell what I have done and observed. To start, in the past, we couldn’t save Zukes much past chrismas. They are softer than other squashes or pumpkins so that is why they go faster… and thus people interest on why I still have some on March 19. Lets walk through it.

               To start, I don’t understand why people eat the small ones. It’s the same Zucchini as the small ones. This is just what they grow up to be. Once it is big, its more clear that it is a gourd or squash. I have even had a few cross pollinate with pumpkins for a hybrid. Keep that in mind when deciding what and where you are going to plant, if you wish to keep a seed strain. We have unpredictable frosts here and that is only going to get worse as heat pushes cold air out of the arctic, and regular northern oscillation goes haywire. Every possible frost event, I am out their tossing plastic sheets and old bedding sheets over the plants. If you want your gourds to last, you dont want frost damage. Their leaves may absorb some of the damage and die to protect its seed balls. That is what a gourd is. A protector and feeder of the seeds, so it can live again. To avoid frost damage, any worry of a frost has me cutting the stem (as long as possible) and bringing them inside the greenhouse. That is just to get them out of the frost and off the dirt with all its active decomposing bacteria.

               Fist thing to understand about hardening, is that the squash or pumpkin is still alive and growing. Not in size, but its skin is healing up any nicks or damage like a scab. It’s trying to close off any place that bacteria will enter, causing it to rot. A bonus is happening in the greenhouse in that solar radiation is nuking that bacteria dead. I want to leave them there as long as possible… until  I get to the next period of fear. That moment when I fear it might freeze in the greenhouse. Then they come in the house and are left by the windows. I want grow time for as long as possible. Then they go into a cool dark room to hibernate.   One last thing to keep in mind, because they are still breathing out moisture. You do not want them to be touching each other or even sitting  on an unbreathing surface. These are the places where bacteria may re establish. Over time, gords will become less sweet as they are feeding on the sugars to stay alive.

               One more, one last thing. You want to be able to regularly observe your gourds. As soon as you see a blemish, that is when its time to use it. If you miss it, it will quickly go to mushy, drippy mess.

               And one, one more last thing. Dont forget that the reason its a gord is because it is basically a ball sack. The seeds are good to go for next years planting. Sploosh.


               I realized, last post, that I’ve got a good little scam going… by accident. You folks know I am allergic to commenters. Sooo…. If you want to talk to me… or at least At Me, the only way to do it is to send me a TIP. LOL. It makes me feel like one of those greasy tel-evangelists. “If you sends a donation today, I will take your beseechments directly to the gods of C5 and pray’a protection from the dark lords of apocalypse, over ya!” Yeesh. That made me feel dirty enough for a shower.

               I’ll never feel fully comfortable with the donations part, but I am working my way into that, if I am putting this much effort into typing, that it is ok to get paid for it. Then reuse that into appropriate upgrades. Speaking of which, The electric chainsaw I mentioned above, showed up since I started this post 8 hours ago. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it. I had meant to do starter reviews on those two cleavers in the photo with the zucchinis… But there is already a full article here. Another time.

               Noooo, cant do it. The Cold Steel Bear Bowie Machete (not to be confused with the cheaper model) was awesome in use. I was blown away. Right tool for the job. A couple reservations to talk about next time but more than good enough to recommend for brush clearing.

               Stepping past the darkness of Douchey McMassMurderer and his corporate and state sponsors. This writing about something useful has temporarily lightened my mood…

               and this happened yesterday. I’m spreading the Woo Woo.

               real hope and change 1400w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w" />

               Coming right down on the other urban refugee housing I put up their at the top of the hill. Teeny tiny trailer home… with a million dollar view. Plus the deer are sometimes up there so it will make a great hunting blind as well with no shortage of comfort. I’ll just have to get a covered salt lick up there and slowly start moving it closer to the trailer as a reserve food, meat source, while they last. Wandering the over hunted woods, right at the moment the deer are the most freaked and wary,  using up calories, right when you need to be conserving calories… not a great survival plan.  That’s one of my tricks in the Feeding Four Families through the first winter, game. More later.

               Don’t forget the bonus reads I added…lest I stop adding them

               Light up the darkness. If that doesn’t work Track em down, knock em down and lay the boots to their head. Trumps biker army, brown shirts? Pfft. My grandfather hit the beach in Holland, The Last Time that problem needed to be solved. Didn’t talk about it after. He would roll over in his grave, seeing it so close to home.

               Sticking with last weeks theme, Marley deserves a more Dark Green Mountain appropriate encore.


               This is C5, broadcasting from……..

               If you are receiving this signal, YOU Are the……….


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