AuthorTopic: The new kilogram just debuted. Itís a massive achievement.  (Read 194 times)

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Humanity has a new definition of the kilogram, the standard unit of mass used the world over.

The change ó implemented on this World Metrology Day ó will occur more silently than when a leap second was added to a year. It will disrupt nothing. The number on your bathroom scale isnít going to change, for better or worse.

But still, it represents an impressive achievement: a victory of humankind against the chaos that pervades the universe.

When scientists met at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles in November, and voted for the change, they were realizing the founding dream of the metric system. The metric system ó which evolved into the International System of Units, or SI ó was designed to be ďfor all times, for all people.Ē

Until now, the kilogram hasnít been for all time. Itís been imperfect. But starting today, it will be.
Until now, the definition of a kilogram has been a hunk of metal in Paris
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