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A Collective Action Emergency Plan
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Published on The Doomstead Diner on July 13, 2019

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Published on Chasing the Squirrel on July 7, 2019


Business as usual needs a funeral. Responding to existential risk.

Existential has been echoing around the inside of the Environmental/Collapse of Western Industrial Civilization rabbit hole for a while. I expect it will be co-opted into existential reasons to buy consumer products soon enough, so explaining what it means now is good.

Existential can mean outright extinction as in the American Passenger Pigeon or the soon to be extinct Monarch butterfly applied to humans, but existential need not go that far. Large negative consequences which can't be undone which limit human potential for all future generations are existential threats.

Current global warming is at 1 degree C and 1.5 degrees is going to happen if people were to stop using fossil fuels yesterday. Paris' agreements would like everybody to agree at stopping warming at a 2 degrees C target and science says actual results consistent with honouring the Paris agreements will result in 3 degrees C of warming. Four degrees of warming by end of century is the actual path being followed by use patterns now.

At three degrees of warming world affairs will be chaotic. At four degrees of warming there will be no organised global community. Large areas of the earth would have no community at all. Large areas of the world become uninhabitable and die off progresses with rage at 4 degrees C.

Reaching only a two degree temperature rise is unrealistic pie in the sky. A like it or not, oh shit, bump in global warming happens as fossil fuel burning stops. Fewer particulates are in the atmosphere. The science is complicated but as much as half a degree of current global warming might be masked by atmospheric aerosols right now.

Paris agreements suffer from technical narcissism and delusive super hero religious ideation. Suits got involved. CO2 capture is a crock and Paris agreements have carbon capture as part of the overall solution. A solution which does not exist at any reasonable scale and should be understood as crazy by anybody who at least managed to get a 'C' in American High School Chemistry or Physics. The only good thing about this is the suits could not figure out how to sell carbon capture on transport. That keeps carbon capture nonsense from going too far. If you could be convinced that something attached to a car tailpipe could save the world somebody would convince you. They would not just try. They would do it. Science fortunately makes that impossible and lowering EROEI would make a tailpipe scrubber irrelevant anyway.

Something better than the Paris agreements could result in a world worth living in. The possibility of that happening remains if emergency response becomes our planetary zeitgeist starting in the United States. We must dump Trump. There is no other way.

Sensible risk management is adopted before a problem can produce negative consequences. Regarding climate change the time to take sensible action was decades ago. Because effective action was not adopted an emergency response is now needed. Market response and conventional regulation will not get the job done.

The worst thing that can happen is for people to remain in or return to denial regarding climate change. Denial must die. Global warming is a real existential threat and in any emergency situation brutal honesty is required for effective action.

Awareness of the climate/resource problem must become normal and a part of everyday social concerns. When this is done then effective planning can be done and proper actions can be taken. The goal is to avoid conflict and create collective action. If conflict prevails and unity fails. Future generations will be forever stunted.

New fossil fuel development must be capped and subsidies for oil and gas removed. Agriculture must be redesigned. This will employ a lot of people. The way people go about their lives must be reconsidered from energy use points of view and from criteria which consider individual and social measures of happiness. Bhutan can help. Theyu know how to measure happiness. A vibrant economy could result from rebuilding infrastructure and literally rebuilding buildings to be energy efficient. Such things are possible.

Now I have the pleasure of pasting in an interview with Ian Dunlop which was published at Collapse chronicles today. Ian is one of the good guy and he explains what I have written about today better than I can.

We Need a Bit of Alarmism…We Need to Rethink the Way Humanity is Going to Survive

Enjoy, It is a pleasure to listen to an intelligent man who is able to think about complicated things and explain them well. If you think so too, listen to Ian.


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