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The Holy Septenate: Understanding the Divine Seven-fold Nature of Our Being




by Mickey Megistus,

This article is an attempt to reconcile a lot of esoteric/occult literature found in eastern and western forms of mysticism and cosmology, particularly Theosophical, Hermetic, Gnostic, Hindu and Buddhist studies. I also delve into alternative science, metaphysics and of course the Law of One material. Many issues of contention are based largely on semantics, and much (if not all) of the literature out there is detailing the same concepts (more or less), just categorized or named with minor differences.

What I have composed is a list of the seven major energy centers, or chakras, of the human being, how they correlate to the seven colors of the light spectrum, the seven subtle bodies of the aura, seven planes of being, seven qualities of existence, seven densities of consciousness (as referenced in the Law of One), and the seven Hermetic principles (as referenced in the Kybalion). As part of doing the proper “inner-work” that includes anchoring higher energies into the lower, I’ve found it very beneficial to contemplate these seven basic levels, their inherent ideas, and how they work together. We are multidimensional beings after all, so I thought it would be pertinent to explore our varying dimensions.

Note: Though each energy center correlates to specific attributes, these attributes are not exclusive to each center, but rather, are just areas of focus, as they are all part of an inter-functioning whole. While initially creation was likely a top-down manifestation I thought we could start from the bottom-up instead, since most of my chakra exercises begin this way.


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