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Your Digital Money Future
« on: January 16, 2020, 05:41:19 AM »
China is very close to taking the Yuan digital in the form of a central bank controlled cryptocurrency. This is highly desirable from a command and control perspective because it speeds up the elimination of cash......and perhaps more important to understand, it makes all digital money transactions "transparent", which in the real world means "taxable" and "traceable".

Now this week there are rumors of the Fed introducing a digital dollar.....and I would expect it to be some kind of blockchain based system....for a couple of years the people at Ripple have been very cozy with bankers and politicians, patiently explaining how cryptos work. It's known that the Fed has been eagerly studying the possibilities....but the bankers are always tight-lipped and they try to deny, obfuscate, etc. so they can spring whatever they have in mind on the ignorant public, always on the pretext of heading off a crisis.

The most important thing from their perspective is to speed up the ongoing elimination of cash.....already in rapid progress due to cell phone payment apps and electronic banking. But the systems now are centralized. Decentralized, blockchain based systems eliminate all financial privacy, unless they are engineered to preserve it.

The bankster end game is:

Zero cash, all digital, all transparent, all taxed. Also by eliminating cash, negative rates are just a point and click for them. Negative rates just means they charge you something to keep your money in their bank. It won't be much at first....but there will be nothing to keep them from raising the ante over time.

It means cash under-the-table jobs and under-the-table pot dealing, and under-the-table anything will be MUCH harder. Get ready.

This is a new kind of bailout, the negative interest con game.. The old bailouts, in the form of money printing, can continue as needed.

On the other side of this is the kind of new underground economy also made possible by blockchain. This is the kind of thing talked about by the Bitcoin Kings like John privacy coins that can't be hacked by the government. Monero being the poster child, but also others with various small nuances.

McAfee states (credibly) that all these will be made illegal, but that with the advent of P2P crypto exchanges, they can't be controlled or stopped.

McAfee compares it to cannabis. Illegal, but everybody does it,

I expect lots of pious, old-people-scaring, Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" campaigns by the same people who run the War on Drugs. The War on Underground Crypto will be their next meal ticket. They're already smearing bitcoin, trying to make it look like it's just a means of laundering drug money. It might be that, on some level, but private crypto is primarily a threat to BANKS. The politicians don't care about drugs unless some kind of hard line gets them votes, which it still does with the straight churchy crowd who elect pols like Mike Pence (who might be your new President, if the Dems have their way.)
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