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Journey through the Cymatic Universe.



In this episode of AAE tv from the 2019 Awake And Empowered Expo, Mandara Cromwell takes you on a journey through the cymatic universe. You will explore how the songs of the solar system have been built into historic temples and churches and reflected in our DNA to match the vibratory patterns within our physical body. You will hear specific frequency patters and see proof that sound can heal our physical and emotional balances and transform our spiritual nature.

About Mandara Cromwell
Mandara Cromwell is the CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, producer of the AMI-Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices. Cyma Technologies is focused on preserving the integrity of specific healing frequency patterns that were passed to her as a body of work from British osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners. In 2016, she released the most fully researched frequency healing protocols in the United States using her own device in the form of ten channels on the AMI 750 device, named the Cyma 10. She is also the founder and board chair of the International Sound Therapy Association.


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